Sunday, November 29, 2020

Something to Ponder

What you should do.

Given the selfish grifters of the “movement” “leadership” and the childish cordon sanitaire they have put around the Sallis Groupuscule, I’m just going to do what needs to be done myself. Obviously, I am not going to discuss details on a public forum like this, but for the benefit of System agents and leftist hysterics, I can say that everything will be perfectly legal and non-violent, essentially spreading memes and influencing various more mainstream entities and peoples.

Thus, my open "vanguardist" work will continue to be the Sallis Groupuscule - my blogs and associated activities - while my "mainstreaming" work will not be discussed here and will manifest elsewhere.

Now, this is what I advise for you, dear reader. Depending on the Quota Queen grifters to get anything done is a complete waste of time, a lost cause. YOU need to get involved, infiltrating and influencing more mainstream rightist organizations, entities, and individuals.  We need to push the Overton Window in our direction, we need to break through the membrane separating us from the mainstream, and we need inject our ideas and our ideals into that mainstream. The times are propitious for this. Think of all those millions of Trump voters convinced the election was stolen, people angry over the direction of America, people wary of the Left (and the Left will act hysterically and inappropriately), think of the open niche of right-wing populism once Trump is gone and the GOP starts drifting back to neoconservatism. There is an open niche space – fill it.  It is time to inject some venom into American political discourse, but if you expect “someone else” to do it, you are abdicating your own personal responsibility and potentially setting yourself up for disappointment. YOU have to do it, YOU have to show some initiative. And don’t go on infiltrated “movement” “discussion boards” and gossip and brag, just do. Again, all perfectly legal, all perfectly non-violent. Chaos and balkanization are the goals, poisoning the discourse, using truth and facts (which are poison to the corrupt and lying System) as a technic, making multiculturalism untenable as a strategy.

Get to it.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Alt-Affirmative Action

In all cases, emphasis added.

Yet another interesting Trumpian coincidence:

Ted Sallis, Nov. 15, 2020:

…this is a statement that Trump needs to make:

I would like to respond to some of the childish and threatening comments made by members of Biden’s staff about having me physically “removed” from the White House in January. Consider this as a statement of my intentions as we await the outcome of the legal challenges to the corrupt election fiasco. I am confident that an honest examination of widespread voting fraud will result in me being confirmed as having legitimately won re-election. However, in the event that the Electoral College does the wrong thing and affirms His Fraudulency Joe Biden as the next President, then the Trump White House will perform its obligations with respect to the transition and I will vacate the White House on the appropriate date. But I will not – repeat not – concede an election that I fairly won.

Donald Trump, Nov.26, 2020:

WASHINGTON/REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he will leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden…Asked if he would leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for Biden, Trump said: "Certainly I will. Certainly I will. And you know that."

But Trump said it would be hard for him to concede because "we know there was massive fraud."

Let’s give credit where credit is due – Goad has written an excellent comment refuting the anti-Boomers. It’s unfortunate that his articles are not written in the same style as his comments. The former are “shock jock” stuff akin to being the Howard Stern of the Right, while the latter are prudent and make sense.

Counter-Currents commentator:

The mountains of hypocrisy from which groypers and their apologists are lording over the rest of us is definitely something the alt-right of yesteryear could never have been a match for.

Time to get another pair of trousers for Greg; attacking Spencer as usual:

Greg Johnson

Posted November 25, 2020 at 10:38 am | Permalink

There’s no evidence that White Nationalists elected Donald Trump. 

That’s not what all your WN 2.0 buddies have been saying for the last four years.

Beyond that, the Alt Right that emerged in 2015 had very little connection to Spencer except using the term Alt Right, which hung around long after Spencer had lost interest in the Alternative Right magazine, which he stopped editing in the Spring of 2012 and shut down at the end of 2013. The online Alt Right emerged from 4chan and TRS and became influential on Social Media.

Greg Johnson, Nov. 2016:

…Richard Spencer, the man who launched the Alternative Right brand…

We can of course argue about what Johnson meant by “brand” – but that seems to me to be more than just the name “Alt Right.”  Back to 2020:

I remember debates in the TRS private discussion group…

Still a member?

