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Odds and Ends, 9/30/20

In der news.

I'm not going to comment on the 9/29/20 Presidential debate, at least not in this post, other than to say that any Biden debate that is not drug-tested is absolutely useless. How can a drooling idiot, ravaged by dementia, even answer questions semi-coherently without assistance?

Afrowops at war. A different view.

Ultimately, the Italian military was doomed due to the ineptness of Italy’s political and military leadership, who left the armed forces with laughably antiquated equipment and led by pompous martinets.  Need I add that that failed leadership was overwhelmingly of Northern Italian background?

This is Greg Johnson’s sincere man of genuine greatness.  Meanwhile, EGI Notes has been calling Trump a Negro-loving beta race cuck for four years.  And yet Johnson and his pitifully bad judgment keeps on rolling along, while Sallis is dismissed as "crazy." Hey, “Lovecraft’s Cat,” any more questions about "movement" affirmative action?

The usual neo-Luddite hobbit hole twigs and branches Type Ism can be found in the comments section to this.  Manned space exploration – no, no, a thousand times, no!  Sitting in the forest, chewing on twigs, and measuring each other’s cephalic indices with calipers – yes, yes, a thousand times yes!  Tolkien!  Guenon!  Savitri Devi!  Evola!  The Age of Aluminum!  The Men Who Can’t Tell Time!  Rootedness!  Heidegger!  Space exploration?  We don’t need no stinkin’ space exploration!

It’s Der Movement:


September 27, 2020 at 3:04 pm

Well, Jews are ‘white.’ As ‘white’ as Italians, Spaniards, Romanians, Ukrainians, etc

Sallis' Law in action, for the upteeenth time.

Once again, Der Movement Inc. (a money-making enterprise) has nothing, absolutely nothing, to offer to so-called “White ethnics.”  It is for Northwest Europeans, and Northwest Europeans only. After all, gotta restrict dem dere “D’Nations” to “the boys.”

Is this serious, or just trolling?

Denim Wearer

...As a scotch Irish white, I too have been forced to reconcile being of inferior stock, so this candor is heartening. I thought I was only born just smart enough to grasp this, like some cruel irony. We have substantially worse markers than Jews Asians and Nordics. We are burdened by lust, substance abuse, and low matriculation rates at elite universities. I have been frustrated in just about all my aspirations, but I’ve learned not to blame other groups for my failings.

Not a typical Der Movement comment.  However, on second thought, it fits right in with HBD. We have the Jeurasian trinity there - "Jews Asians and Nordics" - in exactly the order they would be ranked in any HBD society.  Jews at the very top, a technocratic Asian elite, and Nordic serfs providing labor and providing women to Jewish and Asian males so as to produce a Jeurasian middleman caste.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Comparative Blog Values

A brief note.

Consider the content of this blog that is produced by one person, without any tin cup panhandling to the readership.  Compare to other team-produced blogs, with content from a variety of contributors, always with the hand out, taking tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars per year from the readership.

Let’s consider an equation: Net Blog Value = Gross Blog Value divided by Panhandling Income, or NBV = GBV/PI

If you consider this blog to have any positive gross value at all, then its net value is infinite, given there’s no handout requests to the audience.

Now compare to other “movement” blogs.  What is their net value?  The worst of all must be a certain immigration restrictionist site that shall go nameless, producing for the most part boringly repetitious milquetoast posts while taking in a significant portion of “movement” money.

Are you getting your money’s worth?  There’s a sucker born every minute, indeed!

Note: I am aware there are sometimes some spelling and formatting errors in my posts, which I usually find and correct within a few days of the posting. One must remember that I am an “amateur hobbyist” not a “professional activist” (i.e., a tin cup panhandler) and the time available to post is extremely limited. I’d rather get the material up and proofread more carefully later, then delay posting further.  Please be patient with the small errors and they’ll be corrected in time.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Population Genetics: Sallis Right Once Again

And other news.

Read this.  Emphasis added:

Consider genetic ancestry testing performed on an individual we will call Joe, whose eight great-grandparents were from southern Europe. The HapMap populations are used as references for testing Joe's genetic ancestry. The HapMap's European samples consist of “northern” Europeans. In regions of Joe's genome that vary between northern and southern Europe (such regions might include the lactase gene, LCT [MIM #603202]), the genetic ancestry test using the HapMap reference populations is likely to incorrectly assign the ancestry of that portion of the genome to a non-European population because that genomic region will appear to be more similar to the HapMap's Yoruba or Han samples than to its (northern) European samples…

European populations, for example, despite revealing genetic differences, have been shown (as described above) to exhibit mainly continuous spatial patterns of variation. When admixture is estimated for European individuals under the assumption of two ancestral populations, the method chooses admixture proportions that make individuals a mixture of “northern” and “southern” ancestral populations even though there is no independent evidence that two such ancestral populations ever existed

To infer ancestry, researchers rely on comparing any individual's particular genetic profile to that of reference populations. Research geneticists benefit from various publicly available databases such as the HapMap, Human Genome Diversity Panel, Perlegen Human Genome Resources, POPRES project, and Seattle SNPs projects. However, even the databases that researchers consider the most applicable reflect a woefully incomplete sampling of human genetic diversity, and this has important consequences for the accuracy of ancestry inference. One problem is that the “ancestral populations” assumed by some methods are not explicitly represented in databases—and indeed cannot be represented as such because we do not have the ability to sample ancestral populations

…The scientific claims of companies that choose not to disclose the contents of their proprietary databases cannot be assessed; therefore, the reliability of the information they provide to consumers cannot be verified.

That basically confirms the various criticisms I have made about ancestry testing and Der Movement's misrepresentations and lies about population genetics.  Thus, Sallis right once again.

See this.

Conclusion: The consistency of consumer genetic testing is high for ancestry results within companies but lower and more variable for ancestry results across companies and for specific traits. These results raise questions about the usefulness of such testing.

Of course the within company results will be consistent for identical twins – essentially the same as testing the same person twice, with the same methods and, most importantly, the same reference populations (or lack thereof). The key finding is the lack of concordance for between company testing - this clearly demonstrates that methodology, and above all else, reference populations, used, will significantly alter results.  Sallis right once again.

Guide for Der Movement on how to lie about population genetics.

Fetishism alert  Northern Italian Southern Italian.

More evidence that Der Movement has nothing to offer White ethnics.

Is this Yukio Mishima?  No, Mishima actually looked more like a White man.

I tuned in briefly to the Johnson-Kessler livestream, just in time for Johnson to start bringing guessed it...Richard Spencer. I can't fault the criticisms of Spencer, but it is essentially the pot calling the kettle black. Johnson and Spencer are like two scraggly mice fighting over the same small piece of moldy cheese.  They and their asinine Alt Right wrecked American racial nationalism and now we have the wreckers squabbling over their piece of the ruins.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

More Yockeyian Prescience

From Imperium.

