Monday, August 31, 2020

Why the "Irrational" is Necessary

Fighting back.

It is an important lesson to learn from the failure of the American Right, in their 20th century fight with the Left. They lost because they never understood the enemy. They invested all of their time conjuring an enemy they could beat with facts and reason, while the Left went about destroying the enemies they had in their path. It’s not a mistake that a new alternative can afford to make. You don’t beat a moral order with reason. You defeat it by attacking it on moral grounds, while offering an alternative moral framework.
Which is why I wrote this, years ago:
….a call to “preserve our distinctive genetic information” is unlikely to motivate most Western individuals to defend their genetic interests against the titanic forces arrayed against them. It almost certainly will not motivate the masses, who, as Michael O’Meara rightfully points out, are always induced to act by “myths” that encompass a cohesive worldview. Even rational activists can often become more motivated by these “myths” (which may of course constitute objective facts to a considerable degree) than to a pure empiricism. Thus, the “myth” of Yockeyan “High Culture” may be needed to motivate the defense of rational Salterian EGI.
I’m as big of a supporter of EGI and Salterian empiricism as you will find online, and have stated that Salter should win a Nobel Prize for his work on this subject, but I realize that it, solely by itself, is not enough.  EGI is the absolutely necessary foundation, but the actual structure that motivates action must be something that goes beyond facts and pure rationality.

Now, how do I square this with my critiques of “movement” fantasy and pseudoscience?  Two ways.  First, being “irrational” (note the scare quotes) in this context merely means having additional motivations that transcend a pure rationality that is based on unimpeachable objective facts; it does NOT mean abrogating facts and reason by peddling lies and nonsense. Instead, the facts and reason are accepted and incorporated as the foundation and then you build upon it. You do not make outrageous nonsense and proven lies as your foundation and then build a crazed structure upon that foundation of sand. My definition of “irrational” is such that it is built on a foundation of rationality, not that it rejects rationality and delves into the sweaty fantasies of demented fever dreams. Second, the dogma of the “movement” is divisive and destructive and has failed for endless decades, so it does not pass the utilitarian test of “does it work?” even above and beyond the more abstract criticisms of its mendacity, stupidity, and immaturity.

Again, a proper understanding of what I am saying here is crucial.  In essence, by "irrational" I mean certain beliefs that are not 100% absolutely objective and grounded in verifiable fact, but beliefs that incorporate certain subjective values that, while they should certainly be compatible with rationality, go beyond it. An example is as follows. Once you accept the rational, objective reality of EGI, there are a number of possible systems that could in theory actualize EGI for your people. I promote the ideal of a Yockeyian Imperium. Others support petty nationalist ethnonationalism. Others would support a form of an Anglo-conservative predominantly White "American Republic" (for the USA). We can attempt to argue objectively as to which of these is best to actualize EGI, but, of course, a purely objective and empirical controlled experiment is not possible. This is about ideology, vision, aesthetics, faith, and belief in principles that cannot be empirically quantified. Thus, the motivating vision for the future obviously has certain "irrational" aspects that cannot be "proven" in the same manner one can prove genetic differences and hence the adaptive value of preserving those differences.  

Ideology is not a mathematical proof; the former lacks the empirical rigor of the latter. But, regardless of how elegant a mathematical proof may be, it will not motivate people to self-sacrifice; it is not a rallying cry for battle.  Therefore, the "irrational" is necessary.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Odds and Ends, 8/30/20

 In der news.

Saint Adolf – not a disaster?

Ashkenazi Jews are White…any comments, Kevin Strom?  Greg Johnson?  Kevin MacDonald?

Anti-NS, anti-fascism...sigh  There is very little overlap between HBD race realism and White nationalism.

Taylor is of course entitled to his opinions, although others are free to disagree with those opinions. What is perhaps more problematical is how people who are more radical than I as regards the “JQ” and national socialism stay silent regards those opinions.  Read this.  Why is Strom silent?  Is it the “no enemies on the right” portion of The New Orleans Protocol?  Mere political expediency?

Another point is that Taylor has been “burned” time and again by the unethical “press” yet continues to give interviews. Interestingly, Johnson’s complaints about “movement leaders” being “in bed with the press” mysteriously doesn’t seem to apply in this case.

Finally, it’s interesting that in the video Taylor claims he doesn’t know what the term “Alt Right” really means; however, he seemingly was more certain about it four years ago.

All these fellows distancing themselves from the failed Alt Right today were firmly on the Alt Right train in 2016. Sallis, on the other hand, was steadfastly against the Alt Right at that time; third party observers can discern who was right and who was wrong.

DC - do you mean your “sincere man of genuine greatness” Antifa Don Trump?

Well, well.  How’s that sincerity and genuine greatness doing?  All the apologists for Trump repeatedly assert that Antifa Don couldn’t get anything accomplished because of all the “obstacles” put in his path.  This ignores two points:

1. Trump refuses to do things that are easily accomplishable, with little or no obstacles, and well within his role of as head of federal law enforcement.  

2. Trump instead has allowed his DOJ to persecute his own supporters, while expending his political capital on catering to Blacks and Jews.

Several weeks ago, I was talking with someone on the Right who made the cogent point - "Donald Trump has no ideological core; he really doesn't care about ideas and their consequences."  That's correct, and you were reading here four years ago how Antifa Don was and is an utter fraud.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Boycott Sports – White Fan Strike

The sportsball test, and other news.

In the past, one could pretend that organized spectator sports were merely a mildly anti-White “bread and circuses” distraction, “sportsball” used to placate Joe Sixpack while America slowly is flushed down the toilet.

But now the mask is off; “sportsball” is revealed as another part of the Far Left faction of the System, closely allied with BLM and Antifa, and inhabiting the most fetid fever swamps of anti-White hysteria.

We’ve passed through the “kneeling” phase and now we have entered a more egregious “fuck you” middle finger to the predominantly White fan base – player “boycotts” and “strikes” and “walk-offs” in solidarity with Marxist terrorists, Negro criminals, anti-White extremists, rioters and thugs, etc.  Pampered and wealthy athletes, whose inflated salaries are paid, ultimately, by the fans who they despise, are being “courageous” by expressing their hatred of the White Americans who literally put money in their pockets.

Now, if those White Americans were themselves to boycott and strike, walk away from sports, then that whole rotten edifice would collapse. Well, of course, a significant portion of the White population are rabid leftists who support the players’ tantrums, but a sizeable portion of the fan base are composed of more normal, rightist-oriented Whites who are by now no doubt tiring of this nonsense.

If those people were to boycott sports, well, that may not cause the collapse that would occur if all Whites boycotted, but it would still sting, still make an enormous impact on the fiscal bottom line, really inflict financial hurt on organized sports and would be a clear signal that White America is not completely ready to roll over to these scum.

But – ah! – would they do it?  Consider what I am asking of these fans.  Am I asking them to boycott, say, medications or food or exercise equipment, etc. that could be construed as being essential for health? No. Am I asking them to strike from their employment, boycott transportation, or otherwise interfere with their ability to make a buck? No. I am simply urging them to refrain from supporting a form of entertainment (and thus save money, by the way) that consists of grown men and “men” playing with balls and sticks and hoops and nets and poles and pucks and grassy fields.  And consider that there has never been a time when walking away from sports would be easier – with the covid-19 disruption and all that means for the disconnect between the games and the fans.  If it can’t be done now, when could it be done?

