Sunday, February 2, 2020

Is Randall Flagg Going to Make an Appearance Soon?

Or as the Chinese might say – Wandall Fragg.

The Danes get it right.

Massachusetts health officials reported the state's first confirmed case of coronavirus, putting the number of confirmed cases in the U.S. at eight.
The man, who is in his 20s, had recently traveled to Wuhan, China, and sought medical care soon after returning home, according to a statement from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
Let me guess from that description – a Holy Oriental doing “research” in one of the universities in Massachusetts and/or a “student” there?

Do images from Stephen King’s The Stand start to come to mind?  Wandall Fragg, where are you?

Thanks China!

Meanwhile, notice how all of the HBDers and “race realists” are real quiet about discussing this outbreak, and how Chinese deficiencies led to its initiation and spread. We can’t blaspheme the Holy Orientals who live in The Land of the Gods, now, can we?

Question: When is social ostracism of Chinese, at least China-born Chinese who may have visited China recently and/or be in contact with friends/family who have so visited, going to come into practice?  Will that apply to the White spouses of said Chinese?  Let’s rewrite that last sentence for more precision and specificity  - Will that apply to the White husbands of said Chinese?  

More outrageous “movement” hypocrisy, this time from Taylor’s review of MacDonald’s HBD book nonsense (emphasis added):
This was a genuine first-among-equals system, in which any man of ability could hope to be a leader. It also inspired intense loyalty. It was common for followers to vow that if their chief fell in battle, they would fight on until they had avenged him or until all were dead. Devotion of this kind could be won only by men who generously shared the spoils of war, who suffered the same privations as his men, and had a talent for planning and generalship. Kinship did not matter; prowess was everything.
Too bad the “movement” doesn’t abide by those same precepts, huh?  Instead we observe a rigidly strict ethnic-based affirmative action program, where “ability” and “talent” and “planning” and “generalship” and “prowess” count for nothing.  A strict quota system where outrageous incompetents, tragicomic buffoons, and gaslighting grifters make a living off of the naivete and/or sweaty ethnic fetishism of their followers – a anti-merit system that has led to endless decades of utter failure.  To the Mannerbund!  Bite the pillow, they’re going in dry!

Speaking of the rigidly strict ethnic affirmative action program, can we all agree that The Master of Disaster is now simply floundering around desperately looking for any way to stay relevant?

I mean, the Master is the poster boy for the program.  How can any of you deny it exists?  The more he tweets, the more evidence for the Sallis paradigm is generated.  Keep it up!