Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Bit of Racial Reality

It’s sad that one must continuously reinforce the obvious and proven fact of the biological basis of race.

An article at the Harvard University Web site (and Harvard is heavily-Jewish in both student population and administration) argues that since “almost half” of alleles in the human genome are found in all seven major regions of the globe, there can’t be human races. Now, that’s really a bizarre argument. It means that by their own admission most human alleles (genetic variants) are not found in all regions, yet they persist in their claims. The article even admits (after invoking Donald Trump as one cause for all this terrible belief in human races — give me a break) that “7.4% of over 4000 alleles [studied] were specific to one geographical region” — that’s almost 300 alleles, and 7.4 per cent. — as we shall see in a moment — is a huge degree of difference, more than enough to account for human racial variation, even human-animal species variations. As one commenter pointed out, in 2012 the National Library of Medicine published a study of bears showing that having just half of the alleles shared among two populations was enough to prove that the populations were not only different races but entirely different species! In the scientists’ exact words, this degree of genetic difference was consistent with the two populations being “different species with little or no gene flow among extant populations.” So, if two groups share about half of their alleles, it proves they’re different species — if they’re bears. But if they’re humans, it proves the exact opposite — not only are they all the same species, but there’s not even any racial variation among them. It’s pretty obvious that someone is lying here, and I don’t think it’s the guys and gals studying the bears.
By the way, I call "BS" on the idea that Watson and Venter are more similar genetically to a Korean than they are to each other. If you sample sufficient number of alleles, that is NOT going to be the case.  See this.
As the authors used more and more markers to compare the three major racial groups (Europeans, East Asians, and sub-Saharan Africans), the less stringent clustering measurements rapidly fell to a 0% overlap, as expected from previous studies.  What about the more stringent measurement “w”, which looks at comparisons between individuals, and does not consider group data?  Once the authors reached 1,000 (or more) markers, the genetic overlap between these groups essentially reached zero. It is useful at this point to quote the authors about this fundamentally important finding: 
This implies that, when enough loci are considered, individuals from these population groups will always be genetically more similar to members of their own group. 
With respect to the question of whether individual members of one group may be genetically more similar to members of another group, they write: 
However, if genetic similarity is measured over many thousands of loci, the answer becomes ‘never’ when individuals are sampled from geographically separated populations. 
Thus, the naive “anti-racist” view, actually stated at times (e.g., the NOVA program on race), that it is possible for individual Europeans and Africans to be more genetically similar to each other than to members of their own race, is simply false.  Any such “finding” is simply due to insufficient numbers of DNA markers being used. 
With an adequate methodology, individual members of the major racial groups will always be more similar to members of their own group than to members of other groups.  Some may not like this and deem it “racist”, but these are the scientific facts, nonetheless.
Read this, which, by the way, is from a Jewish researcher, emphasis added:
What makes the current study, published in the February issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics, more conclusive is its size. The study is by far the largest, consisting of 3,636 people who all identified themselves as either white, African-American, East Asian or Hispanic. Of these, only five individuals had DNA that matched an ethnic group different than the box they checked at the beginning of the study. That's an error rate of 0.14 percent. 
Neil Risch, PhD, a UC-San Francisco professor who led the study while he was professor of genetics at Stanford, said that the findings are particularly surprising given that people in both African-American and Hispanic ethnic groups often have a mixed background. "We might expect these individuals to cross several different genetic clusters," he noted. That's not what the study found. Instead, each self-identified racial/ethnic group clumped into the same genetic cluster. 
The people in this research were from 15 locations within the United States and in Taiwan. This broad distribution means that the results are representative of racial/ethnic groups throughout the United States rather than a small region that might not reflect the population nationwide. 
For each person in the study, the researchers examined 326 DNA regions that tend to vary between people. These regions are not necessarily within genes but are genetic signposts on chromosomes that come in a variety of forms at the same location. 
Without knowing how the participants had identified themselves, Risch's team ran the results through a computer program that grouped individuals according to patterns of the 326 signposts. This analysis could have resulted in any number of different clusters, but only four clear groups turned up. And in each case the individuals within those clusters all fell within the same self-identified racial group. 
"This shows that people's self-identified race/ethnicity is a nearly perfect indicator of their genetic background," Risch said.
And here is one of my old articles on the subject at Amren.

Also see this.

However, racial reality is not the same thing as “racial purity.”

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Der Movement Saturday

Odds and ends.

It’s dat dere traditionalism!  Is the Dalai Lama snug in his hobbit hole?  Meanwhile, keep that tin cup a'rattlin.

Flake is more of an “alpha” than Trump.  Are all the fat cells in Trump’s body secreting estrogen?  What does it say that pink-frilled Republican Ms. Lindsey Graham has shown more grit and aggression this week than did Der Touchback?

Do the false memories include that of Dinesh and Costello?  Where’s her breakfast, Jef?

And yet, noodle-armed soyboys can make “Proudboys” scurry for cover at a LA bar.  Mental toughness counts too, I suppose.

According to (the American) Der Movement, all individuals involved in this incident, including victim and girlfriend, are non-White.

Friday, September 28, 2018

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Blackpill Trump Friday.  Emphasis added.

