Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Nation of Death

China and disease.  Asia - the curse on humanity.  In all cases, red font emphasis added.

The Antonine Plague of 165 to 180 AD, also known as the Plague of Galen (after Galen, a Greek physician who lived in the Roman Empire and described it), was an ancient pandemic brought to the Roman Empire by troops who were returning from campaigns in the Near East.
Ancient sources agree that the epidemic appeared first during the Roman siege of Seleucia…Rafe de Crespigny speculates that the plague may have also broken out in Eastern Han China before 166…Raoul McLaughlin wrote that the Roman subjects visiting the Han Chinese court in 166 could have ushered in a new era of Roman Far East trade, but it was a "harbinger of something much more ominous" instead. McLaughlin surmised that the origins of the plague lay in Central Asia…
From Asia, always from Asia.
The epidemic most likely emerged in China shortly before 166 CE spreading westward along the Silk Road and by trading ships headed for Rome. Sometime between late 165 to early 166 CE, the Roman military came into contact with the disease during the siege of Seleucia..
China, China…the land of plague, China, China, the land of death.

Genetic studies of modern and ancient Yersinia pestis DNA suggest that the origin of the Justinian plague was in Central Asia. The most basal or root level existing strains of the Yersinia pestis as a whole species are found in Qinghai, China.
Asia, China…China, Asia…the curse on humanity.

The Black Death most likely originated in Central Asia or East Asia, from where it travelled along the Silk Road, reaching Crimea by 1347. From there, it was most likely carried by fleas living on the black rats that travelled on Genoese merchant ships, spreading throughout the Mediterranean Basin and reaching Africa, Western Asia, and the rest of Europe via Constantinople, Sicily, and the Italian Peninsula.
One famous 14th-century account claimed that plague was introduced to Kaffa deliberately, through a Mongol biological warfare attack that involved hurling plague-infected corpses over the city’s walls.
The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh?  Hate-filled genocidal East Asians deliberately spreading disease and death. Black Death. Covid-19. Asia, Asia, the curse on humanity.  

Y. pestis evolved in or near China, and has been transmitted via multiple epidemics that followed various routes, probably including transmissions to West Asia via the Silk Road and to Africa by Chinese marine voyages.
Back then, by ship. Today, by plane.  In both cases, Orientals wage a remorseless war of genocidal extermination against humanity. Humanity does nothing in response.

…a Canadian historian believes he has discovered evidence to support those who theorized that the “Spanish flu” actually started a world away in China.
According to a new article published in the January 2014 issue of the journal War in History, historian Mark Humphries of Canada’s Memorial University of Newfoundland points to newly unearthed records to make the case that the lethal influenza pandemic first appeared in China in 1917…
China, China, always China.

China, China, always China.

Of course Africa does its part as well, with HIV and the earlier Plague of Cyprian.
The Plague of Cyprian erupted in Ethiopia around Easter of 250 CE. It reached Rome in the following year eventually spreading to Greece and further east to Syria.
Colored is as colored does.  TROPICAL Asians, TROPICAL Africans, it is all one.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Odds and Ends, 4/29/20

In der news.

This is all milady’s fault.  Minorities and women, women and minorities – it is all one.

Well, well, well…closing in on the monsters. Next, we need FARA and treason investigations for leading HBDers. 

Following up on this, some papers on the origins of lactase persistence in Europe (emphasis added) - See this.
We infer that the coevolution of European LP and dairying originated in a region between central Europe and the northern Balkans around 6,256 to 8,683 years BP…After the initial slow increase of LP frequency in those populations and the onset of the Central European LBK culture around 7,500 BP, LP frequencies rose more rapidly in a gene-culture co-evolutionary process and on the wave front of a demographic expansion (see Supplementary Videos S1, S2 and S3), leading to the establishment of highly developed cattle- (and partly also goat-) based dairying economies during the Middle Neolithic of central Europe around 6,500 BP. 
We estimate that strong selection occurred within the past 5,000-10,000 years, consistent with an advantage to lactase persistence in the setting of dairy farming; the signals of selection we observe are among the strongest yet seen for any gene in the genome.
It would appear that there had already been strong selection for lactase persistence in Northern and Central Europe long before the Roman Republic. Yet Roman samples from the Iron Age/Republic period lack lactase persistence, and thus are distinct from Northern and Central European populations, instead being Southern European/Mediterranean. In fact, lactase persistence became present in Roman samples only in later ages of Roman history, upon the influx of Germanics into Italy, bringing the Fall of the (Western) Roman Empire and the death of the Classical Civilization.  The PCA (with Rome-specific admixture at right) is here for examination.  Kemp weeps.

Of course, the last time archaeogenetics refuted Kemp, Der Movement interpreted that as “Arthur Kemp was right.”  You just can’t make this stuff up.

How about autosomal DNA analysis of the “Nordic” Napoleon Bonaparte (who was, we were told, “born in Sardinia of French noble ancestry”…laughter ensues)?  After all, Nap’s NRY is so wonderfully Nordic.
(spelling corrected) 


Napoleon belonged to haplogroup E-M34. This group originated approximately 7.000 years ago at the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea between and Egypt and Turkey. Today this haplogroup can most frequently be found in Israel, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon. Also 10% of Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews belong to that haplogroup.
Saint Adolf can productively comment about that NRY as well.  Arya…Arya….

Why does Duchesne waste so much time with that HBD-Nordicist nonsense? By the way, looking at the (mostly, unsupervised) “admixture” data from the Rome paper in a relative, comparative fashion, it seems to be that the wonderfully heroic and individualist (*) steppe and WHG ancestries are approximately similar between Iron Age/Republic and Modern, even though the former are supposed to be representative of a wonderfully heroic and individualist character while the latter are said to be cringing collectivist Outer Hajnal mongrelized swarthoids. Further, even the Imperial Roman samples still retain steppe ancestry, although WHG is mostly lost there and steppe may be somewhat decreased.  And where does the WHG return and steppe reach to modern levels?  Late Antiquity – the time of maximal corruption, maximal decline, followed by the Fall. That is, increased “northern and western” ancestry correlated to maximization of all the behavioral negatives allegedly due to “southern and eastern” ancestry (latter ancestry peaking when the empire was in fact at its maximum of power and efficiency).  