Think of this as a test – the sportsball test.  If Whites, at least rightist Whites, can’t even be motivated to refrain from watching Negro behemoths collide with each other on a football field, or watch elongated neo-Watutsis dunk a ball into a net, or watch some Hispanic mulatto hit a little white ball with a wooden stick – if they can’t even do that, how can you trust them to make any real sacrifices to fight for race and nation?  If they can’t even shut off the ball game, or refrain from buying a sports jersey with a Negro athlete’s name on it, how do you think they will become “a fighter for their people?”

Do I believe that Whites will pass this test?  No. This race of feckless losers will instead continue to flock to sports and once The China Plague is over, will swarm like lemmings to the stadiums and arenas to watch their Colored Gods run, jump, dunk, throw, hit, and tackle.  Pathetic.

See this – evidence of the efficacy of HCQ against covid-19. Apparently, Antifa Don Trump was right, and all his further-to-the-left critics were wrong (so much for Spencer’s stupidity about liberal competence).  

Saint Adolf the disaster.

Rand Paul’s libertarianism takes a hit when he is put in a position in which he needs and wants big government to intervene on his behalf. In any case, we are reaching the point in this country that even sitting senators are being threatened. That doesn’t discredit by call for electoral politics – note that Paul has received more protection than the ordinary person and that he has a forum to speak out on the issue. Of course, a candidate is not at the level as an elected official, but still, you need to take what you can get.

America is falling apart even faster than I could have imagined.  I suppose I was right (again) when I said that Trump’s election would stimulate chaos and balkanization; unfortunately most of that has been one-sided. The majestic world-historical failure of Der Movement to take advantage of the situation is a tragedy of the first order. What despicable and destructive useless incompetents the Quota Queens are.  What a waste of unprecedented opportunities.

See this. I support Dr. MacDonald on this issue. I’m familiar with ResearchGate and it is despicable that they are censoring material.  If I object to some type of work, my response is to analyze it and make my arguments, not censor it. But then, I’m a Westerner and many who censor science are either non-Westerners or are in thrall to such.

ResearchGate should restore access to that material, immediately. 

Friday, August 28, 2020

Another WN 1.0 vs. WN 2.0 Comparison (USA)

Food for thought.

The peak of WN 1.0 – From the election of George Bush Sr. to the re-election of George Bush Jr (1988-2004):

Leaders: William Pierce, Kevin Strom, Jared Taylor, David Duke, Willis Carto, Harold Covington

Books: On Genetic Interests, MacDonald’s Jewish Trilogy

Activism: National Alliance at its peak before the death of Pierce, in the 1990s having regular local unit meetings and annual National Office leadership conferences; Resistance Records thriving; European American Issues Forum and Euro-American Student Union; David Duke with a reasonably successful mainstream political career; Legion Europa and other groupuscules forming

Music: Rahowa, Dresden, Bound for Glory

Amren: Conferences at DC-area hotels, Taylor on C-SPAN

The peak of WN 2.0 – From the first election of Obama to the present (2008-present; the period 2004-2008 was an interregnum in which the 1.0 to 2.0 transition occurred):

Leaders: Greg Johnson, Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, Mike Enoch, Parrot and Heimbach

Books:  The Homo and the Negro, My Nationalist Pony

Activism: Beavis-and-Butthead White nationalism (the rise and fall of the Alt Right); Silk Road White nationalism; the HBD-Nordicist-Ethnonationalist alliance; Hailgate; Unite the Right; drunken podcasts, Hermansson and Lewis; the Pilleater Chronicles; chugging gallons of milk while screaming “Kek!;” Pepe and MAGA; the Trump fiasco

Music: Taylor Swift’s “implicitly white” paens to lesbianism and her disgust with Red State America

Amren: Conferences in the backwoods of TN; Taylor a pariah from the mass media


I am not saying that WN 1.0 was good; in fact, it was distinctly bad. However, as bad as it was, it was still an order of magnitude superior to the tragicomic mess of WN 2.0.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Prescient Ted, August 2020

 And other news. Emphasis added.

Laugh at this.

"I plan to vote for Biden and a straight democratic ticket," Spencer tweeted on Sunday. "It's not based on 'accelerationism' or anything like that; the liberals are clearly more competent people."

Well, folks, if you are tired of the buffoonery of your “movement leaders” then you have no one to blame but yourselves and the affirmative action policy you enable.

Let’s not forget my predictions for 2020:

Expect a 2020 full of defeat, despair, humiliation, despondency, scandals, bizarre episodes, and embarrassment on the Far Right, particularly in America. Expect more Quota Queen affirmative action ineptness, tragicomic episodes of poor judgment


See here for more predictions.

Given the upcoming election, we can expect more embarrassing endorsements, obsessions, and disavowals from the candidates

Big check.  Spot on, eh?

Spencer disavowing the Far Right in 2020 – 50:50 chance.  

Not there yet…but we’re getting close.

Johnson will….pretend he never wrote that “Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what.”


After the Greta Thunberg and Hubert Humphrey comedies, who will be the next “Nordish” leftist to be praised by the likes of Counter-Currents (‘we need more people like them”) or Durocher (“a great benefit to all humanity”)?  John Lindsay?  George McGovern?  Bill Clinton?  

It was Bill Clinton, so…another big check.

I expect that Counter-Currents will continue its sad decline with respect to content – we’ll be seeing more of the likes of Jeelvy in the year to come.

Full Moon Ancestry…check.

And Spencer’s comment (assuming it was not meant to be ironic, and I do not believe that it was) is absurd and non-factual on its face.  How are liberals clearly more competent?  About what?  Censoring the Right?  Dispossessing Whites?  Certainly not about covid-19.  Biden and all the rest were against travel bans – “xenophobic” and “racist” don’t you know.  During the winter, the Left was clearly more delusional, and more wrong, about the danger of covid-19 than the Right.  Indeed, their incompetence and PC hysteria very likely contributed to the heavy NYC outbreak. Of course, later on, when the whole lockdown/mask issue became political, the axis of stupidity shifted somewhat, but it is obvious that the Left has been at least as bad as the Right on this – just look how they excused and enabled covid-19 spreading through their BLM riots.  What else?  Economics? Semi-retarded barista AOC harmed the NYC economy by scuttling the Amazon deal.  Competent?   What else?

Spencer is just being a contrarian idiot, or he’s drifting away from the Right, pleasing his girlfriend, or whatever.  I have nothing against the man personally, but his implosion has been a tragedy – removing the only existing counter-balance to the Johnson faction. 

Speaking of which, we have the latest comic episode. It seems that Johnson's tweet criticizing Stonetoss for this cartoon has been deleted - see this. Johnson objected to the implication that homosexuals are derived from, and themselves practice, sexual predation. Unfortunately, not knowing the tweet would be deleted, I do not have the text saved, and I am going from memory. But I believe I have the main thesis of Johnson's argument correct.

But then, remember this:

Every sex life begins with fumbling if not violence & trauma.

And this exchange on that thread:



Apr 30

Replying to 


That sounds more like the homosexual experience. My sexual life didn’t start with trauma or violence



Apr 30

Fumbling then

A sincere man of genuine greatness!  The sincerity and greatness are so very genuine indeed.

Trump congratulated the five recipients of citizenship: ‘You are now fellow citizens of the greatest nation on the face of God’s Earth.’

‘You followed the rules, you obeyed the laws, you learned your history, embraced our values and proved yourselves to be men and women of the highest integrity. It’s not so easy. You went through a lot,’ Trump said of the legal process to become an American citizen.

