Monday, October 31, 2016

Der Movement Halloween Roundup

A veritable monster mash of stupidity, lies, and cowardice.

In all cases, emphasis added.

Der Movement’s “take” on what to do after a Trump win or loss, written after my own more comprehensive musings on the subject.  Readers can compare and contrast the two versions, and decide for themselves which is more useful.

Typical moronic and vulgar Silver comment, this time attacking Russians (Trump’s buddies?) and “ultranationalists” -

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ  WHAT • 4 hours ago
Fuck Ivan. Fuck him good and hard, the ultranationalist, imperialist shitsucking piece of filth. That's my opinion. As exceedingly idiotic as the multicult west is, it's still preferable to russkie overlordship.

Of course, historically speaking, Russian imperialism – Czarist, Soviet, or Putin – has been multiracial/multicultural and thus hardly “ultranationalist” by the standards of Radix and its commentators.

Another typical Silver comment, vulgarly attacking the “far right nutters” - 

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ  Twin Ruler • 4 hours ago
Not against non-whites because they are non-white - which would indeed be racist. But America has not had any issue at all warring against countries populated by non-white people. That's so fucking obvious only the most delusional far right nutter could question it.

I’ve literally no idea how Jewish celebrities and multi-millionaires can view Trump as a dangerous anti-Semite. His daughter Ivanka, who is now herself an observant Jew, is married to Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew, and one of Trump’s closest advisers. Among Trump’s other advisors and his frequent TV surrogates are other Jews, like investment banker Boris Epshteyn and Trump’s lawyer Mickey Cohen. Perhaps no other American presidential candidate has been so surrounded by Jews—and yet the attacks on him from Jewish quarters as a second Hitler (for some of the neocons he may be the hundredth) just won’t let up.

I’ll explain: Hatred of Trump is a proxy for hatred of Whites.  Jews hate Whites and they fear Whites as well.  Thus, Jews hate and fear Trump.

Actually Gottfried gets close to the truth here:

MacDonald is entirely correct, on the basis of my personal observations, about why Jews remain radicalized on the (cultural but no longer economic) Left. What seems less obvious to me than it may be to MacDonald: whether this political response reflects real Jewish group interests. To me, it shows no rationality—it’s the perpetuation of phobia that no longer in any way corresponds to everyday reality. The fears and antipathies that Jewish leaders exploit arise from a determination to identify as a group enemy those who are objectively on the same side as American Jews, namely traditional white Christians.

I’ve written previously about whether the anti-White attitude of Jews is really in their own interests. The best I can figure out today is that, if we consider Identity to be a composite of biological and cultural and historical, etc. concepts, Jews view themselves as a completely separate people as Whites and as a minority with a negative history in all-White nations they have a fanatical desire to destroy such nations, which they perceive will not only avenge themselves against the hated Whites but also safeguard their existence, and safeguard their uniqueness, as just another minority is a multiracial cesspool.  Further, their own innate abilities will allow them to rise to the top of that cesspool.

Roissy and crew continue their frightful womanly hysteria about Trump (now “Batman”), the divine Kek-inspired savior sent to deliver America from the evils of hedonistic race-mixing (wait a minute – Trump will save America from the likes of Roissy himself?).

I really hope that Trump wins, and I intend to vote for him.  Regardless of the outcome, I’ll be curious to observe the Roissyites’ reaction.  If Trump wins, they may all die from an uncontrollable, prolonged spontaneous ejaculation, draining all of their “precious bodily fluids;" if Trump loses, they all may immediately self-destruct into a cloud of IFG pixie dust.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

More on the Email Question

Carlos Danger strikes again.

Read this.  Key points, emphasis added:

Agents reportedly found thousands of State Department-related emails ostensibly containing classified information on the electronic devices belonging to Weiner and his wife and top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. The discovery has prompted FBI Director James Comey to, on the eve of the election, reopen the Clinton case he prematurely closed last July. 

How did agents examine the devices? By seizing them. It’s a common practice in criminal investigations, but one that clearly was not applied in the case of Clinton or her top aide — even though agents assigned to that case knew Abedin hoarded classified emails on her electronic devices.

If we assume for the moment that this report is true, then it is indeed big trouble for the Clinton camp. The problem - again assuming all this is true, which we won't know for sure until an official announcement - is that the election is only nine days away.

So, basically, within the next week or so, some sort of announcement of all of this, underscoring the extreme seriousness of it, needs to be made, and needs to be effectively exploited by Trump, for it to have anywhere near the effect trumpeted by hysterical women like Roissy and his commentators. Otherwise, we may be faced with a Hillary Clinton Presidency, albeit one scandal-ridden, and hopefully ineffective, from day one.

One problem though are these comments from another NY Post article linked to from this original one:

The feds have not read the e-mails in question because the warrant they got for their seizure covered only Weiner’s messages.
They have to get a new warrant to read Abedin’s e-mails, NBC ­reported.
Abedin split from the disgraced ex-congressman in August after The Post revealed that he had sent lewd messages to the girl.
“I cannot predict how long it will take us to complete this additional work,” Comey added, 11 days before the presidential election.
NBC News reported that many if not all of the e-mails may be duplicates of messages the feds already have access to.

So, it is still unclear whether or not this is actually anything new.  Most likely, these are things which should have been addressed in the original investigation, but we'll see.  The bottom line is that is not definitive as of today whether this will actually help Trump or not.

A side issue is the shocking ineptness of the original FBI investigation.  It would seem that this was all serendipity: if not for Carlos Danger's sexual inclinations, the whole episode would have been safely buried.  One assumes that Comey's hand was forced by this discovery, thus the reason for the unexpected "11th hour" letter.