The major point is the broad similarity between Roman Republic and Modern with respect to the HBD Nordicist’s favorite ancestral components, with a secondary finding that, with respect to steppe ancestry, even the Imperial samples aren’t too different.

You do know that HBD-Nordicism is not any way supported by actual evidence?  You do know that it simply combines the errors of HBD and the errors of Nordicism into one tragicomic whole?  Der Movement can label MacDonald's flim-flam as "landmark" or "groundbreaking" - it doesn't change the fact that it is just more HBD pseuodoscience, which will be continuously debunked just like Kemp is.

*I’m being sarcastic, if you can’t tell. I find it difficult to believe you can make simplistic deterministic behavioral conclusions based on the relative proportions of hunter-gatherer, steppe, and farmer ancestries in European populations.  But even if you go down that rabbit hole, the data don’t support a significant difference between Iron Age/Republic Romans and Modern Romans

Laugh at this:
Travis LeBlanc

Posted April 25, 2020 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

To me, American nationalism is merely the acknowledgement that white Americans are a distinct group of people and must be appealed to in a certain way.
I’ve always thought it was kind of larpy to identify as a “European”. To me, “Europeans” are people who are obsessed with soccer, take 3 hour lunches, make incredibly boring art films, have no sense of humor, and are perpetually on strike. They are people whose politicians have public mistresses, and whose women don’t shave.
Asking white Americans to identify as “European” is kind of like asking them to identify as a mammal. On some level, everyone knows they are one but it is too grandiose of a concept to wrap their heads around on a day to day basis.
Americans have a certain joie de vivre that is very attractive and distinct to them. You can go any country in the world and you will find people trying to talk, act, and dress like Americans. Everyone in the world wishes they were American except for the Alt Right who wish they were Germans in the 1930’s and that’s a goddamn shame. We literally invented the concept of “cool” and no one does cool better than us.
Forget “It’s OK to be white”. It’s OK to be American.
If this moron thinks that “everyone in the world wishes they were American” he’s delusional and has never left his parents’ basement.  Even if that was true, which it is not, it confuses descriptive and prescriptive. The objective is not to embrace the current America or the current Europe. The objective is not to make either Americans or Europeans feel good about the sorry state they are each in. The objective is not to divide Euro-Americans from Europeans, or to promote crass Americanism, which is exemplified by overweight lardasses waving American flags and screaming about “my freedom” in response to “lockdowns” while they say absolutely nothing when their “freedom “is violated on a daily basis by forced racial integration, de facto censorship, and rampant political correctness.  Stop already. It’s not “OK to be American.” It’s not “OK” to be an ignorant, cowardly fat bastard.  Yet more evidence that Counter-Currents is diving headlong into a Majority Rights-style decline.  By the way, the above quote comes from the comments thread of the original laughably superficial and juvenile post.

Let me explain the facts of “movement” life to all you rank-and-file guys, the types who breathlessly read such nonsense. Both the “Amnats” and the “Wignats” are failed, useless, moronic WN 2.0ers who are going nowhere.  Fuentes IS part of the “movement.”  All those guys are part of the “movement.”  The entire “movement “is an unmitigated failure.  What you have is various failed factions of a laughably incompetent and tragically inept overarching failure blaming each other as being specifically responsible for that failure, while the truth is that they have ALL contributed to it.

If you visit the science and mathematics department of any elite university you will find it crowded with Chinese. They did not get there by affirmative action. They got there by talent and hard work.
I have written about this before, but once again I would like to give the reader a STEM insider’s broad overview as to why you find so many Chinese – particularly Chinese nationals – in American STEM.  The process is as follows. It all starts with White and Jewish Principal Investigators (PIs) who preferentially take Chinese students and hire Chinese postdocs, etc. because “unlike Americans, the Chinese will work 20 hours per day in the lab and never complain” – an actual quote I heard.

Now, it is true that the Chinese will work long hours and won’t complain (at least in English). Unfortunately, what they will do is waste hours gibbering to each other in Mandarin, playing the stock market on the computer, conducting sloppy experiments, fabricating data, sabotaging the work of non-Chinese, stealing the ideas and data from non-Chinese, etc. They then leverage their fraudulent “accomplishments” (and in the case of one Chinaman I knew, writing letters of recommendation for himself and then forging the signatures of PIs on them) to get academic positions, becoming PIs themselves. At this point, not only do they continue their lying and cheating, but they also only hire Chinese, only collaborate with Chinese, and give excessively positive manuscript and grant reviews to fellow Chinese (while giving unfairly poor reviews to others, particularly to Whites).  These self-reinforcing processes, continuing year after year, are what results in the outcomes so beloved of HBDers like Engelman.

Hail Tom Cotton!  That is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard an American politician state in decades.  Beautiful!  Let’s do it!  Cotton for President!

Typical flubro:
Jason ChapmanWell your fear doesn’t trump my freedom. My children won’t have a country left if we let people like you continue to make decisions. The mortality rate is bellow 1% and you want to continue to keep America closed. You must not pay much in taxes I presume.

Anyway…note how folks like this never complain about “my freedom” when the government tells them who they can or cannot live among, who they can or cannot rent to or sell their home to, who their children have to go to school with, no murmurs about “my freedom” when free speech and free association get thrown out the reason to satisfy Colored/Jew/SJW demands.  No sir, when Colored barks, Whitey obeys, when Jews order, Whitey obeys. But have a lockdown during a pandemic and then, by golly, your fear doesn’t trump my freedom!  No sir!  Now, let me show my house to this nice Black couple with 50 children who are going to buy it with government subsidies. I really don’t want to sell to them, but, hey, what can you do? After that Section Eight housing was built next door, against the wishes of the neighborhood, I gotta sell!  And with the Blacks being bused into my kids’ school, my children are getting assaulted on a daily basis, and when I complained I got called a racist, fired, and my Twitter was deleted and my YouTube channel disappeared – but your fears don’t trump my freedom!  Freedom!

