Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Failed Nation and a Failed Movement

Terminal decline.

America is a failed nation state.  A nation with a third world infrastructure, with potholes like moon craters, rusting bridges, crumbling cities; a nation that uses nuclear weapons technology from the 1960s and 1970s while its Idiocracy President gibbers about “super-duper” missiles; a nation that has to use private companies, or beg Russia, in order to launch into space; a nation that can send troops overseas but cannot control its own borders; a nation that has its citizens having to use home-made or improvised face masks during a pandemic because there are no supplies; a nation that cannot perform covd-19 testing properly; a nation of waddling drug-addicted fatsos who blather, in their opioid- and Adderall-induced haze, about “poisonous vaccines” “jabbing” them with toxins and microchips; a nation that has lost control over its own territory to violent mobs of criminals, far left extremists, and subhumans, enforcing mob justice uncaring of newly discovered facts; a nation whose upcoming Presidential election is currently scheduled to feature a morbidly obese blustering retard vs. a mummified perverted dementia patient, each trying to outdo the other in being anti-White and pro-Black.

The buffoonish fraud Trump has had four years to declare Antifa a terrorist organization and use the power of the federal government against them.  Instead, his DOJ persecuted his own supporters. Now that the chickens have come home to roost, what makes you think he’ll do anything except blustering tweets?

What happened to the sincere man of genuine greatness?

Hmmm…you see, Rich, the difference here is that someone was calling Trump a vulgar ignorant buffoon and a fraud back in 2016, before the election.

Who was it?  Not the folks calling Trump a “God Emperor” or who were raising toasts for him after the election.

Trump, the hero of “criminal justice reform” and ASAP Rocky and the Jack Johnson pardon, was correctly labelled a “Negrophilic race cuck” here four years ago. Now all of the “Trump is the last chance for White America” In Trump We Trust Quota Kings and Queens are shocked – shocked they say! – that their “God Emperor” sits on his hands and blusters incoherently while American cities (such as they are) burn.

Der Movement is a failed as America is.

An appeal. By the way, Skandinavisk Frihet is apparently “out of business” – such is the way in Der Movement, Gresham’s law of Activism.

Definition: A White nationalist is someone whose primary identity, primary allegiance, primary sense of peoplehood, and primary focus of organizing is centered on their race, not on their ethnicity or nation of citizenship or religion or anything else.  Further, they promote this ideal to Whites in general – Our Race Is Our Nation.

The Mongol is not inferior to the Nordic in intelligence, as is the Negro, but represents such a divergent type that the mixture between Nordics and Chinese or Japanese is not a good one. The overflow of these Asiatics into our Pacific Coast might have Mongolized the States there had not the American laboring man taken alarm and secured legislation forbidding their immigration…We see the Nordics again confronted across the Pacific by their immemorial rivals, the Mongols. This will be the final arena of the struggle between these two major divisions of man for world dominance...
Today, Nordicists embrace HBD, which has as its objective the subservience of Nordics to their Mongol (and Jewish) overlords, and the submergence of Nordics into a Jeurasian mongrel class through admixture with Asians and Jews.  I doubt that their hero Grant would have approved.

We are not surprised (emphasis added):
Do men value physical attractiveness in a mate more than women? Scientists in numerous disciplines believe that they do, but recent research using speed-dating paradigms suggests that males and females are equally influenced by physical attractiveness when choosing potential mates. Nevertheless, the premise of the current work is that sex differences in the importance of physical attractiveness are most likely to emerge in research on long-term relationships. Accordingly, the current work drew from four independent, longitudinal studies to examine sex differences in the implications of partner physical attractiveness for trajectories of marital satisfaction. In all four studies, both partners’ physical attractiveness was objectively rated at baseline and both partners reported their marital satisfaction up to eight times over the first four years of marriage. Whereas husbands were more satisfied at the beginning of the marriage and remained more satisfied over the next four years to the extent that they had an attractive wife, wives were no more or less satisfied initially or over the next four years to the extent that they had an attractive husband. Most importantly, a direct test indicated that partner physical attractiveness played a larger role in predicting husbands’ satisfaction than predicting wives’ satisfaction. These findings strengthen support for the idea that gender differences in self-reported preferences for physical attractiveness do have implications for long-term relationship outcomes.

So, yes, the statin-addicted, anti-vaxxer land whales are not attractive, and, yes, for those ditzy airheads who are, currently, reasonably physically passable, the inexorable ravages of time will make them invisible to men once “the yeast hits the fan.” The collision with "the wall" is coming, milady, and there is nothing you can do to avoid it.

Do you believe that your beloved “movement” is any different?

Don’t the HBDers you support essentially want the same thing?

The World of Color sticks together, doesn’t it?  Cue more nonsense about “Aryan Persians.”  Where’s Jorjani when you need him?

ET phone home. Profiting from the suffering their alien ethny created.

The mudslinging is likely to impact Counter-Currents more severely, in part due to the rampant homophobia of the white nationalist movement. Not least, it is likely to cause the outlet to haemorrhage donations at a time of financial need (the row comes on the back of many of Counter-Currents’ titles being removed off Amazon), and could also see the departure of Polignano, following Friberg’s leaking of the purported messages.
Correct about Polignano, but wrong about everything else. The Left, with all of its resources, is good at infiltration, but poor at analysis.  They accumulate data, but cannot effectively interpret it. The Far Right is in fact today primarily made up of cults of personality, centered on various gurus and elder statesmen and Internet personalities and “rock stars.” While there are some ideological differences, the vast majority of Der Movement is composed of Type I Nutzi fetishists, so the major divisions therein are that of the personality cults. 

You may argue – hasn’t that always been the case with the Far Right, historically?  The difference is that when there is an authentic ideology underpinning the personality, the movement can survive, in some form, even after the demise of the leader.  Mussolini and Hitler are dead, but Fascism and its National Socialist variant, are still with us today.  The Legionary Movement survived Codreanu’s death. Yockey is dead, but his ideas still cast an influence today, at least upon the Type II minority.

