Saturday, October 31, 2020

Yet Again: Worse is Not Better

Surprise - Der Movement is always wrong.

Sallis’ pessimism correct; McCulloch’s optimism wrong.

Well, as we know, they are always, always wrong.

As is this.

White Identity Politics argues that white identity politics is inevitable as a consequence of multiculturalism..

Very inevitable!  Is that why - after endless months of Colored/Far Left rioting and an explosion of anti-White sentiment and actions - the racial gap in voting is shrinking rather than growing?  Is the "inevitability" actually the "inevitability" of inept Quota Queens getting their "D'Nations" - at least until a leftist regime elected by Whites shuts down all access to payments?

And what a rebuke the polling data are to Der Movement, whose affirmative action leadership utterly failed to take advantage of the Trump Presidency, what an indictment of Trump for betraying his base while pandering to Coloreds, and most of all, what an indictment of Whites for being a maladaptive pathologically cucked race.  Proof positive that worse is not better. Things have gotten much worse; Whites flock to the Left. Case closed.

This happens under the Trump administration (emphasis added):

The charges followed an investigation by Michigan State Police and the FBI into a group called The Base and a December 2019 incident in which a family in Dexter saw men in dark clothing shining a light and taking photos on the front porch of their home. The photos were uploaded onto The Base’s social media platform channel along with a caption that alluded to a person involved with an antifa podcast, according to authorities.

They were... shining a light and taking photos!  Yegads!  Violence!  If they had instead joined in with BLM and Antifa riots and marched through neighborhoods, screaming at people, attacking them, burning down business, and attempting to kill people – that would be peaceful protesting.  Dat Right!  Antifa attacks and attempts to kill people - no arrests. Rightists shine a light and take a photo - arrest; send in the FBI!  Why didn't Antifa Don Trump send in Delta Force or Seal Team Six to take care of that White racist terrorism?

More against the Arctic Alliance.  Fact: Asians overwhelmingly vote Democrat, and it is only at EGI Notes will you hear the unvarnished truth for the reason why – the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

Just like Yockey claimed that the raison d’etre of the non-Western peoples is denial of, and opposition to, the West, so is the raison d’etre of Asians hatred of, and opposition to, the worldwide community of European-derived peoples. East vs. West, Orient vs. Occident, Asia vs. Europe – hence, Asian support of Democrats; hence Asian participation in the Tropical Alliance.

But, then, as a grotesque follow-up, more groveling of the “Yellow Supremacist” HBDers to the Altar of Asia.  Simply astonishing.  Reality: Asians are “woke” because they hate Whites and are part of the “rising tide of color” Tropical Alliance against White interests.

Instead of sweaty fantasies about being saved by “conservative Asians” how about we concentrate on our own people?  Ourselves Alone. 

Come on now, HBDers. Every Asiatrix you meet is NOT telling you that her name is "Ben Dover," so keep your pants on and stop looking look like you are trying to pick up the soap in the prison shower.

Behold - the SNP is a perfect example of Greg Johnson’s ethnonationalism. Why should anyone in Der Movement complain?

Behold Counter-Currents:

My neighborhood seemed to consist exclusively of Irish and Italians, the latter of whom we deemed as half-black merely for being darker than us and arriving in the country later than we did.

Miles Taylor: Lind hypothesis confirmed again – the Yankee-Black-Jewish Alliance. Jews with their WASP junior partners, empowering the Negro and the Hispanic (and the Asian!) as weapons against White America.

He donated to the Barack Obama campaign in the 2008 presidential election; according to Taylor, he was "gunning for John McCain... [but] wanted to be able to tell [his] kids that ... [he] supported the first Black president of the United States.
The same types of affirmative action Quota Queens who are “movement” “leaders” are also the anti-White Deep State. High trust!

Yeah, great. Why hasn’t his been done over the last four year?  Trumpian fraud – just like I wrote four years ago.

I remember a recent interview with political scientist George Friedman, in which he argued that contemporary America is based on a racial caste system ruled by a racist, ethnocentric oppressive white majority. He claims that non-white minorities are oppressed and are free from racial feelings. The exact opposite is true. Whites are generally more individualistic and less ethnically motivated than minorities. This is evident in surveys and degree of bloc voting in elections. Europe and its settler societies score lower in collectivism than other civilizations. Those differences make multiculturalism possible, because if whites were as ethnocentric as minorities, they would quickly end affirmative action and replacement-level immigration.
“Friedman.”  Salter is I suppose being polite here, but as you know Sallis is not known for politeness,so: Friedman = gaslighting, lying Jew (or more simply, Jew).

And here is an example of Canlorbe’s pitiful HBD groveling before the Altar of Asia:
Grégoire Canlorbe: In order to make sense of the traditional Chinese backwardness in science (China never produced a genius comparable to Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, or Benoît Mandelbrot), some have proposed that Chinese civilization as a “group evolutionary strategy” lacked sufficient masculine martial spirit. Yet Chinese history is full of warlike men: Xiang Yy, Xue Rengui, Mao Zedong, or Jet Li; Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is universally praised. Others evoke a lack of creativity (both at a genetic and cultural level); but Chinese food and the Hong Kong movie industry — with masters such as Tsui Hark or John Woo — are very creative. What is your view?
Chinese food and Hong Kong movies!  How creative!  How can the West compare?

Canlorbe is basically a Sallisian caricature of a HBDer made real.  What a pathetic turd.

The entirely of HBD can be summarized by Canlorbe meeting a Chinatrix:
Chinatrix: Drop your pants and bend over!
Canlorbe: Nice to meet you Ben!
Chinatrix: No, you bend over!
Canlorbe: Is that a strap-on, or are you just glad to see me?
See this. Meanwhile, White members of “The Base” are targeted by the police and FBI for shining lights at houses and taking pictures.  MAGA!  Pepe! Kek!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Against Levitsky and Ziblatt

Disgusting anti-White racism.

Read this nonsense.

Posted on October 27, 2020End Minority Rule

Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, New York Times, October 23, 2020

First, Levitsky is definitely a Jew. I can be forgiven for suspecting that “Daniel Ziblatt” is also a member of the tribe – if I am mistaken then I stand corrected, but the main idea here is that this anti-White tirade is to a large degree likely motivated by a concern for Jewish interests and by hostility toward America’s historic White Christian majority. But I suppose that, to Taylor, they are HuWhite – or (((HuWhite))).

The hypocrisy of these academic scum is amazing. In the past, when America’s White Christian majority was more demographically prominent, and was giving landslide victories to the likes of Nixon and Reagan, we were warned about the “tyranny of the majority” – that was a danger to the rights of minorities.  Indeed, that alleged problem with majority dominance was one justification given for the government to push mass immigration, affirmative action, and busing against the will of the majority, and why liberal judges repeatedly blocked implementation of state referenda voted in by the majority.  But now, with non-Whites and the Left ascendant, majority rule is great and we need to beware of the horror of "Minority Rule." The rules of the game have changed quite dramatically, eh?

The hypocrisy of Levitsky and Ziblatt is also demonstrated by this comment about their book:

Some of the best parts of the book outline how the gatekeepers and the unwritten rules emerged and functioned in the history of American politics, and the threats to the democratic norms that the country experienced. In the history of the U.S., the gatekeeping that did emerge and the “democratic norms” were accompanied by exclusionary policy toward African-Americans and women, such that the U.S. for most of this history could not be characterized as fully democratic.

