Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Odds and Ends, 3/31/20

In der news.

Sallis right once again.

It very well can be a wild-type unmodified virus that was being studied in the Wuhan biowarfare labs.  This whole "lab release = bioengineered" is gaslighting for the rubes. 
…Ebright doesn’t exclude the possibility that the virus’s spread started from poor biosecurity in China. A leading theory is that the virus jumped from wildlife to humans. Some researchers speculate this happened at a live-animal market where exotic species are sold for food. But Ebright also notes that such wildlife viruses are collected in laboratories, including in Wuhan. “Therefore, it’s also a possibility that this virus entered the human population through accidental infection of a lab worker carrying out field collection, or an accident by a lab worker characterizing the sample in a laboratory,” he said.
Meanwhile, HBD filth – who need to be investigated for FARA violations – promote the Chinese government absurdity of an ‘American bioweapon.”  

As I’ve been predicting, the Right continuously self-destructs.  The Right continuously constitutes an endless humiliation.

Behold the subhuman filth that are literally worshipped by the HBDers.

Gee, it looks like those high trust northern hunter gatherers are at it again, eh Kevins (Strom and MacDonald)?
Germany has imposed harsh travel restrictions, essentially entering a bunker mentality amid creeping hysteria seizing the country. Only German nationals or foreign citizens with an “urgent reason to travel” may cross the border. Shockingly, however, refugees from the Middle East and Africa arriving at Germany’s border in search of asylum are given the red carpet treatment into the country…To do so in the middle of a deadly global pandemic is a bit like puffing away on a cigarette at a gas station. At the very least it makes for some very poor optics.
After all, Germany is currently experiencing living conditions not witnessed since World War II. Even in the capital, Berlin, panic buying has led to empty store shelves amidst a foreboding climate of helplessness and despair…should Germany be granting asylum to refugees who have not only entered the European Union illegally, but have necessarily traveled through high-infection countries, like Italy and Spain, in their personal quest to receive asylum?
But, hey, remember, this is the Master Race, let’s have more Revilo Oliver speeches about dem dere purebred Germanics, and we must have Germanics as leaders of the American “movement.”  What with “swastika-soled boots” (made in China, by the way), and other such important innovations, we’ll be dancing through cemeteries (these days, literally, I suppose) to victory.  Hail Germania!

The same Zturd who looks at the charnel houses of Italy and New York and deems covid-19 akin to an “urban legend” provides us with the gibbering fantasies of a hysterical right-wing retard tin foil hatter.

Zturd can stop hiding under his bed from that military coup leader Pelosi and her cunning henchmen.  Seven Days in May, coming soon!   Of course, it is, say, 1000x more likely for Trump to die from covid-19 than to be removed by a military coup, but the Right has never let small things like statistical sanity stand in their way.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

How covid-19 is affecting the mannerbund.  Traditionalism takes a hit.

Inspired by his insight about how most Italian-Americans are of Northern Italian descent (hint: they’re not), HBD retard Mangan does some chin ups.  Gotta get fit to resist that Pelosian military coup, I suppose.

Winner of the March 2020 Ted Sallis award for online commentary:
Dr. Rieux Blacks emigrating from North America to Africa will raise the mean IQ's on both continents.
Dem dere high trusters.  Well, East Asian nations like Sweden are better suited to deal with this crisis than are sub-Saharan African nations like Italy and Spain, so I'm sure it will all work out for the best.

Milady once again contributes to the scientific and societal response to the The China Plague crisis in the manner to which she is best suited.  Remember men - do not objectify milady!  Me too!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Madole Interview and Other News

Odds and ends.

James Madole interview – 8/30/67.  Let’s be honest, Madole, a central early WN 1.0 figure, sounds infinitely more reasonable and more intelligent than the mass of WN 2.0 Alt Right yokels. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything Madole said in the interview (and I oppose the whole idea of giving such interviews - why inform the enemy?), but, again, let’s be honest – compare Madole to some “Beavis-and-Butthead” Alt Right podcast and note the marked superiority of the former over the latter.  WN 2.0 is a degeneration.  Note how, back in 1967, the interviewer, although hostile to Madole's ideology, is very polite and professional.  Note also how leftists have been illegally obstructing rightist meetings since the beginning of Der Movement, a problem that is never solved by the heroic rightist "leadership." Note also Madole's pan-Europeanism and his universal nationalism.  Also note his warnings about the Yellow Peril. Contrast that to the raving lunacies of Nordicists, HBDers, fetishists, WN 2.0ers, Silkers, etc. It is unfortunate that Madole later degenerated into esoteric traditionalism and other nonsense, but let's judge him as he is presented in the recorded interview. In general, I'm impressed with 1967-era Madole, and believe he compares very favorably with other pro-White leaders of that time.

Compare Madole’s interview to this.  WN 2.0, WN 2.0.WN 2.0 marches on.

OK Millennial.

Milady makes an important contribution to the epidemiological analysis of The China Plague.  Move over, Fauci, you old stale White male, and make way for female vibrancy!  

We all do our part in the battle against the virus, within our innate biological capabilities. Men are working on a vaccine, while milady has other concerns.

Milady says – me too!  Say it ain't so, Joe!

Read this.  It vindicates my position in my previous debates with the Silkers, you know, the trash who pretended that the only way to oppose Jewish power is to have Whites enslaved to Asians. The fact that Jews and Asians (the Chinese at least) are allies doesn’t of course have any meaning to the pro-Asian shills.  Sallis – correct; Silkers - incorrect.

A poster boy for Antifa Don Trump’s pro-Black criminal justice reform. Fat Don: A sincere man of genuine greatness!

Reading this title made me think initially that Zturd finally got a diagnosis from a mental health professional.

Alas, not the case.

