Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In the News, 9/28/16

Two items.

Useful post about Milo and the Alt-Right; I don't necessarily agree with everything there, but it's better than the pro-Milo posts and podcasts elsewhere.

I'd like to point out for the record that I was using the term "Alt-Wrong" here at this blog as far back as September 3rd.

A Jew speaking the truth about Trump's historically bad debate performance.

The fat, lazy, ignorant buffoon Trump would have been better-served to have followed my debate advice and actually prepared for the most important night of his life so far, instead of trying to "wing it" like an "alpha jerkboy" jock trying to pass a high school chemistry exam without studying for it.

I'll vote for him for reasons outlined here previously, but the guy is an incredibly bad candidate who will likely make an equally inept President.

The fact that Der Movement, in its pathetic homoerotic hero worship, can't admit that Trump the man is a farce is all you need to know about the deficiencies of the "movement" train wreck.

Alt Right Chic

There has to be pushback against this.

My overall impression of this podcast is highly negative.  Now, if the Alt Right wants specifically and only to be “White nationalism for Millennials” then no problem (but if so, there’s no need for the doddering HBD crew, is there?), outreach to the young is a good idea that needs to be done by someone  But conflating the entire “movement” with the Alt Right is an embarrassment.  It’s cringe-inducing to anyone over the age of – what? – 35 or so.  The degree of juvenile silliness here is outrageous.  This podcast sounded like two twelve year old boys talking in a middle school lunchroom trying to sound tough by dropping “F bombs” every few minutes.  Moronic jokes, “Kek” stupidity, Pepe…worse than I thought it would be.

Why did anyone ever think this Milo creature should have been tolerated for even one second in any association with the “movement” whatsoever?  Was it really so difficult to see it would turn out badly?  But Spencer and whatever specimen he’s talking to think Milo is good, let’s not have any “purity spirals” against an anti-WN Jewish homosexual drag queen-type.  Oh wait, “if Milo tries to redefine the Alt Right, we need pushback.”  But isn’t he already doing it?  So how about pushing back?  Gee, "why does Milo try to openly confuse what the Alt Right is?"  It’s a mystery, it is!  A Jewish homosexual is confusing what the Alt Right is, and trying to redefine it to “cultural libertarianism.”  Why, oh why?  It's pathetic.

Yes, I know some people in Der Movement do not like my criticism, but it is richly deserved. Der Movement’s “leaders” keep on making the same mistakes over and over and over again; they simply are incapable of learning.  The fundamental mistake this time: being so desperate for any hint of support that you would latch onto, or at least tolerate, any sort of questionable specimen: Jewish queers, Internet trolls who openly mock you with their memetic games (and chameleon-like personas), the neckbeards and Nutzis, the “SuperHitlerSS1488” types who are either lunatics or infiltrators.  Yeah, yeah, let’s “debate” about Milo, and have all sorts of blog posts and comments threads about him. That’s the ticket!  Being a homo Jew who from the beginning, was trying to portray the Alt Right as merely online trolling snark by young conservatives wasn’t sufficient warning.  He was giving you “free publicity” and all. That’s the ticket!

No worries though.  The Catholics say a few “Our Fathers” and “Hail Marys” and expect absolution; the Alt Right only needs to post pictures of Pepe, yell “Hail Kek!,” and onanistically swoon over low-energy, debate-losing, grossly overweight, Negrophilic beta race cuck Donny Touchback, and it’s all OK!

Now, look, I have no problem with the Alt Right as an experiment (*), different things can be tried, and it may have attraction to degenerate Millennials.  The problem is that just as Milo attempts to redefine what the Alt Right is, so is the Alt Right attempting to redefine White nationalism in the image of “Pepe” and “Kek.”  If Milo represents the Alt Right, then the Alt Right is in trouble.  If White nationalism is represented by this Radical Chic podcast, then White nationalism is in serious trouble indeed.  If the Alt Right remains a separate ghetto of White nationalism, doing their thing, that’s fine, have fun and good luck and much success. But the outlook that White nationalism is the Alt Right is going to provoke real pushback from WNs who want nothing to do with the Alt Right, Alt Lite, Alt West, Alt Wrong, “meme magic,” “Pepe and Kek,” Jewish homosexuals, yellow supremacists and the whole HBD crowd, the VDARE boys, and the civic nationalists.

Der Movement may be upset with my criticisms, but these criticisms are meant to be constructive, they are born out of frustration.  Among “movement” leaders there are people of genuine intelligence and ability, but they are squandering those traits because they are not being challenged, not being held to high standards, and not being subjected to different viewpoints and approaches.  The “movement” is an echo chamber; as a simplification – but only a slight simplification – we can say that Der Movement’s leaders are all of the same ethnicity, same background and experiences, same viewpoints, and same approaches. Homogeneity, like endogamy, is a good thing; however, just like endogamy can go too far with incest, so can homogeneity go too far with conformity.  Just like natural selection requires some degree of variation, political selection does as well. There is no selection in Der Movement because there is hardly any variation there at all (at least in America); “differences” in Der Movement are akin to what would have obtained if the 2016 election was between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.  Der Movement needs some Trumpian “wrecking balls” to shake things up and initiate the process of real change.

*But this experiment is one of image and “marketing” approach, not a true difference in viewpoint and approach.  The Alt Right, for all its peculiarities, still exhibits all the typical characteristics and fossilized dogmas of Der Movement, the WN wing of the Alt Right is still part of the “movement’s" echo chamber, the difference is that it presents all of the “same old same old” in a particularly juvenile, repellent, and asinine manner – and through its connections with those further to their left, opens up Der Movement to co-option.

Debate One, Truth on Trump, and Roissy Weeps

These are the facts.

