Saturday, April 30, 2016

Strom vs. Spack

Jews and transgenderism.

What to say about the latest leftist hysteria about "transgender rights?"  

If a person suffers from the delusion that they are Napoleon, the right thing to do is attempt to cure them of their delusion; you should not send then off to fight the Battle of Waterloo.

More "Movement" Stupidity, 4/30/16

More incredible stupidity.

At this post, we see this comment made:

...but can’t have much more than 5 percent African ancestry.

About this individual. I mean, I can't make this stuff up. Look at the picture, read the comment, and realize that these are the people we depend upon to write about racial issues, and present the "rightist" case to the public. I think the only case being made is the case for more regular eye exams.

This reminds me of something that happened some time ago, where a certain "movement" hero asserted that Mariah Carey - who has a part-Black father, who openly identifies as Black (albeit of course mixed), who even today with whatever cosmetic enhancements celebrities have displays obvious signs of African ancestry, and whose easily accessible high school picture clearly shows she's a typical coffee-and-cream mulatto - "has no Black ancestry" whatsoever; further, she is "more recessive" (i.e., "more White") than dago actor Al Pacino. Compare those two pictures. Is Carey the "more recessive/White" of the two?  Once again, these are the race experts of Der Movement.

Then we have Derbyshire writing:
In Taiwan once I actually saw two middle-aged businessmen get into a shoving match because both insisted on picking up the tab. They knocked the table over.

The only way that differs from Negro behavior is that the Negroes would be fighting over who would NOT pay.

And then we have this nonsense.

Here MacDonald cites a paper that – while it is certainly interesting and may be factually correct – was made by authors who consider “blaming others” a type of maladaptive pathology. Well, OK, at least it’s a peer-reviewed paper. But how does he justify a north-south cline on individualism and egalitarianism? An interview with HBD Chick (no, I’m not making this up), and citations of papers concerning the well known north-south cline of (ancestral) gene frequencies in Europe.

This chart – featured on his own site! – is not mentioned, showing Italy and Hungary relatively low on collectivism and high on individualism. Russians are part of the northern end of the European genetic cline, and yet are high on collectivism. [Oh - we will be told that they are "Eastern Europeans outside the Hajnal line" - there's an answer for everything, don't you know]. While Hungary takes a hard line, Spain accepts a large and growing immigrant population - despite sky-high unemployment - without "blaming others," and Italy not only has a growing immigrant population, but cheerfully accepts the swarming masses of migrant invaders. Is that all consistent with the dogma? Let’s not let facts and data get in the way of nice HBD stories now, shall we?

And as has been discussed here and elsewhere, "amoral familism" is actually a variant of individualism, not collectivism (hence, the comical ineptness of social organization in dago-land). What then is this "blaming others?" Is it intra-ethnic or inter-ethnic?  If it is merely a bunch of greasy wops throwing meatballs at each other across the dinner table, while at the same time welcoming Nigerian migrants, the relevance for ethnic and racial politics is questionable.

Of course, unlike Der Movement and HBD, we must be open-minded.  It is very possible that MacDonald's ideas about "northern hunter-gatherers" are correct.  It is possible that the paper cited in that TOO post has some relevance. It is even possible, albeit highly unlikely, that HBD Chick is some sort of "creative genius" - just like the charming, well-spoken, and mild-mannered Greg Cochran.  But for now, we must insist on actual evidence, said evidence not including self-citation or ignoring contrary data.

This all goes along with one of the Sallis laws of activism: once any entity becomes tainted with HBD, it drifts away from being a vehicle for empiricism-based pro-White activism and starts to promote HBD for its own sake (and we know, ultimately, who benefits from that - just read Derbyshire).

Friday, April 29, 2016

Counter-Currents In the News, 4/29/16

Some items.

Greg Johnson writes:

There are plenty of people in this movement who behave like cult members. The best way to appreciate that is to try to have a rational conversation about certain topics, like the importance of revisionism, and watch them descend rapidly into insults. Why? Because their views are essentially religious dogmas that they can’t question or defend.

Well, Greg is 100% right about that, but of course it’s not all about revisionism. A major point of EGI Notes is that a very large fraction of “movement” memes is nothing more than “essentially religious dogmas” that result in rage and insults when these are questioned. This blog questions those dogmas; much of my output for the last 15 years or so has questioned those dogmas, which is, I believe, one of the two major reasons my message has been poorly received by Der Movement.

