Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Ethnotype

Introducing a new genetic concept.

The following I see as extremely important.

This paper discusses the “beanbag” approach to population genetics.
In a sexual population, each genotype is unique, never to recur. The life expectancy of a genotype is a single generation. In contrast, the population of genes endures. The quantities that are followed, in mathematical theories or in observations, are allele frequencies. The geneticist knows that at any desired time, the genotype frequencies can be obtained by the simple binomial rule.

Now, herein lies a problem I see with mainstream population geneticists (and other, related scientists) blinded perhaps by anti-racist political correctness.  It’s true than an exact, specific genotype is unique (except for identical twins) and does not recur.  The error – the fundamental error – these people make is not admitting that some genotypes are more similar than to others.  It’s not just a comparison between a genepool and a genotype, at opposite ends of the genetic integration scales.  There are levels in between the general population of genes at one end and the unique, never-to-be-reproduced genotype at the other end.

I therefore name one such level, which is of importance to the preservationist viewpoint: the ethnotype. 

An ethnotype is a range of possible genotypes that characterizes populations that have specific genepools.  An ethnotype is not as specific as a genotype, and ethnotype can be found in the many millions, and is stable across evolutionary time.  Otzi the Iceman and contemporary Europeans can be said to belong to the same broad ethnotype.  Ethnotypes can be considered to total set of possible genotypes produced by a genepool, the total set of possible allele combinations, and that will be different from that produced by another genepool.

Ethnotypes can be broader or narrower.  Europeans vs. East Asians are examples of two ethnotypes, each consisting of specific combinations of alleles from their respective genepools (ethnotypes, like genotypes, are emergent properties of genepools, and the frequencies of ethnotypes should be calculable from genepool allele frequencies as are genotypes).  One can go narrower: different types of Europeans (North, South, East, West, Central, etc.) can be thought of as being represented by a specific ethnotype or set of ethnotypes, the same for East Asians or any other population group.

Thus, while the forces of independent assortment and recombination at meiosis, combined with genetic drift and various forms of selection, insure that exact genotypes will never again be reproduced, ethnotypes will continue to be reproduced.  The European genepool may produce Isaac Newton or Michelangelo or Tesla only once, but can produce allele combinations reasonably similar to those individuals and similar to Europeans worldwide over and over again, as long as the genepool says intact.  Of course, over time, with drift and selection, the genepool changes, so that the possible ranges of ethnotypes and genotypes produced from the genepool will be altered, but these ranges will be more similar than to alien peoples. 

Therefore, the European genepool of 1016 AD had the potential to produce a different set of ethnotypes and genotypes than the European genepool of 2016; nevertheless, both are much more similar to each other than to, say, East Asian genepools of any date picked.  Again, genotypes are one-shot affairs, while ethnotypes are more stable over time, since they are a less specific, and more generalized, arrangement of genepool alleles.

The advantages of considering comparisons at the ethnotype level are that (a) this is the level that has the most practical significance (including selection) at the population level, as populations are collections of genotypes, not a soup of randomized alleles floating around; (b) given that genetic distance increases with increasing genetic integration and that the ethnotype is at a higher level than at the genepool, then considering the genetic structure inherent in the ethnotype will increase the level of genetic interests; and (c) while not as unique as the genotype, the ethnotype is unique in cross-population comparisons AND has the advantage of being preservable.  Thus, while genotype can be preserved only by cloning, ethnotypes can be preserved, to a reasonable degree over time, by following the precepts of Salterian Universal Nationalism.  Preserving the ethnotype can be done today, via acts of political will and social convention, no new technology needs be implemented.  Further, while “beanbag” genetics will tell you that miscegenation in some cases (at least at the parental level) can be compensated by increased reproduction and replication of the individual alleles, ethnotypes are specific to particular ethny genepool – no number of hybrids could reproduce the genetic structure of ethnotypes; hence, the ethnotype concept better represents the preservationist imperative.  I may add that ethnotypes better represent an ethny’s phenotypes as well, since phenotype is produced not by individual alleles working alone, but by the interaction of the whole genome with the environment.

Further, the ethnotype concept is compatible with eugenics, since, unlike the genotype, we are not talking about a fixed, perfectly unique set of genetics, but a more flexible range of genetic types that can still exhibit similarity over time even with some degree of substitution if alleles (again, consider the similarity of Otzi to today’s Europeans).

Monday, May 30, 2016

A First Consideration of the Harambe Incident

Considering explanations.

The best photographic evidence of the background of the child is in this somewhat blurry picture here.  Also see this.

From what I see, one could consider possible explanations for the behavior of all involved, including why the gorilla was apparently behaving in a "protective" manner toward the invader.

Who says phenotype isn't important?

Is this unfair?  More unfair than Negroes claiming that the ape was killed to save a "White life" and folks elsewhere calling the mother "White trash?"

Whites are blamed even when all involved, the invader as well as the dead Harambe, are all "people of color."

The Politics of Comic Books

Another sign of decline.