This dividing of the Western Civilization between the two extra-European forces occurred as an instance of the Law of Political Plenum. European States were individually unable to wage war after 1945 because of the enormous requirements in industrial establishment and man-power. These existed only in Russia and America. Europe collectively thus became a political vacuum, because of the individual political incapacity of the States of the Western Civilization.

Thus, this is akin to the political weakness of European states in a pure ethnonationalist scenario. Even nuclear powers like the UK and France lack the population base and industrial power of larger nations. And if that is the case for them, what about, say, Estonia? Does anyone actually believe that China takes seriously nations like Belgium or Portugal? The ethnonationalists talk about “alliances” - an alliance is defined by mutual assistance against a common threat, a reciprocity of interests.  France and Latvia can make an alliance, no doubt. The purely material benefit to Latvia is obvious.  And to France?  Well, if Latvia become a vassal state, and allows its territory to become a staging area for French forces, if, politically speaking, Latvia becomes an appendage of France, then France can benefit. But then Latvia can ask: Whither sovereignty?  At least as part of some sort of racial nationalist European Union, the smaller nations together will have a say; more to the point, from the standpoint of power politics, the Union is the Union and it is not the case of “France defending Latvia” but of “the Union defending itself” – with both France and Latvia being integral components of that Union, a Union that, in its organic solidarity of its members, does not require transactional exchanges as part of so-called "national alliances."

To him who supplies protection also goes obedience. It will go either voluntarily, as the result of persuasion, or as the result of force. 

That applies to the France and Latvia example above, or any other such “alliance.” Obedience is the price of protection. Whither sovereignty? At least be an organic part of the entity providing protection, instead of being one unit subservient to another separate one.

This Yockey quote also applies to today’s America.  The state can no longer – or will no longer – provide protection to its White citizens.  Do those citizens therefore owe any obedience to that state?

Looking at the organism inwardly, the amount of protection and the amount of obedience, and the quality of these things, describes the inner strength of the unit. 

In that case, America is inwardly weak, indeed.

Where the protecting force is within a Culture and the area and populace protected also belong to the Culture, the obedience will be full, natural and voluntary, on the part of the Culture-bearing stratum at least when the issue is the existence of the Culture.

In America, the ruling elites are in part from outside the Culture of the West.

The existential nature of the Law is also shown by the fact that if a State is unable panto protect an area and population within its system, that area and population will pass into the system of another State that can protect and has the will to protect. The passing may be by revolt, it may be by war. It may be by negotiation, particularly if the protecting State allows a quasi-government to exist in the protected area, which can make a private understanding with other powers to deliver to them the population and territory.

This is the outcome.  If America is unwilling to protect White Americans, then White America needs to pass into another state system – preferably one they themselves create.

In a country where the cant of morality exercises a monopoly over political vocabulary, politicians cannot speak openly even to one another. The propaganda terror necessary to maintain such an absurd type of political terminology in contradiction to facts ends by weakening from within governments in such countries. Anyone making a purely factual remark becomes suspect, and some of the best brains have found their way thus into the concentration camps.
That is today’s America. Politicians cannot even speak honestly and openly about race, and purely factual statements result in social pricing and deplatforming – possibly eventually into actual concentration camps. Do Whites owe obedience to such a system?

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Brief Comments, 9/26/20

In der news.

Look at this HBD nonsense.

Basically - Northeast Asians and Ashkenazi Jews are superior to lowly Europeans, they are our natural masters and betters!  And, as well, all sorts of hand-waving excuses for the inferior performance of the high, high-IQ Chinese compared to Europeans, who in contrast literally invented the modern world.

And, of course:

I have a wife from Shanghai…

Sallis proven right, once again.  The fundamental motivation for HBD is “yellow fever” psycho-sexual urges by pathetic White males (not men), often with masochistic undertones (e.g., Derbyshire’s self-admitted “measured groveling” to his Chinese wife).

How many times do we need to see the same scenario play out time and time again?

Read this, and then ask yourself – is it wise to have such “high trust northern hunter gatherers” in all positions of prominence in Der Movement? Can they be trusted to exemplify the required ethnocentrism and racial loyalty?  Or, when the chips are down, will they adopt HBD and pitifully grovel (in a “measured” fashion, no doubt) before The Altar of Asia?

Friday, September 25, 2020

The Monsters Are Doing It Again

Genocide by infection.

The HBD Gods are getting the next deadly pandemic ready to unleash on the world.

When is the human race going to stand up against the alien threat of the Chinese menace? The scum Nixon will forever be cursed for not allowing the USSR to sterilize the Earth of the Chinese infestation.

And no, HBDers, that diseased Orientrix talking to you is not telling you that her name is “Ben Dover.”  And no, that is not a film clip from a Philadelphia-area Alt Right meeting.

Seriously though, if the flubro crowd is tired of lockdowns and "face diapers," then perhaps they can offer suggestions for a final solution to the Chinese problem.  As long as The HBD Land of the Gods exists, we will never be free of these pandemics.

Other news:

To be fair to Der Movement, looking at the preprint (not the final version, which I do not yet have) of the Viking paper, it seems that the “exoticness” of the overall samples has been exaggerated by the popular press, with the reality being between “movement” fetishism on the Right and PC fetishism of the Left. Although, as a caveat, the final version of the paper must be examined for confirmation.  Regardless, it is clear that “racial purity” is not the case there.  And that is the main point.

Trump ballots discarded.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Prescient Yockey

All from Imperium.

But the greatest opposition of all has not yet been named, the conflict which will take up all the others into itself. This is the battle of the Idea of the Unity of the West against the nationalism of the 19th century. Here stand opposed the ideas of Empire and petty-stateism, large-space thinking and political provincialism. Here find themselves opposed the miserable collection of yesterday-patriots and the custodians of the Future. The yesterday-nationalists are nothing but the puppets of the extra-European forces who conquer Europe by dividing it. To the enemies of Europe, there must be no rapprochement, no understanding, no union of the old units of Europe into a new unit, capable of carrying on 20th century politics.

Here, Yockey has foreseen today's ethnonationalist filth, the absolute scum ruining White racial activism.

Every political unit in history has exercised in need, and sometimes not in need, its organic power to determine the inner enemy. If it does it soon and proceeds thoroughly, the danger is past. If it procrastinates and takes half-measures, it ceases to be a political unit.

The US government under Trump has refused to act against the Far Left inner enemy, even when that enemy has been setting up separatist enclaves on American soil, openly defying American law, forcing the President to hide in a White House bunker, and assaulting a sitting US Senator. Thus, America is ceasing to be a political unit.

If it exercises this power when there is no need, it is merely persecuting its own population…

The US does nothing against criminal leftists (anarchy), while it persecutes Whites in general and law-abiding White rightists in particular (tyranny).

…and is sowing seeds of hatred that will one day bear surprising fruit. 