Surprise!   Counter-Currents commentator:
I was watching the debate with JF on Youtube, and Greg is offering a really weak showing on the data front. This is irritating because the data is on his side.
That’s the consequence of affirmative action.  Merit doesn’t matter.

This is Der Movement:
StronzaPosted April 28, 2020 at 8:06 pm | Permalink@Reb.
10th: Viruses don’t cause disease (cluster of symptoms). Their appearance in your body is a reflection of your overall health (“immunity” is one aspect of this.)
Blaming “germs” (viruses/bacteria, etc.) for one’s health problems is childish. Right up there with “evil spirits” of the past, to be cured by beating the tom-tom and uttering incantations; and, today, supposedly prevented by injecting a sickening list of chemicals. Time for everyone to grow up, to turn a page. Until this happens, we are sitting ducks for WHO, CDC, politicians, media, and every other party wanting to control the world.
Viruses don’t cause disease!  I issue the Stronza challenge: get injected with live rabies virus, and refuse all treatment. It is, after all, childish, akin to “beating the tom-tom and uttering incantations,” to think anything bad will happen.  After all, the appearance of rabies symptoms after transmission of this virus from one infected mammal to another is just a coincidence – it’s the “overall health” of the mammal that causes the disease.  Let’s ignore all of the White man’s science since the late 19th century so we can indulge a bunch of cranks.

Der Movement – perhaps thankfully – is NEVER going to make headway among educated and sane people as along as it allows deranged cranks a forum – folks who tell us that viruses don’t cause disease and yet assert that all non-human animal life is going to be soon wiped off the face of the Earth by “bullets flying everywhere.”

Note – Greg Johnson allows “Stronza” to comment on his moderated blog, but “bans” me.  That’s all the evidence you need to prove to you that Johnson is a grifting fraud.

This is Der Movement, exemplified by another commentator:
This Virus is eugenic, cleaning up an overpopulated planet of it’s deadwood. Who die from this virus? The elderly, the obese, the unhealthy and weak. It is perfectly eugenic, removes useless consumers, it is good for the environment. It should be allowed to run rampant. The more it kills the better it would seem to me.
All of these commentators need to get the story straight.  How can the virus be eugenic if it doesn’t cause disease?  Meanwhile, Johnson answers this comment, but not Stronza’s. Does he agree with the latter?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Babe Ruth.  Ty Cobb.  Lou Gehrig.  Men.  And then you have Milady’s contribution to the great sport of baseball.  What would we all do without Milady?  Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, a lesbian love affair for my Joan of Arc!

This is beautiful!  Black Man – rise up against your Yellow Chinese oppressor!  Asia belongs to The Original Black Man!  China is The Promised Land for the Black African!  It is time for the proud African to migrate en masse to China and take what is rightfully yours!  You cannot steal from the Chinaman - everything he has is rightfully yours.  Take it back! China is by right part of Africa!

We gotta have dat dere globalist capitalism!  Libertarianism!  Mises!  The free flow of capital!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

SciFi Follies

Open niche space.

Read this.  I will refrain from my typical critiques of Durocher and Unz and instead concentrate on the issue at hand – the dominance of the Left in all aspects of modern cultural production, including scifi/fantasy, pop culture, etc.

Let’s focus on scifi/fantasy, which can be extended to include the superhero/comic book genre. As Durocher’s piece asserts – and which is backed up by observable fact – we are in the midst of “woke” scifi/fantasy, which has displaced and replaced the more interesting and White male-friendly scifi/fantasy of the past. There is widespread dissatisfaction with the “woke” version of scifi/fantasy and much nostalgic pining for the more robust versions of the past.

This would suggest an open niche space for new cultural creations of more “rightist” and White male-oriented scifi/fantasy – both written (books, graphic novels) and audiovisual (film-style works).  The argument will be, of course, that “no publishing houses or studios would host such work" – an objection which, even if true, certainly doesn’t exhaust the possibilities in the year 2020 and beyond.

We are now in the age of self-published books as well as niche (including rightist) book publishers. There are independent comic book/graphic novel publishers establishing competition with Marvel and DC. Independent films of all sorts obviously exist as well.

I have previously written about the scifi “cult classic” independent film Primer.  You can read the Wikipedia article on the film here.  This highly regarded and award-winning production was made with a budget of only $7,000. It is a science/technics-based, (White) male-oriented film; indeed, the two main characters are “Nordish” White guys who look and dress like Mormons. There are two South Asians with bit parts, everyone else in the film is White. There are no SJW messages in the film – it is quality scifi compatible to a White male audience. Of course, there is no explicit rightist message here – we can say it is implicitly, not explicitly, White.

Here we see some Star Trek fan fiction – in this case, it is “diverse,” but, putting race/sex issues aside, we observe it is of high quality.  Take a look at the short film Among the Ruins. Again putting aside demographics, focus on the high quality.  My point being is that it is not impossible for motivated individuals with an artistic bent to produce quality material with limited resources. Therefore, addressing the currently unmet need for White male-oriented scifi/fantasy is not an impossible task.

Not all of this needs to be explicitly White, rightist, and racialist.  It may be prudent to start with implicitly White productions like Primer, while gradually introducing racialist themes. However, I would have no objection if someone was ambitions and motivated enough to dive right into the openly pro-White racialist set of themes. Optimally, eventually, you would have a mixture of both types of cultural productions – the implicitly White politically neutral material and the more explicitly White openly rightist and racialist material.

Of course, given my objections to Der Movement, I fear that Type I Nutzis and other “movement” nitwits would create material so bad, so counter-productive, as to do actual harm. One would hope that rightist scifi/fantasy and other cultural productions would be sane and reasonable, helpful and productive, and not reflect crazed dogmas, sweaty fetishism, traditionalist idiocies, paranoid ideation, lies and distortions, and other Der Movement specialties. Type II input and participation would be essential.

Some would respond – well, why don’t YOU do it?  I make no claims of being an artistic type. However, I would be willing to be a consultant for such projects (evaluating concepts, critiquing the science/technics of it, making criticisms and suggestions).  Folks can post their projects online or contact can be established through certain “movement” “heroes” or whatever.  

