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WWI: The Lie to End All Lies

Contra Johnson’s thesis.

Let’s consider Johnson’s absurd thesis that WWI (and II!) had nothing to do with petty nationalistic competition between European nation states, but instead was due to “empires.”

I will now consider this, excerpts follow (emphasis added) with some comments:
The early years of the 20th century saw tremendous growth in Europe of both population and prosperity. With arts and culture flourishing, few believed a general war possible due to the peaceful cooperation required to maintain increased levels of trade as well as technologies such as the telegraph and railroad. Despite this, numerous social, military, and nationalistic tensions ran beneath the surface. As the great European empires struggled to expand their territory, they were confronted with increasing social unrest at home as new political forces began to emerge.
Nationalistic tensions. Well, everyone seems to recognize this reality except Johnson and his band of liars.  The idea that “empire” was a major driving factor is ludicrous.  Consider: In WWI, the British, French, and Russian empires were allies, even though in past decades and past centuries, these empires were in conflict.  What changed?  Simple – the national interests of the states in question. The fact that they were empires was incidental. There were conflicts of national interests, and imperial considerations were just one manifestation of those national conflicts of interests. By 1914, the rise of Germany was the threat that brought together the convergence of British, French, and Russian interests.  Empires or no empires, the shifting constellations of national interests would have existed and led to war.
Rise of Germany
The main issue.
In the resulting Treaty of Frankfurt which ended the war, France was forced to cede Alsace and Lorraine to Germany. The loss of this territory badly stung the French and was a motivating factor in 1914.
Indeed.  A territorial dispute – local European territory not colonial – was a motivating factor in the rush to war.  Petty nationalism, conflicts between neighboring states, historical enmity and revanchism – all in the mix.
Building a Tangled Web
As we’ll see, the “tangled web” of alliances – Johnson’s vaunted “temporary solutions to temporary problems” – led to the war that helped wreck the White world.
With Germany united, Bismarck began setting about to protect his newly formed empire from foreign attack. 
Empire?  Johnson starts breathing heavily. Unfortunately for him, “empire” in this context is the modern German nation state, cobbled together from an amalgamation of smaller entities.  So, at what point is today's ethnonationalism merely a current interpretation of past imperialism?  Freedom for Bavaria!
"A Place in the Sun" and the Naval Arms Race

An ambitious leader and the grandson of England's Queen Victoria, Wilhelm sought to elevate Germany to equal status with the other great powers of Europe. As a result, Germany entered the race for colonies with the goal of becoming an imperial power. 
In other words, Germany’s pursuit of a real empire was a result of petty nationalist competition with Great Britain and France.
These efforts to obtain territory overseas brought Germany into conflict with the other powers, especially France, as the German flag was soon raised over parts of Africa and on islands in the Pacific.
Petty nationalism started the process.  Overseas conflicts were a manifestation of this.
A global power, Britain moved in 1902 to form an alliance with Japan to curtail German ambitions in the Pacific. This was followed by the Entente Cordiale with France in 1904, which while not a military alliance, resolved many of the colonial squabbles and issues between the two nations.
Suddenly, “colonial squabbles” lost their importance in light of the German threat.  If the nations of Europe had been confederated, none of this would have occurred.  Instead we got Johnson’s “temporary alliances.”  Followed by a world war.
This pan-Slavic sentiment was backed Russia who had signed a military agreement to aid Serbia if the nation was attacked by the Austrians.
Yet we are told by some (commentators at Amren) that pan-Slavism is an acceptable alternative to pan-Europeanism.
Turning to their ally, the Austrians inquired regarding the German position on the matter. On July 5, 1914, Wilhelm, downplaying the Russian threat, informed the Austrian ambassador that his nation could "count on Germany’s full support" regardless of the outcome. This "blank check" of support from Germany shaped Vienna's actions.
Always the troublemakers.
Behind the scenes in Berlin, German officials were eager for a war with Russia but were restrained by the need to make the Russians appear as the aggressors.
The Dominoes Fall

While the German military clamored for war…
I’m shocked, shocked I say.
Early on July 31, Russia began a full mobilization of its forces in preparation for war with Austria-Hungary. This pleased Bethmann-Hollweg who was able to couch German mobilization later that day as a response to the Russians even though it was scheduled to begin regardless. 
My being shocked continues. 
Though it was unlikely that Britain could have remained neutral if France was attacked, it entered the fray that next day when German troops invaded Belgium activating the 1839 Treaty of London. 
Those pesky treaties and alliances again.
On August 6, Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia and six days later entered into hostilities with France and Britain. Thus by August 12, 1914, the Great Powers of Europe were at war and four and a half years of savage bloodshed were to follow.
Thank you, petty nationalism.

Comment left at Counter-Currents:
HungarianFashionistaPosted September 29, 2019 at 12:59 pm | Permalink(Health warning: The first 30 minutes of this podcast contains a large dose of WW1 Entente propaganda.)
I wish Western nationalists would stop pontificating about and lecturing Eastern Europe. We take care of our corner of the white world, and you take care of yours, that should be the rule in nationalist politics.
They should stop pontificating about Southern Europe as well, a topic about which they clearly know nothing.