Here is an honest comment from Radix, emphasis added:

Riopel • 9 hours ago
Not sure which debate you watched, but in the debate I saw, Trump came off as a bumbling idiot, rambling incoherently, going off on pointless tangents, and resorting to his stockpile of moronic cliches he's been saying for a year.
Hillary was hitting him hard nonstop, and Trump looked increasingly frustrated throughout. Maybe he was overwhelmed by the overt hostility of the crowd and the uppity google "moderator," but he could have easily dominated if he'd prepared better.
The problem with Trump is that he's simply unintelligent. I can't think of anyone less qualified to lead any kind of nationalist revival in America; a lowbrow celebrity with mob ties whose kids are all married to jews.
Maybe some moderates will be turned off by Hillary's snark and the hostile environment, but overall, last night was quite simply Trump's lowest moment in his presidential run. If he doesn't improve for debates 2 and 3 it might just give Hillary the edge she needs to win.

Donald Trump: vulgar ignorant buffoon, Negro-lover, beta race cuck, lazy, unintelligent, a shallow hedonist who is doing his best to throw an eminently winnable election.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Don Trumped, 9/27/16

Trump, the beta race cuck loser.

The low-energy beta race cuck Donny Touchback didn’t do too well in his first debate, with even the love-struck Roissy (*) complaining about Trump’s missed opportunities.  Well, that’s what happens when a lazy, borderline obese (BMI 29.5), hedonistic “God Emperor” can’t even be bothered to participate in one mock debate, something that even the decrepit Clinton was able to do.

Cue the whining now about the mulatto moderator.  Did the “alpha jerkboy” Trump expect fairness? 

That said, the SJW comments about Trump’s sniffles are ludicrous – are you going to compare a simple cold to someone collapsing in the street, or giving a speech with their eyeballs pointing in different directions?

*Isn't it amusing that the HBDer Roissy says that we need to forget “race realism” in 2016 America when his hero grovels - in typical Trumpian lickspittle fashion - to the Negro?  Is that one reason for Trump’s laziness and ill-preparedness? Hanging out too much with Negroes? Is Der Touchback going down the behavioral sink?

Monday, September 26, 2016

This Article Shows How Stupid the Left Has Gotten This Year

Washington Post stupidity.

Let’s take a closer look at this nonsense.

Regardless of who triumphs at the ballot box, the biggest winner of this presidential election may be the alt-right: a sprawling coalition of reactionary conservatives who have lobbied to make the United States more “traditional,” more “populist” and more white.

The Alt Right - defined by the System as a “sprawling collation” of “reactionary conservatives.” Now, that certainly does not cover all who identify as Alt Right. But to the extent it is true, it is damning: the last thing we need are more coalitions of conservatives and other reactionary elements.

Once relegated to the political fringes, the alt-right has become a sudden, shocking force in mainstream politics, closely identified with the Donald Trump campaign. Trump’s campaign chief executive, Stephen Bannon, is a former executive chairman of Breitbart News, which he once described as “the platform of the alt-right.” Trump regularly retweets the memes and messages of the alt-right, which has propelled the movement into the limelight.

To the extent that the Alt Right is defined by Trump and Bannon, it will be a co-opted, reactionary, civic nationalist failure.

But lurking behind the offensive tweets and racially charged campaign rhetoric, there’s a more subtle — and far more dangerous — potential threat posed by the alt-right. As my colleagues and I found during a large-scale analysis of alt-right Twitter activity over the past nine months, the movement is growing measurably more radical, and possibly more inclined to violence.

Right….”possibly.” How to distinguish biased hacks from serious students of the far-Right? The hacks with throw around terms like “White supremacist” or talk about “violence,” desperately trying to equate dissident political views with violence, desperately trying to delegitimize differences of opinion by equating such opinions with supremacy, mindless bigotry, and violent acting out.

There are, of course, many factions in the alt-right, some of them more radical than others. We observe two primary groups within the alt-right’s extended Twitter network: garden-variety racists, who complain about mixed-race couples, are proud of their Scots-Irish heritage, and use hashtags such as “#WhiteWomenAreMagic”.. 

For godssakes, what stupidity is this? That’s simply random dimwits, with vague “racial views,” spouting nonsense on the Internet.

….and violent extremists, who call for genocide against Jews, the killing of Muslims and African Americans, and even threaten to lynch President Obama.

A tiny number of Nutzis talking about violence. As opposed, for example, to BLM activists shooting police, attacking random Whites, and shutting down highways.

Disturbingly, the social media activity of these users suggests that more and more are transitioning into that second, violent group.

You mean, the second group of brave keyboard warriors who talk about violence while eating snickers bars in their parents’ basements.

Using machine-learning algorithms to interpret the language in Twitter profile descriptions, and computer vision algorithms to identify pro-Nazi symbols in profile avatars, my colleagues at New Knowledge and I identified more than 3,500 radical extremists among the larger network of 27,000 accounts that are associated with the alt-right.
Many hundreds of users display the swastika, while others choose alternative symbols associated with hate groups, such as the Celtic cross, the Iron cross and the insignia of the Nazi paramilitary group Schutzstaffel, also known as the SS. Many others explicitly declare their allegiance to neo-Nazi and white separatist movements in the text of their profiles by proclaiming “white pride,” or explicitly identifying themselves as “white nationalists.”

Again, these are just random idiots, most with no affiliation whatsoever with any group, who vent their frustrations only. Impact on society: zero.

Almost everyone in the alt-right network is an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of Trump, though the core group of extremists is more likely to mention their race, white nationalism and national socialism than any presidential candidate.

Let’s equate White nationalism with the Alt Right. Then the Alt Right is equated to semi-retarded Twitter users, conservative reactionaries, and gamesters with a homoerotic obsession with Trump.

Using recent advances in machine-assisted text analysis…

Which is of course never used to analyze Colored or Jewish racism.

…we quantified this racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic and violent perspective based on the context in which authors use relevant keywords. For example, in typical English, like a mainstream newspaper article, the word “Jewish” is statistically similar to words such as “Muslim” and “Christian,” meaning that mainstream authors usually rely on the word “Jewish” to describe someone or something religious.
On the other hand, in tweets by white extremists, the word “Jewish” is used in a totally different context, where it is statistically similar to words such as “communist,” “homosexual,” “anti-white,” and “satanic.” White extremists are therefore more likely to use the word “Jewish” to signify something they hate, rather than as a religious description.

On what basis does one choose who to analyze?