New stories can be created, or adaptions can be made of established stories, both of traditional scifi/fantasy as well as rightist works (Camp of the SaintsTake Back this Day?) – although casting non-Whites would be admittedly problematical (Nutizis in blackface?).  If permission can be obtained from the relevant estates (if required), non-political fan faction based on the work of Wolfe and Vance and van Vogt would be useful.  Very old works from other authors are likely in the public domain

In any case, this post is not about details, but about the general idea of targeting the open niche space and creating useful cultural content – targeting an area that may be “pop culture” of sorts but nevertheless important.

Do I believe Der Movement will make any progress on this front?  No.  And this raises an important point. If Der Movement is not good at the arts, not good at artistic cultural creation, then what is it good for?  Certainly not STEM; indeed, hostility toward honest, objective STEM is fundamental to lying “movement” dogma. What?  Business?  They always complain that they have no money.  Law?  Laughable, since they constantly complain about a lack of competent legal help. Philosophy?  What philosophical insights have been contributed by Der Movement? Economics? That boils down to “I want my UBI money.”  History?  More laughable lying dogma. In fact, Der Movement seems to be good for perfectly nothing.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Odds and Ends, 4/27/20

In der news.
Ivan Drago

Trump is the ultimate sheep in wolves clothing.

Is that a picture of a young Greg Johnson’s reaction to pan-European White solidarity?

The immigration of large numbers of non-British whites only began in the 1840s with Irish and then Southern and Eastern Europeans until 1921. The Immigration Act of 1924 effectively ended most immigration. What little there was after that came from Western Europe…
Rewritten for accuracy:
The immigration of large numbers of non-British whites only began in the 1840s with Irish, Germans, and Scandinavians and then Southern and Eastern Europeans until 1921. Non-Whites like Jews came as well. The Immigration Act of 1924 effectively ended most immigration. What little there was after that came from Western Europe and from non-Whites from the Western hemisphere…
This is HBD:
Ashkenazi Jews have lived in Europe for two thousand years. They are thoroughly European. Jews benefit every country they live in with their superior intelligence. As intelligence becomes more important to our economy the need for Jews will increase.
HBD must be mercilessly destroyed. HBD must be opposed in all its forms. Anyone who promotes or enables HBD in any way is a deadly enemy of the White race.

This is HBD (emphasis added):
JohnEngelman  The Jews are not subversives. They are creators and achievers. So are Chinese.
JohnEngelman  The Jews will stay, thank goodness. We need their IQ power. We need Chinese immigrants for the same reason. If you visit the science and mathematics department of any elite university you will find it crowded with Chinese. They did not get there by affirmative action. They got there by talent and hard work.
 My two best friends in high school were Chinese Americans. I have dated Chinese women.
JohnEngelman  I have never known a Chinese person I did not like.
Sallis: Always, always right.  HBD is Asian worship. HBDers literally worship the Chinese, and it is large part mediated by psychosexual fixations about Asian females. They admit it themselves.

HBD is nothing more or less than a political movement whose objective is to create a racial caste system with Jews and Asians on top, with Whites as a subaltern helot class.   White males (not men) betray their race to support HBD in exchange for sexual favors from Asiatrices.  That’s not “paranoia.”  Those are facts about HBD reproduced here for years, writings coming directly from the HBDers themselves.

HBD is race treason. Every White who supports HBD is a race traitor.  Every “opponent of Jewish power” who refuses to denounce HBD is also a race traitor.

That high quality Counter-Currents writing (from 4/25/20, in case the error is corrected later):
…the cities with a lower percent white population (based on my personal knowledge of national and regional demographics and travel) had fewer security guards...As the white population in a city declines, the number of security guards hired increases.
Math is hard. Logic is harder.  Consistency and proofreading is hardest. Affirmative action marches on.
Ever since I read the headline “Moviegoers in California potentially exposed to measles at “Avengers: Endgame” screening,” I now have even more concern when I find myself in physical proximity of alien peoples.
Or in the physical proximity of “Stronza?”  Come now, viruses are only a figment of your imagination. More real are all those “bullets flying everywhere” that will – very soon! – wipe all non-human animal life off the face of the Earth.  Dat right!  You see, when you have encourage lunatics in Der Movement, you attract trash like the following, who lack the mental toughness to realize that while Der Movement is a pathetic joke, racial nationalism is not:

Posted April 24, 2020 at 7:05 am | Permalink

Typical Nazi/WN drivel: making the world “safe for Nature” and for the “Aryan Master Race”…by gleefully hoping to slaughter millions or even billions of “racially undesirable people”, all over the Earth!… A brand new “Generalplan Ost” or “Hungerplan” on steroids. Well, what else can you expect from evil Nazi psychopaths of the Pentti Linkola or “Savitri Devi” variety??! Thank God a thousand times, for having given me the Spirit, Humanity and Common Sense, to leave this evil, inhuman and satanic “Movement” of yours!…
The real problem is with anyone who takes the likes of Pentti Linkola or “Savitri Devi” seriously to begin with.  That’s the first error, after which all else follows.  In addition, the last sentence of the above screed suggests that the weakling is now a follower of Christinsanity. No worries.  When Tyrone Carjacker pulls a gun on you, gibbering about “Jaysus” will make everything better.  

Laugh at this:
Greg Johnson

Posted April 24, 2020 at 3:23 pm | Permalink

No, it really just refers to wigger nationalists: people who have high time preferences (like accelerationists), low impulse control (Hail Trump), bad judgment (Hail Trump), low empathy/high sociopathy (Hail Trump), bad optics, and generally bring shame and embarrassment on White Nationalism. You can openly stand for white people without all this self-defeating buffoonery.
Then the race war will kick off in the summer of 2021.
Low impulse control!   Let’s ban people who make the slightest criticism of Greg!

Bad judgment!  Hermansson, Lewis, Pilleater, Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what…He will lose in a landslide, and this, for just a few examples.

