Monday, January 30, 2017

Bitter Neurotic Ted

A non-bitter argument.

In response to some of my criticisms of the Alt Wrong, Greg Johnson writes:

Bitterness is a kind of neurosis, Ted, and you have the worst case I have ever seen. The embittered person carries around a lot of grievances, and unloads them on whoever reminds him, even tangentially, of the causes of his discontent. Bitterness destroys objectivity and justice, which are signally lacking in your ranting about the movement. You really need to disengage from this. It is not healthy for you, and it accomplishes absolutely nothing for the greater good of the cause.

That’s something to consider.  There is some truth to that, although I would argue that my grievances, such as they are, are completely legitimate.  That I behave in similar fashion in “the real world” does suggest that my basic character is in the direction of relentless vindictiveness. Indeed, being very critical in “real life,” I have been admonished by someone I know personally, telling me that “you should criticize only when you have a constructive suggestion to make to improve the situation.”  Very well.  How would I respond to accusations of “White supremacy” without invoking Asian (or Jewish) IQ and without calling myself a “Yellow supremacist?”

I could of course direct the accuser to my writings on White inferiority (from an adaptive fitness standpoint) that are analogous to an old Strom ADV broadcast on the same topic that made a positive impression on me.  More fundamentally though, I would argue thus (sentences in bold are excerpts useful for a shorter “sound bite”):

Racial preservation, White advocacy, and racial nationalism are not at all dependent on notions of superiority or inferiority.  Racial nationalists such as myself make an analogy between family and ethnic group/race. Political scientist Dr. Frank Salter uses the term “ethny” to describe various types of population groups such as ethnic group and race, and he argues that individuals have interests – genetic interests – in their ethny just as they do with their family. Further, a person can identify with ethny through shared history and culture in addition to the purely biological aspect of group identity.  Just as a person’s defense of family is not dependent on the notion that their family is “superior” but simply because it is their own, so does defense of ethny derive from a sense of belonging, a sense of loyalty, and acknowledgment of the fundamental interests a person has in the continuity – genetic and otherwise – of their ethny and in the interest they have in its well-being and advancement.  While a parent may brag about their children, their caring for their children is due to the kinship they have in them and notions of superiority/inferiority have nothing to do with it. After all, parents will care for children who are sickly retardates and hardly superior by any reasonable measure.  It is not by chance that Salter used “child equivalents” to express the level of genetic interest a person has in their ethny, and such equivalents are independent of any ranking of phenotypic characteristics.  True enough, White accomplishments are a matter of record, and one can make the argument that humanity would benefit by White continuity, but the argument for racial self-defense ultimately does not derive from such considerations, but is inherent in the unique existence of every ethny.

Now, Alt Wrong representatives are certainly intelligent and articulate, some are familiar with Salter’s work, and nothing stops them from making similar arguments.  Why they have not done so, and instead fall back on “high Asian IQ” arguments is something to ponder. Regardless of their motivations heretofore, I would strongly suggest that they switch their arguments away from a hierarchical ranking of traits (that ostensibly favor Asians and Jews) and instead base racialist arguments on kinship, which would always favor those more closely (genetically) related to you.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Race in Der News, 1/29/17

Several items.

I’ve been following the news, and I have not yet seen any stories about native Swedes rampaging through the streets, grabbing all the greasy brown alien filth and ripping them apart with their bare hands.  Now, this blog does NOT in any way, shape, or form promote such scenarios – EGI Notes is, of course, a pacifist blog that abhors and denounces – most strongly! most strongly!  - any possibility of violence whatsoever.  Just saying though that such a reaction by the Swedish people would be perfectly healthy and normal (as would have been a similar reaction by the English after Rotherham).  Der Movement will wave their hands around and talk about “high trust hunter-gatherers” – as if Paleolithic European hunter-gatherers would have tolerated even a fraction of such horrors.  Likely Frost’s “genetic pacification” is a more likely explanation – but then, it wasn’t so long ago that Europeans had colonial empires and acted like men.  So, it may be a combination of various inherent factors activated by environmental cues - including Culture Distortion by a certain Levantine Tribe.  Oy vey!

If the Alt Right had any worth whatsoever they’d toss the Alt Light overboard ASAP.  And while they’re at it, get rid of the Alt Wrong as well.

So, yes, Hero Trump signs a ban on immigration from some, but not all, Muslim nations.  A judge overrules him – a nation ruled by leftist judiciary – and Trump is harshly critiqued by breathless outrage home and abroad. The fundamental argument: the ban is unfair to those banned, it endangers “refugees,” it violates the civil rights of those who want to come to America. Note none of these arguments give a fig for the interests of Americans, the safety of Americans, the wishes of Americans.  Indeed, when Trump, in his inauguration speech, said that the purpose of a nation was to look after the interests of its citizens that was termed “Hitlerian.”  The absolute ludicrousness of the entire System is breathtaking, they have learned nothing because – as I’ve said before – they are incapable of learning.  The existential meaning of the System (like that of Asians) is hatred of Whites; therefore they are unable to learn when such learning means taking White interests seriously.  Just like the EU cares about the interests of everyone in Europe (and everyone in the world who wants to migrate to Europe) except for native Europeans, so do American elites care about everyone and everything except for the interests and well-being of White Americans.  After all, as I’ve said before: hatred of Trump is a proxy for hatred of Whites, and hatred for Trump continues to be expressed by elites and the Left in toto home and abroad.

A face that can induce a thousand (White) autisms is “heartbroken.”  Uh, yeah, what a turd-colored alien is “feeling” right now is real high on my list of priorities, no doubt. My riposte to this grotesque monstrosity is that maybe White folks the world over are “heartbroken” over having their nations stolen from them, and by seeing their homelands invaded by filth like you and your “brothers” who enrich White nations with their “vibrancy.”

