Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Der Movement in the News, 6/29/16

Several items of amusement.

White-washing the extent to which Stoddard’s racial ideas mirrored that of Grant (albeit in a weaker and more dilute fashion).

Having read Stoddard’s works, I think that Wikipedia is more accurate.

Stoddard argued that race and heredity were the guiding factors of history and civilization and that the elimination or absorption of the "white" race by "colored" races would result in the destruction of Western civilization. Like Madison Grant in his The Passing of the Great Race, Stoddard divided the white race into three main divisions: Nordic, Alpine, and Mediterranean. He considered all three to be of good stock and far above the quality of the colored races but argued that the Nordic was the greatest of the three and needed to be preserved by way of eugenics. He considered most Jews to be racially "asiatic" and argued for restricting Jewish immigration because he considered them a threat to Nordic racial purity in the US. He warned that US was being "invaded by hordes of immigrant Alpines and Mediterraneans, not to mention Asiatic elements like Levantines and Jews.

But the Counter-Currents article does tell us this factoid that I did not know about Stoddard:

Raised mainly in Italy…

Italy invaded by immigrant Stoddards? Good to see “movement” hypocrisy has a long history.

And yet with all that, if the election were held today, Trump would be crushed.

Roissyian cluelessness:

...a Chesterfield warning on the dangers of reorienting one’s foremost purpose to the objective of empowering women.

Er...isn’t that what “game” is all about? Empowering female hypergamic preferences? Men reorienting themselves to make themselves more sexually attractive to women at the cost of the men’s authenticity and dignity? Men modulating their every thought, word, and action to satisfy the flighty whims of female airheads? After all, as a CH commentator has said, men who worry about race and civilization, they get no “poosy.” And Roissy himself said he’ll “sit poolside” while civilization crumbles around him. Gotta satisfy that feminine liberalism!

And I see that on the Roissy Twitter account concern about Trump's backpedaling.  At some point, Der Movement's hero worship of Trump will suffer another of those endless "man on white horse" disappointments, and they will dishonestly move on as if nothing ever happened, and as if they never said that "Trump is the last hope of White America."

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Racial Politics in the News, 6/28/16

Two items.

A short-sighted gorilla.  Negroes are not too bright, so it doesn't occur to this chimp that having sharply divergent racialized politics in America does not bode well for the multicultural utopia that some think is upon us.  What about the idea that White youth are liberal, and we just need to wait until the old Whities die off?  First, with the proper cultivation of balkanizing impulses, Multicultural America may not last that long.  Second, there is hope that the tendency for Whites to "move right" as they age will also apply to the current generation.

The bottom line is though that there must be clever and prudent leadership to take advantage of an increasingly racialized political scene in America,  We need far-sighted far-Right leadership, not the current crop of buffoons and idiots who are no more far-sighted than is your typical "ancestors evolved in the tropical jungle" Negro commentator.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Racial Politics in the News, 6/27/16

Several items for an early summer day.

The elites still do not get the message. Well, this is why I am still planning to vote for the Negrophilic, backpedaling, cuckadoodledoo fraud Trump - to send a message based on the public perception of Trump the racist mirage.

Child porn apologist Johnred Derbyfogle just has to see this movie:

In an obvious play for the Chinese market, the commander of the defense outpost on the moon is Chinese, the Chinese are praised as the key force behind space defenses, a female Chinese pilot serves as the love interest for one of the Americans, and there are some snippets of dialogue in Chinese which take place without subtitles.

With Germany increasingly dominant in the EU, the union started to take on the characteristics and serve the interests of the German ruling elites. This effectively drove a wedge between the EU’s past of careful, pragmatic growth, which had mainly Francophone or Latin characteristics, and its subsequent more dramatic expansion, which reflected a more Germanic dynamic.

No, no, a thousand times no! That does not sound right! Let’s rephrase in appropriate Der Movement language:

This effectively drove a wedge between the EU’s past of inert stagnation, which had mainly racially mixed, Negroid, kebab Latin characteristics, and its subsequent more heroic expansion, which reflected a more racially superior Germanic dynamic.

And this: 

It is far more likely that Germany and France will seek to preserve the Euro currency and continue on their centralizing path, generating further tensions with member states in Southern and Eastern Europe, many of whom will look to Britain’s example.

Is far better phrased as:

It is far more likely that Germany will properly seek to preserve the Euro currency and continue on its racially sound path, generating further tensions with the parasitic, racially-mixed member states in Negroid Southern and Mongoloid Eastern Europe, many of whom will look to Britain’s example, but who will fail in their pitiful attempts to defy their masters and betters.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Another Grand Victory For Der Movement

A typical 400:30 ratio.

