Monday, December 31, 2018

The Year in Review: 2018

The year that was.

A brief outline of 2018, with an emphasis on Der Movement and the Sallis Groupuscule.

1. Sallis contra Lewontin. I finally got around to formally (preliminary) demonstrate that “Lewontin’s Fallacy” applies to any form of human population grouping, including random grouping, mixed-race grouping, etc.  That is, any human population, however chosen, will demonstrate “more variation within than between” – and this has nothing to do specifically with race, and retarded leftist “arguments” that assert that “within/between” somehow invalidates race, or worse, demonstrates that “Whites and Blacks are more genetically similar to each other than to members of their own racial group”, are absurd, and objectively and quantitatively absolutely wrong.

This was, in my opinion, by far my most important contribution in 2018 and, predictably, it was completely ignored by Der Movement.  Indeed, even among readers of this blog, based on page views, I notice that criticisms of Der Movement get much more attention than any of my genetics-based posts, or book reviews (here or at Western Destiny), or any other such analysis.

Whether that is because activists are “hungry” for alternative and critical viewpoints of the “movement,” or simply because people prefer to read about “movement gossip” and infighting, I do not know.

However, the fact that groups ostensibly interested in these genetics-based matters – racialists, HBDers, etc. - studiously ignored this (and other similar material produced here) should tell you something.  It’s “Who” and not “What.”  Material of utility for White racial interests, material of interest to “race realists”- all of that is ignored if it is produced by the “wrong” people.  Values get thrown out the window when personal and narrow ideological interests are at stake.  Remember that when all those types protest about how much they prioritize ethical activism and White racial interests and “the pursuit of the truth.”

2. Reviews. Speaking of things that have been ignored, Bolton’s important biography of Yockey was available, so I got a e-copy, read it, and reviewed it found here. I also did a review of the “Whither Judaism and the West?” book chapter, found here.

3. Alt Blight.  2018 is the year that the Alt Right definitely and obviously collapsed, the bubble burst, the Alt Right fever broke, much to my relief – and just as I predicted as far back as 2016 (when all the heroic “movement leaders” were jumping on the Alt Right bandwagon).  This has to be by far the single biggest “movement”-related story of 2018, at least on the American scene.  And both proponents and opponents (Left and Right) of the Alt Right admit and acknowledge the collapse.  Indeed, post mortems have been written from both sides of the political spectrum. It’s that obvious.

The problem is that the niche space of “movement” stupidity must be filled, like air rushing into a vacuum, and we are now seeing a resurgence of the Alt Wrong (see the Counter-Currents ethics issue below).

4.  They’re not proud, boys.  Concomitant with the collapse of the Alt Right, the Alt Lite has also degenerated, exemplified by the “Proud Boys” being chased out of LA bars by noodle-armed soyboys, and then essentially disowned by their creator.  Are these the types you want to get under the “big tent” with?

5. Deplatformimg, persecution, and the rule of Antifa.  One reason for the decline of the “Alts” and the “movement” as a whole, has been the inability to deal with a concerted effort by the System to target Far Right activists at various points of vulnerability.  Rightists have been deplatformed from social media and various online financial entities, they’ve been targeted by lawfare and social pricing, and the Far Left Trump administration has let Antifa essentially conquer the American Street, so we have scraggly wanna-be leftists acting as the running dog enforcers of the globalist-big business-anti-White alliance. Antifa is now the de facto police force of the government and of globalist big business interests.

6. The Turd Emperor.  This blog correctly and presciently identified Trump as a fraud and a vulgar ignorant buffoon back in 2015. Three years later, and after two years of a failed Presidency, most (but not all) of the Trump cheerleaders have realized that they’ve been “had, “and the intra-“movement” consensus is that Trump is a pathetic failure.  However, the Quota Queens by and large take no personal responsibility for this fiasco of misplaced trust and enthusiasm; there will of course be NO accountability for the latest Man on White Horse Syndrome episode.  Expect it to happen again.

7.  Going counter to the ethical current. The ethical collapse of Counter-Currents is another story of 2018. That site has been in decline for several years, and the gaslighting of trying to blame the failures of WN 2.0 on WN 1.0 was one low point this year.  But, as bad as that was, it was merely an appetizer to the two shoes dropping

First, we observed Counter-Currents embracing Derbyshire, doubling down on the good old boys network, despite the fact that Johnson in the past strongly denounced Derbyshire as an anti-WN, race-mixing opportunist, and also denounced WNs who embraced Derbyshire.  Second, Johnson wrote that “Trevor Lynch” is going to be featured at the Jew Unz site.  That’s astonishing, and not in a good way.  It seems that with the death of the Alt Right, Counter-Currents is pivoting to the Alt Wrong.  

More evidence of the Counter-Currents shift is this excerpt of a recent Johnson comment:
The mature thing for the American movement is to invest in individuals and organizations that are changing minds and bringing people over to our side, as opposed to failures who only bring shame upon us. Here’s my short list:

1. Counter-Currents and me
2. American Renaissance and Jared Taylor
3. VDare and the Brimelows
4. The Occidental Observer and Kevin MacDonald
5. Identity Europa and Patrick Casey
6. Red Ice
Of the five non-CC entities listed, three (60%) are HBD/Alt Wrong, with two (40%) – Amren and VDARE – being the fundamental pillars of the Alt Wrong.  Johnson and Counter-Currents have thrown in their lot in with the Alt Wrong, and one can reasonably predict that  in the long term Counter-Currents as a vehicle for White racial nationalism is finished.  Also note that Johnson’s list is enriched in people and entities who “threw Spencer under the bus” after Hailgate.  Also note that there is solidarity there for both the affirmative action program as well as for tin cup panhandling.  This is the “movement” "amen corner” reinforcing each other’s biases and errors.

By the way, here is my comprehensive list of “individuals and organizations” that are of any use:

1. Ted Sallis and the Sallis Groupuscule (EGI Notes and Western Destiny)

List complete.

I have had my disagreements with the WN 1.0 folks, but at least those people are of a more sound character when it comes to not selling out.  I can’t imagine the likes of Duke, Strom, Roper, Linder (or Pierce when he was alive) writing for Unz, groveling to a race-mixer like Derbyshire, or anything else of that nature.  Leave that to all the WN 2.0 and 3.0 heroes. Despite ideological disagreements, as well as disagreements on strategy and “optics,” I’m much closer in basic character to WN 1.0 than I am to any of the later permutations.  All these guys keep on trying to reinvent the wheel, and they haven’t yet figured out that this won’t work.

Here’s Roissy on Unz:
Ron Unz lies a lot in an article about the Alt-Right which he penned last year but reposted yesterday. I think the strawman-per-word ratio in his id-shaped rant is higher than anything I’ve read outside of a feminist tumblrrhea screed.

His main contention is that the “alt-right” are being deplatformed and de-personed because representatives (whoever they are) exaggerate the criminal threat of latino immigration, and the Soylicunt Valley nerdos who have been thrust into the role of Speech Police can’t tolerate the lies.
This is an utter inversion of the reality, which is that the Big Tech Poindexters can’t tolerate the truths which dissident outposts daily level against the corrupt Globohomo worldview and nation-dissolving agenda.
The “alt-right” (really, a constellation of realtalkers who refuse to parrot neolibogisms) is silenced because they write truths that the masturbators of the universe don’t want to read.
Simple as that.
Censorship has historically been used as a tool by the powerful to suppress the views of the powerless who threaten the former’s hold on power. That Unz can’t or won’t grasp this ineluctable fact of no-holds-barred status jockeying between antagonistic groups says a lot about what kind of resentful agenda motivates him.
How about all Unz contributors being upfront as to whether they are being paid by Unz and if so how much?  And can any of us believe we’d see the day when Roissy makes more sense than Johnson?