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Remember the Rhizome

The importance of preserving the rhizome.

Read this and focus on the difference between the organized slime mold model of “fascist” activism, and the rhizome model of decentralized groupuscules.  Keep in mind that the EGI Notes-Western Destiny axis is an example of a groupuscule (population of one). The ultimate fascist slime mold?  National Socialist Germany, I suppose.

What’s the immediate future of groupuscles – the decentralized rhizome structure – in today’s context?  Are we transitioning to a more slime mold like structure, with the rise of the Alt Right and Trump? Are groupuscules affecting mainstream politics via the Alt Right to Alt Light (and Alt Wrong) to Civic Nationalist Trump continuum?

I argue that we need both slime mold and rhizome. Especially today, when there is a great power disparity between the System and Der Movement, it is prudent for Der Movement not to put “all its eggs on one basket” – or to have just one big egg, which can end up like Humpty Dumpty.  It is prudent to allow for a variety of memes to be generated and tested, here I call for Bowery’s “sortocracy” within Der Movement itself.  Let’s test various ideas instead of smothering them within the overarching “movement” dogma that has failed over and over again for decades.  The importance of having diverse ideologies in Der Movement is outlined in this excerpt from my essay:

The decentralized aspect of the current far right allows for the development of diverse, interesting, and extremely varied permutations of memes and ideology—manifestations that would not be possible in the context of a highly organized, top-down hierarchical structure imposing a common worldview. While most “movement” memes may be nonsense, some of this variety may prove useful; in all these permutations, some “correct answers” may be hit upon. 
This is analogous to the biological process of mutation—most mutations are harmful or neutral, but, in the midst of the plethora of genetic variation is the occasional beneficial mutation, which confers adaptive value in specific challenging environments. Likewise, the Lilliputian far-right, subjected to stress under the repressive establishment Gulliver, undergoes varieties of memetic/ideological mutations, many useless or harmful, but several which may eventually allow the rightist organisms to flourish.

In the absence of this ideological diversity, one will find fewer “memetic mutations,” leaving the “movement” vulnerable to, and unable to adapt to, changing (perhaps more hostile) environments.  That’s one (of several) problems I have with the Alt Right – that this millennial marketing ploy seems intent on subsuming most of Der Movement within it, smothering what little memetic variability exists within a “movement” typically already characterized by rigid fossilized dogmas.  We need more ideological diversity now – a lot more - not less.  If we are all going to get our “Alt Right marching orders” from Pepe-Kek, mouthing empty platitudes about “God Emperor Trump” (and his Jewish family), it’s not going to go well with us at all.

Slime mold vs. rhizome should not be viewed as “either/or.”  Certainly, there will be periods that are (or should be) rhizome-predominant (like the present) and there will be (hopefully again in the future) slime mold-predominant periods.  But even at the height of slime mold organization and power, it would be prudent to retain some degree of rhizome structures – to have some groupuscules around, preserving memetic diversity, experimenting with new ideas, new ideologies, and novel ways of living and of interpreting sociopolitical realities. Better to have these alternative ideas and approaches on hand and easily accessible, in case they are required, than to face changing situations having to suddenly come up with ideological and/or strategic-tactical alternatives in a crisis. After a slime mold collapse, such as the collapse of fascism in 1945, it would be prudent to have at least some rhizomes around to “seed” the next ideological growth cycle.  Conversely, during the rhizome-predominant period, groupuscles should always at least attempt to strive toward developing to the slime mold level.  After all, the ultimate objective of the Sallis groupuscule is to make my ideas dominant within racial nationalism and then have a New Movement actualize those ideas through a revolutionary transformation of the White World (or what’s left of it).

Groupuscules for the sake of groupuscules is a sterile cul-de-sac, but a slime mold without any rhizome side growths risks being an evolutionary dead end.  And rhizomes that prematurely blossom into aborted slime mods, as seems to be happening now, can be a disaster.  Remember there is more to racial nationalism today than Alt Right-Pep-Kek-Trump and all the rest.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Odds and Ends, 1/27/17

Friday's roundup.

Roissy weeps: icy vibes.  Now, that is all irrelevant personal nonsense, but is cited to mock the pathetic worshiping of Trump by elements on the Right, including fevered (and strange) fantasies (by Roissy, who else?) of Trump such as:

Second, every man who’s lived a day in his life knows that look of a woman rocked by a silent, seismic tingle of love rushing on a current of lust. Right at the moment Herr Trumperica assumed the most powerful throne in the world, a barely-contained supernova of admiration and primal desire escaped Melania’s poise. Sex for only her man drips from her gaze in this photo.

Uh, yeah…alright.  Judge from a single photo in which she is acting for public consumption – that’s real prudent.  Video of “real-life” activity does not support Roissy’s view, but whatever.  I can’t wait for the Alt Right to rail against the “Trump’s marriage is in trouble” stories as “unfair shitlib intrusion into Trump’s private life” while the same Alt Right interprets single photos from the perspective of Don’s and Melania’s sex life.  Just like the Alt Right types getting all worked up by some dumb SNL cunt writer mocking Barron Trump, while the Alt Right bizarrely obsessed over that sleepy 10-year old just after election night, making him into some sort of racialist talisman. Hypocrisy is found on the Right just as it is on the Left – less frequently perhaps, but it perhaps stinks more for being unexpected.

But I give credit to Der Touchback for his immigration restrictionist initiatives.  It’s much too little (and too late), but it is better than nothing.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Odds and Ends, 1/26/17

Several items.

Not a happy penguin.  Well, look, those six figure incomes have to come rolling in, after all.

