Friday, December 9, 2016

A Couple of Left Hooks

Should we counter with some right crosses?

Ramzpaul doubles down on his accusations against Anglin, without giving definitive evidence. Based on the recommendations of the Counter-Currents "Punching Right" essay, do we now consider Ramzpaul a federal informant? Why or why not?  Even more important, please read the entire comments thread at that "Punching Right" article.  The accusations and counter-accusations, personal attacks, stupidities, all there, on a widely read website, for all the world to see.  Is that an advertisement for Der Movement?  Do you think any sane, productive, or reasonable people want to get involved with that?  What do you think I've been mocking here at EGI Notes?  Interestingly, even when I openly state (before the fact) that some of the over-the-top rhetoric here is meant to ridicule the Nutzis, Alt Wrongers, and other dysfunctionals, some in Der Movement still take that rhetoric at face value.  Why?  Because that's how they really think.  It's called projection.  A person who cannot distinguish ridicule from reality, who cannot identify irony, reveals a mindset in which the ridicule is reality and the irony is serious and not ironic at all.

This is shocking.    I listened for myself, to make sure the description of the incident was accurate.  It is at 48:30 to 50:30 on the podcast.

Trying to understand why I find that so offensive, I can think of three reasons that are independent of complaints about "punching right" or knee-jerk "anti-Semitism" that finds fault with any positive reference to Jews  


1. I find it difficult to believe that all these "movement" activists who are "shocked" by the NPI conference, and who are distancing themselves from Spencer, weren't already aware that NPI/Radix is White nationalist and, at minimum, Jew-skeptic.  So, they really can't pretend to be "shocked" or "tricked" or "disappointed" with Spencer.  They knew what he was all about, and essentially ditched him at the first sign of trouble. Hopefully, Spencer has learned some lessons there.  

2. If Spencer is to blame for the Nazi salutes simply because he raised a glass and said Hail Trump/Hail our people/Hail victory, then who is to blame for the Duke-Hart "Hart attack" in 2006?  If Spencer making (maybe) some ill-chosen words is "shocking" bad judgment, then what do we call having Duke and Hart together at the same conference?  Indeed, the likes of Auster and Jobling were "shocked" back then, and they threw Taylor under the bus. Back then, I defended Taylor and Amren from those unfair attacks just like today I defend Spencer. As a well-known Kebab Negro swarthoid (*) once said: "It's deja vu all over again."

3. If Jews, a non-European group, are "White men of the West," then what about a European group like Italians, who have been attacked in the pages of Amren?  It is not "knee-jerk Anti-Semitism" to wonder why the Jews  - who are by the way generally hostile to most of what Amren stands for - have to be constantly placated. Chosen people indeed!

It's one thing to criticize Spencer, as e.g., Johnson has done, for "bad optics" with respect to how Whites view the Alt Right.  Agree or disagree, it is a legitimate argument that can be debated on its merits. But when we have a pro-White activist attacked for, essentially, offending Jews with the "insanity" of National Socialism (which is really stretching in a hysterical manner what Spencer himself actually did), that leaves a sour taste in my mouth. And, will those activists who oppose the idea that Jews are “White men of the West” be sufficiently ruthless with respect to those comments?

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

*Re: my point at the end of the first paragraph, I assume Der Movement believes that I really characterize Yogi Berra as a "Kebab Negro swarthoid." No, that's what they do.