Comic books are certainly not high culture by any means, but I've written about comics before, since they, as part of modern pop culture, reflect the memetic prison society our masters are constructing around us.

Comics have been in decline for a long time, and are part of the Cultural Marxism infecting what used to be the West.  We have characters who are homosexual, we have previously White male characters becoming female and/or minority (*), and now the leftist tilt has comics directly and indirectly attacking the Trump campaign and Trump supporters.

Even more bizarre, Captain America - that symbol of SWPL liberalism, the anti-Nazi, pro-colored, proponent of civic nationalist democracy, that bastion of tolerance and brotherhood - has been uncovered as a secret agent of "Hydra" - a fascistic totalitarian organization, founded by Nazis, bent on world conquest (**).  Captain America has been the symbol of the liberal vision of America since WWII, and his phenotype and character used to well represent the Midwest cucks rejecting Trump.  That he is now being used as a vehicle to "expose" and ridicule the alleged "White racism" behind White folks voting their interests is quite remarkable.  Comics have fallen straight into the toilet of virulent anti-Whitism; the mask is off, and there is no turning back.

The decline of comics is also manifested in their quality, independent of their politics. Sometime in the 2000s, a style of art infected comics, particularly the Marvel brand, that is quite simply childishly atrocious.  Some months ago, for example, I saw an issue of Daredevil that looked like it was drawn by a spastic 10 year old with Down's Syndrome.  And the writing is not much better. Forget about the politics - the actual raw product is so markedly inferior to that of the so-called "Silver" and "Bronze" ages that it is laughable. It's as if they've given up all pretense of putting together quality fantasy entertainment and are just churning out cheaply-made political pamphlets. Lee and Kirby were Jews, but they were adults and produced quality material.  The Gentiles of that time - Thomas, the Buscema brothers, Ditko, Conlan, Tuska, Romita, etc. - were adults who created adult-level material (even if for children). Today, it seems like the material is produced by "feel the Bern" hipsters and affirmative action minorities, who churn out low-quality trash in between going on social media or attending a Sanders rally.

It's pathetic.

*A Negro took over as Captain America, and is still posing as such after the real one (the White Hydra agent) returned to action. Thor is now a woman, and - no doubt to the delight of the HBDers - the Hulk is now Korean.

**Perhaps it will be eventually revealed that old Cap is just infiltrating Hydra, to show how a real American must reject such "hate."  But what if he is sincere?  The message from Marvel - all White man, particularly if they look like Steve Rogers the all-American Nord, are closet "Nazis" and "haters." We'll need the Black Cap and the female Thor and the gook Hulk to set things straight!

The Sound of Derbyfogle

As his Jewish friends would say, Johnred has lots of "chutzpah."

After suggesting that pro-NS Austrians are "lunatics," child porn apologist Johnred Derbyfogle writes:

Leave me in my country to enjoy the culture I grew up in and am familiar with: Modern, Western, not-very-religious, sexually egalitarian, easy-going, English-speaking social-democratic culture.

Excuse me Mr. Derbyshire: you live in the USA, but you are a (former) illegal alien who grew up in England. Your wife - whom you brought into my country - grew up in Red China. Where do you find the nerve to pontificate on the sort of culture we should have here?

Let me tell you about the American culture I grew up with: where no one had ever heard of, or even imagined, child porn, much less made apologies for it, and where it was more or less openly acknowledged that any White man married to an Asian woman was a socially maladapted loser unable to attract a mate of his own race.

Can we all once again enjoy that culture that we used to have?

What Would You Do Different?

Improving the "movement."

With my criticisms of the "movement," one may ask: what would you do different?  That is of course a complex subject that cannot be answered in one post; however, I note I have written on this in some detail over at Western Destiny.

For example:

What we need are leaders with broad, long-term strategic vision, people who can plan ahead and not merely react to every minutiae of today’s current events, combined with the tactical flexibility to take advantage of those few current events that truly are of importance (e.g., the Trump campaign).  These would be people who eschew fossilized “movement” dogmas, reject defectives (instead of merely talking about it), and combine metapolitics with real-world politics (when such are useful). These would be people who make the best use of the human material at hand, independent of “movement” biases and fetishes.

These are some who would ask: what is the harm of talking about some of Der Movement’s favorite memes?  What’s the harm about talking about, and obsessing over, cephalic indices, subfractional “admixture” percentages, Kali  Yuga and the “men who can’t tell time,” how many times Hitler passed gas in a given day, esoteric traditionalist ramblings, and whether Caesar was dolichocephalic or brachycephalic?  What’s the harm in having crazed fetishes about certain European ethnies? What’s the harm in indulging in conspiracy theories about moon landing hoaxes, smoking and cancer hoaxes, and those dastardly “Jew doctors” poisoning “the poor babies” with nasty vaccines?  What’s the harm in the homoerotic obsessions with “man on white horse” saviors?  What’s the harm in holding rallies where a half-dozen neckbeards are outnumbered by one hundred anti-racists?  What's the harm in having a miscegenating child porn apologist and a Beavis-and-Butthead “look at dem titties” sniggering jackass as regular writers on an immigration restriction blog?  What’s the harm of the “game” “pussy nerds?”  What’s the harm in “altright" millennial buffoonery?”  It’s all in good fun!