Thus, when the old White majority did things that Levitsky and Ziblatt do not approve of, then that was bad and a threat to “democratic norms.” At that time, majority rule "could not be characterized as fully democratic." On the other hand, today, when a new majority – transformed by mass immigration enforced (by minority elites) on the unwilling previously dominant White majority – promises to act in a manner that these two scum approve of, then suddenly it is imperative to follow the will of the majority, and any inhibition on the will of the majority is what threatens “democratic norms.”

This is what Steve Sailer calls “Who? Whom?” When the majority acts in a manner that supports White interests, then the majority is bad and we must protect minorities from the “tyranny of the majority.”  However, if the majority acts against White interests, then the will of the majority is sacrosanct, and “Minority Rule” is suddenly the real danger to democracy.

The Trump presidency has brought American democracy to the breaking point. 

No, the hysterical anti-Trump Left has done that.

The president has encouraged violent extremists…

Like BLM and Antifa?

…deployed law enforcement and other public institutions as weapons against rivals…

Like Charlottesville intentionally sabotaging the Unite the Right rally? Like what European “democracies” do to nationalists?  Like what Democrats are threatening to do to Trump and members of his administration after a Biden victory?

…and undermined the integrity of elections through false claims of fraud, attacks on mail-in voting and an apparent unwillingness to accept defeat.

Big Tech and social media interfering in the election is, of course, OK. After all, Twitter, Facebook, and Google should determine the outcome of the election, right?

In this, he has been aided and abetted by a Republican Party that has fallen into the grips of white nationalism. 

The idea of Trump as a “White nationalist” is ludicrous. Let’s consider Trump:

  • A man with a Jewish family and whose foreign policy is slavishly pro-Israel.
  • His major domestic policy achievement was pro-Black “prison reform” that was championed by Black activists and by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian – not something that Trump’s base wanted or asked for.
  • His DOJ persecutes his own supporters while allowing BLM and Antifa to run wild with impunity.
  • Trump’s major 2020 campaign initiative is the “Platinum Plan” to shower Blacks with goodies at the expense of Whites.
  • Trump was ready to sign off on DACA amnesty.
  • Trump routinely denounces not only White nationalists but also multi-racial civic nationalist Trump supporters like the “Proud Boys.”
  • Trump has essentially done nothing of substance for his White base, and he never mentions White interests, while constantly pandering to Blacks.
  • His major Presidential pardon was for the arrogant and obnoxious race-mixing and White woman-beating Negro boxing “hero” Jack Johnson.

Whew!  That's some White nationalist indeed! Trump is about as consistent with “White nationalism” as typical Jewish academics are consistent with honesty and decency.

And to say that the Republican Party as a whole “has fallen into the grips of white nationalism” is even more ludicrous, as that party was lockstep against even Trump’s milquetoast civic nationalism until he won the election - and even after that prominent members of his own party obstructed him at every turn. Many prominent Republicans are opposing Trump’s re-election precisely because they cannot abide even the slightest whiff of White interests, and they can’t wait to slip back to the “good old days” of Jack Kemp and John McCain. The reality is that the Democratic Party has fallen (long ago) into the grips of Black nationalism and Jewish supremacism. 

The Republican base and its white Christian core, facing a loss of its dominant status in society, has radicalized, encouraging party leaders to engage in voter suppression, steal a Supreme Court seat in 2016 and tolerate the president’s lawless behavior. 

As opposed to months of leftist domestic terrorism, actually setting up a Marxist-Anarchist “autonomous zone,” murder and attempted murder, assaults – followed by talk of packing the Supreme Court and doing away with the Bill of Rights. Got to love those non-radical Democrats and their supporters!

As a result, Americans today confront the prospect of a crisis-ridden election, in which they are unsure whether they will be able to cast a ballot fairly, whether their ballots will be counted…

Like the Trump ballots found thrown in the garbage.

…whether the candidate favored by voters will emerge victorious…

What voters?  The invaders imported by the System?

…and whether the vote will throw the country into violence.

Violence is coming from your side, liars.

Yet if American democracy is nearing a breaking point, the crisis generated by the Trump presidency could also be a prelude to a democratic breakthrough. Opposition to Trumpism has engendered a growing multiracial majority that could lay a foundation for a more democratic future. 

“A more democratic future” = dispossession of, and hatred toward, White Americans.

Public opinion has shifted in important ways, especially among white Americans.

Is there a fair and open marketplace of ideas? Or relentless propaganda, akin to brainwashing indoctrination?

Not only do most Americans disapprove of the way Mr. Trump is handling his job…

After years of unprecedented propaganda – on any given day for the past four years, it seems like 50% of the articles on Yahoo News are about Trump, and 99.9999999999999999999% of those articles have been consistently highly negative. But that’s a fair marketplace of ideas, right?  When Big Tech censors the President, that’s “freedom," right?

…but an unprecedented majority now embraces ethnic diversity and racial equality, two essential pillars of multiracial democracy.

“Two essential pillars” – according to ethnocentric Jews – of a “multiracial democracy” that no one asked for. Question – where in the mainstream media or academia or anywhere do the “unprecedented majority” get any anti-diversity narratives? Oh, that’s right – absolutely nowhere.  Funny how effective relentless brainwashing is, no?

Yet translating this new multiethnic majority into a governing majority has been difficult. Democracy is supposed to be a game of numbers: The party with the most votes wins. In our political system, however, the majority does not govern. Constitutional design and recent political geographic trends — where Democrats and Republicans live — have unintentionally conspired to produce what is effectively becoming minority rule.

Minority rule was fine as long as it was a Jewish-Colored-White Leftist minority opposing the wishes of America’s White Christian majority.  Now that the script is flipped, “Minority Rule” is suddenly unacceptable.

Today, however, American parties are starkly divided along urban-rural lines: Democrats are concentrated in big metropolitan centers…

That is because of the mass immigration that THE MAJORITY opposed in the past, and that was FORCED upon them by MINORITY RULE.  But, hey, as long as that was anti-White, it’s OK. No problem whatsoever.

…whereas Republicans are increasingly based in sparsely populated territories. This gives the Republicans an advantage in the Electoral College, the Senate and — because the president selects Supreme Court nominees and the Senate approves them — the Supreme Court.

After all, elections must be decided in New York City and Los Angeles. Anything else is a holocaust. Oh vey!

Recent U.S. election results fly in the face of majority rule. Republicans have won the popular vote for president only once in the last 20 years and yet have controlled the presidency for 12 of those 20 years. Democrats easily won more overall votes for the U.S. Senate in 2016 and 2018, and yet the Republicans hold 53 of 100 seats. The 45 Democratic and two independent senators who caucus with them represent more people than the 53 Republicans.

There were no complaints about that system when the Left was getting its way on social and racial issues for the past 60 years. Suddenly, it is a problem. The Left does not care about democratic process, the majority, or fairness and consistency. They simply demand their desired outcome, at any cost.

This is minority rule.

Which was fine with the likes of Levitsky and Ziblatt when it was their minority in charge. When we got affirmative action, busing, mass immigration, and H-1B expansion against the majority’s wishes, that was all great for the Left. Suddenly the wishes of 50.1+% of the population are all-important.