The five countries represented at the ceremony were Bolivia, India, Sudan, Lebanon and Ghana.

What little the radical ultra-leftist Antifa Don Trump has done in his Presidency was to benefit everyone except those who actually voted for him.

The last chance for White America!  MAGA!

It was a study in contrasts. While Kenosha, Wisconsin, burned, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed the Republican National Convention from Israel. Black Lives Matter rioters smashed windows, looted, and set fires while the Republican National Convention began with a prayer for a black criminal. In Portland, antifa brawled with police. At the RNC, Rand Paul bragged about criminal justice reform. In 2016, Americans voted for a wall and an end to mass immigration. In 2020, President Trump hosted a naturalization ceremony right during the convention… Republicans use identity politics just like Democrats. And just like Democrats, they leave out whites.

Unfortunately, it seems that I’ll likely have to vote for this despicable piece of filth again (unless his pandering gets out of hand).  The calculation is as follows:

1. Antifa Don Trump is a far-left extremist, but he’s lazy and still to the right of the Democrats

2. Thus, a Trump Presidency will still be, in relative terms, “breathing room” – another four years for Der Movement to do the right things to prepare for the future.  I of course doubt that the inept Quota Queens will do so, but we need to kick the can down the road to 2024, because of the 0.0000000000001% chance that the Quota Queens will actually do what they should do.

3. The Democrats are not only further to the left than is Donald “I spit in the faces of my base” Trump, but they are infinitely more energetic than that lazy fat slob. Der Movement – and Whites in general – are simply not prepared for what is to come given if the Left takes full power in 2020, instead of 2024.

See this. Yes, but Loomer would be barred from Twitter regardless if she is a candidate. Being a candidate gives her opportunities to spread her message – such as it is – above and beyond the tech censorship that she is subjected to.  Further, if she is elected, she would be in a position to speak out on issues, including tech censorship, to an even greater extent.

Hood says we need to build a movement.  Well, Hood, what’s been going on for, say, the last 50-60 years?  Why should we listen to any of you guys?  You fail time and again, waste millions of dollars of “D’Nations," giving us this in return, and you mindlessly pontificate about what Whites should, in theory, be doing.  Hey, YOU are part of Amren, one of the main pillars of your “movement” (Since it already exists, then why does it need to be built?  Do you admit it is a useless failure?  Or do you mean you want to make the failure bigger?  Build more failure upon failure – a towering edifice of embarrassing ineptness?). Why don’t YOU and your fellows there actually DO something to build the movement of which you speak? If you guys want to be “leaders” and ask for “D’Nations” – then how about actually DOING something?

Carl Sandburg:

…a streak of lavender, and spots soft as May violets…

He was talking about Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed there, not attendees of Philadelphia-area Alt Right meetings.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Leftist Chutzpah, re: Portland


Behold the Left:

Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.

That’s The Huffington Post.  Improve experience by suspending commenting.  Gee, I guess they’re losing the debate, so…

Sort of like Greg Johnson “banning” people and refusing to debate them.

Anyway, what the Left is whining about this time - and what they don't want comments about because those comments would expose leftist hypocrisy - is that, according to the Left, the "Proud Boys" and other rightist groups are being allowed to "be violent with impunity" in Portland; the police are standing back and doing nothing.

Now, the chutzpah there is incredible.  For weeks, the Left has been running wild in America with near-impunity, particularly in Portland and Seattle - rioting, vandalism, attempted murder, assault and battery, lasers shined in eyes, anti-White racial harassment, wielding weapons, repeated race-based violations of federal fair housing laws to try and force Whites out of "gentrified" previously-Black neighborhoods, attacks against police, hate crimes against Whites, blocking traffic, and open treasonous insurrection against the US government with their violence-ridden "autonomous zone."  All of that with near impunity.  For the last four years of the administration of Antifa Don Trump, there has been anarcho-tyranny - the radical Left has been allowed to run wild with impunity, and when rightists, including Antifa Don's own deluded supporters, fight back, it are they, and they alone, who are arrested, prosecuted, and persecuted.  But, now, briefly, in Portland, we have a single moment of pure anarchy instead of anarcho-tyranny - BOTH sides are being allowed, more or less, to do what they want.  Very well.  And the outcome is such as that anyone could predict - in a fair and open battle, without anarcho-tyranny intervention, the Right comes out on top.  This proves, once and for all, that Antifa is, and always has been, part of the System, a branch of local, state, and federal government, street fighters for global capitalism, etc. They have achieved everything because they are protected by the System that they are a part of.  But, given a specific situation (Portland police losing their patience because they have been abandoned by the same System they and Antifa both serve) in which official protection is briefly withdrawn from the Left, and we see that they start whining in The Huffington Post how they are being "victimized" and "not protected by the police"- the same police they want to defund (as there is competition between the two branches of the System - why have both doing the same job?).

The lesson here is what people on the Right have been saying all along - the real problem is anarcho-tyranny, not anarchy.  If there was anarchy, then the Right could fill in the niche space left by the absence of state authority and institute their own law and order; however, the current System of anarcho-tyranny is an alliance between the System and the Left - however an alliance that is sometimes unstable when factions of the System see their own interests threatened by the leftist violence they encourage.

The carnivore diet.

I often mock Der Movement as a modern form of Ostara. And, as always, the other shoe drops.  The only thing worse than a Type I is a homosexual Type I.  Puts new meaning in the term “fetishist” eh?

A Western about moralpathy.

Gore Vidal in Julian (sort of paraphrasing Machiavelli):

One curious aspect of human society is that preventive measures are seldom taken to avert disaster, even web the exact nature of the approaching calamity is perfectly plain.

One can consider all sorts of easily foreseen "movement" disasters with respect to that quote.

An observation - True enough, the USSR was repressive throughout its entire existence, but there is this interesting dichotomy: It was when the USSR was led by non-Slavs (Jews, Georgians, mongrels like Lenin, etc.) that there was the mass murder of millions of Russian and Ukrainian Slavs, but after the Slavs took the reigns of power after the death of Stalin, the mass murder stopped (although of course repression remained). I suppose that this dichotomy is purely a coincidence - right? 

Monday, August 24, 2020

A New Constitutional Amendment

And other news.

In response to the Negro lunacy described here - an “anti-racism” constitutional amendment that would require a radical interpretation of the First Amendment, making that leading article of the Bill of Rights meaningless - I propose my own constitutional amendment.

This new constitutional amendment would have two parts.  First, it would make my proposal of the Political Opinion Protection Act (POPA) part of the US Constitution. Hence (clause one):

Political and social opinions, beliefs, and ideologies, and the adherence and promotion thereof, now define a protected class of individuals, against whom business and institutions, private or public, cannot discriminate in employment or in the provision of services.  The only exception is where the opinions, beliefs, and ideologies are directly and overtly incompatible with the core mission of the business or institution.

That can be worded better by constitutional lawyers so as to optimally clarify the "core mission" exception and to be optimally compatible with clause two (below). Clause one would extend the First Amendment from the purely governmental public sphere to the private sphere, essentially moving in the opposite direction of the aforementioned Negro lunacy.  If you read the initial POPA post, linked to above, you will see a careful definition of what is, and what is not, a "core mission." The balance between free speech and free association needs to be carefully maintained.

To further move in this opposite of the Negro lunacy, and to clarify issues relating POPA to freedom of association, the second part (clause two) of the new constitutional amendment would focus on extending freedom of association, just as the first part extends freedom of speech.