In addition, one reason why Der Movement and HBD go along so well together, like peanut butter and jelly, is that they are so much alike: mindless dogma, a complete lack of reflection and self-criticism, an inability to question their own beliefs and to even consider the possibility of ever being wrong, straw man arguments, a stolid lack of introspection, an intolerance for anyone questioning the sacred beliefs, and their own quasi-religious pantheon of saints (Saint Adolf of the Swastika, Saint Dickie Lynn of the Altar of Asia). And Der Movement’s God? Well, Der Movement mocks the Jews with the (correct) claim that the Jews have made a religion out of worship of their own ethny. Are the quota queens of Der Movement any different?

Someone named “Slav” writes:

The moderates are attacking the radicals.

Quite right. Much of this is the mainstreamers “punching right.” It is mainstreamer aggression that provokes Vantards (such as myself, I guess) to “punch left” in response.

And then we have this majestic misunderstanding of how science works:

Evolutionism is sometimes a great epistemological tool, but it should not be used too much. There are at least four reasons to that. 
First, evolutionism itself is a progressive position. Cultural Marxism may reject the importance of genes, but the dispute between evolutionism and CM is an opposition between two progressive narratives. It is but a false alternative between two modern decoys. 

Whether or not “evolution” is true or false is independent of what some folks politically attribute to an “evolutionist” mindset. Now, perhaps the question is instead - “is evolutionary theory useful?” Well, one major point that racialism (racialism in general, NOT Der Movement) has on its side is that it speaks the truth. Being “evolutionist” is more speaking truth, and hence empowering, as opposed to going into traditionalist cul-de-sacs of esoteric nonsense.

Speaking of which:

We should aim at getting out of modernity, out of the pseudo-progressive narratives that negate esotericism, initiation, spiritual consciousness, and so on.

Which is all laughable nonsense, with no empirical basis, or appeal to the sorts of elites we require. And so on….

Second, evolutionism is necessarily false because, as said René Guénon, it is impossible that the superior appears from the inferior. 

No, retards like Guenon are “necessarily false” because evolution says nothing about “superiority” or “inferiority” (by human standards), it’s all about adaptive fitness in changing environments. In one environment (presence of the antibiotic), bacteria containing a plasmid that confers resistance to an antibiotic will outcompete those that do not; in another environment (no antibiotic), the bacteria without the plasmid will outcompete the others, as they will grow faster unencumbered by those extra genes (indeed, the plasmid will here be lost by the bacteria to increase their fitness). No values of “superiority/inferiority” need to be invoked.

Most critics of “Darwinism” (including Yockey) have a profound misunderstanding of that idea that they are criticizing.

Colours cannot appear from something that does not contain, at least, the potentiality of colour. Complex animals cannot appear from mere molecules. Only something which contains all the possibilities ever can be the true origin of complex beings and properties. Emergentism is but a modern position to not recognize the metaphysical truth.

As Pilate would say, “what is truth?’’ Is it the navel-gazing, solipsist mumblings of a brain-addled traditionalist, or is it objective facts bolstered by rigorous hypothesis testing? Metaphysics is religion. Get thee to a nunnery. Colors by the way are different wavelengths of visible electromagnetic radiation (light). 

Third, evolutionism does not allow for a true hope. If the world reduces itself to Darwinian competition, what can we hope for? The mere survival of White peoples? I would like something more.

Scientific validity cares not for what you hope for, you solipsist retard. Who are you to decide that your hopes determine reality? Oh wait, a typical Der Movement imbecile. Carry on. And why can’t “evolutionism” lead to the White race outcompeting others?

This comment is hypocritical as well.  What about the idea that the "superior" can never come from the "inferior?"  What about self-improvement?  Where is the "true hope" in that? The "inferior" are doomed! No hope!  No hope!  I would like something more.  Of course, the answer would be: "the inferior who improve themselves were truly superior all along, they just needed the stimulus to allow their natural superiority to express itself."  But of course. Der Movement is never falsifiable; it always has an explanation for every seeming contradiction.  Which is why it is a religion, and not science.

Four, Darwinism is ultimately antisocial. It implies that the essence of our world lies in competition, in perpetual struggles for life. 

Again, reality is what it is independent of whether it upsets our delicate sensibilities or not.

Darwinism exists too in capitalist markets, in the “economy of attention,” and if we trust Dawkins it goes down to each gene competing against each other. If we accept the world to be like this, how can we pretend to found a society? Societies only make sense in antagonisms against other societies. Pull that away and the antagonisms come back between individuals.

Dawkins is a fraud.

Everything we can hope for is perpetual struggle. This is not very tempting.


I think it goes without saying that I consider all this esoteric traditionalism, all the crazy house gibbering of Evola, Guenon, “Savitri Devi” et al., all the mumblings about Kali Yuga and the man who can’t tell time, ages of Gold and Iron (what about Tungsten and Tin?), etc . – I consider that all complete and utter nonsense. It’s religion, and religion is a fantasy for weak-minded people who can’t handle reality (or, more accurately, the extent to which humans can understand the objective reality they find themselves in).