We take care of our corner of the white world, and you take care of yours, that should be the rule in nationalist politics.

You would think that "ethnonationalists" would inherently understand that, but, you see, in reality they are ethnoimperialists.  For example, the British-Saxon hybrid John Morgan believes he has the right to live in Hungary, despite not being an ethnic Hungarian, while pontificating about Hungary and lecturing to Hungarians, all the time lauding the alleged virtues of "ethnonationalism."  It's "ethnonationalism for me but not for thee" for these imperialistic invasive hypocrites.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Let’s Count the Lies

Counter-Currents represents the greatest Far Right threat to White racial interests.

After the roll call of suckers (i.e., “donors”), we observe a defense of petty nationalism; thus:

1. Johnson complains (with respect to pan-European unity) about “permanent solutions to temporary problems.” There’s two issues with this. First, some of these “temporary problems” are such that they are likely to last for generations, and likely longer; the threat of China is one example. Temporary?  Second, and more fundamentally, why does the idea of confederation or “Imperium” have to be in the context of negativism – responding to some sort of threat?  Why can’t it be about Actualizing a High Culture, as Yockey had as the fundamental foundation of his Imperium idea?  Something else positive?  Space exploration?  High Technics?

2. Then there is the “idea” that the "war threat" of petty nationalism is over, there is no threat of “brother wars” at least in Western Europe – so those concerns are of little worry.  Right…we have Johnson talking about “ethnic cleansing” among Europeans, we have hardcore Nordicism, we have the British fuming over Polish plumbers while embracing Commonwealth Desis and Negroes, we have the ethnoimperialist hypocrisy of certain European ethnies (and Far Right activists) thinking they have the right to colonize the lands of other Europeans. What if the “national interests” of a “sovereign nation” in Europe includes making an alliance with China against a competing European nation?  Do we then descend into Johnson’s war and ethnic cleansing?

3. Johnson’s comments about WWI are completely ahistorical – or perhaps just more Johnsonian gaslighting. No, the cause of WWI was not because there were conflicting empires.  It was, ultimately, about national competition between Great Britain and Germany, the inherent conflict between the rise of Germany and British decline, and then there was the fear and hatred of France for Germany - French revanchism.  And then Johnson has the nerve to talk about WWII and “empires” – while WWII was a PURE example of petty nationalism, of German hegemony and Hitler's desire to take other people’s lands, of British “balance of power” politics, of French hysteria about Germany, about Italy’s grasping for a national power not based on the actual quality content of people and state, etc. Johnson is being fundamentally dishonest here. How can his donors give money to support his gaslighting?

While I do not agree with everything here, the fundamental thesis is likely correct.  It was the (petty) nationalism of Germany that precipitated the crisis – although I believe others should share the blame; I cite the petty nationalism in other European nations as contributing as well.  But Germany as the focal point makes sense. Just like they wreck Europe today with their self-righteous pathological altruism, back then they wrecked Europe with their aggressive lunatic nationalism. That’s all blasphemy of course for a “movement” that literally worships everything “Germanic.” In any case, Johnson’s thesis about the world wars is a stupid as his thesis about Trump.

4. It is also an outright like that a pan-European confederation would abrogate local sovereignty.  Yockey denied this, I have frequently discussed this – Johnson and his crew of merry liars simply ignore all of this.  

And the rest of the podcast was superficial and imbecilic.  Johnson – “people like us practically work for free” – what a liar, after he talked about the $59,000 he raised so far from his suckers this year.  Some bloggers do indeed work for free but not you, liar.

And can you believe Morgan talking about people living in other people’s nations when this hypocritical invader violates the sovereignty and ethnic homogeneity of the Hungarian people?

Retarded comment:

Posted September 28, 2019 at 8:59 am | Permalink

“How can Europeans band together to defend their collective interests while preserving their independence and sovereignty?”
They have already done it – it is called NATO.
The next step is to accept the inevitable and disband the UE supranational structure that has been designed to fail and nowdays even threatens to blow up the US/Europe NATO by actions of the same two countries that were responsible for the UE idea in the first place.
Err, idiot, Johnson and his colleagues oppose NATO.  Did you listen to the podcast?

The despicable hater of Southern Europeans Ash Donaldson:
Ash Donaldson

Posted September 26, 2019 at 11:37 am | Permalink

Yikes, Islam is “right about women”? I seem to have boarded the wrong train. Islam and Globohomo are equally worlds apart from the natural relationships between men and women among the Celts, Germans, and Slavs before universalism took root. God (or Gods) save us from all this nonsense about the sanctity of the Muslim womb.
“Celts, Germans, and Slavs”…after all dem wops are just Globohomo Muslims, all of dem dere two foot tall scurrying swarthoid roaches. Counter-Currents promotes Donaldson because Counter-Currents hates Southern Europeans.  Let’s put the cards on the table. Keep on sending in those “D’Nations” you shabbos sud stepandfetchits.  Keep on sending money to people who openly hate you: Johnson, Morgan, Donaldson.  Hey Donaldson, you declare yourself the enemy of Southern Europeans, then they’ll reciprocate.