Long time readers of this blog remember that during the 2016 Presidential campaign I openly questioned whether Trump really wanted to be President. I speculated that, at least unconsciously, he didn’t want to win, he did not want to trade his hedonistic NY lifestyle for a somewhat less hedonistic (but still indulgent) DC lifestyle.  Thus we read:
Lewis also said Trump sat staring at the TV in disbelief when he saw he'd won.
There we go.
Vice President Mike Pence tried to kiss his wife, Karen Pence, in the minutes after Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016, but she reportedly turned away from him and said: "You got what you wanted, Mike. Now leave me alone."
Alpha male Pence!  Actually, considering what Pence’s wife looks like, he should be grateful for this rejection.  Speaking of “female” appearance, why was a 70 year old man with a wig testifying in front of Congress about being sexually assault by Keg Kav back in the 80s?  I was expecting a woman in her 50s.
Meanwhile, Karen Pence "wouldn't so much as say hello to Trump," Michael Lewis, the author of "Moneyball" and "The Big Short," wrote in a Guardian long read based on several interviews with Trump insiders and published Thursday.
And Trump picked Pence for his VP.
In an account of Trump's unexpected win and chaotic transition into the White House, Lewis wrote that after clinching Pennsylvania's electoral votes at 1:35 a.m. on November 9, thereby winning the election, Trump "just stared at the TV without saying anything, like a man with a pair of twos whose bluff has been called."
The Alt Right’s bluff was called as well.  And they folded.

What I had to say about Trump the day before the election:
Yes, Trump is a vulgar ignorant buffoon, a Negro-loving beta race cuck civic nationalist with a Jewified family, an overweight imbecile, a lazy and ill-prepared debater, an embarrassment of a political candidate, a blustering clown, and a crass jackass. Nevertheless, as SJW America perceives Trump as being a “racist fascist bigot,” a Trump electoral victory will do a fine job of destabilizing the multicultural consensus, balkanizing society, enraging the Coloreds and the Left, creating chaos, and weakening the System.  
Remember, at that time, Der Movement was foaming at the mouth about how Trump was “the last chance for White America,” a “great man” who will be an “American Caesar” and “make America great again.”

Are you surprised about who was right and who was wrong?

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Of Saliva and Vagina

More food for thought (for thought – don’t eat it!).

Here’s a question for all you white knighters out there.  Why is it illegal to spit in a pizza that is being made and will be served to customers, but not illegal for women to secretly give their “sexist uncles” bread baked with their vaginal yeast (and all the other microorganisms festering there)?  Why is the former a criminal and the latter a “badass feminist hero?”

Inquiring minds want to know.  Really, White men have allowed women to run wild, just like they’ve let Negroes and other Coloreds run wild – it’s the same thing.  No difference.  Women. Coloreds. Privileged destroyers of a nation and a civilization.  Oh, wait, there is a difference – actually, Negroes are held more accountable than White women are - spit vs. yeast for example.

Silk Road White nationalism in action.  A border guard of the West!

Incredible stupid bastard Zman writes this post, apparently not realizing in his feeble “brain” that neoconservatism is itself the result of allowing Jews to “join Team White.”  And just as they subverted conservatism, they’ll subvert any sort of nationalism as well.  We’ve already had Hart promoting the idea of a multiracial “White separatist state” (sic).  Need I say more?

My answer to this is that the Far Right can, and should, be planning and organizing for all sorts of contingencies.

Of course, the Far Right has several disadvantages in this compared to the Far Left.  For example, while Antifa is essentially a government agency, support by Feds and corporations alike, the Far Right is actually a dissident force targeted by the System.  That’s an external problem.  Internally, the problem is that a “movement” “led” by Type I quota queens will find every “cell” and “militia” infiltrated by Far Leftists embraced with open arms because they’re Swedish or a movie critic (if they’re both…watch out, they’ll become head boy overnight).  Also note that all of this is going on with your “God Emperor” as President.  Good thing Clinton wasn’t elected, or we’d have government- and corporate-supported leftist domestic terrorists running around with impunity.  Oh, wait….

On his message for young men, Trump said: "It's a very dangerous period in our country, and it's being perpetrated by some very evil people."
And he does nothing about it.  Someone needs to tell this fast food-gobbling wreck of a “man” that he was elected to take action against “the swamp” and to stand up to the System, not for jackass tweeting and impotent blustering.  And the early results of Trump’s utter incompetence and sloth-like laziness are discussed here.

Clarification on this.

A future of high technics (for Whites) is possible only with the victory of Type II nationalists.  If the Multiracial System wins, the future will be of devolved australopithecines swinging from the trees; if Type I nationalists win, the White future will be of small tribes snug in their hobbit holes, measuring each other’s cephalic indices with calipers, watched over by laughing Oriental overlords.  I’m pessimistic.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

More Technics, Less Tolkien

Leave the Type I Luddites in their hobbit holes while real men grasp the future. In all cases, emphasis added.

The ultimate retarded Type I essay.

Full of dumb assumptions, underestimation of technological advances, complete misunderstanding of nuclear power, etc.  No, you see, let’s not dream big and got to the stars.  Instead, let’s be snug in our hobbit holes in the forest, reading Tolkien, and letting the Chinese run the world.