Low empathy/high sociopathy!  Ethnic cleansing among Europeans. Chuckling over the sexual harassment of Pilleater by “Brendon/Brandon” at a CC-related Alt Right meeting.

Bad optics!  The Pilleater chronicles. Hosting comments like this one linked here on a moderated site.

Generally bring shame and embarrassment on White Nationalism!  See the above.

You can openly stand for white people without all this self-defeating buffoonery!  Ditto.

Obesity is a problem.  Der Right beware.

It just needs to inject some bleach. And it gets close enough to the sun, that UV light should help.

Milady demonstrates top quality leadership during The China Plague crisis. Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, milady’s manicure for a Joan of Arc!

Those wild and wacky Asians.  Asia is a curse on humanity.  What will YOU do today to oppose Asia?

Greg Johnson’s fever dream after hearing about the “immigration ban.”

Der Movement taking this advice gave us the disaster of the Alt Right, which was built upon the edifice of former Asian-dating libertarian race-mixers..

Are you rank-and-file guys out there sick and tired of inept Quota Queens and their bad judgment and horrific advice?  Isn’t it time for a change?

This picture sums up everything wrong with the scientific enterprise.  What we need are more scientists who look like this, and fewer – preferably none – who look like this.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

First Contact and the Metapolitics of Race

Food for thought.

Read this.  Excerpts, emphasis added:
Getting it wrong because decision-making was freighted with unreasonable expectations might result in consequences that range from the merely amusing to the deeply frustrating to the existentially threatening.
The same continuum of consequences from “the merely amusing to the deeply frustrating to the existentially threatening” equally describes decisions on topics related to race and civilization. Some of the nuttiness of the SJWs or the HBDers or Der Movement is merely amusing. Some is deeply frustrating and many merge seamlessly into the existentially threatening. It is sometimes difficult to “bin” a particular decision (or meme) into any of those categories, since the effects of a seemingly “merely amusing” decision or meme may quickly become frustrating and then threatening.  It also depends on your point of view.  For Joe and Jill Sixpack, decisions about whether to try and contact intelligent alien life are amusing – “the nerds are trying to contact the little green men.” Others may become frustrated; Tyrone Carjacker may complain – “why is Whitey wasting money on that instead of increasing my handouts?”  Intelligent Whites may feel threatened by others revealing our presence to potentially dangerous extraterrestrials. Likewise, many short-sighted Whites are amused by the concerns of WNs, while SJWs are frustrated that WNs care about race, while the WNs themselves view the problems they are concerned about as existential threats.
We proceed by first assessing possible risks and benefits of First Contact. The daunting language problem serves as the linchpin between possible risks and benefits. We then examine the underlying political problem before offering some conclusions about optimal public policy making.
Such balancing of costs and benefits were never done with respect to current racial policies in America and Europe as they concern the racial interests of Whites.
Possible risks…What worries pessimists is the possibility that silence is motivated by rational existential fear. A preference for survival as a species and extraordinary uncertainty about possible risks attending contact between different intelligent technological species may have persuaded most species to avoid alerting others to their own existence…When Stephen Hawking warned against alerting any extraterrestrial civilization to our existence he offered as a familiar cautionary example the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. It follows that silence is thus a plausible strategy for a risk-averse species because the result for any other species that might be listening is indistinguishable from a universe empty of species with technological civilizations.
If only we had the same prudent risk aversion for multiculturalism. Speaking of multiculturalism and diversity, another explanation for the “silence of the endless wastes of space” is this interpretation of The Fermi Paradox, which is directly related to the race question.
That all of those encounters ended badly for one party, frequently involving population crashes and extinction, should not be ignored by policy makers. We note, however, that the analytic value of these analogies is constrained by three considerations. First, there are no data for…encounters between populations of intelligent but unrelated species, which would encompass First Contact. 
What about Europeans and East Asians? 

Also, if you are going to make analogies between Alien-Human First Contact and European-Colored First Contact, then you should follow the latter to its ultimate conclusion – reverse colonization of Europe by the Third World, Coloreds using European technics for Colored empowerment and to endlessly multiply, and guilt-wracked Europeans groveling to the world of Color. Will invasive Aliens crumble and grovel to Humans the same as Europeans have done to Coloreds?
What matters here is that terrestrial analogies to encounters between populations offer the only empirical information for assessing the risks of First Contact. It follows that silence is thus a plausible strategy for a risk-averse species because the result for any other species that might be listening is indistinguishable from a universe empty of species with technological civilizations. Even if every intelligent entity would be benevolent towards other intelligent entity given the opportunity to interact, an implicit silence norm might be self-reinforcing as species choose to interpret the uncertainty inherent in the result as possible evidence of the rational behavior by other species. If you do not hear anyone else speaking, then either there is no one to talk to or they may know to be quiet for a very good reason.
And maybe the fact that non-White peoples tend to avoid multiculturalism and diversity within their own nations suggests that they know that it is best to be racially homogeneous “for a very good reason.”
Comparing Chinese with German, Christian Helmut Wenzel notes how the tendencies of (human) languages derived from their cultural evolution create habits of thought. For example, Chinese language requires Chinese speakers to be more context sensitive than German language requires of German speakers, both in text and in speech. In another example, Chinese speakers use vertical spatial metaphors to reference time—for example the future is described as “down”—while German speakers use horizontal spatial metaphors to reference time.
That is quite remarkable, and underscores how alien the Chinese (and other East Asians) are from Europeans (as represented by Germans) – their conception of time itself (!) is radically different.  How can the thought processes of such different peoples – akin to different species – be bridged?  It cannot be done.  Indeed, we must consider the possibility that East Asians are more alien to Europeans than are sub-Saharan Africans.
Benefits…What do political decision-makers know about the benefits attending First Contact? The answer is that they know very little. Indeed, the claimed benefits appear to reflect wishful thinking…It sometimes seems as a means of inoculating the public against xenophobia about human Others.
That is outrageous, particularly when we consider that all of these “means of inoculating the public against xenophobia about human Others” are aimed solely at Whites. No one is attempting to lessen Chinese ethnocentrism and xenophobia; it is only Whites who are targeted for thought control, to break down their defenses so they lower their guard against the Other. Speaking of existential threats, this constant meme war against Whites – now including leveraging SETI for anti-White memetic propaganda – is the prime existential threat we face.  We need to worry about that before we worry about the little green men.