On the other hand, after Pierce died, the National Alliance collapsed.  The group was a Neo-Nazi personality cult centered on Pierce. There was nothing novel there, no deep ideological core other than warmed over Nazism and Nordicism. Without Pierce, there is only a zombified corpse of an organization, resistant to revival.  The Spencer faction of the Alt Right collapsed after Spencer’s implosion as a viable leader.  The Alt Right was merely the same tired Piercian dogma freshened up with Millennial juvenile jackassery and with younger “leaders.”  Sans Spencer, the Spencerian faction had/has no core ideology to keep it afloat. That leaves Johnson by default, the others being too old or uninterested in leadership to constitute a challenge.  Johnson’s core of supporters are undeterred by the Pilleater and Polignano scandals or by the Hermansson and Lewis infiltrations.  There also isn’t really anywhere else for them to go. I have to give credit to where it is due; Johnson is very resilient.  He’s a survivor, like it or not.  All of the people who predicted his demise as a leader (note that EGI Notes never did), like Forney or the Left, have been wrong. Relatively minor scandals, embarrassing infiltrations, chronically bad judgment, and economic woes cannot sink a personality cult centered on a cunning and politically savvy leader.  “Rampant homophobia” will not sink Counter-Currents because “rampant homophobes” were never supporters to begin with. Such people would have been driven away by James O’Meara and Buttercup Dew long before The Pilleater Chronicles.  Johnson is able to dig up sources of donations (at least for now), so Counter-Currents is surviving in that respect. Losing Polignano a second time means nothing since Counter-Currents did fine after the first time, and, after all, what does Der Movement care about someone surnamed “Polignano" anyway? As long as Johnson is around in Der Movement, and in the absence of a real serious scandal and/or the emergence of a viable competitor, Counter-Currents will be around assuming that Der Movement itself is still around.  Again, the Left’s ability to analyze the Right is chronically flawed.  If the Right were in any way competent, they would take advantage of that; but since they are not, they won’t.

Ethnonationalism brings failure after failure.  Exhibit A is Brexit, where anger at “Polish plumbers” has led to an increase in non-White immigration into Britain and genocidal plans such as this.  So, according to Johnson the heroes of Intermarium should be getting ready to wage war against Britain and “ethnically cleanse” it, right?

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Odds and Ends, 5/30/20

In der news.

We could be conquering the frontiers of space, medicine, culture, and technology
Oh yes, with a “movement” that tells us that viruses don’t cause disease, that vaccines are “poisonous” “jabs” that will implant chips into us, that all non-human animal life on Earth is soon to be exterminated by “bullets flying everywhere,” that believes HBD lies, that tells us we should be “snug in our hobbit hole in the forest”…these are the heroes leading us to conquer ‘the frontiers of space, medicine, culture, and technology.”  Yogi Bear (Kali Yuga)!  The Men Who Can’t Tell Time!  The Age of Aluminum!

You mendacious idiot.

So, I issue a challenge to the likes of Johnson, Spencer, Taylor, McCulloch et al. How about penning a post telling us two things:
1. What significant and concrete accomplishments toward society-wide White racial awakening have your efforts accomplished, and, similarly, what are the accomplishments toward that end achieved by other “activists” who share your ideological vision and overall approach?
2. Going forward, how do you expect continued efforts of your type to achieve your ethnostate/racial preservationist goals?  And for this, please don’t give vague platitudes or hand-waving about “metapolitics,” but instead a realistic and comprehensive appraisal for your optimism and your adherence to your specific approach.  And, while you are at it, please explain why your approach is superior to alternatives.
I’ll give your essay a fair hearing here, and will dissect and critique it (as I’ve been critiquing the “movement” in general here) – unlike your own (dare we say cowardly) ignoring of the critiques of your approach heretofore published here at EGI Notes (never mind your pathetic “banning” of critics from your own blogs).
Please contrast that to Johnson’s cowardly evasion of debate, and the general cordon sanitaire around the Sallis Groupuscule established by current “movement leaders.”  Of course, ultimately, the challenge is for the rank-and-file, who need to hold those “leaders” accountable for both their endless failure as well for the evasion of challenges such as that above.

Behold the female.  Zero agency.

“Asian Americans, including Chinese Americans like myself, benefit from affirmative action,” Sally Chen, a graduating Asian American Harvard student who participated in the brief, told NBC Asian America.
Derbyshire weeps.  The Tropical Alliance revealed in all its sordidness.
Though Blum placed Asian Americans at the center of his suit, Niyati Shah, the director of litigation at the civil rights nonprofit Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC who worked on the brief, pointed out that the racial group largely supports affirmative action. Data from 2016 shows that roughly two-thirds of Asian Americans supported the policy. When white student Abigail Fisher sued the University of Texas in 2016, arguing the school shouldn’t use admissions policies that favor black and Hispanic applicants over whites and Asian Americans, more than 160 Asian American and Pacific Islander groups filed amicus briefs to support affirmative action.
Derbyshire weeps.  Asians full of enraged hatred toward Whites; Asians the pillar of the rising tide of color.
Some Asian American students said they wouldn’t even consider applying to a school that didn’t take race into account: That’s how important race can be to a college applicant’s story.”
Colored is as colored does.  Asians = A TROPICAL COLORED ANTI-WHITE PEOPLE

In a nation of over 300 million people, amusing coincidences like this will not be as rare as people may believe.

Der Right marches on – Brazil edition.

The International Right, in all its irrational science-denying “glory,” is being completely discredited.  This is why we need a REAL NEW RIGHT, one based on empiricism and rationality, not sweaty fetishism, traditionalism, market-worship, and empty bluster.

According to Greg Johnson, Donald Trump is a sincere man of genuine greatness.

Many of President Trump’s 2016 supporters have been driven offline, their brands and audiences destroyed. Others are so angry with the president’s weakness that they will not back him again…It’s sad that our highest hope for President Trump at this point is that he will simply restore the free speech rights we had before he took office.
President Trump’s Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship shows some promise, but several legal experts called it “bluster,” “rhetoric,” and something that is not a “blueprint for anything that is going to happen.”…President Trump may mean well, but he’s not going to save us.
I thought Trump was “the last hope for White America?”

Hey, these are just the “voices of WN 3.0!” Right Greg?

Why some ethnonationalists hook up with HBD?  They can’t defend their own race?