Thus (clause two):

No law shall be enforced that restricts freedom of association in any way whatsoever, with the exception that freedom of association will not be construed to violate the free speech rights as defined in clause one, with the "core mission" exceptions of clause one, which are consistent with clause two, clearly defined.

Again, it can be better worded; I am here merely expressing the underlying objective. Thus, the two clauses need to be carefully defined so that there is absolute freedom of speech except where that interferes with a narrowly defined area of freedom of association, and that there is absolute freedom of association except where such violates free speech, the proviso being that there are narrow exceptions where freedom of association trumps free speech.

In this sense, freedom of association is at a higher level than free speech, but only in narrowly defined circumstances where the freedom of association is an inherent property ("core mission") of the entity that asserts the primacy of free association.  Again, this all needs to be formulated in such a way that the Left does not use each clause to violate the other.  The two clauses need to be complimentary, not antagonistic.

The main objective is broaden and extend freedom, striking a balance between expanded freedom of speech and expanded freedom of association, and negotiating the boundaries where the two expanded freedoms may come into conflict. In a so-called “democracy," freedom should be protected and, when in doubt, expanded. Totalitarian thought control is incompatible with the West, which is why it is so popular among those whose backgrounds are outside of our civilization.

It needs to be said as well that the action of Jack Dorsey in supporting the Negro lunacy is a perfect example of “woke capital” and its corrosive power in modern society.  In my opinion, according to my standards, Dorsey is a monster.

Other news:

Re-read this. Let’s consider the relatively recent (past 25 years or so) history of Jews in Der Movement:

  • Promoting a multiracial “White separatist state” that not only includes Jews, but also “Asians and others” – essentially all groups except for Blacks. The Jewish individual who promoted this now says we should not have any sort of “White state” - we must now also include “conservative Blacks.”
  • The “racial status quo” of around 15 years ago was the best we can have and we should support the racial status quo of a multiracial society, including affirmative action and other anti-White policies.
  • Racial preservationism for its own sake is insane. We can only preserve groups based on a hierarchy of traits.
  • We should support HBD instead of kinship-based racialism, concentrated on “high IQ” that privileges Jews and Asians.
  • Mass alien immigration, particularly Hispanic immigration, is not a problem; indeed, we should welcome Hispanic immigration.
  • Northeast Asians are genetically more similar to Europeans than to Southeast Asians - an absurd falsehood already disproven by population genetics at the time it was written.
  • I also suspect that the person who told Derbyshire that Amren conference attendees are “latrine flies” was also a Jew (likely one of the above), although unfortunately I have no evidence to support that hypothesis.
  • And now we have the "Furlong" mendacity discussed here recently.

Jews have an instinctive tropism toward always supporting diversity and multiracialism, even within the scope of Far Right activism.  Jews have an instinctive aversion to homogeneous White societies; while for us a White ethnostate is a dream, for Jews it is a nightmare.  The reason is obvious – Jews are a different people with different interests, compared to European-derived Whites. Jews have a “racial memory” of “persecution” in all-White societies and they will never be comfortable in such societies and they will always attempt to subvert White homogeneity. Should such a people, with a millennia-long history of nation-wrecking, be given free access to the “movement?”

I essentially agree with this analysis, a mostly astute “take-down” of Johnson’s moronic petty nationalism; however, if the author of this piece is the same idiot shilling for “civic nationalism” and “high IQ immigration” on Twitter, then he’s just as bad as Johnson is.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sallis Right Once Again, 8/23/20

Exhibit #1000 in the series.  Sallis' Law strikes again.  Emphasis added.

Yesterday I wrote about the despicable semitic cunt “E. Furlong”-

To me, the problem is not that she’s half-Jewish, it is that she is dishonest and is slyly trying to appeal to sweaty fetishism to guarantee her own acceptance.  Southern Europeans are not here to be exploited by Jews in order to demand acceptance as Jews. Southern Europeans are not a “racial yardstick” for NEC White-wanna-bes to compare themselves to.

And here we go, today:

E. Furlongsays:

August 22, 2020 at 12:49 pm

Your arguments are fair, however, since there is far from any consensus amongst white people as to who would be considered white, with some going as far as to exclude Mediterraneans entirely, I find it hard to accept your perspective on the matter as gospel truth. Ask ten people, you will get ten different opinions. I hardly will put that of a stranger on the internet above all others...

Gee…that was quick, wasn’t it?

She behaves exactly like any mendacious gaslighting Jew.  Blood tells, doesn't it?

Go to Israel, alien.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

An Interesting Coincidence

A fascinating convergence of articles. In all cases, emphasis added.

See this. Certainly an interesting article for TOO, eh?

I can see some credit in the main thesis of her argument that we should not automatically reject people because they have some Jewish ancestry (obviously part-Jews would be more acceptable than full).  However, ironically enough, this person’s distasteful (Nutzis want to to have sex with her – You might be surprised at the number of blatant “Nazis” I have dated or who have hit on me) and dishonest (see below) arguments disqualify her as being among those part-Jews we should accept.  She damns herself with her own, essentially very Jewish, behavior.  I reject her not because she is half-Jewish but because she is essentially vulgar and fundamentally dishonest (of course, if you believe those traits are at least in part genetically determined, then I am rejecting her for her ancestry).

Here’s an example of what I would consider (unless there is proof otherwise and then we should then see it) dishonesty: mother’s ancestors, whose lineage can be traced largely to converts from Ancient Rome…

Let me translate that from “movement speak” to English for you:

See! I’m really half-Italian!  And if some of you guys (although she’s really on the wrong website for this argument) accept greasy wops, then you must accept me!  

In reality, this dishonest Jewess (to eliminate redundancy – “this Jewess”) can have no idea whether her specific maternal ancestry is really derived from “converts from Ancient Rome.”  How can she know what her ancestors were doing in Ancient Rome?  That's ~ 2000 years ago!  I know Jews are self-obsessed, but do they really have genealogical records going back twenty centuries?  Sort of hard to believe, isn't it?  How can they know whether they were descended from the Middle Eastern Diaspora or from “converts?”

If her argument instead is that ALL Ashkenazim are such “converts,” that’s a lie.  Genetic studies show that Ashkenazi Jews are a mix of Middle Eastern, Southern European (e.g., Italian), and Eastern European (e.g., Russian, Polish), perhaps with a bit of Germanic ancestry sprinkled in.  If the Jews were an even mix of Middle Eastern and Southern European then they would be found ~ midway between those two groups in West Eurasian PCA, and indeed some fraction of Jews are found there.  But, given that groups like Russians and Poles are at the other end of European PCA compared to, say, Italians, the Eastern European ancestry found in many Ashkenazim cause them to be “pulled” in the direction of (North)Eastern Europe in PCA, so that some of them overlap into the Southern European area.  But this does NOT mean that the Jews and the Southern Europeans are identical. It merely means that they share some ancestry and that other components of Ashkenazi ancestry cause them to be “northerly” shifted in PCA compared to what they would be had they lacked the Eastern European ancestry (hence, Sephardic Jews who tend to lack the Eastern European component are more “southerly” sifted compared to Ashkenazim). Of course, we are talking averages.  Ashkenazi Jews more Middle Eastern in ancestry will be more southerly shifted, those more Eastern European more northerly shifted.  Some Jews may be mostly Southern European in heritage and those will overlap with Southern Europe for that reason.  But on average, the above explanation holds.

