Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Rushton: The Rotten Empire Strikes Back

The pushback, lies, and spin about randy Blackjack Phil begins.

Absolute HBD scum try to salvage the reputation of the execrable race-mixing fraud Rushton by giving Dutton’s book bad reviews at Amazon.  Two examples are below, with my response.
This is a scholarly abomination, in which one of the worst "scientists" of recent times, Edward Dutton, endeavors to savage the reputation of the great J. Philippe Rushton. Dutton has hardly written a thing that wouldn't cause anyone with an IQ over 115 to feel embarrassment for him. He is a blight on the HBD world with his sorry attempts at hereditarian research. Rushton, despite whatever personal flaws he may have had, left psychological science an original, important, and seminal body of theoretical and empirical work. By contrast, it seems Dutton's sole notable effect in life has been to sully HBD with inane, maladroit, and logorrheic text. One must wonder how such an incompetent sees himself fit to accuse as fine a scientist as Rushton of academic misconduct.
First, and most importantly, is what Dutton wrote true or not?  If it is, then all this hysterical Type I defense of Rushton – himself the “scholarly abomination”- is so much hot air.  Second, how is it possible for anyone to “sully” HBD, when it is a laughably stupid pseudoscience, a pro-Jewish and pro-Asian political movement masquerading as “science?”  It’s no coincidence that so many HBDers have Jewish or Asian wives, girlfriends, or family members.  Rushton and his Jewish wife.  Derbyshire and Brand married to Asians.  Ray’s son involved in a relationship with an Asian.  Sailer once suggesting he had Jewish ancestry (his wife investigated his biological parents, according to a Sailer post from many years ago).  Hart and Levin are Jewish.  I don’t know about Lynn, but if he doesn’t have some sort of Jewish-Asian ties, he’s the exception that proves the rule.  Third, if Dutton is such a terrible scientist and an incompetent, then why does the “great man” himself – Richard Lynn – coauthor work with Dutton?  Does this reviewer consider Lynn to be a “scholarly abomination” as well (if so, perhaps the only good judgement shown by this reviewer)?
This book is trash. I knew Phil Rushton for a number of years, and he was a kind, honorable man, and a brilliant researcher.
Yeah, that’s great. But are Dutton’s accusations true?

Vintage Der Movement, Inc.  Hide from the truth.  Defend the good old boys network.  And be incredible hypocrites.  The hypocrisy is at many levels.  These guys like to quote Jefferson about valuing truth above all things and needing truth to be known by the world, but when it comes to criticizing Rushton (or Jews), then all of a sudden truth is out the window, and personal loyalty (or political expediency or monetary donations) is valued above all else.  In other cases though, personal loyalty is jettisoned, not for the sake of truth, but to peddle HBD lies.  The value of truth and of loyalty is on a sliding scale – as Sailer would say: Who?  Whom?  To defend a corrupt quota queen HBDer like Rushton, the personal loyalty triumphs and truth goes out the window.

Der Movement Inc. is absolutely despicable, utterly corrupt, skin-crawlingly loathsome, disgustingly degenerate, horrendously hypocritical, and based on a foundation of lies and corruption.  How could a cause so right and so pure be sullied by such absolute trash, such moral turds?

Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday Movement Roundup

In all cases, emphasis added.

Consider this:
Snidely Whiplash

Posted July 28, 2018 at 10:23 am | Permalink
His grandfather was a Mexican revolutionary who rode with Pancho Villa.
He’s also something like 3/8 Indian, he won’t specify which tribe, probably because the usual suspects would make trouble for them and he doesn’t want that to happen. He’s said in the past that he’s visited the Rez, knows the leaders, and would qualify for tribal membership if he ever decided to apply. He’s also 1/2 or so Anglo, of founder stock. He uses his mixed race, as said above, for rhetorical impact whenever he’s called a White Supremacist.
Vox lives in Italy since the US government malicious prosecution that ruined and jailed his father.
Let us assume all of the above is true.  I do not know definitively if it is, but let us say it is true in its fundamental basics, if not all the fine-grained details.

If Snidely’s comment is basically true, we have someone who:

1. Claims that WN is impossible in America because of all the squabbling ethnicities (as if this was 1918 rather than 2018, and that most White Americans were not ethnic mixes)

2. Is an Anglo-Mexican-Amerind mix, or something similar

3. Lives in Italy, despite not being ethnically Italian, or even part-Italian

I mean, you just can’t make this stuff up.  

Who knows?  Maybe Italy can’t have a cohesive nationalist government (and a Five-Star-League collaboration is laughably distant from such a government) because of all these non-Italians living there, disrupting the organic solidarity of the nation.  Same principle, no?  

In 50 years, when someone writes the history of our movement, Vox will get his own chapter. Maybe not the longest chapter. But no book on the Dissident Right would be complete without it.
Yes, and the book will be called: Endless Failure: How Rightist Incompetence Allowed for the End of the White Race and the End of the West.  It will be written by a gleeful Jew or a schadenfreude-enriched Chinaman.

I’m not happy to announce that Spencer has apparently learned nothing.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday Movement Roundup

In all cases, emphasis added.

Lydia is certainly not lacking in chutzpah:
“White supremacy” is an “industry” now. And we are supposed to be part of it!
Who knew? Where are the profits?!
Where are the profits?  They’re over here.

The pitiful fact-denial of Type I losers is in full force:
Return of Shawn says:
July 27, 2018 at 4:30 pm
Without corroborating evidence, I see no reason to believe these startling comments about Rushton.
Interesting that his buddy, pseudoscientist Richard “Tricky Dick” Lynn – who has co-authored work with Dutton doesn’t deny any of it:
Lynn remembers Rushton as a kind, brave, original thinker who made significant achievements in his career. He said the late psychologist fearlessly defended his work and was open with people close to him.
“I should say a fair bit is known by his friends and he made no attempt to conceal anything,” Lynn said in an email.
It’s all a conspiracy against the great man, a conspiracy I tell you!