This is no surprise, but it provides an objective metric for understanding how the white extremist perspective diverges from the mainstream: Essentially, by analyzing the statistical use of the word “Jewish,” we can assign a given Twitter user a score that quantifies his ideological similarity to Twitter’s most violent, extreme alt-right users.

How are they violent? Because they vent frustrations by fantasizing about violence online, while they jack off to anime figures on the side? Where’s the actual violence?

When the radicalization score is applied to tweets from the broader alt-right network, it’s clear that the entire white nationalist community is embracing an increasingly extreme ideology. The social media content of the alt-right in July was 25 percent more radicalized than it was in January, and the rate of radicalization is increasing exponentially.

Here we see the problem with the Pepe Brigade. The entire “white nationalist community” is being conflated with tweets from Alt Right (and associated) jackasses.

Of course the alt-right is not a single group…

But a brand?

…but is composed of many sub-communities that have become radicalized at different rates and over different issues. Some communities, such as the #BlueHand” movement, relentlessly and aggressively promote Islamaphobia, whereas other communities rail against diversity, which they describe as #WhiteGenocide. Still others align themselves with neo-Nazis and engage in Holocaust denial  —  largely focused on a recent pro-Adolph Hitler documentary called “The Greatest Story Never Told ” —  while some instead choose the white supremacist groups with roots in the United States such as the Klu Klux Klan.

And there are White nationalists who are not part of the Alt Right and who have nothing to do with any of the aforementioned stupidities.

There is plenty of overlap between these communities, and almost everyone in the alt-right revels in bizarre conspiracy theories, such as the idea that President Obama founded the Islamic State  —  a theory recently made popular by Trump  —  or that Black Lives Matter activists are terrorists.

Here we see a level of mendacious viciousness, or unparalleled idiocy, characteristic of the Left. Listen, you asinine moron, when someone like Trump says that “President Obama founded the Islamic State," they do NOT mean that literally, which is implied here. Rather, they (reasonably) assert that Obama’s policies, ineptness, and general sympathy for people of color inadvertently caused the rise of the Islamic State. Saying Obama “founded” it is a figure of speech, moron. To say that BLM activists are terrorists is more directly to the point, as individuals associated with, or at least influenced by, BLM have engaged in violence, and the spate of attacks against police can be considered terrorism. If WNs did that, YOU would be labeling it terrorism, no?

Looking more closely at one of these communities in particular, it’s possible to see the journey from casual racism to more extremist typically associated with violence.

Note the weasel words “typically associated with violence” – again trying to link legal political dissent with probabilities and tendencies toward violence, as opposed to the actual violence committed by, say, leftist thugs attacking old ladies at Trump rallies.

This community of 5,225 users is tightly clustered inside the larger network, indicating a high degree of communication between its members. The tweets published by members of this community indicate a perspective that is 63 percent radicalized, and that has become increasingly radicalized over the past nine months.

They’re analyzing tweets! Meanwhile, thugs try to break up Trump rallies, BLM supporters shoot police, and mobs of Negroes shut down highways. Never mind the NEC terror attacks in California and Florida.

In January, the word “Jewish” hardly appears. When it does, the context reveals an undercurrent of casual, but not aggressive, racism.

Well, as long as it is “casual.”

By July, the tone has changed: The word “Jewish” appears in tweets from hundreds of accounts, and its usage implies a belief in large-scale conspiracy, racial antagonism and even explicit support for Hitler.

Freedom of speech means people are allowed to critique Jews.

There’s a tendency, on both the right and the left, to dismiss these sorts of tweets as idle chatter or “trolling.” Writing in Breitbart in March, for instance, the alt-right icons Allum Bokhari and Milo Yiannopoulos described the movement’s most toxic messaging as “satire” and “mischief” aimed at generating outrage.

Isn’t Milo a Jew? How does his “icon status” fit with this “radical anti-Semitism?”

Recent experience shows us, however, that this interpretation could not be further from the truth. Individuals ideologically aligned with extremist white nationalists are responsible for repeated incidents of violence online and offline  —  including the high-profile hacking of comedian Leslie Jones’s website...

That’s violence? I mean, really….words fail me.

…the killing of a Lebanese man in Tulsa, the stabbing of a mix-raced couple in Olympia, Wash….

Isolated crimes in a nation of 300 million, and which pale before leftist and colored violence.

…and most horrifically, the mass shooting at a black church in Charleston, S.C. In fact, until the nightclub shootings in Orlando, white extremists had committed more attacks and killed more Americans than jihadist extremists since 9/11.

Cherrypicking. And how many Whites have been killed by racist Negroes in that time period?

Incidentally, jihadist extremists provide a telling model for exactly how online “chatter” can turn into physical violence. That process, in which seemingly normal people become intoxicated with extremist ideology, is often referred to as the “path to radicalization,” and it is characterized by common vulnerabilities: Potential extremists feel ostracized from society, believe themselves to be victimized and are attracted to violence. Islamic State recruiters and propagandists exploit these vulnerabilities with narratives of strength and warmth, simultaneously empathizing with the alienated and disaffected while also promising power and belonging through righteous violence against oppressors.
Although the similarities are not immediately obvious, white, working-class communities also have become ostracized, disempowered and angry in the United States — making them vulnerable to radicalization. 

So, the solution is to ostracize and disempower them even more? To associate free speech political dissent with “violence?”

Described eloquently by author J.D. Vance in his lauded new book “Hillbilly Elegy,” these communities are at the center of a growing social and cultural crisis. They’ve been rocked by a dramatic uptick in divorce, rampant drug overdoses, rising rural death rates and a suicide epidemic. All this against a backdrop of increasing political irrelevance resulting from rural population decline and outright contempt from the wealthy.

And contempt from the person writing this piece.