And we must consider that Jews, particularly Ashkenazi Jews, are more than just the sum of their ancestral components. They are also a product of their peculiar history, including the centuries of selection within Europe for ethnocentrism, verbal intelligence, etc., as well as a cultural and historical tradition ("Magian") completely separate from that of the West, that sets them as a people apart.  You can take gentiles who are mixtures of, say, Syrians, Italians, and Russians, and those hybrids would not have high levels of Tay Sachs Disease and other of the myriad of Ashkenazi Jewish genetic diseases, nor would they have the particular Jewish cognitive profile, nor the stereotypical Jewish physical appearance, nor the unique Jewish genetic signature.  Again, just because a Jew is in position “X” in a PCA plot doesn’t mean that they are at all similar to gentiles who may be relatively close to such a position, which is determined by clines of gene frequencies along two principal component axes.

Unless this Jewess has genetic evidence that she is half-Italian, using the typical testing protocols that can distinguish European and Ashkenazi genetics, then there is no way for her to know that, specifically, her own Jewish lineage is from “Roman converts.” Given the nation-hopping of Jews, how can any Jew really know for certain their specific antecedents from 2,000 years ago?

Unless there is information available that absolutely confirms her narrative, then it is typical gaslighting Jewish dishonesty, and a good reason why she herself should be rejected, even if other half-Jews, who are more honest and honorable, are accepted.

I care not about her “button nose” and her self-satisfied narcissistic tales of being “hit on” by Nutzis. To me, the problem is not that she’s half-Jewish, it is that she is dishonest and is slyly trying to appeal to sweaty fetishism to guarantee her own acceptance.  Southern Europeans are not here to be exploited by Jews in order to demand acceptance as Jews. Southern Europeans are not a “racial yardstick" for NEC White-wanna-bes to compare themselves to. As genetic assays can distinguish Jews and part-Jews from ANY and ALL Europeans, then, unless you have evidence of not having Jewish genetic ancestry, then you had better make your pitch for acceptance based on being a part-Jew, not a part-“Roman.”

Another point – virtually every single self-identified open Jew or part-Jew associated with the “movement” inevitably proves to be a mendacious troublemaker.  With such a history, are the rest of us being unreasonable in being suspicious when these “fellow huWhites” want “in?”  I’m trying to think of one single person in Der Movement who (1) openly identifies as Jewish or part-Jewish; and (2) doesn’t peddle in lies, misinformation, gaslighting, destructive memes, etc.  I cannot think of one single example – and that’s after 25 years of being involved in activism.

But now, compare that Jewish TOO essay to the following that popped at Amren up at virtually exactly the same time; thus, note this.

RW: While most if not all within the “alt-right” or more relevantly, the “Dissident Right” are against miscegenation, it seems like some of them won’t settle for anything less than a 100 percent white ethnostate. They say things like, “If we allow even one good, decent black person in, it will be the slippery slope that will lead us right back to the same problems.” So, they are hostile to even one black or mixed person being either within or allied to the Dissident movement. Do whites need to be 100 percent exclusionary towards non-whites and mixed-race people or families to bring back the much-needed positive white identity to take back the country and stop the Great Replacement?

NS: No, I think that they are just extremely paranoid. If you truly fix the problem and come up with a competent system that adequately judges peoples’ character, then you will not have that problem. It’s an overreaction to what is happening now. You don’t have to exclude all non-whites and ban all mixed-race families to control the numbers and keep the white population the majority and dominant. It is irrational.

I’m definitely not saying that most blacks are like me, I know that they aren’t, but there definitely are a few, and I don’t see why the few who don’t hate whites, who don’t hate America, need to be cast out with all the rest who deserve it. Jesse Lee Peterson, for example, is not going to undermine and subvert the white ethnostate from within if he were allowed. The amount of blacks like me and Jesse is probably under 5 percent.

There we go.  An article at Amren saying we should accept “conservative” Negroes.  Well, why not?  Isn’t that the current position of the great and good Professor Hart? More to the point, if we accept nice mixed White-Black marriages like this, then certainly we must also accept nice White-Yellow marriages like that of Johnny and “Rosie.” After all, as we well know, the real problem is with the low-IQ wops, anyway. Why object to a few upstanding Negroes? You may even find a nice “red-pilled” Black to marry.  It's all good!  Interesting that The Occidental Observer and American Renaissance, two of the major HBD sites in Der Movement, publish at exactly the same time articles telling us that it is irrational to reject Jews, Negroes, mixed marriages, etc. You see, Italians, Romanians, Hungarians, etc. are all no-goodniks, but we need to look out for “Rosie and the kids.”  After all, we must remember our priorities. Miscegenation is A-OK, and if you disagree, an elderly and diseased HBDer will invite you to his home so as to punch you in the nose!

And with respect to this excerpt:

You don’t have to exclude all non-whites and ban all mixed-race families to control the numbers and keep the white population the majority and dominant. It is irrational.

Yeah, irrational.  Well, my answer here is the same as my response to “J Richards” long ago, who was saying that a 5% non-White (and since he was a rabid anti-Semite, he wasn’t talking about Jews and part-Jews but rather Negresses and “Rosies”) minority was acceptable.  Very well.  And how are you going to manage that?  How are you going to ensure that the numbers stay where you want them?  If the non-White percentage starts increasing you will do what? Deport?  Sterilize?  Kill?  If the percentage decreases below your set point, will you let more in?  And what about miscegenation?  Will you outlaw intermarriage?  If not, what about the widening numbers of individuals with ancestry derived from the non-White minority?  Will they be assimilated into the White majority, permanently adding their genes to the White genepool?  Will they agitate for more “rights” and increased numbers for their fully non-White kin?  Where do you draw the line?  How do you prevent the whole race problem from starting again?  And given “regression to the mean” (HBDers believe in that, right?) how do you know that the offspring of those intelligent and upstanding conservative Blacks will not’ start spray-painting graffiti, throwing garbage in the streets, attacking Whites, rioting, and demanding “equal rights” and “closer relations” with their “Black brothers and sisters” elsewhere?  We’ll go through all the trouble to set up the “ethnostate” just so we can retain the same race problem that destroyed the old America and forced the creation of the ethnostate to begin with.  That is what is truly irrational.

And, since my family genetic history traces back to blacks who lived in Europe, I’m sure there’s a small portion of European DNA that helps me see things the way I do as well.

It sure hasn’t helped your intelligence much, since you completely ignore the fact that your typical “African-Americans” – including all those that this Negress says she despises – are approximately 15-20% of European ancestry (mostly Herrenvolk British) and they display all the behaviors decried in the article. So, why hasn’t that “small portion of European DNA” helped them?

In summary, it’s interesting that websites that represent factions of HBD, which consider Southern Europeans to be the lowest form of humanity possible, eagerly grasp onto half-Jews, conservative Negroes, and mixed-race couples. But, Jews are Jews (high IQ!) and there are more White-Yellow couples than White-Black, and we must never forget that HBD is nothing more or less than a political movement to elevate Jewish and Asian interests above those of Whites.  When considered thus, the juxtaposition of these two articles at major HBD websites should not be surprising.  In the HBD-Nordicist-Ethnonationalist alliance, HBD is in charge, just like Jews and Asians will be in charge of the “Arctic Alliance.” Sit down, shut up, and obey your masters, White man. Moshe Finkelstein and Wei Fuk Yu are giving you your marching orders.  Obedience and obeisance! 