And by the way, apart from the personal horrors disclosed about randy Phil, the errors and omissions of his “work” are “corroborated” – and “corroborated” by a fellow HBDer like Dutton.  But, hey, as we know, the Type I scum of Der Movement are allergic to facts – if Rushton’s impregnation of the married Black woman was filmed and the Type I fanboys saw it, they’d still deny it.  Der Movement is not only a money-making industry, it is also a religion (and aren’t religions the most successful money-making industries of all?). Religion is based on blind faith and rigid dogma, the best description of Der Movement one can imagine.

So far, part from TOO, Der Movement Inc. is being real quiet concerning the devastating revelations about Rushton.

Speaking of quiet, Bolton’s Yockey book is, as I predicted, being ignored by “movement” retards.  Yes, TOO ran Sunic’s Foreward, very good, but that’s part of the book itself, not an independent review.

Makes sense.  The anti-Arktos Yockey cultists (who, ironically enough [or maybe not, this is Der Movement after all] disagree with Yockey’s fundamental premise) childishly make believe the book does not exist, while the pro-Arktos Beavis-and-Butthead brigade have more important issues to concern them.

That’s what the Campanian and Calabrian mountain wops were drinking while they were hiding out from the Moops (who were spreading their seed along the shorelines and islands).  Hence, Conte’s ultra-Nordic pureblood physiognomy, which is why he looks like a young Dolph Lundgren rather than a young Lou Barletta.

Will this be the next diet advocated by Mangan and Roissy?  But, hey, Mangan would probably sprinkle whey protein powder on his steak, making the full use of the bovine!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Starbuck’s Moral Cowardice

The Moby Dick character, not the coffee company named after him (who are, ironically enough, also moral cowards).

I have always considered chapter 123 of Moby Dick to be of the most pivotal points of the story, in which Starbuck must make a choice between being authentically moral by his own standards (here I make no judgment of whether or not I see Ahab’s quest as right or wrong, the point is Starbuck very clearly considered it both practically wrong as well as immoral and “ungodly” – blasphemous even) or being a moral coward.  He chose the latter.

…outside Ahab’s door, Starbuck sees a loaded musket, and debates openly whether he shouldn’t simply shoot the captain and take over command of the ship. Although Starbuck knows that to kill is evil, he wonders whether it is not ethically preferable to kill Ahab and save the rest of the crew from certain doom. But, at the last moment, Starbuck lowers the “death tube” of the musket and puts it back—he does not have the heart, or the mind, to kill Ahab…
…he reasons about his possible murder of Ahab and mutiny in morals terms—weighing the life of one man versus the lives of many. Yet within that moral reasoning is also a question of conviction or willingness to act boldly, and Starbuck's moralizing ultimately comes to be connected with a lack of will, a lack of exactly that over-riding sense of self….

I make an analogy between the moral cowardice of Starbuck and that of racialist activists who know that Der Movement and its “leaders” are failing not only those activists, but the entire White race and its civilization, but who do nothing.  It’s easier, you see, to just “go along and get along,” appease the quota queens, and maybe get “rewarded” with a metaphorical (or literal?) pat on the head, praise for a comment, perhaps even an invitation to write a post or attend a meeting.  The moral weaklings do not have the strength of character (or just, perhaps, a lack of self-interested dissimulation) evidenced by the child in The Emperor’s New Clothes – to state the truth even if it is unpopular or makes those in power uncomfortable.  Now, here I talk about those activists who have enough sense to realize that decades of endless failure is a problem, who recognize one wasted opportunity after another, who understand the enormity of “movement” uselessness and ineptness, and recognize the rent-seeking behavior of the useless panhandling “leadership.”  True, a fraction of activists are so dim and/or deluded they do not realize this, and for those people we talk of cognitive deficiency, not a lack of moral courage. But for those who know better, and anyone (sane) with a triple digit IQ should really know better, then this is a deficit of character, not of intelligence or sanity.

It’s just too comfortable to engage in hobbyism, to be conformist, to fit in with the crowd, to make believe black is white and wrong is right, than to stand up, speak out, hold the failures accountable, and demand that the cause is what is sacred, not the personality cults and not the nutty dogmas folks feel obligated to pay lip service to so as to “fit in.”

It will be interesting, for example, to see the reaction to the horrific and disgusting revelations about Rushton.  Assuming for the moment that the evidence against him is solid - and it has been discussed at the pro-HBD TOO blog of all places - then this is a betrayal of the first order, not only a complete moral collapse on Rushton's part, but utter racial hypocrisy, as well as confirmation about all I've been saying about the mendacious perfidy and pseudoscientific lies of the anti-White HBD political movement. Will any of Rushton's buddies among Der Movement's leadership admit they were wrong about him and his work?  Will they denounce him and his behavior?  Will they distance themselves from the HBD scam, which as I have long discussed here, is based on a foundation of lies that go far beyond Rushton?  Or will they "circle the wagons," and at most mumble something about being "disappointed" and move on, move on there's nothing to see here?

There are many Starbucks in Der Movement.  And they’ll all go down with the racial ship, just as Starbuck and the crew went down with the Pequod.  And, unfortunately, the rest of us will go down as well, since we are all passengers on the same ship of race and civilization.

Moral cowardice has costs, and we will all pay in the end.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Rushton, Roissy, and Bezos Oh My

Another installment in the endless series of examples of why I despise Der Movement, Inc. and its fundamental dishonesty.  

In all cases, emphasis added.