…about what to call the movement…

A new idea: The Quota Queen Endless Failure.  Another: Alt-Affirmative Action

…and many people who favored Alt Right had not even heard of Spencer and his zine. 

More Johnson from Nov. 2016:

The Alternative Right began as a particular brand, the name of Spencer’s webzine.

Back to 2020:

Those who knew of Spencer knew of him from Radix. Most of them thought he was a pompous tool.

Johnson, who “bans” people who have the temerity to criticize him in the slightest, and who talks about “firing donors,” is of course not "pompous." Nor a “tool.”

Spencer, however, used the dubious claim that he had invented the term Alt Right, as well as the fact that he was a public figure and the real creative people at the time were not, to claim that the movement was his. 

Once again: “…Richard Spencer, the man who launched the Alternative Right brand…”  One can quibble about the terms "brand" and "invented" and who did what. I personally never heard of the Alt Right infection until Spencer started promoting it. And no one denies Gottfried's involvement either. So, this all from Johnson is just more "hanging judge" excitement over attacking Spencer. Trousers!  Trousers! Where are those new trousers?

He then set out to drive out rivals, first focusing on Milo and other Alt-Lite figure. In January 2017, he created the Alt Right Corporation as a hairbained …

“Hairbained” – as I always say, the Herrenvolk don’t need no stinkin’ correct spelling.

…scheme to centralize the movement under his control. 

Unlike Johnson. By the way, will you critique others involved, such as Red Ice and Jorjani?

On June 1, 2017 in he published an idiotic piece coauthored with Daniel Friberg called “Greg Johnson’s Attacks & How to Deal with Them,” attempting to read me out of “his” movement, like a Jew crying out in pain as he attacked me. 

The pot calls the kettle black.  Who has been feuding with virtually everyone in Der Movement at one time or another?

He also tried to take over Identity Europa, and when that failed tried to destroy it and create a rival organization.

Hey!  He was “punching right.”

Spencer is pretty much the paradigm of the selfish movement grifter who was happy to create conflict and division within the movement to build up his own brand and personality cult.

Hah!  An even more obvious example of the pot calling the kettle black.

But in the end, he did not have the talent to pull it off. 

I agree – others are better at being selfish destructive grifters.

Nick Fuentes has proved much more adept at this selfish and destructive game. Who knows how long he will last. I just don’t think it is wise to invest much hope in such obviously selfish people.

Tell that to Travis LeBlanc.  Why don’t you debate Fuentes and/or LeBlanc?  Are they “insane” as well?

The bad news for Johnson is that certain "movement" elders - your guys, Greg - have a high opinion of Fuentes. The good news for Johnson is that since Fuentes is not "one of the boys" his ceiling in the "movement" is limited; certainly, he'll never be accepted in Der Movement proper. After all, while the Afro Latino Fuentes is seemingly eligible for affirmative action in the System, he certainly is not eligible for affirmative action in Der Movement.

Fuentes it seems is making the same mistake as Spencer.  The real future for Fuentes is in electoral politics, not jackass rallies or juvenile "groyperism."  If he compromises himself at a young age, he'll shut out possibilities for the future.

More Johnson Nov. 2016:

I do want to end on a hopeful note. There is no question that the Alt Right is a useful brand, and because of that, it may well revive.

Meanwhile, I was attacking the Alt Right and predicting its demise.  Who was right?  Do I need even ask?

More about the covid-19 vaccine - the mRNA vaccines are one thing, but the adenovirus-delivery DNA vaccines are quite another. In theory, the former doesn't sound that bad - although it hasn't had proper safety testing - but the latter is not something that I am really comfortable with: Viral-mediated DNA delivery to cells...and then the possibilities of bad reactions to the viral vector itself (things like that have occured in the past, re: gene therapy).

However, a problem with the mRNA vaccines is that they require very cold temperatures for storage, and given that America is well on the way to Third World status, are you confident that the entire vaccine supply chain will be maintaining the correct storage temperatures? Thanks, China!

It’s ethnonationalism!

Haunt me?  They energize me; can I have more?

Laugh at this.