An electoral majority may not be enough for the Democrats to win the presidency this year either. According to the FiveThirtyEight presidential model, if Joe Biden wins the popular vote by one to two points, there is an 80 percent chance that Mr. Trump wins the presidency again. If Mr. Biden wins by two to three points, Mr. Trump is still likely to win. Mr. Biden must win by six points or more to have a near lock on the presidency.

That’s the law. They would have no problem with that if Democrats were winning.

In America today, then, the majority does not govern. 

When did it ever? The only difference now is that you don’t like the outcome.

This disjuncture cries out for reform. We must double down on democracy.

Yeah…60 years too late, eh? If we had “doubled down on democracy” back then, the demographic changes that Levitsky and Ziblatt are now leveraging would never have occurred.

This means above all defending and expanding the right to vote. HR-1 and HR-4, a package of reforms approved by the House of Representatives in 2019 but blocked by the Senate, is a good start. HR-1 would establish nationwide automatic and same-day registration, expand early and absentee voting, prohibit flawed purges that remove eligible voters from the rolls, require independent redistricting commissions to draw congressional maps, and restore voting rights to convicted felons who have served their time. HR-4 would fully restore the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which was gutted by the Supreme Court’s Shelby County vs. Holder ruling in 2013.

Anything that expands the base of low-IQ colored Democrat voters is all good!  Why should the criteria for voting be as stringent as, say, boarding a plane or buying liquor and cigarettes?  For shame!

Doubling down on democracy also means reforms that empower majorities, such as eliminating the Senate filibuster. The filibuster, which was rarely used during much of the 20th century, has turned into a routine instrument of legislative obstruction. There were more Senate filibusters over the last two decades than in the previous eight. All meaningful legislation now effectively requires 60 votes, which amounts to a permanent minority veto.

Never a problem before when Democrats got their way.  Suddenly, it is all a problem now.

A democratic reform agenda should also include an offer of statehood to the District of Columbia and to Puerto Rico, which would provide full and equal representation to nearly four million Americans who are currently disenfranchised. And it should include elimination of the Electoral College. 

Anything that ensures Democratic electoral victories is all good!  

If we are so concerned with democracy and the will of the majority, we should eliminate leftist judges blocking the will of the people (reflected in majority voting), and how about reversing all of the “civil rights” and immigration actions forced through against decades of majority opposition? 

Not only would ending minority rule be inherently democratic, but, importantly, it would also encourage the Republican Party to abandon its destructive course of radicalization.

Radical? Republicans? What about the Democrats? Dispossessing and disenfranchising America’s historic majority, electing a new people through mass immigration, eliminating the Electoral College that has been an integral part of American political history, packing the Supreme Court, eroding the key constitutional protections of the Bill of Rights, supporting and enabling months of Marxist-Anarchist domestic terrorism and violent mass rioting – all of that is not radical, no sir!  On the other hand, opposing illegal immigration – like that dastardly neo-Nazi lunatic Dwight Eisenhower – is “radical” and “white nationalism.” Can you believe these gaslighting pieces of scum? 

What these two pieces of filth mean by "radical" is Trump's 2016 campaign (as opposed to his actual governance) that was targeted toward implicit White interests (very implicit, by the way).  And what if the GOP decides to ditch even this indirect association with the most faint focus on White interests?  I REALLY WISH that someone with a public forum – Tucker Carlson, are you listening? – would tell all of these types that:


Republicans decide to go back to the days when their agenda was exactly the same as the Democrats except for capital gains tax rates?  Go back to John McAmnesty and all the rest?  Take White votes for granted and pander to coloreds (what the “White nationalist” Trump is doing, by the way)?  Sure, they can do that and they probably will. But they can’t force Whites to vote for them, and without all (or the vast majority of) Trump’s base on board, the Republicans won’t be able to even get elected dogcatcher.  

Maybe Whites will be stupid enough to vote for GOP cucks – but not if I and others like me have anything to say about it.  If mainstream Republicans leave an open political niche space to their right, then it should and must be filled by dissident Republicans or by a third party.  If we are going to be ruled by Democrat policies, then let’s do it honestly, without the fiction of a “Republican opposition” whose own policies are essentially identical with that of the Democrats.  Scum like Levitsky and Ziblatt want de facto (or de jure?) one party rule – Marxist totalitarianism is in their blood; just look at the history of communism and the Soviet Union.

If we are going to have leftist policies either way, best to have it enacted by the Democrats and have Whites see them responsible for it, while the GOP cucks are allowed to fade away into the dustbin of history and a new political option for White Americans takes shape. The GOP has been a millstone around the necks of White Americans for decades; if they eschew right-wing populism then there is absolutely no reason not to free Whites from the Republican yoke.

Democracy requires more than majority rule. 

That’s when White Christians were a clear majority with a strong hold on the electorate. At that time, majority rule was not enough and we needed pro-minority intervention. But now is different, right?

But without majority rule, there is no democracy. 

Again, that’s how things are now, with White Christians in demographic eclipse and Sailer’s “coalition of the fringes" ascendant. Before, it was all about the dangers of the “tyranny of the majority” and now it is the dastardly horrors of Minority Rule. They got to keep those nasty Whites down any way they can – after all, the next pogrom is just around the corner.

Either we become a truly multiracial democracy or we cease to be a democracy at all.

After all, a “true…democracy” must be “multiracial” – that is, only in what used to be majority White nations. In Asia, Africa, etc. that’s not an issue.  Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, and White nations for everyone.  Right, Levantine filth?

White Americans fought and died in World War II – killing their European brothers in the process – to save the Jews; their reward was having the Jews steal the White Americans’ nation from them.

Do we need to wonder why “anti-Semitism” has been a ubiquitous presence in every nation that has ever had a substantial Jewish population?

Levitsky and Ziblatt need to be challenged on their hypocrisy as outlined above.

More important, Whites need to engage in collectivist identity politics like every other group.

And here’s an idea. If trash like these two academics really want to empower “democracy” then why don’t they empower third parties?  Why don’t they promote the breakdown of the two party monopoly?  Why don’t they allow people real choice?

Alas, you see, real choice and true democracy will endanger the fragile “majority” that they have cobbled together, and the more major political parties there are, the more difficult it will be to get their desired outcome, and the more difficult it will be to get everyone to be politically identical.  A “two party” (really one party) system with a “coalition-of-the-fringes” Democratic “majority” coupled to pathetic Republicans becoming a “lower tax” version of the Democrats is easy to control. Three or more parties, in which a White plurality can have real power, is a threat.

Remember, these guys can care less about “democracy”- they just want their agenda actualized.  The Stupid Right should call them out on this, but, alas, if the Right would do so, they wouldn’t be Stupid now, would they?

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

More on Free Riding


Ethnocentrism, collectivism can outcompete atomized individualism, but free-riding is a problem.  Hence, someone can benefit from the altruism of co-ethnics while selfishly pursuing their own interests, not reciprocating the altruism not contributing to common co-ethnic social goods, and in some cases actually acting against the interests of the ethny if that action is of personal benefit.