One also assumes that Anthony Weiner is not high on the list of Hillary Clinton's favorite people just about now.

From Madness to Rhizome

Escape "movement" madness.

FBI Director James Comey wrote his bombshell letter to Congress on Friday about newly discovered emails that were potentially “pertinent” to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server before agents were able to review any of the material because the bureau had not yet gotten a search warrant to read them, three government officials who have been briefed on the probe told Yahoo News.

When Comey wrote the letter, “he had no idea what was in the content of the emails,”…

So, let’s compare the prudence of EGI Notes, which takes a “wait-and-see” approach to unknown/fluid situations, and the womanly hysteria of Chateau Heartiste and other precincts of Der Movement, appointing Fat Donny Amnesty as Lord God Emperor Kek of Pepeland USA simply because of Comey’s vague letter, complete with lurid fantasies of what “startling information” the FBI must have uncovered.

Now, it’s possible the FBI may discover something of importance after the fact (but I’m not optimistic about that); if so, that doesn’t excuse the quota queens acting like a bunch of undisciplined gesticulating guineas.

Once again, Trump Derangement Syndrome cuts both ways.  It’s not only the Left that has become unhinged over Trump; elements of the far-Right have as well, albeit in a positive and love-struck direction.

Just like a beta male, blinded by love, acts like a buffoon for milady, so do the “movement” and “game” crowd act completely irrationally, besotted as they are by Der Touchback.

It’s pathetic, and no doubt if Trump loses they’ll attempt to pretend it never happened.  Don’t let them get away with it.

It’s…cognitive elitism!  Not that Breezy Steve will rethink the HBD madness he helped foist on an unsuspecting Right.

So…am I just being a “shit-stirrer” with these kind of posts?  There is a political objective here: to convince the reader that the “movement” is hopelessly inept and in its current form is not going to achieve the goals it allegedly is pursuing.  The readers therefore should become part of that voice demanding read change.  Or, becoming part of that change themselves.

Maybe you don’t think that the ideas and/or approach of EGI Notes is appropriate either. You believe you can do better yourself.  Maybe you can! Take the initiative, start your own blog, form your own group, organize your own groupuscle, your own part of the activist rhizome.

As long as you don’t fall into the trap of mindlessly parroting “movement” dogma and blindly following “movement” “leaders” then maybe some real good can come out of your initiatives.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Of Emails and Morons

The usual stupidity.

The Trump fanboys are all once again becoming hysterically breathless, this time about the FBI announcement that they are re-opening the Clinton email investigation, this due to material found in their investigation of Middle Eastern Asiatic Anthony Weiner, soon-to-be-ex-husband of Hillary’s “good friend,” the horse-faced Asiatic Huma. According to the fanboys, this announcement alone is sufficient to absolutely ensure that Der Touchback does a Vince McMahon strut into the Oval Office, “grabbing pussy” with both short-fingered hands.

More sane individuals will take a “wait-and-see” approach. FBI investigations, particularly on important subjects like this one, are typically not completed within a week-and-a half, unless there is actually nothing there of importance and is quickly announced as such, which may well be the case. In that scenario, this whole incident will rebound to Clinton’s benefit and Trump’s detriment. This scenario may indeed unfold as a “boy who cried wolf” situation in which the electorate gets sick of hearing about email “smoke” that does not lead to indictment “fire” and instead worries about much more important things, such as when the next yeast-infected vaginal windbag is going to accuse Don Fats of years-old sexual harassment.

Now, of course, it may be possible that this renewed investigation does find truly damaging material. But for it to affect the outcome of the election, it would seem to require either:

1) Something so horrendous – like the revelation that Hillary smothered Scalia with that pillow (or, more realistically, with one of her torso’s fat flabs) – that it must come out now and shatters the Clinton candidacy (although I suspect most of her supporters would still vote for her even if she were under investigation for murder), OR

2) Something less dramatic, but still truly damaging, which gets revealed via a leak or via an official announcement by an FBI under pressure to announce what it is they are investigating. This may – may – flip enough votes for Der Touchback to squeeze out a victory.

But we do not know what’s there, we do not know whether this is just another misdirection, we do not know what the timetable will be of any revelations, if there actually are any. It may well be that a Clinton Presidency (the sequel) will be mired in endless scandal and investigation (just like the original). It may well be that Donny Amnesty pulls out a surprise victory. Who knows? Definitive comments about an unknown and fluid situation is stupid - the hallmark of Der Movement.

Indeed, the Roissyian hysteria is just another indication of Der Movement’s absolute, unbridled stupidity – and that applies even if the emails contain a bombshell revelation.

Meanwhile, a Roissy commentator writes:

What is your fear of hubris protecting us from? Feeling bad that we predicted wrong? That bet-hedging comes at the price of unsteady confidence when it is needed the most, where we are now, in “the deep breath before the plunge."

Can this be believed? That a (ostensibly) White man needs to have explained to him why Negro-like empty overconfidence is dangerous? Again, are these the kinds of folks you want in the foxhole with you, or actually leading you into battle? People who see no danger in hubris? Who don’t see the dangers of foolhardy words and actions, driven by empty bravado, endangering the group and putting things at risk? Going back to the “boy who cried wolf” – even the retarded “movement” masses, enabling as they do affirmative action quota queens, may eventually tire of false promises, absurdly wrong predictions, non-existent “victories,” dashed hopes, and the constant stench of absolute failure. The Roissy crowd sings the praises of NW Euro-Germanic man, but they themselves instead behave like mindless strutting Negroes or, even worse and lower on the racial scale, foppish gold chain-wearing guido Afrowops.