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another "Movement" Success!

With more successful actions like this, complete victory must be just around the corner.

But despite the low turnout–they had predicted up to 2,000 attendees–and the wave of counter-protests that left them isolated inside a barricade, organizers declared the event a success. 
The white power group was vastly outnumbered by hundreds of counter-protesters, who clashed repeatedly with police as they tried to reach the site of their rally.
This happens EVERY time:

1. A pro-White group, with the typical quota queen “leadership,” “plans” an event, with every major detail known to the opposition.

2. The event is sparsely attended by supporters of the actual group, and these are (ALWAYS, without fail) greatly outnumbered by anti-White protesters.  Since this happens EVERY time, it can be predicted with 100% certainty.

3. Der Movement, allegedly against the System, depends upon that same System for protection against the protesters, making Der Movement look weak, pathetic, and hypocritical.

4. Repeat, repeat, repeat, over and over again, without fail.

The protesters? The White ones look like they could be typical Der Movement activists.  Other than ideology, completely interchangeable.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Kirkpatrick Channels Lind

"Acela primaries."

Donald Trump didn’t just win every state on Tuesday, he won every county,crushing his opponents in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland… 
…This challenged some of the deepest-held beliefs about American politics—specifically that the Northeast, at least its Republicans, are “moderates.”… 
…Northeastern Republicans are looking for fighters—just people who fight on different kinds of issues than what social conservatives are used to. Instead of crusaders against gay marriage or abortion, Northeastern Republicans want their champions to be strong on trade, immigration, and national security… 
…Rather than being dominated by ideology, politics in the northeast are about identity. Voters in the Northeast are also far more interested in jobs and trade than any kind of perceived ideological purity.

And this turns out to be the case in other area where Trump has shown surprising strength: the South… 
…The GOP in the South already functions as a de facto European-American Party, with whites voting as a bloc to keep the large black populations from taking over the state. Given the choice, Southern voters turned out to be more attracted to Trump’s nationalist message than the traditional “true conservative” creed of abstractions about limited government or spending cuts. 
…the Trump campaign is a kind of intervention,—an infusion of nationalism which can actually arrest conservatism’s slow death and create an American Right really capable of winning in the new America by turning out the white a.k.a American vote. 
Of course, that means American politics will take on an increasingly Identitarian tone.

Of course, the VDARErs still dance around the truth, unable as they are to just admit that Lind (and to a smaller extent, the "Reality Gap" essay in TOQ) predicted all this years ago. One awaits the HBD-mophead faction to start talking about "Mormons" or "Jayman" or "a vote for Cruz (and his open-borders, far-left, horse-faced VP milady) is a vote for immigration patriotism."

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump Sweeps April 26 Primaries

East coast antics.

The usual east coast success, including among those terribly unassimilable populations of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Coming up, California will be an interesting case.  On the one hand, California is a western state whose White population is in some ways similar to other western states Trump lost, but then again, look at Arizona, which Trump won.

What California and Arizona have in common are serious illegal immigration problems, diversity, and a history of Republican populism (Reagan, Goldwater).  Further, California is a "cosmopolitan blue state" and Trump does well in those, in contrast to the red states that Der Movement worships.

Lind's thesis is as much about culture as about ethnicity (hence, for example, the American South). Trump can take California if he doesn't suffer from his usual foot-in-mouth disease.

A Creative Genius on the Reality of Race

One HBDer's opinion on race.

I would suggest that any population – a group whose members have mated within that group, almost entirely, for some time – and has experienced strong-enough natural selection to change significantly in some trait that we give a shit about can usefully be considered a race.

My response to that elegant, eloquent, and articulate argument is to state that what I "give a shit" most about is genetic kinship. Yes, traits are important, but not more important than kinship. No doubt, parents would want their children to exhibit quality traits, but, for most normal parents, the paramount issue is that the children are their children. One would think that most parents - perhaps including HBDers - would not replace their own children for those of strangers who happen to exhibit better traits "that we give a shit about." The same would, or should, apply to ethnies.

But the genetic architecture isn’t all that important: it’s the differences that matter. Pygmies are really short – that’s what matters.

The battle cry of HBD - genes don't really matter, only phenotypic traits, and our subjective ranking of those traits according to personal values, matter. And then the HBDers accuse Salter of the naturalistic fallacy! 

Most genetic variation in humans is within-group, rather than between-group: so fucking what?

Well argued sir! Bravo! A creative genius indeed!  How can this nonsense compare to such honeyed words of wisdom?