Friday, August 21, 2020

Odds and Ends, 8/21/20

In der news.

A whaling story for the Counter-Currents (Pequod) crew.  A pleasant image to ponder – Frodi getting smacked in the face by a whale flipper.

See this - essentially similar to many of the points I’ve made about admixture analysis. Note how the breakdowns change dependent upon which reference populations are chosen.

Very cognitive, very elite.

Of interest, re: Roman emperor phenotypes.

Gee, the illustrious Mr. Hood seems to be implicitly endorsing my contention that electoral politics is a way of getting our message across, and that forcing the System to censor electoral candidates imposes more costs on them ("them" being the System) than simply censoring a random blogger.  Always remember that you’ve been hearing that argument on EGI Notes for a long, long time now.

But, hey, keep on listening to, and supporting, the Quota Queens, with their sterling record of impressive accomplishment!

TOO commentator on Lynn (spelling corrected):


August 19, 2020 at 1:14 pm

Wonderfully naive. Sending review copies to ‘the quality press’. No mention of wars as possible contributors to dysgenics. No mention of possible parasitic human groups. Absolutely laughable gullibility.

Well, sir, you must remember that HBD is nothing more or less than a purely political movement aimed at privileging Jewish and Asian interests over those of Europeans (“Whites”).  Hence, “no mention of possible parasitic human groups.” Don't be "anti-Semitic!" As regards wars, dysgenic trends are all due to “admixture,” and “differential fertility” don’t you know!  We can’t object to wars too strongly; who knows when we’ll be called to fight another war for Jewish interests, after all.

Lynn the fraud; Lynn the treasonous philosemite and asiaphile.

Der Right, Der Right, Der Right marches on.  Non-stop grifting.

So - all those "animal rights activists" who get hysterical over a pampered lab mouse...any comments on this linked here?  Or are you going to be silent, just as you are about animal abuse in China?

See this.  I have a mixed opinion on that.  Johnson’s skepticism is right on target.  I don't see that project, and its failed "leadership" and uninspiring name and focus, getting anywhere or accomplishing anything.  Where I disagree with Johnson is in his assertion that the type of "activism" he prefers accomplishes anything.  It does not.  The "movement" is, in the internal sense, worse off than it has ever been. If it recently gotten a bit more "traction" externally, publicly, is merely due to the altered societal circumstances.  The error is assuming cause and effect - that is, "White folks are slightly - VERY slightly - more awake now than twenty years ago, so this means our strategy is working."  

Well, that is in spite of "movement" stupidity, not because of it.  The opportunities inherent in the right-wing populism of 2016 have been squandered, and The Pilleater Chronicles and Hermansson have contributed to that, not only Unite the Right.  Wasting niche space with Jeelvy, Full Moon Ancestry, and babbling about "Kali Yuga" is at fault, not only Spencer's Beavis-and-Butthead podcasts.  All of you are at fault.

Taking credit for trends you've had nothing to do with is like the rooster talking credit for his crowing making the sun rise.  Even worse - you people are impeding progress, where at least the rooster's crowing has no effect one way or the other.

I'm sick to death of the gaslighters, grifters, and retards of Der Movement.

Then we have this:
Yes, we need a legal defense fund, for one thing.
Indeed we do - I've been saying that for years.  But you are not going to get one with failed Quota Queen "leadership" and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year flushed down the toilet for things that other people accomplish for free, people who don't demand massive handouts merely for managing a damn website.

You pleasure yourselves with the young white girls of Rome and enslave them.
Hey!  I thought, from the Left, that folks back then didn’t think in terms of color and race, and I thought that, from the Fetishist Right, that “the White race is a 20th century Jewish construct.” 

By the way, Armenians were not “Roman” and the Byzantine Empire was not "the West" but that’s another issue.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Norway Case

Score another victory for Racial Proximity Theory

Please read this; an excerpt, emphasis added:

These children, along with their mothers, faced many forms of discrimination after the war. Women who married German soldiers and their children were stripped of their Norwegian citizenship, interned and deported to Germany. Many of the offspring who remained were abused, attacked and confined to mental institutions because of their parentage. Some, like Anni-Frid Lyngstad, a member of the band ABBA who is the daughter of a German father, fled Norway for Sweden with her mother to escape the rampant persecution.

How is that in any way consistent with “individualistic high trust” behavior?  Mental institutions? Really? In reality, that is reflective of EXTREME collectivist and ethnocentric behavior, something you might expect from Hasidic Jews in some Polish ghetto, but not from the wonderfully hyper-individualistic WHG-Steppe Herrenvolk. The deportation that took place - that I can understand (but it is certainly not reflective of "individualist" behavior). They - in a collectivist fashion - wanted to safeguard their genepool (but how much damage could some half-German children really do to Norway?). But - "abused, attacked and confined to mental institutions because of their parentage?" I cannot even envision the most extreme Hasid putting children into mental institutions (!) based on their parentage. That's a level of sadistic maliciousness beyond the pale of normal human decency.  "Inner Hajnal," I suppose.

In contrast to HBD fantasies, my Racial Proximity Theory explains this behavior. Thus, the ethnocentrism of the northern-isolated-evolved Norwegians is primarily aimed against neighboring, closely-related, European groups like Germans. More distant, racially alien groups, not the targets of evolved negative reactions, would be viewed more benignly.  Thus, German-Norwegian hybrid children are viciously persecuted in a shocking manner, while, say, Nigerian-Norwegian hybrid children would be worshipped and met with warm smiles and tears of unbridled joy.

Obviously, in the modern globalist age of mass migration, such reactions are highly maladaptive.  Are those the types of folks you want as leaders of the White Resistance?

Think again, ye rank-and-file.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Being Robust

Anti-fragile strategy and tactics.

Pro-White racial activism in America is in a bad place right now, and it is only getting to get worse. Decades of tragicomic incompetence by a failed affirmative action “leadership,” horrifically bad judgment, error after error, culminating in the Alt Right fiasco and the wasted four years of the Trump interregnum, has led to the current sorry state. If Trump wins re-election in 2020, we’ll have more leftist attacks coupled to Trumpian inertia, as his own government allies with the Left against his own supporters.  And a Trump victory merely "kicks the can down the road" to 2024, with respect to the complete takeover of America by the unhinged Left. If, as currently seems likely, Kamala Harris is elected (Joe Biden being an irrelevant dementia-ravaged figurehead, assuming that he is not removed from the ticket by November), obviously Der Movement will be in a far worse position, starting next year. One fundamental problem is that the American “movement” is extremely fragile, and anti-robust in all aspects; the entire current mode of "movement" operation is low-hanging fruit for easy and painless disruption by the Left.

What we need to do is stress activism that is more robust – that is, more resistant to attacks by the Left/System – as opposed to more fragile forms of activism that are less robust and therefore extremely vulnerable to attack, repression, deplatforming, etc.  Please note that I am using the modifying qualifiers “more “and “less” here – I am talking in relative terms, not absolutes.  There is of course no form of activism that is absolutely robust and definitively secure, just as there are no forms of activism that are fragile in all circumstances. 

It is true that a sufficiently motivated Left/System can attempt to shut down any dissident activity, regardless of the cost. In theory, they could, for example, put all right-of-center White Americans into extermination camps, and no doubt many leftists secretly (and in some cases, not so secretly) wish to do so.  But they are (currently) unwilling to incur the costs of such an action. So, again, I am not dealing in absolutes, but I am asking - what forms of activism would require the Left/System to incur substantial costs in order to suppress that activism? What forms of activism can yield positive benefits for us yet be more difficult for the Left/System to effectively address? What forms of activism are more resistant to deplatforming and what forms are, in contrast, extremely vulnerable? 