In 1997, Rushton met graduate student Elizabeth Weiss—half-Jewish, half-German, and thirty years his junior—at a Human Behavior and Evolution Society conference. The following year, he filed for divorce from his second wife. He and Weiss were married the day the divorce was granted, in 2000.
“Half”-Jewish.  An HBDer marries a Jew.  Surprise!  It is going to be either that or an Oriental, eh, Brand, another HBD scum burning in hell.
According to Weiss, during their relationship, Rushton was very concerned it would be revealed that he had fathered a half-black child out of wedlock through an affair he had engaged in with a married black woman. ‘Phil told me that this son looked like him and he had behavioural issues,’ explains Weiss, ‘but that the mother did not leave her husband and, thus, the child’s last name was not Rushton.’
Dear God.  Gee…by the standards of the “great man” Pierce and his Turner Diaries, if Rushton were alive during Der Tag, he would have had to be strung up in the Day of the Rope, no? 
Dutton comments: “Obviously, cuckolding another man—passing on your genes while someone else does the investment—is an extreme r-strategy, as is attraction to those who are strongly genetically different from yourself.” One wonders whether this affair of Rushton’s might not improve his reputation in an age when disliking blacks is considered a more serious moral failing than adultery.
No, one wonders whether this affair might not damage his reputation among the Type I scum who worship at the HBD altar.  Rushton: oil-drilling race-mixer.  Rushton: inter-racial adulterer and cuckolder.  Rushton: hypocritical immoral scum of the first order.
Weiss also recalls that “one of Rushton’s ex-girlfriends, who spoke with an English accent, got in touch, remonstrating about the fact that he had ‘forced her’ to have an abortion, decades earlier. She left multiple phone messages on our machine.
That’s right – produce a mulatto, marry a Jew, but make your English girlfriend have an abortion.  Hey, “movement” – your hero Blackjack Phil is looking better and better, eh?
In 2001, Rushton’s estranged daughter Katherine tracked him down and got back in touch.
Weiss felt Rushton became obsessed with his daughter and assisted her in various ways which, for Weiss, put pressure on their relationship. In 2003, ‘We got into a huge argument, in which he threw me off a chair, and I left and had him served with divorce papers. After I filed, he emptied out our bank account (which is actually not allowed).’ Rushton attempted to use academic grant money, claims Weiss, to pay for the divorce.
If true: Theft and fraud.
However, Dutton also found evidence that Rushton incorrectly reported the data on testicle size, ignoring at least two sources which indicated that not only East Asians, but also Africans, have smaller testicles than whites. In a coauthored paper from 1987, Rushton even blithely dismissed the evidence that Africans have smaller testicles than Europeans as “contrary to the general trend.”
Disgusting scientific fraud.  Anyone who continues to peddle Rushton’s absolute trash is perpetuating scientific fraud.  If they didn’t know before, they know now.  “Contrary to the general trend,” my ass.  Disgusting liar.  Pathetic excuse for a scientist and for a man.
Dutton also produces evidence that Rushton misstates the case for a correlation between general intelligence (g) and slow life history (K). Such a correlation does indeed exist when species or subspecies are compared, but not when comparing individuals…
Another questionable aspect of Race, Evolution, and Behavior was its limitation to just three races. Although there is no unequivocal number of distinct human races, Dutton argues that, at a minimum, Australian Aborigines and Amerindians ought to have been included as well: Amerindians, e.g., are nearly as genetically distinct from Northeast Asians as are Europeans. Such an extension of Rushton’s study would have revealed further anomalies, however:
Rushton himself concedes that Native Americans are seemingly higher in Conscientiousness and lower in Extraversion than Europeans. Lynn finds that Native Americans are higher in psychopathic personality—in this context meaning very low Agreeableness—than African Americans. Native American life expectancy is about a year lower than that of African Americans.
In other words, Amerindians exhibit higher K than Europeans according to some measures, but lower K than Africans according to others.
Even within the framework of Rushton’s three-race model, East Asians are more often a poor fit than one would gather from reading his book. Neuroticism, e.g., is a form of ‘mental instability,’ so on the basis of Rushton’s theory we would expect Northeast Asians to be lowest in it. In fact, they are highest in it, and Africans are lowest.
Note that Brand and Ray made a big deal of the high “neuroticism” of Afrowops after the Schettino incident, and how it unfavorably compared to some of their favorite European groups.  While it is true that being neurotic is not good, it is also true that high neuroticism is associated with the East Asian HBD gods, while being low on the scale is a Negroid trait.
The reason for this appears to be the importance of social anxiety – a trait which comes under the umbrella of Neuroticism – in high K societies. In such societies, in their harsh ecology, you are more likely to survive if you can form a highly cooperative group and you will die quickly if you are cast out of this group. So it pays to be socially anxious.
Social anxiety seems to be a special form of neuroticism.  After all, aren’t the neurotic Afrowops stereotyped as gesticulating and gregarious, loud-mouthed and aggressive?
Another anomaly is that Asians have been greatly outdone by Europeans on measures of cultural achievement despite their higher average intelligence. Dutton cites a Japanese scholar who attributes this to Asians’ high levels of social anxiety, which allows them to develop cooperative groups, but also “renders them very low in inquisitiveness, openness to new ideas, curiosity . . . indeed any behavioural tendency that might ‘rock the boat.’”
No, the Asians are simply robots. Or insects.
Negative ethnocentrism, or distrust of foreigners, is another area where Asians fail to match the pattern predicted by Rushton’s theory. One would expect that K-strategists, being more trusting, would be the less hostile to foreigners. However, Northeast Asians are more negatively ethnocentric than either Africans or Europeans.
How about Jews?  Rushton could have asked his wife.
The examples of Rushton’s dishonesty he cites appear motivated either by bias in favor of his theory or a desire to conceal the less creditable aspects of his personal life or family history.
The reader needs to understand several things here:

1. After Rushton died, Counter-Currents invited people to write comments about Rushton and my critical comments – all basically saying the same things as suggested by the above evidence – was rejected by Johnson.  After all, the good old boys club have to protect each other, even after death.

2. Rushton was a prime HBDer and these revelations completely and 100% support my long-stated contention that HBD is a pseudoscience full of liars and cherry pickers, and that HBDers fudge the evidence, and always refuse to engage in the Popperian scientific method of rigorous hypothesis testing.  Instead, they are the “true believers” castigated by Harpending here – starting around the 8:00 mark.  (For those of you who would say that Harpending considered himself an HBDer – that may be true, but he really wasn’t.  He was an honest scientist and thus, regardless of how he self-labelled, was not an HBDer).