Asian solidarity with the Negro.  Who cares about Whitey husband?   John D. take note (when you stop weeping).

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Rodney Martin on White Nationalism

Really about Der Movement, not about "White nationalism."

The following is an anti-"movement" post I wrote a while back and that has been waiting in the publishing queue, so let's get it out today.

I would like to examine Rodney Martin’s very interesting essay on White nationalism. You should read the whole thing.

The most fundamental problem with this essay is that Martin conflates Der Movement with White nationalism. This is logically incorrect, as the former is just one vehicle for actualizing the latter. Only if you believe that White nationalism must absolutely and inevitably lead to a disaster such as Der Movement would such an equivalence hold.  I do not believe that to be true.

In any case, excerpts (emphasis added):
…blacks...are winning. The internet tough guys who bark on the internet for our “Culture and Values” are not. When approached by CNN and asked if he stood by his internet based bravado, Kyle Rodgers, the loud mouth internet mouthpiece of the CoCC, (Council of Conservative Citizens) who famously said “never back down to the left wing media, hid behind his door like the preverbal High School nerd running from the Jocks and screamed at the CNN crew to go talk to his big mack daddy Jared ( Jews are White) Taylor.…/council-of-conservative-citizens-griff…. This is the reality of White Nationalism, tough online, cowards in real life and almost always refusing to own their positions when confronted in person.
They are cowards online as well, refusing to debate competent opponents, or moderate their blog comments so as to allow criticism, even after openly declaring themselves eager and ready for “debate.”
Contrast the self-described White Nationalist “E-Activist” to Black, Latino, Jewish, and any other Leftist activist . Black activists took to the streets and pushed their interests and agenda, self-described “White Nationalists” continued their online, anonymous bravado via various websites, chief among these is Stormfront AKA Stormdrain led by Don Black who uses Oral Roberts fundraising tactics, demanding $7K per month from low information self-described “White Nationalists” for the honor of “blogging about the “problem”. This shtick has enabled Black to live in comfort in Palm Beach, Florida ( a Jew dominated City) while sending his son Derek, his former right hand man to a private liberal college which resulted in young Derek bowing before Mark Potok and the SPLC and no doubt delivering Stormfront user data to Potok and Morris Dees.
I have always unfavorably compared the White Right to the Coloreds and to the Left.  Of course, Martin should acknowledge that these others have the tacit and sometimes open support of the System.
When Anglin is not bashing White women as “whores”, “sluts”, and “worse than Jews”, he has called for age of consent laws to be lowered to age 14 so prearranged marriages between girls and 30 and 40 year-old men could be set up by his Pedo dream State. Perhaps Anglin’s insecurities regarding White women has more to do with his own failures and insecurities with the opposite sex. There is something wrong when a 31 year old male who has only ever expressed desire for underage girls of Africa and the Philippines making obsessive attacks on OUR women. Of course Anglin who has appointed himself the world’s hardest hardcore Nazi, seems to work very hard remaining out of certain jurisdictions, not indicating where he resides, and for nearly the last 2 years has attempted to live off donations, i.e. “Movement Welfare”. For a “Movement” that prides itself as “Racists” or “Racialists”, many at “Daily Stoner are all too willing to overlook Anglin’s fetish for underage Asian and Black females and the fact that at age 31, Anglin has never been with a White Woman, has no White children, and has actually attacked marriage while patronizing brothels in Eastern Europe with the publisher of a web site Anglin has borrowed material from and reposts on Daily Stormer. Cut & Paste and claiming 14 hour work days is the actual standard of practice at “Daily Stoner”, symbolism over substance is the hallmark of White Nationalism while Blacks, Latinos, Jews, and others engage in real activism and advance a real Agenda based on substance, White Nationalists engage in online circle jerks that make the porn industry blush.
According to Johnson, who respects Anglin, Mr. Anglin is one of the “voices of WN 3.0.”
The fundamental difference between “White Nationalism” and activists of Leftist Organizations such as the NAACP, LaRaza, MeCha, ADL, et. al, is simple, the Leftists are not dominated by, identified by and exists solely by websites and anonymity. Nor are they dominated by low information, mentally defective hobbyists who see conspiracies around every corner who still live at home with mommy and daddy at advanced ages, have not been in a real relationships with the opposite sex, have no children, lack any semblance of an education, lack real jobs, careers, and professional development and go so far a to viciously attack those who work in the Struggle who bring these essential tools to the motionless” Movement based on nothing more than jealously, envy and self-loathing. While White Nationalists are high-fiving Dylaan Roof for murdering old women in a Church, pardon me while I get ill, the Leftists are advancing their agenda by leaps and bounds.
Fair enough.
It is common to hear low life White Nationalist trouser stains post long diatribes attacking people who have done something with their life/lives as “obviously being an “Agent” or a “Jew” or some other nonsense because we cannot have talent and ability in the motionless Movement. Then these self-appointed experts spend hours (because they have no life) on their favorite groupie web site or podcast opining on subjects they have absolutely no real or practical experience, education, or life experience.
Indeed. Included in this are folks like Borat Jeelvy preaching downward mobility to young White men, and he and the rest of the Millennial crew label IRL work as being the linked to “Boomers.” To be fair, twenty years ago you had Boomer and Gen X “activists” also preaching dropout because “the entire System is going to collapse within five years, no doubt about it.” Sound familiar?
Most laughable is the volume of posts on White Nationalist web sites on “marriage” “relationships”, “and “women” posted by men who blame everything and everyone but themselves for their failures in life.
It’s always great when homosexuals do the same. A lot of expertise there.
In a real and successful political movements the cream rises while the pond scum sinks, this has not been the case in White Nationalism. In fact the pond scum has drowned out the crème and driven out many valuable assets, including families, which provide the next generation.
I have often talked about Gresham’s law in Der Movement, and the need to weed out defectives or else the defectives would alienate all the sane and rational people. Instead, we have promoted “chips and genetic modifiers in vaccines and house flies exterminated by ‘bullets flying everywhere.”  Good job!
