Thursday, February 6, 2020

A Pariah Nation

Is it an act of war?

Can you imagine if Black Africa, or even lower on the HBD scale of humanity, S. Italy, was behaving as China is now? Unleashing yet another deadly plague on humanity through their filth and incompetence (or for some other reason, eh?), whining that people protecting themselves from these contagions are "truly mean," and then simultaneously accusing others of "scare-mongering" while at the same time begging them for help? Can you imagine the hysteria of the HBDers?  We would hear all about "low Black IQ" and "Black psychopathy" or about the "low IQ" and "anxiety and neurosis" of all those Schettino-like Afrowops. But Chinese? Criticism?  God forbid!

Unfortunately, China is a nuclear power, so we cannot simply blanket that nation with neutron bombs; further, in any case, we are currently "tied to the hip" with them economically.  We've outsourced a significant portion of the American productive economy to China, we depend on them for a myriad of products, including (often ineffective and/or contaminated) medicines, food, and all sorts of other products and industrial outputs. They are essentially financing a large portion of our National Debt. And what would all the HBDers and Silkers and other omega male "awkward squad" White males do without their continuing supply of flat-chested Chinese "females?"

A determined American leadership and people could change that over time. Of course, it won't happen, but here I am being (admittedly unrealistically) prescriptive, not descriptive. At minimum, China should become a Pariah Nation. The USA - and the rest of the world - should slowly begin the process of disentangling themselves from China, in every way, as a consumer of Chinese goods, as a debtor to Chinese creditors (as reparations for the constant viral attacks of China against humanity, should the debt held by Chinese creditors be erased?), etc. All travel, all commerce, all immigration, all interaction with and from China should cease. It will take time, but can we afford not to do so? Can we afford not to isolate ourselves from a national viral incubator, a nation that is nothing more or less than a disease-breeding petri dish?

Let's consider some things about this new disease (in all cases emphasis added):

Read this.
Strong evidence suggests the marketplace played an early role in spreading 2019-nCoV, but whether it was the origin of the outbreak remains uncertain. Many of the initially confirmed 2019-nCoV cases—27 of the first 41 in one report, 26 of 47 in another—were connected to the Wuhan market, but up to 45%, including the earliest handful, were not. This raises the possibility that the initial jump into people happened elsewhere.
Ebright tells ScienceInsider that the 2019-nCoV data are “consistent with entry into the human population as either a natural accident or a laboratory accident.”
Yes..."laboratory accident." It's not very likely that "our" government - in debt to China up to their eyeballs and probably with their own harems of flat-chested, "tropical" (not "Arctic") Chinatrices exerting "influence"- is going to "spill the beans" if evidence of a bioweapons origin comes to light.

Read this.
Did this earliest of the 41 patients have any exposure to the Huanan seafood market?
  (See article, page 3 Figure 1B timelines of illness onset for all 41 patients).
What explanation was given for the source of infection for these 14 patients with no exposure to the seafood market?
No explanation for 13 of the 14 patients was given. One of the 14 patients was the wife of the man who was the first fatality and who had “continuous exposures to the market (article, page 4, results section lines 8-13).
Based on the above data what hypothesis can be formulated?
Infection must have occurred in November, 2019 for the earliest reported patient with onset of symptoms Dec. 1. (The incubation is unknown, but assumed to be 1-14 days based on extrapolation from SARS (~1-10 days) and MERS (~2-14 days) coronavirus incubation periods). Whether this patient was infected from an animal or another person in November, directly or by fomites, his infection occurred at a location other than the Huanan seafood market.  
Does this hypothesis propose that person-to-person transmission was occurring and/or animal-to-person transmission occurring, in November or earlier in 2019 in Wuhan?
Where might animal-to-person transmission have been occurring?
Potentially at one or multiple places in the supply chain of the infected animals e.g., in one or more multiple markets, or restaurants, or farms, or with wild animals, legal or illegal trade.
The hypothesis is that the initial emergence of the virus was not the Huanan seafood market. Spread of the virus was already occurring person-to-person in October-November (or earlier) and gradually increasing into December.
A smart senator.
Republican Sen. Tom Cotton suggested that Chinese officials misled the public on the origins of the novel coronavirus that has killed at least 362 people and infected more than 17,400 others, saying it may have originated in a "superlaboratory."
"Of the original 40 cases, 14 of them had no contact with the seafood market, including patient zero," Cotton said. "I would note that Wuhan also has China's only bio-safety level four 'superlaboratory' that works with the world's most deadly pathogens to include, yes, coronavirus." this outbreak an act of war by China against the rest of humanity?  Or perhaps better phrased to leave out the words "the rest of?" Is this outbreak an act of war by China against humanity? 

What should be the response of the civilized peoples of the Earth to the Chinese threat?

Read this.
Schaffner says, while that allowing doctors in China speak up early would not necessarily have prevented the outbreak, it might have helped limit the spread of the virus.
China is a threat to the long-term survival of humanity.  What will the civilized nations of the Earth do about the Chinese threat?