8. Randy Phil. Rushton was exposed as a hypocrite, a race traitor, and a fraud – and by a fellow HBDer no less.  Rushton fathered a child with a Negress.  What’s next?  Pierce having had a secret love child with a Jewess?

And of course all the Rushton fanboys either ignored the revelations or started with ad hominem attacks against the messenger Dutton, as if those personal attacks could in any way alter the pathetic and disturbing facts of the case.  That’s HBD for you.  But let’s give Dutton credit for some honesty here.   Twilight of the Idols indeed.

9. Out of Africa. The Spencer and Johnson 23andMe results - emphasizing the absurdity of that test’s minor admixture estimates.

10. Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong. Typically wrong – Jack Nicholson as a prospective “alpha shitlord” – while any 30 second Google search can demonstrate that he’s a life-long liberal Democrat.  A “jacked” Bezos making a “hard turn right” politically – except he didn’t. Good going there, Roissy, on both counts.  “Shakin’ Stevens” and his Odinist perspectives – that is, when he’s not being a Red.  Good going, Rowsell.  Not to mention the “movement’s” humiliation about Trump, mentioned above.  In Trump We Trust – until "we" don’t.

11. Can’t keep it in the pants.  There was the Heimbach-Parrott and Spencer-Conte dramas. The lack of moral fiber and sexual self-control demonstrates a failure of leadership character.  To be fair, the Spencer-Conte issue is murky, and has not been definitively established.  The other incident is more definitive.

And, gee, Heimbach’s latest comeback attempt was short-lived.  Try, try again.  It must be great to have a “free pass” from Der Movement for having the appropriate ethnic ancestry.  After all, even Baby Daddy Rushton is still worshipped in some circles. 

Delenda Est Der Movement

The White race will be free only AFTER Der Movement, Inc. is destroyed.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Strom and IE

Der Movement.

Kevin Strom talks about racial identity.  That is an excellent contribution by Strom and is consistent with my idea of an “EGI Firewall” – that concerns for EGI should be the minimal foundation for any objective that a society sets for itself.  Whether you call it racial identity, racial interests, EGI, or whatever, it all boils down to the same thing.  Indeed, the only significant departure between my views and that expressed by Strom here is his assertion that the National Alliance is a serious vehicle for the promotion of White interests.  It was not that when Pierce was alive, and I don’t see the organization having any long-term viability in the absence of Pierce and the regard (whatever you believe it was justified or not) he was held by the broader “movement.”

Identity Evropa: they seem, at first glance, to be sound.  I wonder if they are for all Europeans, or just (the standard) subset of them.  That will, I assume become clearer over time.  I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt now, but origins in the Old Movement, particularly the Alt Right, does not inspire confidence in this regard.  The HBD-style material at their website does not inspire confidence either.

The community service approach is excellent and something I’ve promoted for a long time, see my interview in Griffin’s book for example.  That needs to be expanded.  The vetting seems so far to be working, and is apparently goes beyond the standard “are you Swedish?” “movement” fare.  The property expansion is good, and I am gratified that the person talking seems to understand the sort of contingencies and problems involved.  I am not as optimistic as this interview as for a positive outcome of the court cases, but we’ll have to wait and see. In general, I do not believe all these people, including Taylor, truly understand the extent to which the System is committed to crushing dissident views to racial orthodoxy.

One question, particularly relevant given the forum at which this interview took place: Does Identity Evropa consider Jews to be European and hence eligible for membership?

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Der Marching Movement

Some points.

What is Populism? is a truly terrible, even contemptible performance. Müller is Professor of Politics at Princeton University, so he’s not totally stupid. What’s stupid is the Left-liberal democratic ideology and system that he defends. One gets the impression that he has lived so long in the echo chamber of academia and the middle-brow press that he has never really articulated and challenged his own political convictions. You’d think that would come with the territory as Professor of Politics at Princeton. But they don’t make Princeton professors like they used to. I think Müller stumbles so badly because, for perhaps the first time in his life, he has blundered out of the cave into the sunlight.
But take heart: an establishment this out of touch is truly doomed.
That was a reasonably good analysis by Johnson.  As he is a full time activist – living off donations – he certainly has the time to read, and review, all these books.  One problem is that he’s preaching to the choir here. How to get these analyses out to a broader population?  After all, I thought Counter-Currents was all for the “big tent” and wants to normalize WN?

Johnson should challenge Muller to a debate on the subject of populism. There’s not much of a chance that Muller would accept, but what do you have to lose (assuming Johnson believes he could win such a debate)?  In the off chance Muller accepts, that would be a major promotion of Johnson’s views; if Muller objects, or ignores the invite, he can be publicly accused of intellectual cowardice.

This is a relevant point to my concerns about funding – I don’t begrudge anyone living off donations as long as they earn it. The question is whether anyone is earning it, according to my standards. Giving a forum to scum like Derbyshire is not a step in the right direction in that regard.  Breaking through the System’s cordon sanitaire to promote positive memes would be step in the right direction. Activists should only contribute donations to those people doing positive things. But, alas, the walking wallets disagree with my assessment and will continue to fund retrograde destructiveness.  Such is life.

As regards this: “But take heart: an establishment this out of touch is truly doomed.”

Does that apply to Der Movement, Inc. as well? We can only hope.  And the fate of the Alt Right give us good reason to hope.  The good old boy network is not invincible, even with the narrow confines of racial activism itself (and it is that context I am talking about, as the network is absolutely inept – far from invincible – in tackling the System).

Why not?  They thought they were electing a pro-White right-wing populist as President, and instead they got a radically left-wing Antifa supporter.

Interesting how Sailer talks about Whites as a race.  Hey, Breezy Steve, I thought that White nationalism is “impossible” because we can’t figure out who is, or is not, “White?’  But you seem to do so in every other column.  Of course you include Jews as “White”- what was your ancestry again?  And does Unz pay you?

An excellent gamester comment below.  Note how Asians are included in the non-White hordes.  Colored is as colored does.  They are all the same.
For reasons that are a mystery to me, I like to put myself into the shoes – or more accurately, into ‘da haid’ — of a nonWhite in America or any White country. What I feel on these jaunts into their skulls is their simple and unbridled joy, their unshaken belief in a bright future that rests on this one, single foundation: wypipo will continue to play by the rules.
Those rules being, that we (I’m back to me now, a White) will continue to be the inanimate backdrop of social capital that lays a nice habitat for blacks, browns and yellows though our competence, niceness, our imbecilic good cheer. One-man-one-vote and the browning of America mean that we’ll resign ourselves to the shifting electoral reality just like individual trees continue to stand around and cast shade and look pretty no matter how many trees around them are cut down.
Whether we’re talking about a 70-IQ black or the 110-IQ Asian, they lack the flexibility of imagination that would let them envision a dynamic system within which, when pressure is turned up on Whites, Whites stop playing by the rules of present-day’s strange, unstable moment of transition between the old complacent America of plenty and the new America whose myths of plurality are becoming Boomer-relics.
While Roissy writes about “pasta naggers,” I write about BOTH the Italian question and about “cuck naggers.” This blog attempts to be honest about, and critical about, all ethnies, while the quota queens are ever-so-selective.

This is interesting.  Fascinating that they didn't prioritize a particular Borreby individual, but, what can you say?