Should Trump restrict his Secret Service protection to White men only?  Is there is clear, factual evidence for immediately distrusting other demographics?

I note that Roissy states that future immigration to America (after a “time out”) should be essentially restricted to “AngloGermanics.”  Actually, my view is somewhat similar; as I’ve written before, any (small amount of) immigration to America should be restricted to (indigenous) Europeans and should reinforce the founding stock and associated groups, with other Europeans allowed proportional to current population.  Thus: British Isles populations > other Northwest Europeans > Italians > Poles > other Southern and Eastern Europeans.  Those admitted should be English-speaking high achievers.

The ironic nature of Roissy’s opinion comes from his other “interests.”  His comical (and sexually ambiguous) worship of Trump is contrasted to his desire to restrict (future) immigration to those peoples who, outside of the South, markedly rejected Der Touchback during the GOP primaries.  Then, Roissy is a confirmed, self-admitted race-mixer, with a fondness for Negro females with “asses that defy gravity.” Thus, one would expect that he would favor Congoid immigration, so as to increase the stock of the Congoid females he can choose from as he “sits poolside.”  But, anyway, yes, AngloGermanics, particularly Anglos, should have immigration preference to the nation that they founded.  We can do without the gravity-defying Negro females however.  Roissy can move to Africa or the West Indies if he prefers the Negro female.  To each his own, as they say.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

When Is Self-Sacrificing Altruism Noble and Moral?

Answer: when it is adaptive.

In Salter’s On Genetic Interests (First Edition), pgs. 307-308, there is a brief discussion of how calls by moralists for completely disinterested, self-sacrificing altruism by others can serve the selfish interests of the moralists. Salter cites “one leading evolutionary theorist” who contends that “only non-fitness-enhancing behavior can be moral.”  Salter then cites someone else, called Alexander, who scoffs at this by suggesting that “this is an unconsciously self-serving moral sentiment that, when expressed, influences some susceptible individuals to show indiscriminate altruism that benefits the moralist.”  Salter then states that “by definition such behavior will tend to reduce the relative fitness of the genetic altruist.”  Salter then says it is unfortunate that Alexander did not discuss why the moralist’s arguments would not affect his own kin and offers no evidence that such moralists do not preach the same to their own families.

I’ll take a crack at this.  I think Alexander fails by stating that the altruism has to be “indiscriminate” and thus the advice in favor of “self-sacrificing altruism” meant for universal consumption.  From a WN point of view, when mainstream moralists call for such altruism, what they really mean is for (specifically) Whites to practice pathological self-sacrificing altruism for (specifically) non-Whites (including Jews). These calls can be explicit, or can be implicit using code-words, or simply using the realization that some ethnies are more or less ethnocentric than others, and that calls for such pathological altruism, while seemingly “universal,” will only affect less ethnocentric Whites while sparing non-Whites “immunized” by higher levels of ethnocentrism.  

Note that dual morality raises its head here, with Jews promoting miscegenation across wide racial lines for Whites, while moaning that inter-marriage is “worse than Hitler” for Jews. And the allegedly “high” Jewish inter-marriage rate is probably not only overestimated, but I note that it is overwhelmingly conducted with White Gentiles, who are genetically and phenotypically relatively similar to Jews, while Jews promote miscegenation of White Gentiles with Negroes, Asians, and other genetically and phenotypically distant (and in some cases low-IQ etc. – e.g., Negroes) groups.  So, yes, there is evidence that these moralists do not practice what they preach, and have a different message for familial and ethnic kin.  Also see the Jews’ different opinions about diversity and immigration as it applies to the West vs. how it applies to Israel.

The problem also occurs within Der Movement, where it is sometimes suggested that “inferior” White ethnies and individuals should sacrifice their interests to altruistically promote the well-being of “superior” White ethnies – with such calls usually coming from “superior” ethnic individuals or by non-Whites with an axe to grind against Whites in general (or who are simply deranged and/or influenced by writings by “superior” ethnics calling, explicitly or implicitly, for such altruism).  Also see page 109 of Salter’s book, where he states that calls for a special status for certain groups – e.g., that they are particularly deserving of having their EGI cared for – could be a “competitive move” by individuals from such groups.

I for one take the adaptive approach and would suggest that folks incorporate their own personal, familial, and (narrower) ethnic genetic interests in any activism in favor of more general EGI.  The two do not have to be in opposition, and I see no special truth or nobility in self-sacrificing altruism that is one step removed from the general pathological altruism that is helping to destroy the White race.

By the way, objectively speaking, one cannot find fault with the position of Derbyshire, who has to balance his English/White EGI with the fact he has intertwined his personal/familial genetic interests with that of China.  Hence, the promotion of anti-WN Jeurasian “race realism” and the HBD cult that grovels before the Altar of Asia, whole throwing a few bones in the direction of Whitey. However, subjectively, Derbyshire’s interest conflict with mine and with that of most White Americans; therefore, from our adaptive standpoint, we are justified in opposing him. That’s our “truth.”

I would propose that the only self-sacrificing altruism that is truly noble and moral is that which serves genetic interests.  It is not noble to sacrifice one’s interests for someone else’s ethny. Indeed, when such sacrifice is done at the expense of one’s own ethny, it is commonly known as treason. The ultimate solution is to sacrifice along a continuum, or within a concentric circle, of interests.  Thus, if a White person sacrifices for the White (European race), an entity that contains within in it whatever narrower identifies this person also has, then the sacrifice is noble, moral, and adaptive – indeed, adaptiveness should be a criterion for nobility and morality.  After all, ultimate interests - which are genetic - by their very name trump all else.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Punchgate, Spencer, and NECism

Punchgate and related matters.