Predictable outcome.  Nothing gained.  Bad publicity.  Repelling people with Nutzi freakishness.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Racial Politics in the News, 6/26/16

Several items.

So in a matter of months, everybody who supports Brexit will have to explain why they think higher inflation, fewer jobs, falling home prices and fleeing businesses is good for the British economy or the average Brit. The UK has made itself a guinea pig for anti-globalization, and a lot of other countries are likely to say, hey, better them than us.

They just don't get it. It's not all about economics, it's not all about dollars and cents. There are more important things than short-term "economic growth" and so forth. The British people want their nation back, they want independence, they didn't fight WWII so they can be led by the nose by the demented kraut whore-cow Merkel and her insanely genocidal immigration policies.

The author of this piece should be given the following offer: his family will become very financially successful albeit with the caveat that he and all current members of his family will be replaced by strangers who will take their family surname, seize their property, and enjoy the fruits of this new found fiscal prosperity. Fair enough, right? If he resists, he needs to explain how the lesser wealth resulting from his decision to save himself and his family is good for the folks who could have replaced him.

George Will finds even the backpedaling Negrophilic fraud Touchback Trump too "racist" for him. Keep in mind Will is exactly the type Der Movement focuses its efforts on. He's a superior racial specimen, not at all "polacky, grooky, gumbic, and/or etc." 

It's Derbyfogle again. He's a "nationalist," don't you know, who supports a form of "ethnic cleansing" for Northern Ireland. That's great. Can we have a similar form of "cleansing" in America, removing all persons of full or part East Asian descent, and their spouses, from the country?


The inevitable pivoting begins...inevitable, that is, for everyone except Der Movement.

Let the backpedaling begin, and a jilted Roissy weeps.

Seriously though, Trump is an idiot.  A major aspect of his appeal is the perception that he is not like mainstream politicians, that he is authentic and speaks his mind, and means what he says.  In reality, he seems to be following the same old tired hypocritical GOP script: run right in the primary, pivot left-center for the general election, and, if elected, govern hard left.

The quota queens of Der Movement have the whole Trump thing backwards: they obsess over Trump the man rather than over the implications of his campaign and his support, which is the real issue.  I really do believe that a group of low-IQ shuffling ghetto Negroids would do a better job leading Der Movement than what "leadership" actually exists.

Following Through on the High Trust Premise

The wages of affirmative action: doing the job for the quota queens.

I would like to follow up my post from yesterday.

If we want to take all this talk about “high trust hunter-gatherers” and “differences in ethnocentrism among Europeans” seriously, then what suggestions can be made about racial nationalist activism (at least in America)?  Now, no doubt, some will disagree with my opinions and suggestions, and I of course can be wrong and my reasoning flawed.  But at least I’m trying to practically follow through on the premises of HBD-oriented racialism (and I do not believe I am wrong).

How to get the less ethnocentric majority of Whites (we can focus on White Americans here) activated to be a more ethnocentric outlook?

1. Use memes that can be viewed as at least partially compatible with moral universalism, while avoiding civic nationalism and citizenism.  Salter’s concepts of universal nationalism and democratic multiculturalism (aimed at majority interests) are good fits for this approach, although one would expect that more ethnocentric Whites would be more rapidly attracted to any such ethny-based strategies than the less ethnocentric (see next two points). 

2. Make racial nationalism more socially acceptable – which includes defusing social pricing and making the major points of racial nationalism viewed as justifiable (this point overlaps with number one above).  First, the freaks, defectives, and Nutzis (which make up the bulk of Der Movement) need to be eschewed.  Attempting to build a more socially acceptable and social pricing-proof movement is not going to work if the builders are intellectually, morally, and behaviorally compromised.  Second, to put the herd effect to good use, we need a critical mass of a minority of the White population to be overtly ethnocentric – and this includes a solid minority of White elites as well.  One must remember that not so long ago even the less ethnocentric of America’s White ethnies were quite “racist” by today’s standards.  At that time, having such views was socially acceptable; a critical mass of general population as well as of elite opinion was “racist” and so there was an underlying mild ethnocentric milieu that allowed stability of such opinions. Societal changes over time (thanks, Jews) destroyed this mild ethnocentric consensus, and without the foundation of this consensus less ethnocentric Whites have been easily pried away from pursuing their racial interests.

Thus, to rebuild at least a critical mass of a minority of the White population to be ethnocentric, role models to encourage the majority of the White population to follow, it stands to reason one must start with the most ethnocentric Whites.  One must start with those Whites who are not so dependent on a pre-existing racialist societal consensus.  After all, these are the people who need to build (or rebuild) that consensus; it presently does not exist.  The human material (both mass and elite) for such an endeavor is most probably predominantly represented by those people supportive of (the public perception of) “Trump the Bigot”: Southern Whites, Northeast White ethnics, and the non-defective portion of “movement” “activists.”