I was listening to a Radio Europa podcast which was going well until the commentators started critiquing the idea of a European Imperium, using all sorts of retarded straw man arguments.  It doesn't matter how often one points out that even an extreme integrationist like Yockey supported local sovereignty.  No sir!  Those horrific "Greek Orthodox" people are going to torment you mercilessly by their very existence, so no Imperium for you!  Of course, having nice "Commonwealth" West Indians and South Asians around is all fine and dandy, eh?.  In other words - Rotherham good, Brittas Bay bad.

Ahhh...cuck naggers.  Shakin' mah haid...amirite?  [Gamesters weep]

OK, to be fair, they don't want the Blacksters and Brownsters around either. But their hysterical reaction to the Imperium idea, without discussing the nuances, is despicable, and deserves to be mocked.

Friday, December 28, 2018

It’s….Der Movement

More of the same.

Remember: Those who fight for the Golden Age live in it today.  And you “fight” by giving money to all of our fearless leaders. Open dem dere wallets!  Lauren needs some frilly and silly things!

Indeed.  By analogy, the tin cup is gold plated.  With your money.  Give, give, and give.

Watch this.  This is the "Saint Joseph" praised by Roissy commentators.  Red filth, heroes of communist Antifa and, by extension, Antifa supporters (e.g., Cuomo, Sessions, Trump).

A comment from the video’s comment section:
billy giles

wait a minute. they gathered whole families with tiny innocent children and babies and poured kerosene on the hay and set it alight burning them to death in the most savage and EXCRUTIATING way. why the hell is communism not as despised as Nazism? how dare people walk round at protests with communist signs knowing they done things like that many times and killed hundreds of millions! try walking round with a swastika and see what happens, yet figures wise they killed a miniscule amount in comparison. if we act like communism is some how cool and ok then I guarantee you history is going to repeat itself. I will never forget this documentary, the leaders of the soviet union like stalin and beria were the real traitors, how dare they repress the beautiful Russian spirit, that's treason and killing your own people is also treason and the opposite of what you supposed to do as a leader your job is to make the peoples lives better not worse
“…killing your own people is also treason…”

Well…Stalin – Georgian. Yagoda – Jew.

The problem is that many of the people responsible for doing the killing were not the same ethny as those killed. It’s all “Who? Whom” anyway, right?  Poor, innocent, delicate Jews were targeted by the Nazis, so the Nazis are the epitome of all evil.  The Soviets mostly killed Slavs, and who cares about those brutes, eh?  Add to that the fact that many of the killers were Jews and we can see why being a communist is accepted today; indeed, in academia and among “anti-fascist” activists it is a badge of honor.  And if you care about Asians – which I assume “normies” do – how about the victims of Mao (a hero of Antifa) and the “killing fields” of Cambodia?

Apparently, the “whiteness” of Jews is in the eye of the beholder.

And HBDer Sailer – adopted and of uncertain ancestry – wants to promote the idea that Whites and Jews are in the same “white boat” together.  Err…NO.

Instead of seeing Derbyshire’s data, Sailer’s ancestry testing results would be more informative.  Has Breezy been analyzed?  You’d think an adopted person who is so obsessed with issues of race and ethnicity would be curious enough about their own ethnic background to take a look.  Yes, low levels of “admixture” are not reliable in these commercially available tests, not reliable by the standards of hard science's statistical significance, but I’m not talking about 8% this or 5% that or 0.5% of something else.  A person’s majority ancestral background can very well be determined with accuracy and that’s what is the issue here.

Does this include The Lord of the Rings?

As a teenager, I wasted several years playing video games. I was also quite a big fan of fantasy and science fiction — Lord of the Rings, Warhammer 40,000, and such. Personally, I deeply regret having wasted this time…
Blasphemy!  Orc!  You are hereby ejected from your snug hobbit hole!
Excuse my MGTOWesque outburst here, but it is true. What the MGTOW folks have to say about the breakdown of relations between the sexes is quite true.
Hey!  You’re close to getting banned from Counter-Currents!  What about Joan of Arc?  What about Lauren’s need for “frilly and silly things?”  Don’t get discouraged ladies – don’t let the bastards get you down, eh?
The world belongs to those who are willing to make sacrifices in the present for future glory.
Donate to Counter-Currents, so you can live in the Golden Age today!  

Interesting picture accompanying the article.  Looks like a Type I traditionalist ready to march in one of Parrott’s rallies.

And if you can’t make it to the forest to be snug in your hobbit hole, there are alternatives.  Just make sure there’s a checkbook in that drawer, so you can send in some “D’Nations.”


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Der Movement Marches On

More wreckage.

Whatever you want to say about Taleb, he’s at least forcing the Alt Wrong HBD fetishists to defend their premises – for the first time, in, well, forever.

Apparently, those 23ndMe results have real world consequences.

A bit behind the times:

Never fear – given enough time, Der Movement belatedly realizes, promotes, or understands many of the points raised here months or years earlier.

Does the taint of Arktos prevent book reviews?
Vincere Arkadin
Posted December 26, 2018 at 5:27 am | Permalink
What about Bolton’s Yockey bio? Did you read it by chance?
Greg Johnson
Posted December 26, 2018 at 5:37 am | Permalink
I have not been able to read it.
A Type II review is here.

Meanwhile, Johnson is now a writer for the Jewish-HBD Unz site.  Zman would be proud. Is this a paid position?  After all, moneybags Ron usually pays his writers.  Does Greg believe that Unz should be “driven out of White society” as he has stated for Jews in general?  Pay close attention, goys, pay close attention.

More examples for the “movement” cherry pickers:

In phenotypic contrast, Lega Nord politician Maroni, born in Varese, Lombardy.  Undoubtedly, a Celt-Germanic Nordic.  As Roissy commentators assert - “geography matters in Italy, like a lot.”

For Greg Conte – an Italian politician of Calabrian ancestry.  Another purebred mountain wop, no doubt. Arya…arya….

This is the future you choose for your children when you mumble on with your excuses and reservations.
Yes, it's worth some people getting doxxed, fired, and arrested over. It's a real struggle, not an internet hobby.
This is the future you choose for your children when you tolerate outrageously incompetent quota queens, freakshows, and online grifters.
Yes, it's worth some “movement leaders” being mocked and ridiculed. It's a real struggle, not a panhandling scheme for people who want to live off of follower’s donations.
Der movement marches on.  The voices of WN 3.0?  Say it aint’ so!  Let’s see now.  Trolling, “shitposting,” and generalized juvenile jackassery: all WN 2.0 activities.  Another fail.  Is Greg going to try and blame this fiasco on WN 1.0 as well?

And this is another example why Parrott and all the other quota queens are so wrong in their “suggestions” and “advice.”  Rallies, trolling, beer bellies with their muskets, and all the rest mean nothing, absolutely nothing, when there is no infrastructure, no one embedded in the System, not a single lawyer on call ready to defend, absolutely nothing, nada, zip, zero – nothing except drunken podcasting, Pepe and Kek, trailer park cuckolding, “Proud Boys” chased out of LA boys and then abandoned by their founder, and “leaders” constantly with their hands out demanding “D’Nations.”  There’s nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  And if anyone asserts that we need something, then the good old boys emerge out of the woodwork and – aping their retarded God Emperor – lash out with tweets.  Pathetic.

We're stuck in an eternal negative feedback loop.  The freakshows of Der Movement repel high quality people.  The lack of high quality people leads to a “movement” dominated by freaks, incompetents, and jackasses. This in turn further repels high quality people.

Only when the rank-and-file activists rebel against their “leaders” will this ever change.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Commentary on the Italian Question

Hail Kesselring!