We’ll see about that. So far, Whitey has shown the capacity to shamelessly accept unlimited abuse and humiliation.

The organic ethic of the relation of the statesman to his political unit applies also to conduct of this type. The statesman has no organic right to dispose wantonly of the lives of the populace. To send subjects to their death in a war against a power not a real enemy, a war which thus by its very nature must be unsuccessful, or to declare a group as an innerenemy when it does not contain the real possibility of constituting itself as a true political unit, is vicious, non-political conduct in both cases. Such a man exposes himself to the organic sanction that Destiny often imposes in such cases.

That describes WWI and WWII…so what was the “organic sanction?”

This organic right to determine the inner enemy is not always exercised in the same manner. It may be open: arrest, sudden attack, shooting down at home, butchery in the streets.

Gee…that sounds like what’s been happening to Whites in 2020.

It may be concealed: drawing up of punitive laws general in their terms but applying in fact only to one group.

Precisely.  That’s the perfect description of anarcho-tyranny.  The law doesn’t apply to Coloreds, Jews, White SJW militants, etc. – it is only enforced against normal Whites, particularly right-wing Whites.

It may be purely formless, but nonetheless real: the ruler may attack verbally the individual or group in question. 

White Privilege!  White Supremacy!  And all the other blood libels against White folk.

Such a declaration may be used only to intimidate, or it may be a method of bringing about assassination. 


It may be economic pressure— such a tactic is naturally the favorite of Liberals. A “blacklist” or boycott may destroy the group or individual.

Yockey foresees deplatforming and “cancel culture.”

It goes without saying that the exercise of such a right has no connection whatever with any written “constitution” which purports verbally to distribute the public power in a political unit. Such a “constitution” may forbid such a declaration of inner enemy, but units with such constitutions have never hesitated in need, and have often invoked such procedure independently of need. 

The US Constitution is becoming increasing meaningless under anarcho-tyranny.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Nikitin-Johnson Talk

And other news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

The talk.

Does Nikitin know about the anti-Russian essays that have been featured at Counter-Currents?  Mr. Nikitin, and Russian readers of EGI Notes, please consider the following from Counter-Currents:

See this.

But even the whitest of Russians, to the extent that he thinks of himself as a Russian, is committed to a trans-racial identity, an identity whose racial “substratum” includes not just European, but also Mongoloid and Near Eastern (e.g., Caucasian) elements, as well as mixtures of all threeA Russian is not, therefore, just another kind of European. Thus it is with good reason that Russians have always felt that their identity, interests, and destiny are distinct from those of Europe. This “Europeanization,” however, occurred only on the surface, and in its essence Russia remained a distinctly non-European society, in which a European minority elite ruled over a Slavic, Asiatic, Near Eastern, and mixed-race population. However, this process of “Europeanization” was drastically reversed, both culturally and more importantly racially, with the Bolshevik Revolution.

Moreover, blaming the backwardness of Russia on Communism would be like blaming slavery for the backwardness of Africa…If the identity, interests, and destiny of Russia are not European…the stronger traditionalism of Russians, their patriotism and pride in their heritage, do not advance White Nationalist interests any more than the racial pride and patriotism of Indians, Chinese, Middle Easterners, Latin Americans, or Africans. Indeed, it might make them more formidable enemies of our interests.

Racially and culturally, the forerunner of Russia was the Grand Duchy of Moscow (1263–1547)…by the end of the 15th century, the Grand Duchy of Moscow was populated mostly by Christianized Tatar-Mongols who in the course of the previous two centuries had gradually adopted Orthodox Christianity and taken Slavic names. The indigenous Slavic population had become a minority in a relatively short period of time due to the large influx of these Christianized Asiatic nomads, and due to mixed marriages between Christianized Mongols and indigenous Slavs.

Also see this.

White Nationalists must finally come to grips with the fact that the national interests of Russians are not only not the same as, but, in many cases, are actually in conflict with those of Europeans. Therefore, they should not expect Russians to feel empathy with their struggle. In fact, the majority of Russians do not even think they share common enemies with Europeans. Surprising as it may seem to many White Nationalists, Muscovite-Russians see European civilization itself as their main enemy, and it is this confrontation and animosity that underline their identity and their vision of their civilizational destiny.

Mr. Nikitin, also please see these comments:


Posted April 11, 2014 at 8:14 pm | Permalink

The author loses a lot of credibility when he compares Russian minorities to blacks, Arabs, etc. Culturally and biologically, that’s a crazy thing to say.


Greg Johnson

Posted April 11, 2014 at 8:19 pm | Permalink

He’s not comparing them culturally and biologically. He’s comparing them in terms of their propensity to criminal behavior and rioting, for example:

And, of course, as we have seen in Ukraine, the presence of a disgruntled Russian minority can be used as a pretext for Russian incursions and annexations.



Posted April 11, 2014 at 8:28 pm | Permalink

Are there statistics to back that up? Especially when you compare them to blacks, I’d need to see some data.


Greg Johnson

Posted April 12, 2014 at 2:49 am | Permalink

He’s comparing them to blacks in terms of their analogous sociological profile. It is not a statistical comparison. I doubt that any group is close to blacks in the amount of petty crime, murder, and chaos they create. Of course Jews are far more destructive on a grand scale, with the wars and revolutions they foment, not to mention the fact that they are principally responsible for the collapse of segregation and white supremacy, and the dismantling of immigration control, opening the floodgates to black crime and chaos.

I can’t help notice that none of that racial and cultural hatred toward Russians was brought up in the Nikitin-Johnson discussion. I suppose that’s all “down the memory hole” (just like “Trump is toast no matter what”), but at EGI Notes nothing goes down the memory hole.

As far as the talk itself, Nikitin made good points and seems like an impressive fellow; my only disagreement was with his attempt to whitewash Nazi hostility to Slavs.  While an element of a “crusade against Bolshevism” was always a component of Operation Barbarossa, it only really came to the fore after Stalingrad, when the Germans needed to change the narrative to one of a pan-European crusade against Bolshevism, to appeal to non-German SS recruits and to win support from other nations; the original hegemonic aspirations against the Slavs were downplayed. And, yes, the Ukrainians originally welcomed the Germans, but they changed their tune after experiencing Koch, no?  And whatever Hitler wrote about Jewish influence in Russia, he was never shy about the need for Germany to conquer living space in the east. Even Irving, who certainly can’t be placed as inherently anti-Hitler, admits what the Nazi war aims really were.  There is a difference between national socialism (the generalized ideology) and National Socialism (the Hitler-German party and regime).  The former is certainly suitable for Slavs; the latter is not.

Durocher’s nervous breakdown continues?

Among other things, the team learned that these so-called Norsemen may not have been entirely Nordic.

“The Vikings had a lot more genes from southern and eastern Europe than we anticipated,” said Willerslev. “They frequently had children with people from other parts of the world. In fact, they also tended to be dark-haired rather than blond, which is otherwise considered an established Viking trait.”