More to the point, concerns about extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI - the "S" in SETI being "Search") should increase, not decrease, White concerns about their racial survival.  Who should be at the forefront of humanity’s attempts to interface with ETI?  The idea that it could be sub-Saharan Africans, including African-“Americans,” is absurd.  Who?  Muslims? Hispanics?  Who?  Do you trust East Asians and Jews to do so – or would you fear that they would sell out the rest of humanity for their own racial self-interest?  Who?  South Asians? New Guineans?  Australian Aboriginals?  The race you would want to do this is the same race you would trust to deflect an asteroid or comet strike – Whites.  And it would have to be a mixed group of White types. Leaving it up to the Nordic “high trust northern hunter gatherers” means we’ll have a “yes we can” campaign to facilitate an alien invasion. Swarthoids and Slavs would be more level-headed, but the Swarthoids would be singing to the aliens from balconies, while the Slavs would be swilling vodka. A coordinated pan-European White response would be best.  Only a mixed White response can leverage the strengths of each White sub-type, while masking each group's weakness. Such a response would by necessity require the continued racial existence of Whites.
Belief in the benign character of any extraterrestrial entity is sufficiently common among members of the attentive public that The Planetary Society uses it to raise money…
Tin cup rattling.
What do political decision-makers know about the risks attending First Contact? The answer is woefully little, and what they do know is decidedly woeful…What do political decision-makers know about the risks attending First Contact? The answer is woefully little, and what they do know is decidedly woeful…Memes, in the original sense that Richard Dawkins coined the term, could be demoralizing and disruptive in the same manner as pandemics. As we are discovering in the 21st century, information itself may be weaponized.
Indeed, memes are being weaponized to hasten White extinction.  What if  ETI recognizes that Whites are the biggest threat to alien domination of the Earth, and utilize meme warfare aimed at Whites?  What if Jews sell out humanity and help the aliens devise anti-White information warfare (a skill set the Jews have in abundance and one that they have much practice using).
Given the worrisome “cat-killing” curiosity common to our species, some may be tempted to respond to a radio signal before it is deciphered and before it is determined whether humans are the intended audience….The time horizons for decision makers are typically much shorter. Long-term consequences of even the most momentous policy making may be discounted in favor of near-term advantages that can be reckoned in public opinion polls and election outcomes.
Indeed, short-term thinking is a problem, particularly among capitalist oriented societies in which making a quick buck at the long term expense of societal stability is prized.
Decision-makers are no less prone than anyone else to errors of misperception that are the product of a human proclivity to tell one another stories in which missing information is replaced with supposition…These tendencies to misperception may be reinforced by both the “groupthink” syndrome identified by Irving Janis and the competition between bureaucratic organizations even during existential crises identified by Graham Allison and Philip Zelikow.
Same for racial crises.
The political problem is initially one of choosing between non response and delayed response…any response to the message should be delayed at least until the message has been deciphered and the intended recipient identified. Potential existential threats warrant decision making patience born of extreme caution.
The same applies to racial decisions. Patience and extreme caution would counsel a rejection of mass migration, miscegenation, etc. Why radically alter a society and a population without fully understanding the ramifications? Particularly since what we do understand tells us that it’s disastrous.
Non-response will require official messaging to dampen both public and scientific enthusiasm. As the experience of nuclear deterrence during the Cold War reveals, news audiences can be persuaded to accept the strategic logic of preparation coupled with inaction. What that is likely to require are periodic official reports on progress in deciphering the message together with a narrative emphasizing the possible existential threat. Although it rubs against the grain of thinking since the beginning of the Modern Era, humans are proficient at living in a state of fear. Indeed, traditional societies are characterized by hostility to strangers, finding in that antipathy a source of social unity.
Ahh, now they say that hostility to strangers can be a source of social unity, while before it was that we need to use SETI to break down xenophobia. The former is for non-Whites, while the latter poison is targeted to Whites only.
Unless the message can be determined to have been intentionally transmitted and that humanity is its intended recipient rather than some other extraterrestrial entity, then not responding remains the optimally rational decision. The value of not responding would be reduced, though not entirely eliminated, if it is determined that humanity is the intended recipient because that would indicate knowledge of our location in space and perhaps other information. Not responding to a message would deny the extraterrestrial entity additional information that might render humanity even more vulnerable. If the message evidenced some malign intent in the form of a threat or weaponized meme, then not responding remains the optimally rational decision.
Another optional rational decision – racial homogeneity.
There are possible advantages to listening in on communications between extraterrestrial entities without their knowledge. Given prophylactic measures to avoid releasing a weaponized meme, the intelligence collected through covert monitoring could be used in deciding whether and how best to respond to a message. Indeed, such monitoring might provide the benefits of First Contact without incurring the risks.
We can interact with other races with everyone staying in their own homelands, without incurring the risk of multiculturalism in the “West.”

The relatively high probability of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence has led to conversation about the possibility of prolonged communication with such distant intelligences. A number of logistical details beset and make problematic any attempt to engage in the communication between Earth and whatever lies in the great beyond that might speak back to us. That engaging in such communication will be advantageous is by no means a foregone conclusion. Indeed, there are good reasons to suspect that the encounter will be either non-advantageous or disadvantageous, and very possibly extraordinarily dangerous.
Just like multiculturalism is “extraordinarily dangerous” for Whites.
What a national political decision-maker is likely to seek upon encountering an extraterrestrial radio signal will depend on both their relative risk acceptance and on their willingness to act in concert with other national political decision-makers who are in possession of the same information. At present, the bureaucratic scientific apparatus for detecting such is still limited to a handful of countries, but as that number grows a coordinated response becomes more difficult, not the least because of the temptation to defect from a policy of restraint by seeking an advantage in establishing communication.
Just like some Whites succumb to the temptation to be race traitors in order to secure personal advantages within the System.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Odds and Ends, 4/25/20

In der news.