The System has been crowing about the attack on Spencer, praising the attack, saying it was great, making musical memes about it, and publicly discussing such action as appropriate and “American” (like slavery and segregation, eh?). It has been truly disgusting, but, in the long run, from the balkanization standpoint, the Left’s action may backfire on them.

This essay summarizes the reality of leftists who call us “fascists” but who believe that political violence against their enemies is justified.  But this is nothing new.  Back in the 1930s, there were a number of major street brawls in American cities between the Right (Silver Shirts, Bund) and the Left (Jews, anarchists, communists).  The basic total outcome of those brawls was a victory for the Left (the more things change, the more they stay the same) – there’s a reason why Oliver was talking about 50 years of “movement” failure back in 1969.  Joyce’s essay on “anti-fascism” is mostly true, but it skips over the reality that the Left still rules the streets, as they’ve done in America for nearly a century. And while European nationalist parties may come to power in such circumstance, America for now seems different.  If we cannot break out of the digital sandbox and go analog, it’s not going to work out.  Triumphalist essays about how “anti-fa is dead” while Spencer can’t stand in DC without being punched in the face doesn’t cut it. Sorry.  And even the European nationalists hold meetings, have street demonstrations, etc. – so Joyce’s arguments don’t hold there either. Would the European nationalists have achieved their level of accomplishments (such as they are) if they and their leaders were unable to go out in the street without being punched in the face?  Let’s have triumphalism after real triumphs, not after mocking defeats.

Praise Kek!  Spencer seems to have learned something from Punchgate. First, he admits he is worthy of criticism for his naiveté and lack of preparation and security.  Second, and more importantly, he seems to understand things must be different going forward. WE SIMPLY CANNOT AFFORD MORE INCIDENTS LIKE THIS.  IT MUST STOP.  WE MUST DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND.  That requires proper operational security and planning. Now, if after this, these incidents keep on occurring, that proves all my comments about “quota queens” are correct.

Also, despite my problems with Spencer (*), he is presently the best and most well-known public spokesman for the American Far-Right.  We can’t afford to have him as a subject of physical attack and subsequent Internet mockery.

*Besides the latest incident, there was Hailgate (not so much a big deal in my view), the Hungarian meeting fiasco, and, sadly enough, the serious inherent problems with the project. Shockingly enough, I have to agree with Silver again (yegads – my worldview is crumbling) – I don’t understand why Spencer is associating with a half-Iranian NECist, whose moronic ramblings has brought out other NECists on the comments threads at AltRight, posting Cavalli-Sforza charts from more than 20 years ago as if they were still relevant given the march of population genetics.  NECism keeps on popping up, and misuse of scientific data contributes to this. While I await a global assay of genetic kinship (the only genetic metric that is politically relevant), based on all the data I’ve seen, there’s no doubt that “Persians” will have the greatest kinship with other “Asian Caucasians” and not with Europeans. What outliers “look like” doesn’t matter.  Grasping comments about “artificial boundaries” doesn’t cut it – the European boundary is biologically relevant. Even a no-good low-IQ knuckle-dragging Euro-Swarthoid like myself had “Iceland” as one of my top hits in a company’s kinship measure of raw genetic data.  Would a “Persian” rate the same?  Let’s say I doubt that very much.  Morons talking about “artificial boundaries” don’t get that (1) Identity has culture-historical elements as well as biological, and (2) more relevant to all the racial heavy breathers, race and culture influence each other.  Populations that share foundational cultural/civilizational bases – such as “Western Christendom” – will tend to genetically align over historic time, while others that share “Eastern Islam” will align as well. Populations tend to be genetically similar to geographically close populations, except where there are reasonable boundaries to inhibit gene flow. These boundaries have never been perfect and do not need to have been, as long as gene flow has been repressed over historic time. Mountain ranges, bodies of water, these are geographical boundaries to gene flow – not perfect, but over time, they have serious impacts. Cultural/civilizational boundaries also have very serious impacts on gene flow.  True enough, Persian antipathy to Arabs may have reduced the extent of gene flow there, but the flow was even more markedly reduced between “The West” and “The Rest.” And it is doubtful that Persians were ever genetically similar to modern Europeans.  Prediction: genetic kinship assays will show “Persians” as closer to Iraqis and Afghans than to Europeans.

Why is the Right always taken in by this sort of thing?  The whole subjective Nazi-Larping nonsense about “Aryans” or “Indo-Europeans” gives an opening to NECists to get a foot in the door.  [Note: ironically and inconsistently, the “racial purity” Larping crowd overlaps the “big tent” “Aryan” crowd – as if Iranians or Hindu Indians are “more pure” than wops and hunkies!] Even “White” is subjective.  Then there is the cherry-picking of population genetics to favor particular agendas, even to the point of dusting off studies a generation old.  The same flaw that leads to conspiracy theorizing and breathless interest in gnostic traditionalist esotericism also leads to “gosh-isn’t-that-brilliant” acceptance of pseudo-intellectual faux-erudite claptrap of “parapsychology” and so forth that further entraps ECs into the NEC web.  
You know, American WNs look longingly at European nationalists and say “it proves the value of ethnonationalism” – but they ignore the fact that successful European nationalists don’t obsess over “Aryans” or population genetics or cephalic indices or Kali Yuga or Beavis-and-Butthead trolling lulzing. Listen to a Europa Terra Nostra podcast and contrast that to an American podcast or website.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Another Day, More "Movement" Madness

Another day, more “movement” madness.

I presume that the Silk Roaders would like individuals such as this to be running the security forces of White ethnostates.