Once again “Dienekes Pontikos” proves himself a purely apolitical and unbiased observer of the ethnic/racial/sociobiological/anthropological/genetic scene. On the other hand, compared to the Polish/Slavic chauvinism of “Polako,” Dienekes actually is all of that – but only in comparison.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Accountability, 10/28/16


So, Roissy writes a post criticizing Canada and Canadians as “gay” – effete liberals letting themselves be race-replaced by Third Worlders.

Someone left a comment there:

We’re freer than you. And I like hitting foreign trim. Fuck nativism.

Which led to an angry response from some Chateau Heartiste commentators.  How dare “Robert” take such a self-centered “muh dik” approach to societal decay?

Well, maybe he’s simply following the lead of Roissy (a self-admitted race-mixer, by the way), who once famously wrote:

damn, i’m torn. do i want a thriving society or easier access to sex? yeeeeah… i’ll take the latter and leave the self-sacrifice required of the former for the anti-poolside chumps

How exactly is that different, in its basic attitude, than the “foreign trim” comment that Roissy’s fan club is getting all worked up about?  It’s not different at all.

Yes, I know, I’m being a “shit stirrer,” a “troublemaker,” and “no good comes at critiquing those on the Right.”  

What about accountability?  Why should Roissy and his “amen corner” constantly get away with outright hypocrisy and inconsistent messaging? Where’s the possibility of Der Movement improving itself if even the most outrageous hypocrisies are to be protected from a disinfecting light?  How come someone like myself can be subjected to a withering criticism over the years, from various “movement” directions, but the likes of Roissy and the decades-of-failure “movement” leaders are to be put beyond the reach of critique?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Barriers To improvement

A flawed business model.

According to the standard business model, when a business is incompetent, it will be out-performed by competitors, and eventually go out of business, being replaced by those more competent, effective competitors.

Why then does Der Movement and its quota queen "leadership" go on and on, despite a decades-long record of unremitting failure?

Some ideas (not meant to be a fully comprehensive list):

1. Der Movement is catering to a narrow niche market.  It wants to grow, certainly, but there is right now insufficient "open niche space" for new things to be easily tried (but with difficult effort all things are possible) and for new competitors to become established without running afoul of the heavy hand of monopolization.

2. There are strong barriers for entry to this market, thus barring the way for increased competition. Some of these barriers are external; e.g., social pricing and other forms of persecution from the System, which in turn makes it impossible for most people to be full-time activists, etc. These external pressures are not only a cause of "movement" dysfunction, but also a result of it: a more competent "movement" would have by this time developed approaches to at least partially resist some of these pressures. Internal barriers include the freakishness and defectiveness found in Der Movement, which is a major "turn-off" for the more sane, reasonable, and effective people who otherwise would become more deeply involved in it. Another internal barrier is reason #3.

3. Der Movement's strict ethnic affirmative action program serves as a sort of "protectionist tariff," preserving the quota queen monopoly, and which, together with the other internal and external barriers to market entry, prevent some effective competitors from getting a foothold in the market.  This is by no means a "free market" in any sense of the word "free."

4. A deluded customer base that in some cases doesn't even realize how badly it is being served and if they do realize it are unable to discern some of the reasons why  In fact, the customer base in in some cases actually complicit in the problems, by demonstrating defective freakishness, by supporting the affirmative action policy, and by enabling "leadership" dysfunction.

Educating the customer base would seem a reasonable first step toward beginning to alleviate these problems; however, expect the quota queens to resist any attempt to break their monopoly.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Battling Despair

WN despair.

Greg Johnson states that in the event of a Trump loss he would need to battle despair, the despair of WN activists disappointed by the electoral outcome.  This is in my opinion linked to my assertions in the comments thread of that essay, concerning the need to jettison those individuals and groups who would need to be held accountable after a Trump loss, accountable for their fanboy stupidities and for their appalling lack of judgement in this election.

My argument consists of two major points:

1. The irresponsible behavior of the fanboys is to a large extent responsible for the despair that is expected after a Trump loss.  After all, after many months of being told that (a) Trump is “the last chance of White America,” and (b) it is “100% definite that Trump will win is a ‘Trumpslide’ – in ‘the Trumpening,” Trump’s collapse and defeat (if it occurs, as seems likely) will naturally cause despondency and despair in those folks who have internalized these “movement” messages.  From the negative perspective, the first step in dispelling despair is to deal with those whose tragicomic stupidity has been responsible for creating the despair in the first place.  I would also add that one reason activists were so eager to jump on the Trump bandwagon, and listen to the fanboys, was that it was Trump – and only Trump – whose campaign jump-started a moribund “movement.”  How desperate WN activists must have been to consider Donald Trump (of all people!) as some sort of savior. The same types who created the situation leading to the upcoming despair are also the same ones responsible for the decades of failure that caused activists to become so obsessed over Trump to begin with.  Thus, the fanboys need to go…go away.