The study also indicated Vikings may have been the jet-setting elite of their day, having little in common—genetically—with the inland peasants in their native lands. 

“The Vikings traveled much farther, had lots of southern European genes and were very likely part of a much more extensive cultural exchange with the rest of the world than any contemporary peasant society,” said Willerslev.

Years of therapy required for Durocher?

Der Movement will complain that these findings will be used by the Left to justify alien immigration into Scandinavia. Well, yes, but two points.  First, such immigration has been going full-steam for decades before this study came out, so it’s not really that important – just another brick in the wall.  Second, Der Movement has no one to blame but itself – for basing its ideology on the weak and crumbling foundation of “racial purity,” and for endlessly engaging in Nordicist fetishism. They made their positions highly vulnerable, and have been warned against it for many years.

The proper attitude is that the genetic makeup of the Vikings in the Dark Ages is completely irrelevant to the interests of Scandinavians today. EGI is forward looking, the past is essentially irrelevant; and, more generally, the interests of any ethny is based on what that ethny is today and what it wants to be in the future.  What happened in its past is beyond its control and  is reflected in that ethny’s characteristics of the present.  Racial purity is irrelevant.  Genetic distinctiveness is relevant. What people did centuries or millennia ago is irrelevant to what needs to be done by people living in those lands today.

More lies.  Imagining a conflict between Jews and their “Anglo-Nordic” junior partners.  And the comments – with old Humphrey imagining that non-Colored “unassimilable minorities” were anti-Reagan, while the wops were an important part of the Reagan coalition. Lies, lies, lies.

Very cognitive, very elite.

"Poor white trash of Asia.” My message to White Australians – and to Whites in general – never forget that the HBDers (and Silkers) want to privilege the interests of Asians, Chinese foremost among them, above that of Whites.  HBD is the traitor within the gates; HBD must be destroyed in order for the White race to live (and the Silkers need to be laughed out of existence).

Also note the picture in the article that is prime onanism material for the Silkers.  Can Danny type his MR articles with only one hand available?

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Random Observations, 9/22/20

 In der news.

Consider differences between Western and Eastern thinking patterns (and the leftist hysteria and sophistry thus generated – they are indeed “upset”). 

It should be possible to devise psychometric tests of thinking and behavior to analyze aspects of cognition above and beyond IQ and “g.”  The types of metrics used for Western vs. Eastern thinking, individualism vs. collectivism, creativity, novelty vs. conformity, Faustian impulses, the possibilities for testing are myriad. Various controls can be done to take into account variables and attempt to distinguish genetic vs. environmental influences.  Then these tests can be applied to a wide variety of human and “human” population groups to discern cognitive and behavioral differences in a more empirical manner than just “movement” “activists” pontificating online with their typical solipsist attitudes.

Another piece of ethnonationalist filth violating the sovereignty and homogeneity of Hungary.

When I was living in Hungary, I took my girlfriend on a day trip…

Arise, ye Magyars, and throw off the Danish yoke!

I also regretted the fact that I spent more time complaining than enjoying myself in a foreign city with a girlfriend.

Then live in Denmark, you hypocritical scum.

Hungary is not a flop house or a crash pad or a bordello for Herrenvolk ethnoimperialists. Hungary is the homeland of the Hungarian people.  Non-Hungarians, get the hell out.

More weeping and gnashing of teeth for Der Movement.  Archaeogenetics has not been kind to “movement” fetishism.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Academics FIY


If any of my readers are students or faculty at an American academic institution – or you know someone who is – please be aware of this (emphasis added):

  • Public colleges and universities required to uphold First Amendment rights of students to access Department of Education grants

  • Private colleges required to adhere to their written policies on freedom of expression to access Department of Education grants

  • Religious student groups are guaranteed equal access to university resources as secular organizations as a material condition of obtaining a Department of Education grant

WASHINGTON, Sept. 9, 2020 – The Department of Education released new, final regulations today providing crucial free speech and religious liberty protections for students at our nation’s public college campuses. Institutions that violate those core rights will risk losing access to federal education grants. Put simply, the regulations require public institutions of higher education to do what they are already obligated to do: protect the First Amendment rights of their students.

The new regulations also require from private institutions what many courts already require: that the institutions comply with their stated institutional policies regarding freedom of speech and academic freedom. If a court finds that a private institution violated its policies, it risks losing access to Department of Education grants.

Under the new rules, religious student organizations must also have equal access to the benefits colleges afford to recognized secular organizations. This means that public institutions of education may no longer discriminate against religious student organizations by denying them access to campus facilities or student fee money available to secular student organizations “because of the religious student organization’s beliefs, practices, policies, speech, membership standards, or leadership standards, which are informed by sincerely held religious beliefs.”

“Too many institutions violate student and faculty free speech rights as a matter of course,” said FIRE Legislative and Policy Director Joe Cohn. “Hopefully, the additional risk of losing federal grant money will encourage them to rethink their practices.” 

FIRE is cautiously optimistic about the new regulations, which have the potential to incentivize institutional respect for and attention to core civil liberties. However, these regulations are not without risk. Because institutions risk losing access to federal grants if they lose a First Amendment lawsuit, there is a possibility that institutions will change the way they litigate those lawsuits. It may also affect the way judges decide First Amendment cases, knowing that large federal grants may be at stake.

“It is not too much to ask of our nation’s colleges and universities that they follow the First Amendment or keep their own free speech promises if they wish to receive federal grant money,” said FIRE Executive Director Robert Shibley. “As always, FIRE stands ready to assist any institution wishing to join those who already ensure that their policies protect free speech.”


Daniel Burnett, Assistant Director of Communications, FIRE: 215-717-3473;

There would seem to be increased room for maneuver for pro-White democratic multiculturalism here.

Of course, an incoming Harris administration (with a diaper-wearing Biden safely drooling in a corner) would likely reverse all of this.  So, gee, I guess you have a few months…

Of related interest.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Fetishists Weep

In der news.

See this summary.

Sequencing the genomes of over 400 Viking men, women, and children from ancient burial sites, researchers found evidence of genetic influence from Southern Europe and Asia in Viking DNA dating back to before the Viking Age (750 - 1050 A.D.).

Is Durocher being fitted for a straightjacket just about now?

Asia…hello, Bjork and David Bromstad! Or are the “Ladogan” phenotypes from the earlier North Asian/Siberian influxes?  It’s of great benefit to all humanity!

Some years ago, on another of my blogs, noting the discovery of some Arabic artifacts (coins, I believe) from Viking-era Scandinavia, I speculated on the possibility of “exotic” gene flow there, for which I was attacked by another (not Durocher in this case) individual, who also claimed (to another person) that there was no gene flow from Southern to Northern Europe for “10,000 years” (or some other similarly large number).