From the breathless Counter-Currents review of Donaldson’s trashy novel (emphasis added):
Southern Europe has its place in From Her Eyes as well. Despite often appearing as Christian villains, the Romans play a big part in the narrative, since Donaldson and the characters themselves rely heavily on Roman sources such as Plutarch and Tacitus. The ancient Greeks are remembered perhaps more fondly, with Xenophon, Herodotus, and the Delphic Oracle figuring prominently in the story. Aethelstan’s adoptive father is named Leonidas, after the Spartan King who faced the Persians at Thermopylae.

Leonidas is also where the Slavic connection comes into play. Leonidas was Hungarian by birth and took part in the defense of Budapest against the Muslim invaders as a teenager.
Putting aside that Hungarians are not Slavic, you idiot, well, yes, Southern Europe does have a role to play here – as villains, as historians commenting on those noble Celts and Germans, as folks who give their names to others (Leonidas the Hungarian - laughter).  So – what?  Essentially, Southern Europe’s role here is the same as that of Muslims and Negroes, enemies of Ash Donaldson.  Enemies of Counter-Currents as well. But, again, when you declare someone as your enemy, don’t be surprised when they respond in kind.  I hope that any Italians, Greeks, Iberians, Balkan peoples, etc. reading this blog post understand full well that Counter-Currents and Ash Donaldson are your enemies.  Not because you ever did anything to them; simply because they hate you for what you are. There is nothing you can do, therefore, to end their implacable hatred for you, so you may as well return it.

More news:

See this.  Strom’s criticism of Trump is good, as well as his open declaration that Trump’s right-wing populism during the campaign was simply a calculated ploy to win votes – something that everyone today realizes and admits, except those whose egos and pocketbooks are tied to lying otherwise.

Strom knows full well that he is not the only person on the Far Right who was openly skeptical about Trump as far back as 2016-2016.  I frequently cite Strom as a fellow Trump-skeptic; it would be good if he would return the favor.  I say that not out of pettiness or ego, but out of principle.  If you guys want your racial nationalism to be successful, then you should support those who show good judgment, and criticize those who do not.  Indeed, we have some on the Far Right who today still lie that Trump was “sincere” and “a man of genuine greatness.”  Surely, Strom knows this.  Why doesn’t he call it out?  

Strom’s comments about socialism are also correct, and akin to my own ideas on the subject, discussed at this blog previously.

See this.  That’s good, but note two things.  First, it is the administration of Donald “the last chance for White America” Trump that is doing this; can any of the slavish Trump supporters on the Far Right admit that they were wrong about him?  Second, we note that it is the ADL that is opposed to Amren and to White advocacy and who uses lies to achieve their goals. It’s not Romanians or Italians organizing to shutdown Amren, but a certain other group.  Are we learning yet?

Well, well, well….  Blasphemy!  Remember as the Quota Queens tell us:  #Greta is right!

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Comedy Rimshot, 9/28/19

Cheap laughs.

When reading all of the following (emphasis added), imagine you are constantly hearing this.
Richard SpencerThe McSpencer Group -- September 19, 2019 
The geopolitics of #impeachment and why #Greta is right!

