Monday, March 6, 2017

The Raving Madness of Silk Road White Nationalism

Answering the Silk Roaders.

This was followed by a moronic attack against me on Majority Rights itself.

The reality of Silk Road White nationalism exposed here.

Daniel S, ally of Kumiko, saying that Asians should have colonies in the West and at its borders because a racial nationalist Europe will need Chinese girls with guns to defend us (emphasis added):

“Sacrosanct European territories in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand will likely need to become smaller at any rate in order to be maintained and defended. But with the increased manageability of defense will come an opportunity to offer cooperation to Asians to have some sacrosanct territories of their own in these places. 

We already have Chinatowns. Now there could be some intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities with border and migrant control an explicit part of their mandate.”

My reply to that race treason:

That is not simply saying, “Better Asians than Blacks.” That is saying to have Asian colonies in: Americas, Australia, New Zealand, European cities, and Mediterranean borders.   It’s there in black and white. 

And this is precisely my objection.  I absolutely reject any scenario that includes Asians having “sacrosanct territories” in White lands and/or maintenance of “Chinatowns” or any other invasive colonies in White “borders” or in “European cities.

And although the Silk Roaders will deny that Daniel S advocated Chinese girls with guns guarding the borders of the West, it is right here, with pictures.

In case the Silkers block the link from here, it is:

One can only speculate about the mentality underlying that.  

To summarize: In exchange for handing over the Russian Far East to Asians, Whites will in return get the “benefits” of Asian colonization of White lands, including Chinese girls with guns enforcing law and order.  What a deal!  It sounds more like an Alt Wrong masochistic sex fantasy than any sort of reasonable racial alliance, but what do I know?  Putting aside the obvious point that the problem that the West has currently with immigration (including of Asians, by the way) is one of will, not one of ability.  If Whites wanted to stop the influx tomorrow, they could very well do so on their own; they do not need Suzie Wong and her Kalashnikov to do the job for us.

And oh yes, the Silk Roaders will praise Britain’s “geostrategic thinking” in order to foment intra-European conflict, but note that this is the same Kumiko who wrote about the UK:

Yes, the UK’s leadership deliberately and consciously siding with international motherfucking Jews…

Which is it?  Britain’s wise geostrategic statesmanship, or a leadership “siding with international motherfucking Jews…” Whichever hands over the Russian Far East to Asians, and creates Asian colonies in White nations so that White males can be bossed around by Asiatrices with rifles – that’s the ticket! That’s to my mind an order of magnitude more repulsive than anything Hoffmeister ever said, and if I had to choose between Hoffmeister and Majority Rights, I pick the former.

And get this (emphasis added)

For British Asians in the Brexit environment, our lives and our property are bound up with the fortunes and the flag of Great Britain, so it is only natural that we would stand with Britain against any and all opponents.

Hmmm…”our?”  This creature, this diseased Oriental, lives in the UK?  Well, why not? Majority Rights supports Asian colonization of White lands, so it makes sense.  Some “White nationalism” MR is, with a female Japanese, living in a White nation, attacking WN by talking about “non-existent European solidarity.”  MR is not a pro-White site.  It is an anti-White, pro-Asian site.  Actually, even if Counter-Currents supports ethnonationalism it still does, insofar as I know, support the European solidarity this Asiatic claims to be non-existent.  So, the incompatibility between the two blogs is very clear.

To summarize: a non-White invader living in a White nation – the very thing Majority Rights was created to oppose! – uses that forum (what used to be a pro-White site) to attack the very foundation of White racial nationalism, the European solidarity that used to be a guiding principle of that site. In any case, MR is now openly hostile to the ethnic genetic interests of Europeans.


But I would urge readers of Counter-Currents to take a look at Majority Rights, both posts and comments threads, where the Alt Right and Trump are attacked as lackeys of Russians/Jews/Israel and where Alt Right personalities like Greg Johnson, Richard Spencer, and Michael Enoch are subjected to juvenile, and sometimes vulgar, personal attack.  After all, if you are not slavishly pro-Asian and anti-Russian, you are no damn good. In particular, Captain Chaos subjected Greg Johnson to a particularly repulsive attack (which I have saved in case the dishonest Silk Roaders delete it). Instead of moderating it away, they let it stand.  What to expect from a bunch of vile trash that harassed Michael Enoch (who was supported by the same Counter-Currents the vile Japotrix wants to curry favor with now – probably the reason Greg was attacked, his support of Enoch), engages in gay baiting of Richard Spencer as a lisping effeminate (while he actually has more physical courage than most, going out in public), and the way Bowery has been treated there over the years, allowing him to be abused by Graham Lister, while in the midst of serious personal difficulties, was disgusting and atrocious.