Yes, but you see, when you have all the power, like the System has, you can afford to make mistake after mistake.  When you are a near-powerless dissident fringe “movement,” errors are deadly and each and every mistake is going to be amplified to your detriment.  Racial nationalism itself is viewed poorly by the masses.  WNs must ALWAYS put their best foot forward. One error, one blurting of stupidities, one example of poor judgment can undo years of careful work and building up of a positive image.  One can attract a quality individual to the cause with much effort, and then see that effort wasted, and the individual lost, because some stupid “movement” antics took place at the wrong time – just as you were about to convert the person to the cause, along comes some “movement” fetishism to ruin it.

If "movement" “leaders” cannot yet understand this, then they are not fit to be leaders.  This should be glaringly obvious.

More Genetic Structure, 5/30/16

Human data are needed.

Note that in this paper, comparing genetic distance from “single locus diplophase” to “multilocus diplophase” (the measurement of relevance to the human condition) resulted in an approximate doubling of the genetic distance, due mostly to non-homologous gene associations (alleles on different, non-homologous, chromosomes). That was only with a very small number of microsatellites. One can imagine what would happen with analysis of many thousands of human SNPs.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Genetic Structure Redux

Genetic structure, from Western Biopolitics.

Something (slightly edited) from my old Western Biopolitics site about genetic structure, based on this paper, with a few new comments at the end.

Although this is highly preliminary, this is all completely consistent with what I (and James Bowery and Ben Tillman) have been saying for years: simple Fst measurements of genetic distance, while crucially important and necessary, are not sufficient to give the complete picture for EGI. Genetic distance based on structure is likely greater than that estimated from Fst for humans as well as for oak. Further, the genetic structure estimates can be viewed, as I've been saying, as an extra, independent measure of genetic distinctiveness superimposed on top of the foundation of Fst distance. Therefore, a complete estimation of EGI must include consideration of genetic structure, and this paper is an initial, preliminary attempt at quantifying that structure. More to come, we hope. This research groups compares analyses of combinations of coinherited alleles compared to the "one-by-one" Fst method. This paper is free online, take a close look at Table 1 - as the level of genetic structural complexity increases, genetic distance between the oak groups also increases. Note in all cases, emphasis added.
...is characterized by special combinations of genes. (To emphasize this aspect, genic integration might be the more appropriate term.) The main motivation for this paper was the realization that impacts of particular forces, selective or not, on population differentiation may not be observable at every level of genetic integration. Measurements of differentiation among populations based on gene frequencies, for example, provide no specific insights into the effects of mating systems nor of epistatic interaction on population differentiation. This is due to the fact that gene frequencies refer to the lowest level of genetic integration, namely its absence. This level, which is commonly addressed as a population’s gene-pool, is conceived to consist of the set of all individual genes present in the population members for a specified set of genetic traits. Genetic studies of population differentiation are almost always based on this “beanbag” (critically reflected by Mayr [2] and defended by Haldane [3]; for concise reasoning of the persistence of the gene-pool concept see e.g. [4] or [5]). Studies of differentiation at multiple loci are no exception, since they commonly report averages over single-locus differentiation indices. Also disregarded in studies of gene-pool differentiation are gene associations that deviate from Hardy-Weinberg proportions (homologous, or intralocus, association) or gametic equilibria (non-homologous, or interlocus, association). 
Considering that forms and degrees of gene association may differ at different levels of genetic integration, it thus appears that previous studies on patterns of population differentiation have provided very little information on levels of genetic integration above the gene-pool. One important reason for the usual focus on gene-pool differentiation is probably the lack of a method for measuring population differentiation consistently at all levels of genetic integration. Consistency means that comparison of the amount of differentiation among a set of populations between levels of integration provides information about the complexity of the gene associations that distinguish them. 
Since gene associations do not decrease as level of integration increase, neither should differentiation. Moreover, the extent of an increase in differentiation between subsequent levels should in some way reflect the degree of complexity of the additional gene associations, with equality as an indication of lack of additional complexity by some standard. Such a differentiation measure must thus be based on a conceptual characterization of the complexity of gene associations. The existence of such a measure would not only facilitate experimental studies... 
It turned out that the large increases in differentiation between levels that were observed in the real data were not producible in numerous simulations of simple selection models, indicating that these models cannot explain the complexity of the real data. 
Proceeding from lower to higher levels of integration, one expects an increase in differentiation among populations simply because of the larger varietal potential inherent in more complex structures. 
Table 1 lists the distance matrix of pairwise distances...between stands and their mean as well as the symmetric population differentiation...SD and its components...j, both based on the elementary genic difference between genetic types, for each of three levels of integration: the gene-pool distance is the average of the six single-locus allelic distances; the single-locus diplophase distance is also the average over the loci; the multilocus diplophase distance. It is seen that for each pair of stands, all pairwise distances...increase considerably with the level of integration. 
Thus it appears that differentiation among populations with respect to their forms of gene association may be a normal occurrence. This insight questions the common practice of restricting the measurement of population differentiation to the allelic level (e.g. FST), thereby ignoring the considerable effects of gene association on population differentiation.