To which I now repeat my mantra, re: Der Movement:

Wrong, wrong, they’re always, always, always, always, ALWAYS wrong.

No doubt we will soon see an updated edition of March of the Titans, with added material on admixture in Scandinavia and on multicultural Vikings.

Seriously though, both sides here are wrong. The Right has always been wrong with their sweaty fetishism and their insistence on racial purity narratives; the Left is wrong when they use the discovery of genetic outliers and low level admixture to paint a false picture of a multicultural past that somehow justifies mass immigration today – as if the odd Dago or Asiatic in Viking-era Scandinavia justifies having Swedish cities of today becoming Afro-Asiatic war zones, or to mean that indigenous Scandinavians are not a relatively homogeneous North Germanic people. Both Right and Left are dishonest about race and ethnicity.

Of course, the results of that study will be being overblown for leftist, pro-immigration political reasons. However, the bottom line is that, whatever the past influx, ethnies are genetically distinct, and Scandinavians are a distinct Northern European Germanic group.  

Scandinavians are indeed a relatively homogeneous North Germanic people. It’s just that “relatively” is not the same as Der Movement’s “absolutely.”

This goes back to my essay on the racial purity myth. The issue is not one of purity but one of distinctiveness.  Europe and non-Europe are distinct from each other; more narrowly, Northern and Southern Europe are distinct from each other; Western and Eastern Europe are distinct from each other.

Distinct does not mean hermetically sealed; it does not mean “pure.” Gene flow, within reason, is compatible with distinctiveness.  Maybe at some point, the retarded “movement” will understand this, and be able to effectively respond to leftist mendacity with respect to the leftist cry of “see, you were always multicultural."  No. A single drop of black paint dropped into a 100 gallon drum of white paint is not the same as dumping 40 gallons of black paint into that same drum.

Your wonderful “race realist” allies from the world of HBD:


Two of the best friends I have had were black. One was a college professor who taught at Howard University. One was a co worker at an electronics firm…My co worker was a good Christian and a good family man who took his family to church every Sunday.

I have liked every black person I have known by name…

Remember, wops and hunkies are the problem; nice Blacks, law-abiding Hispanic immigrants, and those high, high IQ Jews and Asians are your friends!

HBD Jew supports racial and cultural assimilation.

Always remember that the alien Levantine filth Unz is your enemy (emphasis added):

America today stands as one of the very few examples in history of a large and successful multiethnic society. If we are to continue and extend our success–which is hardly foreordained–we can only do so by returning to the core principles of Propositions 209 and 227: ethnic assimilation, and individual equality under the law. Otherwise, we face the very real threat of future movements along the lines of Proposition 187, each worse than the last, and on a national scale. There are few forces that could so easily break America as the coming of white nationalism.

And don’t forget treasonous filth like Durocher and Johnson who write for Unz.

Here is a wonderfully coherent Counter-Currents comment on the death of Francis Parker Yockey:


Posted September 19, 2020 at 2:42 am | Permalink

“An apparent suicide.”

Reach out for help you f… fools. Don’t hang up that phone. Ask for help. Idiots, selfish idiots.

There’s no stopping a Phil Haney. But for anyone else, there are a lot of people who will reach out to help you. Don’t let humiliation get in the way. Unsuspected people will take your call again and again. Keep making those calls. Don’t lose heart! They’re busy, tired? Ask them who THEY would call.

Later, it will not be your absence, but the self-doubt:. Why did my friend, my cousin, my son kill themselves? Am I WORTH IT? There is something wrong that will gnaw at them for years. That doubt will cruelly torment them long after all your problems are ‘solved’.

Counter-Currents – the gift that keeps on giving!

If the Trump campaign had any sense, they’d focus on this issue and hammer away at it mercilessly. To try and forestall accusations of “racism” (I wouldn’t care, but I assume the Trumpians do) have Carson explain it (and if there are some law forbidding a cabinet member from making political commercials, then use another of Antifa Don’s Negro buddies).  Some of Dementia Joe’s SJW suburban support may dissipate if folks had a clear idea of the situation. But given the affirmative action incompetents and Jews surrounding Der Trumpening, I am not sanguine that the campaign will take advantage of this gift of an issue.

The beginning of the Alt Right?

It is unlikely Johnson will write any “in bed with the press” articles about this.  Why expect any consistency from the clown show?

Greg Johnson on his moronic livestream: “Yockey died for our sins, as someone said.” 

That “someone” was “Ursus Major” of the Euro-American Student Union, and that quote was brought to everyone’s attention recently by my recent post – I very much doubt Johnson remembered the original essay.  No doubt Johnson saw that from EGI Notes.  So, yet more Johnsonian mendacity by omission.

No worries, Greg, Ursus Major as well as Yockey would have considered your petty nationalism as disgusting treason.  It are the sins of ethnonationalists that Yockey died for.

Borat: Yockey - “very American” – what a moron.  Maybe petty nationalist ethnonationalists should pontificate on things other than Yockey.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Divining Der Movement

 A magical Type I moment.

More great optics; the Type I traditionalist freaks are going to have a grand old time recruiting STEM folks with O'Meara:

Ian Smith

Posted September 17, 2020 at 7:32 am | Permalink

So why don’t you divine next month’s winning lottery number and cast for a long term buy-and-hold stock with your winnings?


James O'Meara

Posted September 17, 2020 at 10:25 am | Permalink

Because thousands of other bettors are imagining a different outcome. However, it can be done…

Divining!  Casting!  Evola was struck down by a spell, not by a shell fragment from a bombing raid!  He could have walked, but chose not to!  When the Chinese launch an ICBM strike against the “bring out your dead” White ethnostate, all the magicians in their hobbit holes will cast a spell and send those missiles back to China!  Dat right!  Optics!

And of course, the purely anecdotal (and unverifiable in any real empirical sense) example given by O’Meara is of “casting,” not “divining.”  How about this - why doesn’t a magician “divine” the numbers of the lottery?  That’s not a case of others interfering by “imagining a different outcome” – merely predicting an outcome that will eventually be actualized (by random chance or by magic, take your pick).  The magician can then announce the winning numbers online before the actual drawing – in order to prevent folks from all running out to buy tickets with those numbers, the online announcement can be made minutes – or seconds – before the actual lottery drawing. Indeed, a skilled diviner should be able to predict every drawing, no?

I suppose that the freakshow crowd will think up some imaginative reasons why such a “divining” or psychic prediction is not possible in this particular case.  

And here we go…

Now, I certainly do not want to be close-minded.  Thus, if individuals with such novel abilities can reproducibly demonstrate such abilities under properly controlled, rigorous experimental conditions, then those abilities must be accepted, and should be further studied.  However, rambling nonsense from Type I droolcups does not constitute the necessary evidence.