Concomitant with this effort, building of alternative socioeconomic infrastructures will be necessary to fight social pricing.  Here things get tricky, for recruitment of these “founding ethocentrics” will be hampered by social pricing; yet, to build the infrastructures necessary to defeat social pricing, you need some critical mass, some threshold, of people and resources.  It’s a “catch-22” – you need the people to defeat social pricing, but getting those people will be difficult until such time that social pricing is defeated.  We can see the damage done by “movement” quota queens who wasted decades that could have been used building the beginning of the anti-social pricing infrastructure.  Even if Der Movement never had the critical mass of people required to set this up in a reasonable time frame, if one considers the decades that have been available, even a relatively small number of people could have jump-started the required infrastructures.

So, perhaps the only way around the “catch-22” is to start now what Der Movement should have done long ago – slowly building the infrastructures even without the necessary critical mass of people.  The problem is that this will take a very long time, perhaps longer than we realistically have.  In other words, the “catch-22” exists because the time is late, and to build what is required in a reasonable time frame will require many people.  If it was started in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, or even 90s, it could have been successful by leveraging time even with few people and resources. 

Thus, today, needing to get things done more quickly, we need more people and resources to defeat social pricing, but getting the people to begin with will be difficult because of the very same social pricing we need them to defeat.  If the process had been started long ago, the same result could have been accomplished with a small number of people, working persistently over time.  The “catch-22” would not have existed, because the necessary numbers required back then would have been realistic to achieve (and social pricing was weaker the farther back you go in time – it existed no doubt, but less than today).  But Der Movement wasted that opportunity, as it wasted so many others.

However, better late than never.  We don’t want to create a situation in which activists of the future criticize us in the same manner we (or I) do those of the past.

Of course, point two requires an appeal to more ethnocentric White ethnies, something Der Movement does not want to do.

Indeed, if you accept these memes about ethnic differences in ethnocentrism, then Der Movement actively and enthusiastically rejects and repels the more ethnocentric European types, while focusing on the least ethnocentric and most “anti-racist.”  Then Der Movement, like a hamster on a wheel, goes nowhere and wonders why.

3. If we can “heighten the contradictions” through chaotic balkanization, hastening the inherent raciocultural decline of America, and make multiculturalism painfully unworkable for the White American majority, then this may trigger the latent ethnocentric impulses of the “high trust” groups.  This would of course require some already-ethnocentric Whites to get the process started.  The more radical and dynamic elements of Trump’s supporters – with the correct leadership – can help in this regard (regardless of the outcome of the election; the proper memes can be adjusted for each outcome).  This again would require Der Movement to work with the types of Whites they dislike, despise, and eschew.  That does not seem likely.  No doubt – more failure ahead.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Two More Views on Brexit

Two brief video commentaries.

I agree with Spencer, essentially.  Now, I was overjoyed with Brexit; upon hearing the news, I did a little dance, a little jig.  That tells you how bad the EU is because, like Spencer, I'm a proponent of "Europeanism."  But the EU is an anti-White genocidal monstrosity, Merkel writ large, and it has to go. But a Western Imperium that preserves national particularisms would be a good thing.

And Spencer is correct as well - if the practical outcome of Brexit is going to be substituting South Asians and Negroes for Poles and Romanians, that's not a good deal.  Brexit has to be the first step toward a British Britain, which means the Third Worlders have got to go.

Taylor touches upon something of interest - the willful obtuseness of the ruling elites.  Brexit was, if nothing else, a rejection of multiracial globalism, but Cameron and all the rest are still pushing the same genocidal multicult agenda.  It's the same with the GOP elites and Trump - even after Trump's humiliation of Jeb and the rest of that crew, the Republican Establishment is still pushing the minority-first agenda.  They will never learn because they do not want to learn.


Strom on Brexit.

Roissyian Hypocrisy

Naturalistic fallacy for thee not for me.

Roissy writes:

This fact is the “is” part of the “is, not ought” equation, and its existence should not be used as justification for social engineering to make sexual freaks more accepted by the general public.

Yes, and the fact that the gamesters are correct in their description of female behavior and of SMV should not be used as a justification for their prescription for (White) men to become sexually hedonistic jackasses "sitting poolside" and calibrating their every word and action to suit the preferences of female airheads.

No Apologies Video

Oscar Turner.

A Fundamental Question For Der Movement, 6/25/16

Is it useful?

Readers of this blog know I am very critical of many "movement" memes and dogmas, and have expressed skepticism over the entire "high trust hunter-gatherer" analysis, as well as Der Movement's love affair with HBD.