Yet more cheap laughs.
One very important reason to donate to Counter-Currents is to maintain a sense of the reality of our struggle. A donation is action. It is the transference of your labor into the movement. It is your acknowledgement that this cause is genuine to you, and that you are energized and committed in a way that goes beyond social media, beyond burying your head in a book, and beyond listening to endless podcasts.
Oh, that is so utterly pathetic and disgusting, it is almost beyond words. Yes, funding the lifestyles of Johnson and Morgan is “action!”  It is a “genuine” cause!  Almost as genuine as Trump's greatness!
We are all aware that things are heating up out there. Whites are under attack across the world. We are being replaced demographically, symbolically, and even historically. They are digging into the past to spit on our graves as they attempt to deny us a future. This is going to get much worse before we win – and we will win. But it will happen sooner and more cleanly with solidarity and financial support for those who are in the best position to march forward with an uncompromising, intelligent pro-white message. Counter-Currents is in this position and deserves your support.
Yes, sir, give money to the Pilleater Chronicles, endless feuding, laughable infiltrations of “extreme vetted” (“are you Swedish?”  “are you a film critics?”) meetings, Morgan agonizing over his high school wedgies, banning critics – including former writers – from commenting on the blog, homosexual flirting to “cute” bisexuals at meetings – we’re all set up for the win!  Give today!  After all, those who give today are living in the Golden Age today!  And don’t you forget it!
Whenever you hear a fundraiser for PBS, the spokesman will go on and on about how they are only asking “for the price of a cup of coffee.” Usually, for the price of a cup of coffee they’ll just give you another year of British mysteries with wholesome and hearty hijab-wearing detectives and tough 22-year-old female coroners eating sandwiches over dead bodies, or radio programs about the latest Nigerian lesbian dance troupe’s visit to your city. You’ll get none of that at Counter-Currents! 
No, but you’ll get 90 minute Johnson-Pilleater cringefests.
But they do have a point. For the price of a cup of coffee a week, or your cancelled Netflix subscription (or, of course, more if you are able), you can ensure that Counter-Currents can continue to function as the epicenter of serious White Nationalist discourse.
Probably this is the place to insert Forney’s braying, fake laughter.
Have you ever noticed that Counter-Currents is almost never mentioned in hit pieces on “white supremacists” or the Alt Right, despite its massive influence? 
Massive influence?  On what?  Johnson's bank account?  Notice the weasel word “almost.”  
It is because the scum elites are afraid of it. They do not want average whites to know of its existence because it is too smart and too convincing. 
Repeat Forney laughter and comedy rimshot sounds.  The delusion here is breathtaking.
The average white knows something is wrong in his country, but doesn’t know to whom to turn for answers. 
Turn to Counter-Currents!  Just be real careful at the meetings. Someone may decide you’re "cute" and deserving of some “flirting.”
Your donation will help Counter-Currents reach these people, and to thwart the Jews’ and their collaborator rats’ attempts at hiding the truth.
Cue Jack Nicholson screaming “you can’t handle the truth!”
You know you should donate, so just do it. 
That’s certainly a compelling argument.
You’ll feel good. 
So will Brandon. Or Brendan. Or whatever the hell his name is. 
It is money that will go into the hands of people like you who are working tirelessly to protect you, your family, and your descendants…
They can start by protecting Pilleater at meetings.
…and – as a delightful bonus!...
This is just too easy…I’ll pass.
….it is money that you will not be able to spend on stupid shit to make people who hate you richer. 
Indeed. If you’re a White ethnic, give to the site of Ash Donaldson and John Morgan. No one hates you there, no sir.
Truly, that is a win-win situation.
The question is, for who?
Donate to Counter-Currents because it is a great Website and publisher, and an incredibly important part of the White Nationalist vanguard – but also donate to remind yourself that all of this is real and that all of this actually happening to you, to me, and to all of those people with whom you interact online whose names and stories you will probably never know. 
“…all of this is real and that all of this actually happening to you…” – probably what Pilleater was thinking at those meetings.
Donate to remind yourself that you are part of something important, and that you – you, specifically – are needed in this movement. 
To deconstruct it.
You are reading this for a reason. 
To laugh?
You are here, in this age, for this fight.
And to give “D’Nations.”
Many of those who share your views have gathered together at Counter-Currents to dismantle the systems of lies and horror set up by our enemies. Help fund their destruction.
Many of those who share your views have gathered together at EGI Notes to dismantle the systems of lies and horror set up by Der Movement. Help support its destruction.

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Is College a Scam?

Even if it is, we still need it.

I was listening to an older Forney podcast in which he (lamely, in my opinion) tried to justify his previous work in helping Asians scam the American academic system with the excuse that college is a scam anyway, and Whites (presumably White men) should just go to trade school instead. Let's consider this. For the sake of this essay, "college" includes the totality of the higher education experience - colleges and universities, post-graduate education of various types, etc.

In some ways college may indeed be a scam, but then much in today’s society is (including and especially Der Movement). We need to stay engaged in society and not eschew higher education. A college degree today is essentially equivalent to what a high school diploma was in the past, the gateway to a minimum level of possible professional success for many - perhaps most - people.  

Thus, a lack of college today is more or less equivalent to being a high school dropout in the past, with all that implies about social status, marketability, etc. The riposte will be that “young White men should eschew college and go to trade school.”  Now, no doubt, for many young White men, trade school is indeed a good idea, and, probably, some young men wasting their time in college with useless majors, bad grades, and Alt Right-style jackass partying would be better served attending trade school instead. Keep in mind that while college could possibly be a gateway to a professional career, we have all heard stories of college graduates who are saddled with enormous student debt and who cannot find suitable employment. Yes, these problems exist.  

However, there is a reason why Jews and Asians - who the HBDers tell us have a "high, high IQ" - all tend go to college.  True enough, they can leverage their ethnocentric networks after college in ways Whites (yet) cannot. In this way, they are better able to utilize their college degree for professional success than are atomized, individualistic Whites. But still, if college is such an obvious scam, why are those at the top of the human energy pyramid, those at the top of the economic food chain, those with the highest average incomes, why do they go to college? Obviously, they see a benefit, and this is a benefit that can still apply even to atomized Whites (and would apply to an even greater degree if we start networking as Jews and Asians do). The anti-college crowd could argue that the academic environment is openly hostile to White men and not to these other groups. That's true, but the solution is not to surrender, abandon the field, and accept downward mobility and low-caste racial status. At some point, Whites need to start defending their interests in the institutions they created, not simply run away, leaving the racially alien victors to gather the spoils.

True enough, while a college degree may be the ticket for possible professional success for the average person, there is a not inconsiderable fraction of young men who could be well served by trade school.  But a fraction is not everyone, and is not the average, and it is not possible, nor is it desirable, for all or even most Whites – at least young White men – to go to trade school. There aren’t enough such jobs for all these people, and that’s the least of it. Many people are just not suited for such professions – should an intellectually-oriented White man become a tradesmen? There’s nothing wrong with such jobs – many are practically useful, fairly lucrative, and respected professions. But it’s not for everyone. Even more fundamentally, given the importance of college in today’s society, and given the importance of academia in the intellectual life of the West (for better or worse), why should Whites abandon academia and the high level professions that may result from an academic education?  Why should Whites abandon the field to Jews and Asians? Why should Whites abandon law, medicine, STEM, business, media, and academic positions, all of it, to our racial enemies?  Yes, college may be a scam, and a college education doesn’t guarantee anything, and, truth be told, it is more of a gamble than trade school, but if Whites abandon the top of the human energy pyramid to Asiatics (including Jews), then doesn’t that ensure a future for us as serfs?  Do all White men need to be tradesmen working in the homes of leering Levantines and grinning Orientals?

