Tuesday, December 17, 2019

No Qualifiers

Phenotypic analysis.

Following upon my comments here, let’s consider the mixed-race Latino agenda.
On the whole, I believe the average “off-white” of America’s future will on average have a skin tone and facial structure similar to that of Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa, who, appropriately enough, was a Leftist academic who wrote a great deal on Hispanic identity. From my Hispanic perspective, she looks white, with no qualifiers. In time, I suspect American whites will think of her in the same way.
Look at that woman!  She looks White!  No qualifiers!

Well, from my Swarthoid perspective she looks 100% non-White, with no qualifiers. There’s not even the slightest doubt, the instant “binning” from looking at that picture is non-White mestiza. But you see, that’s the agenda and why these "Latino" types are typically hostile to Old World Southern European stocks. They want you to believe there’s no difference between an out-an-out obvious non-White saturated with New World admixture (in this case Amerindian) and Old World European swarthoids.

If you want to use phenotype – and here I specifically mean physical appearance – to judge a person’s racial provenance, then the person in question has to be able to be reasonably identified as a member of the reference group in question.  By “reasonably” I mean that the person’s phenotype is of a type that is found with significant frequency in the population in question, that an identification of the person to that group would be seen as realistic to most people with knowledge of the group, and, most importantly, be seen as realistic by members of the group itself.

If by “White” you mean derived from populations from Europe – Old World native European national and regional stocks – then that woman 100% CANNOT be reasonably placed as phenotypically belonging to any European group. If crazed fetishists claim she could be Iberian (or some other Southern European group) then they demonstrate their own irrationality (or visual defect), as the phenotype in question is not such that is found anywhere in Europe, including in Iberia or any other swarthoid region. On the other hand, she DOES reasonably fit into Mexico or any other “Latino” nation with a large mestizo population.

This is not rocket science. If you look at someone and you IMMEDIATELY think “Latino mestizo/mestiza” then, judging solely by phenotype, how can you say they are “White with no qualifiers?”  That the author sees that face and thinks “White with no qualifiers” is proof positive that in Latin America any person who does not look like boxer Mike Tyson or like Montezuma is considered “White.”