A Counter-Comments commentator with sense (same fellow who started the conversation, see above):

Ian Smith

Posted September 18, 2020 at 8:08 pm | Permalink

I had a friend from the Middle East who was big into the skepticism thing. He told me this amusing story of how he and a friend went to some mystic in the desert who claimed he could summon Jinn. The went to his place a few times asking to see him perform this feat. And each time he had some excuse as to why the Jinn weren’t feeling social that day.

The point is, whenever you ask people who believe in sorcery or mind woo-woo for tangible, replicable results, you get excuses about the stars being out of alignment or some such thing. And I’m sure others will blame the materialism of the Kali Yuga or Jews using astral golems or some such.

Regarding the race track winner, it is inevitable that, occasionally, somebody is going to get what they wish for. It isn’t any proof that the mind can manipulate reality. I know I’m going to be accused of being fedora, but the whole thing seems, at best, unfalsifiable.

On a final note, which is the more successful civilization: the one that manufactures bullets, or the one that believes that one can be made immune to bullets by belief in magic?

More evidence that the fact that group may be close, or overlap, in PCA does not necessarily mean they are of the same racial derivation.

Thus, South Asians and Latin Americans are in the same general cluster but are obviously not (immediately) derived from identical racial stocks; instead, they both share the trend of gene frequencies intermediate between Europeans and East Asians (East Asians being a proxy for Amerindians for the Latin Americans) – with some Latin Americans also shifted toward Africans.

Thus, PCA overlap between, say, South Asians and Mestizos is obviously not due to a shared ancestral history (in any meaningful, historical sense).

A HuWhite Aryan beauty dies.  HBDers and race realists the world over weep.

Yes, let us remember Francis Parker Yockey, a great man who would utterly oppose the petty nationalism espoused by Counter-Currents, and who would no doubt label Greg Johnson a “Culture Retarder” and a treasonous enemy of the West.

An onanistic video for “movement” Anglophiles.  Try to avoid a priapism, fellows!

Behold the female.  Remember, men, they are your equals, nay, your superiors!

Is Greg holding out for a Cosima?  Or a Richard (Wagner, not Spencer?)?

Yeah, real daring and all.  What has Trump actually done for those “good gene” people?  That’s why the Right always loses; they are impressed by empty posturing, mere words, instead of actual deeds.

Friday, September 18, 2020

More on Countering the Rancid Current

Time to laugh. 

Good optics:

  • Pilleater claiming to being (homosexually) sexually molested ("groped") at a Counter-Currents-affiliated meeting.
  • Hermansson and Lewis.
  • The Homo and the Negro and My Nationalist Pony.
  • Evolian esotericism, Savitri Devi, Guenon, The Men Who Can’t Tell Time in The Age of Aluminum.

Normies are flocking to that high quality optics!


Brooklyn Hipsters: Californians are ruining Brooklyn. 

Somalis are a good fit, though. 

Oregonians: Californians are ruining Oregon. 

Salvadorans are a good fit, though.

Der Movement Reality:

American Nordicists: Meds are ruining America. 

Chinamen are a good fit, though. 

European Herrenvolk: Dago wogs are ruining the EU. 

Turks and Africans and Arabs are a good fit, though.

Gee…who is “insane” and “crazy and bitter” now?

All the Luddite kooks, including the despicable lunatic Stronza, are out in force at Counter-Currents, re: covid-19. You see, we should not use vaccines or antibiotics – just let easily preventable and/or treatable diseases run rampant and “cull the weak.”  

As if someone dying from, say, tetanus or rabies, from an injury or animal bite, is a symptom of their “weakness” and a need for them to be “culled.”  As if an infant that dies from measles would have necessarily have grown up to be a “weakling” as opposed, to, say, a war hero or another Mozart.

Certainly, Johnson has an eye on “optics” with his pitiful website and the menagerie of freaks he allows to post over there. The “normies” are just clamoring to join a White ethnostate society that is at a 14th century level of existence, where people die like flies from diseases that smug Chinamen are safely vaccinated against, and where we can all be “snug in our hobbit holes” discussing the virtues of Savitri Devi while Orientals who can be blindfolded with dental floss rocket off into the heavens to explore the stars.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

An Interesting Trumpian Coincidence

In der news.

August 17 EGI Notes:

Debaters need to be drug-tested.  Who knows?  Maybe Dementia Joe will be pumped up with Adderall and/or with cholinesterase inhibitors (Alzheimer’s disease medication). It’s imperative to determine if Biden is taking cognitive PEDs in an attempt not to seem retarded.

Trump, from August 26:

President Trump says he will call for drug tests for both former Vice President Joe Biden and himself before the first candidates' debate on Sept. 29. In an Oval Office interview Wednesday, the president expressed suspicion at what he said was a sudden, marked improvement in Biden's debate performance during the Democratic primary season and suggested that he believes the improvement was the result of drugs. The president offered no evidence to support his speculation.

More recently.

During the Fox interview, Trump said that he'd thought there was "something was strange" about Biden during his one-on-one debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders earlier this year.

Asked if thought Biden was taking drugs to "pep himself up," Trump answered, "I do. He's taking something. He's taking something" that "gives him some clarity," Trump added.

Asked if it could have been a cup of coffee, Trump said maybe "15 cups of coffee."

"I think he should take a drug test," Trump said, claiming "I would take one too."

Now, it is very unlikely that anyone directly or indirectly involved in Trump’s campaign reads EGI Notes, and given the obviousness of Biden’s condition, I’m sure others have mentioned the necessity of drug testing. Nevertheless, the coincidence is amusing, as the timing is interesting. Very interesting, indeed.

The bottom line is that “free range” Biden is essentially incoherent; thus, a reasonable Biden debate performance has to raise red flags.  Biden is so bad these days he makes the Twin Peaks room service waiter (“Senor Droolcup”) seem like a genius by comparison.

One of Hood’s better essays.

Flubro essay in Counter-Currents.  Big, brave Johnson castigates the flubros on Twitter, but lets them run rampant on his website.

There’s been some other discussion of bundling security theater measures into vaccination. Any Big Tech companies involved in implementing them will stand to make quite a lot of money. Moreover, these measures would just so happen to make it all the easier to track the public...

Right...they're gonna chip ya!

Hmm, see this.

Indeed, Jews and upper-class Northeastern Protestants were the two groups in American society that most vehemently opposed Germany and supported England at a time when large segments of the American public, including Americans of German, Italian, Irish, and Scandinavian descent, either supported Germany, opposed England, or were against any form of American intervention in European affairs.

Thus, Sallis (and Lind) right, Morris V. de Camp  wrong.  The reality is of a Yankee-Black-Jewish alliance; Northeastern WASPs were "in bed" with the Jews at least since the FDR administration.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Odds and Ends, 9/16/20

In der news.

So, the ethnonationalist scum require a long spew of more than 5,000 words of nonsense to respond to the essential truth espoused by Napoleon and Yockey, succinctly stated as all great and self-evident truths are, that every European war is a civil war.