And then we have the practical matter of mating.  Like it or not, colleges and universities are full of White women, and they are there to stay (under the current system), and they are not going to trade schools. If White men abandon academia that will simply encourage more mudsharking with the aforementioned Jews and Asians, as well as with Negro college football players. Should White men abandon the sexual playing field on campus to the world of color?  Should high-IQ educated White females be abandoned to be the sexual playthings of Levantines, Orientals, and Negroes?

In summary, if you are truly not college material, don’t waste your time there.  But if you can leverage college for upward mobility and, possibly, a healthy racially endogamous relationship with an educated member of the opposite sex, then do so.  Don’t listen to the Sage of Tbilisi.  The Right should battle for a place in academia, not declare unconditional surrender.  A secular and rational Right that embraces science and education should make its presence felt and compete with the Left, taking the memetic battle to the heart of enemy territory.  And individual White men who believe they can make it in college and in the higher professions should enter the fray and not stand back in favor of Moshe Finklestein and Yu Fuk Chen.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Trumps, Naps, Fetishists, and Informants Oh My!

Der Movement.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Two rules of thumb:

1. If someone, online or in person, starts talking to you about committing illegal acts, chances are good they are an informant, or some other type of infiltrator or law enforcement agent.

2. When in doubt, see rule one.


1. Do you notice that violent leftists never seem to get caught up in these stings?  Two possibilities (which are not mutually exclusive). First, the Left is more careful and serious than the jackass Right.  Second, the far left Trump administration and its law enforcement agencies are specifically targeting rightists.

2. Idiots like the person charged are likely brought to the point of desperation because of the manifest failures of Der Movement’s affirmative action Quota Queen “leadership.”

3. If someone wants “chaos” then there are plenty of perfectly legal and non-violent ways to achieve this. The multicultural system is so inherently unstable that political campaigns, rallies, propaganda, the “democratic multiculturalism” for majorities Salter espouses, and a myriad of other political and metapolitical stratagems, can cause societal chaos far better than talking to some informant or actually doing some foolish acting out. Heighten the contradictions!

4. One wonders what percentage of commentators on the varied Beavis-and-Butthead Far Right forums out there are actually government informants, leftist infiltrators, and other frauds. 5%? 10%? 20%? More than 50%? (The answer for Far Left forums probably hovers around 0%, see above).

Another attack on White ethnics from Counter-Currents. Never mind some of the comments. Not on the cusp of whiteness here.  That’s pure Nordic, son!  Just like this look-a-like. The Wild Bunch as anti-fascist fiction?

Seriously though, Counter-Currents is increasingly establishing itself as a Der Movement focal point of hostility against White ethnics.  Shabbos sud fools who contribute their shekels to Johnson take note. If Counter Currents gives you an extended middle finger, withhold donating to them. You owe nothing to those who despise you.

Of course, some "ethnics" do deserve contempt.  Since this blog talks honestly about ethnic types, let’s consider for a moment Judge Napolitano.  This guy has always annoyed me; he can be considered in many ways “peak wop.”  Now, the fact that he’s squat, coarse-faced, broad-nosed, non-gracile, and looks and moves like an over-stuffed puppet, cannot reasonably be held against him as a person. But what about aspects of his persona that he has control over?  The puffed-up Guido hairstyle, which is vaguely reminiscent (albeit in a more attenuated form) to that of Ray Luca of Crime Story, would look stupid enough on a younger man, but for a man of “Nap’s” age it is positively ridiculous. What’s next? Gold chains and cheap cologne?  Worse is his constant petty sniping against Trump.  Certainly, Trump deserves criticism from the Right for being an insincere fraud and a buffoon, but that’s not what Napolitano is doing. Instead, he attacks Trump using leftist talking points, and the rumor is that this derives from personal animus over being snubbed by Trump for some sort of judicial appointment. This Napolitano, who older generations of Eyetalians would term “a real guinea,” deserves all of the contempt he undoubtedly receives from the Nordicist types. He’s earned it.

Worse than Napolitano is Cuomo, and worse than Cuomo is any idiot who believes that Cuomo is any sort of spokesman for Afrowop-Americans. Counter-Currents has degenerated to such an extent that each post is worse than the last, and the comments read as if they were lifted from the worst of Chateau Heartiste.  

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What Do They Really Mean by "Ethnonationalism?"

What they really mean.

What do the likes of Johnson-Morgan-Munro-Deasy-Farrell really mean by the term "ethnonationalism?"

What they pretend to mean is something like this:

Ethnonationalism means that every ethnic group will have their own homeland for their exclusive use; every people will have their ethnically homogeneous nations in which they'll be free of interference and invasion from other peoples.

