Monday, December 17, 2018

Unity in Stupidity

Der Movement marches on.  In all cases, emphasis added.


Porn star rawdogging
Don Trump in orange jumpsuit
Soap in the shower

Question - does this include illegals working for Trump properties?

Behold Donald Trump’s reaction when he learns that more of his own supporters have been attacked by Antifa, and then legally persecuted by his Justice Department if they defend themselves.

The White Nationalist movement needs to find a way to end all this stupid fracturing that has defined our movement for over a year now since the infamous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA. on August 12th, 2017. We are currently in a state of loosely connected groups of people exhibiting various levels of animosity, although we generally share the same ideology.  We have also been metaphorically fighting about who is going to be the king of the ant hill just before we are trampled by elephants. It is not a productive situation and has only helped to embolden our enemies because they see us as divided and ripe for conquering. And as a result, we have lost our physical presence on the streets and have been almost completely deplatformed online.
Question: Does this end to “stupid fracturing” include an end to the crude personal attacks against Greg Johnson by graduates of  Inquiring minds want to know.  By they way, we do NOT "generally share the same ideology."  I know the Type Is wish that "general sharing" to be so, but there's a whole world of activism out there - outside of your little quota queen clique.
The White nationalist movement has many toxic elements, namely: Greg Johnson at Counter Currents, weev, and Andrew Anglin at Daily Stormer. Jews, Nazi-sociopath LARPing, and homosexuality have no place in our future. They are all a complete cancer to the movement and should be shunned and purged. They add nothing positive nor relevant to where we need to go.
Answer: Apparently not. The “unity” it seems will consist of only those folks the “unifier” approves of.  Please note that I myself am a critic of Greg Johnson – but the criticism is based on substantial disagreements about content and style, and not ad hominem about private matters.
Additionally, groups of people like American Renaissance who refuse to acknowledge in some strange bizarro manifestation of reality that Jews are even the slightest bit antithetical to the White race have to be scrutinized and considered suspect at this point. In the past, I truly admired and appreciated their work, but now I continue to question their motives and cognitive dissonance.
Criticism of the Alt Wrong.  The first I’ve seen outside of VNN and EGI Notes.  Very interesting.
Clowns like weev, Andrew Anglin, Nick Fuentes, and Ricky Vaughn attempted to co-opt the Alt-Right/White Nationalist movement for their own dysfunctional personal aspirations. I do not consider any of their motives altruistic or genuine. They were and are completely fallacious in both their rationalities and objectives.
At what point does the “unity” kick in here?  Right or wrong, there seems to be lots of fracturing being promoted in that essay.


DECEMBER 16, 2018 AT 10:52 AM
“Calls for unity”
“Provides a list of people fighting the enemy and calls for them to be shunned and attacked”
Preaching unity while ripping open old wounds and trying to inflame divisions to fever pitch. Instead of working to smooth over differences and let each guy fight the enemy in their own way, trying to set up a purity spiral that will revive the smoldering embers of division and pour jet fuel on them.
This is why we lose. “Calls for unity” like this drivel which is, in fact, A CALL TO RENEW THE INTERNECINE FIGHTING that was finally dying down.
Well, what do you expect?

Wait…here’s the unity:
We have to stop throwing groups like TWP and League of the South under the bus on the behest of internet trolls. TWP and LoS may not be perfect, but they have never cucked and have shown up and defended our right to be in the streets wherever they have been called upon, while others are sitting behind keyboards being divisive armchair quarterbacks hundreds of miles way.
We’ll all be unified around “TWP and League of the South.”  That’s, what now?  WN 4.0?

Meanwhile, incredibly, the Trump Administration and the Congressional GOP have been wasting all of their political capital in the lame-duck session on “criminal justice reform.” Jared Kushner has cajoled Conservative Inc. into promoting the supposed greatness of thousands of criminals joining the general population.
The far left-Jewish Trump administration. The far left-Jewish Trump family.  MAGA!

And note: “Oval Office address” – not a blustering jackass tweet.

Of course, such individuals would not really be White. If one were to include them in a population genetic study, they would inevitably group with their racial/ethnic group that their parents came from because the vast majority of their autosomes would not be manipulated and would remain typical of other members of their parents genetic background. It would be an illusory version of Whiteness.
No, no, a thousand times, no!  Seriously though, I agree with this, and this idea is consistent with my idea of racial cuckoldry – which heretofore has been confined to a natural convergence of superficial phenotype without any underlying genetic kinship.

But, I’m sure all the retarded Parrotts out there, and all the “form and function” fetishists, will object.  Who cares about actual ancestry after all?  If you are walking down the street with your own child (assume the child is monoracial and hence genetically very similar to yourself even through the other parent’s genetic contribution) and you happen to see another, unrelated child who happens, by some coincidence, to look a bit more like you than your own child, then the “right” thing to do is to kick your own child to the curb and support the stranger’s child, eh?  Form and function!  Creating the manifestation of Whiteness!