As Steve Howard, the Imperial Wizard for the Mississippi KKK, told VICE in 2014: “In some ways we can relate to Islamic extremists, just like we are Christian extremists, because they’re fighting a holy war and so are we.”
By understanding these alt-right communities on Twitter, it may be possible to slow their march toward radicalization. For example, that community of 5,225 users — the one that has become 63 percent more radicalized since January — has adopted anti-Semitic rhetoric, but hasn’t adopted the language of extremist communities that openly advocate for violence. Targeted interventions with influential members of this group could be a promising model for reducing the overall amount of radicalization online.
Increasingly, experts agree, the more effective way to do this is to cultivate “counter narratives” that try to undermine the promises of radical ideologies – for instance, dispelling the myth of a utopic caliphate in Syria, or a white nationalist state in the United States. These, in turn, are most effective when they’re delivered by an “authentic voice” — someone who is already respected by the target extremist community. 

Thus, the danger of co-option. As long as the Alt Right associates with conservatives, HBDers, yellow supremacists, and civic nationalists, the use of these phony “authentic voices” will always be a danger.

One promising recent effort, a partnership between Facebook, Twitter, Google, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, and the nonprofit ExitUSA, persuaded at least eight people to leave the white supremacy movement after viewing videos from former supremacists who now reject extremism.

First, what business do these groups have interfering with political activism? Do they do the same to the far-Left? Second, anyone persuaded by such videos was simply some sort of superficial Bunkerite and not a convinced WN.

Within Twitter’s radicalizing alt-right community, we identify those “authentic voices” by scouring the network for nodes, or users, who are unusually influential. (The 10 most important/influential have been colored red in the diagram below.) From there, we can identify important users who are less radicalized than is typical across their network.
User Starry Knight, for example, is socially conservative, religious, a staunch Trump supporter and a veteran. He enthusiastically highlights news articles covering crimes committed by illegal immigrants, and retweets content containing the #AltRight hashtag along with content accusing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of “race baiting.” That said, while the “Knight” in his username may be a nod to the “knights” of the Klu Klux Klan, this user does not openly advocate for white supremacy, nor does he call for violence against minority groups.

These conservative religious cuckservative assholes, Trump supporters or not, need to be purged. The hell with Christinsanity and morons who worship a dead Jew on a stick.

Similarly, user “Locked&Loaded” is a staunch gun rights advocate, posting frequently about the Second Amendment, U.S. armed forces and law enforcement. She appears to be in a relationship with another vocal gun rights advocate who goes by the name “I M Lethal.” Nevertheless, like Starry Knight, she does not advocate violence and does not engage in hate speech. Her relentless support of an issue important to social conservatives may give her authenticity in the eyes of her community.

“Locked&Loaded.” “I M Lethal.” An authentic dumb female (redundancy?). WNs need to separate ourselves from conservative blowhards, the “Religious Right,” and other morons. At the same time, we need rational WNs as the face of the “movement” who do not advocate violence or use slurs.

Of course, building these relationships is not easy and to many may be unpalatable. But the alternative to engagement is less palatable still: We may find ourselves watching idly as the alt-right slides further into violent extremism.

Again, there is no violence, unless you label “offensive” tweets as violence. These people make me laugh. The only threat of real violence, from the Right, in the immediate future, is from frustrated individuals who feel that their views are cut out of mainstream discourse by soft totalitarianism, political correctness, and social pricing. The more folks like this author try to demonize the Alt Right, the greater the chance of (real) violence. Perhaps that is their real objective?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Branding the Alt Right

Talk is cheap.

I've made it clear I'm no fan of the Alt Right and believe identifying White nationalism with the Alt Right is is a mistake. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my opinion.

But let's take a step back and look at the situation from the position of those people who believe the Alt Right is important and should be identified specifically with White nationalism.

At Counter-Currents, one of those people makes the argument that the Alt Right is a brand, not merely an idea, and that brand needs to be seized and controlled, with undesirables purged.

Very well.  I agree that the Alt Right is a brand.  Question: whose brand is it?

The brand of the Jew Gottfried, who is no White nationalist?  Well, we'll be told that it really was Richard Spencer, a White nationalist, who popularized the Alt Right brand.  Very well. But Spencer chose to appear at the press conference with a HBD self-declared "yellow supremacist" and a self-declared "civic nationalist."  So the Spencerian brand of the Alt Right is hardly as exclusive as some hardcore WNs desire.

The answer to that I presume would be that neither Gottfried nor Spencer nor anyone else has any inherent right to the brand.  The brand will belong to that group that has the strength, will, and ability to seize control of it and resist attempts at co-option   The "might makes right" argument, so to speak. Thus, regardless of who invented or popularized the term "Alternative Right" or "Alt Right" that brand will belong to victors in the struggle for Alt Right brand identity.

My answer to this argument consists of four words: then go do it.

Talk is cheap.  If you want to control the Alt Right brand you must not only claim it for yourselves, but you must ruthlessly purge and denounce those to your left who themselves want to control the brand.  It will be necessary to critique those ideological opponents, deconstruct them, draw a distinct line between you and them.  Who exactly is actually doing that?

It is telling that I - a person who openly rejects the Alt Right label - am the only person on the "Far-Right" I know of who consistently and vigorously critiques HBD yellow supremacism, Jew-friendly race realism, civic nationalism, big tent rightism, and all the rest of those memes that the hardcore WNs allegedly want to distinguish themselves from.  It's strange then that only someone not identified with the Alt Right is actually doing those things that the champions of WN Alt Right branding should be doing.

Why this inaction?  One could think of three possibilities (more may exist):

1. These folks actually agree with at least some of the memes they pretend to oppose. Many in Der Movement have a soft spot for HBD, although that leads to the Judeophilia (and Asiaphilia) that they allegedly reject. Those who support such memes are themselves the very types they wish to purge.

2. They don't know how to effectively make the arguments.  It would be disturbing if people could not articulate the reasons why they disagree with the fundamental positions of their opponents. Even if true, this shouldn't be an obstacle.  I have for years discussed and explained reasons for opposing HBD and civic nationalism.  If Der Movement requires a more acceptable source of arguments, then crack open a copy of On Genetic Interests.  The entire work is an argument against civic nationalism (among other ideologies), and section 4H addresses the HBD argument.