2. From a positive perspective, to battle despair one needs to create hope.  Hope is the antidote for despair (and also, paradoxically, hope is one cause of despair, since false hope, once revealed as false, causes a moral collapse).   How to create (real) hope?  One needs to demonstrate positive change.  The same “movement” morons responsible for creating the despair over Trump in the first place, and whose legacy is decades of unremitting failure, cannot be the foundation upon which one builds hope and thus battles despair.  Indeed, the false hope built upon such a shoddy foundation will inevitably collapse, producing even more despair.  However, by demonstrating that the “movement” can emerge from the Trump fiasco stronger than before, learning its lessons, can create genuine hope for the future, the promise of better things to come, of brighter days ahead.  But “business as usual” is a non-starter: that will create despair not hope, cynicism not idealism, boredom not excitement.  If the same losers and failures are allowed to remain, as if nothing happened, then all else is just empty talk. Allowing the mental weaklings of the “man on white horse” savior school to continue to make the same errors again and again with impunity will generate the hopeless resignation that breeds despair.  Going back on the same “movement” treadmill is not the way to get the despairing to snap out of the doldrums.  Only real change can do that.  And real change means standing up to the failures and the fanboys and finally holding them accountable for the mess they’ve made of Der Movement.  Strong leadership, leadership with character, leadership that finally says a resounding NO! to the defective characters who require a “Big Daddy” to provide comfort – that will excite and inspire, and bring the hope that clears away despair just as the brisk wind sweeps away the dark cloud after a storm.

And if Trump wins and complacency is the problem?  Well, in that case, the same fanboys, worshipping their “God Emperor,” will still be the problem and will still need to be opposed. Win or lose, a day of reckoning is required, and if it does not happen, don’t expect any real positive progress, of any kind.

I’ll be honest though, win or lose for Trump, I doubt that any of the suggestions contained in this essay will be followed.  Quite the opposite.  Be prepared: failure ahead. Always failure ahead.

Note: In previous posts, I have discussed about how “despair” is positive for smashing the System. There I refer specifically to the White masses, not WN activists.

Business As Usual, 10/25/16

Promoting failure.

No one has refuted Lynn?  That’s laughable.

Why, on the other hand, are Asians ahead of whites on all these measures? Because race is real.

Yeah, that’ll get Whites all excited for racial activism: Yellow Supremacist HBD “race realism.”  By the way, how do people vote with their feet?  That’s right, Asians want to come to White societies, not the other way around. That’s some real race realism for you.

Donald Trump may win or lose, but we will grow, with him or without him. We will not only grow; we will prevail.

I thought that Donald Trump is the “last chance for White America?’’   Once again I’m right: these guys will make believe everything they’ve said and done this electoral season never happened.  And Der Movement will continue promoting them, and then wonder why there’s no progress.

Speaking of failure and disingenuous fanboys, here’s the weasel-faced, race-mixing, hero of FINRA, lover of Lady Raine, Jimmy C(uck) Wideassman:

COTW winner Captain Obvious reflects on the possibility that the NW European White man’s unique idolization of truth-seeking preconfigured his relationship with Christianity.

‘“Truth” is a concept that is held as important to one demographic across all of the Earth: Northwestern European White Men.’
——— I have long felt that Christianity was an idea which went off in search of a people, and finally found them in Northwest Europe [Christianity being founded upon a Trinity of L0ve, Logos, and TRUTH]

“Truth” of course was of no interest to the Ancient Greeks or Romans, or in the Renaissance.  But wait!  They were all Nordics!  Except when one wants to talk about Paleolithic-Neolithic differences and “high trust hunter gatherers” and then “truth” becomes real flexible, doesn’t it?  There’s a reason why I guess “truth” is in scare quotes in the quote above.

Hey, Jimmy, what American White demographic has been rejecting your God Emperor this entire election cycle?  Hint: it’s the same demographic that supports the “truth” of absolute racial equality, race is a social construct, etc.

By the way, Christinsanity is actually based on: Resentment, Irrational Faith, and Lies, and the religion is spreading most rapidly in the non-White world.  I wonder as well what Jaysus would think of “game” and “sitting poolside?”

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Failure of Fst/Gst

Population genetics.

Both “movement” fetishists as well as anti-racist liars like to misuse Fst/Gst in genetic distance discussions (*) to promote their respective agendas. Unfortunately for them, Fst/Gst is not really a (direct) measure of genetic distance, and particularly fails even as an indirect proxy when comparing populations that exhibit different levels of heterozygosity (e.g., human ethnies) and/or when considering loci with more than two allele variants.  To have the ill-informed trying to parse differences of, say, Fst/Gst = 0.0060 vs. 0.0065 and trying to make relevant conclusions from that is laughable.  The following are a small sampling of links to cite the next time some idiot tries to play such games (emphasis added):

Likewise, when diversity is equated with heterozygosity, standard similarity measures formed by taking the ratio of mean within-subpopulation diversity to total diversity necessarily approach unity when diversity is high, even if the subpopulations are completely dissimilar (no shared alleles). None of these measures can be interpreted as measures of differentiation or similarity. 

Also, strictly speaking FST is not a genetic distance, as it does not satisfy the triangle inequality. As a consequence new tools for measuring genetic differentiation continue being developed.

One underutilized approach is the coupling of indirect metrics of gene flow (e.g. F-statistics, Dest_Chao) with more direct measures such as kinship or parentage analyses (e.g. Loiselle et al. 1995; Selkoe et al. 2006; Buston et al. 2009; Christie et al. 2010; Palsbøll et al. 2010). Broadly speaking, kinship analyses provide an index of the relative relatedness of all genotyped individuals in a data set, and parentage is a distinct case of kinship whereby the most likely parents of individual juveniles are identified (Vekemans & Hardy 2004; Jones & Arden 2003; reviewed in Blouin 2003; Jones et al. 2010). Kinship coefficients (also known as coefficients of coancestry) are widely interpreted as the probability of identity by descent of the genes, but they are more properly defined as ‘ratios of differences of probabilities of identity in state’ (Hardy & Vekemans 2002, p. 23) from homologous genes sampled randomly from each pair of individuals (Hardy & Vekemans 2002; Rousset 2002; Blouin 2003; Vekemans & Hardy 2004). 
By comparison, F-statistics and Dest_Chao are often blind to the relatedness of individuals; different population samples with the same kinship structure can have very different levels of genetic differentiation among them and vice versa.