All of the epidemiologists talking about “flattening the curve” are, of course, "dullards," engaging in magical mumbo jumbo, as opposed to the wise and heroic Zturd.  After all, if we had to choose between (a) Fauci, a man who, for all his faults, has dedicated his entire working life to epidemic and pandemic infections; or (b) a pseudononymous blogger who has written that no protections currently exist against influenza; obviously we should pick (b), right? Anyone who picks (a) is just a hysterical girlish leftist, obsessed with "credentialism," part of a Deep State conspiracy!

Zturd is the type of idiot who, had he been an afrowop living in Dagoland, would have been one of the chorus preaching to keep everything open. The man’s deranged. What kind of retarded imbecile do you have to be to compare total number of critical cases to available hospital beds on a national level, when: (a) the problem is in the early stage in the USA, and (b) it’s not evenly distributed around the entire country at this early stage. Then add to that the mind-numbing hypocrisy that one reason the numbers are (to Zturd’s “mind”) not so great yet compared to other predictions is precisely all of the mechanisms in place to repress the spread, mechanisms that he himself ridicules.  He’s either a rank hypocrite, semi-retarded, or deranged.

Zturd is also a coward. He’ll target the likes of Spencer, but not Johnson, likely fearing Johnson’s catty vindictiveness – even though Johnson already called him out while, insofar as I know, Spencer has not, and Johnson’s tweets are just as “plague realist” as are Spencer’s.  The trash Zturd is really of a low, low character, sort of a worm of a “man.”

On Jews and Plagues.  Another fine Joyce piece.  Although he’s perhaps too cavalier about dismissing the idea that Type I Nutzis were indeed talking about “saliva on doorknobs.” Now, I agree with Joyce that’s all overblown hysteria; after all, a single Chinaman can do more damage to American health in a microsecond than all of the “coughing skinheads” one can envision. No doubt, to the extent the comments occurred, they were just stupid talk (and one wonders how much of that came from infiltrators and agent provocateurs).  However, to the extent the talk occurred and was from authentic Nutzis, I ask again – why must the Far Right (and the Right in general) always act so stupid?  Why must they be so stupid?  Why is the Right always an embarrassment? Jewish behavior and System hysteria does not excuse Nutzi stupidity. Perhaps if the Nutzis were not such stupid jackasses, Jewish behavior and System hysteria could be leveraged to make headway in making legitimate pro-White political gains.  Just saying.

Chinatrics infecting humanity.  HBDers and Silkers become sexually excited.

Remember…Zturd says that any concerns over the virus are merely womanly hysteria.  Don’t be girlish; be a real macho man like him!

And this is what EGI Notes has been saying all along, as the experts were saying otherwise.

Liars are going to lie.

Behold a nation of filth.

Di, Di, di, di…verseiteee….

This is the mentality of the Right.  Some folks sometimes lie to you about some things. To the Right, that means they always lie to you about everything. QED.

There’s a fable about this – about a boy and a wolf. Both the System and the Right should look it up. The System needs to consider how their lying has made people question a real public health emergency, while right-wing retards (a redundancy?) need to consider that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Yes, cigarette smoking promotes cancer and cardiovascular disease. Yes, men landed on the moon.  And, yes, The China Plague is a real threat.  Not everything is a conspiracy. If you can’t understand that, if you think Northern Italy becoming a charnel house is just a “hoax” and an “urban myth,” then you reveal yourself to be an unserious person who should go back to folding your tin foil hat and leave serious issues to the adults in the room.

Newsflash to the retards – your beloved “movement” lies to you as often as the System does.  When are you going to be skeptical about that?

Compare John Campbell's sober analysis to Zturd's deranged hysteria.

The Zturd strategy in action.

Remember, this is all an “urban legend.”   Zturd says so, so it must be right!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Nick Griffin on the Alt Right

Food for thought.

I’m no fan of Nick Griffin, nor do I agree with his ideology, but his book AltRight – NotRight is useful in exposing some of the insanity of the Alt Right – you know, the stupidity that I was denouncing from its very beginning, while all the Quota Queens were openly praising and identifying with it.

Some of Griffin’s warnings about the homosexual cabal and their agenda of “pinkwashing” (Griffin’s word) are useful, and he has interesting things to say about Jez Turner (that I neither endorse nor reject, since I know little about the man), including Turner’s association with Greg Johnson, which are too lengthy to quote here, so read Griffin's book.

It is also simply impossible to import homosexuals into any group without them bringing with them their scratch-your-eyes-out, handbags at dawn hostility to people with whom they fall out.
Err, yes.  Watch out, Nick, you’re “crazy and bitter.”

This is interesting:
Given the close connections between Johnson and Richard Spencer – the Counter-Currents boss is a regular speaker at NPI events – it remains to be seen what will happen to Arktos if Friberg and Jorjani fall out over the former’s increasingly strident condemnations of homosexuality and the latter’s acquiescence (to say the least) in the pinkwashing of the movement.
I’m not sure when Griffin wrote that.  It seems the book was published in 2017, at which time Johnson and Spencer had seemingly already fallen out. If Griffin actually wrote that earlier, then he is somewhat prescient, given that not only did Johnson end his association (at least insofar as I can see) with NPI, but Jorjani did indeed have a falling out with the Spencer-Friberg fraction (although that seemed to be more about Iranians than about homosexuals).

Note this:
It is worth noting here that the Hungarian government explained its 2014 expulsion of Richard Spencer on the grounds that its security services had concluded that he was a CIA agent seeking to embarrass Viktor Orban…
I never participated in this fad of accusing activists of being “Feds” or “CIA assets”- that strikes me as truly paranoid, but here it seems Griffin is simply repeating the excuse of the Hungarians, so we can take it for what its worth.

Now, here is what Griffin claims is a quote from an individual that Johnson stated will be one of the voices of WN 3.0:
These are refrains I’ve heard endlessly repeated as the discussion over WHITE SHARIA has advanced. They are coming from women and a few weak men countersignaling the WHITE SHARIA meme. Rape is a property crime and nothing more. First a crime against the property of the father, and then a crime against the property of the husband. …hitting a woman out of her head was seen as benevolent and a universal necessity in every marriage until the sixties, and even portrayed positively in movies and film. Regular slapping and the occasional vicious beating of a woman was a necessity in every household..
Keep in mind that Johnson poses as a White Knighter (“Joan of Arc!”), criticizing activists for their alleged misogyny.  Interesting.