We do not want Sicilians to become Swedes…

Fetishism alert!

Question: If the Hungarian people wage of war of liberation to free themselves from John Morgan, how would that be classified by this author?

A great comment:


Posted September 15, 2020 at 9:31 am | Permalink

No tense but I thing that you’re WRONG.

Time is running out increasingly and some places are probably not going to “survive” in the near future. France, Britain, Germany may have already passed beyond the demographic point of no return, with projected majority minorities by 2060.

What happens then? I’ll tell you what: YOU WONT BE ABLE TO CLING TO THE NATION-STATE ANY LONGER. Tens of thousands of Germans and French are already fleeing to Lake Balaton, Hungary, following Orban’s cabinet’s decision to accept “European refugees”.

And that’s the correct response. While I’m certain that there are certain Nordicists around who absolutely hate Sicilians and other Meds, we need to remember what Nietzsche said:

“No, we do not love humanity; but on the other hand we are not nearly “German” enough, in the sense in which the word “German” is constantly being used nowadays, to advocate nationalism and race hatred and to be able to take pleasure in the national scabies of the heart and blood poisoning that now leads the nations of Europe to delimit and barricade themselves against each other as if it were a matter of quarantine”.

Europe will become whole, because of necessity. You guys are just delaying the inevitable unification of Europe and are clinging to an idealized and irretrievable past.

We tried it your way, with the nation state and all. And all we got was more wars, greed, and jealousy.

And note:

While I’m certain that there are certain Nordicists around who absolutely hate Sicilians and other Meds…

“Absolutely hate” is an understatement.  That’s an order of magnitude too mild.

By the way, “Sicilians” are not doing this.  Nor are they responsible for “Ali” being in Sweden. On the other hand, who’s responsible for dumping African migrants into Sicily?

Well, well, well…Unz weeps.  The Monsters created the plague…even their own “people” say so.

Look at this rambling nonsense.  Gee…you’ll really appeal to both “normies” and STEM people with that.

Evola mocks materialists who think they have acquired “power” because they’ve devised a missile they can launch by pressing a button, while still being psychologically as underdeveloped as a monkey…

Sallis mocks esotericists who think they have acquired “power” because they’ve devised rambling double-talk that is incomprehensibly stupid to normal people and that has absolute zero ability to actualize any useful change in the real world; on the other hand, one ICBM strike can wipe out an entire city full of millions of “psychologically” well developed individuals. With respect to racial interests in the real world, that is power.

“In essence, more than eighty years of laboratory experiments show that atomic-scale particles appear in a given place only when a measurement is made. Quantum theory holds that no measurement means no precise and localized object, at least on the atomic scale. In a challenge to our deepest conceptions of reality, quantum data shows that a subatomic particle literally occupies an infinite number of places (a state called “superposition”) until observation manifests it in one place. In quantum mechanics, an observer’s conscious decision to look or not look actually determines what will be there.”

The “measurement problem” is far from solved, and the modern consensus is, for the most part, that a conscious agent is not required.  In fact, “measurement” itself may only be an illusion.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Thoughts on Trump, 9/15/20

And other news.

Thoughts on Trump:

One thing that will be interesting about a Trump victory in 2020 will be how his fanboys will adjust their excuses for his continued uselessness and inaction after that. After all, the excuse of “he’s holding back so as to not endanger his chances of re-election” will no longer hold. Let’s see.  First, they’ll say that “Trump is holding back so as to not endanger the GOP in the 2022 mid-term elections.”  After that, it’ll be “Trump is holding back so as to not endanger the GOP Presidential candidate in 2024.” There will always be excuses. The excuses never end, just as Trump defending the interests of his base never begins.

Trump’s covid-19 comments to Woodward are not “bad” because of their actual content – it is just more Trumpian bluster, which never matches what he actually does (or, more often, does not do).  By cutting off travel from China, he did more than any Democrat would have done at that time in his place, as they were all criticizing even that small step as “xenophobic;” the anti-Trump press were mocking him as a paranoid “germaphobe” and telling us that covid-19 was no threat.

No, the real problem here is that Trump would talk to a leftist journalist with a proven history of Republican Presidency-wrecking, that Trump would show such juvenile lack of judgment and political savvy (*) so as to go on record with his true feelings on the matter, compromising himself to the brain-dead public (who can’t distinguish rhetoric from action) during an election year. Trump is really an incompetent jackass and a laughably vulgar buffoon, as this blog has been telling you since 2016.

*One reason the Quota Queens love Trump so much is that they see themselves reflected in him – an incompetent, no judgment, juvenile, affirmative action case who doesn’t have the intellectual and behavioral “chops” to handle the job he has, a job he is making a mess of.

Other news:

Moronic Chinatrix-loving HBDer is voting for Biden.

Danish Roosh invades Bulgaria.

The written history of Sofia begins with the conquest of the Serdi tribe in Serdica by the Romans in 29 BC. During the decline of the Roman Empire, Serdica was invaded by the Huns, Visigoths, and Slavs. In 809, Serdica became part of the First Bulgarian Empire and was known as Sredets. The Byzantines took over the area in 1018, but the Bulgarians reclaimed the city in 1194. For the next 200 years, Sredets developed into an economic and cultural hub in the region. That all changed when the Ottomans conquered the area in 1382. Around this time, the city became known as Sophia. Between 1520 and 1836, Sophia was the regional capital of Rumelia Eyalet, one of the main provinces of the Ottoman Empire.

Very interesting.  Of course, he left out the invasion by the Bulgars, the group that, you know, the nation is named after.  But what’s a bit of historical omission between friends, eh?  I mean, the “First Bulgarian Empire” was established by who, exactly?

As a wanderer, dissident, and white nationalist, I hope that all stray dogs…

Real funny.  In actuality, it were the whining West European Herrenvolk who prevented the Bulgarians from solving their stray dog problem.  The same in Romania. Stray dogs, refugees...who cares as long as the Bulgarians suffer, right?  They’re only wogs, right?  But, alas, pathological altruism (enforced on others) has a way of backfiring, eh?

…heroes, and people find a home of their own.

In your case, either America or Denmark.  Not Bulgaria.  Not Eastern Europe.  Please leave.

This is a useful review of On Genetic Interests, although I can quibble that some of the numbers may be outdated and some of the definitions wrong.

Read about Jodie Huang here.  Now, once again, Sallis is right and others, in this case, Derbyshire is wrong.

Sallis promotes the idea of a Tropical or South-South, pan-Colored Alliance, of all “people of color” against Whites, in which Asians play a fundamentally important role.  Sallis promotes the idea that the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  Derbyshire on the other hand, with his Chinese wife (“measured groveling” – his words describing his behavior towards her) and his half-Chinese children, promotes the absurd idea of an “Arctic Alliance” of Whites and Asians vs. non-Asian coloreds.