*True, Salter used Fst in On Genetic Interests, but only because there was no other data available for that purpose at that time.  And Salter makes clear in the book that the proper approach would be to use data from global assays of genetic kinship which did not (and still do not) exist for human ethnies.  It is interesting that population geneticists and ecologists will calculate genetic kinship for plant and non-human animal species, but are either too lazy or politically-motivated to do so for human population groups. However, anecdotal evidence from the genetic kinship data that companies such as 23andme and DeCode used to present totheir customers suggest that human genetic kinship findings would not be to the liking of either the fetishists or the anti-racists. 

Silver Attacks Greg Johnson and Adolf Hitler

Tarnished Silver.

Silver sarcastically attacks Greg Johnson and calls Hitler a “delusional nutter” on Radix (emphasis added):

Silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ  Riopel • a day ago

So what? That doesn't mean attacking first made good sense. Hitler, that great statesman (the greatest in the 20th century, according to Greg Johnson), had already so completely antagonized Britain and France with his rushed and totally unnecessary expansionism that there was no chance they'd side with Germany against the USSR - even if they believed that the Soviets were preparing an assault on Europe (via Germany). 

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ  Gubbler Chechenova • a day ago
It never seems to occur to them that if the Soviets attacked Germany first, then the western powers would have stepped in and taken Germany's side. They weren't going to let the Bolshies take over Europe for no good reason. Eastern Europe was only allowed to fall to the Soviets because everyone was so exhausted from the war with Germany. But if the Soviets had attacked first it would have all-out war until the Soviets unconditionally surrendered.
Hitler was a fuck up beyond belief. Nutzis are so completely taken by the vision of what might have been, the sort of ideal that Hitler could have represented, that they just can't see the plain reality of what a delusional nutter he was.

I’m no Hitler apologist, but the fact is that Saint Adolf tried to get the Western powers on board for a common front against the Soviet Union and they simply were not interested. France signed an anti-German alliance with the USSR simply as a result of German rearmament, and years before Hitler’s antics in Austria and Czechoslovakia.

The UK was at best lukewarm to Hitler and the Churchill faction was always openly hostile. The USA under the FDR regime was openly pro-Soviet. Would these nations have come to Germany’s defense if Stalin had struck first?  That’s by no means definite.  It’s also interesting to note that while both Germany and the USSR invaded Poland, the UK and France declared war on Germany only.

Meanwhile, Silver has nothing else to do but attack Greg Johnson and Hitler.

October Thought on Der Movement and Der Trump

What next?

Overarching objective: Establishment of White ethnostates in America, Europe, etc.  I would go further and advocate for Yockey’s White Imperium, but at minimum, WN generally agrees on the ethnostate idea.

Strategies: These should be multi-variant; in other words, don’t put “all your eggs in one basket.” Further, different contexts, and changing, fluid current events will demand variable approaches.

In general, two things are required: eliminating the current System and constructing a New Order to replace it.  The beginning of construction of the New Order need not wait for the full elimination of the System but can begin in embryonic form now; indeed, activities in constructing this New Order can have the additional benefit of helping to destabilize the existing System.

The positive approaches of New Order construction can be analyzed another day; what about the negative aspect of tearing down the existing System, an objective which should be the predominant (albeit as just indicated, not sole) focus of effort now?

There is of course “direct action” (a euphemism) – not something to be discussed in any public forum, not my specialty by any means, and no doubt premature without a base of support among a reasonable fraction of the White population.

Building that base of support?  Some of it will come from the positive constructive efforts alluded to above.  People who support what which they have a stake in, and will not support that they do not have a stake in.  We must make Whites stakeholders in a New Order, by demonstrating to them, via concrete constructive action, what their place will be within it; at the same time, by delegitimizing the present System, we present to Whites the clear indication that they are not, and can never be, stakeholders in that System.

How to delegitimize the System?  Leveraging Trump is a start (see more on Trump below); more fundamentally, I’m a strong supporter of Salter’s idea of “democratic multiculturalism” and have explained, in the linked posts, what that is and how that can be used to weaken and undermine the System.

Indeed, anything that contributes to increasing the System’s inherent tendency to balkanizing disintegration and “bowling alone” atomization of disaffected individuals, should be encouraged.

Getting back to Trump, I recently speculated on options for Der Movement in case of a Trump loss or win.  What about Trump’s own possible plans and how that ay intersect with “movement” interests?

If Trump loses, he may start a “media empire,” according to reports, an empire that would promote the sort of right-wing populism espoused by Trump in this campaign cycle.  That would present opportunities, but things are not so clear-cut.  On the one hand, Trump is a Negro-loving civic nationalist with Jewish family connections.  On the other hand, he’s run a right-wing populist campaign with only a very thin membrane separating it from the more moderate elements of the Alt Right, and one could expect a defeated Trump to be very bitter against a System that overtly conspired against him.  A key point here is that Trump is more or less an intellectual empty vessel, so one must take care as to what is poured into him.  It would seem that some of Coulter’s work infiltrated into what passes for Fat Don’s “brain” and led him rightward on immigration; what will filter into that empty vessel after an election defeat?  Can Der Movement put down its calipers and be ready for this window of opportunity?  Or will the quota queens mess it all up again?  It would be great – it would be “YUGE” – if the work of Salter could be brought to Trump’s attention.  No, I don’t expect Trump to read On Genetic Interests (unless someone makes a graphic novel or porno version of the book), but maybe someone else (like Trump’s sons*) could read it, or at least read some of my summaries of it (here or at Amren), and explain it to Dear Old Dad. The fact that the book is NOT in any way “anti-Semitic” or “anti-Negro” would I think make it more palatable to the Trump clan.

