Friday, February 15, 2019

Does Trump Have Down’s Syndrome?

Is he a high functioning case of trisomy 21?

Well, I guess if you have no intelligence of your own, you’d hope a computer can do your thinking for you. The Digital Emperor!

The Obesity Emperor!  Is he following the Roissy-Mangan diet plan?

Roissy must have a real healthy supply of dem dere special brain supplements.

It’s The Down’s Emperor!  Can we get a chromosome check of Trump?  How many chromosome 21s are there?

Read all of these points.  Always remember who was calling Trump a fraud and a buffoon back in 2015 and 2016 and who was calling Trump ”The last chance for White America” all during the campaign.

How’s the affirmative action policy working out for Der Movement these days, eh?

Here’s my call to vote for Trump one day before the election:
Yes, Trump is a vulgar ignorant buffoon, a Negro-loving beta race cuck civic nationalist with a Jewified family, an overweight imbecile, a lazy and ill-prepared debater, an embarrassment of a political candidate, a blustering clown, and a crass jackass. Nevertheless, as SJW America perceives Trump as being a “racist fascist bigot,” a Trump electoral victory will do a fine job of destabilizing the multicultural consensus, balkanizing society, enraging the Coloreds and the Left, creating chaos, and weakening the System.  
I called it perfectly, both the reality of Trump as a fat lazy idiot and a race cuck, as well as the hysterical SJW response to the (false) perception of Trump, leading to much needed division and hatred in America.  So, I don’t regret voting for the far-left anti-White buffoon Trump.  Just by being elected, he’s done the job I wanted.  Further, there has been another benefit. It has allowed me, finally, to break with Der Movement, it has exposed Der Movement’s Man on White Horse Syndrome in all of its pathetic stupidity, it has exposed “movement leaders” as characterless charlatans and meritless affirmative action apparatchiks who don’t even have the common decency to admit being wrong.  So, the overweight imbecile has done his job well, in more ways than one.