Monday, January 20, 2020

Pills and Syrups and Asiatics Oh My

Pills, not vaccines, are the real problem.

Listening to a podcast on this issue, terms used were “cultural damnation of India,” endemic corruption” in Chinese and Indian drug manufacturing, and “data fabrication teams” in those Asian drug manufacturers.

Once again, HBD is exposed as a monstrous lie, one of the greatest intellectual frauds of our time.

Americans are being literally poisoned – including by carcinogens – through all of the maintenance medication they take, “medication” often produced by yellow and brown Asian “cognitive elitists,” but instead of focusing on that, all of the normie nitwits and “movement” retards scream about those dastardly vaccinations of “Big Pharma.” It’s ludicrous. All of those nice little pills and flavored syrups being consumed by American men, women, and children are given a pass despite hardcore proof that they contain actual carcinogens and other poisons, but vaccines, which prevent illness and for which no real problems exist at the population level, are targeted – after all, the latter are “scary needles” and we can’t have that, can we?  Further, there is probably a psychosexual component to this – those “scary needles” are “forcibly penetrating” the patient and probably there is some sort of subconscious idea of rape and sodomy with respect to needles, while what harm can all those harmless pills and syrups do? And by the way, it’s through maintenance medication that “Big Pharma” makes their money, not through vaccines.

Besides issues of efficacy and safety, there is also an issue of national security. Most medications are made in China and India; and regardless where the final place of manufacture, the ingredients are typically made in places like China. This includes antibiotics as well as all the maintenance medication necessary because Americans are a bunch of landwhale fatsos. America no longer has the production facilities for these medications. Thus, America can be held hostage by China and India with respect to the medications that our lumbering population of unhealthy mammoths and mastodons require in their daily lives. If China and India decide to geopolitically blackmail America via a medication boycott, we’re in big trouble. They also have the capacity to intentionally poison the American people (as opposed to doing it out of incompetence and greed).

This situation, the outcome of unrestrained globalism, puts America at risk, and this is completely ignored by the political class.  And the Quota Queens of Der Movement instead screech about vaccines – not yet made in China and India – dem dere “scary needles” from “Big Pharma” and ignore the real threat of a White America controlled by the pill and syrup pushers of the Orient.

Affirmative action in Der Movement has consequences, my friends.