Too often the pond scum of the motionless Movement are all too willing to sacrifice future growth, including generational growth all so they can be the biggest turd in the toilet, i.e. so they can self-confer some grand title in a group of 3 or 4. Groups like RaRaza, MeCha, NAACP, and ADL have understood the key to success is discipline, advancing their agenda to the next generation, and most importantly completely absent in these organizations is the fragmentation, character issues and cannibalism based on personality tiffs. These Organizations message has been consistent, disciplined and above all, they are led by the best and the brightest of their respective Organizations and never allow pond scum in the membership to run off their assets. Too many quality people, especially families have walked away NOT because they grew tired of harassment by the ADL and SPLC, but because they burned out on the internal drama and vicious attacks from anonymous White Nationalist “E-Activists”, who are often so self-loathing and disappointed with their own failures in life, that they attack others who have been successful because of hard work, education, discipline, and character.
"They" - Johnson, Jeelvy, et al.  Also note that Martin recognizes something that I have often written about - ironically, the Left, which supports affirmative action, has organizations run by their "best and brightest." Now, Martin doesn't talk about Der Movement's ethnic affirmative action, but he does note that the "motionless Movement" is led by "pond scum."
Finally, the greatest weakness and the most glaring reason why “White Nationalism” fails, is a large number, most likely 75 percent, of those who self-identify as “White Nationalists” and frequent the various White Nationalist web sites do so as an internet based hobby only and really do not hold White Nationalist beliefs as core principles that guide their life.
Certainly. Beavis-and-Butthead drunken Alt Right podcasts, “Irony bros,” Millennial jackasses, people using Der Movement for “gay pickups,” and all the rest.  The big tent!
These self-described “hard core” “Nazis”, “Racialists”, “Racists”, “Identists”, etc, when pushed on solid racial ideological issues always retreat to making exceptions for their favorite mixed race or Non White friend or family member or even bed mate.
All too true.
In many cases they are all too willing to accept Jews and Homosexuals…
Mostly the latter.
….as “contributors to the Cause”, just attend AmRen or the American Freedom Party conflabs, it will not be too difficult to trip over a Jew and land in the lap of a Homosexual…
Pilleater beware!
…while hearing speakers opine at the state of “White Culture” and “White Civilization”. Those speakers generally have Non White spouses…
Hello, Derb!
…or same sex spouses which make these so called “Pro-White”, “Traditionalist”, and “Nationalist” gatherings even more hypocritical.
Hypocrisy in Der Movement?  Say it Aint so!
American “White Nationalism” because of its hobby based nature is nothing more than a hodgepodge of various groups with a Baskin-Robbins like ideologies, i.e. 31 flavors, SOMETHING to suit everyone.
The big tent!
This is so typically weak it provides no real viable alternative to the current political system. But then again, White Nationalists are not really serious about it to begin with.
White Nationalism is in reality an internet based hobby. While some, such as David Duke and Don Black make a decent living…
Then we have folks who earn $180,000 in a year…more than a “decent living.”  Why doesn’t Martin mention them?  I sure will, in future posts.
Libertarianism: a vast majority of self-described White Nationalists are in reality “Libertarians”, despite their professed support for National Socialism.
Der Alt Right!  WN 2.0!
They are the first to invoke “Liberty”, “Freedom”, and “Individualism”, which are the 3 primary ingredients that have led to the destruction of White Western Christian Civilization on the North American Continent.
It’s just the flu, bro!  Hail Shelly Luther!
Character: simply put, a huge majority of self-described White Nationalists lack the character, discipline, and honor to put a real Movement above themselves and are in reality web site and podcast Groupies rather than political or ideological soldiers.
Hello ,Greg Johnson.
Symbolism or Substance: White Nationalists are like cats and the laser light. White Nationalists fall in love like a teenage girl for every new face, and declare their allegiance to the new “fuhrer”, that says something catchy, only to be disappointed when they learn he is saying something different to different people, has no real ideological core, likes Jews, blah, blah, blah.
Trump?  Reagan?  Putin? Paul?
This has plagued White Nationalism for years as it is common to hear White Nationalists say, “all we need is THE LEADER”. Well, White Nationalism has LOTS of Leaders, what it lacks is ideas and a broad based Ideology. Groups like the ADL, LaRaza, MeCha: NAACP, DO have ideas and are committed to an ideology and are successful regardless of who is in charge. White Nationalism fails to understand this ON PURPOSE because unlike MeCha, La Raza, the ADL, NAACP, et al, White Nationalism is like a video game, it is fantasy, an escape, a HOBBY. There is NO real desire to do what is discussed.
Compromised: Too many self-described White Nationalists, even those who profess to be “hardcore” are compromised or are all too willing to compromise on the Race issue. Jared Taylor and his AmRen Jew Crew takes the position “Jews are White”…
They’re HuWhhhiittteee….
…The National Youth Front, a brainchild of the American Freedom Party, itself Jew compromised, started off led by a leader married to a Non White who proudly supported Israel. Its current “Leader” is a self-proclaimed “anti-supremacist” and hypnotist who uses Hollywood imagery as examples of White Ancestors. 
What else is new?
While Marxist Organizations use the internet as an effective tool to marshal resources, communicate and to move resources from one ground operation to another, White Nationalists use it to engage in the most depraved cannibalism which in the end denies the motionless Movement the essential tools in the toolbox to grow and develop from a Struggle into a Movement.
E.g.,the Greg Johnson feuds.
The White Nationalist Movement is dominated by individuals who by any standard should be as far away as possible from any alternative political revolutionary struggle and most certainly no mainstream political movement would tolerate the absolute crap that is seen in the motionless White Nationalist Movement.
So, Martin are I are in absolute agreement here.  He doesn’t mention the affirmative action policy though.
Because of the complete lack of self-policing and the complete absence of character, discipline, and honor, White Nationalism allows any mentally defective low life with a PC and internet connectivity to declare themselves some sort of “Supreme Chancellor” by night from the Imperial HQ of their Momma’s basement, as is the case with many well-known personalities in the motionless Movement, and go on rampages in the Superman Underoos attacking people who come into the motionless Movement with real talent, abilities and experience that is desperately needed.
Those “people who come into the motionless Movement with real talent, abilities and experience that is desperately needed” are “insane” and “indecent.” And of the wrong ethnic background.
In almost every case the talent leaves because people with real lives, i.e. families, careers, etc, have little time for this nonsense and the motionless Movement is left as it always has been, the same little sewer dominated by the same little turds who think they are big fish in the small pond.
To all of this I say NO THANKS. I have a wife and 5 children and have better things to do.
Gresham’s law in action.