3. The most likely reason I think is moral weakness.  These people just don't want to "burn bridges," they don't want to "offend" rightist personages, the pleasant personal relations they may have with some of these people are considered more important than doing the right thing, casual "friendships" are put above the well being of the"movement" and of the race.  Well folks, if you are too timid and too "bourgeoisie" to purge those you've "broken bread" with, people you've had causal interactions with, then what kind of "political soldier" are you?  How are you going to deal with the "rough and tumble" of racial-cultural politics if you blush and get weak in the knees at the thought of standing up to HBDers and civic nationalists?  Do you think Hitler personally enjoyed the Rohm affair? If casual ties of friendship are more important to you than the existence of the White race, then please go off and pick pansies or something, and certainly don't preach to anyone else what should or should not be done.

The Ultimate "Movement" Comment

If one had to pick one comment that summarizes the intellectual depth and sharp insights of Der Movement, one could do no better than the following, which is reproduced here in its exact form:

Pastor Lindstedt
Posted September 25, 2016 at 7:55 am | Permalink
Judging the Fattest Hogs & Filling the Slop Trough of the Alt-Right

I took me a World Religions class. They said that the Aryans loaded up the ox-carts sometime between 2000 to 1500 BC like the Goths and Amurrikwans and set out to conquer the continent. Their Sky-god Brahmin becum a Hindu god and they set up a caste (varna-color) system to prevent Peter Dunkin from running wild — and failed. Because, as Dr. Robert Frenz noted, “You can’t stop Peter Dunkin.”

So I’ve never paid much attention to the vaporings of whiggers in the bowel Movement who think they are smart and shit, given that they are attributing good sense to dotheaded mamzers who passed all manner of laws to prevent their own unruly peckers from “pecking”. I think that a better case can be made of who is who in the Bowel Movement and what is theys’ rank by what I observed as a small boy out on our East-River Ranch in Hughes County South Dakota when my father fed six pigs when my mother was squeezing out my brother.

The Lindstedts cum from the Helsingborg District in SW Sweden as did the Svensons/Samuelsons who were West River. The cornbelt ended 100 miles east around Mitchell, but these Anglo-Danes named Hapney who lived as neighbors a mile south of us had four to six sows and us Lindstedts got the six runts which we would feed and give back the Hapneys the two smallest hogs and keep four for butchering in November. It was truly a land of beef and milk and butter and lard and bacon.

When my mother was slopping the pigs. they had no discipline and would maul all over her while she pleaded, “down pigs.” Half the slop was spilled on the ground and didn’t make it to the trough. But when my father has to slop the pigs, these smart, undisciplined animals rushed him with the pail. My father was made of sterner stuff. Being crippled, he would swing his heavy hickory cane like a polo club upon the tender snout of the biggest pig and stopped them all dead in their tracks. Then he poured the slop into the trough and didn’t have to lay into any of them after the first morning feeding. The pigs behaved as good as pigs can behave until a week later when my mother resumed her chores of milking two cows and slopping the pigs twice a day, and they got back to acting as usual.

Now you would think that the smaller pigs would get nothing, but such was not the case. They all got each according to their undisciplined appetite. Sorta like a mixed-economy of capitalism and marxism.

So rather than cumpare the Bowel Movement hierarchy to some dothead mamzers’ notions, I think we should cumpare it to warlords and hungry hogs. Why the biggest pig is Andre Anglin, who got the most heft/herd of tard. The runt of runts is Colin Twinker-Liddell, who is all jealous. Sometimes the smaller pigs would bite the crap-encrusted tails of the bigger pigs out of sheer frustration. Then there would be much squealing, but never any real murderous assault as pigs are lazy and they get even lazier as they grow into hogs.

Now Colin censored my comment about William Pierce getting $400,000 in Order Loot and Pierce being more of a merchant and ZOGbot running an Elohim City for CreaTards than a Revolutionary. Also Larry Murray has been displaced in the affections of Colin in favor of “Kikester Rapist,” but then again $permFart is now the Happy Yapping Ground of CornCobb, Buffalo WhiggerSwill, Kevin Alfred Strom and Hadding the Loveless KAS-Fluffing Meercat. I’m still banned for life on $permFart even though Meerkat Mark & Klunt Downey were kicked off by Don Black and migrated to Baal Finck’s “Papist-Preterist No Devil” Finckelsheeniea and Billy Roper is on Eliar jewseph Stalin Kutz-Putz-November James’ Separdick [j]Eurofart Nutwerk. I’ve been banned from Linder’s Greater Free-Range Colostomy Bag & Tard Corral since the Christmas Coup of 2004, and that ain’t gonna change even though TraitorGlenn Miller is on death row in Kansas, where the formerly drunken Lumbee Melungeon’s lungs and liver have gotten an indefinite reprieve. At least there isn’t with you “intellectual” ass-clowns a dismissed federal lawsuit and three current Lake County Ohio lawsuits ad counter-suits over me exposing Bryan Reo / SoredMamzer and Baal Finck and Eliar James and Kyle Barstow as mamzers and jews and ZOGbots.

Rather than cumpare who is who in our bowel Movement by the notions of dead reincarnated-or-not whiggers who let Peter Dunkin undo theysselfs into dothead muddumb, we should judge by the objective Swedish farmer matter of which hog is the biggest and fattest and gets the most slop and who has the most wealth of herds of Tard/Troll.

Disclosure: I’m trying to pull in my horns and cut a deal with Andrew Anglin so he will let me plug my write-in candidacy for Governor of Missouri since as a “White Supremacist” — after all the ass-clownery of “White Nationalists” I much prefer to look like an overt racist — because thanks to TraitorGlenn Miller and Linder and the Republican, Democrat, LibberToon and CONstipation Party no “White Supremacist” can run on a Missouri primary ballot at the federal, state or local level since 2006. Which is fine by me as I don’t believe in open free fair honest [s]elections either and want to help bring about 10,000 military dictatorships over 20 million ex-whiggers by Ten Thousand Warlords. Our Bowel Movement couldn’t cobble together a virtual outhouse of a political party, but we do know how to mess things up and troll.

I want to use the Stormer to plug my writings and campaign litterature and videos.