Thus, ethnocentrism is stable and adaptive if free-riding can be detected and punished. The problem is that Whites currently do not have policing of free riding. Thus, Whites who betray their race for personal advantage, or for whatever other reason, do so with complete impunity. Openly treasonous free riding is rampant among Whites, especially high status Whites, who see race treason as the path to career advancement, wealth, power, status, social praise, etc.  In the absence of a strong counter force, and given the tropism toward individualism of Whites, we can see how free riding, particularly by elites, heavily contributes to White dispossession and the ongoing racial crisis.

Of relevance: Please see this.

The fact that traitorous and selfish genotypes perform just as badly against humanitarians as they do against ethnocentrics, and the lack of any mediation effect of free-riding contradict the alternative mediation hypothesis that only ethnocentrics out-compete selfish free-riders. Although ethnocentrics can exploit selfish agents in neighboring clusters, the self-limiting properties of defection against the free-riders' own gene pool tend to diminish this advantage. Under many conditions, there are not enough free-riders to allow this potential ethnocentric advantage to be widely used.

Take home point: free-riding strategies are the worst possible, so bad that they perform badly even compared to humanitarians!  The idea that ethnic nepotism is “not stable” because of free-riding is not supported by the data.  Quite the opposite: it are the free-riders and their genes that will be weeded out; they can’t even prosper against humanitarian milksops. Free-riders will be so few in number that they won't even be efficiently exploited by non-ethnic ethnocentrists. Free-riding is a genetic dead-end.

Notice that the dominance of ethnocentrism over humanitarianism, and the marginalization of selfish and traitorous strategies, can be explained purely via individual selection, without recourse to group-selection mechanisms.

This is an important point, because the anti-Salterian HBDers would have attempted to discredit these data by suggesting they are wholly dependent on group selection and, thus, "unreliable." No, sorry, individual selection is sufficient to explain the dominance of ethnocentrism and the pathetic failure of free-riding.

Unlike selfish free-riders, traitorous agents have the additional problem of being exploited by the very out-groups they cooperate with. This explains why traitorous genotypes typically do even worse than selfish genotypes, despite the traitors' greater capacity for cooperation…strategies that fail to cooperate with their own kind (selfish and traitorous) never gained much of a foothold.

Treason never prospers. White leftists, White cuckservatives, White “race-realist” HBDers are all headed for the genetic rubbish heap.  Unfortunately, due to their social and political power, they will drag ethnocentric Whites along with them, unless we leverage our ethnocentrism against the System and save ourselves.

So, the literature, based on computer simulations, suggests that that ethnocentrism can be evolutionarily stable and highly adaptive, while free riding, particularly free riding traitors, are strongly selected against.

How is the above consistent with my concerns with free riding?  If those simulations are correct, then why is free riding currently prospering among Whites?

Two issues, one practical and the other theoretical.  First, all that is described above with the computer simulations would apply to normal humans, not masochistic sissified pansy cuck weakling freaks such as the White race.  Are Whites, or at least significant portions of them, so atomized in their hyper-individualist pathology that they are incapable of policing free riding and defective in normal ethnocentric responses? Is this part of the “spiteful mutant” phenomenon the HBDers like to talk about?

Second, I can hypothesize that while, even for normal people, free riding is counter-selected eventually, there may be short term benefits (particularly exacerbated with relatively weak policing) and there may be a short window in which rampant free riders – particularly “traitorous genotypes” - can severely damage the genetic interests of an ethny before the free riders are brought under control. Thus, even if Whites are not so abnormal, we may be in the middle of such a window and, given current trends, if the situation is not quickly reversed, things may indeed become irreversibly bad.

There is more. A third possibility, which can fit in with the possibilities above, is that the presence of Jews in Western societies as powerful Culture Distorters, increases the severity of these problems, as they boost White free-riders by leveraging societal resources to reward anti-White White free riders (the traitorous genotypes) , while inflicting social pricing on more ethnocentric Whites.  Jews may be an “X” factor here- some may argue against this by citing White nations with few Jews that still exhibit these problems, but, first numbers are not so important, a few powerful Jews in important positions an cause much damage; second, Jewish influence in America and in international institutions, including academia, etc., may be sufficient to spread the “virus” if rewarded free riding even to those White areas where Jewish influence is not so immediately apparent.

So, because of the Jews and overarching Jewish influence, the adaptive fitness of traitorous genotypes us being artificially inflated, since these traitors are specifically rewarded and protected by the Jewish-influenced System.  The “state of nature” taken into account in computer simulations is instead replaced by a “state of yarmulkes.”

What to do?  First, we simply may not be able to save all Whites; perhaps our priority must be the more ethnocentric Whites - and we cannot let the less ethnocentric Whites threaten the interests of all. Second, we cannot let the current window of “adaptive” (*) (traitorous) free riding go on as it has; somehow, we need to police and punish free riding and shift adaptive values more in the direction of ethnocentrism.  Third, along with inflicting social pricing on race treason, we need to alleviate the System’s social pricing against White ethnocentrism. Easier said than done – we are in a “catch 22” paradox here – in order to achieve our goals we need to shift the White fitness spectrum away from treasonous free riding and toward ethnocentrism and that requires facing down (Jewish-influenced) System power, but to have the power to do that, we need a critical mass of ethnocentric Whites whose fitness is not being negative affected by System power. Thus, the ability to police free riding presupposes that we already have the capacity to police free riding, which of course itself presupposes that we are policing free riding.  How to break the circular nature of the situation? I have no easy answers in this essay – we need further analysis on the subject – but if there is any way to start building communities of more ethnocentric Whites, and shield those communities from System power using the abilities and resources we have now, we must do so. Starting small is fine, as long as it is stable, and how the potential for growth. But the incompetent “movement “always mucks things up.

In any case, this post outlines the problem. Solutions come later.

*Please keep in mind when I talk about adaption here, it is more on the personal level.  Looking at things more broadly, ALL free riding that harms the ethny is maladaptive form the standpoint of EGI.  But looking at this from the short-term. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

Odds and Ends, 10/26/20

In der news.

See this. “Japanese cinema.” With all of the things that could be discussed or debated (the “Jewish Question” for example), with all of the current events that could be analyzed, with the upcoming Presidential election and all it means for Whites and for Der Movement, these two prominent “movement” “leaders” conduct a livestream to primarily discuss…Japanese cinema.  Incredible. At least the questions brought the discussion back to reality, but should that have been necessary?  Johnson and Taylor should have dealt with “red meat” topics from the start – instead of waiting one hour and thirteen minutes into the livestream to bring up those issues themselves independent of the questions.

Taylor had to control himself from making anti-Slavic comments; the Poles are not as polite as the British when they ban someone. For shame, all you Polack Hunkies!  And I'm sure the British were ever-so-polite-and-proper when they for years covered up the sexual abuse of English children at Rotherham and elsewhere.  Tea time, mate!

“Everyone can take their lumps like adults” – except Johnson, who has temper tantrums and bans people and, in a cowardly fashion, refuses to debate opponents. I’m not going to specifically comment about the Goad-Costello situation – after all, you should never interfere with your enemy when they are making a mistake.

And if White-Japanese marriage is bad, what about Derbyshire’s marriage to a Chinese woman?

Taylor’s criticisms of Trump were right on target.  Remember, I correctly labeled Trump as a vulgar, ignorant, buffoon even before the 2016 election.