They are more likely to be established and respected members of their communities. If more people like that became open white nationalists, it would have a big impact. (Both of these points also apply to homosexuals, another demographic that the Right would be foolish to alienate.)

It’s Counter-Currents after all. Queers groping Pilleater at Counter-Currents-associated meetings are “respected members of their communities.”  “Oh my god,” indeed.

Note that these Negro nationalists are headquartered in DC with nothing to fear from either the mainstream System or the System’s street-level shock troops (Antifa). This is evidence that these Negroes are either (a) part of the System knowingly or unknowingly and/or (b) are not considered by the System to be a threat.

Also note the retardation about vaccinations as well as the delusion that Papuans are closely related to sub-Saharan Africans. But, hey, that’s good. The more Negroes are unvaccinated and get disease, the better, and, certainly, the more groups that are opposed to Asian supremacism, the better as well.

Can one fault the Negro for equating White nationalism with Anglo-Saxon hegemony?  Not really, that’s what Der Movement is about, no?

I have to laugh about “reparations”- after trillions of dollars have been funneled to Blacks through social welfare redistribution and with a half-century of affirmative action handouts.

No, it is not “backwards.” Some adjustments are perhaps needed – a bit more protein perhaps (e.g., chicken and fish, particularly the latter) and maybe a bit less grains – maybe.  Avoiding excess refined sugar and low fiber processed carbs should be stressed – but there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this.  It’s just more of the Retard Right, who think eating red meat and processed meat is a political statement.  Chow down – your cancer will thank you for it!  Completely insane. "Proper diet = mostly meat." How I loathe the Type Is and their anti-science irrationalism.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Groyper Alert!

Boomer/Gen X counterforce strike.

Let’s consider this laughable retardation in more detail. It’s too long and too boring to examine in its entirety, but a brief fisking of selected excerpts is in order, emphasis added:

I was planning to go to Charlottesville, but I couldn’t get off work the day before. I could theoretically have still gone but the logistics would have been insane. I would have had to go straight from work to the bus station and then taken a 14-hour bus ride and then gotten there sometime in the afternoon. Then I would have had to take a cab to and from the event. Eventually, I just said “Fuck that. This all sounds very complicated, annoying, and expensive. I’ll be there in spirit.”

Poor baby! Traumatized by the idea of going to Charlottesville!  Imagine if this guy had to travel to the mountaintop to see Pierce – he’d need years of intensive mental health counseling in order to recover.  Certainly, seeing all of the cross-eyed West Virginia waitresses in run-down restaurants seemingly all populated by the same tobacco-chewing flannel shirt-wearing crowd (and that's the women) would be sufficient to invoke serious nightmares, no doubt.

(I won’t tell you this kid’s name because it’s one of those newfangled white names…Anyway, this white kid from Boston had one of those names. The poor thing. It would basically be doxing him to tell you what it is, because I doubt that there are any more than 3 people in the universe who have it. 

I am always bemused by “activists” with names like “John Smith” who brag about their courageous use of “my real name.” Yeah, sure, there’s only like maybe 10,000 other “John Smiths” in America, so, yes indeed, the spotlight is intensely focused on you just like a BLM-protest laser beam. Compare that, to, say, someone with the stupendous testicular fortitude to use their real name of “Full Moon Ancestry.”  Now, that’s a more rare Danish-American name, no doubt, and Mr. Ancestry – or should I call him Full Moon? – should truly be lauded for his openness in that regard.  Indeed, isn’t Nicholas Jeelvy a rare name in Macedonia?  Kudos to the Turko-Albanian Pillsbury Dough Man. Even Jef Costello is not that common of a name – Jim Goad would agree. Then we have Greg Johnson whose own name is so rare, it’s a miracle he evaded the public eye for so long while using it.

He said he was not familiar with Counter-Currents. I asked if he knew who Greg Johnson was. He said he did, and I told him “Well, Counter-Currents is his website.” 

The intellectual bombast of Counter-Currents certainly makes a great impression on the “youth culture.”

Kid Boston told me that he started watching Nick Fuentes about a year before the Groyper Wars, but before that had been a 4chan lurker. By Groyper standards, that pretty much made him an OG.