Speaking of the Silkers, they’re really digging their teeth into this whole Enoch/TRS fiasco. That’s OK, after all, I agree that Jews have no place in WN (although I am on no way convinced, as of today, that Enoch himself is a Jew).  However, I also believe that East Asians, South Asians, and Central Asians (as well as crazed mestizos) have no place in WN as well.  Do the Silk Roaders agree with that?

Speaking of the Enoch case:

Posted by uh on Sun, 22 Jan 2017 12:40 | #

Well, Kumiko is reaching - as usual for this site. Mike was likely referring to Slavic ancestry. I don’t hear any reference to “mixed Jewish ancestry”, although that was, of course, the context. If he meant Jewish ancestry, fine, but it isn’t a direct quote and should not be presented as such. That is conflation.
More importantly, all the names in question are far from categorically Jewish, as we all know, at bottom. Enockson, Sippel, Peinovich are names likely none of us ever encountered before this, even studying Jews as we have for over a decade. There’s nothing about any of those names that even suggests Jewishness beyond Enockson’s and Peinovich’s ending, while Sippel could be German or Scottish. By the bye, I would guess it stems from the good old Germanic *sib in either case.
But -son and -ovich (also “son”) are so common in European nomenclature as to make mention of it silly. Every time there’s some question of a perceived enemy’s ancestry, however, either ending, or any German-sounding name, is forthwith “proof” of being a Jew. That isn’t sleuthing, it’s paranoia.
That said, I wouldn’t be surprised, and equally wouldn’t care, if he did turn out to be partially Jewish, and the burden was still on him to reveal such things to the audience of a podcast called “The Daily Shoah”.  For now, though, it seems it’s still only his wife who is partially Jewish.

That’s reasonable, but of course this fellow – whose comments on Asian women at Counter-Currents I strongly disagree with – is harshly critiqued by the Silkers.

And then we have this example of” movement” genius:

snakeTrapper  Gubbler Chechenova • 19 hours ago

FYI: Christians are not afraid of evolution, or anything else for that matter. They know that the theory of evolution is a bogus theory conjured up to try to destroy Christianity.
Western civilization and world dominance began with the Protestant Reformation (Martin Luther, John Calvin). It is despised by RCs, atheists, agnostics, commies & various other non/anti-Christian types precisely because they know it is Christianity that was the basis of and impetus for it.

Dat right!  The whole meaning of the theory of evolution is some damn sciumfific mumbo-jumbo conjured up by that commie Darwin (Didn’t he look a lot like Karl Marx?  The beards! And what about that Santa Claus guy? And he wears red too!).  Further – as we all well know! – Western civilization did not exist prior to the Protestant Reformation!  No sir!  And today, we have to be thankful that all the racial nationalist Protestant churches are opposing the refugee/immigration influx championed by die-hard Darwinists!  

Zaja claims his own views can remain an “enigma.”  That’s real direct and forthright.  Very enlightening.  My view won’t be an enigma – in the absence of any real evidence, I call “horseshit” on most, if not all, of these conspiracy theories.

The real conspiracies are all out in the open - globalism mass immigration, etc.  Maybe we should address those first?

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stupidity, Lies, and Cuckiness

The continued madness of Der Movement.

In contrast to the comically pathetic homoerotic fanboy mancrush worship of Trump by the likes of Roissy and the slightly more realistic Alt Wrong, we have the good sense of Kevin Strom, who sees the obvious beta race cucking of the Negrophilic civic nationalist Donald J. “Fats” Trump.  Trump’s inauguration speech was classic race cucking, as I’ve already discussed. Bitter disappointment awaits.

A YouTube comment which reflects the deep knowledge of the typical “movement” activist:

Isn't Kevin MacDonald the pseudonym under which Molyneux wrote his anti-Semitic pamphlets?

Yeah, that's right - MacDonald is Molyneux.  What stupidity. Der Movement marches on.

The Asiatrix at Majority Rights continues an analysis of the Enoch/TRS mess.  Two major arguments are made there.  First, that Enoch himself is Jewish.  The data presented are suggestive, but not definitive or conclusive. It is mostly circumstantial.  However, while I am not convinced, there is sufficient grounds to at least question possible Jewish ancestry. More data are needed; there seems to be more to this story than is coming from the TRS/pro-TRS side.  The second argument, and one for which there is stronger evidence, is that TRS was not an innocent victim here, but was attacked after they themselves attacked another forum.  There’s probably no “good guys” and “bad guys” in this story.  I do not have the interest to “go down the rabbit hole” after this latest round of “movement” insanity other than to express the general attitude of – “a pox on both your houses.”  Both sides here are discrediting racial nationalism and giving the Left, once again, a hearty laugh over Rightist dysfunction.  That most activists refuse to recognize that Der Movement is a defective failure is itself a manifestation of that defectiveness and failure.

When you have a half-Iranian in the fold, now “Persian” Iranians are “White.” Of course, “White” is a subjective term, and, of course, the mainstream “movement” does not consider a half-Iraqi, half-Nigerian such as myself to be White.  Maybe we should just talk about Europeans instead – which Iranians, “Persian” or not, definitely are not.

With well-placed contacts in the big networks and government, it’s almost certain that Trump is aware of the social engineering propaganda that has been staging shootings in order to pass gun control legislation. He is, after all, a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. The Sandy Hook shooting, portrayed as the Pearl Harbor event of gun crime is, at least on the Internet, the most mocked and parodied piece of news fakery in recent years. Trump’s refusal to denounce “Sandy Hook deniers” has not only upset The New Yorker and Rachel Maddow, but worse than that, Trump has appeared on Alex Jones and even invited a Sandy Hook denier to speak at a rally.