As a commentator wisely wrote:
We are stuck with technology. Let’s assume that Whites regained full control over Europe, North America, and New Zealand tomorrow, and then settled on some sort of low-tech, ultra-traditional, Amish-style existence. How long do you think it would be before some non-White, high-tech race, most likely the Chinese, kicked in the door?
Both nuclear and hydro actually produce large net gains in energy after construction and maintenance, after the input of both parts and services that partially derive from fossil fuels. Replacing internal combustion engines with some sort of electric motor and battery storage (solid state, lithium ion, sodium ion) is not far fetched at the moment, we are clearly moving in that direction. As more gasoline powered transportation and construction equipment is replaced with those which are battery powered the amount left of hydrocarbons left for plastics, planes and ship transportation become much larger. These changes would eliminate conservatively 70% of crude oil use. Nuclear and hydro grid energy would power electric construction equipment and heavy industry producing most goods needed by civilization. Oil will still be required but in much smaller amounts which could be sourced from ethanol after we run economical oil some time in the future. Prior to WW2, across Europe doom was predicted when the interdependent and very complex industrial economies were destined too be bombed from the air in the next war. Civilization was predicted to crash, production to slow down to a crawl; instead industrial civilization proved more resilient in the face of shortages of key goods and bombing than ever imagined.
Space exploration and colonization will not be impossible due to their high fossil fuel costs, in comparison with a billion automobiles this is amount is very small even if you launched many large objects into orbit. One great reason to fight for our race is to help realize a future where dreams about space exploration are made a reality. One of the defining characteristics of our civilization is striving towards infinity, which only the white ethnostate will enable us to do. Not just in space exploration but in vast networks of highspeed trains, more efficient forms of nuclear power, great construction projects, creating great cities both livable, traditional and monumental, furthering genetic technology, and rewilding large parts of the continent. This seems much more inspiring to me than we are all going to die due to some club of Rome predictions. Futurism inspires action today to enable a more glorious future tomorrow. Our movement is full of the negative aspects of what awaits us if we do not act, like Frodo gazing into the mirror, which is obviously necessary redpill people. But, crime statistics and horror stories are not the only way to inspire comrades. A positive and glorious vision of the future, like Faye’s archeofuturism, can also provide a novel way to inspire members to action. Hitler and the NSDAP party did not just show the negative aspect of the Weimar republic in their propaganda, but they showed what a Germany with a reinvigorated spirit could accomplish, futurism. Men of action can utilize both the carrot of futurism and the stick of “the future that may come to pass” to help propel the movement.
And also this:
If mankind ever attempts to cross the interstellar void, “fossil fuels” will not make the journey with him. That assertion is breathtakingly naive. By the time such a leap is attempted, we will have overcome the technical obstacles of fusion power, by which, at the very least, such an interstellar ship would be powered. Aboard that future ship will be fusion-reactors capable of powering a future colony on another world, and not a single drop of “fossil fuels” will be necessary. The very act of mentioning that such would be “necessary” indicates one has not investigated this subject much, if at all, or the solid pathways toward realizing a star colony in the future.
For a moment, contemplate what one of the most powerful intellects of their time said about the likelihood of the Wright brothers airplane: “Lord Kelvin, the President of the Royal Society of England made a forceful declaration: “Heavier than air flying machines are impossible.” Impossible, said this great man of science. Impossible. Let that sink in, before we so easily blow off the likelihood of colonizing other worlds.
Consider that in the year 1902, both Lord Kelvin and much of the scientific world, along with much of the general masses of people, thought that heavier than air flying machines were “impossible”. Then, one year later, in 1903, the world’s great scientific minds saw that it was indeed “possible”. And within the lifetimes of many of those who witnessed that historic breakthrough, 400 mph jet travel was achieved in 1939, a mere 36 years later. From “heavier than air flight is impossible” to jet travel in three and half decades. The lesson in that is that what is considered “impossible” now could be proven otherwise in the course of one lifetime. Fusion power has not been achieved yet, but any year now some brilliant researcher could find the long sought breakthrough. And from fusion power will come virtually unlimited power for the equivalent cost of a few cents a day. And from THAT will come, in time, spacecraft engines sans “fossil fuels” propellant, and mankind will begin to have the tools ready to seek new homes beyond this solar system.
Now, I suspect that the pessimism toward this very possible future is that many alive to today may not live to see the beginnings of it. To glean the emotional equivalent, imagine the 75 year old man on his deathbed in the year 1902, or another 75 year man in similar circumstances in the year 1968 – both so close to living to see heavier than air flight or Man reaching the moon, yet….not quite. What the future holds may bring terror or great promise, but the reality is that many of us may or may not live to see such astonishing – but very possible – breakthroughs. Therefore, we may tend to write them off as credible possibilities. And down that road lies nothing but bleak acceptance that we should give up on the brilliant capabilities of the White Race, and the record he has demonstrated, time and again, of his greatness.
Reality: The only real impediments to nuclear (fission) power are political and racial-cultural-economic, not technical:

Political – It is opposed to all sorts of regressive forces: Leftists. Greens, and Type 1 morons and cowards, who want Whites living in the forests, snug in their hobbit holes, while the Chinese lord it over the Earth

Racial-Cultural-Economic – only technically competent races and cultures (Europeans and East Asians – although, hey, Fukushima Orientals, don’t build reactors in earthquake and tsunami zones) can safely use such power, and only certain types of societies as well. For example, unrestrained capitalism gives us Three Mile Island, communism gives us Chernobyl.  France has been doing well, but once France turns Brown, forget about it.

Reality: The future of solar is not “diffuse” solar panels on hipster restaurants, but space-based solar; there have already been successful experiments with microwave power beaming (militarization possibilities make Archimedes’ mind boggle). Note: The hipsters and Greens would be turned off to solar power if they understood what the sun really is. It’s dat dere nucleasr fusion and quantum tunneling and all of dat!  Not like, um, natural….

Reality: Western societies dedicated to technical progress, instead of what MPC calls the “Spin-Nig cycle,” would have solved the fusion problem already; as it is, progress is being made.

Reality: There are other potential power sources, and let’s not forget that at one time “informed opinion” told us that “deriving useful power from nuclear radiation/fission processes is impossible.”  Yeah, sure it is. Impossible.

Reality: If we listen to the Tolkien fetishists, we’ll abdicate the modern world to the Yellow Race, and become nothing but living fossils, observed in our hobbit holes by contemptuous, grinning Oriental tourists. That’s why the Type Is are best suited to being bully boys, and should let others do all the hard thinking.