But, let's look at fundamentals.  In the end, it really doesn't matter what I think of those things.  More fundamentally, it really doesn't matter if these theories are objectively true.  Instead the question Der Movement needs to ask: are they useful?

So, my question boils down to: do those theories and dogmas allow for the development of strategies that can enhance White interests?  Will all the talk about "high trust hunter-gatherers" lead to insights that will help develop memes that will get all those "high trust" Midwestern cucks to actually act in White racial self-interest?  Will all of this ever lead anywhere, or is it purely theoretical bloviating?  If the latter, it is not only a waste of time, but then, if this is just only theoretical analysis, then the issue of "is it objectively true" actually does become important, since that's all there is to it.

On the other hand, if there is some practical objective, when will it bear fruit? I know, Der Movement, with it's "manana syndrome," will tell us to "be patient" and will continue to tell us to "be patient" decades hence when Whites are a minority in America and Der Movement consists of two guys in a basement measuring each other's cephalic indices with calipers.

I'm skeptical any of this is leading anywhere.  If the HBD faction is correct, and this is all inborn and derived from past evolutionary histories, how can it be dealt with (in time to make a difference)?  If this is all true, then what can you hope for?  Sailerian "citizenism" (a "cure" as bad as the disease)? To hope that things get so bad that "hunter gatherer" ethnocentric instincts get triggered, as they presumably were in NS Germany?  But, objectively speaking, from the standpoint of racial dispossession, we are worse off than were the inter-war Germans.  And yet, the cucks are still cucking.

So, what's going on ?  Were is is this all leading?

Now, one reason why the question of practical implications for these theories is not thought about too much is fear of what answers would seem most reasonable.  For example, one possibility is that Der Movement should concentrate more on more ethnocentric Whites, including the Lindian "East Coast Axis" of Trump supporters.  That would include the Southern Whites that Der Movement knows and loves, but - alas! - would also include Northeast White ethnics.

Yegads!  Negroid kebab dagoes!  Mongoloid slant-eyed hunkies!  Who wants to associate with such trash?  That's a fate worse than (racial) death!

Friday, June 24, 2016

6/24/16: Cuck-Cuck-Cuck-Cuck

If Trump is seriously considering this, he's a bigger buffoon than even I imagined.

And so, Roissy's micropene erection wilts once again.

Enter Dr. Jekyll

No further comment, just amusement on my part.

Political Wins and Losses, 6/24/16

Political wins and losses

Brexit: BIG VICTORY.  Who knew the British people had that in them?  I presume that was mostly from the English.  Congratulations to Guessedworker (but not to Brimelow or Derbyfogle).

Speaking of Brimelow, here he celebrates in the typical VDARE Fulfordian manner.  Well, given that VDARE is a site of child porn apology, isn’t that female much too old?  What would Johnred think (and to him she’s of the wrong race)?

Supreme Court on immigration: mild win.

Supreme Court on affirmative action: big loss (in other words, what we are told is that discrimination against homosexuals wanting a wedding cake or transgenders wanting to use a particular bathroom is wrong, but discrimination against Whites for school admissions, etc. is A-OK).

Upcoming probable November defeat of the 1.3 million dollar man Trump: devastating loss.  The Trump thing is a shame, since this is a winnable election with right-wing populism; however, a serious candidate would be in the lead now.  Trump could still pull it out, but right now he’s the underdog, not only because of America’s changing demographics but also because – contra the Trump worshippers out there – the man is a buffoon who is running a poorly organized and under-funded campaign.

Then again, given Brexit, maybe we’re all in for a November Surprise, and the White Cuck Race will find the fortitude to do the right thing again, even despite Trump’s majestic incompetence.

Race in the News, 6/24/16

Two items

Der Movement Summarized In One Blog Comment

Courtesy of the HBD-Nordicist The Occidental Observer.

Relevant excerpts, emphasis added (note how the wops and hunkies are equated to Arabs/Turks/Muslims):

History of the past several centuries have shown that Anglos and Northern Europeans are superior gentiles when compared to Southern Italians, Slavs, and Arabs/Turks/Muslims, the inferior gentiles.
Anglos and Germanic did stuff better than Slavs, Latins, Greeks, Turks, Arabs, etc.
So, you would think Jews would have easier time gaining power over inferior weaker gentiles than superior stronger gentiles.
But in fact, Jews more effectively gained control over superior gentiles.
Well, what made the Northern Europeans superior to other gentiles in the first place?
They were more into Rule of Law, meritocracy, integrity, civic-mindedness, fair play, organization, diligence, and etc. Of course, they were often hypocrites and failed to live up to their professed principles. But they took them more seriously and sincerely than most people around the world. And they could be hard on themselves and be self-critical and redemptive.
Such qualities led to immense progress and advancement for Northern European gentiles. They became a formidable, wealthy, and powerful people due to many positive qualities that prized trust, work ethic, sobriety, honor, fair play.
In contrast, the other gentiles were lazy, slovenly, oily, greasy, crooked, shameless, infantile, sneaky, unscrupulous, deceitful, irresponsible, devious, clannish, pettily tribal, corrupt, low in integrity, polacky, grooky, gumbic, and/or etc.
As such, their societies fell behind or turned into a mess. They became a sluggish, bankrupt, and dilapidated people.