Apart from the caveat in the beginning, I agree with ~95% of what Martin writes here. Well, I also disagree with the general pro-White female attitude - that's included in the ~5% of difference.  Those are relatively minor points.

I congratulate him for this fine essay, and for the understanding underlying it. Job well done!

Race and Movement News, 5/28/20

It's Der Rasse and Der Movement.

But, but, but…I thought we were all the same (emphasis added):
Vitamin D insufficiency is more prevalent among African Americans (blacks) than other Americans and, in North America, most young, healthy blacks do not achieve optimal 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] concentrations at any time of year. This is primarily due to the fact that pigmentation reduces vitamin D production in the skin. Also, from about puberty and onward, median vitamin D intakes of American blacks are below recommended intakes in every age group, with or without the inclusion of vitamin D from supplements. Despite their low 25(OH)D levels, blacks have lower rates of osteoporotic fractures. This may result in part from bone-protective adaptations that include an intestinal resistance to the actions of 1,25(OH)2D and a skeletal resistance to the actions of parathyroid hormone (PTH). However, these mechanisms may not fully mitigate the harmful skeletal effects of low 25(OH)D and elevated PTH in blacks, at least among older individuals. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly apparent that vitamin D protects against other chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers, all of which are as prevalent or more prevalent among blacks than whites. Clinicians and educators should be encouraged to promote improved vitamin D status among blacks (and others) because of the low risk and low cost of vitamin D supplementation and its potentially broad health benefits.
Coulter leads the way!  To Dinesh’s bedroom?  In Trump We Trust!  Coulter leads the way indeed.  Here’s one example, submitted without further comment.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Behold HBD-Nordicism (TOO comment excerpt):
I believe all the world’s peoples could do worse than to adopt the US Constitution for themselves. But that type of order depends upon a high level of both individualism and social trust, which are sadly lacking among most non-Anglo-Nordics (and esp most nonwhites), and which are greatly attenuated by coercive geographical and political integration with nonwhites. IOWs, the American Order was designed for Anglo-Nordics, and would have worked very well with them alone as the citizenry. The more genetically and ethnoculturally distant the peoples we have admitted into the Union, the greater has been the sacrifice of individual rights and liberties for the Old Stock, and the worse has been the functioning of the country.
Certainly!  That’s why we need to ditch folks like (smothered with a pillow) Scalia, who understood nothing of the US Constitution, and embrace folks like LBJ, whose “civil rights laws” were the epitome of individualist freedom.

Note to readers of EGI Notes: Who has been telling you that Der Movement has NOTHING to offer to “White ethnics?” Whenever shabbos sud stepandfetichits get involved in Der Movement, it never goes well for them. Four examples, in chronological order: Patler, Tommasi, Sallis, Conte.  Polignano counts as “half” here, a half-sud stepandfetchit; the rest I suppose would be a horrendous hibernian stepandfetchit.  Speaking of the latter – what ever happened to Michael O’Meara?

Let’s embrace those individualist Swedes…or not (emphasis added):
Swedish mentality seems to have two opposing tendencies: one towards individualism and the other towards collectivity. The explanation for this is the different meaning that can be given to the concept of individualism. Swedes seem to need social autonomy strongly and not to be dependent on other individuals, such as neighbors, relatives, employers, and so on. At the same time, Swedes seem to need collective support for their opinions. Collective solutions are a hallmark of Swedish society and dominate Swedish politics. Survey data are used to illustrate this theme empirically.
MacDonald weeps.

Seriously though, the ethnies much beloved by Der Movement combine the worst aspects of individualism and collectivism. When it comes the need for collective ethnocentric action in defense of ethny, then they are radical individualists.  When it comes to the need to defy societal political correctness, then they are conformist collectivists.  Somehow though, that is the epitome of all that is admirable. Hmmm...the “Anatolian farmer” cringing subhumans seem to be a bit saner, but what do I know?

To write this after Dutton exposed Rushton demonstrates how completely shameless the “race realists” are.

Interesting, interesting.  Brimelow’s pushy rudeness is astounding.  How about letting Taylor finish his sentences?    Note Taylor is in communication with Red Ice.  I’m shocked, shocked I say. Taylor likes the “private sector,” on “principle.”  Another shock.  Naivete?  Shocked thrice. Ludicrously optimistic?  Quadruple shocked.

I note no discussion of why Brimelow earned $180,000+ compensation in one year, according to the 2018 Form 990.  

Trump - silly?  I thought he was “the last hope for White America?”  Down the memory hole, it seems.

Well…Taylor remembers the “latrine flies” jibe from Derbyshire.  Why is Derb a speaker at the conferences, then?

Immigrant workforce – like Brimelow?

How is “White advocate” not poltroonery?  I am also disgusted how Brimelow and Johnson are redefining “White nationalism” to merely mean “defending White interests.” No, you affirmative action DISTORTERS, White nationalism is a movement that considers White racial identity as the highest form of nationalist identification – Our Race Is Our Nation, putting race above ethnic and nation-state identities.  That’s White nationalism.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Against Casey and MacDonald

This needs to be addressed.

An imbecilic and stupid submission by another of Counter-Currents’ horrendous new crop of writers.
So how should white advocates view abortion and euthanasia? At the very least, with a heavy dose of skepticism. Ideally, we would view them as Hippocrates viewed them, as an insult to life and to holiness. Our people are precious “from cradle to grave,” as the Catholics say.
Should we then be working to outlaw abortion and euthanasia? Perhaps. Such affronts to holiness will likely be unthinkable in a white ethnostate.
Thus, people dying in agonizing pain, people whose bodies are wrecked to the point that daily life is pointless and holds no meaning for them, people slowly and horribly dying of incurable diseases, people desperate for an end to their pain and suffering, must be kept alive because pathetic religious freaks have to impose their values of “holiness” on the rest of us.