Very well.

However, based on their behavior, their attitudes, what they do and what they accept, the real meaning is:

Ethnonationalism means that Northwest Europeans will have homelands for their exclusive use, homogeneous nations in which they'll be free of interference and invasion from other peoples; at the same time, Northwest Europeans will have the right to live wherever they choose, including in other people's nations, interfering with the ability of those other peoples to live in the manner they wish among their own kind.

Hungary? Certainly!  After all, Budapest is not for the Hungarians; instead it is an "open city," available for colonization by the racial masters and betters of the lowly Magyars. Italy?  Certainly!  Live there, mock woppish ineptness, while, of course, bedding Italian women. Romania? Certainly!  Live there while writing the most offensively scurrilous screeds against the Romanian people and, of course, mating with Romanian women. Bulgaria!  Certainly!  Swagger through the streets like you own the place, desperately trying to avoid being traumatized by the faces of the natives (which "take some getting used to" - in their own country!). Iberia? Certainly!  Let's get those dago wogs out of Britain, while allowing British expats to colonize Spain with their ethnically exclusive enclaves.

For these types, "ethnonationalism" is really ethnoimperialism; they want to be the feudal lords of a racial aristocracy. However, other peoples, who are true ethnic and racial nationalists, may have different ideas about this.

I'd also like to point out that this attitude of the ethnonationalists on the Right mirrors similar attitudes of "we'll do whatever the hell we want" from their co-ethnics on the Left. Thus, we see some people who believe they have the right to forcibly dump Afro-Asiatic invaders into the living spaces of other peoples. The attitude is exactly the same.

Am I being unfair to any Far Right "activists?"  Well, they always have the opportunity to redeem themselves. Morgan, for example, can publicly admit to being a hypocrite, apologize, and leave Hungary, pledging never to return.  That would be a useful start in ending the hypocrisy.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How Dare You!

The usual suspects.

After TOO runs a series about how “climate change” is a leftist hoax aimed at attacking the technological and industrial basis of the West, the other shoe drops.

Look at that facial expression.  Exactly like Elizabeth Warren. That is the sort of arrogant self-righteousness and moral posturing we all know and despise. What’s next for Thunberg?  Becoming a ship captain and crashing into Italian ports to dump African invaders?  Riding trains into Bulgaria to tear down border fences?

Cue Counter-Currents: We need more youngsters like Greta Thunberg!

Ethno-Williams Syndrome in a picture.

As regards the status of White ethnics in Der Movement, and what they can expect, consider the fate of Joe Tommasi.  Also consider Michael Polignano and Greg Conte.  I do not defend either Polignano or Conte; I am just stating facts. I never had any problem with Polignano. I didn’t like some things he wrote about Salter’s work (e.g.,”genetic stasis”), but I believe that was out of ignorance and not malice.  Conte is a different story, as I view him as a classic shabbos sud stepandfetchit – ready to throw other Italians under the bus so as to get some table scraps from his Quota Queen masters.  Regardless, fact is, both of them were chewed up and spit out by Der Movement; they should, I suppose, consider themselves lucky they haven’t ended up like Tommasi.  Why put yourself through all of that for a “movement” that has racial contempt for you, that will never take you or your interests seriously?  It is literally true that Der Movement values John Lindsay, Hubert Humphrey, and Greta Thunberg more than it values Michael Polignano. Greg Conte, and Joe Tommasi.  Again, I’m not being sarcastic or facetious – that is literally true. So why do you support, and sacrifice yourself for, people who despise you?  Your activist energies would have been better suited to help create a new, truly pan-European, movement.

It seems like Costello agrees with Sallis and disagrees with Johnson:
I would wager very few of those who voted for Trump did so purely for economic reasons. No, Trump’s most important promise was to end illegal immigration. I submit that there is no way Glassner cannot know this. He goes on to gas about “tax cuts,” “de-regulation,” “thousands of new jobs every month,” “the labor market,” protecting “American workers from the unfair trade practices of our economic and geopolitical adversaries,” and “finally holding Beijing to account.”
Now, I don’t doubt that all of this means something to the overwhelming white middle- and working-class Trump base. But it doesn’t mean nearly as much to them as the prospect of taking back their country. In other words: sending back the illegals and stopping new ones from coming in; rolling back the “diversity” that has all but completely destroyed community in our towns and cities; and reversing trends that would make whites a minority in the nation they founded in, say, another twenty-five years…No one is allowed to say that they support Trump because they think he is good for white interests. But it is just beneath the surface.
Gee…what?  White folks voted for Trump because of his promises about immigration?  Because of White interests? Not because of his charming personality? Not that they would have supported him if he “cloned Jeb Bush’s campaign?”

Johnson is such a fundamentally dishonest liar it is comedy at this point.  The joke’s on you, though.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Odds and Ends, 9/23/19

More  race and “movement” news.

Let’s reconsider John Morganon the left here – who, truth be told, vaguely resembles Jack Nance in Eraserhead.