Other issues:

As part of the MacDonald-Cofnas debates, Cofnas cited the “high Jewish intermarriage rate” as a riposte against MacDonald’s claims about Jewish ethnocentrism. I have written about this issue previously and noted that while the current Jewish intermarriage rate is high by Jewish historical standards, it is not particularly high by the standards of European-American ethnic groups. More fundamentally, when considering non-White groups, ethnocentrism is not always incompatible with personal involvement in intermarriage – e.g., there are cases of this among Negroes and among other groups who view “half-breeds” as part of their own people. 

Even more fundamentally, personal attitudes on these issues are complex and people can distinguish between personal interests ("I like that shiksa") and group interests ("the Jewish people need to survive and prosper"). Now, it is somewhat understandable that many Jews prefer to outmarry. Compared to White Gentiles (the group that the overwhelming majority of Jewish intermarriage is with), Jews tend to be physically unattractive and, indeed, mentally unattractive (e.g., being neurotic and abrasive) as well. So, on a selfish level, a given Jew – even one concerned with Jewish survival – may prefer a White Gentile spouse as opposed to a Jewish one.

I believe it fair to say that most Jews are relatively ethnocentric and that they value the continuity of the Jewish people and promote Jewish group interests. My point here is that even Jews who marry White Gentiles can be ethnocentric as well (albeit perhaps less ethnocentric than Jews who insist on only marrying other Jews). I view this as a type of “tragedy of the commons” situation. A given Jew may strongly support the continuance of the Jewish people but does not want to be the one to marry another Jew and sacrifice their life happiness for that group goal. So, such a person may have the attitude of “let someone else do it” – they value Jewish group survival but they want and hope that some other Jews will do the hard work of marrying Jews and reproducing their kind. My point is that Jewish-White Gentile intermarriage does not necessarily preclude ethnocentrism among those outmarrying Jews, so the historically high rates of intermarriage does not have to mean that Jews are losing their ethnocentric tendencies. We need to observe how Jews behave as regards national social and political issues, rather than focusing on how they behave in their private lives. MacDonald is correct.

I despise people, including population geneticists, who make moronic comments about ancestry testing, particularly in relation to historical/ancient/archaic samples and their relative similarity to modern people – with the population geneticists (and others) pointing out that genetic similarity does not mean actual descent, and that when considering people so far in the past, everyone today is descended from them or the geneticists will claim that a person today is unlikely to have any (or very few) of the actual genes from any specific ancestor from very long ago. That's true but it does not mean - as the mendacious morons imply (or sometimes openly state) - that the comparisons are useless or misleading.

Their views of course ignore that genes can be similar by identity by state and not just by identity by descent. When making the comparisons, we are not stating that the current person is (necessarily) a direct descendant from the historical, ancient, or archaic source, only that they share more genes than other sort of comparisons. The fact that a European is going to be more genetically similar to Otzi the Iceman than is a Nigerian or a Japanese does not mean that the European is any more of a direct descendant of Otzi than is anyone else, and it does not mean that the specific gene sequences shared to a greater extent in the European-Otzi comparison are present in the European because they were directly derived from Otzi. The greater similarity does mean that they share more most common recent ancestors and would mean a greater similarity between the ancestral stocks of the European and that of Otzi, compared to the other comparisons.  That is what is being considered and that is quite reasonable. Jared Taylor no doubt is more genetically similar to King Henry VIII than is a Chinese rice farmer. That does not mean that Taylor is a direct descendant, in a direct genealogical fashion, of the king, or that any of Taylor’s gene sequences derive from the king. It means that both men derive from similar ancestral stocks and have many more most common recent ancestors than either has with a Chinaman.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Electoral Politics Revisited


See my comments about an electoral politics strategy.  Given recent events, there needs to be more analysis on this matter. Social media companies routinely censor conservative Republican politicians in America; even President Trump sometimes gets censored.  We have to play the cards we are dealt and make things as difficult as possible for the other side:

If the System wants to shut down White advocacy, then make it as difficult and as painful and as potentially self-destructive for them as possible.  Force them into the position in which the only way to shut down White advocacy is to engage in blatant and public banana republic third world authoritarianism, force them to either accept White advocacy in the political arena or risk unmasking themselves to White America several decades too early.

And yet, perhaps I was unrealistically naïve. The System unmasks itself and Whites do not react.  And yet, the electoral political approach is one important tool in our toolkit, and should not be summarily relinquished.  We need to rethink things carefully though.

See this about Europe.

Earlier today a judge in Athens condemned almost all of Golden Dawn’s elected officials, including sitting European parliament member Ioannis Lagos, to years in prison…Michaloliakos was not tied to any specific crime, but prosecutors used editions of his group’s magazine featuring articles about Germany during World War II from the 1980s and 90s to argue that their political ideas were a form of violence in and of themselves…It was only after May 2012, when the party achieved 7% of the vote, that the Greek state decided it was time to arrest them in 2013.

The Greek situation is very, very bad. Here we have the party’s political ideas themselves being called “a form of violence” (!) and the rationale given for imprisoning elected officials. Greece can no longer be called a “democracy” by any stretch of the imagination; it is a leftist authoritarian state. The hypocrisy of the System is beyond belief – Orban in Hungary is called “authoritarian” simply for resisting globalist tyranny, while the real Greek tyrants are praised for jailing elected officials simply because of their political beliefs.  And I presume the hypocritical scum Roger Griffin will consider this persecution of Golden Dawn as an example of “fascist failure” and “the strength of democracy.”  

Yesterday another nationalist elected official, Marian Kotleba, was sentenced to four years in prison by the Slovak government for handing out checks for 1,488 Euros to poor families in 2017. State prosecutors accused Kotleba, who leads the politically ascendant People’s Party – Our Slovakia, of using 1488 as a secret code for “white power.”…If the Supreme Court upholds Kotleba’s conviction, he will be permanently banned from running for office and will be the first Slovak parliament member to be imprisoned since the fall of communism.

Of course, what is happening to Kotleba is outrageous and unjustified. However, I have to say that the 1488 stunt was stupidly reckless and juvenile. Why endanger your political progress for a childish stunt? Nationalist leaders need to understand how the deck is stacked against them and behave accordingly. As the Greek and Slovak cases make clear, the most dangerous time for a nationalist party is when they are making good progress, but are not yet in power. Their success alarms the establishment, which them moves against them, but at the same time the nationalists do not possess any institutional power to resist – they are powerful enough to be a danger and incite a reaction, but not powerful enough to protect themselves against vicious political persecution. It is while in this danger zone that prudent and mature nationalist politicians must be on their guard and do everything possible to prevent giving the System a pretext for action. The System may act anyway – and a supine population will accept it – but, still, why make it easy for them? All along the line, make things as difficult as possible for the enemy.  All along the line, do not make easily avoidable mistakes.

The leadership of the Spanish nationalist movement — Pedro Chaparro (National Democracy), Manuel Andrino (Spanish Falange), and Pedro Pablo Peña (National Alliance) — are exhausting their final appeal of a prison sentence handed down to them over counter-protesting left-wing Catalan separatists in 2013…Last year, Chaparro, Andrino, Peña and others began mending fractures in the large but deeply sectarian Spanish nationalist movement, putting aside differences to found the electoral bloc “ADN: Spanish Identity.”