The authors then try to end the paper on a conservative, hedging note, perhaps to please reviewers:

This analysis is the first of its kind. Therefore, we cannot venture a prediction about whether the above findings on covariation between levels of integration constitute a general trend. It is conceivable, for example, that these findings are mainly determined by the conspicuously large polymorphism characteristic of the microsatellite markers used in this study. Other genetic markers may tell different stories.

Actually, there really is no logical reason to suppose that their findings are not generally applicable. It in fact makes perfect sense, as I (and others) have been arguing for years, that the correlation structure inherent in the genome is a general form of heritable genetic information above and beyond Fst, and that, therefore, this structure is an important part of genetic interests. There is no reason it must be limited to microsatellites; it is almost certainly an inherent, "emergent" characteristic of genetic information in all organisms. And, certainly, within and between human populations.

Therefore, it can be expected that genetic differentiation between human populations will be greater when overall structure (e.g., the combinations of coinherited alleles/genetic sequences) is considered, compared to Fst, and, that both Fst and genetic structure constitute genetic interests, both are important and both must be measured.

Genetic interests = Fst + Genetic Structure

And this paper is the initial step in the necessary quantification of genetic structure.

Yet more excerpts:

Conclusions: This new approach to the analysis of genetic differentiation among populations demonstrates that the consideration of gene associations within populations adds a new quality to studies on population differentiation that is overlooked when viewing only gene-pools. 
In general, traits are genetic only if they are inheritable, and the goal of inheritance analysis is to identify genes as the basic units of inheritance. The term genetic integration is used here to designate the combination or arrangement of these elementary objects “gene” into the haplotypes of gametes, into the genotypes at diploid (or polyploid) nuclei of diplophase individuals, or into the cytotypes of mitochondria or plastids, for example. 
At higher levels of genetic integration, where the objects of interest represent compositions of several individual genes together with their gene-types, association among gene-types becomes relevant for differentiation studies.

…neither the gene association within single loci (homologous association nor the gene association among loci (non-homologous association) is of the same form in any two stands, and in particular that association is present. Both the distances and the snail components show a much larger increase between the single-locus diplophase and the multilocus diplophase than between the gene-pool and the single-locus diplophase. 
Hence the non-homologous gene associations make a distinctly greater contribution to the differentiation than the homologous gene associations.

"Non-homologous gene associations” being a predominant component of what I refer to as “genetic structure.”

And consider the implications with respect for both EGI and parental kinship with intermarriage.

Genetic structure...here to stay.

New comments:

One question is whether the increase in genetic interests inherent between population (or individual) comparisons when taking genetic structure into account will be proportionately the same with increasing general genetic distance, or will the genetic structure differences increase proportionately with increasing genetic distance. For example, let’s hypothesize that genetic structure increases the genetic interest a Dane has with another Dane compared to a Greek by 50%, compared to allele-by-allele considerations. Will the increase in genetic interest of Dane vs. Nigerian also be 50%, or greater (it almost certainly could not be less). I hypothesize it would be greater, because the increase in allele-by-allele differences with greater genetic distance would lead to a proportionate increase in the genetic structure combination differences possible. Image ways of shuffling decks of cards where it is possible for the individual cards to differ between decks – the more individual card difference, the greater the number of novel card combinations between decks. This would of course need to be shown with the data (not that population geneticists would touch such a politically incorrect subject - they won’t even do genetic kinship studies). 

On a functional basis, one needs to consider epistasis. Certainly, there are cases where individual genes can influence phenotype; however, in the vast majority of cases, important phenotypic traits (the HBDers vaunted “form and function”) are affected by numbers of genes working together. This by the way is an important riposte to some of Dawkins’ more stupid extensions of his “selfish gene” meme, more properly, that should be plural, as in “selfish genes.” Or, perhaps, the “selfish genome.” In the end, selection acts upon the entire organism that is the product of all its (functional) genes. A given individual gene can of course affect the phenotype and influence that gene’s own selection, but even in that case, it does so in the context of the entire functional genome.

As I’ve written before, one cannot base genetic interests solely on “functional genes.” Putting aside that the distinction between functional and non-functional is becoming increasingly blurred due to findings that show that much of the “non-functional” genome actually does have function, the point is that even truly non-functional genes, if they vary in frequency between peoples, carry information on kinship and, even more to the point, as part of the distinctive genome, constitute a fraction of kinship, and thus have inherent value in this manner. After all, if genetic interests are based on genetic kinship, therefore all genes that constitute that kinship, as well as carry information that helps quantitate that kinship, have value. One can of course argue that functional genes that influence their own selection are of greater value on a “per gene” basis, but one cannot simply dismiss non-functional genes are being irrelevant to genetic interests.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

More Asian Existentialism: 5/28/16

Asians expressing their hatred of Whites.