Sidenote: Also amusing is the execrable mongrel Jayman's assertion that he and the thing HBD Chick do not consider "Celt" populations to be NW European. After all, a triracial Jamaican and a self-described member of an "inbred ethnic group" are no doubt the best judges of what is, and is not, a NW European. Also interesting is the claim that non-NW European members of NW European societies all demand redistribution to themselves. Certainly, as we well know, wops. micks (*), hunkies, etc. are as represented on the welfare rolls as are, for example, Jamaicans and Hasidic Jews.

HBD, HBD, HBD marches on.

*Not considered "NW European" by the HBD retards.  What are they?  Leprechauns, perhaps?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Dream, Not a Nightmare

What we need in one paragraph.

Breezy makes himself useful by quoting this:

Things get darker still, for, if the G.O.P. becomes ever whiter, failing to peel away working-class voters of other races, then partisan conflict could look more and more like racial conflict. That is the nightmare. Our politics are bad enough when voters are mobilized mainly by culture-war issues, such as abortion, because compromise is often impossible. But when voters are mobilized by issues of identity, something most people can’t change, then nothing works. It’s just war.

If you want to know what is needed in America, summarized in one paragraph, then re-read what is block quoted above. Balkanization, identity politics, hatred, suspicion, chaos, making the Multicultural System unworkable ("nothing works" indeed) - that is the key to salvation. Diversity and multiculturalism need to be made as unpleasant as possible, made impossible, made painful. We need an atmosphere of despair and desperation, a sour atmosphere where each raciocultural group is in conflict with the others, where alliances across racial lines (even with those wonderful Imperial Orientals) is impossible.

That is the ONLY reason why I'd vote for Trump in November (if he's somewhere on the ballot). The agenda of Sanders to attempt to unite people across racial lines is a great reason to root for Clinton in the Democratic primaries.  

One must of course weigh the possibilities.  The worst outcome is for Trump to lose to Clinton, and have the White masses convinced that they must go back to cuckservatism.  A Trump victory - however unlikely - would be great from the standpoint of balkanizing chaos. The more likely positive outcome would be for Trump to be cheated out of the nomination, and for Clinton to crush a cuckservative Republican in November, as Trump supporters stay home or vote third party.

Anything that stokes anger and hatred and bitterness, anything that drives Whites to rage, anything that provokes Whites to "we've had enough pitchfork time" - that's what we need. 

Hatred, bitterness, chaos, desperation, and despair - the winning formula.

HBD in the News, 4/26/15

Two small items.

South Asian Jews share the same pattern as the ones infesting the West: male Middle Eastern contribution in relatively recent times coupled to admixture with local female stocks.. 

But - South Asian Jews! HBD salivates at that reality. But we must go one better and study Chinese Jews. Yegads! Certain HBDers would explode in an onanistic frenzy of measured groveling over such sublime superhumans as those!

And then we have Roissy:

Some men new to the Charisma Arts create unnecessary hurdles to jump in their minds. One example is the mistaken idea that teasing girls is a laborious “dancing monkey” ordeal that by dint of the effort required of a man must necessarily “put the pussy on a pedestal”. 
Two flaws with this thinking: one, teasing is (or should be) fun for both parties, so it won’t feel like a chore. Once you get into a teaselord rhythm you’ll hardly want to stop (but you will need to stop, because too much teasing is just as counter-productive to bedding women as is too little teasing). 
Two, teasing hardly requires mush more effort than breathing. A tight tease that lands pointedly on a girl’s pudenda is likely to be a majestic demonstration of pith. Novellas and mime acts are rarely the stuff of good teases.

Let's see. First, being a dancing monkey, which is exactly what "game" suggests and promotes, does not have to be "laborious." How "laborious" is it to act like a dim-witted jackass? Lazy Negroes do it all the time. Letting your arm slide down an escalator, onto your lady fair (i.e., STD-infected slut) - one of the brilliant ploys previously celebrated at the Chateau - is hardly "laborious." Sending out moronic tweets is hardly "laborious." It is also undignified, moronic, juvenile, and indeed represents the man being a dancing monkey to satisfy fleeting female "hamster" whims. It may be fun, no doubt, to the sort of mental age-stunted retards who claim Roissy as a guru. I'm sure mudsharks find their miscegenation fun too. Derbyshire may find his "measured groveling" quite enjoyable. There are times when "fun" and doing the right thing are not exactly the same thing.

On the other hand, while the specific act of teasing need not be "laborious," the entire Roissy program indeed is: the complete transformation of a man's persona to please Milady Mudshark, the complete subjugation of the male to the Pedestal of the Pussy, as exemplified by the need for hundreds of posts, each with triple digit numbers of comments, a degree of effort that requires complete focus. If not, then why is Roissy still at it? After all, with such a simple program, a few posts left online in perpetuity to teach newcomers would have been sufficient.