It is good that these Spanish nationalists have put aside their differences – but, becoming a greater danger to the System will of course cause the System to double down on the persecution.

What to do?

In the cases where the party still exists, but only the leaders are jailed or forbidden to hold office, new leaders need to emerge, with the experienced leaders influencing the situation from behind the scenes (easier for those not jailed, but whatever can be done), with these new leaders carefully staying (if possible, the System never plays fair) within the bounds of discourse set by law, attempting to achieve whatever levels of influence and elected office possible, and leveraging that influence to overturn the politically-motivated persecution of the party and its leaders.

If the party is banned or falls apart, whatever nationalist core exists in that country (that are not in prison) need to organize a new nationalist party entity, and use that new entity to continue the struggle and push back against the persecution. One must be careful not to repeat mistakes (if any) of the old formation. I counsel taking extreme positions but presented with very calm and rational rhetoric. I am opposed to mainstreaming, but one must make a distinction between policy and rhetoric. We must be honest – the Far Right often has the habit of using bombastic and intemperate rhetoric, while the same views could have been expressed in a more “political” fashion.  Again – the ideology and policies should be radical, not the rhetoric – at least not under the present situation of a lack of freedom of expression. In other words, combine radical positions with more moderate rhetoric.

Of course, the new political entity will come under attack. Make it as difficult as possible for the System, don’t make any false moves that can give them ammunition to use against you. One must be flexible. Consider how Codreanu’s Legionary movement was banned, and then had to be relabeled under other banners – patriotic nationalist movements have always been targeted by the System and the Far Right needs to be protean in response to these attacks.

I’ll also sing the same song now that I’ve been singling for the past 20 years with respect to advice to European nationalists – the fight for free expression (and association) has to be a paramount, possibly THE paramount, part of their political platform. That’s more important than immigration or anything else – if you are going to be banned and jailed for opposing immigration them it stands to reason that opposition to immigration in the absence of political reform, re: free expression, is, by mathematical certainty, doomed to failure. I’ve been writing about this, as I’ve said, for two decades now, and am not going to repeat the details here.

As regards America, the situation is the same, albeit – at least for now – at a different level. We do not yet have elected officials being jailed for their political beliefs (that may change). Fundamentally though, the core foundation remains – freedom of association, freedom of expression, opposition to censorship (even censorship by “private” entities) – must be the cornerstone of a right-wing populist platform.  All other concerns and issues are meaningless if you are unable to publicly articulate your opinions on those issues and attempt influence the electorate.  We need The Political Opinion Protection Act.  See the posts here.

Getting back to my original post about electoral politics:

…but, political candidates can be persecuted.  Just look at Le Pen in France!   My response is that we have to act now, before things get to that point, leveraging the meager First Amendment protections we have left. Yes, if we do nothing now, eventually we’ll reach the point of Europe and well beyond - well beyond because social pricing is worse in the USA, so if we lose the remaining constitutional brakes to leftist tyranny, we will be in fact worse than Europe.  Again, that’s why it is imperative to get started now.  And, again, the American situation, culture, and traditions of free speech (never mind the legalistic constitutional protections) are quite different than in Europe.  What France can do with minimal blowback would result in a rather unpleasant reaction here, even among cowardly omega race White Americans.  We may eventually reach the level of France, and worse, but for now, it’s not the same.  The cost/benefit ratio for the American System is different from that of France.

American politicians who can be considered “right wing populists” need to take a stand against the social media giants; they need to take a principled stand for freedom of expression. All of the Right needs to rally around this issue. We need our own media, we need legal infrastructures, and we need ways to get around censorship and persecution. This needs to be priority number one. In America as well as Europe, freedom of expression (and of association) needs to be an integral part of the campaign, the ideology, and the political platform. Talking about free speech should not just be a throwaway line to make a point, but a central part of your whole political identity. No one is doing this in either America or in Europe.  Free speech is viewed as a peripheral issue, if it is mentioned at all. This needs to change.  It needs to change right now, immediately.

Will the System then go to the point at which advocating for freedom of expression is itself illegal?  If it gets to that point, and if the White Cuck Race does not rebel, then it deserves oblivion. At some point, being manifestly maladaptive in your behavior is going to have irreversible negative consequences. We are fairly close to that point already. I wonder if Europe has already reached that if major political figures are jailed solely for their political beliefs and the population does not react (or approves!).

There are still possibilities for electoral politics for our side. But we need to get serious and get highly organized, and we need deep analysis on how to deal with all of these issues.

On a side note, it is interesting that the wonderfully ethnocentric “Outer Hajnal’ Greeks are taking such an insanely hard line against nationalists, while the wonderfully high trust “Inner Hajnal” Swedes do not.  And then you have Slovakia and Spain. And then you have Salvini’s legal problems in Italy.  It’s almost as if HBD-Nordicism is absolute nonsense, but, hey, we just know that can’t be the case, right?

Saturday, October 24, 2020

It's a Start

What to do?

I have been asking "movement" "leaders" to consider contingencies in case of different election outcomes, and, to his credit, Taylor has at least broached the issue.

See this.

Of course, we will support Senators and Congressmen who aren’t bootlickers, but our efforts will mainly be local.

That's fine.  But we need to become involved in electoral politics ourselves, at the local level if that is what is possible, but at the state and national levels if opportunity arises. This doesn't have to be as all-out "White advocates" in all cases - Trump has shown there is a national-level niche for implicitly White right-wing populism.  For now, the probable formula would be - the lower the political level, the more explicitly White you can be (dependent upon local conditions). The bottom line is that "local efforts" will be for naught if there is no local political protection behind them.

As the federal government and some local authorities go steadily more insane, resistance will harden in white areas. Some of us will move to where we can build communities, and campaign in city, county, school-board elections. 

"Campaign." OK, that's what I'm looking for. But, to be honest, those are the sort of things that should have been already happening. The four years of the Trump Interregnum were the perfect time for this consolidation and expansion. Instead we got Unite the Right, Pepe and Kek, and articles about Chinese IQ and Savitri Devi.

We will use Big Tech while we can, but you can expect it to become a wasteland of ideas, that is to say, a mouthpiece for the New York Times. We will build up the alternatives: Gab, Parler, Bitchute, Entropy.

And when those alternative become silenced?

In our own lives, we will educate our children at home and build groups to share teaching responsibilities. 

That's great. If it is so easily done, why hasn't it be actualized yet?

We will get firearms while we can and learn how to use them. Second Amendment groups will soon be hated almost as must as racial dissidents; they’ll be fertile ground for recruitment, alliance-building, and finding spouses.


We must start using the S-word: Separation. It will be hard to reverse 60 years of nonsense about integration, but integration was supposed to be the end to all forms of racial solidarity. Whites kept that bargain — but no one else did. As anti-white hysteria rises, more people will be open to the idea that reconciliation is impossible, and that we must be free to go our own way. At the local level it will be possible to save our way of life. Ultimately, we must think in terms of another S-word: Secession. Only then will be free.

Back to the broad ideas without any analysis of how to get from here to there.  By the way, this call for "separation" means increased radicalism for those whose vision of America is Leave It To Beaver and "sweet business deals."  America is dead, the corpse is beginning to stink, and it's time to move on from failed "Amnat" approaches. Politically speaking, the "wignats" were right, it just that their "optics" and tactical approaches were all wrong.