In return I pledge to not ridicule or insult Andrew Anglin or even David the Duck or anyone else in the Bowel Movement other than Colin Twinker-Bell Liddell and Kikester Rapist and only if you let me do so.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
(Disqualified LibberToon) Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri

Setting the Record Straight on the Alt Right

Some Sunday fisking.

Greg Johnson’s declaration that “The Alt Right Means White Nationalism . . . or Nothing at All” has now become internalized by practically every member of the Alt Right.

This comment is ludicrously, comically, laughably wrong. Let’s see: Taylor? The rest of the Amren crew? Brimelow? Derbyshire? Vox Day? Sailer? Race-mixing Roissy? They’re all charging forward under the banner of White nationalism? Well, you’ll say: “they’re not the Alt-Right.” But they and many others say they are, and have as much right to the Alt Right label as you or anyone else. If the Alt Right means White nationalism, then why can’t we just call it White nationalism and dispense with the whole Alt Right euphemistic bullshit? The problem is that Alt Right by its very nature represents a broad spectrum of right-wing thought that goes beyond White nationalism.

And there are several, high-profile, self-promoters who have a very clear understanding of the importance of branding. Which is why they’re moving heaven and earth to take the banner of “Alt Right” and co-opt it for their own various movements.

The Alt-Right has been co-opted from its very birth. Taylor, Amren, the VDARE boys, HBD…it was all over from the beginning. Look at who was at the press conference - three people representing the Alt Right. One was a White nationalist (Spencer), one was a self-declared “yellow supremacist” (Taylor), and one was a self-declared civic nationalist (Brimelow) whose website gives a forum to the likes of the anti-WN Alt Righter John Derbyshire (a miscegenationist and child porn apologist) as well as citizenist Breezy Steve Sailer. Sorry, one for three may be good in baseball but it doesn’t pass muster in political activism.

“Alt Right” has become an internationally-recognized brand that only fools would carelessly dilute or abandon.

The brand is already tainted. It was so at its beginning. Maybe only fools would carelessly jump on a bandwagon that’s heading off a cliff?

Nazi Shitlords™ know the importance of branding, terminology, and propaganda. They use these weapons every day. And the term “Alt Right” has become their most powerful weapon in attacking the enemy, and recruiting the masses into White Nationalism at an exponential rate.

The masses are being recruited into WN at an exponential rate? What are you smoking? The Alt Right’s fifteen minutes of fame are over. Maybe the debates will give it a brief resuscitation, but can we be realistic, please? Where is the evidence for this exponential mass recruitment?

Nazi Shitlords™ have worked tirelessly to build the name “Alt Right” into a powerful, universally-recognized brand of “White Nationalism.” The Alt Right has been launched into the national spotlight, not because some Alt Right intellectual finally wrote that one, magical article on Evola, but because an army of Alt Right Nazi Shitlords™, guided by The Daily Stormer, TRS, InfoStormer, Radio Aryan, and /pol/, have been mercilessly attacking our enemies on Twitter and social media.

And only on Twitter and social media. The levers of political power remain in the hands of the Left. The streets remain in the hands of the Left. The future remains in the hands of the Left. True enough, the Right has Pepe. And Kek. Hail Kek!

Without The Daily Stormer and TRS there would have been no “Alt Right” speech by Hillary. It’s that simple.

And yet the kingpins of the Alt Right presented to the public are mostly an amalgamation of HBDers, civic nationalists, and paleoconservatives.

The name “Alt Right” has become the most powerful brand of White Nationalism in over 70 years. 

That’s more of an indictment of the abject failures of Der Movement than the wonders of Alt Right stupidity and Pepian jackassery.

And it happened almost by accident. The stars aligned. 

That underscores what I’ve been saying: the Alt Right’s fifteen minutes of fame have NOT been due to its own innate character, all the “hard work,” of being right, or pursuing the right long term strategy. It has SOLELY been due to the accident of the Trump campaign (without the birther controversy and Trump’s interest in it, Trump would never have been publicly mocked by Obama, and would never have decided to run. Without the frustrations of the GOP base with cuckservatives – independent of the Alt Right – Trump would not have a natural constituency). And without the cultural degeneracy of the youth, which finds attraction with social media snark and overall jackassery, the whole Pepe stupidity would not have seen the light of day. True enough, one should take advantage of unforeseen and even accidental opportunities. But these opportunities do not represent validation of the Alt Right approach. Indeed, the Alt Right’s squandering of these opportunities suggests that its basic flaws are being exposed. Pepe does not equate to serious political activism.

It may never happen again.

Don’t worry, Der Movement will ruin their chance, and if it never happens again, well, that’s that.

By welcoming so-called potential allies, most of whom are vehemently opposed to our core tenets of White Nationalism and the JQ, to share the banner of “Alt Right,” we’re not only destroying our most powerful weapon and brand, we’re literally handing it over to possible enemies to wield against us.

Those enemies have been part of the Alt Right from its birth. They are as much the Alt Right as are the WNs.

“Oy vey! How dare those virulently anti-Semitic, White Nationalist Alt Righters criticize Jews! We Jews are the most important leaders, thinkers, and funders of the Alt Right! We demand that they be expelled from the movement! We vastly outnumber them anyway — isn’t that right, my civic-Nationalist, libertarian, goyim friends?!”
Don’t think that will happen? Look to American Renaissance as a cautionary tale.

Exactly. And this is my point: Amren has been a founding pillar of the Alt Right from its very beginning. Who was at the press conference? Greg Johnson or Jared Taylor? Oy vey, indeed.

After Loren Feldman got the Alt Right door slammed in his face, he immediately began an ongoing, Twitter melt-down revealing his true feelings about the goyim. He now constantly attacks Alt Righters as low-IQ, goyim pawns of the Jews, and much worse. And he constantly brags about Jewish supremacy and fact that Jews control the world.

And many prominent Alt Righters, of the HBD Alt Wrong faction, agree with him.

But, under the big-tent, multi-tier strategy, the Loren Feldmans are immediately designated as members of the Alt Right, despite the fact that they would love to throw all of us into gulags.

The Loren Feldmans have been there from the very beginning.

Now entryists no longer have to work at infiltrating the Alt Right — they’ve been invited in!

