Friday, December 28, 2018

It’s….Der Movement

More of the same.

Remember: Those who fight for the Golden Age live in it today.  And you “fight” by giving money to all of our fearless leaders. Open dem dere wallets!  Lauren needs some frilly and silly things!

Indeed.  By analogy, the tin cup is gold plated.  With your money.  Give, give, and give.

Watch this.  This is the "Saint Joseph" praised by Roissy commentators.  Red filth, heroes of communist Antifa and, by extension, Antifa supporters (e.g., Cuomo, Sessions, Trump).

A comment from the video’s comment section:
billy giles

wait a minute. they gathered whole families with tiny innocent children and babies and poured kerosene on the hay and set it alight burning them to death in the most savage and EXCRUTIATING way. why the hell is communism not as despised as Nazism? how dare people walk round at protests with communist signs knowing they done things like that many times and killed hundreds of millions! try walking round with a swastika and see what happens, yet figures wise they killed a miniscule amount in comparison. if we act like communism is some how cool and ok then I guarantee you history is going to repeat itself. I will never forget this documentary, the leaders of the soviet union like stalin and beria were the real traitors, how dare they repress the beautiful Russian spirit, that's treason and killing your own people is also treason and the opposite of what you supposed to do as a leader your job is to make the peoples lives better not worse
“…killing your own people is also treason…”

Well…Stalin – Georgian. Yagoda – Jew.

The problem is that many of the people responsible for doing the killing were not the same ethny as those killed. It’s all “Who? Whom” anyway, right?  Poor, innocent, delicate Jews were targeted by the Nazis, so the Nazis are the epitome of all evil.  The Soviets mostly killed Slavs, and who cares about those brutes, eh?  Add to that the fact that many of the killers were Jews and we can see why being a communist is accepted today; indeed, in academia and among “anti-fascist” activists it is a badge of honor.  And if you care about Asians – which I assume “normies” do – how about the victims of Mao (a hero of Antifa) and the “killing fields” of Cambodia?

Apparently, the “whiteness” of Jews is in the eye of the beholder.

And HBDer Sailer – adopted and of uncertain ancestry – wants to promote the idea that Whites and Jews are in the same “white boat” together.  Err…NO.

Instead of seeing Derbyshire’s data, Sailer’s ancestry testing results would be more informative.  Has Breezy been analyzed?  You’d think an adopted person who is so obsessed with issues of race and ethnicity would be curious enough about their own ethnic background to take a look.  Yes, low levels of “admixture” are not reliable in these commercially available tests, not reliable by the standards of hard science's statistical significance, but I’m not talking about 8% this or 5% that or 0.5% of something else.  A person’s majority ancestral background can very well be determined with accuracy and that’s what is the issue here.

Does this include The Lord of the Rings?

As a teenager, I wasted several years playing video games. I was also quite a big fan of fantasy and science fiction — Lord of the Rings, Warhammer 40,000, and such. Personally, I deeply regret having wasted this time…
Blasphemy!  Orc!  You are hereby ejected from your snug hobbit hole!
Excuse my MGTOWesque outburst here, but it is true. What the MGTOW folks have to say about the breakdown of relations between the sexes is quite true.
Hey!  You’re close to getting banned from Counter-Currents!  What about Joan of Arc?  What about Lauren’s need for “frilly and silly things?”  Don’t get discouraged ladies – don’t let the bastards get you down, eh?
The world belongs to those who are willing to make sacrifices in the present for future glory.
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Interesting picture accompanying the article.  Looks like a Type I traditionalist ready to march in one of Parrott’s rallies.

And if you can’t make it to the forest to be snug in your hobbit hole, there are alternatives.  Just make sure there’s a checkbook in that drawer, so you can send in some “D’Nations.”