But, no. Worshiping the female requires a daily dose of dancing monkey tomfoolery, and while each act of dancing need not be laborious, the entire mental effort to transform a serious man into a grinning buffoon does indeed necessitate much intense training and effort indeed.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Different Kinds of Security Risks from Chinese Immigration

Various types of security risks.

This ostensibly reasonable post by Derbyshire poses some problems.

I suppose that my suggestion to bar persons with China connections from sensitive national-security work will seem outrageously shocking to many; perhaps doubly so as I myself have such connections. Should I be barred from access to sensitive data? 
Yes, I think I should. I have publicly expressed fondness for my Chinese relatives. It would be reasonable for an investigator, on learning that, to suppose that threats to my relatives in China might be effective in “turning” me.

That’s great. Let’s take it further. Having someone with such “connections” is a security risk in Der Movement and associated precincts, such as the anti-White HBD cult and “immigration patriotism.” Why only talk about risks to The System? What’s the difference? One can argue that the immigration of “Rosie” to the West is a security risk because it affects Derbyshire’s influence over racialist discourse, with all the damage that does to interests of value to “latrine flies.” Speaking of interests, note that The Derb only talks about narrow proximate concerns, and not about the damage done by Chinese immigration to White American ethnic genetic interests, nor about the damage done to the cultural/civilizational organic solidarity of the nation and its identity.

Also note the picture accompanying the article. Was The Derb only “teaching English” to Chinese females?

HBD, HBD, HBD marches on.

Sidenote: This is exactly one of the reasons some of us find Derbyshire so annoying - his hypocrisy. Except for the one time he should have mentioned it but did not (the essay attacking MacDonald), Derbyshire is always, constantly talking about his “Chinese connections” and his mixed marriage. It is seemingly his favorite topic, particularly if one includes not only his work at VDARE, but his writings elsewhere, as well as his personal website. He seems to derive satisfaction “tweaking the noses” of the “race purists” by making his private life a public spectacle. But, on the other hand, he acted as the outraged family man on VDARE, concerning emails allegedly received from skinhead types critical of his family. How dare they! And then Derbyshire “invites” them to come to his home, so he can “greet them in the appropriate manner.” Derbyshire himself makes an issue over his “Chinese connections” and then in that VDARE post exuded SJW rage because others mentioned it. That is like Ted Cruz’ plastic anger over people like Trump and cartoonists mocking the Cruz family that Ted himself intentionally uses as props in his campaign (note to Brimelow: using your children as VDARE props is not fair to them). Or, it is like the White women who demand that White society smile benignly on, and fawn over, their inter-racial relationships and mulatto children. If you choose to make the private public, then you have to acknowledge that not everyone is obligated to approve of your private choices. If you cannot acknowledge that, then keep the private private.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Criticizing "Movement Leaders"

A contrarian view.

In response to this, I would like to make a few comments.  As usual, Hood writes a good essay. There is much there to agree with.  However, there is one paragraph and a few other related comments that are not so clear cut. Here I refer to Hood's comments about overt "movement leaders" and the sacrifices they have made, and the (implied unfair) criticism they have received.  There is an implicit suggestion that these are our leaders and that they, and their sacrifices, deserve our support, but we, the lesser fry of Der Movement, have given these fine and heroic leaders only the critiques of ingrates.

Let us consider together.

One often hears professional athletes scorn the criticism of sportswriters and fans with a contemptuous snort: "they never played the game."  Inherent in that attitude is that someone who is not actually "doing it" has no right to criticize those who are. Hence, there are many in the "movement" who like to quote Teddy's The Man In The Arena speech, and all it implies.

But, we can ask: do not sportswriters and, especially, fans (who in large part directly and indirectly pay the athlete's bloated salary) have the right to criticize a poor athletic performance?

Do people who have not even run for political office not have the right to criticize their presidents, prime ministers, and chancellors?  Do we deny the right of the common German to oppose Merkel's evil?  

So, yes, we can acknowledge the legitimate sacrifices of "movement" leaders and provide to them the level of support they deserve. But they cannot be immune to criticism. They have chosen to put themselves forward, and for that they can be commended, but it also means they have a heavy responsibility and this includes accepting the criticism of those they purport to lead.  This is even more true given that many of these individuals ask for support, including financial support.  Nothing wrong there, full-time activists should get such support. However, it means that they and their actions must be open to scrutiny from these same supporters. And apart from all of that, immunity from criticism leads to stagnation, impairs improvement, and hampers success. Lack of criticism leads to exactly the type of conformist dogma that characterizes Der Movement.