But remember: Even if Trump wins, it’s only a reprieve. We will have a little more time to consolidate locally — but that’s all. 

Great.  Why hasn't Der Movement done it the last four years?  If Trump wins in 2020, what guarantee do we have that Der Movement just won't go back to taking about IQ and hobbit holes?

Unless we build white strongholds and defend them, we and our civilization will be ground down, denatured, washed away by people who cannot be us and don’t want to be us.

Talk is great.  But it is not enough. Leaders need to do more than talk - that's been Trump's problem all along, all talk and no action. Der Movement's bigwigs need to realize at some point that if they want these things done, they are the ones who need to get the ball rolling. Or else, we'll be back in 2024,with everything much worse (and Amren still online?), and we'll be reading these same things with no progress made toward achieving them.

We have the right to be us, and only we can be us. And only we will save us.

"We" - all the rank-and-file "activists" out there - have chosen "our" "leaders." Now, I personally disagree with those choices, but the masses of Type Is have spoken.  We have (affirmative action) "leaders" and those are the people who need to show the leadership to "save us."  

Now, as an "insane" "low information moralizer" I may be too harsh here.  Obviously, public online forums are not the place for our fearless leaders to discuss details; perhaps the proper behind the scenes work is in fact being done.

But, there is much more that needs to be accomplished besides even those things I myself mentioned above.  We need proper legal defense infrastructures, political lobbying of a sort, more of an analog presence (including as I have written before to be prepared to go back to analog paper publishing if the digital world is cut off), infiltration of more mainstream rightist groups, free speech advocacy - that's just the start.  That's going to cost money of course.  At some point, we need to stop flushing millions of dollars down the "movement" toilet.  At some point, people other than myself need to question the appropriateness of someone earning $180,000 per year for "running an Internet publication."  

We need to get serious.

Frankly, I'm not sure these guys have it in them. I hope they prove me wrong.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Real Problem: 2020 Election

Missing the point.  And other news.

Read this.

OK, I essentially agree with McDonald’s points. But it is “same old, same old” and doesn’t address the main issues.

Look, I was wrong with my election prediction in 2016.  I may be wrong again in 2020.  But still, even if Trump somehow pulls it off in 2020 – and I think that unlikely – that merely kicks the can down the road to 2024, when the demographics are going to be even worse than they are today.

Perhaps Der Movement hopes that a Trump win in 2020 will so destabilize the country that 2024 will be moot – things will have progressed so far by then that the 2024 election will be irrelevant. That’s counting on two unlikely events – that Trump will win in 2020 and that following a Trump win and the inevitable violent Leftist reaction to that, Whites will get off their cuckified rear ends and fight back (and that the Trump DOJ won’t again start persecuting Trump’s supporters while coddling his enemies).

Anything is possible, but I for one would like to see Der Movement talk less about how bad a Biden victory will be and plan more for what to do if that eventuality actually occurs.

The real problem is how pro-White activism can survive – and achieve at least some goals – in the event of Left victory (in 2020 or 2024, most likely 2020). Talking about how important a Trump victory will be is missing the point. After all, the outcome of the election is not going to be determined by what MacDonald (or I or anyone else on the Far Right) writes about it.

MacDonald’s important role here – as a senior statesman of the “movement” – is to exercise leadership, along with other important rightist intellectuals, and start planning for different electoral outcomes, particularly for the negative outcome of a Biden victory.

That is where “the rubber meets the road” and “movement” “leadership” is going to be put to the biggest test of their activist careers.

What I fear is that these folks really don’t believe their own rhetoric about how bad things can get, and that they will think that “business as usual” will suffice under a Left regime.  What we need is real high-level discussion and serious contingency planning (you know, the kinds of things that should have been going on for the last four years). If The Occidental Observer, American Renaissance, and Counter-Currents, et al. really believe that they can just go back to running articles about “high trust northern hunter gatherers” or “high Chinese IQ” or “Savitri Devi in the Kali Yuga” while the Left cracks down, then they are even worse than my worst criticisms of them.

It’s time for ice-cold analysis, hardcore political planning, defense in depth, and multiple contingency plans.  

If these things are actually going on in private, behind the scenes (as they should be), then that’s good, and I look forward to seeing what is the outcome of that activity. If such is not going on, then I would urge that it needs to start right now, post-haste.

I am justifiably critical of Der Movement and the various leaders involved in it, but they are - for a number of reasons - the only game in town (in America).  If they do not step up to the plate then the ballgame is over (forgive the baseball metaphor, but it seems appropriate).

Hey!  Don’t question the Quota Queens – 

Gryphon's Ferocity

OCTOBER 15, 2020 AT 6:38 PM

Speaking of fashion, I wonder what Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer is up to. Let’s take a look…

Oh my, Richard is defending Joe Biden against the corruption scandal. It’s all based on Richard’s “gut feeling” and he thinks the scandal will blow up in Trump’s face. Interesting. This is definitely not the case where Richard is defending a corrupt piece of shit purely to spite Trump, that would be ridiculous.

Oh look, another tweet by Richard saying MAGA is conservative Inc. and that Trump’s voter base is “slow”. I don’t know about that, it takes a certain type of special to vote for someone as slow as Joe Biden who is going to bring section 8 to every neighborhood and then accuse Trump voters of being “slow”.

Perhaps we should give Richard the benefit of the doubt and realize he has insights that us ‘little people’ don’t have. I mean, I’m just a working class grunt, there’s no way I can have the same vision as Richard Spencer because he has ‘special’ metrosexual powers.

I suppose that Biden-supporting Spencer would and should be excluded from any serious contingency planning by "leaders."

A wise statement:


Posted October 20, 2020 at 11:00 am | Permalink

You give the impression the ’60s and ’70s Left were tough guys when the opposite was the case, unless the acts of coward are taken for prowess. They were every high school and college class’s biggest douchebags and wankers, just as Antifa are today. In both cases they were coddled by the MSM and the police left frozen with a jelly donut in their mouths. The Left advanced, not against conservative America, but into a safe space created for it by the government itself, as it does today.

In fact, the proof is that any person or group who opposes Antifa or BLM in the streets is accused of “domestic terrorism,” making Antifa and BLM the most protected groups in the country. This is official DOJ/FBI and Republican Party policy, not that of the Democrats. As the author says, the FBI is today little more than an excrescence of the ADL and SPLC, not by choice, but through the sheer cowardice of its leaders in the sense that, impossible as it seems, if there are any worse high school douchebags than the wankers on the Left, it’d be the likes of Wray, Comey, McCabe, Strzk, McCarthy, and McConnell.

The real victory of the Left isn’t their takeover of the streets, but their psychological ownership of the Republican opposition, from the White House to the cowards in Congress, who’ll be found sneaking out the back door as their own daughters are being raped upstairs. The incomprehensible cowardice and collapse of leadership from the Republicans is biblical-grade, like the prophesy in Camp of the Saints.

Hitler not a flubro.

Any comment, Mr. McCulloch?

See this.  Long time (very long time) readers of my work know that I haven't always "seen eye-to-eye" with Bowery on everything. That said, I have never doubted his sincerity or intellect, and he has always been an interesting generator of thought-provoking ideas (whether one agrees or not).  So, I encourage the reader to take a look at the videos.  From a purely STEM perspective, the one about dolphins is interesting.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Odds and Ends, 10/21/20

In der news.