Invited in by the Jews, HBDers, cucks, and civic nationalists who represent a portion of the founding group of the Alt Right.

Milo is attempting to co-opt the momentum and banner of the Alt Right and turn it into his floundering, Cultural-Libertarian movement.

As opposed to Sailer’s citizenism or Amren’s yellow supremacy?

Vox Day is currently attempting his own subversive version of redefining the Alt Right to include himself, and to purge the Alt Right’s staunchly White Nationalist core.

Maybe WNs should stop promoting, interviewing, etc. that mendacious mestizo?

These hostile attempts to redefine the term “Alt Right” must be fought mercilessly — not invited.

Maybe we should mercilessly fight the attempts to redefine White nationalism as the Alt Right?

So far, the Alt Right’s success as a White Nationalist movement has not been due to the idea that it’s a “big tent” that unfurls to engulf the masses. It’s due to the fact that the Alt Right has been a powerful, unchangeable, resolute, stone fortress that attracts the masses through incessant, high-profile attacks on our ideological enemies.

Unfortunately, that is not an accurate description of the Alt Right

People are naturally attracted to strength, permanence, and unapologetic, aggressive force.

Are they thus attracted to Pepe, Kek, Derbyshire’s "measured groveling" to “Rosie,” and to HBD yellow supremacy?

The big tent is where political movements go to die in the shade.

I agree with this, and this is where Saint Adolf and Who We Are Pierce are correct. You cannot dilute your core identity just to engage in conformist bandwagon-jumping. WN is not the Alt Right.

Mistake after mistake after mistake: the mantra of Der Movement.

Another Podcast, 9/25/16

Underlying "message" lost to "movement" pile of bricks.

I have no problem with the content of this podcast, but that’s not the underlying issue here, is it? [That’ll go right over the heads of 99.99999999999999999999999999% of Der Movement]. 

Why Wasn't Adam Jones Suspended?

America: open air prison for Whites.

What’s that, Adam Jones, that only “people of color” are not allowed to speak their minds?

Why the hell do White continue with goddamn sports?  Enough, already!

Another Wonderfully White Turk

NECs are the loose.

Another piece of NEC filth. Never forget that when I previously asserted that “NECs and ECs: perfectly incompatible” Silver vehemently objected.  Now, my paradigm was obviously meant as a general rule; there can always be individual outlier NECs like Danny Thomas who could be assimilable, but overall the two groups are no doubt completely incompatible as current events demonstrate over and over again.  That Silver is wrong is a redundancy, but one wonders why he was so “triggered” by such an obvious admission of racial-cultural incompatibility.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pepe the Philo-Semite

The Alt-Wrong marches on.

A major figure on the Alt-Wrong expresses himself thus (emphasis added):

I’m not an anti-Semite; I never have been; and I don’t have much time for anti-Semites. I’ve written a couple of million words of opinion commentary this past thirty years, all of it archived on my website, and I defy you to find any evidence of anti-Semitism in it anywhere. 
However, I’ve turned against the word “philosemite,” for reasons I’ve explained elsewhere. Basically, it’s patronizing. If pressed on the issue, I call myself an anti-anti-Semite. I cherish my Jewish friends, and I have publicly—and again, I think, more than once—expressed gratitude in print for the positive contribution Jews have made to our civilization, way out of proportion to their numbers.

The "Alt-Right" was doomed from the beginning. Standing with Spencer at the press conference were two Alt-Wrong figures: Taylor and Brimelow. Here, in the quote reproduced above, we see another of the VDARE boys expressing Jew worship. Jews and Asians; Asians and Jews. White Gentiles? Mop the floor, you low-IQ subaltern caste, make it nice and shiny for your Asiatic/Levantine masters.

My take on all this: the "movement" is full of quota cases, a strict affirmative action policy, full of weak-minded people jumping on a conformist bandwagon simply because a sickly, neurologically-impaired hag mentioned "Alt-Right" in a speech. HBD, Pepe, Kek, general jackassery, worship of the latest savior Touchback Trump - that's what Der Movement has descended into. By the time folks wake up and realize this is another useless cul-de-sac, even more time will have been wasted. But, hey, look at all the fun we had posting Pepe pictures and writing "Hail Kek!" That'll show dem dere leftists we mean business!

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Fraudster Twins

Tweedledee and Tweedledumber.

Keep in mind when reading this that Durocher has just published at Counter-Currents labeling science as “profane.”  I mean, this guy Durocher – just like Silver - is openly mocking Der Movement, and really pushing to see how far he can go and get away with being glaringly inconsistent in posts from one site to the next.  Taking into account what else he’s been getting away with (*), I’d say he can go far indeed.  None of the “movement” blockheads, with the refined sensitivity of a pile of bricks, will ever notice.

Speaking of Silver, we read this gem:

If we're going through, say, oil "too quickly" such that we'll run out in a hundred years, what difference does it really make if we slow down and only run out in a thousand years?

Err, the rate at which a resource is used up is relevant if an effective substitute for that resource has not yet been identified, or if implementation of that substitute is not yet practically feasible. True enough, oil is not the best example, as we could, in theory, with current or near-future technologies, utilize nuclear fission power for electricity generation (and sea travel) and use electricity for all ground transportation (air transportation will still pose a problem requiring additional technological innovation). Fission would of course eventually have to be replaced by fusion and other approaches that require additional technological advances.

The caveats about oil as an example aside, the general point still holds: only an idiot would take the attitude that the time to delete a resource doesn’t matter (well, we’re talking about Silver here, so….).

Another point, related to Silver’s other comment on that thread about “the oil is just sitting there so we should use it,” well, yes, but if a resource is going to be depleted, besides needing substitutes, we would also like to know that the resource is being depleted in a manner that optimizes the effectiveness of its use.  Whether or not that has been the case for fossil fuels I’ll leave to the reader to decide.

*I am uncertain whether those hosting the Jekyll and Hyde routine are aware and complicit, or are actually clueless.  With Der Movement, anything is possible.

A Lazy God Emperor

Dat Trump.