3. Der Movement will continue protecting the likes of Rushton and Lynn because their pseudoscientific garbage reinforces moronic “movement” garbage.

This is from race-mixing gamester Roissy:
And how fucking Orwellian is “Amazonians”? Krist, the hair is standing on the back of my neck. Jeff Bezos is a creep! And his company is staffed by sociopaths. Citizens of Amazonia thank you for your leadership on this cheap Indian H-1B labor open borders issue. Lord Bezos is feeling poor today! Your sacrifice lifts his spirits! Pay no attention to the wastage of your once high trust nation, a pittance to pay for His Lord Bezos’ Prime Happiness and your buttplug instant deliveries.

A year ago, Roissy wrote:
And now we can add a very big name to the list of those men who have become transformed by the Trump Effect:
Jeff Bezos.
GAYASSERICA Bezos: [picture of Bezos]
Trumperica Bezos: [picture of a muscular Bezos]
Cinco Jotas theorizes based on this and other details of his personal life that Jeff Bezos is about to take a turn to the hard right. Physiognomy doesn’t lie, and it’s a proven fact that masculinity via the testosterone pathway predisposes a man to see the world through swole-colored glasses. Maybe we’ll read the cheesy nümale header at the Washington Post Op change from “democracy dies in darkness” to “from russia, with love, losers!”.
(IMO, I think Bezos is warming up to Trump, or warming himself up to out-alpha Trump, because he fears a bigly anti-trust Trump-led crackdown on his empire of SCALE.)
Here’s the thing - these quota queens are characterized by two basic traits:

1. They are always wrong
2. They never admit they are wrong and their cult-like followers never hold them responsible and accountable for being wrong time and again

Ultimate take home points:

1. Sallis is (almost) always right
2. Der Movement is (almost) always wrong
3. All you guys nevertheless support the “movement” and disdain Sallis, because, well, you know…

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Celebrating Their Own Demise

Partying at a funeral – their own.

Technical points:

1.  More details about these data would be helpful. The main story does give some details but these are not enough.

2. To what extent are pro-diversity White responses informed by a desire to be “PC” and a fear of being labeled “racist?”

3. To what extent are pro-diversity White responses affected by being exposed to a virtual monopoly of pro-diversity propaganda from the news and entertainment media, academia, public schools, celebrities, politicians, with virtually no dissenting views heard and/or taken seriously and/or labeled as anything other than “White supremacism” and “hate?”  Is the increased pro-diversity sentiment expressed by more educated Whites an indication of academic brainwashing (as well as smug "goodwhite" scorn for blue collar Whites)?

4. How stable will the White pro-diversity data be over time?  As Whites become a minority and suffer the consequences of being a hated subaltern group in a degenerated Third World America, will optimism continue to prevail?  Note that Whites as a minority in a majority non-White America cannot be expected to be catered to as are non-White minorities in the current majority White America: no affirmative action, no “PC” double standards for their benefit, no organized minority mobilization via a multicultural apparatus, no bending over backwards for minority rights, no favored status for minority immigration.

5. Just because a people believe something will be a good thing does not logically mean that it actually will be a good thing.  One would think that should be obvious, but it is (obviously) not.

Now, let’s consider the main take-home point: the utter and complete failure of the Right to make the argument, the utter and complete failure of American rightists, particularly the Far Right, to make the case against diversity and in favor of White preservationism.

Yes, yes, there is point #3 above, the monopolization of System messages, and the pathologization of dissident opinions.  But whose fault is that?  Note that majority-minority status is viewed more askance in Europe that lacks free speech than in America that ostensibly has it. I know the Type Is and their affirmative action leadership will make excuses as they always do, and claim that this supports rather than refutes their approach, claim it affirms ethnonationalism because most European nations have relatively monoethnic native populations while White America is an ethnic mix.  The same old story (and note that while expressed public opinion seems healthier in Europe it is not actualized in electoral results and in policy in most cases; note as well that White America elected Trump even with Trump’s phony veneer of being a “racist fascist bigot” – the story is more complicated than “movement” simplicity) – which ignores the elephant in the room: decades of “movement” failure, millions and millions of dollars of wasted money, millions of man hours of wasted effort, the stupidity, lies, and cowardice (SLC) of Der Movement, Inc., its utter failure to achieve anything of value.

The quota queens have the nerve to mock mainstream conservatism as Conservatism, Inc. – as a group of “beautiful losers” – a “loyal (pseudo) opposition” – not really interested in winning but just to make money and live off the donations of naïve and deluded suckers.  Pot calling the kettle black perhaps?

I attack the tin cuppers and their panhandling, particularly the happy penguins at VDARE, but consider: VDARE gets the lion’s share of “movement” money for doing nothing other than what other people do for free.  VDARE is a blog, for heaven's sake  Brimelow is the editor of a blog that he occasionally writes for.  That’s it!  A blog writer and editor!  That’s something many people do for nothing, do for free, yet you retards are supporting his blue state lifestyle, and flushing the shekels down the VDARE toilet.  Do you understand how stupid that is?  It’s one thing if VDARE was an integrated activist organization actually getting things done.  It’s a blog.  A blog!  Pierce for all his faults (and failures) at least made the pretense of heading an activist organization; today’s quota queens simply run websites and expect in return to be supported in lifestyles superior to many of those giving donations.

Decades of a degenerating racial situation for Whites, the breakdown of law and order and civility in America, the utter chaos in Europe as another example of the perils of multiculturalism, the promise of balkanization from the Rise of Trumpism – all that for naught.  To the extent that opinion poll has any validity whatsoever, the (Far) Right has utterly failed, but as always there is ZERO accountability.  Given that a lack of accountability is a hallmark of affirmative action and its recipients, this is further evidence supporting the Sallis view that Der Movement, Inc. – a money-making scheme – is built on a foundation of affirmative action and ethnic quotas as regards “leadership” – and if you think about it, as regards ideology as well.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride…right down into the Third World sewer - with feckless, misinformed Whites grinning like idiots and blushing with embarrassment.  Don’t worry though – in the meantime, “movement” “leaders” will live well, lounging around in the leafy suburbs, going on international trips, buying dog food and movie tickets, living the good life while sponging off of hard-working fools and suckers.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Der Movement: July Edition

SLC news.

