Thursday, November 29, 2018

Der Stupidity

More of the same.

Hood and Amren simply don’t get it.

You have to look at actions, not cheap rhetoric meant to mobilize voters.  Based on action, on reality, Donald J. Trump is a far-left fervent supporter of Antifa; indeed, in a very real sense, Trump can be considered the de facto leader of Antifa.  With leftist thug Sessions out of the picture, Trump now takes center stage as the leader of the far left.  Make Antifa Great Again!

Finally, Roissy and I agree on something:
I dunno, maybe it’s time for White American men to politically divorce their White women, and accept that they will have to be the sole vanguard fighting at the front lines for America’s soul.
Got that Greg?  No Joan of Arcs among the American yeastbucket population.

Trump betrays his base and turns his back on economic populism as he follows – like a fat lemming – his Jew son-in-law.  Meanwhile, Roissy tells us how “funny” Trump is – after all, jackass tweets are what being a President is all about.

Hey, Mudshark Annie, I guess you don’t In Trump We Trust anymore, eh?

No surprise – after all, radical far-leftist Trump is expected to support big tech censorship.

Maybe Antifa Don Trump can get his Justice Department to charge the Marines with “hate crimes” and “serial rioting.”  Make Antifa Great Again!

Even Jeb Bush, as President, would have by this time invoked “law and order” and cracked down on Antifa once they reached the point of attacking Marines, harassing Carlson’s family, and vandalizing Republican offices.  Trump does nothing.  Either Trump is so low energy he makes Jeb look like the Energizer Bunny in comparison or Trump actually supports Antifa – or at least doesn’t care less one way or the other.