Final sarcastic word from commentators:
Yep. Abandoning space to LARP as iron age peasant farmers is definitely the way to safeguard the ethnostate.
Hey, no worries!  We’ll just adopt Silk Road White nationalism, and let Chinese girls with guns guard the borders of the West.  Think of all the masochistic thrills the Iron Age peasant farmers will get while holed up in their snug hobbit holes!

We’ve reached a point where the commentators at Counter-Currents are at least one order of magnitude better than the writers.  The blog itself now basically represents things I vehemently oppose: narrow ethnonationalism, reactionary traditionalism, Luddite backwardness, and twigs-and-branches hatred of technology. To the forest!  To the provinces, where de facto anarchy reigns!  Tolkien!  Hobbit holes!  Evola!  Guenon!  Savitri Devi!  The Men Who Can't Tell Time!  The Age of Iron (Age peasant farmers)!  The Age of Tungsten!  The Age of Aluminum Foil!  Orcs!  Orcs!  My kingdom for an orc!

What a waste. Der Movement is a disgusting disgrace.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Behold the Zman

Rivaling Derbyshire as the worst on the Right.

They’re not making Nazis like they used to. The two main groups of antisemites today are the internet loudmouth and the alt-right types. The former is harmless, as they are afraid of their own shadow in real life. The latter is really not all that hostile to Jews, just tribal in their own way. Of course, Jews were fine allies with blacks, despite never being able to be black. Politics makes for all sorts of strange alliances.
What a fundamentally dishonest piece of filth this Zman is.  He writes this, but pals around with “movement leaders” who want Jews ejected from White societies.  Hey, Zman, can you tell us your opinion about whether the following is, or is not, “all that hostile to Jews?”
As for the Jews … At the very least, all their property should be confiscated. At the very least. There are two reasons for this. First, we should consider it reparations. Second, if they were allowed to keep their wealth, they would immediately use it to stir up trouble against us. Just look at what happened when Adolf Hitler, with the typical excess of kindness that was his greatest flaw, allowed the Jews of Germany to emigrate with their fortunes…Jews everywhere needed to be expelled to Israel. “We need to freeze them out. You’re not going to be professors; you’re not going to be influential,” he said. “We are going to squeeze you out”.
“Politics makes for all sorts of strange alliances” right Zman?  Pro-Jewish HBDers making common cause with anti-Semitic Alt Righters.  The blind leading the blind.  Will wonders never cease?  Apparently not.

There’s no reason for optimism. Frankly, most whites deserve to be sold into bondage. Just look at what whites will tolerate from *their* politicians. Non-whites have every reason to be optimistic. Their fighting a collection of retards and pansies.
Retards and pansies?  You mean like folks who think that the same aliens who are destroying Western civilization should get to choose to join “Team White?” You mean like folks who mock “internet loudmouth Nazis” but who pal around with….internet loudmouth Nazis?

Given that I’ve compared McDonald’s theory to intelligent design, you can be sure I will never be promoting group evolutionary strategy.
Just like Derbyshire.  HBDers hate anything that stands in the way of Jewish-Asian domination of Whites.

Shapiro is a guy who wears clothes three sizes too big for him. He’s like a boy wearing his father’s suit. Frankly, he is a good example of how mediocrities get elevated by who they know, rather than what they know.
Hmm…unlike the HBDers who promote each other’s shoddy work, or “movement” “leaders” who get elevated because they are of NW European Anglo-Germanic heritage. OK, got it.

I also like how Zman claims that “I’m not trying to get Jews to do anything.”  Well, he’s right about that.  No, he’s trying to get White Gentiles to do something – accept Jews.  According to Cuckadoodledoo HBDers, Jews really don’t need to do anything.  They can just choose to do whatever they want, and the rest of us are obligated to accommodate their every desire.

If they want to join “Team White” – after decades of coaching and funding “Team Brown” – then, why, Whitey had just better accept them, or you’re just some Internet Nazi Loudmouth, unlike those reasonably tribal Alt Righters – not at all hostile to Jews! – who simply want to “freeze” Jews out of society, confiscate their property, and deport them to Israel.

And if you point out the insanity and inconsistency of Zman’s position, then you are, of course, a “retard” and a “pansy” – not a two-fisted fighting man genius like he is.

A commentator:
My take is that there’s a lot of Jews who’d be surprised to learn that they’re somehow different from other white ethnics like, say, Poles, Greeks, and Irish.
They can take a genetics test, and can be less surprised.  They can look at the history of their people and be less surprised.  They can look at the voting patterns of their people and be less surprised.  Hey, maybe Zman’s “movement” buddies on the “tribal” Alt Right can help “unsurprise” them.  The problem with the above comment: "other white ethnics."  There's a difference. Poles, Greeks, and Irish are all indigenous European ethnic groups.  Jews are intrusive Middle Easterners who have become admixed in the Diaspora, with their "Magian" culture and hostility to the West.  HBD...HBD...

There is no real “racialist movement” in America.  Der Movement is simply a madhouse full of idiots and lunatics who lack the least degree of self-awareness.  Or perhaps some of them are really clever Sunsteinite trolls.  One really can’t tell the difference any more.

Madness.  Madness.

Monday, September 24, 2018

In Der News, 9/24/18

More commentary. In all cases, emphasis added.