Milo isn't White, but the point is that any activity that can be considered in any way pro-White will be opposed by Asians, whose very existence is predicated upon a burning hatred of Whites and the West.

The hatred of Asians for Whites will not be ignored.

Looking long-term, Asians are probably the biggest racial threat to Whites. Asiaphilia is race treason, White man.

Der Movement and HBD in the News, 5/28/16

Several items.

Manafort admits that some of Trump's more pro-White positions are simply "negotiating points."

The thing about Der Movement is its lack of accountability, particularly among its "leadership."  If Trump loses, will all those folks saying "Trump is the last chance of White America" follow through on that and close up shop? Or will they simply carry on, making believe they never wrote that?  Will they simply transition to a new "strong man on white horse" hero?

If Trump backpedals on his most useful policy proposals during the election, or if, as President, Trump reneges on his promises on immigration, will Der Movement and its leadership admit their error?  Will any "movement" "leaders" resign, close up shop, and into well-earned obscurity?

Fat chance of that.  Just like an ignorant puffed-up Negro beneficiary of affirmative action, who conceals incompetence with bravado, Der Movement's "leaders" - also affirmative action babies - will never take responsibility for their errors.  They've never done so in the past, so why start now?

Following up on this, more on the Chinese and PISA here and also here. Once again: Lynn uses PISA scores to "estimate" IQ.

HBD in the News, 5/2816

Two items.

Here Breezy talks about one of his favorite topics - PISA tests. PISA tests are one of those things that high-IQ, law-abiding East Asians love to cheat on and which Tricky Dick likes to use to "estimate" IQ scores. These tests will now include:

The next round of international Pisa tests will test the skills needed to live and work alongside people of different cultures

Assuming Asians don't cheat on that, how will they fare? On the one hand, they are sure good at invading White nations as "immigrants" and impressing HBD nerds with their ability to get good grades through robot-like studying and memorization, and their ability to mimic Whites by playing the violin.

On the other hand, they are White-hating ethnocentrics. Oh well, it seems like they will have to cheat on these tests after all.

This series of unqualified successes brought the vast Mongol army to Hungary in March 1241. King Bela IV fled his palace in Pest (now part of Budapest), and Ogodei's armies slaughtered an estimated 1 million Hungarians: troops, clerics, nobles, knights, and peasants. It was one of the bloodiest defeats of the medieval period.

Can Hungary get reparations from Mongolia and China?

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Lie of Rampant Far-Right Terrorism

More leftist lies.

Of course, it all depends how the anti-Whites define "terrorism." Back ~12 years ago, Malloy of GNXP defined as a "terrorists" White folks who opposed Asian immigration to the USA and/or who wrote positive articles about Leon Degrelle.  HBD as a political movement, indeed.

Yellows Say: Colored is Best

Of course they do.

Certainly, no one should have any problem with Chinese living in China having anti-White, pro-colored attitudes.  The problem occurs when China is - as exists for many years - one of the largest sources of immigrants to the USA.

The "colored is best" commercial was an anti-wop male feature apparently coming from wopland, but nevertheless doesn't change Chinese colored-power memes.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Meet Pietro Aretino

An unsavory swarthoid.

Pietro Aretino (20 April 1492 – 21 October 1556) was an Italian author, playwright, poet, satirist and blackmailer who wielded immense influence on contemporary art and politics and invented modern literate pornography…Aretino prospered, living from hand to mouth as a hanger-on in the literate circle of his patron, sharpening his satirical talents on the gossip of politics and the Papal Curia, and turning the coarse Roman pasquinade into a rapier weapon of satire, until his sixteen ribald Sonetti Lussuriosi (Lust Sonnets) written to accompany Giulio Romano's exquisitely beautiful but utterly pornographic series of drawings engraved by Marcantonio Raimondi under the title I Modi finally caused such outrage that he had to temporarily flee Rome…He was a lover of men; having declared himself a sodomite since birth.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

From Negro to Human

Facial evolution leading to the European.

See here.

Der Movement in the News, 5/25/16

More stupidity.

During the question and answer session, a conference participant raised the Jewish Question. I was impressed when Mr. Taylor made no attempt to dodge the question, instead opting to answer forthrightly. He responded by affirming the established fact that there are many Jews among the anti-white plutocratic elite. That said, we should not hold Jews as a group collectively responsible, but rather judge each on a one-by-one basis.

That’s great. What if someone made the same “no collective responsibility” argument for Negroes? Mexican illegals? Migrant invaders to Europe?