Griffin concludes:
What must be done is very simple: A ‘No Platform’ policy ruthlessly enforced in each and every organisation. Do not give homosexualists a platform. Do not share a platform with homosexualists. Do not advertise platforms run by or favouring homosexualists. And publicly admonish those who break this rule.
We do not have to agree or accept all of Griffin's accusations to understand what a disaster the Alt Right has been.  The historical evidence of the last few years is clear, underscored by the fact that several of the main Alt Right leaders no longer identify as such.

What all of you out there need to decide is this - who is more worthy of being listened to, whose judgment should you accept?  Those who were 100% on the Alt Right train and who lectured us all that "The Alt Right is White nationalism or it is nothing at all"  OR those who were warning you as far back as four years ago that the Alt Right was a destructive disaster, with a short shelf life, and that it should be eschewed before it takes racial activism down with it when it collapses?

What's more important to you?  Sound judgment and merit-based leadership or your ethnic fetishism and your acceptance of a strict "movement" ethnic affirmative action program?

Your choice.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Odds and Ends, 3/28/20

In der news.

Colored is as colored does – Asiatics like Greta keep on causing problems.

No, no, a thousand times no!  Thunberg is of great benefit to all humanity and we need more Ladogans like her!

How about some tough talk for the Chinese who infected you all?  Or will you serenade them from balconies?

Extremely cognitive and oh so very elite. Comment from news post thread:
Sorry but I’m going to say it. The people who eat these things need to join the modern world and step out of their third world medieval existence. There is no need for wet markets and eating of exotic animals in the modern world. Join the 21st century.

A ballad for Zturd  Have you noticed that many of the Type Is who used to gibber about “worse is better,” Der Tag, “boogaloo,” and fervently wished for a collapse, are now hysterically screaming for “America to get back to work” in order to “save the economy?”  It's almost as if they were never serious about the political posturing they were doing during the "good times." 

It's quite possible that the outcome of the crisis will not be as bad as the worst predictions. Would that make Zturd correct?  No. Zturd argues that we should go about business as usual even IF the worst comes true.  

Trump continues to pitifully grovel to Asian-“Americans.” One wonders why.  One wonders what exactly is going on there in the White House. After all, Bill Clinton had Monica Lewinsky, what could be going on today?  Measured groveling, Donny, measured groveling.

A crucially important Chinese accomplishment.  How can the work of Newton, Michelangelo, or Shakespeare compare to that?  If you would like to see a political outcome of HBD, see 2:38-2:53 here.  Interesting how all of the Type I racial purists have no objection to that, similar to how they tolerate – in some cases even promote – Derbyshire.  The creation of an Jeurasian mongrel class in the “West” – coupled to the continued preservation of the original Asian stocks in Asia – is one of the openly stated goals of HBD.  Yet the Type Is never denounce HBD.  The HBD-Nordicist alliance continues (with ethnonationalist junior partners bringing up the rear).

Men do research to fight The China Plague, while milady occupies her time with other pursuits.  Joan of Arc!

Read this.

A position no doubt supported by Der Movement.

Steve Bannon’s measured groveling to Simone Gao is pitiful. Is Simone Gao John Derbyshire’s favorite investigative journalist?  No, Steve, it’s not the CCP virus, it’s the CHINESE virus. Stop groveling to bizarre yellow aliens.

Boris Johnson does his part for herd immunity.

Strawman argument.  It very well can be a wild-type unmodified virus that was being studied in the Wuhan biowarfare labs.  This whole "lab release = bioengineered" is gaslighting for the rubes. Do you also notice that the “it’s purely natural” argument is used against the “Chinese bioweapon” argument, but not the “American bioweapon” equivalent?

Seems OK to me.  Next, make a painting showing Chinese cackling with glee at all the suffering and death they’ve cause with The China Plague.

The subhuman animal Zturd writes:
This graph gets to something else that has been revealed during this crisis. Those inclined to left-wing politics are more easily frightened than those attracted to more sober minded approaches to public policy. It is something to keep in mind when looking at how our guys have reacted to this crisis. For example, many of the old alt-right people now sound like one of the girls from the Huffington Post. It is a good reminder that there is a left-right axis within dissident politics.
Another thing the pressure of the moment has revealed, something I touch on in the show, is that many of our guys are wholly ignorant of economics. Given that the rejection of the neoliberal economic order is one commonality on this side of the great divide, it is a bit surprising that many of our guys do not have the first clue about how the system actually works. More than a few of our guys have taken to sounding like one of the girls from the Democratic Socialist camp.
Of course, much of this is the result of people living outside the system that most people take for granted.
Rewritten for accuracy:
This post gets to something else that has been revealed during this crisis. Those inclined to right-wing politics are more easily attracted to comical conspiracy theorizing and irrational contrarian positions than those attracted to more sober minded approaches to public policy. It is something to keep in mind when looking at how our guys have reacted to this crisis. For example, many of the new alt-right people now sound like an escapee from a mental hospital.  It is a good reminder that there is a retard-normal axis within dissident politics.
Another thing the pressure of the moment has revealed, something I touch on in this blog, is that many of our guys are complete hypocrites when their own economic self-interest is at stake.  Given that the rejection of the System is one commonality on this side of the great divide, it is a bit surprising that many of our guys are ever so eager to prop up that System and preserve its stability in a crisis. More than a few of our guys have taken to sounding like one of the girls from a neoconservative conference.
Of course, much of this is the result of people living outside the sane society that most people take for granted.
The man's deranged.  And dishonest.  He pretends that China Plague realists are ignorant and unaware of the economic costs. Untrue.  It is simply that following Zturd's prescriptions could quickly turn the entire USA into Italy or New York. How would the economy fare then? Again, even if the outbreak turns out to be not as bad as predicted, Zturd is still deranged, since he's advocating "sacrifice for the economy" under current conditions with current data.  If things turn out not to be that bad, it will become apparent over the next few weeks, and then we can "open up the country," as our orange-hued fearless leader advocates. Very well. I think it prudent to determine what's happening first before "opening up," while Zturd, wearing his green eyeshade accounting cap, measures shekels gained and lost, and hysterically screams to "open her up" immediately.