And further, who is to judge the relative level of everyone's sacrifices?  I have known activists who have lived - and in some cases died - in obscurity, but who have nonetheless spent most of their adult lives fighting for the cause, making serious sacrifices along the way.  Just because such individuals are not the "rock stars" of Der Movement does not mean that their efforts and sacrifices have been useless and unimportant, nor does it mean they do (or, did) not have the right to criticize those who have taken up the mantle of leadership.

Those who are "leaders" are in the position to do much good, but they are also in the position to do much ill. They should not mind honest criticism that promotes the former and avoids the latter.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Absolutely Stupid "Movement" Crap

Dogmatic memes continue, independent of reality.

Animal cruelty?  Read the descriptions of whaling in Moby Dick (*), Melville having had personal experience in that endeavor. Consider this and also this.  And this.  And, also this.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

*Excerpt of interest, which no doubt reflects some of Melville's real-life experiences: 
. . . It was a terrific, most pitiable, and maddening sight. The whale was now going head out, and sending his spout before him in a continual tormented jet; while his one poor fin beat his side in an agony of fright. Now to this hand, now to that, he yawed in his faltering flight, and still at every billow that he broke, he spasmodically sank in the sea, or sideways rolled towards the sky his one beating fin. So have I seen a bird with clipped wing, making affrighted broken circle in the air, vainly striving to escape the piratical hawks. . . . 
His motions plainly denoted his extreme exhaustion. . . . 
As the boats now more closely surrounded him, the whole upper part of his form, with much of it that is ordinarily submerged, was plainly revealed. His eyes, or rather the places where his eyes had been, were beheld. As strange misgrown masses gather in the knot-holes of the noblest oaks when prostrate, so from the points which the whale's eyes had once occupied, now protruded blind bulbs, horribly pitiable to see. But pity there was none. For all his old age, and his one arm, and his blind eyes, he must die the death and be murdered, in order to light the gay bridals and other merry-makings of men, and also to illuminate the solemn churches that preach unconditional inoffensiveness by all to all. Still rolling in his blood, at last he partially disclosed a strangely discolored bunch or protuberance, the size of a bushel, low down on the flank. 
"A nice spot," cried Flask; "just let me prick him there once." 
"Avast!" cried Starbuck, "there's no need of that!" 
But humane Starbuck was too late. At the instant of the dart an ulcerous jet shot from this cruel wound, and goaded by it into more than sufferable anguish, the whale now spouting thick blood, with swift fury blindly darted at the craft, bespattering them and their glorying crews all over with showers of gore, capsizing Flask's boat and marring the bows. It was his death stroke. For, by this time, so spent was he by loss of blood, that he helplessly rolled away from the wreck he had made; lay panting on his side, impotently flapped with his stumped fin, then over and over slowly revolved like a waning world; turned up the white secrets of his belly; lay like a log, and died. It was most piteous, that last expiring spout. As when by unseen hands the water is gradually drawn off from some mighty fountain, and with half-stifled melancholy gurglings the spray-column lowers and lowers to the ground- so the last long dying spout of the whale.'

4/23/16: A Question For the Esteemed and Respected Mr. John Derbyshire

One question.

Sir: who did "Rosie" vote for?

After all, in a previous election, the Derb unburdened himself thus about familial politics:
And then there is that other fruit of my loins, Miss Nellie Derbyshire, who actually is old enough to vote for the first time. Though she is cagey about her intentions, I know an Obama voter when I see one. As futile as it may be in New York state—a foregone conclusion, election-wise—Nellie’s vote needs to be countered, if only for the sake of the nation’s popular-vote totals.

To be fair, Derb's other "fruit" - the high-IQ macho military man - supported (as, apparently, did Derb himself) the "conservative Republican" ultra-cuckservative Mitt Romney - you know, the plastic phony who straps dogs to the tops of cars, and who now denounces Trump.  And, hey, in this case VDARE is right - he really is a Mormon!

A Minor But Telling Point

More Beavis-and-Butthead sniggering.

Hey, nice picture there, Pete.  Is that going to be your next wife?

Seriously though, does anyone connect endless decades of failure for Der Movement with even middle-aged/older men - great leaders all! -  behaving like juvenile jackasses?

And here is a 10 minute YouTube video of an intellectual discussion of two VDARE writers/editors.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Why Christianity Must Be Mercilessly Destroyed


Christianity, this cuck religion, this masochistic desert faith, this levantine infection of the West, this pedophilic bastion of low life scum, this alien filth, this religion for losers and weaklings, this promoter of genocide and autocide, this 2000 year disaster, this horror for the White race, must end, must be destroyed, must be completely eliminated.