With the Huang case, we once again, for the umpteenth time, observe Asian solidarity with Blacks and other Colored against Whites.  We once again observe Yellow as key component of the rising tide of color against White interests.  Just because a pitiful miscgenenator chooses “measured groveling” as a marital strategy doesn’t obligate the rest of us to ignore the Asian threat.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Observation About Gods and Men

 An observation.

One wonders if the “gods” are to men what men are to the beasts. After all, to other life on Earth, we are akin to gods of a sort (or at least devils). We have advantages of intelligence, foresight, planning, tool use and inventiveness, organization, fine-grained manual dexterity, etc. but we are inferior in, say, strength, speed, ferocity, fecundity, etc. (we can make inter-racial comparisons of like kind as well, but that’s another story).

So, perhaps “gods” have the same strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis us – greater intelligence and other “higher” attributes, but lacking certain of the “human” traits that would rank us closer to animals compared to the “gods.” Traditionally, the “gods” have been portrayed a superior to man in every way, including the physical; perhaps that is not accurate?

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Whither Civic Nationalism?

And other news.

Typically shallow analysis and comments.

There is a clear and obvious difference between using civic nationalism as a tactic – as a political technic – to win elections and to reach out to people, and actually defending civic nationalism on an ideological basis.

I have nothing against faux-civic nationalism as a tactic under certain circumstances (although mainstreaming is a proven failure; Trump won in 2016 by moving much further to the Right than his previous history indicated – farstreaming), but I utterly oppose anyone making (pseudo) intellectual defenses of civic nationalism as something inherently good, desirable, and preferable.

Possibly best is a candidate who says, “look, under present conditions, we all need to come together and stabilize America before the ship sinks and we all go down with it; after that, we need to find more long-range solutions to our problems.”  Democratic multiculturalism can be thrown into the mix.  If, like me, you don’t believe in “worse is better” than this approach has the dual benefit of being a viable political technic/tactic and also a stepping stone for further radicalization. Suvorov’s Law has more historical evidence behind it than “worse is better.” One could always cite the foreign threat (e.g., China) as another reason for an interregnum in which the American ship can be kept afloat long enough to allow us to man the lifeboats and effectively save ourselves in a coherent fashion.  

See this nonsense.

In the case of mixed-race men, only those with at least 50% White ancestry shall be permitted to gain citizenship, provided that the other 50% contains no Black or Jewish ancestry. For the aforementioned qualifying mixed-race, half-White citizens, their non-White parent may reside in our nation, but cannot gain citizenship and cannot own property. The aforementioned qualifying mixed-race, half-White citizens may also marry full-blooded Whites. All other forms of miscegenation shall be forbidden, punishable by expulsion.

After all, we need to keep the HBDers on board, right?  Hail Asia! I guess it’s designed for “Rosie and the kids.”

Get this:

Animal cruelty, including animal testing, vivisection, and factory farming, shall be punishable by death. Factory farming practices that do not rise to the standard for animal cruelty shall be prohibited, punishable by economic seizure and imprisonment.

Do you need any more evidence that Der Movement is anti-science, anti-technics, and anti-progress?  No animal testing!  There goes all in vivo scientific research!  Make a transgenic mouse?  To the gas chamber with you!   And how are all the Jef Costellos out there going to have their “carnivore dirt” without “factory farming?" Do you think you can feed a White population of, say, 200 million, with a diet that includes meat from “free range?” No mass production?  Good luck with that.

Once again Sallis is 100% correct.  A Der Movement “ethnostate” would bring us to 14th century living standards real quick.  But, hey, you can all be snug in your hobbit hole as you die from preventable diseases.

By the way, if you want to diminish “animal cruelty” then nuke China.  But, no, the Yellow Gods are sacrosanct, right? A pampered lab mouse is a crime worthy of the death penalty; Chinese eating animals alive is, well, A-OK!  Let’s not offend the future wives of your White citizens, eh?

On a related note, have you noticed how few genuine STEM people there are in Der Movement?  Have you noticed that the vast majority of "movement" PhDs are in fields other than the real sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.) and are instead in such things as philosophy or the oxymoron of "social science?" Doesn't it strike you as strange that a "movement" centered primarily on the biological basis of race, and concerned with genes and heredity, would be so deficient in biologists and other scientists?  Well, if you understand that the Far Right is just as anti-science as is the Far Left, then none of that should be surprising at all. At "best," both ends of the political spectrum use superficial "science-ism" in a purely instrumental fashion, but none of them have any genuine understanding of science, the scientific mindset and method, and its importance.  Given the natural tropism of academics to the Left (likely due to the historical anti-intellectualism, reactionary anti-progress philosophy, and anti-materialist religious traditionalism of the Right), the Far Right needs to work double-hard to be a congenial environment to the STEM people it desperately needs.  But, no.  Instead the inept Quota Queens - as usual - muck it all up and do exactly the opposite.

Greggy being a non-paranoid all-around nice guy.  Anyway, you see, “punching right” is A-OK, as long as Greg is the one doing the punching,  If he gets punched, then the puncher is a vile paranoid piece of crap, don’t you know.

A reasonable comment:

Ambrose Kane

Posted September 11, 2020 at 10:42 pm | Permalink

With all due respect Greg, why is Millennial Woes again being given a platform, especially with his self-admitted personal failures, addictions and moral indiscretions? The man literally openly and publicly admitted his own failings and said he would step away from the movement, and even conceded he should not be looked upon as a leader – yet, apparently, here we are again giving him a platform “to talk about current events, life as a dissident, and your questions.”

The last time I wrote about Woes on this site, my comments never saw the light of day, and I suppose it will occur again now. You have every right to either accept or reject readers’ comments since it is your site. Still, I think we as dissidents need to be careful who we give a platform to, especially to those who have evidenced a pattern of moral indiscretions, addictions, and alcoholism? The man’s life appears to be in shambles. Does he even work and hold down a job? Even physically and visually, the guy looks like a wreck.

I’m not denying that Woes is relatively intelligent, and he may indeed say good things at times, but crying out loud is this really the sort of person we want to promote for our cause?!

Come now (no pun intended), Woes has certain Mannerbund tendencies, at least in part, so he’ll always be welcome at Counter-Currents.  Will “Tim” and “Brendan” be invited to the livestream as well?

Northeast Asian savagery.


Nicholas R. Jeelvy

Posted September 11, 2020 at 9:59 am | Permalink

He makes a very good argument for the necessity of a civic creed that’ll hold the body politic together, even in an ethnically homogenous country. Unfortunately, unless approached with nuance, this argument will be interpreted as “we only need a civic creed”, as I’ve already seen from people on twitter desperate to distance themselves from ethnic nationalism.

Where is Greg Johnson now to lecture us all about “homogeneous” vs. “homogenous?”  After all, let’s get all those words containing “homo” correct now, shall we?

Mental disease?  Being a woman?