Monday, February 4, 2019

Failure is a Successful Business Model

More blackpill.

Meanwhile, as Trump agonizes about that, armed Antifa march through the South – and through America as a whole – as an armed revolutionary guard, while The God Emperor’s Justice Department cracks down on the Right instead. Trump can end Antifa terror overnight, but does not do so.  That’s where I differ from most of the Far Right – they focus on surface rhetoric, while I concentrate on actual action or inaction.  Trump’s rhetoric is solidly civic nationalist with faint Alt Right undertones – by words alone Trump would seem to be an Alt Liter. But action?  Or, more properly, inaction?  In the realm of the real world, where action and inaction have consequences, Trump is a Man of the Left.  The federal branch is all about law enforcement and the President is the head of the federal branch.  Trump’s insanely bizarre inaction in light of nation-wide leftist street terror, where we have armed Red Guards akin to Mao’s China running loose with the benign assistance of the authorities, tells me that Trump is either an amoral monster, a soulless grifter, or else he immorally secretly sides with Antifa and the Left.  Or could it be that’s he’s just so lazy and retarded he doesn’t know that he could take action?  The mind boggles.  This is the In Trump We Trust God Emperor American Caesar the always-wrong losers of the American Far Right have been propping up as their hero for years.

And by the way, I’d like to call out those same losers for their oft-made claim that they “memed Trump’s victory into existence” and that “the Alt Right helped elect Trump.”  Now, even if true, I’m not sure that’s something they’d want to brag about right now, but with respect to objective reality, their claim is about as accurate as Roissy’s fantasy that caravans of Amish descended on polling stations to help Trump win Pennsylvania and Ohio and thus the Presidency.  The reality of course is that Trump cobbled together an Electoral College majority based on the Lind paradigm of Southern Whites, White ethnics, and Blue Collar Whites of all backgrounds. He was able to do so because the GOP base was always to the right of Neocon cuckservative candidates, and TV showman Trump knew how to play upon that division to pose as the hero of the forgotten American White Man.  The only thing the Alt Right did was to “trigger” Clinton and her supporters to label Trump supporters as “deplorables”- and that may have helped motivate some Trump voters, but that’s about it.  Anything else is in the realm of fantasy, a Far Right fever dream.

But I’m not going to waste time cataloging the failures of Far Right leadership.  Instead, I focus the attention to you, dear reader, at least that fraction of the readership of this blog that identifies as Far Right, and even more specifically, the American readership that falls within that category.  Here is an exercise for you.  First, draw up a list of the major American Far Right leaders from 2016 and also those persons and organizations that were leading recipients of donations.  Now, make up the same list for 2019.  What do you observe?  Well, if you’re honest, the names on the two sets of lists should mostly be the same.

Think about that.  After three years of utter failure and humiliation, after the endless bad judgment, loses, defeats, immaturity, feuds, infiltrations, the collapse of the Alt Right, the triumph of the Far Left, the alliance between System big business globalism and faux-Anarchist/Maoist Antifa thugs, after all of it – it’s the same people in charge, the same people you donate to, the same people you follow as “leaders,” the same tired people with the same tired ideas (or lack thereof).

YOU are much more to blame than they.  After all, to them, failure is a successful business model.  They crash and burn time and again, and still the donations come pouring in, still they are leaders, still the spotlight shines upon them, with the glare of fawning Type I hero worship drowning out the objective reality of ineptness and failure.  YOU enable their behavior.  YOU are to blame because you provide the incentive for continued, unending failure.

So it’s “damn the failure, full steam ahead into oblivion.”

The “movement” mocks “Conservatism, Inc.” as having a business model predicated upon defeat, surrender, and mendacity, but it’s the pot calling the kettle black.  

As a Jack Vance character would say – “it’s all one.”

Is there a “pill” darker than “Blackpill?”

Amusing side note question – did “Rosie” write this?  Why doesn’t the author of this piece go back to her own hepatitis-infested homeland and marry a man of her own race?  Problem solved!