And lest we forget, I was labeled as a “Jew” or someone who “sucks Jewish cock” by Daniel after I had the temerity to object to colonies of Asian women with guns in Western nations. If that’s the supporters of ethnonationalism, again, I’ll take Hoffmeister over them any time.

By the way, the Majority Rights hostility to Trump and the Alt Right is encapsulated by this Kumiko comment:

I can’t wait to see the kind of vacuous nonsensical stream-of-conscious word-salad which will be deployed across the lectern in search of a meaning, once Trump actually starts ad-libbing in the middle of his own speech as he so often tends to do.

In terms of the substance of his speech, I’m expecting that it will be in the combined tradition of Madison Grant, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Dwight D. Eisenhower – which is to say, a crybully session in which people will be entreated to ‘discover’ that all of the problems of White and Jewish Americans and Israeli Jews, all the problems that they have, are somehow to be blamed on Asians and Mexicans.

We can’t pick on those poor Asians and Mexicans!  And how about putting Madison Grant in the same category as FDR, who pushed the Democrat party into anti-Whitism and Ike, who began the process of integrating the American educational system   How can you compare a racial nationalist like Grant (who defined his race specifically in terms of Nordic) to anti-Nordics (and anti-Whites) like FDR and Ike?  Answer: they all picked on those poor, innocent Asians.  The whole world must be explained in terms of Asian interests, don’t you know.  And if you object, then you’re a “Jew” or “suck Jewish cock.”

The Silk Roaders essentially use anti-Semitic rhetoric as a smokescreen to conceal Asian supremacist and Asian imperialist motives.  Throw a few “It’s the Jews!” bones in the direction of “movement” Nutzis and hope they don’t realize your entire agenda is about enriching Asian interests at the expense of that of Europeans.  The idea that someone can be opposed to BOTH Jews and Asians doesn’t quite register on the memetic maps of these Asiatic swindlers.

Meanwhile, the Alt Right, for all their faults, at least critique Trump for valid reasons.  You know, a pro-White site actually cares about what’s good for Whites, instead of what’s good for Asians.  Paying attention, GW? Remember when the “Majority” in your “Majority Rights” referred to Europeans and not Asians?

One basic problem with the whole Silk Road Asian Alliance/Derbyshire Arctic Alliance nonsense is that it presupposes a set of conditions that would render it irrelevant.

This is common sense and logic.  Who in the White world would make such an alliance with Asians?  Who?  Merkel and other anti-White, liberal, globalist leaders?  The American System?  Who?  Well, the answer would come, it would be White/Euro-nationalists who would make such an alliance.  Uh, well, that’s great, but such nationalists are not in any position to make any grand international alliance as envisioned by the Silk Road/grovel-to-Rosie crowd, a grand geopolitical/strategic/military alliance to keep out the hordes of the Global South.

Thus, it would need to be White/Euro-nationalists in positions of power.  In other words, the grand alliance would need to occur after the White world is governed by ethno/racial nationalists.  Who else would want to make such an alliance and be in a position to do so?

Very well.  But, if ethno/racial nationalists are in control of the White world, then what need to they have for Asians and an alliance with Asians?  The current invasion of the White world by the Global South (which, truth be told, includes East and South Asians, who are migrating to the West the same as all the other Coloreds) is a social and political problem, it is a problem of will. It is not a technical or military problem.  If Whites decided tomorrow that they wanted an end to the invasion, then the invasion ends.  There is no way for the Coloreds to force their way in if Whites absolutely refuse. The problem is that Whites, particularly the globalist elites who control White nations, do not want to stop the invasion; instead they want to encourage and facilitate it.  Likewise, if Whites wanted to expel all non-Whites from White nations, they could do so – it wouldn’t be easy, and would require some bloodshed no doubt, but it could be done.  Whites do not need Asian help to enact these measures, and Whites are the ones who need to decide that it must be done.  No one else can do that for us.  Indeed, one could expect that Asians, at least some Asians, would object to such a renaissance of White Will and White Power, since Asian immigration to the West is one safety valve for their teeming hordes (and infiltrates the West with Asian influence).

So, why an alliance?  What possible benefit could it confer?  And at what cost?  The Silk Roaders talk about ceding the entire Russian Far East to Asians, they have talked about having Asian colonies in White cities, having Asian colonies on the borders of Europe – as if Europeans need those Chinese girls with guns (pictured at Silk Road blogs) to defend them. And what price Derbyshire’s Arctic Alliance?  That we need to have an Asian and Jewish technocratic elite living in White nations, insisting on our “measured groveling” and intermarrying with high-IQ Whites to form a Jeurasian overclass?

No thank you.  This is all cost and no benefit.  Any alliance is unnecessary and would confer unacceptable costs.  Instead, the most we should strive for is peaceful coexistence, peaceful competition.  Any further than that is madness.