Read here. Excerpt, emphasis added:
Kesselring notoriously characterized the Italians in racial terms, suggesting that they had “inherent” qualities as “southerners” of Europe. After the war, he stated that “the Italian soldier was not a soldier from within. It is possible that I, as a northerner of a different species, am applying the wrong standards—but the results seem to prove my point.” He wrote that Italians were “hot-blooded,” “conceited to an extent which a northerner cannot conceive,” and had “only three fashionable passions: coffee, cigarettes, and women.”  He showed particular disdain for Italians from the South of Italy, stating that rural Italians were “a mass of people who, like children, could be led anywhere.” Kesselring also wrote that the Italian “species” was inferior…
The text also quotes some of Hitler’s criticisms of Italians.

If there are Italian readers who are upset with these negative opinions, and who are now gesticulating in outrage, they should consider the following hard truths.

If you behave in a contemptible manner, others will treat you with contempt.  If you allow yourself to be the anvil of history, others will be the hammer. If you want respect, you must earn it.

If the Italian people, as currently constituted, have it within themselves to overcome their deficiencies then they need to do so as soon as possible.  If they lack the racial character for such an undertaking, then they must submit to an absolutely ruthless regimen of eugenics, to reverse millennia of dysgenic influences.  A willingness to continue as an inferior species will do nothing except prove Kesselring correct.

Of course, if Kesselring were around today, he may have some harsh words for his own German species, allowing itself to be race replaced and its women sexually humiliated by Afro-Asiatic invaders invited in by a Borreby Stasi hag (in addition to the previous influx of Turks).

However, the current decline of Germania does not absolve Italia for its own longer-standing status as one of the laughing stocks of Europe.  Inferior is as inferior does.  Superior is as superior does.

Superiority must be earned.

Your choice.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

In all cases, emphasis added.

And what is Christmas without Brimelow using his young children as props for some implicit tin cup panhandling?  Although here it is more implicit and more indirect than usual:
So I more than ever want to wish a Merry, and blessed, Christmas to our readers, writers and especially donors—God bless you, every one.
Donors are especially blessed; after all, you make things like this possible!  Now, that’s some moral seriousness, to be sure!  What better way to spend “movement” donations?

Notice how Asians rank here.  Closer to Blacks and Hispanics than even to Jews.  Colored is as colored does.  Asians: A more intelligent form of Negro.

I have mixed opinions about Taleb’s criticism of the worth of IQ.  On the one hand, I agree with him that some people over-rate the importance of IQ.  After all, I am one of the leading Far Right critics of HBD and the Alt Wrong, and I have criticized the HBDers’ fetishistic obsession with IQ.  There are indeed “intellectual idiots” out there – consider how many academics are dogmatic leftists, spouting the most absurd nonsense.  We also have such types on our side as well. So, yes, IQ is not a complete measure of human worth, and a high IQ does not automatically equate with success.  Note the extreme deficiencies of high-IQ Jews and Asians, as well as high-IQ Whites who cannot understand fundamental realities in the midst of their demented intellectualized fantasies. But…

On the other hand, Taleb goes too far.  Just because something is over-rated does not mean it is not vitally important.  Just because something is not sufficient does not mean it is not necessary.  The entire modern world has been built by high-IQ (European-derived male) individuals, and low-IQ areas are cesspools of filth and degradation.  The following riposte to Taleb is also cogent:
It's funny to see someone with a genius level IQ like Taleb (a talented quant and professor) literally deny the importance of the metric, when he himself no doubt has a very high IQ, and would not have the cognitive abilities or success he enjoys without it.
It’s easy to be a contrarian and take a controversial position that focuses attention on your views; it is more practical to see the positive and negatives of different human traits.  Ironically enough, Taleb’s own criticism of IQ is precisely the type of intellectualized theorizing, independent of real world common sense, that he rails against. A pragmatic view would be that IQ is fundamentally important but incomplete; it is simply one component of a person’s mental toolkit, only one part of their cognitive and behavioral portfolio.  Taleb instead takes an impractical, rigidly dogmatic approach to the subject and he is wrong for doing so.

To put it in juvenile Alt Right language: Taleb is “sperging out” as badly as any IQ-obsessed ivory tower intellectual.

What is Rudolph’s cephalic index?  Durocher, get out your calipers!

Hey!  I thought – according to Roissy and his commentators – that Whitaker was a “Bane” who was going to properly do The God Emperor’s budding. Trouble in paradise?  Say it ain’t so!  Fake news!  Trust the phyzz!

Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.

Zman writes about the Neocons:
A sleazy dimwit like Goldberg accusing anyone of being mean spirited or stupid reveals a breathtaking lack of self-awareness. That is the very essence of the neoconservative, when you look at the shabby cast of characters flying the flag. Bill Kristol has been wrong about everything for decades, yet he shamelessly waddles around lecturing everyone, as if he is brilliant wise man. A normal man, possessing even a shred of decency, would be in hiding now if he had the record of Bill Kristol.
A sleazy dimwit like [fill in the name of any “movement leader”] accusing anyone of being mean spirited or stupid reveals a breathtaking lack of self-awareness. That is the very essence of the Type I Quota Queen, when you look at the shabby cast of characters flying the flag.  “Movement leaders” have been wrong about everything for decades, yet they shamelessly waddle around lecturing everyone, as if they are brilliant wise men. A normal man, possessing even a shred of decency, would be in hiding now if he had the record of any of those losers.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Whither Judaism, the West, and Der Movement?

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.

Important: A Western Destiny analysis of MacDonald’s “Whither Judaism and the West” book chapter.

Roissy writes a letter to Donald Trump, which begins as follows:
Dear President Trump, 
You were graced with a leonine physiognomy. Your phyzz inspires trust, loyalty, and hope in a time of crisis. And yet you squander the good will your phyzz engenders on backtracks, betrayals, and befuddlement.
So, he starts with his usual paen to Trump, followed by a long-belated realization that Trump is a useless loser.  What people like Carlson, Coulter, and Roissy don’t realize is that their Trump worship (past and/or present) fails either way.  If Trump continues being useless, then that demonstrates that the Trump worship was always unjustified, proving that this blog was always correct about Trump.  If Trump somehow wakes up, then that proves that Trump is so lazy he requires two years of constant prodding and the more recent ridicule from his old supporters in order to get motivated to get anything done.  You would think that a “God Emperor” would not require public humiliation in order to become motivated in order to fulfill his minimal obligations as President.

And if Trump is “leonine” then it is something like this.  Even Coulter calls him ”gutless.”  

The Man on White Horse Syndrome is a deadly threat – a time and energy consuming cul-de-sac – for racial activists, so it must be mocked, ridiculed, and deconstructed every time it raises it head.

Why doesn’t Parrott just go away?  No, let’s not infiltrate the institutions, like what the Left did and that has been wildly successful for them.  Let’s instead have a bunch of neckbeards living in trailer parks having sex with each other’s wives, and marching around in t-shirts accentuating their beer bellies.  The revolution progresses apace!

This is more evidence that Der Movement is a mirror image of the System. When mainstream figures suffer some sort of scandal, what they do is “lay low” for a while, wait for the low attention span masses to forget, and then, later on, attempt a comeback.  And here we see Parrott doing the same thing on the smaller scale of Der Movement, Inc.  And why not?  The rank-and-file will forgive the quota queens virtually anything.  Later on, we can expect Heimbach to make his comeback as well, leading the charge on behalf of traditionalism and strict Orthodox moral values!