Some refreshing truth:
GhostDack JorseyGhost

No one wants to say it, but IDGAF about being PC;
- China release this virus
- Northern Italy got wrecked because they sold their factories to China who imported workers
- NYC is wrecked because of Chinatown and Flushing, Queens, both swarming with illegals. 
That’s the truth
Indeed it is.

Tops, not bottoms.  In other words, Rosies, not Johnnys.

Watch this.  The difference between Left and Right is that the Left says worries about The China Plague is “racism,” while the Right such as Kturd become hysterical about “the economy.”

In other words, the areas in Europe with “extreme individualist” families tend to be the ones that came under the heavy influence of the “egalitarian individualism” of northwest hunter-gatherers (Scandinavia). The ones with “moderate individualism” tend to be the ones heavily influenced by the aristocratic individualism of Indo-Europeans, along with some Nordic egalitarianism influences, namely, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.The ones with “moderate collectivism,” where kinship ties remained relatively strong in family patterns, tend to be the ones heavily influenced by collectivist Anatolian farmers, namely Italy, Greece, and Spain, though MacDonald observes a moderate collectivism in eastern Europe and Russia as well.
Uh huh.  Please see this graph.  See the Y axis. Truth vs. HBD lies. Germany, France, Austria, and Finland are actually more collectivist than Italy, and Russia is an extreme example of collectivism, not "moderate," more so than even Spain.  Denmark and Sweden are in the range of Italy. Eastern European Hungarians are quite individualist (is that why they tolerate the invader John Morgan amongst them?).

HBD makes one stupid.  And dishonest. The downfall of MacDonald has been one of the more tragic examples of the sad decline of a rightist academic.

I wonder whether Sweden can be classified as an individualist society given the extremely conformist culture it has engendered. We call Nordics “radical liberals,” but they are not liberals anymore, since very little independent thinking and dissent is permitted against politically correct values enforced by the state without dialogue.
No kidding.  Sweden is no less collectivist than is Italy.

Sad.  Very sad.

How is this possible?  According to the great and good Sir Desmond Jones, Italy is 100% homogeneous, without a single non-Italian, to the end of time, forever and ever, amen. Oh well, Africans and Italians are one and the same, no? 

But then, what about the hundreds of thousands of Chinese living in Italy, spreading disease?  

Now, if we were talking about East Asian regions like, say, Scandinavia and surrounding regions, as well as Iceland, then all those Chinese could be consistent with a 100% homogeneous society (Bromstad, Thunberg, and Bjork all agree).  But, Italy?  Come now. Considering a sub-Saharan African nation like Italy, with a native population racially akin to Nigerians, what are Chinese doing there?

Seriously though, when are all you rank-and-file nitwits out there going to finally understand that Der Movement is always, always, ALWAYS wrong about just about EVERYTHING?  

While Trump ignores his base, he does this.  We must consult experts, after all!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Marin, Mota, and the New European Order

Romanian Legionary fascism as a futurist, not traditionalist, movement.

Let’s consider an essay on the Romanian Legionary Movement - Mircea Platon, The Iron Guard and the ‘Modern State’. Iron Guard Leaders Vasile Marin and Ion I. Moţa, and the ‘New European Order’, Fascism 1 (2012) 65–90. You should read the whole thing; the major points are mostly self-explanatory. I will cite some particularly relevant excerpts (emphasis added) and make some brief comments on them.