WN 2.0!

It was pretty early by the time we got to Freedom Plaza; about 9 o’clock, and things weren’t supposed to get going until around noon. We had some time to kill. Tim said he knew DC pretty well and knew of a nifty diner where we could get breakfast. It was a short walk. On the way to the diner, a white boomer woman passed us by, smiled at Tim, and said “Oh, thank you. We need more black Republicans.” Sigh.

Yes, Sigh. If had it been a white millennial or zoomer woman instead, she would have fellated the Negro. Sigh.

COVID skepticism appears to be the default among Trump supporters.

That stampede are all the White STEMers running away form you.

The Proud Boys are certainly having a moment right now. They recently got a semi-endorsement in an internationally-televised live presidential debate followed by a much less-publicized disavowal from none other than President Trump himself. Of course, the Trump apologist will insist that his initial reaction represented Trump’s true feelings. Trump’s kneejerk reaction, his gut instinct in the spur of the moment, was to defend the Proud Boys, and his later disavowal was a pragmatic necessity done with a wink and a nod. I’m neither endorsing nor disavowing this claim. I’m just telling you what the argument is.

4D Chess!  Trust the plan! MAGA!  Pepe! Kek! Drink milk!

There are currently rumors that the Proud Boys are experiencing a crisis in leadership. Word on the street has it that Kyle Chapman, AKA Based Stickman (remember him?), is attempting to oust the Proud Boys’ current leader, the Afro-Cuban Enrique Tarrio, and intends to transform Proud Boys into an explicitly White Nationalist organization…Look, I’m the last guy to criticize any person or group for wanting to go in a more ethnonationalist direction. But the fact that Chapman is talking like a movie villain (or a typical wignat) makes my spidey-senses tingle. Best case scenario, this guy’s a LARPer. Worst case scenario, he’s a Fed. Somewhere in between those two extremes is the possibility that he was just drunk when he wrote that.

“Spidey-senses tingle.” Was the Green Goblin at the rally?  Mysterio?  Doctor Octopus?  The Vulture?

Er...isn’t Kyle Chapman that Alt Right/Alt Lite nitwit who was going to rallies dressed like Captain America and who was married to an Asiatrix?  That’s one of YOUR guys, not mine - prime Millennial-style Kekian material, no?

Using the word “negro” is one of those things that can sound either retro-cool or tryhard cringe depending on context. 

Someone who uses the term “spidey-senses” tells us what to say and write.

It’s like calling someone a “sodomite.”

Like Greg?

Now, I am a lover of all things old-timey. But in my opinion, if you are going to go old-timey, you should go full old-timey. Don’t just go old-timey with your racism. If you are going to call blacks negros, you should also refer to cat ladies as “spinsters” (“old maid” is also acceptable). Stop calling them “thots” and start calling them “floozies” (unless they are a thot for married and/or rich guys, in which case they are an “adventuress”). Go full old-timey, and then when you use the word “negro,” people will say “Well, he’s just an old-school kind of guy.”

How about the “old-timey” word “retard” to describe Trav?

Personally, I think “colored” has more retro charm.

Personally, I think you are a pretentious jackass.

Secondly, the fact that the Proud Boys are not explicitly white nationalist gives them enough plausible deniability that they can go out in public and confront Antifa in ways that we cannot. If they went full white nationalist, the establishment would start throwing these guys 30-year prison sentences for jaywalking.

I’m always happy to see people come over to the white nationalist side, but the Proud Boys do have some value as a junior varsity team.

Well, sure, if you worship someone who self-describes as “Afro-Latino” I suppose that all makes sense. 

That's not a critique of Fuentes, of whom I have no opinion, positive or negative. He self-describes as "Afro-Latino" - perhaps tongue-in-cheek based on at-home-ancestry-testing results or some such nonsense, but...whatever. For me, the likes of Fuentes and the so-called Groypers are essentially irrelevant. They're just another incoherent expression of rightist "youth culture." On the other hand, Counter-Currents is highly relevant, given that it is emerging as the central core of the anti-White multiracialist "woke" faction of the "Far Right." Thus, this essay must be analyzed, even though it is on a subject of little interest to me.