In a Sallistrian White Imperium of the future, the churches would be razed to the ground, the priests and reverends sent to labor camps, and the Pope hanged.

Meet Amin Yu

Copy, copy, copy, steal, steal, steal.

A Florida woman was charged with conspiring to illegally export U.S. technology used in underwater drones to a Chinese state-owned entity, according to an indictment unsealed on Thursday. 
Amin Yu, 53, of Orlando, Florida worked from 2002 until February 2014 to obtain systems and components used in marine submersible vehicles at the direction of her co-conspirators at Harbin Engineering University in China, according to the charges. 
Yu was charged with 18 counts, including acting as an illegal agent for a foreign government, unlawful export and money laundering. Yu fraudulently and knowingly exported materials in violation of U.S. law, the indictment said. 
Harbin Engineering University conducts research and development for the Chinese government and military, according to the charging document. 
Yu was a citizen of China and a lawful permanent resident of the United States while obtaining parts from companies in the United States, Canada and Europe. 
In an email entered as evidence, Yu said at least one of the devices she had obtained, an underwater acoustic locator, would be used on an underwater drone. 
The case underlines tensions between the United States and China over intellectual property rights. The FBI has said cases of economic espionage rose 53 percent in 2015, the majority of which involved Chinese nationals.

Well, what to say? Once again, we see Asian perfidy, that they are deadly enemies of America and of the West, that "lawful permanent residents" and "citizens" of Asian descent can never be trusted, that the HBD demigods of "high IQ" are bereft of even the slightest hint of creativity and must steal and copy (or purchase and copy) just about everything, and that any "alliance" with such creatures is a laughable fantasy that probably has its genesis in White boys dreaming about this.

But let's not be too hard on Ms. Yu herself. After all, too old to be a "border guard for the West" and, perhaps lacking in her own Derb to engage in "measured groveling," one must do what one must, right?

Pat Misses Something

Leaves something out.
Buchanan is a good guy and all, but with advancing age, and with his sweaty fantasies about "Sister Sarah," he increasingly makes telling omissions.
This essay would have been more informative if the following was mentioned.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Breezy is Breezing

Sailer being Sailer.

Real estate. Golf courses and PISA scores will be another day.

I don't know what Breezy is complaining about. These activists and intimidating students are his fellow American citizens.  I'm sure if he would just explain the rationale of citizenism to them, they'd welcome Sailerian gentrification, and it'll all work out just fine.

In the News, 4/21/16

Two items.

Of Weevs, Movements, and Chinamen

One reason why I dislike Der Movement.

Is Weev a good guy, as suggested here? Or is he a bad guy, as suggested here?

I haven’t the slightest idea. I have insufficient data to make any conclusion. I never heard of this fellow until the Counter-Currents interview, and then did online searching that led to the Majority Rights post. 

This is exactly why I despise and distrust Der Movement: a shadowy world of accusations and counter-accusations, a bizarre conglomeration of strange personalities and weird memes, the contrast between an honest suspicion about infiltrators and self-destructive paranoia, the embrace of enemies and rejection of friends, the accusation of “Jew!” to anyone you disagree with vs. the fact that Jews and other anti-racists do in fact try to infiltrate and troll pro-White activism, the complete lack of standards, the very public airing of dirty laundry, the lack of common sense and a sense of proportion, the constant feuds based on personality rather than ideas, unstable individuals who change their worldviews and personas from month-to-month, the tendency to believe anything one finds posted on the Internet, the embrace of individuals without any "vetting" process (desperation for supporters), a complete lack of strategy and long-term vision that leads to nitpicking analysis of every utterance of perceived “movement” enemies, the embrace of anyone (even non-Whites) who profess – or pretend to profess – sympathy to “the cause” - etc.

A counter-argument would be that marginal personalities and problems exist everywhere, including in the mainstream of the System.  That's true enough, but misses the point: the System is powerful enough to withstand the accident of individual deficiencies, while a weak dissident entity such as Der Movement, on the razor's edge of survival, can be ruined by the plethora of defectives.  Therefore, the unpleasant and sour stench of personal feuds, trolling, uncertain people with vague ancestries, HBD worship of Jews and Asians, "movement" obsessions and fetishes, shadowy accusations and counter-accusations - all of that is deadly.  The System can survive that (at least for now), Der Movement cannot.

In addition, while I have no opinion on the dueling opinions linked to above, I do have an opinion on this:

This kind of vainglory printing-out in China works against projects like MR’s, to build regional alliance between Asia and Europe. 
Moreover, what sincere White Nationalist would hack Chinese printers to announce “global White supremacism” ? Most probably none. 
But a Jewish sponsored troll, trying to prevent Chinese and White cooperation just might.