Why is this kind of delusional nonsense posted at Counter-Currents? Imagine you are a parent – maybe even a Far-Right, red-pilled one – and your child was killed in one of these massacres.  Then you have to read paranoid retards promoting “denial” of the massacre. It’s all a hoax! Wax dummies in the coffins!  The parents are actors!  This is a goddamned embarrassment.  It’s worse than that. It’s sick and degenerate.

Even author Tom Clancy, known for his inside knowledge concerning governmental operations, died in a hit ordered by Obama, according to ex-CIA agent Jim Garrow.

Yeah, and Miguel Ferrer died from an Israeli “hit” because he played a Jewish FBI agent in Twin Peaks.  No wait, he was given cancer by Randall Flagg for sleeping with a “Free Zone” spy.  No wait, it was payback against Daddy Jose from Captain Queeq/Humphrey Bogart from The Caine Mutiny. Further, the moon landing was (of course!) a hoax, to conceal the fact the moon is made of yellow cheese, which would ruin the international cheese cartels. Of course as well, smoking has no link to cancer, all made up by “Jew doctors” trying to ruin the hearty yeoman American tobacco farmer, and, of course, vaccination causes autism because, well, you know, Jewwwwww doctors…..

Here’s the point, which is glaringly obvious to even a low-IQ Afro-Asiatic swarthoid like myself, but which is somehow missed by all of our racially superior “movement leaders.” When normal people, concerned with the racial crisis, come to the Far-Right, they are going to encounter lunatic crap like what this fellow Zaja and other conspiracy nuts are peddling, and all of that nonsense – completely superfluous to the core of racial nationalism – is going to delegitimize racialism for the “normies.”  They are going to think – “hey, if these racialists are so crazily wrong and paranoid about Sandy Hook and the Apollo Moon missions, maybe they’re just as stupidly paranoid and wrong about White genocide.  Let me go back to the mainstream Right and vote for Lindsey Graham.”  

I’m puzzled that otherwise intelligent people don’t get what I, in my abject inferiority, see as glaringly obvious.  And guess what - even IF some of the conspiracy theories are true, it’s still a bad strategy to focus on them, since it associates the core of racialist thought with superfluous issues (and they are superfluous to the common fundamental core of racial nationalism) and creates extra controversies that we do not need. The fact that most if not all of these theories are in fact obviously nutty tin foil hat stupidity just makes it exponentially worse.

“Time to act accordingly.”  When are any of these guys going to learn anything about operational security? Do NOT send Spencer out there essentially unprotected in the street to do interviews, for godssakes.  Have some security “buddies” with him.  Better yet, make sure some of the "buddies" are just blending in with the crowd, or even pretending to be “antis” – ready to defend Spencer the next time some coward tries a cheap shot. The assailants would not have gotten away if there were some “bystanders” present ready for such events and capable of detaining such criminals.  

Of course, once this tactic is adopted, the other side will escalate, but that’s the point.  As the “Intolerant Politics” article makes clear, we’re headed for Weimar Germany type street brawls between Right and Left.  That’s better than one-sided assaults by Left on Right.  You do the best you can in every given situation. Having prominent activists standing alone, essentially with a “hit me” sign painted on them, is not doing the best we can in that situation. In every competitive give-and-take between opposing forces, you must always force your opponent to “up their game.”  Play the percentages and don’t give away any advantages.  This is similar to leftoid stupidity about racial profiling in airports – “if we racially profile, the terrorists will try and recruit some wholesome-looking White folks.”  Well yes, that’s the whole point – you make things as difficult as possible for them.  You force them to exert time and energy and resources getting around your best defenses, at which point, in the “evolutionary arms race,” you improve your defenses.  If you are going to let guys who look like Osama Bin Laden walk through airport security without a second glance, while at the same time strip-searching 80-year old Irish-American nuns, you are making things too easy for your opponents.  Make them prove they can escalate their game. Likewise, yes, if the Right has proper operational security, sure, the Left will put more effort (if they are capable of doing so) to circumvent it.  And that’s the point.  Make them prove they can do it.  It’s like in sports.   If a hitter cannot hit a curveball, keep on throwing him curveballs, until such time he proves that he’s learned he can hit it, at which point try something else. But if the hitter can slam a fastball and is inept against curveballs, why would you make it easy on him and throw fastballs?  Yes, eventually he may (or may not) learn to hit the curveball – but force him to prove he can do it. Play the percentages, improve your operations, and force your opponents to keep up – if they can.

Friday, January 20, 2017

What The Cuck?

Roissy weeps.

It is time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget: that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots, we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms, and we all salute the same great American Flag. 
And whether a child is born in the urban sprawl of Detroit or the windswept plains of Nebraska, they look up at the same night sky, they fill their heart with the same dreams, and they are infused with the breath of life by the same almighty Creator.

That's pure unadulterated cuckservatism.  Sure, the beginning of the speech was some good (albeit aracial) red-meat right-wing populism, but then it degenerated into "let's rally around the flag" unifying civic nationalism - exactly the opposite of what we need.

Thankfully, the Left isn't buying it and are doing - through their idiotically short-sighted protests - the balkanizing that Der Touchback should have been doing himself.

And all the WNs who have been worshiping Trump's inflated citizenist paunch are going to really have to endure at least four years of  major-league beta race cucking.  We are all in for a bumpy ride.

Odds and Ends 1/20/17: Enoch, Race, and Der Movement

Race and Der Movement in a world gone mad.

Getting serious – if I, a veteran of more than 20 years of this nonsense including a spell of analog activism which led me to observe Grade-A real-world lunacy, is completely disgusted with the latest round of “movement” drama and defective shenanigans, what’s all the “normies” going to think?

At what point will the sane minority in Der Movement realize that they need to pull the plug on the Old Movement and build a New Movement from the ground up, starting with first principles?

Or is all the LARPIng just too damn fun to give up?