Any further comment would be superfluous.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blast From the Past: HBD Dirty Dancing

Forbidden love, HBD style.

Read here, emphasis added:

The grad student at the center of the scandal that toppled the president of prestigious Rockefeller University confessed to kissing and canoodling the embattled academic, but denied they were lovers. 
Si Qi Chen, 21, is speaking publicly for the first time about the scandal that drove her into hiding and ruined Brooklyn-born Arnold Levine’s career at the Upper East Side biomedical university. 
Dr. Levine was hugging and kissing me in the faculty club when we were both very intoxicated,” the pretty student told The Post. “I’m sure that had a lot to do with it – and someone took exception to it.” 
Levine, the discoverer of a gene that plays a role in suppressing cancerous tumors, was a gifted administrator during his 3½ years at the helm of Rockefeller. 
But when his Jan. 10 faculty-club high jinks were revealed to the university’s trustees, he admitted that his behavior was inappropriate and resigned his post. He remains on leave. An anonymous letter about the tomfoolery triggered the married 62-year-old academic’s demise – although he remains a tenured faculty member. Since his resignation in February, he has been on leave for “health reasons.” 
Levine could not be reached for comment on the matter. 
Chen said the whole affair has been exaggerated by a jealous former friend. 
Arnie was my adviser as part of my rotation, but the whole thing was blown way out of proportion,” she said. “It could have been dealt with discreetly." 
The MIT grad said she had gone to see Levine about professional matters when he asked, “Can I buy you a drink?” Chen agreed, and two others joined them at a table in the Caspary Hall lounge for a convivial drink, she said.“ Arnie asked me to stay, so I stayed and we had more drinks,” she said. “We were both getting tipsy by that time.” 
As the alcohol flowed, Chen and Levine exchanged deep kisses and danced as shocked onlookers watched. Chen said the “innocent” kisses did not sit well with a now-former friend. 
“He was upset and thought Dr. Levine was taking advantage of me. He confronted Arnie and started calling him names, then he stormed out,” Chen said, adding she believes the student fingered Levine. Chen had to speak to a counselor, and she quickly confessed what had happened – and that it was consensual. 
But whispers at the school put much of the blame on the slim student, whose parents immigrated from Shanghai. Fellow students couldn’t believe Levine could be part of the lurid goings-on, she said. “Some of the female students talk behind my back, and senior students have come up to me and said this is a step backward for women in science,” she said sadly.

One wonders if the offended male "former friend" was an Chinese (or other East Asian) male upset that a NEC like Levine was "getting it on" with a young East Asian female. HBD marches onward.

Odds and Ends, 6/23/16

Several items.

Is anybody really worried that left-wing violence will beat right-wing violence?

This writer is specifically referring to organized political violence.  So, the answer to this is, yes, we'd had better be worried, since it is very easy to beat something that does not exist. Organized leftist political violence is a fact of life in the West, and has been so for decades (the entire period 1965-1975 was defined by such violence in America), it is seen today in anti-Trump rioting as well as when Der Movement attempts to hold public rallies (or even a small restaurant meeting) - on the other hand, organized right-wing political violence in the West has not existed since 1945.

Who's kidding who here?  "Trump militias?"  Where are they?

Behold the female.  That's great.  Er...if women are so controlled by their hormones - and they are, as any encounter with a PMS-enraged woman will attest - then they have no business voting, being in politics or business, or holding any responsible positions in the modern world whatsoever.  Ad, no, embittered post-menopausal hags, enraged that their only useful attributes - youth, beauty (if they ever had any), and fertility - are gone, are no better.

But we still have much to learn from their previous success. We can sperg out and say, “Here are the facts that show why the dominant narrative is false” all day long, but with that approach we’ll never capture more than the tiny percent of people who are high enough on need for cognition to be reachable by that method. Until we learn how to capture the public’s emotions and engage their imagination with our philosophy, we’ll never have a fighting chance, because other people will do a better job of engaging it with theirs. The meme war is a zero-sum game — and what we really need, far more than abstract refutations of dominant narratives, are counter-narratives that engage the same deep psychological needs.

