Sunday, December 11, 2016

Breezy, 12/11/16

A nugget of interest in a pile of nonsense.

This is the usual Breezerian stupidity - e.g., that definitions of "White" should depend upon politically-motivated (and anti-White!) US government census categories, who looks like Breezy after a shave, and whether or not Danny Thomas went to Catholic school. That said, I would prefer "European-American" to "White" as it is more precise a category.  But, will even that be tainted by the Alt Wrong?  In the midst of Sailer's ramblings (surprisingly nothing there about real estate, PISA scores, or golf courses), we read (emphasis added):

Jared Taylor very much wants Jews within his identity politics movement. As a certain immigrant media tycoon once remarked to a friend of mind in explaining why he subsidized neoconservative spokesmen, “To succeed in America, don’t need all the Jews in New York on your side, but you do need some.” 
A European-American identity movement with heavy Jewish leadership might become an accepted player on the identity politics scene.

One wonders if some of the ruthless right-punchers - who are on record as rejecting Jews in Der Movement - will at some point forcefully address the HBD Alt Wrong Jeurasian plan of a "White movement" with "heavy Jewish leadership" (and a Chinatrix wife for every mewling beta White male)?  Or can we not criticize "one of the boys?"  Inquiring minds want to know.