MR’s tiresome Asiaphlia and fantasies that Asians are anything other than a deadly enemy of Whites is wrong, as is the song-and-dance that anyone critical of Asians (or who dare offend Imperial Oriental sensibilities by hacking swastika printouts to the ever-sensitive Chinamen) is a “Jewish (sponsored) troll” (or, “sucks Jewish cock”). In fact, East Asians are very eager to ally themselves with Jews as part of the anti-White rising tide of color:

The second development concerns the growth of interest – both within Israeli officialdom and the activist pro-Israeli American Jewish community – in China itself. This interest mirrored the global enthusiasm surrounding China’s rise observed globally, but by the 2000s it had morphed (in ways that interestingly mimic similar tendencies in Arab countries at roughly the same time) into a more obviously strategic interest in the role China might play in the Middle East. This is augmented by the perception that China’s cultural, religious and political foundations (its lack of an anti-Semitic legacy and presumed “Oriental” civilizational affinity with Jews)…

Note the implicit admission by Jews that they are not European or Western but rather “Oriental” – an admission of truthful accuracy.

…render it a potential friend and even ally of Israel and the global Jewish community. This is reinforced still further when taking into account China’s interest in Israeli technology (where considerable academic cooperation takes place) and weaponry…

Of course. Why create yourself, when you can purchase, copy, and/or steal from others? After all, that’s the East Asian way.

….hand in hand with its complete disinterest in participating in any economic sanctions against Israel, BDS or otherwise. The appeal of this is accentuated – in the eyes of the Israeli and Jewish-American right-wing – by the fact that it comes at a time when Europe and even the U.S. appear to be succumbing – according to Netanyahu at least – to a “wave of Islamization, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.”

Jews see China as a potential ally. And that view is heartily reciprocated.

It is worth underlining that much of the early engagement between Chinese academia and pro-Israeli groups was still being driven by Chinese scholars themselves – for a variety of professional, academic, and monetary reasons.

Indeed. The Chinese recognized that they and the Jews share a common existential trait – an undying hatred of Whites and of the West. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” – and Jews and East Asians are becoming fast friends based upon their hatred of the White Man.

Xu Xin – the head of the Nanjing Judaic Studies Institute – is an illustrative example of this dynamic. Since the late 1980s, Xu Xin has actively courted significant funding from the American Jewish community to back his many projects concentrated in Nanjing University, which range from the Institute of Jewish Studies (later renamed in 2006 the Diane and Guilford Glazer Institute of Jewish Studies), a Judaica library to multiple workshops held for Chinese scholars and students interested in Judaism and Israel…The convergence of these three trends produced the current advocacy phenomenon that has emerged in China from the mid-2000s and onwards…

While the Yellow Fist of Hatred angrily slaps away the White Hand of Friendship, the same Yellow Fist opens in welcome to the sallow and hairy Jewish Hand of Globalist Dominance.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's Getting Almost Comical

The 2016 GOP primaries have become almost a parody of the Lind hypothesis.

Trump was always supposed to win New York. Yet the scope of tonight’s win was surprising. As of this writing, Trump is hovering around 60% of the vote in his home state, with Ted Cruz a distant third under 15%. Cruz will win no delegates from New York, while Trump looks like he will capture over 90 over New York’s 95 delegates. 
In terms of momentum, this is a dramatic shift. The contest moves to Northeastern states where Trump’s only real competition is John Kasich, who thus far has only won his home state of Ohio. Polls show Trump has a lead in every Northeastern state yet to vote and it’s hard to imagine Cruz rebounding in any of these areas.

In Staten Island, Trump's margin of victory was remarkable:

Trump, who visited the Island on Sunday, got an astounding 80 percent of the vote here...
...Local Republicans gathered at Giovanni's Trattoria in Eltingville, where Ron Castorina Jr. celebrated his victory in his unopposed race for state Assembly. 
Castorina is a Trump supporter, as is Councilman Joe Borelli, whose former Assembly seat Castorina was just elected to. Borelli (R-South Shore) is a co-chair for Trump's campaign in New York and was in Manhattan for the big win. 
Pleasantly surprised by Trump's big win in the 11th CD, GOP Chair John Antoniello said, "It's pretty awesome, for any candidate in any election to get 80 percent. That's a landslide by far."

Lind, Lind, where art thou, Lind? Apparently, Lind is safely in the Reality Gap, having escaped the collapse of the Ethnic Gap. HBD and Der Movement can, of course, continue to talk about “Mormons” and the incoherent ramblings of triracial Jamaicans. 

The truth of this blog vs. “movement” and HBD dishonesty – which do you prefer, reader?