I've read that Trump is eschewing mock debates and is just getting "debate advice" while riding on his campaign plane.  If true, that's amazing.  He may do well in the debates and he may win the election, but I must say that Trump is the laziest Presidential candidate in recent memory.

This is an winnable election.  If he loses he'll have no one to blame but himself.

If being an "alpha male God Emperor" means that you exhibit ZFG even about the most important facets of your campaign, then I'll stick with being beta, thank you very much.

The Alt-Right Caste System?

If such exists, WNs are on the bottom.  And where's Pepe on it?  Hail Kek!

The author of this piece means well I guess, but it’s flawed in several ways.

Anyone who actually met Pierce – and I’ll assume the author of this piece never did (and if I am wrong, then please correct me in the comments section at that piece) – understands that it is very highly unlikely he would have considered himself a member of the “Alt-Right.” Pierce subscribed to the intolerant Hitlerite “my way or the highway” school of “movement” leadership, with no interest in merging with other groups or working under some sort of “big tent” “umbrella organization.”  And quite right too – why dilute one’s distinctive character and vision in order to fit in with a bunch of inept jackasses and freakish degenerates?  Now, of course, Pierce himself was no prize package either, but we are considering the question from his perspective.

Then, what makes the author think that all those “lower-caste” levels will accept their positions? They have their own agendas, and likely each thinks they are on top.  Some people in the Alt-Right – the HBD Alt-Wrong faction – are not only “not WN” but actually anti-WN.  How are they then subordinate to the WN upper-caste?  Do you think Derbyshire would agree to be subordinate to “latrine flies?”

And then we have this from a prominent Alt-Right site:

Asians perform better than whites on tests that measure intelligence, including IQ tests, SAT, ACT, and the ASVAB.
Asians earn more money than whites.
Asians are better educated than whites.
Asians commit less crime than whites.

Bow down before your Asian masters, subaltern White losers!  Is anyone else getting sick and tired of this HBD crap?

The “big tent” fails, containing as it does incompatible elements.  Who’s on top?  WNs are Asian-worshipers?

I sort of agree with that, except he’s talking “Pepe” too seriously.  It’s all moronic, jackass stupidity.  Another passing “movement” fad that it will waste time on, while the Left goes from strength to strength and actually gets things done.  

Paradox: the Right ostensibly opposes affirmative action yet promotes it in its own ranks; the Left supports affirmative action, but uses a ruthless merit system to get the most effective people to get the job done.  Guess who wins?

I’ll say it again: Der Movement is making a BIG MISTAKE acting like a bunch of conformist retards and jumping on the Alt-Right bandwagon just because Neurological Hillary Cross-Eyed Harridan Bitch gave those Alt-Righters fifteen minutes of fame in some canned rambling speech. Put your eggs in that one basket of deplorables, and then watch REALLY deplorable people eat away at the “movement” from the inside.  

The WNs think they’ll subsume the Alt-Wrong and the Alt-Wrong believes the opposite.  The problem is that even if the WNs are correct, they’ll be no better off than where they started. If the WNs are wrong (as they usually are), they’ll wreck racialism for years to come.

Reynolds Has The Bunker Syndrome

Big talk, little action.

Now, I have sympathy for Reynold’s tweet.  In a sane and just world, protesters blocking highways would be dealt with, legally and justly, like this.  But we do not live in such a world. Just talking about running down precious pavement apes, much less actually doing it, brings down the fury of the System.  It is just Blowhard Bunkerism, folks letting off steam without actually doing anything politically useful.

Hey Reynolds, are you a White nationalist?  Have you read On Genetic Interests?  Do you promote Salter’s work?  Are you working behind the scenes to get pro-White candidates elected? Are you actually doing something to actualize a reality in which the simians will be swept away like trash they are, or are you just doing the equivalent of Archie throwing things at Walter Cronkite on the TV?

These Bunkers who always have to apologize or resign because of ill-advised tweets have it all backwards.

They mistakenly believe that they need to use their (non-existent) freedom of speech to gain power and change society.  In reality, they need to gain power and change society in order to have true freedom of speech.

Do they really need a dumb swarthoid to tell them something as obvious as that?

Dilbert is Confident

Let's see what happens.

Yeah, Scott, you are another one of those guys who had better hope Trump wins.  How can anyone be so flippant, at this point, about the prospects?  Maybe by November, all these guys will be right, and then more power to them for their predictions now.  But the Right always falls into traps of self-delusion. 

Durocher Exposed, 9/23/16

Two contrasting posts.

Here Durocher criticizes science as "profane," endorsing in contrast a religion of "esoteric Hitlerism."

Here, Durocher immerses himself in population genetics science - with the expected lies and distortions - to promote division within the White race.

So, which is it?  Is science "profane," or something that you fondle fetishistically to pursue anti-WN agendas?

Similarly, Durocher considers fascism good or bad depending on the whim and context, or promotes mainstreaming one day and radical Hitlerism the next.

The analogies with Silver are striking: both are chameleon-like frauds, with a destructive anti-WN agenda.


Crack Those Pots

Free-riding anti-vaxxers.

Speaking of herds, I knew that the great reduction in diseases had a good deal to do with clinical vaccinations. I just thought: “Let someone else take on the risks of vaccinating.” It was a very selfish viewpoint because I had the best of both worlds. I knew that my daughters had a low risk of contracting vaccine-preventable diseases — precisely because vaccination is effective. I had faith in herd immunity while questioning its very existence.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sallis vs. the Survey

Differing opinions.

It is interesting, but not surprising, how my opinions differ from that of the survey here.

For example, I see the videos by Taylor as by far the best feature of that site, by a large margin. Commentary finished first in the survey. "Science and genetics" is a topic that I believe should be featured not at all at Amren - not because it isn't important, but because the manner it is presented at that site is as factually incorrect, anti-White HBD pseudoscience. A healthy portion of the readership, however, want more of that nonsense, although a fraction do want less (good sense!).  I think the best author there is Hood; the readership instead picked Taylor (Taylor's videos are excellent, but Hood is by far the best writer).

Here's what I want more of: Cretaceous Jones comments  Less of: Engelman.