Let’s start with the abstract:
Historians and literary scholars still working in a Cold War paradigm cast Romanian Fascism as a form of reactionary resistance to liberal modernity, and not as a competing modernizing discourse and drive. Nevertheless, in a 1933 programmatic article, the Legionnaire leader, ideologue, and ‘martyr’ Vasile Marin wrote that political concepts such as ‘the Right,’ ‘the Left,’ and ‘extremism’ lost their relevance in Romania, as well as in Europe. They had been replaced by a ‘totalitarian view of the national life,’ which was common to Fascism, National-Socialism, and the Legion. This new ‘concept’ would allow Romania to ‘overcome, by absorbing them, the democratic and socialist experiences and would create the modern state,’ – a ‘totalitarian’ state. The present article aims to consolidate the conceptual gains of ‘new consensus’ historiography, which views the Iron Guard as part of a global revolutionary movement that was spurred by the practice of a political religion promising a ‘national rebirth’ or a ‘complete cultural’ and anthropological ‘renewal.’ Far from militating for national autarchy and populist-agrarian conservatism, the two Legionnaire leaders discussed in my article sought to align Romania with the modernizing, industrializing drive of Western European Fascism.
Note: “modernizing, industrializing drive.” Thus, as we shall see, this essay aligns the Legionary movement more with a Type II futurist, modernizing, “science and technics”-oriented outlook, as opposed to the Type I traditionalist “runes and boots” “twigs and branches” backwards outlook. This essay argues that the Legion’s traditionalist image was just a surface veneer, for effect (to place it within historical Romanian culture), rather than indicative of any underling foundational paradigm. In this sense, the Legion had more in common with EGI Notes than with Counter-Currents.
…the Legionnaire leader, ideologue, and ‘martyr’ Vasile Marin wrote that such political concepts as ‘the right,’ ‘the left,’ and ‘extremism’ had died in Romania, as well as in Europe. They had been replaced by a ‘totalitarian view of the national life,’ which was common to fascism, National Socialism, and the Legion. This new ‘concept’ would allow Romania to ‘overcome, by absorbing them, the democratic and socialist experiences and would create the modern state’ – a ‘totalitarian’ state. Codreanu’s socially conscious letter and Marin’s modernist enthusiasm highlight the relevance of the pioneering attempts of several scholars to place the Legion within the framework of the ‘new consensus.’ This ‘new consensus’ defined fascism as a global revolutionary movement spurred by the practice (‘living dangerously,’ ‘sacrificially’) of a political religion that promised a ‘national rebirth’ or a ‘complete cultural’ and anthropological ‘renewal.’
A rebirth and renewal through “modernist enthusiasm.”  Type II, not Type I.
By using these terms, the Legion clearly demonstrated its intention to destroy the organic, historically mediated (and thus elastic and reasonably tolerant) social ties and ways of life that had developed over time. This would be done in order to recast them into a more uniform, militarized way of life that would no longer be able to accommodate ‘inefficiency,’ idle pastimes, and political or ‘racial’ undesirables (e.g., communists, liberals, or Jews). As such, the Legion was the first Romanian political movement to seek to impose its own aims on the whole of Romanian society. The increasingly sophisticated division of work spurred by modern economic development, with its emphasis on ‘organized activities,’ subordinated the individual to the ‘collectivity,’
Note: “the Legion clearly demonstrated its intention to destroy the organic, historically mediated (and thus elastic and reasonably tolerant) social ties and ways of life that had developed over time.” That is completely anti-traditionalist. It is a radically futurist approach. Delenda est traditionalism!
Far from celebrating the virtues of Romania’s traditional ‘minor’ peasant culture, Marin considered such a culture as a sign that his compatriots were historical outcasts…
…subsisting on a biological level...
Type Is marching through the woods, eating twigs and branches.  Type Is “snug in their hobbit hole in the forest.”
…but non-existent at a ‘spiritual,’ cultural (i.e., Historical) level. The villages – the peasant world – were not important in themselves, but only as a resource, as a sort of gene pool for creating the modern culturally and genetically enhanced uber-Romanian. Like the rest of the population, Romania’s villagers were treated by Marin as a kind of raw material – a dark, anonymous human soil that had to be molded and propelled into History by the Iron Guardist ‘elite of the pure and intransigent ones.’ Marin placed all of his hopes on the ‘elite of our generation, the few, the chosen, the stubborn and the united,’ who would be capable of making the ‘crowds’ adhere to the national revolution.
The “de facto anarchy provinces” of Tolkien’s traditionalist wet dreams - merely “raw material.”
Marin noted that, whereas czarist Russia had belonged to History by virtue of its culture, the Soviet Union was merely a civilized, technological desert. This decay had taken place because what had started as a potentially epoch-making national revolution had been hijacked by Jews and demoted to a ‘mere’ communist revolution (i.e., a sterile civilizational affair). In the early 1930s, however, Marin noted with satisfaction that, while fascism was becoming increasingly socialist, Soviet socialism under Stalin was becoming increasingly ‘national’, thus proving that modernity and political realism were forcing the convergence of the two systems.
The Jews destroyed Russia.  When will the Slav exact vengeance against the Jew? 
An integral component of this fascist historic teleology, Marin’s strident anti-Semitism was not a sign of any reactionary retreat to the past, but of a revolutionary eagerness to embrace History and to master modernity. Marin feared that Jewish heterogeneity might spoil the national unity required by the creation of a powerful state capable of fostering a strong culture that would propel Romania into History. In this vision, the physical and the cultural nourished each other and, for Marin, History was the territory of the Nietzschean super-man. 
From Chamberlain, Wagner, and Nietzsche, Marin borrowed the idea that the ‘Jewish race’ was characterized by a ‘materialism’ that corrupted the idealism of the superior Aryan race and that hampered its capacity to manifest its vitality through continual self-renewal
Marin’s opinions about the Jews is interesting in the context of this:
Marin married, with the approval of Legionary leader Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, Ana Maria Ropala in February 1933. Ropala was the daughter of a Romanian army officer and a Jewish woman who converted to Christianity.
Oy vey!  Mazel Tov!  Cue Der Movement comments about “Khazar milkers.”
Marin’s anti-Semitism was thus ideological, principled, and ontologically rooted in racism. Marin noted that the Iron Guard’s actions were prompted by ‘the conscience of a superiority of race – the same conscience that had caused the “Civitas Romanus,” 2000 years before, to spit with disgust in the face of the wretched Jew crawling along the walls of the eternal city like a beast.’ The radical, ontological alterity of the Jews could not be bridged or transformed in any political or cultural way. Racism was not a consequence, but a cause of economic anti-Semitism. 
Except in the bedroom, Vasile?  Mazel Tov!
Like Moţa, Marin rejected any right-wing corporatism or left-wing peasantism that failed to mandate racial purification. 
Re: his wife?
Like Marin, however, Moţa complained that Jews constituted an obstacle to the modernization of Romania. Anything but a Romantic reactionary, Moţa claimed the benefits of modernization, industrialization, and the French Revolution for Romanians. He credited the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution with radical political and economic improvements in the life of all nations, a point he shared with Marin, who saw the French Revolution as a ‘national revolution’ with positive results for other European states.
This more balanced view of the French Revolution contrasts to the hysterical hostility of the reactionary traditionalist Right to every aspect of that revolution.  According to Der Right, the French masses should have been content to starve while effete monarchs and parasitical nobles lived off the fat of the land.