Here’s your periodic reminder: “America’s Senator” Jeff Sessions not only defends Antifa, but also does their legal work for them as Attorney General. He’s worse than the Cuban and the Mormon.

Yeah Jeff, laugh over those “lock her up” chants.  Trouble is, when the audience is thinking of Hillary Clinton as “her,” Antifa Jeff is probably thinking of some Alt Lite bimbo. Or maybe Mudshark Annie herself.

An anti-pan-European Counter-Currents ethnonationalist comments on some stupidity from anti-White mestizo Vox Day.

First, why do Whites listen to the likes of Vox Day or Chechar?  Latinos, White-Amerind mixes, and the like should mind their own racial business and let Whites sort out their relationships among themselves.  As far as Counter-Currents, well, the dastardly Richard Spencer must be opposed, so let’s “diss” pan-Europeanism, while at the same time promoting the Cult of Saint Francis of Yockey, the patron saint of Western Empire.  It’s all a clown show.  How can all the Type Is take any of these idiots seriously?  Then again, if they had the sense to realize the inconsistencies, they wouldn’t be Type Is to begin with.

All these people are fundamentally dishonest.  On the one hand, you have self-described racially-mixed civic nationalists (hint to Counter-Currents morons: civic nationalism is not an acceptable substitute for racial nationalism, it is its enemy, in the same way para-fascism and real fascism are deadly enemies, and how the Mainstream Right is opposed to the Beavis-and-Butthead Alt Right) essentially assert that the state of White America in 2018 is the same as in 1918, or perhaps 1863 with natives fighting Dead Rabbits. The ethnonationalists knock down pathetic strawman representations of pan-Europeanism as wanting to erase European ethnic and national identities, when even Saint Francis repeatedly asserted that even he – the Avatar of Western Empire – supported the preservation of local identities, complete with local sovereignty. All they do is lie,lie,lie, and I have refuted these people so many times it has become boring.

Remember – keep on listening to HBD musclemen and race-mixing gamesters and eat that high fat diet!
High-fat diet (HFD) mimicked the human condition of obesity and insulin resistance, including symptoms such as elevated serum glucose and insulin levels and reduced insulin-stimulated glucose uptake into muscle and adipose tissue. Interestingly, HFD also decreased (-44%) glucose uptake into bone marrow. Bone mass was reduced (-45%) by HFD due to a diminished (-45%) bone remodeling rate. Bone matrix quality aspects, such as biomechanical stability, were additionally decreased…This data shows that exercise prevents some, but not all of the negative effects of HFD on bone health…
If they’re wrong about almost everything else, why not about diet and exercise as well?

There are also associations between a high fat diet and cancer risk.  Build dem muscles!  I don’t know… maybe you can slip in some steroids along with the chemotherapy?

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Weak Religious Argument

A religious HBDer: the worst of both worlds.

The existence of God, gods or some supernatural force that animates the universe is unknowable. The big religions get that, which is why it is at the core of those faiths. For that matter, what we understand to be the universe could just be a kid’s science experiment in another dimension. Our world exists in a terrarium on the desk of some kid in the lizard people dimension. These are things we cannot know. That is the nature of faith.
That is nonsense.  It is part of the Western intellectual and legal tradition – actually going back as far as the Classical civilization – that the burden of proof rests on those making the assertion.  To argue that something – no matter how ludicrous – may be true just because we lack 100% definitive evidence that it is not true is no argument at all. That is true sophistry.  If you want to make such an “argument” why not invent a religion worshiping the lizard boy who has our world in a “terrarium” on his desk?  Why not?  What about the Flying Spaghetti Monster?  Why not a religion centered on an omnipotent rodent who can control the weather?  

Well, we'll be told it is "faith" and no proof is required.  Very well, but then again, why not faith in Lizard Boy or the Cult of Phil?

If the argument goes that Christianity specifically has been part of Western culture and has been adaptive, then “has” is past tense.  We can argue whether Christianity made the West, or the reverse, but as far as adaptive fitness goes, that is dependent on context.  One phenotype may be adaptive in one environment and not in another. The phenotype may be altered by the environment and be no longer adaptive; one cannot project adaptive fitness of one context to another.  A religion whose main figure literally – not figuratively but literally – grovels at the feet of alien invaders is not a religion fit for a people at risk for genocidal race replacement.  Sterner stuff than “turn the other cheek” is required.

And as far as the argument that “we need to retake the religion of our ancestors” – well, it is up to religious Christian believers to get it done.  Why expect us “crazy” atheists to do your work for you?  If Christianity is such a powerful toolkit of Western adaptive fitness then surely the sane and powerful Christian believers should be able to seize their religion back from the radical Left, no?  

Of course, if the present self-destructive cult of masochistic Christ-Insanity is not a perversion of the “one true faith,” but actually is the underlying premises of that faith taken to their natural conclusions, then no renaissance of “muscular Western Christianity” is going to be possible.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Is Recycling Racist?

Disparate impact against Whites.

Many years ago, living in a particular urban area, I noted that the regulations for recycling were getting ever more onerous, superfluously – almost (?) maliciously - complex, and I then noted who was and was not jumping through the hoops to follow those regulations.

Blacks and Hispanics would (literally) throw garbage in the streets or on the sidewalks (and would do so even if standing right next to an empty trash bin); they wouldn’t even follow the minimal rules for regular trash, much less follow excessively complicated recycling regulations.  Lazy and corrupt Asians would produce suspiciously little recyclable waste in proportion to their rates of consumption – likely they would just put most, if not all, of their recyclables into the regular trash (but at least they handled regular trash correctly).  What Jews did as a group I do not know, but it is clear that from what I observed, only Whites were consistently following recycling regulations; thus, based on the theory of “disparate impact,” recycling  is clearly racist against Whites, particularly when the rules of regulations are design in an almost (?) spiteful manner.