Yes, the counter-argument would be that the anti-racist Left and the cuckservative Mainstream Right is as vile, or more so, than is Der Movement.  Quite right, but that misses the point: one expects one’s opponents to be vile and stupid; the problem is when one finds those traits over-represented on one’s own side.

Stop being so god-damned autistic, idiot. Anyone who isn’t a Scandinavian whose family is from outside of the major cities is likely to have some unwanted mixing somewhere in their line, let alone American mutts. Fucking autists are going to drag the entire movement down because they’re mentally incapable of flexible reasoning, while they type away, unmarried, likely many of them having worse genes than Enoch’s wife.

“Flexible reasoning” is perhaps one of the best descriptions I’ve read about what Der Movement needs.  Stop with the purity spirals and the inflexible rigid fossilized dogma and start actually thinking for godssakes.  There’s more to activism than Hitler-Pierce-Kemp, believe it or not.

All of these anti-Enoch people should get off their high horse.  Some of these, who object vehemently to Enoch’s wife, have no problem with East Asians or Iranians in Der Movement.  Some of these have no problem with Trump’s strong Jewish family connections and pro-Zionist foreign policy (which even some “anti-Semites” ignore or try to explain away).  If you are so “hardcore” to object to Enoch, then you need to at least rationally explain how these other things, which more directly affect Der Movement than does (did?) Enoch’s wife, are A-OK.

The pro-Enoch folks also need to be consistent.  For example, Greg wrote:

Beyond that, Mike married before he was red-pilled, such vows matter, and his wife was supportive of him. Frankly, under those circumstances, he would have been a monster to want to divorce her, and I said so.

According to TRS itself, he’s now leaving his wife.  Is he a monster then? And while I agree with most of what Greg wrote in his essay, and agree that the JQ is more than just about genetics/biology and encompasses the totality of Identity, critics do raise the issue of the “unprincipled exception” here.  This does NOT mean I agree with those critics, just that the issue is legitimate to raise and perhaps deserves a more comprehensive answer – a more abstract consideration not directly connected to the Enoch case but a more general analysis of the nature of Jewishness and how to approach such things going forward.

I generally agree with Dienekes here, although some historical indicators of achievement have been quite stable.  Lack of Negro achievement has been the norm.  Europeans and Asians have achieved; within those groups, things may have shifted a bit over time, but the large differences between the major population groups (with Europeans far out-classing Asians in everything except scores on tests that Asians cheat on and in “success” in academia and the professions achieved through copying and uncreative robot-like conformity).  In the end though, HBD obsessions about IQ and other traits that change over time miss the point of the importance of genetic kinship. Yes, gene frequencies change over time, but are stable, over historical time, in the relative sense that affect EGI considerations across wide genetic gulfs.  Otzi the Iceman is still, after all this time, genetically more similar to modern Europeans than to Asians and Africans.  In the big picture, kinship is remarkably stable.

ET-looking Chinaman Ma praises globalization and outsourcing – surprise! On the other hand, he’s right about how Jewmerica wasted trillions fighting Israel’s wars in the Middle East (a full interpretation of his more limited comments on war) and lavishing the fruits economic success on Blue State coastal areas of America.  To those who say the success was generated in the coastal regions I answer thus: Wall Street has looted America’s patrimony and Silicon Valley is based on the White man’s technology.  

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Madness of Der Movement: Winter 2017 Edition

Who is the one “insane” in all of this? The lunatics or the person who mocks the lunatics?

The whole Michael Enoch drama keeps on rolling along.  As I’ve said I don’t know who this fellow is and I really do not care, except for the effect this all has on the legitimacy of racial nationalism.  In general, I think the statements made by Greg Johnson and James Bowery on this subject at Counter-Currents have been reasonable.  It’s probably a good idea to move on from this and not “pick the scab” – but a few observations are in order. In all cases, emphasis added.

I can’t help but notice that some of the same types getting all breathless over Enoch (and this is not meant as a defense of Enoch, as I really don’t care about him personally) do not seem to be bothered by a half-Iranian at, or by the infestations of East Asians and Asian-lovers into Der Movement.

Speaking of which, one cannot make this up.

…I am not so sure if I am a fool. I think it makes me a bigger fool going to WN events with an Asian Girlfriend (I did it three times).

Were those Alt Wrong HBD/race realist events?  If so, they would have invited you to get on the podium and make a speech.  After all, Jeurasianism is the future (der future).

But I give this fellow credit for realizing something I’ve been saying for years:

Yes, there is a whole plan of “asianization” practiced by the Chinese. The Chinese know, that if they send their beautiful girls to foreign men, the child will come out as… Chinese! This creates the Chinese loyalty hierarchy, The Chinese being pure bred, and halfs being subservient to the pure bred. I know of the Chinese being the only race not afraid to race mix with others, believing this would ultimately benefit them in the end.

Yes, East Asians, particularly the Chinese, have been pimping their women off to White males in order to manipulate White society for Asian benefit.

The problem, already, young whites who made their mistake already bread with Asians…

Is that bread made with yeast or with baking powder? Or is it unleavened (oy vey!)?

Then this fellow equates White male-Asian female pairings with White men loving “that Aryan girl in the wheat field” -

As for Asian-Aryanism goes, it works. I am reaching out to other so-called “betas” and young whites who supposedly “fetishized” over Asian girls. Ironically, it’s not called an “abnormal obsession” when WNs constantly love that Aryan girl in the wheat field. It’s only outside the race is it called a fetish.

Tell me again about how my criticisms of HBD-omega male-yellow supremacy are just “crazy” and the like.

Speaking of Asians, we have this from another site:

Because broadcasting things in a staggered drip-drip-drip kind of way delivers maximum torture to TRS, and I’m definitely into torturing TRS.