Bellow like a bull and carry a small stick.  Too bad those wignats like Taylor won’t accept the wonderful immigration moratorium, eh Greg?

Sweaty fetishism alert:
Martin Venator

Posted April 23, 2020 at 10:58 pm | Permalink

I was wondering why the author thinks that Albanians are not white but, say, Montenegrins or Sicilians are. I’m confused: maybe there’s some genetic evidence I am not aware of?
What would Der Movement do without the afrowops to serve as a foil? Invent them, I suppose.  First, who cares what a retard like Jeelvy “thinks?” Second, I’m sure his attitudes about Albanians have more to do with culture and ethnic competition in the Balkans  than on "genetic evidence." Albanians are obviously ethnically European, as are “Montenegrins or Sicilians.” Culturally, it depends on how Albanians identify and what is their ethnocultural and religious background. If they identify as Muslim they are not “us;” if they do not, then they  are.
Nicholas R. Jeelvy

Posted April 24, 2020 at 5:09 am | Permalink

And this is exactly why we need separate spaces. It wouldn’t matter if Albanians are white or not if they were all in Albania, instead of invading other people’s lands.
What about Albanians living in the USA, you shallow, superficial moron?  Even more to the point – if what people want is a White, European Europe and if you believe that Albanians are “not White” then what do you propose?  Dispossess them from their homeland and send them to – where?  Turkey?  The Near East?

Then a commentator who may be an ethnic Albanian responds with a rant that ends with:
I hope this movement rises from irrelevance to a nuisance and then the Feds will crack down on you. You have seen it before, they will twist laws and stipulations and throw the book at you. When these happens I will do anything I can to help them because you have put me in a defensive and nonnegotiable position, I will see you crushed and totally destroyed, like Turd Flinging Monkey said to the tradcons. You could have had an ally, instead you chose to have an enemy, as Bon Scott said: If you want blood, you got it.
Quite right. Why should Albanians support a “movement” that despises them?  What’s funny is that a large section of Der Movement doesn’t consider “Macedonians” as any more “White” than are Albanians (or Montenegrins or Sicilians for that matter).  On the other hand, folks who look like they should be eating with chopsticks, like David Bromstad or Bjork, are A-OK. In fact, they are of “great benefit to all humanity.”  

Jeelvy is to Counter-Currents as J Richards was to Majority Rights.  In Spenglerian terms, the harbinger of Winter.

Another commentator:
Sicilians, etc. are simply too Mediterenan.
I’m not sure what “Mediterenan” is – a particularly repellent non-Guntherite form of “Mediterranean?” - but definitely no good!   So no good it impairs the ability of fetishists to spell properly.  Now, just go and eat your spaghetti and meatballs, Evola you two foot tall superstitious dwarf, and leave the traditionalism to the non-Mediterenan folks!

Sallis’ law in action again, by the way.

A rational attitude, which I espouse, would be as follows. I use "White" as a shorthand for "of European descent." But just because someone (or group) is "White" does not mean they are part of our ingroup. Mama Merkel is "White" - would you want her as part of your ethnostate? Muslim Albanians are "White," but can be rejected because of their civilizational allegiance. Christian or atheist/agnostic Albanians should be accepted as part of the ingroup.  

The Black Man must rise up against his Chinese oppressors!  EGI Notes fully supports African rights in China!  

It is absolutely essential that China make amends to Africa in the following manner:

1. Immigration from sub-Saharan Africa to China, complete with permanent residency and a path to citizenship, must be drastically increased. There are many tens of millions of Africans eager for the opportunities of China, if only the Chinese would stop their vicious anti-Black racism.

2. China must impose affirmative action advantages for Black Africans in China, in every walk of life, including education, business, etc.

3. China must encourage intermarriage between Black Africans and Chinese natives.  The incoming Black African immigration influx must be fully assimilated!  The Chinese should give cash payments and other incentives for mixed Black-Chinese couples.

4. All anti-Black racism must be outlawed in China.  Chinese must pay reparations for Blacks because of past discrimination.

5. Official state propaganda must promote the idea that Black Africans are a natural part of the Chinese people and must be welcomed as such.  The paradigm must be Afro-China.

Black Man – China is your promised land!  The Original Black Man must return to his Asian motherland!  All that is China is yours for the taking!  Black Man, DEMAND that the Chinese give to you what is rightfully yours!

Tinfoil Kevin’s asinine blog marches on:
It is hardly an exaggeration to say that Bill Gates is in charge of the U.S. right now — and most of the world as well. What does Gates want? He wants population reduction, especially of people like us who contribute the most greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. He wants the entire world to be vaccinated with his vaccines. He wants indemnification so that he cannot be sued or criminally charged when those vaccines injure or kill people…
…And this is where the technology comes into the picture. It is now possible to “chip” someone (like a dog or a cat) and give him a vaccine (such as the RNA vaccine that Dr. Fauci has recommended) that will alter his genetic code. At the same time the chip can be used to track people, contain all their financial and medical information, contain their social credit score, and control them by denying them money, credit, access to facilities, etc. All of it automatic.
So, the virus – that has been isolated, gene sequenced, and observed with electron microscopy – does not exist, but microchipped vaccines and vaccines that will “alter…genetic code” do exist.  OK, got it.

Question – was MacDonald at some point hypnotized by a Jewish mesmerist, and instructed to undermine his credibility, trash his legacy, and delegitimize his body of work? At this point, that seems as likely an explanation as any.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, milady becomes deeply involved in an issue of world historical importance.  What would be do without the sterling contributions from milady?