Compare the genuine interest and sympathy the WN 1.0 Strom has for Fields compared to the nonchalant “he was a victim of our deployment” attitude of WN 2.0 jackasses.  To the 2.0 tinpot fuhrers and their cucked stepandfetchits, all the faceless followers are disposable.  It’s the 1.0 Strom who actually cares about 2.0 victim Fields.  And of course, if WNs had infiltrated the System, disasters like this would not have happened, but no, let’s instead listen to the Warrior of Walmart who mocks those who take the long view.  Hey, don’t you know that “the revolution” is just around the corner?  Put down dat dere beer can and bag of chips, pick up your musket, and head out to them thar hills!  Or drive your car into a crowd in an attempt to escape crazed Antifa.  Works either way, right?  Madness.

You see, all you rank-and-file activists should stop spending money on yourselves and give to the cause!  Stop being so selfish!  It’s a life-and-death struggle!

Apparently, that money is better spent on Lauren buying “any frilly, silly, frivolous thing.”  The life-and-death struggle is whether Lauren is going to buy something frilly with your money or something silly.  
7. Lauren can spend her earnings on any frilly, silly, frivolous thing she wants. It is a mistake to allow donors to think that they own a piece of you and can attach strings to their gifts. I have fired donors who have tried to do that.
After what happened to Fields, the very last thing we should be doing is advising impressionable activists to engage in self-sacrificial behavior as part of some sort of existential struggle.  That comes later. After everything that has happened recently, the best thing for everyone to do is to step back, regroup, ponder past mistakes, and build in depth.  

Should rank-and-file activists sacrifice for the cause?

No. My advice to all you rank-and-file activists is this – take care of yourselves first.  Take care of your lives, your finances, your families, even your recreation, and then you can invest any left-over (time and) money for activism.  That’s the only prudent thing to do now, since there’s little hope on the horizon for the “ethnostate” and there’s certainly not much worthwhile in the “movement” to invest in.  Yes, I know that all the “leaders” would very much like you to prioritize supporting their lifestyles.  After all, there are all the “frilly, silly, frivolous” things out there to be purchased, international trips to be gone on, movies to be watched, gym memberships to be financed, dog food to be purchased – all with your donations.  And don’t you dare “attach strings” to your donations; for example, wanting those donations to be used for actual activism.  No sir!  Donating your hard-earned money to “movement leaders” is a privilege, don’t you know, one that will be revoked if you don’t behave yourselves.  So just sit down, shut up, and send the shekels.  You don’t want to be “fired” as a donor now, do you?

In reality, you are under no obligation to be a sucker.  You are under no obligation to be a walking wallet for “movement” incompetents and for YouTube grifters. Take care of yourself first.  That’s what a morally serious person would do.  

What we need are leaders who lead by example.  First, let them show some moral seriousness. Then, they can demand the same from their followers.  We are all waiting.

And with that, we now observe the utter lack of moral seriousness of Greg Johnson - thus, giving a platform to a positive interview of John Derbyshire, a race-mixer who has vigorously promoted race-mixing, an enemy of White racial nationalism, another quota queen grifter.

For those of you with short memories, this is what Johnson previously wrote about Derbyshire:
Derbyshire, by the way, is not a White Nationalist at all. He is a conservative cognitive elitist who is married to a Chinese woman and has two non-white children. Beyond that, he has attacked White Nationalists in the most scurrilous terms, referring to AmRen attendees as “latrine flies” and attacking Kevin MacDonald on the most swinish possible grounds. It is only when this sucking up to Jews and centrists failed to save him from the charges of racism that he began to associate with White Nationalists, who were all too willing to cross his palm with silver. Frankly it is disgusting that the donations of White Nationalists are being sluiced into the pockets of this opportunist.
Again, that is not me who wrote that; Johnson wrote that.  What happened since then?  VDARE criticized Spencer?  Derbyshire gave an ego boost to Johnson by favorably mentioning him at VDARE?  A realization that they have a lot in common?  The good old boys network taking precedence over ethics and doing the right thing?  It’s not Derbyshire who has changed.  Johnson, unfortunately, has, and that interview post may be the point where we look back and say that Counter-Currents “jumped the shark” and will now slowly fade into MR-style irrelevancy.  Similar to MR, CC has lost many of its best writers, is populated by drivel, and has “leadership” blind to these negative changes and who engages in a paranoid style.

Whatever the reasons, there is no excuse whatsoever to give a forum to utter filth like Derbyshire.  Apparently, Derbyshire is not the only “opportunist” out there.  To rewrite Johnson: Frankly it is disgusting that the webspaces of White Nationalists are being used to promote this miscgenating, anti-WN, arrogant, and mentally limited opportunist.

It is difficult to express in words my utter disgust, my bottomless contempt, for what Counter-Currents has become.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Turning on the Gaslight

Greg at it again.

Read this, emphasis added:
The Alt Right is dead.
Not a moment too soon.  And who predicted that? 
But the Alt Right was so useful…
As an example of what NOT to do.
…and so much fun…
Sure, that’s what it was all about, no?  Let’s obsess about a cartoon frog, scream about “Kek” (and I still don’t know what the hell that was all about, nor do I want to know), and act like juvenile jackasses.  Fun, fun, fun!
…that we need to create a replacement for it, the sooner the better. 
Don’t worry Greg.  You and the rest of your fellows will come up with another tragicomic failure in short order.
By the Alt Right, I mean the online movement of White Nationalist podcasters, bloggers, and social media trolls that emerged in 2014, coalesced around the Trump candidacy in 2015
2015…when EGI Notes was already warning you all that Trump was a vulgar ignorant buffoon and a fraud.
…then began to change the parameters of political debate with stinging memes like the “cuckservative” barb…
The only useful thing they did.
…becoming an international media phenomenon in 2016.
At which time I was a voice in the wilderness, preaching against the stupidity of the Alt Right, and predicting its downfall.
As I argue in my essay “What is the Alternative Right?” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) this new Alt Right was quite different from the original Alt Right that took its name from the Alternative Right webzine which Richard Spencer founded in 2010 and edited until 2012. The two Alt Rights differed in terms of ethos, intellectual influences, and preferred platforms and media, although they did come to share an ideology and a name. By the beginning of 2015, the new Alt Right was increasingly comfortable with White Nationalism as an ideology and the Alt Right as a brand.

Aside from the fact that #AltRight made a good hashtag, the main utility of the term was its vagueness. It allowed people to signal their dissent from mainstream Republicanism without embracing such stigmatized labels as National Socialism and White Nationalism. The Alt Right was thus an ideal “discursive space” in which White Nationalists could interact with, influence, and convert people who were closer to the political mainstream.
What an outrageous hypocrite. It was Johnson who was publishing pieces telling us that “the Alt Right is White nationalism or it is nothing at all.”  Gaslighting alert!
White Nationalists should always remember how we came to our views.
From Pepe and Kek?  Or from Savitri Devi and The Men Who Can’t Tell Time?
We should never lose sight of the fact that it takes an inner struggle, ended by an act of courage, to seriously consider heretical and highly stigmatized ideas, even online, in the privacy of one’s own home. 
But if you disagree with the Der Movement, Greg and others will stigmatize you.
Thus we need safe spaces for trying on new ideas and building new relationships. 
As long as you don’t criticize Greg and Counter-Currents.
The Alt Right provided that. It allowed people to experiment with being radical and edgy without being one of “those people” or burning one’s bridges to the mainstream.
Pepe!  Kek!
The result was a grassroots online insurgency mobilizing a vast network of highly creative individuals and injecting their memes and talking points into the mainstream, where they began shifting popular consciousness and political debates.