…Romania and other Christian nations had lost their traditional culture without acquiring a ‘higher’ one, without having had the opportunity to ‘enhance their spiritual culture’ through the application of technology. In Moţa’s view (which differed from that of the nineteenth-century Romantic, passeist writer Mihail Eminescu, whose verses he quoted in the title of his article), industrialization had nothing to do with what he perceived to be the moral decay of Romanians. Liberalism offered nothing more than a failed, stunted modernization: ‘If railways brought us better and more beautiful songs to replace those they extinguished, we would not have cursed them in our songs (doine), but we would have celebrated the railways with happy dances (hore de bucurie). This would have happened if the fruits of this productive advance had come into our possession.’
This view of Mota is 100% in line with hardcore futurism and with the “machine primitivism” of French and Italian technics-oriented fascists.
Any notion that Moţa was mired in the past – that he was mounting anti-technological attacks similar to those of the German conservative revolutionary (as expressed in Friedrich Georg Jünger’s The Failure of Technology) or of the French Catholic anti-fascist conservative Georges Bernanos – is thus unfounded. 
Thus, Mota was a Type II futurist, not a Type I traditionalist.
…Moţa accepted the Transylvanian Saxons as full-fledged Romanian citizens, as their ‘German cultural élan and their rebirth into an Aryan and Christian spirit is a legitimate ideal.’ 
Here I disagree, and this is a sad example of Teuton worship among the Right. John Morgan is not Hungarian and Transylvanian Saxons are not Romanians. Send them back to Germany.
Moţa’s participation at the fascist congress organized by the Comitati d’Azione per l’Universalità di Roma (CAUR; Committees of Action for the Universality of Rome) in Montreux, Switzerland (December 16-17, 1934), together with his 1934-1936 correspondence with the German news service and propaganda agency Welt-Dienst, or Service Mondial (World Service), offer the opportunity to analyze what the Legionnaire leadership believed to be the Legion’s role in the fascist New European Order. The relevant sets of documents have received only scant attention until now. They indicate that the Legion strived to be recognized at the European level as the only legitimate and trustworthy Romanian embodiment of the ‘national revolutionary’ spirit – as the natural ally and supporter of a New European Order. In Moţa’s vision, this Order would be a united anti-Semitic front, capable of successfully addressing the ‘Jewish question.’ In his Montreux speech, Moţa argued that this ‘question’ could be solved only if Nazis and Italian Fascists set aside their differences.
See this about Mota.  A few of the minor details are outdated given some of the revelations of the Fascism piece, but the overall thrust of the essay is, in my opinion, still relevant.
The fact that Moţa articulated this point of view in his speech at the 1934 CAUR congress is particularly salient, given that the Italian Fascist organizers of the meeting had carefully avoided inviting any NSDAP representatives. 
I stand corrected in my previous assertions that the Nazis did not attend because they were obsessed with hegemonic ambitions in Europe as opposed to genuine inter-fascist cooperation.  Now, I still maintain that my overall interpretation of Nazi behavior is correct; however, their lack of attendance in this instance was because they were not invited.
The years 1933-34 marked Mussolini’s loudest attempts to distance himself from Nazi racism by repeatedly and publicly rejecting eugenics and the theory of an Aryan/German race. Interested in a muscular cultural nationalism that would allow him to ‘Italicize’ his empire, Mussolini regarded Hitler’s biological racism as a sign of sheer cultural backwardness: ‘Thirty centuries of history allow us to look with supreme pity on certain doctrines preached beyond the Alps by the descend-ants of those who were illiterate when Rome had Caesar, Virgil, and Augustus.’ Mussolini had a number of close Jewish collaborators; hundreds of Jews had participated in the famous 1922 March on Rome that had brought Mussolini to power and, until the 1938 introduction of anti-Jewish legislation, ‘the percent-age of Jews in the Fascist party was higher than in Italian society as a whole.’
Like Yockey and Evola, I believe that these opinions of Mussolini were a response to the Guntherite Nordicism that formed the basis of “Nazi racism.” The real problem for these people was not biological racism, but the expression of that biological racism specifically in Nordicist terms. Reading the whole essay, including parts not included in this post for the sake of brevity, we observe that Mota and others in the Legion wanted a “pan-Aryan” ideal that focused on Aryan vs. Jewish racial differences while minimizing differences among Aryans. And by ‘Aryan” was meant indigenous Europeans (non-Jewish European gentiles). This was a reaction to Germanocentric racism; however, some Germans who wanted to make common cause with Mota ostensibly espoused his “pan-Aryan” view (whether they actually believed it is another story).
This ideal could not be achieved without international solidarity among those fighting in the name of fascism. Coselschi pointed out that fascism was not international and ‘free-Masonic’ like Marxism, but national and nationalist. Fascism was also ‘universal,’ however, in that it could be adapted to different national contexts all over the world. Coselschi defined fascism as a movement whose goal was to rebuild a unitary, strong, and disciplined state on a new base of law and justice, of harmony between social classes, and of coordination and solidarity instead of competition between producers. 
Fascism is revolutionary, not reactionary.  Franco was not fascist.
Moţa asserted that, beyond corporatism, the unity of the international fascist movement could be further strengthened by finding common solutions to other common universal problems (e.g., ‘the Jewish problem’). In the case of Romania, the ‘Jewish problem’ was ‘very grave,’ and it would certainly ‘endanger the future unity of the Fascist world.’…As Moţa reminded the participants, this Europe would rest upon the ideas of ‘justice’ and ‘order.’ Moţa therefore urged the congress to ‘pronounce itself unequivocally’ on the ‘Jewish issue.’
Mr. Mota, meet Mrs. Marin.
Moţa’s appeal split the congress and catapulted the Romanian into the position of faction chief. The Belgian Paul Hoornaert, the Irish general Eoin O’Duffy, the Portuguese Eça de Queiroz, and the Greek George S. Mercouris insisted that, in their countries, the Jewish population was either very small or professionally and civically very well assimilated, that Jews had performed their patriotic duty on the front in WWI, and that they were very productive citizens. The Austrian Rinaldini declared that the corporatist structure of the Austrian state was functioning satisfactorily, even with Jewish delegates. The Italians Bortolotto, Basile, and Coselschi reiterated Mussolini’s declaration that, from the Italian Fascist point of view, ‘there was no Jewish question in Italy, only an Italian question.’74 On the other hand, Moţa had the support of the Belgian Somville, the Dutch Arnold Meijer, the Swiss Fonjallaz, and the Danish Clausen (whose argument was based on Alfred Rosenberg’s theories). Therefore, the congress adopted a motion stating that the ‘nefarious actions’ of those Jews engaged in activities or political organizations that subverted patriotism and the ‘Christian civilization’ and were ‘harmful’ to the ‘material and moral interests of their countries,’ should be met with opposition of the most stern form. The motion nevertheless stated that ‘the Congress declares that the Jewish question cannot be solved by a universal campaign of hate against Jews.’
The “JQ” divided Der Right even back then.
In other words, the Legion’s break with Cuza’s LANC was not due to the fact that the Legion was a Christian movement while LANC was racist. The divorce was prompted by the Legionnaire leadership’s belief that LANC was too democratic, and a mere tool of survival for the nineteenth-century ‘mechanical’ ideas and politics that the Legion’s vitalist reactionary modernism had rejected as ‘old.’ 
Since they had come into power, the Nazi leaders had preferred to negotiate with Cuza and to strengthen their influence in Romania by working directly with King Carol II. 
Germans acting inappropriately even back then.
The entire episode allows us to conclude that, even though historians have not discovered much evidence to support the idea that the Legion acted as a Nazi ‘fifth column’ in Romania, Moţa and other Iron Guardist leaders actively sought a German alliance. 
Unrequited love.
The Legion did not shun modernity; it welcomed it as a chance to build a truly national state – a state that would be the unhampered cultural expression of an ethnically pure nation. This would confirm their place within the family of European fascisms, defined by Robert Paxton as ‘a system of authority and of management which promises to strengthen the unity, the energy, and the purity of a modern community.’
It’s not going to be “ethnically pure” with Transylvanian Saxons around.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Behold Milady, Behold Der Movement