We can give dogs and cats relief from suffering, but we force people to endure a living hell so Jesus freaks can feel good about themselves.  How despicable, how pompous, how deluded in the extremity of narcissism.  Excuse me, you stupid yeastbucket, you ignorant hole, who are you do tell me or anyone else what to do with our lives?  

Women have no business being medical doctors, a profession best left to the adults in the room – men.

MacDonald’s reply:  Again, as noted, I have no quarrel with the idea that the Indo-Europeans were an elite dominating a native indigenous population. My point was that Mycenaean civilization was an Indo-European culture. 
There is no real evidence for that.
And my comment emphasized increasing I-E genetic contribution over time, suggesting selection for I-E genes. 
Really – now get this:
The most recent samples studied by Mathieson et al. date from 1100 BC, and the most recent samples studied by Lazaridis et al. date from around 1200 BC—toward the end of Mycenaean civilization. Thus the data do not shed much light on the genetic constitution of classical Greece—the flowering of classical Greek culture dated to the fourth and fifth centuries BC that epitomized so much of what we think of as Western culture. This is certainly time enough for selection or incursion of steppe-derived genes, but as yet there are no genetic studies I am aware of for this later period. 
Doubly mendacious.  First, because there are not (currently) genetic samples from every era of Greek history, particularly “the flowering of classical Greek culture dated to the fourth and fifth centuries BC that epitomized so much of what we think of as Western culture” then MacDonald is free to “posit” and “suggest” and assert “reasonable” comments about his theories in the absence of any real evidence whatsoever.

Second, above he says “And my comment emphasized increasing I-E genetic contribution over time, suggesting selection for I-E genes” but now it is "the data do not shed much light on the genetic constitution of classical Greece…there are no genetic studies I am aware of for this later period.”

There’s no genetic evidence for the period, which allows him to "posit" whatever he wishes, but, at the same time, there is evidence of “increasing I-E genetic contribution over time, suggesting selection for I-E genes."  What evidence?  I thought you just said there was no evidence?  All you have now are the previously mentioned Ancient Greek samples as well as modern Greeks, who the HBD Nordicists consider to be cringing subhumans.  So, where’s the evidence for in between those population end points?
Further, there continues to be uncertainty regarding the causes of violent collapse of Mycenaean civilization inaugurating the Greek “Dark Age” (~1200BC–~750BC) of “isolation, introversion, and instability” (Hall, 2013, 82). 
Well, yes, we can “posit” that the Herrenvolk wrecked the Mycenaean civilization and caused a Dark Age the same as they did to the Western Roman Empire…and what their SJW descendants are doing to the West today.
More importantly for present purposes is the identity of the people who later formed classical Greek culture. There is a long history of proposing a “Dorian invasion” from the north which altered spoken dialects from Achaean to Dorian as well as aspects of culture (e.g., knowledge of ironworking and a shift to individualized burial practices (Hall, 2013, p. 70; Nagy, 2019), the latter suggesting a more individualist culture. 
First, details about the Dorian invasion are questionable, as regards real scholarship.

Second, even if we “posit” a Dorian invasion as MacDonald prefers, the Athenians considered themselves Ionian, not Dorian, and some scholars – to the extent that they take the Dorian hypotheses seriously – explain the Athenian-Spartan conflict as an ethnic one.    The "flowering" of Greek culture was more Athenian than Spartan, wasn't it?
This began as a literary tradition and persisted for nine centuries, down to the first century AD and remains the “most economical hypothesis,” although the Dorian invasion hypothesis purporting to explain it remains unproven (Hall, 2013, p. 68). 
Remains unproven!  Well, yes, but that doesn’t stop some from invoking a Kempite Dorian Herrenvolk influx to “posit” and “suggest” “reasonable” explanations, does it?
As noted, genetic data on the people responsible for classical Greek civilization are lacking; however, it is reasonable to posit a shift toward increased steppe contribution, not only during the Mycenaean period (Mathieson et al., 2018), but continuing thereafter given that genetic changes may occur quite quickly (Cochran & Harpending, 2010).
“Reasonable to posit” – those weasel words again.  “Genetic data on the people responsible for classical Greek civilization are lacking” – but he'll make conclusions regardless, or “posit” conclusions.  Note also how MacDonald’s more conciliatory and equivocal tone differs here in this review response differs from the more dogmatically HBD tone of self-congratulatory certainty at The Occidental Observer when writing on these issues, mirrored by the sweaty amen corner commentariot, who, like with all personality cults centered on gurus (like Jewish movements, eh?), personally attack critics (“Meisenberg is a mendacious Jew”) – attacks that do not receive any rebuke from MacDonald himself.

Further, do I really need to point out that the fact that “genetic changes may occur quite quickly” does not mean that they will occur or, more to the point, in this case did occur in the manner asserted by MacDonald?  The work of Cochran and Harpending is here almost irrelevant in the absence of evidence of the asserted changes.

Indeed, one can use that paradigm to “posit” and “suggest” all sorts of “reasonable” genetic selection. Maybe individualist farmer genes were quickly selected for?  Maybe those last century has seen a “rapid genetic change” in favor of hysterically SJW collectivist xenophilic egalitarianism among NW Europeans?  Who knows?  We can all “posit” anything and cherry pick reasons why it is “reasonable.”

Now, there is of course genetic evidence for a relatively small minority influx of steppe ancestry into ancient Southern Europe, overlaying the majority farmer ancestry. One can find remnants of some steppe ancestry in Southern European areas today. That does not change the fact that the overwhelming majority of the ancestry of the peoples of the Classical Civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome was of farmer derivation.

MacDonald has a clear agenda of disregarding the contribution of farmer ancestry to European history and civilization, privileging instead hunter gatherer and steppe ancestries.  

It seems more “reasonable” to “posit” that the data “suggest” that the majority ancestry had the largest effect; further, civilization did not begin in the Mediterranean basin until the hunter gatherers were predominantly displaced by the farmers.

And, by the way, once again I note the Y axis here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A Jabbing Post

Points to Ponder.  In all cases, emphasis added.

There are four reasons for this blog to concentrate on the vaccination question, from a pro-vaccination point of view.

1. It is the right thing to do.

2. It is important to demonstrate that there is some corner of the Far Right that is rational, embraces science and technics, values empiricism and expertise, and is not composed of childish idiots and irrational conspiracy mongers.