But, as I also argued in “What Is the Alternative Right?” (Part 2), the Alt Right’s success in attracting people led to a crisis. Both versions of the Alt Right were always, at core, White Nationalist outreach projects. But there was a perennial battle in the Alt Right between the people who advocated a “big tent” movement and the “purity spiralers” and Right-wing sectarians who wanted to enforce one ideological orthodoxy or another.
You mean the orthodoxy of the Alt Right being White nationalism, and the orthodoxy that the entire “movement” had to be subsumed into Alt Right “youth culture?”
I was in the big tent camp. I argued that outreach projects by their nature attract people who do not (yet) agree with us. But you can only convert people who don’t already agree with you. The whole point of the movement was to convert rather than repel people who disagreed with us.
No, the whole point of the Alt Right was to convert the entire “movement” into the Alt Right; that is, into a mash-up of Pepe, Kek, drunken podcasts, Arthur Kemp, and “shitposting.”
But the new Alt Right was such a successful outreach project that it was being flooded with large numbers of Trumpian civic nationalists, including non-whites, who rejected White Nationalism. I thought this was a good problem to have, and that we needed to take a deep breath, remind ourselves that truth is on our side, and then get back to the battle of ideas. Others, however, became concerned that the Alt Right brand would be hijacked or coopted by civic nationalists like Milo Yiannopoulos. This was the Alt Right “brand war” of the fall of 2016.
And some of us were concerned that the entire racial nationalist project would be “hijacked or co-opted” by the Alt Right, and that the Alt Right’s inevitable degeneration and/or collapse would ruin the “movement” that had become dependent on the Alt Right “brand.”  Which is exactly what happened.
The brand war came to an end with the Hailgate incident of November 21, 2016, when, before the cameras of the enemy media, Richard Spencer raised his glass with the words “Hail Trump, Hail our People, Hail Victory!” and people in the audience responded with Nazi salutes. This stunt indelibly identified the Alt Right not just with White Nationalism but with neo-Nazism in the minds of the whole world.
Johnson’s obsession with Spencer on display again. 
This led to a split between White Nationalists and civic nationalists, who came to be called the Alt Lite. To differentiate itself from the Alt Right, the Alt Lite dug in its heels on the one issue that White Nationalists most urgently need to destroy: the moral taboo against white identity politics. The great big beautiful tent, where civic nationalism and ethnonationalism could be debated—an argument that White Nationalists always win….
Notice how Johnson equates White nationalism with ethnonationalism, which is, if you think about it, an oxymoron.  
…was replaced by a great big ugly wall, over which only venomous tweet barrages were exchanged.
I thought walls were good? MAGA!
The expanding discursive space….
We’re all impressed by your big words there, Greg.  We defer to your intellectual brilliance.  You own that discursive space!
… in which White Nationalists could influence the mainstream was replaced by a self-marginalizing political sect which in 2017 began to focus on street activism…
Or on Kali Yuga and “traditionalism.”
...even though they were vastly outnumbered and outgunned by the Left, which could count on collaborators in the media and all levels of government, as well as armies of lawyers and effectively unlimited funds. White Nationalists have none of these advantages. Thus, a movement that had grown by attacking the system’s moral and intellectual weaknesses from a position of strength was replaced by a movement that attacked the system’s institutional power centers from a position of weakness. Catastrophic failure was inevitable.
And Sallis predicted all of this, while Johnson, Taylor, and MacDonald were happily jumping on the Alt Right bandwagon.
By the end of 2017, much of the American White Nationalist movement was simply exhausted from the wave of doxings, deplatforming, and lawfare that followed the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville…
Yes, as I predicted, tying White nationalism to the Alt Right turned out to be a disaster.
…Virginia, on August 12, 2017. In the days following Unite the Right, more than one hundred people disappeared from my social media sphere alone. They obviously did not change their political convictions, but they clearly believed that the movement was going in the wrong direction. 
For the last 50 years.
Nevertheless, the rallies and college speaking events continued, hemorrhaging people and money—which were in short supply to begin with—until they finally bled out.

The post-mortem of the activist phase of the Alt Right led to a healthy debate about “optics” and whether it is better for American White Nationalists to embrace American political traditions and symbols or imported ones. There was also a growing consensus that the movement needed to return to our strengths, namely the war of ideas. Even activist events needed to be reconfigured along the lines of the European Identitarian movement, which does not battle antifa but engages in low-risk, high-reward publicity stunts, i.e., “propaganda of the deed.”
Let us not forget the “extreme vetted” private meetings. “Are you Swedish?”
But for many in the American movement, 2018 has simply been a year of watching and waiting. People hunkered down to let the storm pass. Now that it is dying down, they are surveying the damage and wondering what comes next.
More failure.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a common cause to rally around again? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new discursive space in which we could again interface with and perhaps influence the political mainstream?
Some people are hoping that Trump’s re-election campaign might provide a rallying point, but most of us have lost our enthusiasm for Trump. Thankfully, there’s something bigger and better than Trump. While there will always be a place for defending Trump’s National Populist policies from critics and detractors, we can’t lose sight of the big picture. We need to look beyond Trump to the forces that made Trump possible.
You mean the forces that created opportunities that were squandered by Quota Queen Ineptitude?
These are the same forces behind the Brexit victory; behind the rise of politicians like Viktor Orbán, Matteo Salvini, and Sebastian Kurz; behind the success of parties like Alternative for Germany, Poland’s Law and Justice, and the Sweden Democrats; and behind the Yellow Vests insurgency in France.
Yellow Vests!  Fuel taxes!  Poland bringing in those Filipino immigrants! Based, Based, Based!
All of these are manifestations of what is called National Populism or the New Nationalism. We need to understand the forces driving the rise of the New Nationalism. Then we need to add our impetus to these forces and try to steer them toward White Nationalism. The New Nationalism should be our new rallying point, our new discursive space in which we can inject our ideas into mainstream discussions.
A new record for the number of times the word “discursive” has been used in a Far Right essay – congratulations!
For starters, I urge every White Nationalist to read National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy by Roger Eatwell and Matthew Goodwin,[1] two British political scientists specializing in populism and political extremism.