Until such time that all racial groups are made to follow the same rules and regulations, unnecessarily onerous rules and regulations that are followed only by one racial group should be viewed as a racially pernicious attack against that group.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Today’s Political Violence

The Right loses, again and again.

Read here. Emphasis added:
“And then a miracle occurs” is a long-standing fringe-right temptation.  You see it in all sorts of places: in Ayn Rand’s hugely influential Atlas Shrugged, once a lone scientist moves to Galt’s Gulch and doesn’t have to worry about the leeches, he literally cures cancer. In the much less influential wish-fulfillment novels by literal Nazi Harold Covington, his Mary Sue goes from poverty-stricken and railing into the ether to the inspiring force behind a mass white nationalist movement because, for no reason, white people suddenly start listening to his screeds and mailing him five-figure checks. Bluntly put: “and then a miracle occurs” is the equivalent of “I don’t have to change or put forth any effort; someday I will be great and people will like me for who I am.”  As Righties know, this is something lazy and inadequate people say.
Related to this, Zman discusses the Tinker Bell Effect.

This is Der Movement’s solipsism that I have critiqued many times – the idea that something is true simply because you believe it is true, or want it to be true, all of the fossilized dogma, and Type I stupidities of the “movement.”  Related to this is the “we are on the verge of victory” hysteria of the Far Right mocked by Roger Griffin in his book on Fascism, and recently exemplified by the Alt Right Poobahs saying they are going to “conquer a continent” when they can’t show their face in public without being punched and are facing a ruinous court case due, ultimately, from their own ineptness and immaturity.  First, the Alt Right can conquer the college speaking tour, and after that no doubt the continent will quickly fall into place.
The organizational capacity required to build a new world is the same organizational capacity have Lefties built to pressure government. So who’s in a better position to shape the big moment when it comes?  Hell, if tomorrow civilization goes completely Mad Max: who’s got existing local networks of people who they’re used to turning out and doing stuff with on a regular basis?  Answer to both questions: not the Right.
That’s correct.  And all the Type I nitwits with their “worse is better” and their Der Tag Turner Diaries fantasies will be grossly disappointed.  The Type Is will end up hiding “snug in their hobbit holes” while raging leftists and feral coloreds mount the ramparts and dictate the outcome of the “big moment.”  And that won’t change until merit, and not affirmative action, determines “movement” leadership.
Passivists say activism accomplishes nothing. What it actually accomplishes is practice.  Practice for networking, practice for turnout, practice for speed, practice working as a team. Anybody who’s ever tried to get five people together for dinner knows it’s a pain, but look at the airport protests after the travel ban, and see how many people the hard Left can turn out on next to no notice.  Say the balloon were to suddenly go up: forget having a detailed and specific plan; in that first five minutes, do you — not some veterans’ network you’re hoping will salvage things, not some imaginary Great Man; *specifically you* — even know who you’re going to call?
I guess they could call Hermansson or Lewis.
The Lefties do. And that’s why righties who say the Right has nothing to learn from the Left are wrong. That’s because righties don’t read lefty books. I read lefty books and organizational manuals, and I can tell you: they’re smart.
That’s right.  The Left practices meritocracy, the Far Right practices affirmative action.  Guess who wins?
Accordingly, righties face two major challenges: building things, and understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and tactics of their Lefty opposition.  Righties won’t do the same things as the Left, or do them in the same ways, but that doesn’t mean the Lefties don’t have lessons we can learn.
Since the Left does almost everything better than the Right (except telling the truth and bathing), I’d certainly agree that the Right – and here I specifically mean the Far Right - has much to learn.
The first thing righties have to understand about Lefties is that lefties have a lot more practice building their own institutions, and assuming control of existing institutions, than their counterparts on the right do…
Infinitely more practice than the Far Right, which has absolutely none at all.
…and they share their practical experience with each other. Righties who like to build churches will build a church and worship in it. Lefties who like to build churches will build a church, write a book telling people how to build churches, go out and convince people church-building is the thing to do, run workshops on how to finance, build, and register churches, and then they’ll offer to arrange church guest speakers who’ll come preach the Lefty line.  Righties need to do a better job of teaching each other.  And not just teaching the right-winger closest to them. The most organized groups on the Right are the pro-life and RKBA activists; everybody else on the Right should be learning from them.
Note that the only effective “rightist” groups are the aracial types outside of Der Movement.  Hopefully, that will not come as any great shock to you.
The second thing to understand about Lefties is how they actually function.  There’s a lot of independence involved. Righties like hierarchy, so often think of the Lefties as taking marching orders from George Soros or whoever in a very hierarchical fashion. Not so much. A lot of left-wing organization is very decentralized, and they negotiate with other lefty groups as to exactly how they’ll do things and time things to not hurt each others’ work, so the labor movement’s march is not derailed by black-bloc window-smashing (see, for example, DIRECT ACTION, L.A. Kauffman’s excellent history of the Left from the 60s on).
While Der Movement exemplifies petty feuding, such as that between Spencer and Johnson.  How much of the feuding is due to jealousy and squabbling over limited tin cup resources, I’ll leave to the reader to decide.
The Lefties call that approach “embracing a diversity of tactics,” which, taken to its logical extent, is a weasel-worded way of saying that the lefty mainstream is comfortable with radical leftist violence. People don’t like to talk about this much. But while it’s impossible to imagine, say, an abortion clinic bomber getting a cushy job at an elite university, that’s exactly what happened to a number of alumni of the 1970s leftist terror group known as the Weather Underground. As fugitives, they were financially and operationally supported by members of the National Lawyers’ Guild; afterward, they were so normalized that the 9/11 issue of The New York Times infamously ran a profile lauding Weatherman alumnus Bill Ayres.  By contrast, right-wing terrorist Eric Rudolph’s fugitive days were spent hiding in the wilderness because no one would help him. He was caught literally dumpster-diving for food. Potential right-wing extremists face opportunity costs that their left-wing counterparts do not.
Hey, Rudolph was “snug in his hobbit hole in the forest.”  What could be wrong with that?
Righties frequently make allegations of paid protestors when Lefties get a bunch of people together. Again, that’s not how it works. Think of Lefty protests as being like a Grateful Dead concert.  People absolutely got paid at a Grateful Dead concert: the band got paid, and the roadies got paid. But the Deadheads who followed the band around didn’t get paid.  They weren’t roadies, they weren’t the band; they were there because they loved the music. 
Lefties are excellent at protests, not because they pay seat-fillers, but because they’ve professionalized organizing them, as you’ll discover if you read any of their books. The protestors aren’t paid.  The organizers are paid.  The people who train the organizers and protestors are paid. Basically, the way the Lefty protest movement works is sort of like if the Koch brothers subsidized prepping and firearms classes.
Meanwhile, in Der Movement, Brimelow and Derbyshire get paid so they can sit on lawn chairs in the leafy Connecticut suburbs and smirk at all you suckers forking over the shekels.
Left-wingers have a combination of centralized and decentralized infrastructure, because they have different kinds of groups.  Some groups use centralized organization: they’ll go out tabling, recruit people, trying to grow big.  Other groups, particularly anarchists, favor a decentralized approach, where actions are performed by the collaborative actions of multiple small cells called affinity groups. 
The affinity group structure began in Spain: anarchists there organized themselves into small groups of very close friends who knew each other very well, because such small groups were difficult to infiltrate.  Even if they were infiltrated, exposing one group wouldn’t blow the whole organization.
And presumably, their vetting did not involve hardcore questions such as “are you Swedish?  “Are you a movie critic?”  “Are you the girlfriend of some guy I’ve never met before?”
The American Left picked up on affinity groups in the late 1960s. They started as a means for organizing protests and turned into a means of organizing movements.  To coordinate, they send members back and forth to spokescouncils.  The idea is to create a very collaborative discussion.  This is partly due to the influence on the modern hard Left by Quaker organizers — if you remember those lengthy Occupy meetings that just went on and on and on, it’s because that’s how decision-making is done in Quaker meetings, and Quaker organizers taught the technique to Lefties in the ’70s anti-nuclear movement. And it spread, because lefties in different movements talk to each other and work together all the time.
“Work together all the time.”  The very antithesis of Der Movement.  
By contrast, righty organizations have historically been slow to organize. When they do, right-wing activists tend to stay in their own lanes and not work together, share notes, or reach out to one another’s followers.  Think about the mishmash of signs you typically see at a Lefty protest, and then try to remember the last time you saw, say, an RKBA sign at a pro-life rally.  More unfortunately, when righties do become active, they tend to do something like start a blog. Or make a YouTube channel. Or write a magazine article. In short, they become street-corner evangelists.  They tend not to do things in meatspace.
Lefties do the work in the real world. Guess who wins?
The recent Battles of Berkeley have shown that right-wing defense groups can acquit themselves admirably in street-fights…
…But they allow themselves to be run out of a LA bar by a bunch of noodle-armed, soy-guzzling “democratic socialists.”  I’m not proud, boys.
…but hard experience has taught Lefties that an all-one-tactic mentality is a good way to give your opponents time to figure out how to counter you. If righties going to build things, they need to look at how the lefties are doing it, because they’ve been working on it for forty years. 
And for forty years, the Far Right has been talking about: Kali Yuga, how many times Evola passed gas per day, The Men Who Can’t Tell Time, the Nordics of Ultima Thule, subfractional admixture percentages, the cephalic index of Julius Caesar, and other, very, very important and practical matters.  And let us not forget – the Pyramids of Atlantis built via psychokinesis!
To paraphrase Trotsky, you may not be interested in politics, but politics are interested in you — and you can learn a lot from the people who’ve been working them to their advantage.
Yes, the Meritocratic Left, not the Quota Right.