For their part, Hispanics, like all Latino people, have a soft spot for strong men. 

Let’s ask the Afro-Latinos what they think.

There have always been black Republicans for as long as I have been alive. Not only were they extreme outliers, but most of them gave off a strong Uncle Tom vibe.

Isn’t “Uncle Tom” an “old-timey” phrase?  Watch it - my “spidey-sense” is a-tinglin’!

When I encountered Lady MAGA, he was surrounded by a phalanx of faghags clamoring to have their picture take with him. I kid you not. Conservative women were utterly fascinated by this creature. The fact that someone could be both a drag queen and a Trump supporter completely blew their tiny little minds.

So much work to be done. . .

So, do you support drag queens and consider those who view drag queens as freaks as people with “tiny little minds?” Or are you merely mocking "boomer" fascination with that creature? Your confused "gonzo" writing leaves much to be desired. With respect to the drag queen itself, I suppose that’s the “West Coast White nationalism” Johnson supports.

 “I say Groypers, you say rise! Groypers!”




By “rise,” Groypers are talking about their penises as they lustily leer at a greasy-haired, buck-toothed, flat-chested Chinatrix.

They even managed to get some pretty long chants going, like reciting a Fuentes quote from the intro music of the show. One guy would yell “America First is inevitable! It’s unstoppable!” and the Groypers would respond: “AND THE REASON WHY IS BECAUSE IT’S NOT COOL TO SHILL FOR BIG BUSINESS! IT’S NOT COOL TO SHILL FOR ISRAEL! IT’S NOT. IT’S GAY!”

Gay?  What would The Homo and the Negro think?

The Groypers then broke out into chants of “Fuck Wignats” followed chants of “Optics” and “Fuck that, wignat” and then “fuck off, Fed” and “glowing.” At one point, the Groypers surrounded the Wignat in T-poses.

That  is, I suppose, the WN 2.0 that Johnson has been telling is so much better than the WN 1.0 variety.

When Nick Fuentes finally arrived on the scene, it was like something out of Hard Days Night. The Groypers erupted in jubilation. The kid’s a rock star. 

Rock star?  Like MacDonald?

I’ll admit that I am an unapologetic Fuentes plan-truster.

After all, the lesson from the Trump fiasco is that we should worship and blindly follow some leader, with no skepticism whatsoever. Trust the plan!

The thing about purity and why it is not very impressive is that you don’t have to do anything to be pure. Being effective requires some combination of talent, skill, hard work, and patience. 

Therefore, we should assume that Der Movement’s affirmative action Quota Queens have no "talent, skill, hard work, and patience.”

My default assumption is that all anonymous people attend gay interracial orgies (*) until I have specific reason to believe otherwise. I do not consider the burden of proof to be on me.

If someone is anonymous, I can only assume that they go about their day to day life pretending to be some kind of liberal, either classical or full-flavored. And yet I’ve been called a coward by more anonymous people than I can count (and I can count very high)…In my opinion, anonymous people should not be allowed to have an opinion on optics. Why should they? 

Thus, anonymous activists with decades of experience, including IRL analog activism, should be disregarded. In contrast, some drooling retardate who crawled out of his parents’ basement a couple of years ago to chug down gallons of milk while screaming “Kek!” should instead be carefully listened to.

No doubt, some of you are probably thinking “Well, Trav, it’s easy for you to not be anonymous. You have a cool-sounding name. You’re a white nationalist whose name literally means ‘The White.’ Who named you? Charles Dickens? The only reason I go by AryanWarrior1488 is that no one wants to hear about Khazar Theory from a guy named Melvin Snodgrass. If I had a cool sounding name like Travis LeBlanc, I’d be out there peacocking it like you do!”

That’s no excuse. Okay, so you have a silly-sounding name. Do you know who else had a silly-sounding name? Mussolini. I mean, Benito is not bad, but the name “Mussolini” is objectively silly. But Il Duce didn’t let that stop him. He went out and did badass things and now people associate the name “Mussolini” with being a badass.

