Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Who Will Say The Emperor Has No Clothes?

A lose-lose proposition.

This brings us to the fundamental White Nationalist objection to colorblind civic nationalism. Fukuyama wants all Americans to stop engaging in factional identity politics and instead identify with the whole of America, defined in maximally inclusive liberal democratic terms. But American civic nationalism is not a workable political ideology, because it will only be adopted by whites. Non-whites will continue openly or covertly to practice identity politics, because it benefits them. 
Team strategies consistently outperform individualist strategies. Thus if whites practice color-blind individualism while non-whites practice racial and ethnic collectivism, whites will steadily lose wealth and power to non-whites. Thus, in practice, color-blind civic nationalism is simply a mechanism of white dispossession—a mechanism that blinds whites to what is happening and teaches them that blindness is a moral virtue. If you preach blindness as a moral virtue, chances are you are up to no good.
That’s a fine analysis – albeit certainly not anything novel – and the whole essay illustrates that Johnson can be useful if he focuses on his strengths, such as making arguments in favor of White nationalism, and not waste time and energy feuding with Richard Spencer, obsessing in Luddite fashion over “traditionalism,” or taking the easy way out and hooking up with the Alt Wrong.

But, the key negative point of the essay, where it goes wrong and descends into typical Der Movement drivel, is with this:
…does anyone really believe that white Americans would not start resisting their dispossession once the end game became clear?
Yes, I will really believe it - until the time White Americans prove otherwise (and, no, voting for a vulgar obese clown does not constitute “resistance”).  The “movement” always likes to make assumptions, always goes in the direction of cowardly optimism (a la Spengler), always refuses to look hard facts in the face, always wants to avoid painful yet inevitable reckonings.

Let us consider the current Steve King fiasco to better understand the state of Der Movement and of the potential of “White American resistance” in the USA.  There are four essential points, in descending order of importance:

1. Steve King is being attacked, humiliated, discredited, denounced, threatened by his own party, socially priced, targeted by the entire media especially and including “conservatives,” undermined, with the specter of career-damaging “punishment” (again, mostly from his own party) – all for the alleged crime of being some sort of “White nationalist.”  No one comes to his defense (just like James Watson, a similar public morality play, eh?) – King is alone, isolated, with the spotlight of public scorn, a political auto-da-fe – all for the “crime think” of supposedly holding ideas similar to WNs.  Perhaps the Amren Jews were not wrong when they said that WNs are considered worse than child molesters.

Now, all of this would be bad enough if King really was a White nationalist, and if he, at least, held his head up high and defended the ideals that all of us believe.  That would be bad enough, but at least he would be seen as a fighter, at least he’d be fighting for our side.  BUT…

2. At the same time King is being raked over the coals for being a White nationalist, he is vocally, publicly, and vehemently denouncing White nationalism, stating it is something disgusting, un-American, something to be abhorred and rejected. Do you see how this is all a lose-lose proposition for Der Movement?

On the one hand, some milquetoast civic nationalist is being publicly humiliated because of the mistaken idea he holds WN beliefs – thus associating in the public eye WN beliefs with defeat, degradation, and humiliation.  Then, on the other hand, the civic nationalist being punished for “being a WN” is himself viciously attacking White nationalism.  Thus, the real target here, the real loser, the real “tarred and feathered” humiliated outcast is the creed of White nationalism itself, denounced and spat upon by everyone, including by a politician being “punished” for his alleged (and false) adherence to the same creed he denounces.  ALSO…

3. Real racialists and supremacists – Colored racial nationalists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – get to score public points by denouncing “White supremacist congressmen” – gaslighting us all since the “White supremacist” is busy denouncing White nationalism and we live in a nation in which Whites are not allowed to defend their own interests, but Puerto Rican anti-White racists are so allowed.  FINALLY…

4. All this is happening under the “watch” of the “White supremacist” President The God Emperor, who has done nothing for Whites but throw them under the bus for the last two years.  Complete demoralization, complete defeat, complete despair and hopelessness.

So…do you really believe White Americans will rise up in resistance?  And where are their leaders?

All these guys arguing over WHEN the victory will take place are pathologically delusional.

Fact is that Whites have proven time and again that they can take abuse unlimited without doing a damn thing about it.

Even more – the “movement” is an UTTER FAILURE – after decades of “movement activism” and with all the victory psychosis, the Steve King fiasco described above shows us how pathetic, powerless, and pitiful the American “movement” really is.

Hey, do you want thumos in the sense that the Ancient Greeks used it?  

What we NEED is this some prominent “movement" leader – enraged by the constant failure and disgusted by his own contributions to this failure – to generate some real thumos, say to hell with “D’Nations” and the hell with ego and the hell with delusions of grandeur and the hell with petty “movement” politics – and stand up like a MAN and publicly state that The Emperor Has No Clothes – the “movement “is a failure, he has been wrong all these years and has to be held accountable along with all the other failed leaders, that the dogma is a failure, Der Movement is a failure, it has failed the race, it is all no good, and we need a completely fresh start.

Such a man, such a statement, would take real courage, would reflect real courage and character – I could respect and support such a person.

Which leader is willing to be a REAL LEADER and finally admit the bitter truth? 

Who will say The Emperor Has No Clothes?