Odds and ends.

That’s right, blame Trump because you and your husband are/were a couple of retards.
It's not clear how much chloroquine the man ingested, and Banner Health said he and his wife ingested a version of the chemical that's used to clean aquariums.

To this day, my morning routine consists of exercising while listening to some of my favorite metal bands like Manowar, Bathory, and Goatmoon. 
Type I alert!
While living in Eastern Europe…
As an ethnic Dane, violating the ethnic homogeneity of other peoples.
As white people of European descent, we are expected to play a game where everyone else is allowed to cheat but we are the only ones forced to play by the rules. And what are the rules? The unspoken rules are that white people aren’t allowed to have an identity or be proud of our heritage. White people aren’t allowed to have an in-group preference or freedom of association.
Does “freedom of association” include Eastern Europeans rejecting having this scumbag use their nations as brothels?  Does it include Hungary deporting John Morgan?
Through the years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my careers, relationships, and overall priorities in life.
Writing for Counter-Currents, for example.

In a recent article Arndt discussed women’s tactics in attracting men, such as dressing to show breasts.[ii] Her story, appropriate titled “Busted: The Politics of Cleavage and a Glance”, combined anecdote, interviews and behavioural science. She drew on research on male–female differences in sex drive to argue that women who dress sexily in public are flaunting their sexual power…
Behold milady (emphasis added):
A young man and woman are having a friendly chat after a yoga class. The fresh-faced blonde seems totally relaxed but then she freezes. ''Did you just look at my chest,'' she asks angrily, arms firmly folded.
''Yep,'' mutters the bloke sheepishly. Her response is fierce. ''Can't I go to one yoga class without being ogled by some jerk?''
Instead of being cowed, he takes her on, launching into a passionate defence of his action: ''If you really didn't want me to stare at your beautiful breasts, you'd be wearing something other than a purple sports bra covering maybe one-third of your perfect tits,'' he argues, suggesting, among other things, that he's biologically programmed to scan for life-giving breasts for his future offspring. He's cute, passionate and ultimately convincing. She ends up asking him out for coffee.
But when young women stand in front of mirrors on a Saturday night, adjusting their cleavage, seeking ever greater exposure, maybe they need to think more about what they are doing. While there are women who claim they dress sluttishly just to make themselves feel good, the fact remains that, like the protesters, the main message sent is about flaunting women's sexual power.
It's an ''UP YOURS'' gesture of the most provocative kind.
This girl hasn't a clue but plenty of other women know exactly what they are doing, as they make clear in internet discussions of this issue.
''I luv my 36DDs and show them off. I like to see men drool.''
''It's so funny when some men get caught cos they have that 'Am I in trouble?' look on their face!''

''It is a tease thing … men are so weak.

