Monday, April 15, 2019

Der Movement Never Disappoints

More nonsense.

See this.  And I’m a bit irritated that any ostensibly intelligent person could post something so manifestly illogical. Just because I criticize someone does not mean that I cannot reasonably comment about an instance where that person has been wronged, and note that the wrong is aimed not only at that specific person but at an entire class of individuals that this person represents.

I’m being restrained in my response here, since the tweet in question is just a typically female emotional comment. But Spencer should have known better than to repost it.

This is something that all of these guys – and Spencer’s buddy Johnson is really affected by this – cannot comprehend: Criticism from those on the same basic side that you are on does not have to be malicious, personal, or indicative of some deep-seated animus. Yes, the criticism may be sharp, it may reflect disgust and exasperation, and it may in fact call for your resignation from a leadership role in activism, but the criticism is based on a reaction to ideas and actions, and it is a consequence of your failures in your assumed leadership role. When leaders refuse to take responsibility for their errors and the damage those errors do, then they need to be held accountable by someone.  Granted, I do not expect leaders who cannot admit error to appreciate criticism, and it is clear that they do not. The criticism, however, is justified, regardless if it is rejected by those who are its targets.

Some dismiss Spencer suing the network because “he won’t win.”  Well, of course, he won’t win.  That is not the point. If the network and/or the specific individuals involved have to go through the trouble of defending against the suit, perhaps they’ll think twice before doing anything like this again. No money?  Yeah – how much could this haul provide?  

The only plausible argument is that no one would be willing to take the case, particularly since the outcome is a foregone conclusion.  The fault for that lies squarely on the doorstep of the “movement” – no infrastructure, no dedicated legal staff, no pro bono lawyers, nothing.

I was wondering how long it would take Der Movement to latch on to this.

They did not disappoint, with Durocher – writing for the anti-WN Jewish HBDer Unz – linking to that post for his own Nordicist screed.  Good stuff!  Certainly, a considered discussion of racial differences in Europe needs to be done in such a fashion, and in such a venue, that of a Jew.  Let’s use HBD, manipulated by Jewish interests, to feed into intra-European hostility. As I said, Der Movement certainly didn’t disappoint.  When given the choice of doing the right thing or the wrong thing, they always do the wrong thing.

The right thing is a dispassionate analysis, on forums run by Europeans, for the benefit of Europeans, forums rightly skeptical of the HBD hoax, and dedicated to real racial science.  An analysis that has as its ultimate objective deciding what’s best for all Europeans.  For example, one can look at the data and support some policy objectives that have been proposed here over the years – e.g., avoidance of European panmixia, and a realization that all of the different European ethnies, as they exist today, cannot be put on an equal footing economy-wise. We have seen in the EU what happens when Germany and Greece are fully integrated in the same economy and with the same currency.  It may be better to have a very general European economic zone, with autarky, but with nations maintaining their own economies and currencies. Also, of course, we need eugenics. Particularly for those ethnies that require the most improvement, eugenics is needed. And accountability.  We can’t have handouts going from the ants to the grasshoppers.

I’ll note as a counter-point to my original brain post that all of those big brains haven’t prevented “movement leadership” – consisting solely of NW Europeans – from being a bunch of raging incompetents, hyper-sensitive (hello, Greg!), and exhibiting the most outrageous piss-poor judgment imaginable (Trump, Alt Right, Tulsi Coconut, Yang Gang, Unite the Right, endless decades of utter failure, etc.).

Ironically enough, a classic example of bad judgment is anyone who considers themselves any sort of “White racial nationalist” or “White activist” writing for Unz to begin with. Even independent of whatever other differences of opinion I have with certain individuals, I have utter contempt for anyone who sells out to Unz.  There’s no going back from that.  They are aiding this Jew in his attempt to monopolize racial dissident discourse.  After all, the attempt of the Alt Right retards to monopolize WN worked out so well, now let’s have an anti-WN “Hispanic immigrants will lower our crime rate” Jew have a crack at it. This is race treason.  Are those thirty pieces of silver so important?

And if either (never mind both) of the two Kevins starts writing for Unz, my faith in humanity will be forever shattered – shattered I say! – and we should all shut up shop and start wearing yarmulkes. This is also consistent with my supposition that none of this would be happening if Pierce was still alive. None of these guys would be willing to risk the contemptuous scorn of the Sage of the Mountaintop. Post-Pierce, Der Movement resembles nothing so much as a bunch of teenagers left home alone for the weekend, and indulging in any and every stupid idea that passes through their “minds.”  And so it goes.