That’s the sort of mature and sober analysis we can come to expect from Counter-Currents in its Majority Rights-like decline phase.

That’s because the Groypers are, to a very large extent, a cult of personality. Within the context of the Groypers, “purity” means believing whatever Nick Fuentes believes. 

That sure worked out well with the Alt Right and Trump.  Let’s hand it to Der Movement – they are admirably consistent in never learning from their mistakes.

This is one of the things that separates the Groypers from the Alt-Right of yore. I think Richard Spencer very much would have liked to have turned the old Alt-Right into his own private cult of personality, but unfortunately for Spencer, one of the requirements for starting a cult of personality is actually having a decent personality.

What would a Counter-Currents article be without an attack against Spencer?

As a relevant aside, I have to laugh at this:

According to his clerk, Goddard had the habit of ejaculating when passing a death sentence, “so that a fresh pair of trousers had to be brought to court on those occasions.”

I suppose some Alt Right Quota Queens need a fresh pair of trousers every time they or one of their sycophants insult Spencer.  Anyone in mind, Greg?

Back to LeBlanc:

Within the Groypers, it’s all based on Nick. He is the President and the Supreme Court. What he says is law. 

WN 2.0!

A boomer lady looked over at the crowd of Groypers and could tell that something interesting was happening.

Meanwhile, the millennial and zoomer ladies were screwing Negroes.

But the wild enthusiasm of the Groypers still attracted curious onlookers who continued to watch Fuentes even though they could not hear what he was saying.

The Afro-Latino personality cult is the future of WN 2.0!  Heil Pepe!

“The groyper thing is going to burn out fairly soon (don’t believe me? Let’s talk again next fall).”

— David Cole, November 26, 2019

The only thing Cole got wrong was the time table.  Give it a bit more time, Moshe.

I agree with Johnson here, but who was it who took that stupid woman seriously to begin with?  Let’s take a guess.  Bad judgment, anybody?

An excerpt from a wonderful comment left at Counter-Currents:

This, like every optics cuck proposal, went nowhere, accomplished nothing, and didn’t even manage to be aesthetically or intellectually interesting. This site, and all others like it, have become a shell of its former self. 2020 Counter-Currents is little more than 2016 Breitbart. You people abandoned every principle to make your movement solely about the Trump cult of personality, and you were incapable even of getting the man himself reelected. Enjoy shilling for Nimrata Randhawa/Tim Scott in 2024.

Yes and no. While this fellow is on the right track - Counter-Currents is firmly on the path of eventual terminal decline, following in the footsteps of Majority Rights - he doesn't quite get the reasons why.

Just like Groyperism is a Fuentes personality cult, Counter-Currents is a Greg Johnson personality cult. So, whatever ideology and memetic tropes Johnson has thrown in his lot with, then that's what all the sycophants parrot. So:

  • HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance, leading to the promotion of multiculturalism ("Rosie and the kids")
  • Hatred of Richard Spencer
  • Trumpism
  • Anti-pan-Europeanist ethnonationalism
  • Backwards traditionalism with an esoteric bent
  • Promotion of homosexuality
  • WN 2.0/Alt Right/big tent stupidities
  • Johnson never admitting being wrong about anything, constant lies and gaslighting
  • "Punching right" but having glass jaws when someone "punches right" in their direction
  • Defending Der Movement's rigid ethnic affirmative action program
  • Pan-handling for money; after all, "Trevor Lynch" needs to go to the movies and write reviews for the Jew Unz
  • Privileging "movement" politics and the "good old boys" network over what's best for the race
  • Taking on new writers not for any ideological purpose or strategic approach, but to boost page views and get more "D'Nations"
I can go on, but that's enough. What does it say about Counter-Currents when Jim Goad is the wise and prudent voice of reason on most of the comments threads?

This is HBD; this is Amren:
With an average IQ of 115, most Jews are born superior.
I have been telling you, constantly, for years that HBD is a Jewish-Asian supremacist ideology that wants to privilege Jewish and Asian interests over that of Whites.  Amren self-describes as "yellow supremacist" and has as a commentator and blogger the likes of Engelman. Counter-Currents shills for a multiculturalism that would allow Jews to live in a White ethnostate, never mind "Rosie and the kids." That's what your Quota Queen "movement" supports.