Hypocrite John Morgan should reflect on that not all “southern Italians” and other White ethnics are “loud and aggressive” and that some of these people may have had worse school experiences – by far – than he himself, being forced to “integrate” with feral Negroes and mulatto Hispanics, all courtesy of Morgan’s co-ethnics like Hubert Humphrey and John Lindsay. Poor Morgan had to keep up with all those "aggressive" wops, while other people were regularly getting physically assaulted (or worse) by the Black/Brown biological weapons the co-ethnics of Morgan unleashed on the children of lower middle-class/working class urban Whites.  

Hey!  Did the half-Italian Polignano have to go because he was too loud and aggressive for the shy and sensitive Morgan? Was cool kid Mikey swaggering around Budapest, bullying Johnny and giving him “wedgies?”  Considering that the Swede Friberg made Morgan cower in fear, a wop-mick hybrid may have been just too much to handle.

Bottom line – any White ethnic who is part of Der Movement, Inc. is an idiot. Experto crede.

The HBD-Nordicist alliance continues. Sallis right once again.  But, come now – having “Sallis” and “right” in the same sentence is a redundancy.  All that’s needed at this point is for McCulloch to start writing for Unz – joining Johnson and Durocher.

By the way, a comment left by an Amren reader:
Mr. Mac Daddy Flex  
This is especially true for the European races, and most of all for the Northern European race, the founding and still the majority American racial type. Due to the recessiveness of its genetic traits and its low birthrate (possibly aggravated by an adverse reaction to multiracial conditions) it probably requires reproductive isolation more than any other race if it is be preserved. 
I know this was written in 1995, but Northern European traits aren't recessive and Northern Europeans have the highest fertility rate both in the United States and Europe. It is Eastern and Southern Europeans who have the lowest fertility rates (both in the USA and Europe.)
I’m not sure why this guy thinks that anyone in Der Movement cares about “Eastern and Southern Europeans” other than that they should just give in their “D’Nations” and sit down and shut up.  And, oh, yes, please stop picking on John Morgan; he’s standing in the corner about to burst out in tears.

Read this.
It must be remembered that the Jews operate by discovering and exploiting causes of dissent within nations, inciting classes and comparable groups within the nation to reciprocal antagonism, and exacerbating the rivalries to the point of civil war, until the nation is paralyzed and reduced to masses of individuals who no longer feel they have anything in common except the geographical territory they inhabit.
Let’s update for Der Movement:
It must be remembered that the Jews operate by discovering and exploiting causes of dissent within the West, within the European family of peoples, inciting ethnicities and comparable groups within the White race to reciprocal antagonism, and exacerbating the rivalries to the point of civil war, until the race is paralyzed and reduced to atomized ethnies and sub-races who no longer feel they have anything in common except that they are all targeted for destruction by the same enemies.
Thus, HBD. And petty nationalism and ethnoimperialist “ethnonationalism.”

An HBD argument against the White ethnostate:
If I lived in a white ethnostate I would not be able to admire the Oriental women.
Who said that Asians pimp out their women to influence White male behavior?  Who said that one motivation for HBD among Whites is sexual access to Asian females?

Sallis – always right.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

A Heretical Thought about Williams Syndrome

Heretical at least from Der Movement’s perspective.

Previously this blog has discussed, and extended, a hypothesis linking East Asian phenotypes with those of Down’s syndrome.  Many fruitful ideas came from that analysis (*).

Consider what Taylor talks about starting at 5:57 here.

So, analogous to Down’s Syndrome, can we speculate that certain ethnies mimic aspects of the Williams Syndrome phenotype, particularly with respect to the pathologically trusting and aracial aspects of Williams Syndrome patients’ behavior?

Who might such ethnies be, we wonder?  Perhaps, if they were alive today, John Lindsay and Hubert Humphrey could help us find an answer. Or maybe Taylor Swift can help us figure it out.

Is this scenario why some in Der Movement are so outraged over the term “pathological altruism" and try to deny that such a pathology exists? Does it hit too close to home?

After all, if Lynn can pathologize Negro behavior, and if Brand had no qualms about pathologizing wop behavior, certainly, in the name of “race realism” and “the pursuit of the truth,” we can pursue these other lines of inquiry.  We certainly don’t want Durocher to accuse anyone of “ethnic hurt feelings," now, do we?

*Believe it or not, I just noticed right now where that Down's Syndrome hypothesis originated. Too funny for words - except to say that the battle lines against Asian-worshipping HBD are being drawn quite clearly, are they not? I suppose Williams Syndrome is the behavioral distinction between those on either side of those lines (except for the ethnocentric Jews who push HBD for their own self-interest; I am really referring to the puppets who are easily manipulated by leering Levantines).

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Calling Out John Morgan

Behold a despicable hypocrite.