I agree.  Can we stop with the HBD nonsense?  It's not only Asiaphilic and Judeocentric pseudoscientific garbage, but it's exactly the type of "sperg" fantasies that repulse the White masses.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Der Movement in the News, 6/21/16

Several items.

Hey, let's not be too harsh on him!  He's "one of the boys," after all, and perhaps can one day become a "movement" "leader" or, perhaps, a HBD blogger, complete with Asian wife.

What does it say about Whites that they support Trump more weakly than they do all the establishment GOP cucks? What does it say about VDARE that they cannot say exactly which Whites are not supporting Trump?

As before, Trump’s problem is not enraged minorities, but a relative weakness among whites…

Apparently, a book Derbyfogle would like to give "Rosie."

Mr. Hyde's longer-than-the-book book review continues.

Hitler would not tolerate contradiction.

Well, there's a reason why Saint Adolf is the very archetype of a "movement" "leader." Contradiction? Discussion? Debate? No, no, a thousand times, no! (Or should we say, Nein!). Only fossilized dogmas allowed, repeated endlessly.

Hitler on the Jews is right about this:

This race simply has a tendency toward ridiculing everything that is beautiful, and it frequently does so by way of masterful satire. But behind that there is more: there is a tendency toward undermining and ridiculing authority.

Hyde again:

Racial science was a moderating influence on German chauvinism…

That's ludicrous on the face of it, and what is called "racial science" here is the most pathetic type of pseudoscience, rivaling the absolute stupidity of HBD.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Der Movement in the News, 6/20/16

Two items.

Answerable questions about Derbyfogle.

…I’m sure people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would be happy to strip me of my citizenship and send me back to Airstrip One.

They are not the only ones who would be happy to do this. I think stripping away the citizenship of the race-mixing illegal alien Johnred Derbyfogle, a child porn apologist, would be a very excellent idea.

And regards these two questions:

How does this kind of immigration make our life better?
How does this kind of immigration make our country better?

Can’t that be asked about Johnred himself? About “Rosie?” About Johnred’s buddy “Razib” Khan?

As bad as all this is, Muhammad Ali worst racial impact upon whites is negrophilia. Yes, worship of the black man, the numinous Negro.

That's after this fellow engaged in Roissy-on-Trump-level idolization of Ali's boxing skills, pontificating about how superior Ali was compared to the "slow, small, and flat-footed" (most White*) list of previous champions, and how Ali faced superior (mostly Negro) opponents, and that the only ones who may have had the skill (but with other deficiencies) to defeat Ali were also Negroes. That's all opinion by the way, and not established fact, opinion that reflects exactly the same worshipful negrophilia this author purports to reject.

*Well, "Joes Louis" (apparently, Joe Louis) was a Negro, and I assume that Der Movement considers Rocky Marciano to have been a Negro as well.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Discontented Affirmative Action Mediocrities

Hint: it's not only "the Blacks" in the mainstream.

How about Der Movement and HBD take a look in the mirror, re: affirmative action?  Certain European ethnies are given affirmative action goodies within Der Movement, "leaders" of such background are propped up despite shocking deficiencies, decades of incompetence and failure are accepted, and those outside the quota gravy train are shut out, despite whatever merit they may have. Further, the quota queens protect their sinecures with rage against anyone with the temerity to question the "movement" system; in particular, cognizant of their own mediocrity, the quota queens make sure to eschew anyone with ability who is not "one of the boys."  And the more they fail, the more the affirmative action babies of Der Movement become more hardcore in their quota system, the more they lash out against those ethnies not so favored.  "Rage of a privileged class," indeed.

HBD is just as bad; there it are the Jews and East Asians elevated to a special status.  Two minor examples, both related to the Schettino case. First, the HBDers were in a a state of breathless excitement, dissecting every detail to expose wopish (at least southern wopish) deficiencies, but were strangely silent when a Korean ship captain did essentially the same exact thing.  Second, all the pontifications about high levels of "neuroticism" and "anxiety" among wops never seem to get applied, re: Jews, the all-time champions for those behaviors.  And, while we are at it, yes, the "Hajnal line" is ever so important when comparing European ethnies, but aren't Jews and Asians outside - way outside - that magical boundary?

By the way, on a perhaps related note, are the quota queens at VDARE aware of what's going on at their website?  Either they have found a new way of making money through adware, or their site has been hacked.  I note that another Paleocon-HBD-immigration restriction site that shall go nameless has had the exact same problem as well.  If it's a money-making scam: stop it.  If it's from the outside: get off your quota queen high horse and do something about it.

Whither EGI Notes and Der Movement

Critiquing the "movement's" confederacy of dunces.