First, the NG Project graphs cannot be taken as “the final answer” (just as Der Movement falls in love with “men on white horse” strongmen, only to be disappointed; it falls in love with the latest genetic data, only to see a new set of different data in the next study); a different group would give different results with different category designations (that’s the nature of the genetic beast). On a relative basis, the NG data are more or less reasonable, but jumping from that to interpretations of group behavior is absurd. Yeah, dem Greeks are all ethnocentric and all when it really matters – how many “refugees” and “migrants” have they been flooded with? What percentage of the population is now alien? Who voted in a (far-)leftist government, instead of Golden Dawn?

Bowery's Analysis of Salterian Genetic Investment

Another look at On Genetic Interests.

I have previously written on my perspectives about Salter's genetic investment graphs from On Genetic Interests.  In the interests of giving credit where it is due, here I link to Bowery's older post on the same topic which inspired my own analysis, and for which I recently remembered the name of the blog on which it is found..

I would like once again to take this opportunity to urge the reader - if they have not already done so - to obtain and read Salter's book, a work that is unfortunately under-rated and ignored by Der Movement and also by serious nationalists in Europe.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Race and HBD News, 5/24/16

Der Movement marches on.

Why should anyone be surprised by this?  Trump may be a fraud, but he is perceived as pro-White, and I’ve previously asserted that colored/leftist hatred of Trump represents hatred of Whites.  And, contra Derbyfogle and “Chinese girls as the border guards of the West” Danny, readers of this blog should be well aware that Asians HATE, HATE, HATE Whites.  Indeed, the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites, similar to Yockey’s formula that the essence of all non-Westerners is opposition to, and denial of, the West.

On a perhaps not unrelated note, see this. Yes, make a moronic video, including ultra-cuck, far-left race-mixer and child porn apologist Johnred Derbyfogle, a champion of miscegenation and opponent of White nationalism, and then have the nerve to call yourselves “uncuck the right.”  How about uncucking yourselves, HBD fanboys?  I say it loud and proud: Der Movement ranks up high on the list of those entities most responsible for the White racial crisis; Der Movement ranks high as one of the leading enemies of the White race.  Crush the infamy!

And, yes, we are told that the median age of the conference attendees (you know, the ones Derbyfogle calls “latrine flies”) was lower than ever.  That’s great.  Has it decreased from 65 to 60?

Consider first and last things. Islam has been the enemy of the West for centuries and NECs have been the enemies of the West for millennia.  Put the two together and you get new “Battle of Britain.” Put the two together and you also get everyone's favorite Bengali castaway, “Razib” “can’t tell the difference between sister chromatids and homologous chromosomes” Khan.

Monday, May 23, 2016

HBD in the News, 5/23/16

Two items of interest.

A wonderfully succinct and accurate take-down of the HBD nerds by "agnostic."

Really now, look who represents the HBD worldview: a miscegenating apologist for child porn, a White-hating Jamaican mongrel, an inbred cunt, a senile pseudoscientist, and a boring superficial loser.  Is that ad hominem? Yes it is, but nevertheless a reasonable sampling of the bizarre HBD cult.

Is this a friend of Derbyfogle. or just another Jew?

Cries of Joy

Austrian madness.

Despite all the "movement" heavy breathing about a "far-right victory" in Austria, the far-left, pro-immigration candidate won.  Wonder why?

See  this:

Ms. Bubits is also the daughter of the woman, now 72, who was raped while walking her dog on Sept. 1. Since the attack, Ms. Bubits said, her mother has gone from being healthy to ridden with anxiety and requiring close attention.
“It goes up and down,” Ms. Bubits said, but “it’s basically as if she was suddenly 90.”
On a visit to her home on Friday, her mother could barely shuffle a few steps without assistance. Ms. Bubits said she and her mother wanted to speak out about what had happened to emphasize that despite the problems many Austrians want to help refugees and make a place for them in their country.
According to court documents, her mother was walking her 13-year-old dog by the Schwechat, a river where refugees and residents often bathe. A young man helped her up a slope, but then, the documents said, “exploited her physical weakness,” threw her to the ground, “held her mouth shut, ripped her clothes and forced her to engage” in sex.
Despite the assault on her mother and an earlier attack in which, she said, her 22-year-old son’s nose was broken by refugees, Ms. Bubits said she remained a firm advocate for migrants. She cried with joy when she saw two 17-year-old Afghans she helped last year at a reunion at a local cafe.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Medieval Wops Corrupting Medieval Krauts

Submitted without further comment.

Quote from Musto's Apocalypse in Rome, apparently quoting 14th century German mercenaries:
Germans, when they first come down from Germany, are simple, pure, and guileless.  After they have worked among the Italians, they become astute masters: vicious and skilled in every evil.

Dienekes on U6

An Eurasian origin?

Ordinarily, I have zero interest in mitochondrial and NRY DNA studies, but there is an underlying issue here that is relevant to the important autosomal DNA - some of what has been considered "admixture" may not be, it may be due to a misunderstanding of haplotype/haplogroup origins or, for autosomal DNA, a lack of proper parental populations (or a lack of application of statistical significance).  Or, a failure to go back far enough.  That may or not be the case here, but in population genetics, as in science as a whole, there is never a "final answer" - new data should can always alter beliefs/hypotheses.