One could hope that a defeated Trump would be a “moneybags” for at least the more moderate elements of the “far-Right” but I wouldn’t pin too many hopes on that; someone stingy in spending their money on their own political campaign would hardly be expected to be generous to others.  And if he did give money, would Der Movement be in a position to take advantage?  Or would it all go, for example, to the Milo-ites?

*Not Ivanka, who I suspect would have been a Clinton supporter had she not been Trump’s daughter. I can’t help notice that Ivanka is the only member of the Trump clan praised by the Establishment; this may partly be due to the System’s man-hating feminism, and partly out of the sense that she’s really a closet liberal.

What Ever Happened to the New Orleans Protocol?

Twelve years of failure.

What happened to The New Orleans Protocol? (red font emphasis added):
The New Orleans Protocol 

On Saturday, May 29, 2004, leaders of groups from three countries struck a historical agreement about future conduct in the post-September 11 era. The protocol was the initiative of former Louisiana State representative David Duke. 
The protocol pledges adherents to a pan-European outlook, recognizing national and ethnic allegiance, but stressing the value of all European peoples. The three provisions of the protocols are: 
1. Zero tolerance for violence.
2. Honourable and ethical behaviour in relations with other signatory groups. This includes not denouncing others who have signed this protocol. In other words, no enemies on the right.
3. Maintaining a high tone in our arguments and public presentations. 
The founding endorsers of the New Orleans Protocol are EURO and the David Duke Report (David Duke), Stormfront (Don Black), Sam G. Dickson, John Tyndall (a founder of the BNP, but not speaking on behalf of the BNP), the American Free Press (Willis Carto), the Truth at Last (Dr. Ed Fields), the National Alliance (Kevin Alfred Strom and David Pringle), and the Canadian Association for Free Expression [Canada] (Paul Fromm) 
Other groups and individuals are cordially invited to sign on and endorse the New Orleans Protocol.

Pan-European outlook? Stressing the value of all European peoples? [spasms of laughter] Twelve years later, and we are still waiting for any indication that any of that is even remotely being taken seriously. Twelve years since the 2004 Euro-American conference and the only progress made has been through the accident of Trump’s candidacy. Any connection between that and Der Movement’s absolute refusal to even consider following the basic tenets of the Protocol? Likely so, but even the folks who signed the protocol won’t realize it. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trump Cuck, Cuck, Cucks Away

Behold the Ultra Cuck.

Beta weakling cuckling Trump gives in and says he'll concede if the election results are "clear."  That despite the fact that Trump's "rigged election" talk has been helping him.  Is Trump an omega male?  

And let us consider an example of why we must hold the fanboys accountable.  After months of having the fanboys telling us that it is 100% certain that Trump will win - in a landslide! in a Trumpslide! - and that anyone who even questions this inevitable "Trumpening" is a Jewish troll, a defeatist, a DNC plant, the champion fanboy Roissy now says:

Whatever happens November 8, know this….everything’s changed.

Now, he's hedging his bets - "whatever happens."  Who knows?  After the election, he and his commentators will probably be telling us that they always were telling us that Trump would lose. These guys really need to be jettisoned, enough is enough.

And another thing I don't understand is the Alt Righters saying "this is the last Presidential election the Republicans will ever win."  Look, it's possible that after four years of Clinton, dumb Whites will flock to some sort of cuckservative liberal Republican who could squeak out a victory in 2020. Why do these folks always make definitive comments without considering all of the possibilities?

Friday, October 21, 2016

On Concessions and Fanboys

Two points about Trump.

There is much talk recently about how Trump may not concede the election if (when?) he loses because it is rigged. Of course, some of the cucks and dumb women (redundancy) in his own camp say that yes, of course, he will concede.  My take: Donald, please do NOT concede, NEVER concede. You’ll go down as the Ultra-Cuck if you give in and concede.

Tactically, conceding is a bad idea because the election has been rigged. Possibilities of voter fraud aside (and that is becoming an increasingly real concern with revealed plans of busing voters from state to state), the fact of media collusion with the Clinton campaign, the GOP Establishment’s role in undermining their own party’s candidate, rigged polls, and the revealed fact of infiltrators being paid to incite violence at Trump rallies – that’s enough to justify not conceding.

Strategically, when the anti-Trumps says that “not conceding and talk of a rigged election is dangerous because it undermines faith in our democracy,” my reply is: of course and that is the whole point.  Whites should not have any faith in a “democracy” and a System clearly dedicated to their genocide, they should not have faith in elections characterized by the real rigging described above, and, from a WN standpoint, if we want chaos and balkanization, if we want to undermine the multicultural consensus, then, yes, we want to undermine faith in the System, we want “dangerous” division, anger, hatred, rage, despair, and disillusionment. By not conceding – ever – Trump does a great service to the real America.  From that perspective, I say it would be dangerous to concede; it would not be “dangerous” to not concede.  If Trump does concede, I would lose what little respect I have left for the man.