3. Public health is, or should be, paramount to the racialist worldview and is obviously important to adaptive fitness. Note that the Nazis made a big deal in opposing smoking, for example. 

4. Racialism, properly understood, is a collective endeavor, centered on a collective identify and collective action. The ability of the group to invest in collective social goods and to maintain social cohesion is therefore dependent upon identifying and punishing free riders who benefit from collective social goods while not contributing to them (or in extreme cases, such as anti-vaxxers, opposing them). If cheaters are allowed to prosper, that undermines public confidence in the legitimacy and fairness of collective action, disrupts social cohesion, increases mistrust, and makes people less willing to invest in collective social goods.  Free riding is therefore an enemy of racialism (and it is not surprising that opponents of EGI always invoke free riding as the anti-EGI bogeyman) and must be opposed. Anti-vaxxers are prominent free riders on public health and therefore are enemies of racialism.

Herd immunity is vulnerable to the free rider problem.[46] Individuals who lack immunity, particularly those who choose not to vaccinate, free ride off the herd immunity created by those who are immune.[46] As the number of free riders in a population increases, outbreaks of preventable diseases become more common and more severe due to loss of herd immunity.[10][11][12][43][45] Individuals may choose to free ride for a variety of reasons, including the perceived ineffectiveness of a vaccine,[47] believing that the risks associated with vaccines are greater than those associated with infection,[1][11][12][47] mistrust of vaccines or public health officials,[48] bandwagoning or groupthinking,[43][49] social norms or peer pressure,[47] and religious beliefs.[11] Certain individuals are more likely to choose not to receive vaccines if vaccination rates are high enough so as to convince a person that he or she may not need to be vaccinated, since a sufficient percentage of others are already immune.[1][45]
Alternative medicine proponents gain from promoting vaccine conspiracy theories through the sale of ineffective and expensive medications, supplements, and procedures such as chelation therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, sold as able to cure the 'damage' caused by vaccines.[262] Homeopaths in particular gain through the promotion of water injections or 'nosodes' that they allege have a 'natural' vaccine-like effect.[263] Additional bodies with a vested interest in promoting the "unsafeness" of vaccines may include lawyers and legal groups organizing court cases and class action lawsuits against vaccine providers.
Conversely, alternative medicine providers have accused the vaccine industry of misrepresenting the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, covering up and suppressing information, and influencing health policy decisions for financial gain.[12] In the late 20th century, vaccines were a product with low profit margins,[264] and the number of companies involved in vaccine manufacture declined. In addition to low profits and liability risks, manufacturers complained about low prices paid for vaccines by the CDC and other US government agencies.[265] In the early 21st century, the vaccine market greatly improved with the approval of the vaccine Prevnar, along with a small number of other high-priced blockbuster vaccines, such as Gardasil and Pediarix, which each had sales revenues of over $1 billion in 2008.[264] Despite high growth rates, vaccines represent a relatively small portion of overall pharmaceutical profits. As recently as 2010, the World Health Organization estimated vaccines to represent 2–3% of total sales for the pharmaceutical industry.[266]
Apart from the few examples to the contrary listed above, vaccines for the most part are NOT money-makers for “big Pharma.” Certainly, the core of the most basic vaccines (including the dastardly MMR) are not money-makers, which is why “In the late 20th century, vaccines were a product with low profit margins, and the number of companies involved in vaccine manufacture declined. In addition to low profits and liability risks, manufacturers complained about low prices paid for vaccines by the CDC and other US government agencies.”

On the other hand, maintenance medications are big money-makers, but since they don’t involve scary needles and “jabbing,” the hysteria crowd have nothing to say about those real fraudulent poisons.

Wasting public health resources:
Most cases of pediatric tetanus in the U.S. occur in unvaccinated children.[169] In Oregon, in 2017, an unvaccinated boy had a scalp wound that his parents sutured themselves. Later the boy arrived at a hospital with tetanus. He spent 47 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and 57 total days in the hospital, at a cost of $811,929, not including the cost of airlifting him to the Oregon Health and Science University, Doernbecher Children's Hospital, or the subsequent two-and-a-half weeks of inpatient rehabilitation he required. Despite this, his parents declined the administration of subsequent tetanus boosters or other vaccinations.[170] Due to privacy regulations, publicly identifying the payer of the costs was prohibited.[171]
The purpose of this paper is to trace continuity in the attachment of the nouvelle droite to a homogeneous notion of pan-European identity since its birth in 1968. Like the nouvelle droite, early post-war neo-fascism and significant fascist elements in Italy were similarly obsessed with the decline of homogeneous pan-European or Western identities. Despite the ultra-nationalistic origins of historical fascism, early post-war neo-fascism and the nouvelle droite in different historical periods, the thread tying them together is the notion of a strong, unified, homogeneous, pan-European empire regenerated in defense against the dominant ‘materialist’ ideologies such as liberalism, conservatism, social democracy, socialism, capitalism and communism.
Whew!  Good thing he was “absolved of responsibility.”  Otherwise, Trump’s DOJ might have had to start persecution of that “Nazi alligator” – which, after, all, was a native born American.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Odds and Ends, Memorial Day 2020

In der news.

Re: 5/23/20 FMA livestream. Greg Johnson doesn’t have the discipline to work out at home and he also needs a trainer at the gym.

A personal trainer must be paid. Where does the money come from, all ye rank-and-file supporters and donors?  How many of YOU have a private trainer at a gym?  Does it bother you that those you give donations to live better than you do?

This is what we call Herrenvolk Logic – Dershowitz is for something, therefore it is bad.

Actually, I wouldn’t go so far as to make the vaccinations mandatory in the sense Dershowitz advocates.  Just shun the anti-vaxxers, limit their movements so they don’t spread disease, and hold them legally accountable if they do spread disease. If contact tracing demonstrates that an anti-vaxxer caused disease – that’s assault and battery if the victim survives and homicide if they die. Only fair, no?

And while we should reject vaccines because Dershowitz supports them, anti-vaxx vaccine skepticism is justified because of tweets from those medical and epidemiological experts Roosh and Michelle Malkin.  Dat right!