''We have such power over them.''
Jean* is a 33-year-old, extremely attractive Sydney divorcee completing her PhD in physics. She has a fit body and large breasts, which she likes showing off in revealing clothes. When she ''gets the girls out'', she enjoys the subtle looks, even a discreet compliment about her body from the right man.
''A quick glance from them, a little moment of recognition, and then back to the conversation. It's part of the dance, hinting at a possible connection,'' she says.
Are some allowed to look and others not?
''Well, I think there's a sort of sexual food chain and I prefer to engage with people on a similar level as me. Sometimes it feels sleazy when I'm way out of the observer's league, like if they're really old or fat or ugly.''
That's the problem. She's advertising her wares to the world, not just her target audience, and somehow men are expected to know when they are not on her page. Jean describes at length the subtle dance, based largely on non-verbal behaviour, that she uses to show men when attention is welcome. But as we all know, many men are lousy at that stuff - the language totally escapes them.
''In one of my workshops, I remember a guy describing women flaunting their bodies as a form of 'biological sexual harassment' towards men, to which most of the group gave a collective nod,'' Tiller says. 
The internet is bristling with men writing about what they regard as women's sexual arrogance. Provocative female attire is an assault against men, writes Giovanni Dannato for In Mala Fide, an online magazine of heretical ideas. He argues women exposing…amounts to ''an act of aggression in which they use the power of their sex as a weapon'', he writes.
F. Roger Devlin, a political philosopher who writes challenging material on gender issues for The Occidental Quarterly, points out these beta males have long been tearing their hair out trying to discover what on earth they have to do to make themselves acceptable to the girl next door. They get the message that what women instinctively want is ''for 99 per cent of the men they run into to leave them alone, buzz off, drop dead, while the one to whom they feel attracted makes all their dreams come true''.
But surely men have a right to show what it's like to be on the receiving end. There's a great scene in the animated television comedy Family Guy, where Peter Griffin, the overweight, ugly, blue-collar dad, lets fly about Lindsay Lohan putting on her little outfits and jumping around on stage throwing ''those things'' in front of his face. ''What am I supposed to do? What do you want from me?'' he asks plaintively. But he knows the answer all too well: ''I'll tell you what you want. You want NOTHING. We all know no woman anywhere wants to have sex with anyone and to titillate us with any thoughts otherwise is just bogus.''
Griffin's howl of protest is based on the simple truth that some men spend their lives in a state of sexual deprivation, dealing with constant rejection. Roy F. Baumeister is a psychology professor at Florida State University who has extensively researched gender difference in sex drive. ''Sexual frustration is almost inevitable for the majority of men and not just occasionally. They won't have enough partners or even enough sex with one partner to satisfy their wishes,'' Baumeister writes, concluding, ''the tragedy of the male sex drive'' is men's state of perpetual readiness, which so rarely meets its match.
Of course men are going to want to look - ''it feels like there's a magnet in her chest'' one man complained. 
''He tells the story of a meeting with a young woman wearing a fairly fitted yellow dress, ''popping out of the top''.
''The conversation was about the rate I was going to charge them for advertising. As I looked down at my notebook and did some basic sums, I realised that she was leaning forward, deliberately showing her tits, presumably to throw my concentration.'' He called her bluff.
''I started to laugh and made a comment about putting her body on the line for the business!''
She backed off, embarrassed, and he got his deal done.
She'd yell abuse at guys catcalling from cars at her. ''I can wear whatever I want!'' Only now does she think about the confused young men she left in her wake, the mixed messages she'd sent them. ''Deep down I was much more aware of my power than I actually let on.''
But, remember men - don't objectify milady!  Don't distract milady as she works hard to solve the mysteries of the cosmos and create new cultural artifacts. Joan of Arc!  All of this demonstrates that homosexuals have no business whatsoever discussing heterosexual male-female relations and no business discussing the role of milady in the general society. Only heterosexual men have a full understanding of the malicious scope of female perfidy.

Spencer is right here…of course, this blog said this first.

Mudshark Annie – Quota King retard.

It’s a nothingburger!  Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.

How does that HBD cognitive elitism look now?   Meanwhile, it’s Sallis who has always been right – the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  Yellow or brown it doesn’t matter – Asians gonna Asian.

Case in point.  Asians are psychopathic. Right, “Tricky Dick” Lynn?

Let's assume for a moment that at least some of the crude anti-Asian comments by Whites actually occur. What's the net political outcome of that Bunkerism?  True enough, it can have some beneficial effects. For example, it can provoke Asians into revealing the seething anti-White hatred that defines the existential meaning of the Asian peoples. It can inflame White-Asian hostility and expose Derbyshire's "Arctic Alliance" for the absurdity that it is. However, on the other hand, given White weakness and pitiful SJW tendencies, this Bunkerism creates undeserved sympathy for the monsters who have infected the world. Unfortunately, this latter effect will likely predominate over the former. So, it's best to eschew crude Bunkerism that has no real beneficial political effect and concentrate instead on political anti-Asianism. Instead of mindless cursing, how about arguments being made to throw Asian-"Americans" into internment camps or, better still, repatriate them to their ethnic/racial homelands? Those arguments not only have the same net effect of strengthening White-Asian animus, but can provoke debate and discussion. Let the Asians explain why they should not interned or repatriated, and, no doubt, by their hysterical hate-filled reactions will display to open-minded Whites precisely why that should be their fate. That's a lot better than Bunkerite mindless cursing.

Something ominous = Chinese people.  Those bizarre aliens (ET phone home) will one day kills us all. They’re killing many of us today.

Colored is as colored does – the TROPICAL Japanese as part of the rising tide of color TROPICAL ALLIANCE against Whites.

Are Asians exempt from this law?  They’ve been bragging online about terrorizing people with fake coughing.  How come they get a free pass?  Yellow Privilege?

When are German troops going to go there to aid the Turks and help force migrants into Greece?

E. Michael Jones is an absolute moron and a turd, but this excerpt from a comment left at Counter-Currents provides food for thought:
And Jones may rant against Jews but I prefer that to Jared Taylor’s quietism. Sometimes I wonder if the neo Wasp Taylors aren’t waiting to make a new deal with the Chosen People – one that will leave ordinary whites of lower IQ’s including Anglos at the bottom of the some High Anglo – Jewish libertarian matrix.
But now I think I may be ranting myself. That is because lately I have begun to wonder if the WASP isn’t undercover in WN and articles like this that dismiss Jones as crank and ranter increase this suspicion So I just need to say = and even the Germanophile Jones won’t say this -the WASP’s contribution to white civilization in the last century was to team up with the Jew to bring down fascism – the fascism which was the white’s chance to save our civilization. That is not a good recommendation for a neo WASP resurgence in WN. WASP’s give it up to the Jew.
Andrew Fraser weeps. 

The “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action program and the HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance are both criticized in one fell swoop with that comment – although the letter writer doesn’t know he/she/it has done so.

It would be a good idea to better understand why different people, even of the same age cohort, can have such radically different disease courses with the China Plague. There should be studies done comparing people matched for age, underlying co-morbidities (or the lack thereof), sex, etc., with the individuals tested for (a) genetic ethnoracial ancestry (via population geneticists not “testing companies”), (b) full genome sequencing looking for gene variants, and (c) full human gene microarray analysis looking at gene expression (protein arrays can also be performed given the possibility of regulation of gene expression at the translational level – after all, ultimately, what we are looking at are proteins and their functions [with the exception of, e.g., functional RNAs]).