John Morgan unburdens himself:
I can relate to this. Although I went to what was then considered a “good school” in suburban New York (mainly because of the few number of blacks in it, I suspect), the bulk of my class consisted of Jews and southern Italians, with a fair smattering of Asians and Hispanics. In other words, there were few other children in my childhood who were like myself; that is, of Northern European descent. And even those few other kids who were of such ethnicity often felt pressured to try to act like the generally much louder, more outgoing, and more aggressive Italians and Jews simply because they didn’t want to be thought of as “uncool.”
Dem dere aggressive afrowops terrorizing John Morgan – for shame!  Note though how Morgan describes himself – “like myself; that is, of Northern European descent.” Very good. And where does the ethnonationalist Morgan, of self-described “Northern European descent,” live?  In Hungary – a nation of Central-Eastern Europe, inhabited by a people (“Magyar” Hungarians) genetically and culturally distinct from Morgan. This despicable hypocrite, this ethnically aggressive invader, cannot leave the Hungarian people alone to enjoy the fruits of their ethnic homogeneity. If being around people “like myself” is important to Morgan, as it undoubtedly is to Hungarians, then can John Morgan please leave Hungary?

Let’s continue examining Morgan:
(I’m not saying that I don’t consider southern Italians to be white and European; of course they are…
And they are ever-so-happy you’ve given them your stamp of approval, condescendingly granted from your Inner Hajnal throne occupying another people’s territory in Budapest.
…but anyone being honest knows that they come from a culture that is very different from that of Northwestern Europe, even if we share a common civilizational background.) 
Excuse me, your outrageously hypocritical no-character worm, the same can be said about Hungary and “Northwestern Europe.”  When the hell are you going to leave the Hungarian people alone?  Inquiring minds want to know.
I wasn’t one of them, however…
You are not Hungarian either.  Please leave the country.
…and during my early childhood I had very few friends and no close ones, and there was plenty of mutual dislike between me and my classmates. 
Maybe some Hungarians dislike you and your presence in their country.  Please leave.
I established a few more solid friendships by high school, but in retrospect even those were pretty lackluster compared to the friendships I was to have in later life. In other words, I had few friends and little context within which to understand my own background and identity…
Said “background and identity” is not Hungarian, you low-life turd.
 – and I wasn’t even aware that this was lacking until years later. This was still better than if I had gone to a school where “diversity” was even stronger; I can only imagine what children of a background similar to my own who grow up in majority non-white schools must go through. So I’m quite sure the problem you’re talking about is real and getting worse.
I’m calling you out Morgan – ethnonationalist hypocrite.

John Lindsay was a strong supporter of the anti-White Black extremist “Five Percenters.”
Thanks to Clarence 13X's close relationship with Mayor John Lindsey, in 1967 the Five Percenters leased a prime piece of Harlem property from the city. The "Allah School in Mecca" still serves as Five Percent headquarters. Painted above the building's entrance are the words "The Black Man Is God."
Apparently, Lindsay’s “esthetic prop” was a turboprop indeed.  Was it pathological altruism, or simply naked ethnic aggression against New York’s White ethnics?

The obsession with Negro hair is tiresome.

Taytay Disappoints Once Again

And the inevitable medical pathologization of the Far Right.

Wrong, wrong, they’re ALWAYS wrong.

How’s your “Aryan princess” doing these days?  Oh yeah…it was only a “joke.”  That’s not how those of us with long memories remember it.

Cue those Counter-Currents articles telling us that “we need more women like Taylor Swift.”

But, hey, Ms. Swift is a really good “esthetic prop,” so you guys have that at least.  As Captain Chaos would say – lulz.

Promoting a fraud.  How to explain “psychopathic personality” with respect to “movement leaders?”

Of course, pathologizing evolved behaviors, a la Lynn (note of course that, according to him, his beloved Northeast Asians are low, low, low on all these nasty traits), can have unintended consequences.

That’s a good video by Taylor; however, I have two criticisms. First, terming the healthy racialist mindset as “race realism” is wrong, wrong, wrong. The healthy mindset is ethnocentrism, which should be uncoupled to Lynnian worship of Jews and Orientals. In reality, “Rosie and the kids” are among the outsiders we should be suspicious of, not only Tyrone Carjacker.  Second, why have we reached the point at which America and the West have devolved to Soviet-style medicalization and pathologization of normal and healthy behavior?  It’s because of the TOTAL FAILURE of the Right, the TOTAL FAILURE of Der Movement, the fact that the Right openly and actively repulses STEM types and academics, and the fact that the Right is incapable of articulating an effective counter-argument to the Left, since, at least in its Far Right incarnation, the Right is represented by affirmative action cases whose claim to “leadership” has zero to do with merit.

He’s a man of genuine greatness!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Odds and Ends, 9/20/19

More of the same.

Yes, he’s an “abiding influence” and all, but you’ll reject, and constantly attack, the central theme of his work.

Ah…but Gottfried “gets it wrong” only from your perspective.  Gottfried is a Jew, so from that perspective, it’s business as usual.


Good point to remember. Trump’s jailing & even executing Whites to please his handlers & pander to muh Browns. It’s going to be just as bad or worse until at least 2024. Brandish or use a weapon only if the situation demands risking serious jail time (ie if your life or others lives are in immediate danger).. We’re the enemy to the Feds & most local LEO’s – don’t kid yourselves.
But…Trump is a man of genuine greatness, and don’t you forget it!

I’m not sure why Spencer is re-tweeting this.  Who was the “leader of the Alt Right” when this window of opportunity was lost?  Who was doing the Beavis-and-Butthead podcasts during this time?  

Never forget – we need more men like Hubert Humphrey!  He was, like, “valorous” and all that.