Never forget the great and good Sir Desmond Jones and his oft-repeated assertion that Italy is 100% racially homogeneous and will remain so, until the end of time, forever and ever, amen.  Excerpts, emphasis added:
For decades, a large, sometimes hostile Chinese community has worked in the Italian fashion and textile industries. Immigrants — legal and illegal — started as a cheap, “exploited” labor source that allowed high-fashion companies to slap a “Made in Italy” label on products churned out in sweatshops. 
Large numbers of Chinese in Italy…for decades.  But, but, but…isn’t Der Movement always right?  How could Sir Desmond Jones be wrong?
Now, Chinese own many off-the-books factories, ignoring employment and safety laws, and dodging taxes. 
We’re all shocked, I suppose.
They are also carving out a competitive niche in the fashion industry, and even buying up iconic Italian companies.
No problem. In response, the Italians sing on balconies.  Pitiful afrowops.
According to the Italian government, there were 69,620 Chinese “resident foreigners” in 2003. Just 16 years later in 2019, that figure was 299,823, not counting illegals or Chinese who had taken Italian citizenship. This figure increased every year, except for a small decline from 2011 to 2012 during a brief local crackdown on illegal Chinese businesses. As in America, employers want more workers. According to a survey from the Italian equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce, Italian companies would have been happy to take at least 100,000 new immigrants in 2001 alone.
And in the mid-2000s, Jones was telling us that Italy had no race problem.
Many people think the government undercounts Chinese. A 2017 report said there were 318,975 legal Chinese residents, and a quarter were children. For comparison’s sake, there were reportedly 136,460 Chinese in Germany in 2019 — not even half the number in Italy — in a country of 83 million compared to Italy’s 60 million.
According to Jones, only Northern European countries have race problems, Southern European nations have no race problem – indeed, they themselves cause problems for Nordics.
It’s hard to count the Chinese in Italy because so many have entered illegally and so many work off the books.
Sound familiar?  All TROPICAL COLORED peoples behave the same.
Tensions and rioting
Chinese aren’t assimilating. In 2007, 300 Chinese — waving a Chinese flag — rioted after a Chinese woman got into an argument with Italian traffic wardens. A 2013 documentary about Chinese-Italian friction includes footage of the riot, which was the first known Chinese riot in all of Europe.
In 2016, Chinese rioted again, throwing rocks and bottles at riot police sent to disperse them. They were protesting against health and regulations checks at a factory.
Police also cracked down on a Chinese organization in Prato called “White Stag” that runs prostitutes and drugs, and beats up Moroccans and other North Africans — with whom Chinese do not get along. In 2018, Prato police estimated that 85 percent of Chinese-owned factories paid protection money to Chinese gangsters.
In 2017, the Milan branch of the Bank of China was caught laundering $5 billion, mostly undeclared income from Chinese-run businesses and profits from counterfeit high fashion goods. The bank paid a $20 million fine.
Likewise, in 2017, 600 Chinese illegal immigrants rioted in Prato, waving a banner reading “This is China, Not Italy.” Police had to use tear gas to break up the mob. Again, the complaint was factory inspections. Between 2014 and 2017, Prato authorities conducted 8,000 surprise inspections, almost always finding serious infractions.
Again, remember Jones’s assertions. Again, remember HBDers’ literal worship of the Chinese.  But, at the same time, remember Sallis reminding you that Asians are simply a more intelligent form of Negro, that the Chinese are a TROPICAL COLORED people. Why are we surprised then by TROPICAL COLORED behavior?
In 2018, The Economist cheerfully brushed all this aside, arguing that Italians should be grateful:
The arrival of Chinese factory owners and their workers has saved Prato from the fate of some places in the rich world that suffered badly as a result of competition from developing economies like China’s.
In other words, sweatshop drudges “saved” Italians from the Chinese.
That’s high trust northern hunter gatherer logic.
Increasing Chinese power
While Chinese immigrants build small companies, Chinese in China are buying big Italian companies. In 2013, the Epoch Times reported that China now owns several iconic companies, such as Cerruti, Fioruccui Foods, and Desmo. In addition to the official 2017 count of no fewer than 50,737 Chinese-owned local businesses, by 2014, Chinese interests owned some 200 Italian businesses, and China’s central bank held stakes in Italian blue chips such as Fiat, Telecom Italia, Generali, and Eni.
State-to-state economic cooperation is growing. Italy was the first European country to sign up with China’s “Silk Road” plan, which will spend almost $3 billion on transportation infrastructure connecting the two countries.
The Silk Road White nationalists should be happy!  All according to plan!  Now, they can get the Chinatrices as “border guards of the West.”
Chinese tourists pour into Italy; about three million visited in 2016. They come in such throngs that China sends its own police officers to conduct joint patrols with Italian police in Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, Turin, and Padua. Chinese now run a special Chinese-language hotline in Italy. This year was supposed to be the “China-Italy year of culture and tourism,” but the virus quashed that plan.
The Coronavirus connection?
On January 31, Italy stopped direct flights from China, which the Chinese government called an “overreaction,” but by then, tourists or returning workers could have already brought the disease to Italy.
That said, one of the very first covid patients in Italy was an Italian who has never traveled to China. 
Err..where did he get it from?  Are you serious?
Also, Prato, has a very low infection rate. If test reports can be believed, not one Chinese has the disease.
I don’t believe a government that instituted “hug an Asian.”
It certainly does not appear that Prato is a hotbed — and there may be an interesting reason for this. According to Reuters, Chinese who had returned to the city from New Year celebrations knew very well that a dangerous virus was spreading in China. Chinese therefore put their community into lockdown three weeks before Italy recorded its first infection. According to Reuters, “They knew what was coming and spread the word: stay home.” There is “some anecdotal evidence that Chinese people in [other parts of] Italy did the same.”
This suggests that the Chinese acted independently and thought only of themselves. It also means the Italian government has no idea what is going on in the community. 
Look, the Chinese – possibly from tourists – intentionally infected Italy. The Chinese knew what was going on and said nothing.  The Chinese people are waging a remorseless war of extermination against the Italian people. In response, the dumb dagoes sing on balconies.
Dr. Giorgio Palu, a virologist and former health official, said the Italian government acted too slowly because it was afraid of being called “racist.” But if the Reuters report is accurate, in early February, just when the mayor of Florence was telling citizens to “Hug a Chinese” to fight stigma and racism, the Chinese were already keeping their distance from each other.
See above.

Western civilization was already collapsing due to racial and cultural reasons – we are already being over-run by barbarians, such as the TROPICAL COLORED yellow barbarians discussed above.