Questions for the anti-vaxx filth – Do you believe that the forcible quarantine of Mary Mallon (“Typhoid Mary”) was unfair? Did it limit her “freedom?”  Her body, her choice!  How dare Big Gummint tell her she can’t work as a cook!  Just because she was killing people means nothing. And, after all, anti-vaxxers tell us that viruses and bacteria don’t cause disease anyway!  So there!  We should worry instead about the “bullets flying everywhere” that are wiping out all non-human animal life on Earth!

More questions for the anti-vaxxers - If you or your children were to be bitten by a rabid animal, would you consent to the "jabbing" with rabies vaccine and rabies immune globulin? Yes or no? If your child were to get a deep puncture would for which the probability for tetanus was high, would you consent for them to be "jabbed" with tetanus vaccine?  If the inept and TROPICAL Chinese were to "accidentally" release smallpox from one of their laboratories, sparking an outbreak, would you consent to a smallpox vaccination?  Why do you tweet and retweet doctored and edited videos that maliciously and mendaciously make it sound that Gates and Fauci are promoting intentionally harming people with vaccines, when you damn well know that it is not true?  If people die as a result of your anti-vaxx lies, are you prepared for the moral and legal consequences?

If you would like to see a pictorial example of what anti-vaxx filth like Red Ice want - in the de facto, ultimate outcome, sense (not implying intention) - for your children, see this.  It doesn't matter if it is intentional or not.  Criminal negligence is a crime.  Promoting disease by advocating against vaccination has real life consequences, including death. With freedom comes responsibility.  You can't have one without the other.  

Jenner and Pasteur are spinning in their graves. The fruits of White genius flushed down the toilet by childish retards frightened of scary needles “jabbing” them.

In the past, parents could only dream that there would be a way to save their child who was bitten by a rabid dog, or to prevent their child from being paralyzed by polio, or disfigured or killed by smallpox, or killed by tetanus, or killed by diphtheria or measles - and now that this is possible, and that White genius has brought these gifts to humanity, hysterical retards are throwing it all away.

The real poisons are the maintenance medications, most produced in India and China, which The Great White Whales and their pudgy offspring gladly take because they can’t push away from the table and can’t admit their children are just dumb. But, hey, they're nice pills and not scary needles, so who cares?  Pills don't "jab" you.

The coming man  That’s “coming” not “cumming” - in case any men sexually harassing Pilleater were confused about that.

What you do is not debate it – just call it “shit” or “insane” or “indecent.” Then you have a “discussion” with folks who agree with you on everything and congratulate you on your willingness to “debate.”

Patriotic Black Man


Replying to
Greg is clearly letting his Spencer hatred inform his Woods hatred.  I found out about Keith from a counter currents podcast
John Wilcox
Replying to
Not wanting to debate a willing opponent is always a good look. Also, wasn’t Bowden pretty clearly a third positionist?
This is particularly relevant:
Not wanting to debate a willing opponent is always a good look.
Johnson only “debates” two types – either morons he knows he can beat or people who basically agree with him. Why folks take this specimen seriously is a mystery;  well, actually not a mystery - affirmative action, faux intellectualism and a PhD (not “credentialism” in his case, of course), a lack of competition, etc.

I don’t know who this “Keith Woods” is, but if it is someone who Johnson is running from, there must be something useful there.

Very true.

Question – does morality also play a role in “movement” politics?  If so, what can we say about a person who doles out, or withholds, criticism based upon how influential the target is in the “movement," and based upon the possible affect such criticism would have on the critic's meeting invitations and “D’Nations?”

Is such a person immoral?  On the other hand, if a person speaks truth to power, even to the extent of being labeled “insane” and indecent,” are they moral?  Just asking.

Sallis is doing well (emphasis added).
And not all benefits are physical: anger can help with negotiating, too. A major flashpoint for aggression is the discovery that someone does not value your interests highly enough. It involves inflicting costs – the threat of physical violence – and withdrawing benefits – loyalty, friendship, or money – to help them see their mistake.
Everyone has interests.  If yours are not being taken seriously, why stand for it?  Why be an extended phenotype for someone else’s interests?

Quota King Ann Coulter.  Gee…what ever happened to In Trump We Trust?  Affirmative action means never having to admit being wrong.

Mudshark Annie is still waiting for Costello to serve her and Dinesh breakfast in bed.  Nighttime activity works up a hearty appetite.

Always remember – when high-T Quota King Coulter was doing her In Trump We Trust shtick, Sallis was calling Trump a vulgar ignorant buffoon. Who was right?  Who was wrong?  When are the rank-and-file Nutzis going to stop the affirmative action program?

Those two faced sneaky liars!  Giggles…and gives the words "ditzy" and "airhead" new meaning. Seriously though, how did we degenerate from William Pierce to this? Yes, I’m critical of Pierce, but how can you compare him to Sorority Girl White nationalism?  Please explain to me again how WN 2.0 is so superior to WN 1.0. I’m not getting it.

Well, of course. Why did any of you ever take that giggling retard seriously in the first place?

Sallis answers yes.  An associate of mine attended one of those Scandinavian conferences at which Miss Giggles was a speaker.  He said all speeches were good, except hers, which was unbearable.  When the conference speeches were put online I couldn’t get through two minutes of hers.

Again, when Babushka hits the wall, none of her beta (ex)fanboys will care in the slightest what she has to say, and they’ll pretend like she never existed.

Well, gee…Brazil’s flubro approach certain is working out well, huh?

While these criticisms of “movement” “rock stars” is necessary (and amusing), there are limits to what can be achieved through purely deconstructivist tactics. So, while such critiques will continue, they’ll be a bit targeted and perhaps less frequent.

There are some projects of importance required.  First, the ongoing project, the main thrust of the Sallis Groupuscle, is the defense and promotion of the fundamental Yockeyian vision of the Western or European Imperium (always keeping in mind that is perfectly compatible with Salterian EGI).

Second, a more in depth project to create the philosophical underpinning to the Sallis Groupuscle, including a critique and rejection of the adulation of Heidegger prevalent among the “traditionalist” faction, building upon analysis of certain existentialist principles, and justifying the Sallisian worldview.