Der Movement’s affirmative action program is in a very real way worse than the System’s.  Typically, when the System practices affirmative action, they may elevate an incompetent Negro to a position of authority, but there are competent Whites behind the scenes who do the real work.  Thus, even though efficiency is compromised (and the whole thing eventually falls apart when there are too few Whites left to maintain the creaking mechanism), things for time being muddle along and the work eventually get done, at least in minimal fashion.  In contrast, Der Movement lacks the competent people working behind the affirmative action leadership.  The situation in Der Movement wouldn’t be so bad if there actually were competent, merit-based workers behind the scenes getting things done; in that case, you could have your Quota Queen Poster Boys as the “face of the movement” in order to satisfy the Type I ethnic fetishists.  Unfortunately, the quota queens suffer under the delusion that they are indeed competent (ignoring decades of unremitting failure as evidence to the contrary) and possess their status due to merit; thus, they eschew help from the competent, leading to disaster.  None of these leaders exhibit the self-awareness to admit “I really don’t know what I’m doing; I need help” so the tragedy of affirmative action incompetence keeps on rolling along.

As a side note, what does it say about the “heroism” of Antifa that despite being supported by the entire media, academic, corporate, and legal (including Jeff Sessions) System they still wear masks?  On the other hand, look at the Rightist activists at Charlottesville – the only part of their Captain America and Batman cosplay costumes missing were the masks.  Of course, if the Right wore masks, they would – under existing law, by the way – be immediately arrested for doing so while Antifa typically are not.  That last point alone tells you who is part of the System, the de facto Corporate Police, and who the real dissidents are.  In today’s bizarro world, Spencer – opposed by the System – goes out and speaks openly, while he is elbowed in the face by a Corporate Policeman wearing a mask.  Incredible.

Another side note: Since the end of WWI, there has been a disturbing trend of Republican Presidents picking Supreme Court justices who turn out to be ideologically undependable at best, and closet leftists at worst.  In contrast, Democrat appointees are always perfectly aligned with the leftist politics of the President who appoints them.

