Friday, March 1, 2019

More Advice for Activists


Following up on the latest “movement” disaster, I will give some more advice for activists, particularly people (and more especially younger people) just getting started in racialist activism.

Do not associate, on a personal level, with anyone in the “movement,” unless it is someone you absolutely are certain is sane and trustworthy (if such exist). If there is any doubt whatsoever – keep your distance.

Do not attend rallies.

Do not attend any small, private meetings.

If you must attend a large public meeting, such as an Amren conference, keep to yourself, trust no one, assume everyone around you is a potential infiltrator, freak, pervert, drug addict, criminal, or just plain Nutzi nutcase.

Concentrate on your own well-being – your education, career, family, and health.  That comes first.  So-called “activism” (which these days is mostly grifters panhandling for money) comes a distant second.

Infiltrate the System. Do NOT listen to failed Quota Queen losers who mock slow and steady prudent long-term strategies.  Why trust people who have wrecked racial nationalism and have made a laughingstock of the “movement” and of themselves?  Use your own judgment. The “revolution” is not “just around the corner.”  Acting out like juvenile jackasses accomplishes nothing.  

Something to say?  Start your own blog.

Not comfortable with blogging, but want to help out in some other way?  Donate to Salter.

Apart from Salter’s fine work, there is nothing and no one worth donating to.  Don’t be a sucker and give away your money to people who, most likely, live better than you do.  Instead, save and invest, with the ultimate objective of financial independence.

Your time is better spent listening to financial independence podcasts than “movement” drivel.

Otherwise, the best strategy is Ride the Tiger, and the best attitude is bemused detachment.

And if you think this advice is too harsh, too conservative, then consider the lessons of Hermansson and Pilleater.  Hermansson taught us that a radical leftist anti-racist infiltrator can very quickly rise up to a level of prominence in Der Movement, where they are vetting meetings and giving keynote addresses at meetings.  The Pilleater drama tells us that any untrustworthy weirdo can also rise to prominence, and become the confidant of top-level “leaders.” 

There is no vetting, no brake, no quality control, no filter separating the inner workings of Der Movement from any enemy mole, any defective, any pervert, and any drug-addled imbecile who can fog a mirror held up to his nose and who can parrot retarded “movement” dogma.

And have no doubt that the enemies of the White race are well aware of these deficiencies and will continue taking advantage of them.  

Until a New Movement comes into being, a real movement that is sane and professionally run, it would be prudent to keep yourself at arm’s distance.

One final word.  Do not assume that just because someone is White that means they are a good person. Many non-Whites I know are better people, by far, than are 99+% of “pro-White activists.” That in no way changes the reality of the Race-Culture Problem, but is nevertheless useful to remember.