Deborah Ramirez, 53, told the New Yorker that Kavanaugh exposed himself at a college dorm party when they were both studying at Yale, “thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away.”
“Brett was laughing,” she told the magazine, which posted the story Sunday night. “I can still see his face, and his hips coming forward, like when you pull up your pants.”
Ramirez claims that a male student brought out a fake plastic penis at the party, where the group was playing a drinking game. At one point, she claims another male student exposed himself and other students encouraged her to “kiss it.”
“I wasn’t going to touch a penis until I was married,” Ramirez, a devout Catholic, said. “I was embarrassed and ashamed and humiliated.”
Yes, indeed, she’s a devout Catholic!  So devout and so devoted to not touching a penis until married (and maybe not even then!) that she attended a “college dorm party” “where the group was playing a drinking game.”  Her priest would have approved, no doubt!  Hint: you wouldn't have been "embarrassed and ashamed and humiliated" if you had been spending your time studying, instead of attending - like a devout Catholic should! - drunken dorm parties.  

First, even if it happened, so what?  Second, all these stories only reinforce the idea that women have no business being involved in any serious aspects of human society. We should have sex-segregated dorms; better yet, sex-segregated colleges and universities.

HBD marches on; the despicable Zman:
The new opposition that is forming up in opposition to Team Brown is explicitly white, as well as nationalist and populist. While it is not explicitly antisemitic, despite what some claim, it will certainly be hostile to the sort of cosmopolitanism Jews have historically preferred. Jews could be left without a home…That said, Jews are the most adaptive people in human history. There’s no reason why Jews in America could not simply throw in with the white majority. Just as the neocons broke with the Left over opposition to the Soviets, perhaps liberal Jews will break with the Left over the issue of identity politics. After all, in a balkanized country, the only way for a tiny minority to survive is to attach to the most powerful tribe. Given the options on Team Brown, Team White is going to look like a better option, assuming the option is open.
Consider - “There’s no reason why Jews in America could not simply throw in with the white majority… assuming the option is open."

How about we make damn sure that the option is not open?  I believe in accountability…let the Asiatic Levantine Middle Eastern Jews lie in the bed they made.  “Team Brown” is in large part a Jewish creation, this people has been waging war on the White majority for endless decades – what now? – we have to embrace them if they are “left without a home?”  So we can have Hart proposing a multiracial “White separatist state” or Weissberg telling us we should support the “racial status quo” and equating WNs with child molesters or maybe Levin suggesting that racial preservation for its own sake is crazy?  No sir.  They have a home.  It’s called Israel.  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  

We have no obligation to provide a safe haven to the enemy.  Why should we?  To put it in language both the Levantines and their HBD worshippers can understand: to allow the Jews, after all they’ve done and knowing what they are, to “join the White majority” would be like Israel giving a welcoming refuge to “Nazi war criminals.”  Sorry, it isn’t an option.

That’s not saying much, Richie.  The great Mudshark Annie, another affirmative action case with piss-poor judgment – remember “In Trump We Trust?’’ Or are current shilling for Antifa Jeff Sessions, also known as Sleepy Jeff?

The God Emperor: all bluster, no action. If Sessions is sleepy, then Trump is comatose. Except, of course, when Donnie Fats wants to pardon some Negro criminals – that really gets the juices flowing, said juices ready for the next Big Mac or the next porn star.

Yeah, Kev, you know, as someone who has intensely studied Hitler and National Socialism for most of my life, I can’t help but notice that “changed stance” of Hitler and his regime toward a more “Pan-Aryan” (whatever that means) concept mysteriously coincided with Germany starting to lose the war, and desiring additional allies (i.e., cannon fodder) among non-Germanic Europeans to desperately try and stop the Soviets from over-running Germany,

It’s true that there were genuinely Pan-European (a more descriptive and accurate term than “Pan-Aryan”) elements within the Waffen SS, but these were ignored and powerless, and the Nordicist “Black SS” faction dominant, until after Stalingrad, when the need for non-Germanic stepandfetchits necessitated a surface veneer change in policy (sort of like Pierce’s National Alliance, eh?).  Even then, Hitler’s conception of “Europe” meant a Europe dominated by Germany – sort of like we have now, and we all know how well that’s been working out, with a childless, broad-faced Borreby hag presiding over the invasion and conquest of Europe by “Team Brown.”

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Behold the Female and Other News

Odds and ends.

Afrowop “game” – red font emphasis added:
After a Sopranos episode in which his character brutally beat a young stripper to death, during an interview he stated, “After the episode aired a lot more women started hitting on me. I thought it was very revealing.”
Indeed it was.  After all, women fall in love with serial killers; White women love abusive Negro males.  We’re supposed to take women seriously though, let them vote, and pontificate about “MeToo” and sexual harassment.  Why do men put up with it?  Because they think with their groins, rather than their heads – see next item.

But, before that – a comment.  All joking and ridicule aside, of course women can – in theory - play an important positive role in racial activism (albeit not in any position of leadership) as well as play important roles in society as a whole (also not in positions of leadership).  But in order for that to be even remotely acceptable, women need to speak out honestly about “the woman problem” – as exemplified by the bizarre behavior discussed by Pantoliano (and by any MGTOW or “game” website).  This behavior – just like the “love letters to serial killers” thing – is as bizarre to White men as is the behavior of the most savage Negro tribe in the heart of darkest Africa.  Yes, yes, the gamesters put forth a reasonable hypothesis – that females misread psychopathic male behavior as “alpha” and thus as sexually desirable – but that’s the problem you see.  If women are so unable to control their impulses that they behave in a bizarrely insane manner, what good are they other than for sex and reproduction?  The defense would be that psychopathic male behavior is for women what female beauty is for men, and so it is natural for women to love abusive male criminals and therefore nothing can (or should) be done about it.  If that’s true, then women are hopeless and have no place in any organized activity, no place near any lever of power, and no place near any decision-making authority whatsoever.