Likewise, Holder and Lynch were dependably leftist, pro-colored SJW Attorney Generals for Obama; on the other hand, Antifa Jeff Sessions has turned out to be an ideological traitor of the first order, lionizing leftist thugs, persecuting rightists, and agonizing over “civil rights” cases from the 1950s.

Are we surprised?  The Right is ineffective, weak, error-prone, constantly betrayed, always losing, while the Left goes from strength to strength, always winning, always finding rock-solid ideologues to fill positions and do their job to wreck America and damage White interests.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Race and Der Movement in Der News

All the news that’s fit to print.

I was listened to the Beavis-and-Butthead Alt Right podcast “The Homo Question” that Spencer posted on Twitter July 17.  Now, I agree with the main points made in the podcast, which are critical of homosexuality (although I’m not much interested in the “homo question”).  My only problem is with Spencer’s previous tweets/comments of past years generally supportive of homosexuality as part of the Western tradition and “implicitly White.” For example, see here.

So, why the change?  The real reason, not some excuse that would be given.  Am I wrong to think the change has the same genesis as the change of another Alt Righter from being nominally pan-European to being a strident ethnonationalist?  We have two prominent Alt Right figures who are making their personal feud as the real rationale for changing fundamental aspects of their ideology.  Real maturity, there.  Both of them are wrong for that, although at least Spencer’s feud-induced shift is in the right direction.

There was a bit of inconsistency in the podcast – first, they say that System propaganda will not make any man gay, and later they say that weak-minded men will be influenced by that propaganda to become homosexual.  Beavis snickers and Butthead sniggers and snorts.

Of course, prominent Alt Righter Greg Johnson is not included in this book.

After all, what self-respecting “honest” survey of the Alt Right would include one its most prominent members?  Instead, we should get a mix of people we never heard of before and those we hear of much too often.  Of the latter, I am again reminded why I want nothing to do with any participation with the Alt Right whatsoever, and why I unalterably oppose the imperialism of the Alt Right in trying to subsume all precincts of the Far Right.

Instead of following the Sallis Strategy of destroying the GOP by withholding whatever fraction of White support (except for those candidates who are so implicitly White that their election enhances racial balkanization and chaos by inflaming the hysterically sensitive Left) racially aware people can muster, thus eliminating the GOP safety valve and forcing the White masses to confront reality, everyone swoons over the Sailer Strategy, which is all about propping up the “two party” (sic) farce by promoting White support for Republicans – by encouraging Republicans to go after that support in the typically dishonest dog whistling way they always do, followed by shifting hard left after the election.

Consider this: Sailer is on record opposing White nationalism, debating Taylor on the subject.  Many years ago, he mentioned the possibility of having Jewish ancestry (he’s adopted and if I recall correctly, his wife did some digging in the possible background of his biological parents).  Despite this, he’s valued among the Far Right for his anti-WN scribblings about HBD, PISA, real estate, and golf courses, while the “crazy and bitter” Sallis is anathema.  There’s two reasons for that I can think of, and neither correspond to “crazy” or “bitter.”

What has this to say about the Negro?

Speaking of which, imagine if a Negress did this. Der Movement would give it full press coverage. As it is, move on, move on, there’s nothing to see here.

Of course they didn’t show up.  They’re snug in their hobbit hole, after all. Maybe the “Proud Boys” can help them out with all of that.  Then they can all go to a LA bar together.

Hey Roissy, how is Michael Anton’s physiognomy doing these days?  I mean, yes, he wrote a good Wapost opinion piece against birthright citizenship, but he blasphemed against your God Emperor!  For shame!  

It’s also amusing that Roissy thinks his epiphany about Ashkenazi ancestry is some sort of recent grand discovery, while these facts were known long ago, and well determined in reasonably fine-grained detail back when I was writing about Jewish genetics for TOO (and was known in more coarse-grained detail long before that).  Any Amren articles forthcoming on these data?  I mean, if the Hora-Romanians are not Western and the Afrowops are retarded North Africans, surely we can now all admit that the Jews are not HuWhite Men of the West.

Friday, July 20, 2018

The German Hammer

Constructive criticism.

Germans rank with the English as the ethnies that have contributed the most to human progress over the last several centuries – science and technics, art and music, literature, philosophy, military prowess, etc. But I hope my German readers will not mind some constructive criticism of their ethny.

The problem with Germans is that they are too fanatical, too ponderous and serious, unable to find humor in themselves, not being able to find balance and measure in the objectives they pursue and the belief systems they follow.  So, when the Germans accept nationalism, we end up with Hitler, WWII, and the wreck of the White World.  Then, when the Germans accept anti-nationalism and universalism, we end up with Merkel, Camp of the Saints, and the destruction of Europe.  No balance, no measure, insufficient feedback control.

Now, I am not saying that the Germans should become like feckless, hedonistic, superficial swarthoids.  It’s always better to be the hammer than the anvil.  But, please, can you be a prudent hammer?  Create and not destroy?  I realize that Faustian striving is part of German national greatness, but one can retain the striving without lurching from one extreme to another. Other European ethnies may not, on average, have the Germans’ sustained capacity for productive creativity, but perhaps they may know better when it comes to the balance of life…and death.  The Germans at some point need to stop always pushing themselves on Europe, either from the Right or the Left.  They need to be more flexible, more introspective when it comes to politics and the world stage, more careful in the exercise of their power and influence.

The Germans should also reflect on the fact that Jews and Gypsies were not the only victims of Nazi policy.  Europeans were as well, and if the Germans were a bit more self-aware, and less arrogant in their current moral self-righteousness (aka guilt atonement), they’d think twice before engaging in the spectacle of hectoring Czechs and Poles to destroy themselves by talking in the migrants Mama Merkel foolishly invited into Europe.

The relevance to EGI should be obvious, particularly since Nazism is considered by Salter as a classic example of a “fitness bubble” – an overinvestment in ethny that backfired from the EGI standpoint.  Today, we have the opposite from the Germans – a fitness underinvestment bordering on bankruptcy.  And they are taking all of Europe down with them (not that most other Europeans need much help in being self-destructive).