The Arctic Alliance disproven again - Sallis is always, ALWAYS right. The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  After all, like Jews, Asians are at the top of income, per capita net worth, educational achievement, etc., but like Jews, they "vote like Puerto Ricans."  The explanation is simple - a burning hatred of Whites. And no amount of "measured groveling" by Derbyshire to his Chinese wife can alter these facts one iota.

The retarded buffoon’s Platinum Plan sure worked out, huh?  MAGA!

This same voter thought Trump’s immigration reform implied he would give amnesty and bring in more immigrants. So much for the well-informed citizen. This same ex-Trump voter is now a strong Black Lives Matter supporter following the George Floyd riots. “That was a huge turning point for me, I think, in general of really understanding the Black Lives Matter movement and just embracing it,” she said of the demonstrations that ravaged Minneapolis.
“She” – let’s have some more pro-female “white knighting” from Counter-Currents, now, right?

And – 
The town’s younger, more cosmopolitan residents are also fueling the shift toward the left. A 26-year-old woman recalls how she was the first one to put up a Biden sign in her neighborhood and this convinced her neighbors to follow suit.
Lots of "independent thinkers" there, eh? Sounds rather...conformist and collectivist to me. And, oh, by the way, what do you think is the ethnic breakdown of the semi-retarded cuckified White voters in this town?  High trust!
The media’s election narrative will claim nationalism alienated these sensitive whites and the GOP must abandon Trumpism to win them back. That’s a strategy designed to lose the country. The 5 percenters are right in one aspect: the Right should focus on winning over more downscale whites than cucking to upscale whites. That’s the only viable strategy for a serious Right-wing movement.
Re-written for accuracy:
The media’s election narrative will claim nationalism alienated these sensitive Nordish whites and the GOP must abandon Trumpism to win them back. That’s a strategy designed to lose the country. Sallis is right in one aspect: the Right should focus on winning over more “Outer Hajnal” White ethnics than cucking to “Inner Hajnal” High Trust Whites. That’s the only viable strategy for a serious Right-wing movement.

Der movement, der movement, der movement marches on.

* Do those events involve Hermansson?

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Of Boomers and Covids and Other News

In der news.

Following up on this, I want to once again express my distaste for all of the intergenerational warfare anti-Boomer memes coming from the Millennial and Zoomer retards of the Alt Right.

Can Boomers be justifiably critiqued? Of course, but the same goes for Millennials and Zoomers and whatever other (artificial, pop culture-created) generational cohort you wish to discuss. But what makes the anti-Boomer complaints particularly distasteful is the paranoid ideation of the youth that the selfish Boomers are "conspiring to rob the youth of their future” and the snide “OK Boomer” and hostile “fluff the pillow” memes. This is misdirected anger – instead of focusing anger on hard targets, such as the Left, the globalists, the Coloreds, the Jews, the youth instead vent their anger at easy, safe, and soft targets, such as White Boomers. That’s not only stupid and counter-productive, but cowardly as well.

I remember asking my father once why his generation didn’t fight back against the madness that erupted in America in the 1960s. His answer was honest if rather unflattering to himself and his generational peers – “we were afraid.” In the case of the Boomers, the problem wasn’t so much fear but naiveté. They really thought that voting for Reagan (twice) would make a difference, just like they thought that Trump and his MAGA agenda would make a difference. Stupid, yes, naïve, yes, but not malicious or selfish. And not necessarily fearful either.  There’s certainly no agenda to “get the youth” or “stick it to the Millennials.”  Similarly, when the “youth” wrecked American White racial activism with their Pepe Kek Alt Right nonsense, that wasn’t intentional, just bad judgment and stupidity. There’s plenty of bad judgment and stupidity to go around. To blame Boomers for the state of current day America is to grant them too much agency. They were simply hoodwinked like White Americans have been, endlessly, for more than a century.  They were the conned, not the con men.  