In any case, the "racial purity" meme is less relevant to EGI than is genetic kinship, an all-encompassing concept that takes into account all sources of genetic divergence (including real admixture), to establish the genetic benefits and costs of different biopolitical scenarios.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Piercian Honesty in 1976

A brief moment of honesty.

A thousand years ago our ancestors in northern Europe...

Note he doesn't just say "Europe" but specified "northern Europe." Nothing wrong with that, if Pierce had restricted NA membership to that group and had been honest and open about it. But no, he needed more money from "membership dues," so decades of hypocrisy and double-talk ensued afterwards.

Even Strom doesn't comment on the discordance between Pierce's real beliefs (see also Who We Are) and the "pan-Aryan/pan-European" flim-flam the NA used to hoodwink well-meaning fools. 

Do the 14 Words Still Have Any Meaning?

Apparently not, if the choice is between "a future for white children" and the continued embrace of the execrable Derbyfogle.

So, child porn apologist Mr. Johnred Derbyfogle is attending the Amren conference. Thankfully, he is not one of the speakers (although mophead is), but Derbyfogle will still be there, mingling among all the “latrine flies” – most of whom are decent and well-meaning people who no doubt would be horrified by Johnred’s nonchalant equation of child porn with dissident political opinions, both being persecuted by dastardly “anarcho-tyranny.”

Let us now consider one of Der Movement’s (alleged) favorite memes, “the 14 words” -

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Well said, and a sentiment that all right-minded people would agree with. But note the last part of the phrase: “…a future for white children.” Are those mere words, or does Der Movement take that seriously?

Now, I believe it fair to say that what Mr. Lane had in mind for “a future tor white children” did NOT include their participation in child porn. That Der Movement, with their “1488” memes, can tolerate the likes of Derbyfogle, and tolerate those who continue to promote that monster, tells us all we need to know about the moral bankruptcy of typical “movement” "activists.”

Now, does Derbyfogle have the right to express his opinions? Undoubtedly, yes. But, do WNs have the right to view Johnred’s opinions as repugnant, and worthy of shunning? Yes, undoubtedly as well. If Derbyfogle’s past screeds against White nationalism, racial preservationism, and in favor of miscegenation, were not sufficient to stimulate Der Movement's vomit reflex, then surely, Johnred’s apologia for child porn should have been sufficient – assuming Der Movement had sufficient moral integrity to recognize the reprehensible nature of Derbyfogle’s comments, and sufficient intellectual ability and judgment to realize that continued association with that creature would taint the image of racialism to the masses, who already view WN in negative terms.

So, the Derbyfogle affair has both moral and practical sides. First, Johnred’s views are morally untenable and a violation of human decency and the meaning of “the 14 words.” Practically speaking, by not denouncing and rejecting the Derbyfogle monstrosity, the “movement” is tainted by Johnred, and the masses can view Der Movement as, at least indirectly, complicit in supporting and promoting Derbyfogle’s views.

As usual, a “movement” FAIL all around. Has Der Movement lived with failure for so long that it is acclimated to it? Cannot recognize it? Is no longer bothered by it? 

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Friday, May 20, 2016

May 20, 1347

Another unfortunate example of lazy, hedonistic swarthoids failing to follow a visionary leader.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Theranos, 5/19/16

Behold the female.

A S. Italian Endorses the Mangan/Roissy Method!

An articulate argument (in the grand style of Greg Cochran).

Sicilian bodybuilder endorses the Mangan/Roissy high reps scheme.

Mangan, Roissy, and Weightlifting Confusion

Drooling idiots.

Muscleman Mangan (*) and Roissy happily cite a study that says that training to failure with lighter weights gives the same strength and muscle mass benefits as higher weight (load) training. Any goddamn halfwit actually reading the abstract of that study would see the problems therein, especially if the halfwits were, like Mangan and Roissy claim for themselves, heroes of bodybuilding (using, as Roissy says, "big boy" weights). The relevant passage: 

Subjects were randomly allocated into a higher-repetition (HR) group who lifted loads of ~30-50% of their maximal strength (1RM) for 20-25 repetitions/set (n=24) or a lower-repetition (LR) group (~75-90% 1RM, 8-12 repetitions/set, n=25), with all sets being performed to volitional failure.

Hey, morons, 8-12 reps ARE NOT LOW REPS, HIGH WEIGHT SETS. OK? That’s in the “mid-range” of reps (the classic “hypertrophy range”), and 12 is at the borderline of “higher reps.” And, really, if someone can do 8-12 reps with up to “90% of their 1 rep max” would suggest that the “max” is no “max” at all. And, for goddsakes you morons, high load low rep sets ARE NOT DONE TO FAILURE, you pea brained imbeciles. 

