Friday, June 8, 2018

EGI Video

Please disseminate far and wide.

Gee, I wonder who wrote the text that video is reading from (*)?  It’s brilliant, brilliant I say; indeed, I couldn’t have done a better job myself!

Seriously though, this is extremely excellent – someone has created a YouTube video summarizing the main arguments of EGI.  If only nationalist politicians would watch and understand, and try incorporating the basic logic into their worldview and making the principles accessible to the masses, utilizing the correct language for that approach.

And the same applies to civic nationalist cucks, who might learn a thing or two.  I mean, this video only requires listening and looking at pictures – even a dullard like Trump probably could handle it.  I realize it is about 12 minutes too long for his attention span, but, still.

*With the slight alteration of the years passed since Salter’s article.  And of course Salter has written On Genetic Interests since that article.