And, further, women never honestly address their sick behaviors – they “double down” on them.  “MeToo” is an example of this madness – the women who typically behave as Pantoliano describes are the same ones going on social media to decry some man who looked at a woman the “wrong way” 15,000 millennia ago.  The same women who decry “being objectified” pose on social media half naked.  So, no, until women reform, they will continue to get scorn and ridicule here. And since we know they will never reform, expect more references to “yeastbuckets” at EGI Notes.

To be fair, I have to say I agree with Derbyshire here. Even if the accusation against Kavanaugh is true, for goddssakes, who cares?  Some drunken sexual fumbling at a party during high school?  Is everyone insane?  What does it matter?  Where were all these tearful MeToo yeastbags during the Clinton Presidency?  And, oh, yes, if they’ve “wised up” since then, how come they don’t denounce him NOW, and protest his every public appearance?  Why don’t they turn on his “wife” for enabling his behavior?  Ah, no…because it is all politics, all play-acting.  And, no, men don’t need some fat Hawaiian gook telling us to “shut up.”  You shut up, filthy scum.

Having said all that, from my MGTOW perspective, I don’t approve of the behavior ascribed to the teen-aged Kavanaugh.  I’d like to see men - and here I include teen-aged boys – exhibit a bit more sexual self-control, a bit more restraint.  If the scenario played out as described, I see it as a victory for the female, especially as it never progressed more than a brief fervid fumbling groping.  Making males lose self-control, using their sexuality to control and manipulate men and boys, living amongst white-knighting betas and pussy-pedestalizing gamesters – these yeastbuckets have the world in their hands, and then engage in gaslighting crying about the “patriarchy” oppressing them.  Fact is, the ONLY power they have is via their sexuality, and they damn well know it, and use it.  Amused mastery is the response, not sweaty obsession and drunken groping.  If the action actually took place, I see Kavanaugh as the victim – he has to be publicly humiliated decades later because some girl – who Derbyshire rightly labels a bit “slutty” – triggered his sexual lusts.  No doubt she went to the party wanting to be lusted over.  No, she probably didn’t want to get pawed at (but who knows?), but what the hell was the purpose of that party to begin with, I wonder?  To discuss Cartesian philosophy?

Consider that Derbyshire is also correct that the Supreme Court has morphed into our National Legislature, and we can see the importance of all of this to EGI.  The composition of the court helps decide policy on issue of race and immigration and thus has a direct bearing on the genetic composition of the American population today and in the future.  That high school party decades ago directly affects the gene frequencies of America today, and for the years to come.

But, but, but…he’s the “God Emperor!”  It’s “4-D chess.”

Always remember…when the quota queens were gushing over Touchback Trump as “the last chance for White America” and as an “American Caesar who will solve the demographic problem,” EGI Notes was saying from the very beginning that Trump was a vulgar ignorant buffoon and a fraud, and that the only reason to support him was of the public perception of him, which was (and still is) promoting chaos and balkanization.  The man himself is the ultimate lazy do-nothing loser.  He’s rich?  His father’s money, his New York connections, and lots of bluster did the trick.  In Jew-dominated America, we must remember that wealth accumulation can occur via many mechanisms that have little to nothing to do with actual merit, achievement, or productivity.  Trump’s a cipher – a Big Mac-gobbling zero.  

Capitalism leads to racial degeneration and genocide.  Don’t get me wrong, a supply-and-demand free market economy is best – my socialism is political (like Yockey’s) rather than economic – but there’s no choice if one has to choose between a socialist Europe and a capitalist Eurafrica.  Communism with racial homogeneity is, literally, infinitely better form an EGI standpoint than genocidal capitalism.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Lost Haplotypes

A bit more on admixture.

One must remember that the farther back an admixture event is, the more difficult it is to detect, at least with the 23andMe methodology.  Over time, haplotypes are broken up by recombination and, after a while, the intrusive alleles become part of a group’s native genome and are possibly no longer recognized as admixture.  This is particularly true if the admixture is small.

This, if group X is a mixture of A, B, and C in historic times, this is fairly easily detected, even if components B and C are relatively minor.  Going back much farther in time, it is not so easily detected, and the genetic combination of A, B, and C is just considered as “pure X.”  The ancient combination blend is no longer easily discernible – by methods looking at haplotypes and using extant populations as the parentals (ancient DNA is another matter, see below).

Some would say using NRY and mtDNA would help in this regards but those are single locus markers very sensitive to population replacement events.  If the degree of admixture was relatively small, and ancient, there may well be no trace using those uniparentally inherited markers.

Then again, access to ancient autosomal DNA, utilizing appropriate methods, can (and does) detect ancient admixture, which is why the European genepool can be viewed as a mix of ancient components, and that’s fine, but with respect to “racial admixture” as is commonly perceived the problem still exists. When people, particularly heavy-breathing Nutzis, talk about admixture, they typically refer to the various racial groups extant today; they do not refer to ancient tribal groups making up the bulk of the European genepool nor do they refer to Neanderthal gene variants that are a normal part of that genepool.  And it is precisely the type of admixture that Der Movement worries itself so much about that is characterized by the problem discussed here.

It is possible that the existence of such “occult” ancient admixture could explain unusual phenotypes observed at low frequencies in populations thought to be (relatively) “pure.”  Alleles from intrusive groups exist, “scattered” throughout the population, but not recognized as intrusive, but instead viewed as part of the normal gene frequency pattern in these populations.  Such alleles may happen to be more prevalent in certain families, and through random mating events (independent assortment, recombination) may become concentrated in particular individuals – resulting in an “atavistic” physical appearance reflecting low levels of (near) undetectable admixture in the population.

Of course, on an individual (or even family), even with more recent admixture, recombination can dissociate alleles coding for phenotypic traits from other alleles typically used to ascertain ancestry, particularly when the former are few in number (e.g., for isolated traits or sets of traits).  On a population level, this may be less of a problem for more recent admixture, as these things average out, but for more ancient admixture, the issue described above still may hold.