Eatwell and Goodwin are evidently men of the Left, but they do not seem to be liberals or globalists. Indeed, they relish demolishing liberal and globalist illusions about National Populism, arguing that it cannot be dismissed as mere fascism or racism; nor can it be dismissed as a mere flash in the pan, the product of ephemeral events like the 2008 recession or the migrant crisis; nor is it the last hurrah of “old white males” who will simply die off and be replaced by tolerant millennials; nor, finally, is it merely the product of charismatic politicians.
Instead, Eatwell and Goodwin argue that National Populism is the product of deep social and political trends which they call the four Ds: Distrust, Destruction, Deprivation, and De-Alignment. 
All four D’s also are relevant for Der Movement.
Distrust refers to the breakdown of popular trust in political elites. 
Or the hoped-for breakdown in activist trust for failed “movement” “elites.”
Destruction primarily means destruction of identity, i.e., the destruction of peoples and cultures by immigration and multiculturalism. 
The destruction of racial nationalist identity by Alt Right memetic hegemony.
National Populism is, therefore, a form of white identity politics. 
Except when it becomes Trumpian civic nationalism, or Gallic obsessions about fuel taxes.
Deprivation means the erosion of First World middle-class and working-class living standards due to globalization and neoliberalism. 
Or the erosion of racialist rational thought by both fossilized dogma and by esoteric traditionalism.
De-Alignment is the breakdown of voter identification with dominant political parties.
Or the breakdown of traditional “movement” organizations.
Eatwell and Goodwin marshal impressive empirical studies that indicate that these trends are pervasive in white countries. These trends are deep-seated rather than ephemeral. Not only are they going to continue on into the future, they are likely to grow stronger before they abate.
And no doubt that the “movement” will flounder around helplessly, wasting this opportunity, and let this populism abate without achieving anything of lasting value.
Thus, National Populism is here to stay. 
Until it abates.
National Populism is the wave of the future, not just a ripple in the news cycle, hence the great wave on the cover of their book. 
More victory psychosis. We’ve moved from The Man on White Horse Syndrome to The National Populist on Movement Delusion Syndrome.
Eatwell and Goodwin are so confident of this that in their final chapter, “Towards Post-Populism,” the only post-populist scenario they can imagine is the political establishment adopting National Populist policies. In other words, they think National Populism will likely become the hegemonic political outlook. This is an astonishing concession, since it means that the hegemony of globalism is drawing to a close.
So, populism will be co-opted to serve multiracialism and multiculturalism.
I find this analysis deeply encouraging, and it puts to rest a fear that has been gnawing at me for the last two years.
The fear that Counter-Currents donations will dry up?
I believe that nothing less than White Nationalism can save our race, thus the success of our movement is the supreme moral imperative. Whites are in a state of emergency. This is serious. This is urgent. Thus in 2015 and 2016, I was thrilled to see forces in the broader political realm aligning with White Nationalist ideas and goals, specifically Brexit and the Trump phenomenon.
Brexit: Failure.  Trump: Failure.
But I also thought it likely that this historical moment would be fleeting. Thus we had to capitalize on it while it was still possible. This is why I was so horrified at Hailgate, when instead of giving a statesmanlike speech outlining how the National Policy Institute would serve as the intellectual vanguard for National Populism—a move that would have secured Spencer’s bid for movement leadership and attracted significant resources—he instead chose the path of juvenile buffoonery, pandering to the cool kids at TRS and on the chans.
Wasn’t Johnson a fan of TRS?  Didn’t Johnson eagerly jump on the Alt Right bandwagon of juvenile buffoonery?  I remember Pepe and Kek memes at Counter-Currents.
But that was just the beginning of months of sectarianism, schisms, purges, and purity spirals. In 2017, we saw the birth of toxic, self-marginalizing memes like “white Sharia” ...
Johnson has stated that Anglin will be one of the voices of WN 3.0.
…and the return of the worst ideas and attitudes of White Nationalism 1.0. 
We had arrived at a moment of decision, and our “leaders” had chosen juvenility and irrelevance. 
That’s because they are all incompetent products of an affirmative action policy. Since Greg himself was on the Alt Right bandwagon, while others presciently pointed out the dangers of the Alt Right, why shouldn’t Greg be included in this cohort of leaders?
They were not ready for prime time. As I explained in my essay “Against Right-Wing Sectarianism,” this could only lead to a smaller, weaker, poorer, and dumber movement. Such a movement would be unable to halt white genocide.

By May of 2017, I started thinking that we needed a new “brand.” The term “New Nationalism” was already being used to describe National Populism. The term was broad and vague enough to encompass everyone from White Nationalists to sitting presidents and ruling parties. I even went so far as to reserve the domain name In keeping with my essay “Redefining the Mainstream,” I envisioned a discursive…
This is a very discursive use of the word discursive.  The discursive space of Counter-Currents is the most effective discursive space to analyze – in a properly discursive fashion – the precise discursive use of the word discursive.
…space that was the exact opposite of Right-wing sectarianism. Our movement must prefigure the hegemony we want to create in the broader society, encompassing the full diversity of whites…
Except for critics of Greg.  And we really don’t like all those White ethnics either.
…united only by the central principle of white identity politics and free to differ on all other matters.
You are not free to differ on Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents. 
The most important intellectual battle is over the legitimacy of white identity politics. The greatest political taboo of our times is the idea that…
Greg Johnson may be wrong about something.
…identity politics is immoral for white people—and only for white people. This taboo unites the whole political establishment against us. The political establishment knows this, but many National Populists don’t. This is why the establishment attacks National Populists as fascists, nativists, and racists.

But many National Populists don’t challenge the idea that white identity politics is immoral. Instead, they insist that they are color-blind civic nationalists, concerned only with a common culture. Then they try to turn the tables on Leftism and accusing it of being the real identity politics.
And so the National Populists are useless cucks.
But, of course, the Left is not going to drop identity politics. Why would they drop a winning strategy? Foreswearing identity politics is a losing strategy for the Right, akin to unilateral disarmament, taking a knife to a gunfight, or allowing one’s opponents a trump card but refusing to use it oneself.
The main trump card being The God Emperor himself.
Thus, the New Nationalism platform needed to be a space where one could argue about virtually anything except the moral legitimacy of white identity politics. Instead, our overriding editorial agenda would be to establish that white identity politics is inevitable, necessary, and moral—and to expose the moral illegitimacy of the system.
And the moral illegitimacy of Der Movement, Inc.
I shared this idea with a number of writers, podcasters, and video bloggers who also believed the Alt Right was spiraling into irrelevance.
But not with those who predicted that spiraling into irrelevance as far back as 2016.
They were uniformly enthusiastic. 
Of course they were.  Cherry pick a bunch of yes men, and you’ll get “uniform enthusiasm.”  If they weren’t uniformly enthusiastic, they’d be banned from Counter-Currents.
But there were things I had to take care of first, like…
Feuding with Richard Spencer.
…finishing The White Nationalist Manifesto. I also sensed that it would be some time before the Alt Right would finally exhaust itself and people would be ready for something new. 
Some of us were talking about this back in 2016?  What were you doing back then, Greg?  Pontificating that WN should be subsumed within the Alt Right?
Eventually, though, I decided that I want to stick with Counter-Currents. 
That would maximize the donations.
I still think that a New Nationalism webzine is a good idea. But somebody else needs to create it.
Richard Spencer?
Of course White Nationalists do not need a new platform to contribute to the rise of National Populism. In fact, we have been contributing to it for quite some time. Furthermore, if Eatwell and Goodwin are right, we will be contributing to it well into the future, for white nations will be receptive to National Populism for some time to come. And although nothing has greater moral urgency than stopping white genocide, we’ve got time to get our message and our strategies right. (And if we don’t have time to do it right, doing it wrong won’t save us, anyway.)

So, how can White Nationalists insert ourselves into the broader National Populist phenomenon? Let’s look at Eatwell and Goodwin’s four Ds again.
Yes, let’s.  See above.
Distrust: when people distrust their rulers, the system loses legitimacy and power. 
When will Der Movement lose its power?
White Nationalists are masterful at mocking the lies, hypocrisy, sanctimony, cowardice, and degeneracy of our rulers. 
If you do the same to “movement leaders” they become hysterical. Talk about “lies, hypocrisy, sanctimony, cowardice, and degeneracy!”
Furthermore, nothing destroys trust in the establishment quite like learning that its ultimate agenda is the genocide of the white race.

