Friday, March 11, 2016

Jeff Passan, Virulent Racist


While I'm not much interested in sports, I do realize that it is part of modern pop culture and therefore exerts influence on racial and civilizational matters.

In general, the new crop of White sportswriters tend to be far-left, anti-White, snarky assholes, jock-sniffing the colored athlete, with an ill-disguised contempt for Whites, the traditional White America, and the past history - the White history - of the sports they cover.

Jeff Passan ranks among the worst.

About a mixed-race Hispanic, he writes:

Jose Bautista, baseball's leading home run hitter since 2010, a deeply intelligent, obsessively competitive, bilingual clubhouse leader, a testament to hard work and perseverance, is the exact sort of person the game would kill to have more of.

About a retired White star player he writes:

Goose Gossage, a giant bag of gas that somehow figured out how to grow a mustache...
If Gossage doesn't like it anymore, he's more than welcome to stop watching. Baseball has enough fans who are old, white men.

That's great, Passan.  In a few decades, you'll be a "old white man" and at that time you can stop with sports, and leave that to the vibrant young coloreds who'll be mugging and beating you every time you fearfully step outside your prison-like apartment fortress.

Also Passan, from googling you, I see you have a homoerotic fixation on one "Mike Trout," who is apparently White.  For shame!  Aren't there plenty of diverse colored athletes to get all hot and bothered over?  Jose for example?

I'll let Caste Football and those types, with a greater interest in sports, take over the critique from here.