Possibilities such as this, and the inherent problems in ascertaining very old low levels of admixture fly night over the heads of Type I ethnic fetishists.  On the other hand, these problems may actually be desirable for some, as the outcomes reinforce pre-existing dogma.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Jeff and Jef

A tale of two idiots.  

First Jeff.

Sallis right again: some more folks at VDARE waking up to the monstrosity that is “America’s Senator” Antifa Jeff Sessions.  Some excerpts, emphasis added.
The survival of the historic American nation depends on addressing immigration. But according to Derbyshire and Coulter, Sessions is not only the man for the job, but the only man for the job. This is the crux of the issue. In my opinion, Sessions is neither the one man for the job, nor is he doing as good a job as they think. 
Then there are the other issues where Sessions has failed. The most obvious: the Mueller witch hunt aimed at removing Trump himself from office. Sessions gave us this issue, and it is a knife aimed at the heart of immigration law enforcement. No Trump and we are back to the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, or worse. 
Nothing Sessions could do at the Department of Justice could make up for losing President Trump or having his administration crippled by a Democrat Congress. And that is what the Mueller Jihad might give us. 
Sessions’ decision to recuse himself is his original sin. Such original sin requires a human sacrifice for expiation. And the only sacrifice is Sessions’ doing the honorable thing, like a noble Roman, and falling on his sword. 
Furthermore, Sessions is not irreplaceable. Offhand, Tom Cotton and Kris Kobach come to mind as skilled attorneys with impeccable immigration credentials. I am certain Cotton is confirmable, and is as hard line on immigration as Sessions, but made of sterner stuff.
And Sessions has not, I would argue, been that good on immigration…Additionally, Sessions has been a complete failure on newly-emerged issues—the Deep State and domestic terrorism being at the fore.
It makes one think that Sleepy Jeff is not sleepy, but actively sabotaging the Trump Administration. 
I don’t call this failure as being strong on the immigration issue. 
Given the emerge of a Totalitarian Left in America, domestic terrorism increasingly matters to legacy Americans. Here there have been two failures:

First, there has been no action on Civil Rights violations directed against white Americans. Thus in the Chicago Facebook Live-stream beating of a mentally disabled white man by four Blacks, the Sessions DOJ has done nothing.
Second, someone in DOJ is protecting the Communist terrorist group, Antifa, from Federal prosecution. 
Antifa operates openly, announcing their intentions in advance and attacking anyone they dislike. A few AntiFa might be arrested by local police, but most charges are quickly dropped. 
However, as I argued more than a year ago, the Federal government can easily charge those identified by local arrests with Civil Rights violations. Such cases are open and shut. For example, an Antifa terrorist, Eric Clanton, recently pled guilty after attacking seven pro-Trump Americans with a bike lock during a free speech demonstration in Berkeley that was attacked by Antifa.  
The locals allowed him to plead to a single misdemeanor with no prison time. A slap on the wrist. But why hasn’t Sessions instructed Alex Tse to charge Eric Clanton with Federal Civil Rights violations? 
Consequently, Antifa has increased their terrorism under Sessions. They feel they can safely ignore the DOJ that he controls. So confident are Antifa terrorists that that their Deep State Democrat allies control the DOJ that they are burning Federal subpoenas, taunting Sleepy Jeff to act.
Of course, the “crazy and bitter” Sallis has been criticizing Sessions in this manner for months, two examples (of many) are below.  

Sessions is in fact, by both commission (the Fields indictment) and omission (failure to take action as described in the VDARE piece) acting as if he’s the legal counsel for Antifa.  Sessions is an Antifa supporter – he’s also the scum who collaborated with the SPLC in Alabama to prosecute Klansmen, and he’s also the trash whose DOJ is looking into the “Till murder” while at the same time his own supporters get attacked in the streets of America by the same Antifa thugs he celebrates and protects.

Is Sessions the worst person on Earth?  Possibly yes. But, hey, don’t forget, Quota Queen Derbyshire and Quota King Coulter both support their fellow affirmative action specimen Sessions.  Quotas Gonna Quota!

Roissy: “Sessions as Attorney General alone justifies the entire Trump administration.”

Wrong, wrong, wrong – the existential meaning of Der Movement is always being wrong.
And now…Jef.  Jef has a lot to live for – for example, cooking breakfast for Mudshark Annie, after she’s spent the night with Dinesh.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Odds and Ends, 9/18

More blackpills.  In all cases, emphasis added.

An excellent video exposing Trump as a pathetic cuck weakling, exposing his soft underbelly (built up by eating all those Big Macs) to the Left.  Trump: a pitiful beta loser of the first magnitude.

But, alas, there is something predictably missing from the video: an admission of error.  Who was it who wrote that Trump was the “last chance for White America?”  Why can’t these guys – who are always wrong – ever admit to being wrong even one single time?

We know about their fixation on dairy, but the gamesters also promote eating beef and other red meat.

Wash it down with several gallons of (raw) milk!  Your colon and prostate will thank you!

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Those damn subhuman Afrowops.

Speaking of Afrowops, we once again observe the utter predictability of Der Movement and its kneejerk ethnic fetishism in the comments thread of Roissy’s “The Salvini Salvation” post.  Which once again confirms (as if anything I write needs confirmation as it is 99.9999% always correct) that it is absolutely impossible for there to be any post concerning, say, Italy, without half the comments being about True Romance, moops, etc.  These are the same sorts who would vandalize the Bromstad Wikipedia page in a desperate attempt to dissociate his phenotype from his actual ancestry. The Chinese mother!  The Chinese mother!