REAL strength/power/mass training is with rep ranges of 1-5 (maybe 1-6 max), not to failure, with, optimally, a few minutes rest between sets, and with weights that are REALLY closer to the 1 rep max, not weights that can be performed 8-12 reps to failure. Ever hear of the 5x5 program, morons, which is at the higher range of the low rep spectrum and combines strength building with hypertrophy? And even lower rep (than 5) multiple sets of heavy weight will stimulate hypertrophy, although as one approaches the 1 rep max, strength building (including neural adaptions) becomes ever more predominant. 

But let’s not reality intrude on HBD fantasies now, shall we? 

* Mangan is the absolute retard who claimed, boldly with absolute confidence, that most Italian-Americans were of Northern Italian descent, because that’s the way his feeble mind could explain why Tricky Dick’s “estimates” of Southern Italian IQ (subsequently proven wrong by like, you know, actual IQ testing) doesn’t match with the fact (albeit unknown to Der Movement) that wops in America who are – contra Whey Protein, Low Iron Mangan – mostly of Southern Italian descent have levels of accomplishment higher than that of the Negroes and Hispanics whom Lynn insists are in the same general IQ range. And, of course, that US dagoes are of Southern origin is something that can be easily discerned by five minutes of googling, in contrast to Mangan’s iron-deprived cerebrum that conflates national region emigration rates to specific rates of immigration to particular receiving nations. 

VDARE Has Got Milk

More sniggering from the VDARE juveniles.

Pathetic VDARE jackasses at it again.  What to expect from a site that features race-mixing child porn apologist Johnred Derbyfogle and, not coincidently, mophead Brimlenow who uses his children as props for tincup panhandling efforts

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Der Movement in the News, 5/17/16

Two items.

Durocher, the Clark Kent (or is it Superman?*) of Der Movement tells us that Madison Grant (of all people!) was "more pan-European" than Hitler.  Well, the great Durocher is probably right about that. If so, what does that say about Saint Adolf, and more to the point, what does it say about Der Movement that worships him?

The Ancient Greeks, especially the heroes of Homer, were of course "northern" and foreign to the "Mediterranean" world.  Thus speaks TOO (and the books they review)! Questions: Were they from inside or outside the Hajnal line?  Were they high-trust hunter-gatherer stock?  Did they look like Dolph Lundgren or like David Bromstad?  Inquiring minds want to know!

* I'm always amused by DC Comics' idea that wearing glasses (Superman) or a domino mask (Robin) is sufficient to conceal a secret identity.  

Monday, May 16, 2016

Rewriting Trump

Correcting a fanboy.

Trump worshiper at Counter-Currents writes:

In steps a self-confident billionaire of German and Scots lineage with intelligence, courage and a supermodel trophy wife. He makes fools of the whore journalists and politicians. He speaks openly of “America [not Israel] first”. He dares to offend precious “minorities” and…gasp!…women. Are we dreaming? I, too, am open to the possibility of a very rude awakening. But for now, I’m enjoyin’ the dream…

Properly rewritten as:

In steps a self-confident billionaire of German and Scots lineage (and, thus, further praise is of course completely superfluous) with no intelligence, the courage of a financially secure billionaire, and a supermodel trophy wife (third in a line of serial monogamy, not counting all the other self-admitted adulterous affairs). He makes fools of the pathetic alt-right fanboys. He speaks openly of “America [not Israel] first” – America being defined in an aracial, civic nationalist manner. He dares to disavow nasty White nationalists while defending affirmative action and promoting touchback immigration of illegal aliens.  Are we dreaming? Yes, we are – we are in complete denial of reality.  I, too, am open to the possibility of a very rude awakening – especially since Trump has already begun backpedaling on his promises. But for now, I’m enjoyin’ the wet dream…

Derbyfogle and Data

Johnred wrong again.

Absolute retard Johnred Derbyfogle writes:

Trust me on this. I know from data. I worked up to my elbows in data for thirty years. I never heard a data biz professional say unselfconsciously “the data are …” or “the data have.” I am fairly sure I never heard anyone say “datum” at all. If there is an English word “datum,” its usage is very rare. 
When someone tells you that data is a Latin plural, tell them that indeed it is, but neither you nor he is speaking Latin. (Unless, of course, you are.) 
Then ask him: What is the Latin opposite of data? The answer is on page 14 of Unknown Quantity. 
When I see “the data are” in print, it looks affected and artificial. That’s not what data is.

Never trust an HBDer. Trust ME on this.  Unlike Johnred, I’m not a doddering elderly apologist for child porn and former illegal alien invader who thinks that HBD flim-flam is real science. Now, truth be told, whether you say “data are” or “data is” really isn’t that important – it’s the data that are important. But for the sake of accuracy – the proper usage is “data are.” If a real scientist, a proper quantitative scientist, someone in the “hard” sciences (not oxymoronic “social science”), hears “data is” they will wince. It’s wrong. Data are plural. The reason one never hears “datum” used is that, you know, real science uses something called replicates and proper sample sizes, so data will be (or should be) plural. Only HBD crap may use single datum points. Again, trust ME on this.