Readers of this blog note that I am very critical of the racial nationalist “movement” (past and present), particularly, but not exclusively, that of the USA.  I focus on analysis of several sites and groups that represent some of the major strands of Der Movement’s orthodoxy. Amren and VDARE represent the more moderate, Paleocon-HBD-immigration restriction activists who are somewhat Jew-friendly; on the other end of spectrum is the anti-Semitic, Nordicist (while pretending to be pan-European or pan-Aryan), and Neo-Nazi National Alliance; in between one can observe the HBD-oriented, anti-Jewish, and Nordicist Occidental Observer; the somewhat anti-Jewish, traditionalist-minded Counter-Currents that is favorable to Hitler but makes a careful distinction between New Right and Old Right; there are other, more minor precincts to sometimes follow as well.  There is the more general “Alt-Right” – Spencer at Radix, Roissy and the HBD gamesters, the more general HBD crowd, and other groups and blogs.  Rarely, I’ll consider Majority Rights, which seems to now promote a bizarre Asiaphilic “Silk Road White nationalism” – an anti-Russian form of Dugin’s Eurasianism.  There are others as well, but that covers many of the main focal points of Der Movement's dogma.

So, what is the point of this criticism? I have outlined the foundation of a New Movement at my other blog, Western Destiny.

But a New Movement will be forever blocked from development as long as the far-right niche space is occupied by an entrenched failed Old Movement.  It is therefore important to demonstrate why the Old Movement is a failure and will continue to be so, why it is stupid and illegitimate, and why it must be destroyed.

I understand that this is a message most “activists” do not want to hear.  I know that most posts here get pathetically low numbers of page views, except in those cases in which the posts are linked to at some more established “movement" site.  Who wants to listen to (actually, read) a swarthoid bringing bad news?  Better to listen to (or read) those who are “one of the boys” of Der Movement’s “amen corner” spewing forth all of the fossilized dogmas and telling us all will be well.  We are close to victory!  Der Tag is coming soon!  We will be victorious through the efforts of the undercuts of the Alt-Right, who will be led into battle by a galloping Johnred Derbyfogle, a bit in his mouth, ridden by warrior maid “Rosie,” riding crop in her hand, channeling the HBD fervor of her Mongol ancestors!  And, then, Big Daddy Putin and Big Daddy Trump will rule over us, guided by the wisdom of Saint William of Pierce, Saint Richard of Lynn, and Saint Adolf of the Closely Cropped Moustache!

Sorry folks, ain’t gonna happen.

So, my point is to deconstruct the Old Movement, get it out of the way, to make niche space for something better.  Is that a realistic objective?  Probably not.  The same stupidity and obstinacy that has led Der Movement to institutionalized failure will likely prevent any realization that things need to change.

I’ll keep trying though.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Two Items for Der Movement

Two items.

Dear Mr. Trump.  Good analysis; however, it should be noted that most Jews are against Trump as well (perhaps comments about "White elites" cover Jews).

Question for Mr. Steve Sailer: if you are critical of pedophilia, why do you continue blogging at VDARE, a site that features child porn apologist Johnred Derbyfogle?

O'Meara Again, 6/18/16

Clueless or deceptive?

It’s common enough on the Right to somewhat grudgingly acknowledge their role in the re-homesteading and revitalizing of blighted (usually by blacks) urban areas. The Right ruefully admits that for some reason, these limp-wristed sissies are able to resist the Black Undertow that drove out all those manly Olde Tyme White families.

Maybe because those "Olde Tyme White families" (note snarky tone) have something called children, and responsible parents don't want to send their children to school with savage Negro apes, which is what I endured. And, maybe some of those "limp-wristed sissies" move to those areas because they are leftists who enjoy the "diversity" and become saddened that their gentrification diminishes it.

Gosh, could the “conservatives” be wrong? Perhaps all those childless men do have some role to play in reproduction and survival, at least in the reproduction of the past into the future and the survival of cities, not global consumerist playgrounds?

Oh, stop it already. How many times do you have to beat a dead horse? That horse looks like minced hamburger already. Yeah, we get it: you're gay and want to be accepted. The problem I have with some homosexual WNs is the same as with Christian WNs: they put a non-EGI and non-racial identity above their EGI-based, racial identity. Thus, for both groups (ironic how they are lumped together like this), their religion or sexual identity is more important than race, ethnicity, or what have you.

Once again, Salter in On Genetic Interests said the basics: homosexuals (typically childless) have a greater proportion of their genetic interests invested in extended family and ethny. While promoting acceptance of themselves, they should also promote pro-natal memes and policies aimed at family and ethny, to enhance their genetic interests.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Return of the Turd: Another Rambling Durocher Post

The "Mr. Hyde" of Der Movement rambles on.

My colleague Andrew Hamilton…

The two worst writers in Counter-Currents history.

But, as I have written elsewhere, many (though certainly not all) of the early racial theorists’ hypotheses have actually been confirmed by later genetic studies.