The movement has a long and frankly embarrassing history of deluding itself that mainstream politicians (for example, Patrick Buchanan, Ron Paul, Vladimir Putin) will somehow save us while leaving the present political system and its reigning taboo against white racial consciousness intact. White Nationalists routinely donate more time, money, and social capital to system politicians who disagree with us and denounce us than they do to building up our movement.

Well then, finally someone other than myself says this.  Thank you, Greg Johnson.

Given that history, it is easy to see Trump as just another man on the white horse, worshipped by legions of deluded fanboys. And in some cases that is true. But overall, it is not that bad. Because in the case of the Trump campaign, two things are different. First, Trump is actually advocating policies that are good for white Americans, specifically the border wall, deporting illegals, and the Muslim ban. Second, today’s movement is much more mature. Much of the extreme adulation of Trump is, frankly, ironic rather than sincerely delusional. It is meant to trigger Leftists and is a way to build in-group solidarity. But most of the movement is quite realistic about Trump’s limits and differences with us. There is a widespread consensus that this time, we are not going to be fooled. We are using Trump. Trump is not using us.

Yes and no.  It depends who Greg Johnson is talking about.  If he refers to himself and Counter-Currents, he is correct.  But – Chateau Heartiste, the home of fapping fanboy Trumpite onanism?  Amren and TOO and their breathless apocalyptic talk about Trump being “the last chance for White America?”  The VDARE boys?  Other segments of the Alt Right?  Those are the cases of which Greg says “that is true.”  I see it as a larger problem than he does.  I see that the sensible segment of Der Movement is a minority, not the majority.  I mean, there are folks out there seriously insisting that it is absolutely certain that Trump will win in a landslide – a Trumpslide! – and that anyone who says different is a “DNC Jew troll.”  What to do with idiots like that?

What I ask the sensible folks – and these are real questions and not rhetorical ones – if Trump loses will you finally hold the fanboys accountable for their (yet again) appalling lack of judgement, and the damage they have done (yet again) to the “movement” by their “man on white horse” stupidity? Or will you allow them to once again slither away from accountability and make believe it all never happened?  Actually, they should be held accountable even if Trump wins, because the lack of judgement is objectively similar in that case as well, but I know that’s asking too much. But if Trump loses (in a Hillslide?), can you – will you - finally tell the fanboys to go away?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Derek Black, Quota Queen

Quota queen alert!

Let’s take a look at past Counter-Comments comments on this issue:

The way he has treated his father is absolutely shameless, and if Derek has any conscience to speak of, he’ll regret it down the road. But Derek has also behaved shamelessly toward our cause in general, a cause from which, as alleged and to all appearances, he voluntarily accepted benefits and perks until quite recently. Those who are making excuses for him are making a mistake. Sympathy is a positive trait, and a sign of decency and character. But it can be misplaced, and condoning gratuitously crummy behavior is misplaced sympathy. We may sympathize with his having been born under the klieg lights, and we may understand why he wanted out of the movement. So far, so good. Leaving is fine, but you don’t get to lob hand grenades on the way out.

I would like Derek to see how he can walk away from the issue of White Genocide with just a shrug. You can change your mind on things like “white nationalism” or similar topics, but no one can just shrug off genocide. So, either he doesn’t believe it or he doesn’t care.
If he doesn’t care, that would be sociopathic. Nothing else need be said. If he doesn’t agree that we are seeing genocide through social engineering, than he never actually understood the real fact supporting that claim

This is exactly what I think.  Look, the facts are clear: by any reasonable definition of genocide, including that of the United Nations, Whites are being subjected to genocide.  I do not quite grasp how someone can understand that one minute and then, after their transition to a saintly progressive, all of a sudden all of these same facts and concepts are not understood. All of the facts and trends that Derek Black cited when he was WN still exist today; it’s just that his attitude changed.  Thus, after being scolded by a bunch of whining Jewboys, Derek has decided that a set of facts which he previously understood were consistent with White genocide no longer matter.

Dropping out of the dysfunctional freakshow of Der Movement is one thing. It’s quite another to reverse yourself on basic principles.  White genocide is true or it is not.  If it is true, then the commentator’s designation that Derek’s current attitude is “sociopathic” is correct.  If it is not true, why did Derek believe it before?  That he was “misled” by Der Movement?  Misled how? Are the facts correct or are they not?  The long-term demographic trends, and the policies driving those trends, have not changed. Only Derek’s attitude toward the reality of those trends have changed.  Ergo, White genocide is real, and Derek Black is a sociopathic quota queen.

Nepotism, yes.  The fact that this empty vessel – who turns his worldview on its head because a bunch of Jews made him feel bad – was elevated to leadership simply because of who his father is, that’s bad enough.  But, let’s face facts: Derek Black is also the perfect example of Der Movement’s ethnic affirmative action policy, tailor-made (or is that Taylor-made?) to appeal to the flotsam and jetsam of “movement” masses. That’s what you get when you elevate people for reasons other than merit: institutionalized incompetence, “crummy” behavior, mental weaklings, traitors, morons, and decades of unremitting failure.