But our propaganda needs to be truthful as well, because we want people to trust us. For if distrust becomes pervasive throughout society, then the people cannot unite against the establishment. Our goal is to promote a high-trust society. We cannot accomplish that if we cynically resort to lies because “that’s what the establishment does to us.” If we want to replace the establishment, we have to be better than the establishment.
Be truthful?  If you want truth, read EGI Notes.  Lies?  Der Movement.
Destruction: White Nationalists have been raising awareness of the destruction of white nations and cultures through immigration and multiculturalism for decades. Even so, our educational efforts have awakened far fewer people than the negative consequences of immigration and multiculturalism themselves. The system is doing far more to push people toward white identity politics than we are doing to pull them. Thus, white racial consciousness will continue to rise even if our movement is completely censored.
Yes, opinion polls show this.  No, wait….
We should, of course, do everything we can to raise awareness. But I think we have a much more important role to play, namely deepening awareness.
Of your own incompetence.
First, we need to help people understand why multiculturalism is a failure—namely, racial and ethnic diversity in the same state is always a source of weakness—so people are not fobbed off with half-measures like “conservative” multicultural civic nationalism. Moreover, only White Nationalists fully understand the forces promoting mass migrations and multiculturalism and how they fit into the overall agenda of white genocide.
Forces?  You mean the group your buddy Zman defends?
Second, and most importantly, we need to defend the moral legitimacy of white identity politics. Vast numbers of whites are in thrall to the establishment because they believe there is something immoral about taking their own side in ethnic conflicts. This taboo is like a dam, holding back the floodwaters of National Populism. Once we break that dam, the wave of National Populism will sweep away the whole rotten system.
Sure it will.   Just give it another 50 years.  By then, all of our analysis of Guenon and Evola would have turned the tide.
Deprivation: basic economics predicts that globalization will lead to the collapse of middle-class and working-class living standards throughout the First World, although First World elites will benefit quite a lot. 
And “movement leaders” will continue collecting their donations.  Remember, if you contribute, it is like living in the Golden Age today!
Obviously, the masses in any First World society never consented to such policies. Genuine Leftists recognize that globalization has undermined the gains of the Left in the First World. But global socialism is not the answer to global capitalism. Only National Populists understand the natural limit of globalization: the nation-state.

De-Alignment: when voters begin to distrust the establishment, they begin to distrust establishment political parties as well. 
Rewritten - when activists begin to distrust the movement dogma, they begin to distrust movement leaders as well. 
White Nationalists are masterful at showing that electoral politics, in which voters take sides in the battles between mainstream political parties, is only a superficial distraction from real politics. Political power does not lie in voters choosing between Coke and Diet Coke. 
Likewise, choosing between WN 1.0 Kempism and WN 2.0 Kempism is a superficial distraction.
That’s an election that the Coca-Cola Corporation can’t lose. Real power lies in framing all political debates so that, no matter which party ends up in power, the establishment always wins. 
Or…the Quota Queens always win.
Heads they win; tails we lose. Real power lies in establishing the things about which political parties don’t fight and about which the voters are never given a choice. The political establishment, center-Left and center-Right, is of one mind on the goodness of globalization, immigration, and multiculturalism—the very things that National Populists oppose.

What white people want is essentially a socially conservative, interventionist state. We want National Populism. What the establishment wants is socially liberal global capitalism, what Jonathan Bowden called Left-wing oligarchy. The people are never allowed to vote for National Populism straight up. The center-Right packages social conservatism with neoliberal globalization. The center-Left packages the interventionist state with social degeneracy. When the center-Right is in power, they only give the establishment what it wants: lower taxes and freer trade for the oligarchs. When the center-Left is in power, they only give the establishment what it wants: more degeneracy. The parties blame their failures on the opposition and assure their voters that the next time their party is at the helm, the voters will finally get what they want. The people are placated with the illusion of political representation in elections where the establishment parties trade power. But no matter who is elected, the outcomes always drift father and farther from what the people want, namely National Populism—and closer to what the degenerate global elites want.
Very well. What’s the solution?  Savitri Devi?
White Nationalists are also highly aware of how the establishment works to co-opt National Populist uprisings like the Tea Party and now, sadly, Donald Trump. For Trump has fallen into the center-Right establishment pattern of giving the oligarchs what they want (tax cuts), failing to do what the people want (a border wall), and blaming his failure on his opponents (first the establishment Republicans, now the Democrats).
Hey!  I thought Trump as going to be an “American Caesar” who was going to prop up America’s White demographics!  Remember that, Greg?  How soon we all forget, eh?
In sum, White Nationalists can intensify National Populist forces and steer them toward White Nationalism by deepening the people’s Distrust of the establishment; broadening and deepening the people’s awareness of how and why globalization, immigration, and multiculturalism are leading them to Destruction and Deprivation; and creating new political possibilities by encouraging De-Alignment with the establishment’s sham political debates and contests.
That’s great.  Too bad we have no leaders to provide direction.
But to ride the National Populist wave, White Nationalists have to jettison certain incompatible ideological fixations.
Hmmm: Like what?  Traditionalism?  Pseudo-Intellectual Elitism?  Nordicism?
First and foremost, we actually have to be populists. 
And we become populists by being hyper-intellectualized “discursive” elitists, pontificating about the finer points of “traditionalism,” and behaving as if The Lord of the Rings was a blueprint for an overarching strategy.
Eatwell and Goodwin also show that National Populism is not anti-democratic. National Populists want more democracy, not less. They also argue that National Populism is not fascist in its inspirations or goals, although the establishment loves nothing more than to stigmatize National Populism with such labels. We shouldn’t help them. Thus those among us who sneer at populism and democracy, make fetishes out of elitism and hierarchy…
The lack of self-awareness here is simply staggering.
…and try to resurrect inter-war fascist movements are not helping.
Instead: Guenon and Savitri Devi.  The Age of Aluminum!
Second, National Populists really are economic interventionists. Old habits die hard, but those among us who still think in terms of “free market” economics are not helping. Eatwell and Goodwin point out that in the United States, Republican voters are significantly more interventionist than Republican legislators. Which means that all that Koch-funded free-market fundamentalism has simply produced a party headed by ideologues who are out of touch with their constituency. Don’t be one of them.
Instead, follow a “movement” that Revilo Oliver characterized as having 50 years of failure…50 years ago.
Where do we go from here? The most important thing to keep in mind is that National Populism is arising out of the breakdown of the political system. Just like shattering an atom…
Dat dere science!  Means nothing!  Traditionalism!  Back into our hobbit holes, snug as a bug!
…the breakdown of a system releases immense energies. It also creates radical new possibilities, “holes in being” where new actions can take place and new orders can emerge.
Actions such as screaming about “Kek.”
But the breakdown of systems also creates uncertainty and surprises. It is not an environment in which one can expect to unfold grand plans. Thus, the more our movement is tied to long-term plans and fixed ideas, the less adapted we are to the climate we wish to create, and the more brittle and susceptible to catastrophic failure we become. Accordingly, at the present moment, the best overall strategy is not to get ahead of ourselves. We simply need to promote chaos, but also plant the seeds of a new order. 
The Sallis Strategy.  While Counter-Currents has been gibbering about “Kali Yuga,” this blog has been outlining these approaches.  And yet who are your leaders?
Then we need to wait.
For another 50 years.
The Yellow Vests insurgency is a genuine grassroots National Populist movement. But it was nobody’s grand design. It emerged spontaneously, and it surprised everyone. But spontaneous movements of large numbers of people are only possible because the participants share common views and values. Such movements also propagate through existing social networks. Thus, if we want more National Populist insurgencies, we need to promote chaos in the system…
The Sallis Strategy, outlined here years ago.
…seed people’s minds with models of genuine National Populist alternatives, and build real-world social networks through which we can propagate ideas and influence. Beyond that, we simply need to adopt an attitude of maximum openness and flexibility in the face of new possibilities so we can react with fresh provocations.
“…maximum openness and flexibility?”  Gee…maybe you should stop pathologizing honest criticism, and stop obsessing over fossilized dogma?
In short, we need more New Right metapolitics. But this is second-nature to us. We’ve been doing it for years now. 
And failing endlessly.
We have the best ideas, the best memes, and the best people.
Wrong, wrong, and wrong. 
But we need a new focus.
And a new leadership.
If Eatwell and Goodwin are right, though, we now know that we have a vast audience, strong historical winds at our back, and time enough to turn the world around. Let’s make 2019 the year of the New Nationalism.
Sure.  More realistically: 2019, another year of utter failure.