And I've refuted Durocher's mendacity about population genetics.

The anti-Semitic Christian-Socials proposed a vigorous affirmative action program...

Der Movement has a long history of promoting affirmative action, I see.

To be continued . . .

There's more?  Durocher's review will be longer than the book.

Devlin on Brandolini on Refutation

Something to consider, emphasis added:

F. Roger Devlin
Posted June 15, 2016 at 9:01 pm | Permalink
It is dispiriting to observe how many people can be taken in by disguising partisanship as neutral expertise. Nearly every so-called expert on “right wing extremism” or “white racism” is an example of this.
Your essay puts me in mind of the famous observation of computer programmer Alberto Brandolini that “The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.” By the time you have produced a cogent refutation such as this piece, Timmy will have come up with five more lies or fallacious arguments.
That is why it is important to emphasize that he is demonstrably dishonest. Once you understand the well is poisoned, there is no need to examine every bucketful drawn from it.

Looking at this from another perspective, this is why I believe that blog comments (*), particularly unmoderated ones, are worse than useless - actually destructive.  It doesn't take much effort for idiots, trolls, Nutzis, etc. to spew "bullshit" on a comments section.  After which, you have  a choice. You can either leave those comments unanswered, which third party observers can see as a tacit admission that those comments are correct or that at least you are unable to mount an effective riposte to them, or you can answer them, expending that "order of magnitude" more energy (and time) doing so.  And the time wasted could have been better spent on other things, for example, on new blog posts.  Moderation of comments helps, but also takes time and energy.

This is not a free speech issue; if the trolls, idiots, and Nutzis want to set up their own blogs and spew their "bullshit" then they have that right.  But freedom of association means that no one is obligated to host the "bullshit" on their own forums.  And all the self-described "political soldiers" out there should take their own self-description seriously and consider all of this as memetic warfare, not as a polite debating society.

But, of course, don't listen to Brandolini - he's not "one of the boys." Who cares what that negroid kebab has to say, right?

*But, hey, isn't Devlin's comment an example of a useful blog comment? Yes it is, but, putting aside the fact that Counter-Currents has a moderated comments section, we must consider the signal-to-noise ratio.  Looking at the entire "movement" blogosphere, for every useful comment, there is a large number of stupid and destructive ones.  The best option is for a thoughtful commentator like Devlin to have his own blog.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Der Movement in the News, 6/15/16

Several items, with a concentration on HBD: Jews, Breezy, gamesters.

Tim Wise: Jews gonna Jew.

Steve Sailer: HBDers gonna HBD.  Breezy's article isn't up yet, but I'll take this opportunity to once again state my opinion that the Johnson-Reed Act (which is what I presume Breezy will talk about) was a good idea, although the major rationale was preserving ethnic balances, not proximate issues (which are of course important also).

In that spirit, I'll also state my support for another example of a majority acting firmly, an example of which I'm sure Breezy and the other HBDers would rather like to ignore.

Here's an amusing comment:

(((Ivanka Trump)))

(((Michael Cohen)))
(((Sidney Adelson)))
CONDI for Veep
CH founded by (((…)))

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Robert Griffin Post

Gives examples of the moral degeneration of Whites.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Some Thoughts on Orlando and Brexit

Several thoughts.

A Muslim NEC, son of an immigrant, commits the largest mass shooting in American history, and, allegedly, declared allegiance to ISIS.  On what does America focus its outrage? Answer: a fragment of a tweet by Donald Trump (who wants to temporarily shut down Muslim immigration precisely to prevent more incidents like this).  One really can't make this stuff up.  Always remember: Trump Derangement Syndrome is a symptom of America's anti-White racial illness - hatred of Trump is a proxy for hatred of Whites.

The Left says that "inaction is still a political decision."  Yes it is, and although they are talking about gun control, the same can be said about immigration restriction.

What?  Fulford restraining himself from posting pictures of bikini-clad women in Orlando?

Cognitive dissonance part one: VDARE goes on and on about how there should not be Muslims in America, yet they engage in foaming-at-the-mouth praise over the ignorant  "Bengali castaway" "Razib" Khan, who is of Muslim background.

A mass shooting in a Florida gay bar?  Der Movement had better conduct a head count, to make sure all of its august personages are still with us.

This blog endorses Brexit; the British should determine their own destiny, and the current EU is an anti-White monstrosity.  Having said that, a "European Union" that preserves particularisms and allows for local autonomy - what Yockey supported - is a good idea if controlled by racial nationalists.

Cognitive dissonance part two: what to make of folks who worship the "Cult of Saint Francis" (of Yockey) and yet oppose Yockey's fundamental idea of a European Imperium?