I found the following comment I made over at Counter-Currents a few years ago relevant to this situation (the italics are quotes from another comment that I was answering):

No, sorry, the “giants” had money. They had supporters. For decades. And what did they do? Hide out on a mountaintop, bashing the people sending them money? Engaging in serial monogamy with mail order Eastern European brides? Writing cartoonish versions of “history?” Marching around with swastika armbands? Or, others who have plenty of our “dinero” over the years hosting meetings so that the Chosen Ones can insult the audience? While the “giants” insult their own supporters while placating the enemy? Or maybe “giants” taking the “dinero” and gambling it away?
Who? Who are these giants? We’ve wasted decades, and we have a fundamental problem because of social pricing, because the “movement” humiliated itself for decades, because of the White tendency for individualism. The people we need to be active, to step up as leaders cannot, or will not, do so, for the reasons just mentioned. So we have by default the loony-tunes brigade, the sieg-heilers, the dysfunctional.
Perhaps some of you “elites” of the movement could get off your ars…er high horses and start working with these folks instead of bashing them.
Work with whom? Thanks to “movement” stupidity and the “as long as they say they support us they must be OK” mindset, a large number of the “folks” are gov’t informers, “anti” infiltrators, or just plain nuts. That’s the reality. One does not have to be wealthy or an “elite genius” to use a bit of common sense. But most of the “folks” don’t have even that.
And I’m feeling a contradiction between the admonition to balkanize, balkanize, balkanize when we are also not supposed to be “endlessly running to ever more remote suburban enclaves.”
There’s no contradiction. If you “run to the suburbs” and then vote for Obama or Romney, you’re part of the problem. If you “run to the suburbs” and contribute in some way to delegitimizing the System, you are part of the solution. I criticize the implicit whiteness of “soccer moms” and “soccer dads” who run away from diversity while at the same time supporting the very system that forces them to run away in the first place.
Hindsight is 20/20…
Yes, one needs a lot of “hindsight” to avoid those things mentioned in the first paragraph here, which is just the tip of the iceberg. No, the problem is that “movement” dysfunction is self-perpetuating. Because of a lack of discrimination (ironic for “racists”), any droolcup or opponent who professes support is accepted and given the keys to the kingdom. After the inevitable disasters, well-meaning and rational potential supporters become discouraged, leaving behind the dregs. The dregs contribute more stupidity and over time we have a “movement” consisting of people who almost exactly match the stereotypes of our opponents.
The only way to break the cycle is to be intolerant of past, present, and future dysfunction. The “giants” wasted countless piles of CASH and DINERO, they wasted years/decades of peoples’ lives, they caused chaos, and they delegitimized WN to people who otherwise would have been more amenable to it.
We do not stand on the shoulders of giants. We are trying to dig ourselves out of a hole created by pygmies.

Again, going back to Derek Black: I agree with commentator Trainspotter: dropping out is not the problem; the problem is turning against a set of ideals you previously professed to base your life on, and to do for the most flimsy of reasons.  Did Derek even care to find out if the propaganda from his new Jewish friends was correct or not?  Why didn’t he go to his father and say: “Hey Dad, I’m having a crisis of conscience about this whole racial thing? Look at these articles I found.  Is this true?”  And, hopefully, the elder Black would have been able to direct his son to the proper ripostes to the Jewish flim-flam and then Derek would have realized that Moshe Finkelstein and company were lying to him.  But, no. He just “went thermonuclear” as the commentators put it, abandoning WN without even giving WN a real chance to answer back.  Which tells me he was never actually committed to begin with.  I’m sorry.  Anyone who knows anything about the real science of racial differences (not HBD trash which is all about reducing the entire White race to the equivalent of a pussy-whipped Derbyshire and his “measured groveling” [his own words!] to “Rosie”) would be able to produce an enormous amount of material countering lies that Negro incompetence was due to “racism” or ‘White Privilege.”  Even mere common sense would tell any half-way honest person that if the facts were on the side of the progressives, why must they silence and persecute those who think different (James Watson being a prime example of Left hysteria)?  Just bring out all dem dere “facts” and win the debate. And, as stated above, the issue of White genocide is beyond question.  That little Derek couldn’t effectively argue back against Jewish lies is evidence he never understood what is was all about to begin with.  Just like some affirmative action Negress baffled by an assignment she does not understand and cannot perform, little Derek was thrust into a position of authority into an endeavor more important than any other – White racial survival – and his ineptness has helped ruin it.

And the problem goes deeper.  While I do not want to “pile on” to the Black family (who are suffering over this),it is clear that Derek should never had been put squarely into Der Movement's public eye at such a young age. What did the Blacks think would happen if Derek was sent to some sort of leftist college, full of non-Whites?  What kind of honest communication was there between father and son that the elder Black ended up being shocked by the betrayal?  

The affirmative action label apparently doesn’t stop at Derek.  This all becomes all the more tragicomic when one realizes that Don Black was promoting Kemp’s March of the Titans from the very start.  Yeah, the Blacks are real “titans” and all that, they really are showing off their racial superiority and Aryan nobility with this whole sordid episode.

One is reminded of The Good Shepherd – a movie Der Movement typically misunderstands (with its onanistic heavy-breathing focus on the Pesci scene).  The fictional “Wilson” family, modeled on real-life people, had a hereditary entitlement to the Ivy League, Skull and Bones, and high-level government positions.  And the payoff?  Three generations contributing to American decline: Generation One – traitor, Generation Two – gross failure, Generation Three – traitor and tragicomically inept incompetent.  And then there’s the corrupt “Phillip Allen” who one could imagine in a Der Movement context gambling away supporter’s donations, or using “membership dues” to practice serial monogamy “on the mountaintop.” Not that we know anyone who fits those descriptions, of course. Meanwhile “Tomato Joe” Tommasi was murdered in front of his own house, swindled from him by quota queens who eventually degenerated into esoteric Hitlerism.   These things are connected, whether Der Movement wants to believe it or not.