The sort of activism the Far Right does today is extremely fragile and we constantly observe the real-life consequences of that fragility. The over-dependence on the Internet places activism at the mercy of private actors that deplatform and censor at will. Thus, online metapolitical activism - and this blog must be included in that category – is highly fragile. Another fragile form of activism is the public rally, with Unite the Right being a perfect example.  Such rallies are optimal targets for anarcho-tyranny – they are attacked by leftist thugs working hand-in-glove with the authorities; if rightists defend themselves it is they, and not their attackers, who are arrested and prosecuted. Public speaking engagements by rightist pundits and metapolitical activists are similarly vulnerable to the tactics of anarcho-tyranny. If all of these things occur during the Trump administration, one can only imagine what liberal Democrat tyranny will bring.

Younger readers will no doubt consider me to be a hopeless Luddite reactionary when I now claim that there should be an important role for physical, analog, publishing.  Now, yes, we can continue to argue that the Internet, website hosts, social media, all of it, is and should be regulated as a public service, a public utility, and not be left to the discretion of private actors. Nevertheless, it is currently a private domain and there are powerful actors who wish to keep it so. Deplatforming and digital censorship are now easy, a decision made by private actors, as simple as pushing a button, and the victims are left with little to no recourse for remediation. The over-reliance on digital activism has made the Internet - has made private control of digital goods - a chokepoint, a bottleneck, a strategic target to be used by the Left/System to silence the Right.  Of course, we should and must continue to fight for our right to access what is in reality a public utility - the Internet as a collective social good, a public resource.  But we need to be prepared against the day in which digital access is denied.  

When various “movement” publications ceased paper publication and went online only, I was not pleased. Again, as a reactionary in these matters, I prefer physical reading material.  But, also, personal preference aside, the over-reliance on the Internet set off alarm bells. Yes, I understand the strong economic rationale for going online and dispensing with physical publishing. Most people these days get their news and information online. Physical publishing and mailing is expensive, and also consumptive of time and physical resources.  One cannot blame activists for bowing to financial pressures and fiscal realities.  Very well.

But we are faced with a situation in which we may have no other choice but to revive paper publishing.  It would be prudent to at least prepare for that possibility, to get everything in order so as to move as seamlessly as possible back to physical analog publishing if that should prove to be necessary.  In America, the products of that publishing would then need to be sent via "snail mail" to readers via the US Postal Service.

Now, some would argue that use of “snail mail” can be targeted for repression as well.  True enough. Virtually anything can. But, can we deny that it is much easier to deplatform dissidents from privately owned digital entities than it is to deny dissidents postal services that are “explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution” through the federal government’s United States Postal Service (*)? I understand that the Postal Clause allows for certain materials to be considered “non-mailable,” but to leverage that against political content as opposed to physical content (certainly, it would be reasonable if the Post Office considered a cow or a mobile home to be “non-mailable”) would constitute a level of government intrusion that under current legal conditions would violate the First Amendment (remember again, this is the government, not a private entity, that would be acting).

Again, the point is to make things as difficult and costly for the Left/System as possible, to force them into error and into public relations disasters, to expose their totalitarianism, and thus to undermine the confidence of White Americans in the legitimacy of the System. Censoring the Internet by leveraging private entities and “woke capital” is low hanging fruit for the System.  Violating the constitutionally mandated obligation for mail delivery is much higher hanging fruit, and would involve subversion of federal functions and create significant opportunities for legal action. Under current interpretations of the First Amendment, interfering with mail delivery for political reasons would be constitutionally prohibited.  On the other hand, private digital entities are, as we are constantly told, not bound by those restrictions, and can censor who they wish with impunity.

Der Movement had therefore better consider the contingency plan of going back to the “stone age” of physical publishing and “snail mail” delivery of content.

Then we have another relatively very robust approach to activism – electoral politics. The point of electoral political activism for the "movement" is to be a vehicle for promoting metapolitics, to spread pro-White ideas, to expose the Left/System, to organize, to build infrastructure, and to make connections, etc. Certainly, if a candidate wins, so much the better; it a candidate achieves office and can leverage their position for “movement” benefit that would be excellent.  But that would be “icing on the cake” – the cake itself would be the benefits accrued by using electoral campaigns as a substitute for other communication methods from which we may be barred.

Read this.

…let me stress that political campaigns constitute (at least for now) the most censor-proof way of getting our ideas across.  One has to consider the System’s perspective, its imperative not to boil the frog (Pepe?) too fast, the need to keep up appearances for at least as long as Whites are still a majority of America’s population (and its voters).

It is one thing to deplatform a blogger or YouTuber.  It is one thing to engage in lawfare against cosplayers and their enablers in Charlottesville.  It is one thing to label powerless “movement leaders “as “national security threats.”  It is one thing to push “hate crime and speech laws” against the atomized Internet lumpenproletariat.

But it is another thing entirely to publicly engage in overt banana republic tactics to shut down political campaigns, persecute political opponents, and censor political candidates.  Yes, America is far down the road to leftist victory, yes the System is corrupt and anti-White and degenerate and illegitimate, and yes Whites usually take abuse unlimited without reacting and fighting back.  Yes, that is all true.  But, still…there are limits to all of that, even now.  There are limits to how far the System will go at this time. And I believe those limits fall just short of the System completely unmasking itself, it falls just short of overtly shutting down the political opposition.

Yes, there will be ridicule.  Yes, there will be unfair media coverage and smears.  Yes, if things are going too well, then they’ll try a media blackout and ignore us.  Yes, the System will allow their Antifa hired hands run wild with impunity.  But all these things are happening now, are happening already (under the Far-Left God Emperor), so that’s nothing new.  If the “movement” is concerned with increased official persecution, then it may be prudent to shift at least some of the activist efforts into an arena in which the System will incur real costs – very serious costs indeed – if they try to censor and directly interfere.  And that arena is the political arena – the arena that Joe and Jill Sixpack consider sacrosanct in their faded vision of what America used to be.

If the System wants to shut down White advocacy, then make it as difficult and as painful and as potentially self-destructive for them as possible.  Force them into the position in which the only way to shut down White advocacy is to engage in blatant and public banana republic third world authoritarianism, force them to either accept White advocacy in the political arena or risk unmasking themselves to White America several decades too early.

The riposte would be – but, political candidates can be persecuted.  Just look at Le Pen in France!   My response is that we have to act now, before things get to that point, leveraging the meager First Amendment protections we have left…The other argument would be – there’s no money.  That’s a lie.  If there’s enough money to support…Quota Queens with their do-nothing “activity,” then there’s enough money to help jumpstart insurgent political campaigns. So – what?  A Puerto Rican barista with hardly enough brain cells to piece together an articulate sentence can get elected to Congress, but Mighty Whitey the Heroic Activist Ubermensch cannot?  Yes, yes, I know – the “Jew System.”  But, still…we’re not even talking about getting elected here, but running a credible campaign to disseminate ideas, organize, stimulate radicalization create balkanization, and further the cause in many ways.