Do the flubro retards have anything to say about this?  Those hardy Swedish Vikings will be wearing “face diapers” real soon, I suppose.

Der Movement weeps.  Maximal corruption in Rome was at the times that the city was, relatively speaking, genetically “more northern and western.” Of course, the dishonest “movement” has been saying the opposite for endless decades.

Basically, everything Der Movement tells you is a lie.

The face of Dorian Johnson.

Donald Trump – yet another affirmative action Herrenvolk incompetent. More affirmative action Quota Queen Trumpian incompetence.

Read this.

There are also, I believe, additional, yet related, reasons for the Jewish contempt for beauty. I think that Jews also oppose Western standards of beauty because Jews themselves are an unattractive and, on average, ugly people whose facial features are typically ill-proportioned, unrefined, and, in a word, harsh. Ugly people always resent beautiful people, a psychological trait that emerges early on in human development and would surely be confirmed by a simple survey of, say, 13-year-old girls. So, we’re back with the idea of ressentiment: I am arguing that one reason Jews have such hatred for Western standards of beauty is that they themselves do not meet those standards and, as we know, Jews will want to destroy any hierarchy that does not place Jews at the top.

What is interesting to note is that Jews have a unique disproportion between their high intelligence and their unattractive facial features. This is a fact that sets them apart from every other human group. For all other groups there is a direct, nearly exact, proportionality between group intelligence and the average level of facial feature refinement. Europeans have, on average, the most refined facial features of any human group and they have produced the highest level of civilization and culture attained by any human group. Black Africans, who have produced virtually no civilizational or cultural accomplishments, have the least refined, indeed, most simian, features of any human group.

Of related interest.

Typical rightist anti-science and anti-intellectual attitudes. Then we wonder why it is difficult for the Right to attract STEM people and other academics.

There is much good in the Creativity religion – and religion and the constitutional protections for religion may be useful for pro-White advocates going forward – but this is nonsense.

XII. We do not believe in the use of any “medicines,” drugs, or chemicals as having any healing or therapeutic value. In fact, all medicines, drugs, narcotics and chemicals are poisonous and toxic to the human body. Furthermore, and for the same reason, we do not believe in the use of vitamin, mineral, or enzyme supplements, nor the use of artificial food coloring, preservatives, nor refined or fragmented foods.

XIII. We strongly believe in the practice of fasting as the best means of ridding the body of accumulated poisons and toxins. We are convinced that fasting is the most natural and effective means the body has of overcoming all forms of disease, and restoring itself back to health.

Look, even as far back as the Ancient Greek physicians, it was known that the usefulness of drugs depends on dose – the same drug that at a low dose that may have benefit at a high dose may be a poisonous toxin.  But you can say the same about water – drinking too much water can be toxic and fatal…and then there’s food.

I suppose you just fast though and not eat at all…

See this.

The usual suspects like to compare the “tolerance of homosexuality” in the “Mediterranean world” with the "heterosexual masculinity" found among the Celto-Germanics of Northwest Europe. Let’s see…excerpts, emphasis added:

Several Icelandic heroes were also known to engage in transgender and bisexual behavior such as Helgi Hundingsbana, who in one saga disguises himself as a maiden; and Grettir the Strong, who is described having intercourse with nearly everyone in town including the farmer’s sons, deans, courtiers and abbots.

Male prostitution was reportedly prevalent in early Scandinavia with the fixed price set very low, and several small gold foil plaques, known as goldgubbers, have been found depicting same-sex couples locked in embrace, both male and female.

In the brutal world of Viking warfare, defeated enemies were often homosexually raped or castrated as a gesture of humiliation.  

Diodorus Siculus, a Roman historian of the first century B.C., documented one of the earliest known references to homosexuality among the Celtic tribes of Britannia and northern Gaul.  In a historical account describing early Roman contact with Celtic tribes in the fourth century B.C., Diodorus wrote: “Despite the fact that their wives were beautiful, the Celts abandon themselves to a passion for other men.  They usually sleep on the ground on skins of wild animals and tumble about with a bedfellow on either side.  Paradoxically, they do not regard this as a disgrace; rather, whenever their freely-offered gift of sexual gratification is not received favorably, they regard it as a dishonor.”

One of the earliest examples of an English homosexual is King Edward II, who ruled the nation from 1307-1327…Edward then developed a relationship with Hugh Despenser… 

There’s much more there, but that’s enough.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Odds and Ends, 10/19/20

 In der news.

Maybe he was tired of being married to a 12 year old boy?  Sexual dimorphism!

Cheap laughs:

Archie Bunker

Posted October 15, 2020 at 2:13 pm | Permalink

Admiration for Nietzsche… the only thing Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer have in common.

Off topic, but I wonder why those two don’t get along. I think they are both erudite, well-spoken and offer a lot to the movement.

Rewritten for accuracy:

Admiration for Nietzsche… the only thing Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer have in common besides both being completely inept affirmative action Quota Queens with zero judgment.

Off topic, but I wonder why those two don’t get along. I think they are both moronic, logically incoherent and offer nothing to the movement.

An HBD nightmare – particularly from 1:50-2:10. No “measured groveling” there.

MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!  Who was it who told you four years ago that Trump was a fraud with a Jewish family?

A mafia democracy.

This is true, but it doesn’t go far enough – fundamentally, Antifa and the FBI are the same entity, or, perhaps better put, both are agencies of the US federal government with sufficient overlap in purpose and function so that they are, effectively, the same entity.

Further – since Donald J. Trump is head of the federal government, and since Trump’s FBI and DOJ supports Antifa while persecuting RAM, Proud Boys, etc., please tell me why it is not accurate to assert that Donald J. Trump is the de facto head of Antifa.

  • Jews are a separate and distinct ethnic group, inherently different in traits and characteristics from Europeans.
  • Jews are incompatible with nationalism because they possess cultural and national aspirations of their own, cannot be integrated, and thus represent a state within a state.
  • The modern state has become subject to an aggressive, speculative, and exploitative capitalism pioneered, and in many cases operated, by Jews.
  • Jewish influence in public life is closely connected with the negative aspects of modernity and European racial decline.
  • The excesses of Jewish influence in public life under democracy required the democratic mobilization of anti-Semitism under anti-Semitic parties, an anti-Semitic press, and the expansion of anti-Semitism in culture.

It really does defy belief that anyone could deny the strength of ethnic nationalism and identification among Jews in the American elite. In fact, the argument runs so strongly against common sense and popular knowledge that one can only conclude that the argument is being made entirely in bad faith. 

Imagine my surprise, then, on seeing Curtis Yarvin’s claim that anti-Semitism now boasts “too much” evidence. I’ll grant Yarvin this — he is original. His main grievance seems to be that in order to disprove the claims of anti-Semites he’d have to wade through vast amounts of evidence in order to disentangle truth from fiction. His main problem with MacDonald’s work therefore seems to be that he doesn’t want to go through the same two hundred or so texts for each volume in order to offer a different interpretation. Having nothing to respond with, he simply denigrates the need for a response, walks away, and calls that a victory. 

Joyce claims to be preparing a book about the Jews - good news.