That’s from the same person who previously indicated a desire to “inflict harm” on Russians. Is TRS pro-Russian?  Probably. Who knows?  Who cares?  Can anyone take any of this seriously?  It’s like a comedy routine.

I see too many people that are just frankly mentally ill in this movement. There is tons of paranoia, tons of accusations and purity spirals and its becoming cannibalistic. This is not growing into a healthy movement. When the inquisition comes, don’t count on yourself being the one in charge.

Ah yes, finally a voice of clarity.  Although “too many” should be changed to “most.” Ironically enough, I get labeled as “insane” for openly mocking Der Movement lunacy – instead of getting the joke (which is stated as such several times) folks in Der Movement take the mocking at face value.  Why? Because that’s what many/most in Der Movement really are like themselves. So, why shouldn’t I be just another “movement” lunatic?

Note to “movement” – if you want to attract “normies” this sure is not the way to do it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The JQ In A Nutshell

Brief and to the point.

Read here.  Emphasis added:

For Jews living in Western societies, however, the migrants aren’t the only outgroup. Western peoples and cultures themselves are an outgroup— see my book Separation and Its Discontents. Hence one would expect Jewish negative attitudes toward both immigrants and the host white culture. 
So Jewish attitudes could be analyzed as simply whichever outgroup summons up the greater hostility. And Jewish attitudes are primarily determined by their hostility towards whites.

Thus, to Jews, Whites are (outgroup) enemy number one.  Here we see Identity in its totality, a combination of genes, phenotypes, religion and other aspects of culture, history, and self-conception.  One cannot conflate Jewish Identity to any one of these things, it is all of them in combination.  Those who focus on one and try to ask "are Jews White?" miss the point entirely. In the last analysis, Jews themselves view themselves as a separate people, and that is how they should be viewed by us.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Der Movement in Der News, 1/17/17

The usual stupidity marches on.

Looks like my “Buyer’s Remorse” post was very timely indeed. What’s going on, Der Movement? Losing faith in your latest Man on White Horse even before he officially becomes President?  I can say I told you so, so I’ll say it: I told you so.  Look, while there were good strategic reasons to support Trump’s candidacy – and I did support it and did so publicly, having endorsed the fat slob (and voted for him) – there was never any excuse for being fooled about what Trump really is. And make no mistake, people were fooled (and the pathetic fanboy Roissy still is).  The quota queens can spin and retcon all they want, but it was the Alt Right and Alt Wrong who were breathlessly telling us that Chubby was “the last chance for White America,” and getting all hot and bothered with every Trump tweet and electoral victory (while studiously ignoring just who it was who got Trump the nomination through primary voting).  In contrast, EGI Notes was VERY clear from the beginning: Trump was a “vulgar buffoon” and a “beta race cuck” and all his foibles and Jewish connections were laid bare here.  Der Movement was implored not to make a fool of themselves over the Trumpian phenomenon, but to just consider Der Touchback as a tool to achieve specific goals.  Now, all these folks are disillusioned, and the more mendacious of them (the HBD race realist crowd) have the “chutzpah” to pretend like they were always “wise” to Trump’s shallow veneer of implicit Whiteness.  Does the reader begin to understand why I’m so disgusted with Der Movement?

Good news: NPD not banned.  Bad news: the rationale basically is that it is considered that they have zero chance to achieve their aims.  Implication: if they become more successful, expect banning, unless the German judiciary changes by then.

Before reading this, I never heard of “Michael Enoch.”  I know next to nothing about this whole drama, and really do not want to know, and the only take home lesson is that it reinforces my desire to keep Der Movement “at arm’s length.”  Der Movement lurches from one self-inflicted public embarrassment to another, doing all it can to repel normal, healthy people.

Race in Der News, 1/17/17

The usual stupidities,

Ironically enough, one of the pictures accompanying this article shows invaders easily going under Orban’s pathetic chicken-wire fence.  If we know it’s happening, doesn’t Saint Viktor know?  And, so…?

Yes, and if Harry mates with mongrel Markle, so much for the “Nordic physical type.”  Are English patriots fed up with the “royal family” yet?  Of course, these “royals” already have a quite interesting bloodline. Nevertheless, the vast majority of their ancestry is European, and the vast majority of that is Anglo-Germanic; if they were to continue to intermarry with the native English stock, any Afro-Asiatic traces would be diluted out. Unfortunately, Harry, who seems to have inherited race-mixing proclivities from his mother, is currently intent on reinforcing, rather than diluting, such admixture.

Thus comes the ultimate peril of the China to all nations on earth and especially the White race whom China knows it must defeat and subdue, and if necessary, eliminate to achieve its ambitions, without mentioning the fact that China’s major ally and enabler, the international Jewry also shares this objective. 

In a summary, in years China has morphed into a hybrid monster combining the worst and most sinister elements and vices of the traditional and modern China sifted and forged to survive and linger to this day: selfishness, ruthlessness, apathy, cruelty, bully, deceit, egotism, mendacity, jealousy, vindictiveness, amorality, duplicity, abusiveness, aggressiveness, vileness, violence and treachery… It is high time for the White people to wake up and stare at the dire reality of the Chinese question squarely and start thinking about countermeasures as soon as possible.

Jews and China.  Of course, the Silk Roaders claim that anyone - even virulent anti-Semites! – who does not grovel to Asians is either Jewish or is a pro-Jew who “sucks Jewish cock” (exact quote).

AJ: To what extent, if any, do you see yourself as White, or a part of Western culture? 

RJ: I do not consider Jews to be white, even Ashkenazis. We have a fundamentally different identity, despite some of us having European blood.