The above paragraphs summarize the rationale, the need, for electoral politics, and answers some of the arguments that would be made against that approach. Again, yes, the Left/System can in theory repress electoral politics. Yes, today they even try to deplatform the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Yes, in the current climate of hysterical SJW anarcho-tyranny, anything is possible. But as I wrote above, a fool-proof, objectively absolutely robust approach does not exist.  Making use of the tools at hand, with the cards we have been dealt, we must simply choose those approaches that are relatively more robust, relatively less fragile.  

We should not make things easy for the Left/System.  If they are going to repress us, make it as costly and painful for them as possible.  Make them exert as much time, energy, and effort as possible – that may divert their attention and allow some other activity to slip under their radar.  Force them to reveal themselves, force them to prove they can adapt and handle your new approach, and always push. Why leave low hanging fruit for them to pick so easily?  By analogy, force them to climb up an unsteady ladder, sweating and grunting, to reach for that high hanging fruit barely within their reach.  Put them in a position where they may fall off that ladder, they may fail in their objectives, commit a faux pas, awaken some folks, create bad publicity for themselves, cause a scandal, and be exposed as hypocrites. The mantra should be to always make things as difficult for the enemy as possible. Elbowing an Alt Right leader in the face and getting away with it – easy.  Elbowing a congressional or senatorial candidate in the face and getting away with it – more difficult. Censorship some random blogger – easy.  Censoring a legitimate political candidate – more difficult.

And, yes, no one argues that campaigns are easy or inexpensive.  But we are running out of options.  And considering who and what gets elected these days, let us not pretend that things are more difficult than they actually are in reality.

That is also why private gatherings are a more robust response than public. VDARE’s private meeting property is a much more robust tactic than depending on the Left/System to respect the right of assembly in public places. This is the inverse of the private/public argument, of the preceding paragraphs, with respect to disseminating information. With respect to lines of communication - infrastructure belonging to others - public is better than private as the public are regulated collective goods while the private assert their property rights to do as they please.  With respect to meetings, if you can conduct them on your own private property, like VDARE can now, that is best (assuming you can depend on the authorities to respect and defend your private property rights - that is of course never certain).  In this case, you assert your property rights and hope that those rights are enforced.  Of course, if you have to depend on someone else for a meeting hall, then the situation is different, and, like Amren, you may be forced into the public arena.  But, the whole point of this essay is to identify the most robust approaches, and here the VDARE approach is best.

Community building and overall infrastructure building are other robust strategies – as they are not only private endeavors but, if done intelligently and discreetly, can “fly under the radar” to a considerable extent, at least until such time as the projects would become more impervious to assault. And while 501c3 organizations do depend on System regulations, forming such groups is still a good idea, when possible, as part of infrastructure building – much better than Unite the Right rallies and such.  Another robust approach is building a legal infrastructure – getting lawyers and legal foundations as part of a team to support and defend “movement” activism.  Lawfare is leveraged against fragile activists; thus, defending against lawfare improves robustness, and using lawfare ourselves as a point of offensive attack would reinforce robustness. 

Being pan-European is robust.  Diving Europeans against each other, and alienating potential White allies, is fragility.  Reaching out to Europeans worldwide and having sound international alliances and good relations is robust; being narrowly focused inwardly and ignoring the world is fragility.

Allowing defectives into the “movement” is fragility; having standards is robust.  Real vetting is robust, asking people “are you Swedish?" for vetting is fragility.  Engaging in easily debunked conspiracy theories is fragility, engaging in sound argument based on science and facts is robust.

Another potentially robust activity – if and only if it is done correctly – is to devise propaganda meant for non-Whites, designed as if it was produced by the non-Whites themselves.  For example, propaganda for Negroes designed as if was produced by Negroes. The propaganda can be used to foment animus between different non-White groups as well as to promote chaos, balkanization, and distrust, and to delegitimize the System. Again, this is robust only to the extent that the propaganda is taken at face value. Otherwise, if its true origins are uncovered, it would be an example of extreme fragility.


*One can ponder whether this constitutional mandate can somehow be leveraged to control the “delivery” of “electronic mail” Internet content.  If someone wants to view website X, isn’t that delivery of “mail” from website X to the viewer?  Why should private entities have monopoly control over such “mail delivery?”

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Odds and Ends, 8/18/20

Of interest. 

Hmm, read this:

I’ve noticed something that seems on the surface like a paradox in New Right circles. A sizeable contingent has embraced a neo-paganism that reasserts an ancient European sensibility, perhaps romanticizing the agrarian and rural; another has expressed dedication to science or a desire for “cosmotheism,” a belief system that focuses on the evolution of a higher-order man, who will go on to conquer the stars.

That’s Type I vs. Type II, and contrary to this author, I do believe the two viewpoints are irreconcilable.  It’s the hobbit hole or Voyager, take your pick.

Laugh at this.

I am proud of my Danish ancestry…

He picked the right ancestors.  But he still prefers dem dere Eastern European women.

…but I did not come to reconquer the Danelaw.

No need. The Herrenvolk go where they damn please.

I came to have food and drinks with my friends in the Dissident Right.

While eying their girlfriends.

Friends whose ancestors may have fought my ancestors over 1000 years ago. 

How do you know those "friends" are not descended in part from the Danish invaders, you idiot?  And, I note that your "ancestors" were, like you, fond of invading other people's nations. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh?

Yet we are ethnic nationalists…

Ethnic nationalism for me but not for thee.

…white advocates…

Bang East Europe.

…and brothers united by a common goal to secure…

Our right to live in other people’s nations and screw their women.

…the existence of our people…

The folks to the north of Vienna and west of Berlin.

…and a future for white children.

Yes, those Eastern European girls need to be groomed for the Danish-American harem.

I know that ethnic sovereignty with white solidarity is a recipe for success.

"Ethnic sovereignty" for Denmark. Eastern Europeans on the other hand need to exhibit sufficient “white solidarity” to allow a Danish Roosh to sleep with their women. Ethnoimperialism!

While doing online searches for examples of White rightists confronting Antifa and holding their ground against the leftist terrorists, I found this.  Very good.  Sallis approves.

By the way, as an amusing exercise, do a search with the term “Keystone United” on both DuckDuckGo and Google and compare the top hits.  You can do the same for “Kevin Strom”…even for “EGI Notes” the results are different, with the Duck results being of course more optimal.

Memoirs of a pseudoscientific buffoon.

Counter-Currents falsehoods:

Everyone knows what it means to be an Italian-American; the Italian-American identity is celebrated across our culture. It’s much cooler and more real to white Americans than Anglo identity.

Sallis on reality:

Yes, that is why Italians are vilified by both the "movement" and by the System.  To the "movement" the wops are non-White cringing mongrel subhumans, and to the System, they are bigoted off-White stupid criminal subhumans.  Let's consider the System's treatment of Italians, using pop culture as a standard.  In TV and movies…

More reality (emphasis added):

The movie Green Book is "inspired by a true story" about an Italian American bouncer who takes a job driving a black pianist (Don Shirley) on a tour through the Deep South in 1962. But as always it doesn't stick closely to the facts. In one scene, Tony "Lip" Vallelonga punches a cop who accuses Italians of being part black:


What's this last name say?




'Hell kind of name is that?




Oh, now I get it. That's why you driving this boy around... you half a nigger yourself.

Since that sounds more like something that would be in a dumb Spike Lee or Quentin Tarantino movie, or posted online by some Afrocentrist or Nordicist troll, I decided to check if it really happened…So there's no evidence that any cop ever made that claim. It was very likely invented by the writers

Der Movement: Always, always, always, ALWAYS wrong.

Why do you listen to, and support, the liars of Der Movement?