Thursday, February 21, 2019


The other MAGA hat drops.

It’s clear and quite definite – “The God Emperor,” the “last chance for White America” – under the influence of the HuWhite Jared (much better than all those Hora-dancing Romanians and dumb Afrowops) - has pivoted to be an advocate of increased (“legal”) immigration, completely betraying his base, and completely going against the immigration stance that got him elected in the first place.

The real problem, however, is not the obese Down’s Syndrome patient currently occupying the White House.  No, the problem is with Der Movement, Inc. (a money-making enterprise for parasitical grifters) and, in particular, “movement leaders” who make the same world-historical mistakes over and over and over again, without end, and, with the exception of “big balls” Quota King Coulter, never admit to being wrong.

Admit to being wrong? Taking responsibility? Being accountable?  The Quota Queens?  Surely you jest!  Such questions are absurd.  Of course they admit nothing.  Of course they take no responsibility, and of course they are never held accountable.  Isn’t that what affirmative action is all about?

A question.  If Trump was “the last chance for White America,” then doesn’t the collapse of the Trump narrative mean that White America is doomed?  Then why keep up the pretense of trying to save it?  Unless of course you never believed your own bombastic rhetoric.  Ironically enough, just like Trump himself.

Merit be damned!  We don’t need no stinking merit!  Let’s all rally around Princess Tulsi Coconut instead, who is – we know this! – playing 40,000-D chess, a deep game indeed, and is going to lead us all into the White Millennium, as she majestically rides the waves in a swastika-emblazoned Samoan surfboard, wearing a grass skirt, to end up on Easter Island, where the monoliths there were built by Hyperborean Nordics from Atlantis, using advanced Ultima Thule technology!

All these no-character, incompetent, moronic, money-grubbing, panhandling, semi-retarded low-lives should resign, if they had a shred of decency, which they do not.

How can you trust people who are always wrong, about virtually every single thing imaginable?

Hey, it’s Roissy’s “Generation Zyklon!”  The kids are alright!

Wrong, wrong, they’re ALWAYS wrong.

While the Chinese do this, Whites can instead be snug in our hobbit holes, reading Savitri Devi and measuring each other’s cephalic indices. After all, with “peak oil” and of all of that, how can we reach space?  The gas pump from your local gas station won’t reach into orbit anyway!

Hail Traditionalism!  Back to the Hobbit Hole in the Shire!  Hail!