Sunday, January 5, 2020

Odds and Ends, 1/5/20

Various issues.

Please compare this to the Western Destiny post here.

Your heroes of Der Movement are years behind the Sallis groupuscule. Hey, Zman, doesn’t what you wrote about “weirdos” also apply to those who talk about “Kali Yuga” and “Men Above Time” or “snug in your hobbit hole” or who promote “bronyism?”  The rabbit hole runs deep indeed, eh?  You hypocrite.  The ENTIRE “movement” is full of the weirdos you decry.

The German writer Hans Blueher stated in 1922 that the Jews possess the gift of biological mimicry, a trait also possessed by some parasites: “The Jews are the only people that practise mimicry. Mimicry of blood, of name and of physical appearance.” Blueher also uses biological terms when he says, “The Jews have tried to graft themselves upon Germany in such a way as to make the scars of the operation invisible.” By 1922, Blueher says, awareness of the Jewish problem “has become a fundamental condition of German Man.” Blueher also said that the physical differences between the Jewish mimics and the Germans they were mimicking were becoming more and more obvious to the Germans and that soon the mimicry would fail.
But, but, but…they look HuWhite.  Any comment about the Alt Wrong, Strom?