You’d be hard pressed to decide which of the two looks more Asian.  

Speaking of Asians: Copy, copy, copy, steal, steal, steal.  They’ll report things like this, but still self-identify as “Yellow Supremacists” and claim that Asians are superior to Whites in almost every measure (after all, Lynn and Rushton said so).

Once again. HBD is a political movement whose endgame is the enslavement of Whites to Jews and Asians.

Speaking of HBD: Derbyshire, he of the “measured groveling” to his Chinese wife, gives up the term “pathological altruism” just because he is wrist-slapped by the anti-White triracial mongrel Jayman, who makes the retarded statement that a heritable phenotype found among a sizable feature of a population can’t be pathological because it is “feature.”  That coming from someone who pretends that Salterism is “false” – as if adaptive fitness is not adaptive (for Whites only of course). Note to mongrel: if a “feature” is harming the adaptive fitness of a population and can lead it to its extinction, then, yes, it is “pathological” – which is to say, extremely maladaptive in the current environment.

That’s your “leadership," you ethnic fetishist Type I scum – the race-mixing Derbyshires of the world, who’ll self-police the language they use based on the authority of a racial abomination. 

By the way, any reasonable definition of "pathological" will include:
...being such to a degree that is extreme, excessive, or markedly abnormal
Altruism and universalism leading to self-extinction would seem to fit "extreme, excessive, or markedly abnormal."  

Ironically enough, the acceptance of the likes of Jayman into a majority White society is exactly the sort of pathological altruism and universalism we are talking about here, and even more ironically (or comically), Derbyshire's own lickspittle subservience to Jayman (never mind his own marriage) is also a perfect example of this pathology.

The sort of “writing” you losers who support VDARE are funding.  The “wins above replacement” of Joe Judge are no doubt relevant to all issues of interest to VDARE readers, right Steve?  Steverino is getting breezier with each passing day.

Hey, Steve, what kind of real estate did Joe Judge own?  What was Walter Johnson's PISA score?  Golf score?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Even more to the point: how much are you paid to write this drivel?

In twenty or thirty years, if America is still around having made it through the Current Year Crisis relatively unscathed, un-converged historians will rightly regard Trump’s candidacy, and his Presidency, as one of, if not THE, most incredible, multigenerationally defining political cataclysms. Trump will go into the books a Great Man, and his tweets and debate quips will become catchphrases for a hundred years.
Therein lies the problem, Roissy the Retard, Trump’s only accomplishments are “his tweets and debate quips.”  Not exactly how a nation gets saved.  His utility is unintentional, creating chaos and balkanization.  I do thank him for that, his existence feeds instability.  True enough, “his tweets and debate quips” have contributed to that, but its more the leftist insanity that is feeding this chaotic spiral, not Trump’s centrist pro-Jewish Negrophilia.

It’s…”America’s Senator.”
Sadly, though, USA Higdon is so far the only Department of Justice prosecutorial official to aggressively pursue the widespread problem of alien voting in the United States. Especially significant is that Jeff Sessions has not ordered USA Alex Tse to pursue a similar program in San Francisco, which openly allows illegal and legal aliens to vote in local elections.
The City and County of San Francisco also openly assist illegal aliens to remain in the United States by issuing identification cards to illegal aliens. It is also illegal for anyone or any organization to assist an illegal alien to remain in the United States. But Sessions and his underling Alex Tse, don’t seem to care.
We have been told that Jeff Sessions is the only immigration hawk in the Trump Administration, but that is obviously not true. Sessions is doing nothing to prod the various United States Attorneys throughout the United States to aggressively prosecute illegal aliens, especially when so many illegal aliens have records held by the States that will identify them and their homes, such as driver’s licenses issued by the State of California to over 1 million illegal aliens.
USA Alex Tse could easily obtain a Grand Jury subpoena for San Francisco’s ID card and voting records to identify illegal aliens who have voted or who are living in the United States illegally and are aided by the City and County of San Francisco in violation of Title 8 United States Code Section 1324. Tse could as well for the State of California driver’s license records for illegal aliens. However, he hasn’t and Sessions hasn’t ordered him to do that for one good reason, Jeff Sessions is part of the problem.
Time for Jeff Sessions to do the honorable thing, and resign. He does not have the confidence of the President.
Roissy: “Sessions as Attorney General alone justifies the entire Trump administration.”

Wrong, wrong, wrong: they’re always wrong.

Racist AI:
A look at a new study that reveals how AI robots can independently develop prejudices like racism and sexism
Robots can develop prejudices like “racism and sexism” all on their own, a shocking new study has found.
Artificial intelligence experts performed thousands of simulations on robot brains, revealing how they split off into groups and treat “outsiders” differently.
Computer scientists and psychologists from Cardiff University and the USA’s MIT teamed up to test how robots identify each other.
But they also tested how they copy and learn behaviors from each other, too.
The study, published in Scientific Reports, showed that virtual simulated robots would shun others, forming their own groups.
It found that robots would donate to each other within small groups, denying outsiders to improve their own takings
“Our simulations show that prejudice is a powerful force of nature and through evolution, it can easily become incentivized in virtual populations, to the detriment of wider connectivity with others.”
And yet the HBD filth claim that “ethnocentrism could never have evolved.”  

TOO is back in form:
Chauncey Mcdermott says:September 18, 2018 at 5:49 pm‘as counterweight to modern scientific racialist thought’
So which side do you err on?
The Italian Fascists were notoriously tolerant of Jews. Evola to me always seemed to have a bit of the apologist about him.

charliecharlie says:September 19, 2018 at 12:32 pmBecause they were half negro
 Talking about you there, Greg Conte.  That's your "movement."  Was it all worth it?