Laugh at this.  So, essentially, anonymous activists should just sit down and shut up, while we watch childish Millennials and Zoomers worship Nick Fuentes as if he were a god. Well, I suppose, being disappointed by the Boomer God Emperor Trump, the MAGA Pepe Kek crowd now have to turn to younger material.

Here is one of my easier and least insightful predictions: Groyperism is going to crash and burn in some sort of tragicomic collapse, as did the Alt Right.  The kids are not alright, and the inevitable outcome is, well...inevitable.

I do not want readers to misconstrue my previous comments about a covid-19 vaccine.  While I am generally pro-vaccination, I acknowledge that concerns about the safety profile of these covid-19 vaccines may be, generally speaking, valid, since these are new vaccines, being rushed through, with insufficient safety testing and profiling. My point is, and remains however, that comments about “microchips" and “humans are going to become genetically modified” are nonsense; the real problems would stem from unforeseen negative reactions to vaccine components and/or reactions to a (two-time) “bolus” exposure to the viral antigen in otherwise healthy individuals. However, if people want the crisis to end as quickly as possible, I’m not sure what the alternative is.

Likewise, I do not want my overall position on covid-19 to be misconstrued.  I maintain that the virus is serious and that the flubro attitude of “who cares” is rationally untenable.  However, even though I maintain that something needed and needs to be done, I never advocated for specific measures (precise lockdown procedures, for example). Most likely, the best option would have been either a more stringent Chinese approach or a more relaxed Swedish approach; the half-assed “in-between” American approach hasn’t done much good and has indeed damaged the economy.  

But, ultimately, my biggest objection to those who complain about covid-19, from both the covid alarmist and flubro directions, is that they refuse to hold the Chinese accountable for this crisis. And that is not just some abstract principle. The Chinese need to pay reparations to humans for what they have done and if they refuse they should be ostracized from the family of nations; as step one, cutting back the trade imbalances with China would be the functional equivalent of reparations.  Further, without holding the Chinese accountable, we just set the stage for the next plague they will unleash upon us, which may be far worse than the current one.  But, no, the Chinese are akin to gods, and criticizing gods is blasphemy and cannot be allowed.

The Lind hypothesis strikes again.  Those same types dominate Der Movement, and are now pushing a form of “woke” HBD multiculturalism, as exemplified by the multiracialist blog Counter-Currents.

To get a better understanding of the anti-White, pro-multiculturalist HBD Hapa site Counter-Currents, see the following comments:

Please see this comment (emphasis added).
Jud Jackson
Posted November 21, 2020 at 2:51 am | Permalink
Before Loving, were whites and yellows allowed to marry? I certainly think whites should not marry blacks and browns. Look how the Spanish screwed up all of Latin America. However, I don’t have a problem with whites marrying yellows. I know this is only anecdotal evidence but look at John Derbyshire and his wife and children. It seems to me that when a group with Average IQ of 100 marry into a group with Average IQ 105, the IQs of the offspring will be greater than 100 and this is a good thing. The same is true of crime rates. Yellows have lower crime rates than whites and so the offspring will have lower crime rates than whites. And that is a good thing.

Sallis is always, ALWAYS right. I warned you all about the HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance, I warned you all that Counter-Currents was going to throw its lot in with “Rosie and the kids.” And there you go.  Greg Johnson argues for "White ethnostates" where up to one in ten citizens will be racial or ethnic aliens. Counter-Currents commentators openly shill for White-Asian mongrelization, using HBD arguments, and openly praising the Derbyshire clan. 

Still support Counter-Currents, rank-and-file?  Whither affirmative action?

Readers of EGI Notes understand what this is all about. Everyone, of both sexes, understands the reality of male superiority. This causes ressentiment among many women who then attempt to destroy masculinity wherever they find it – even in their own sons.

The Nietzschean “discovery” of ressentiment is one of the most useful and pragmatically accurate products of 19th century philosophy.

In philosophy and psychology, ressentiment (French pronunciation: [rəsɑ̃timɑ̃]) is one of the forms of resentment or hostility. The concept was of particular interest to some 19th century thinkers, most notably Friedrich Nietzsche. According to their use, ressentiment is a sense of hostility directed toward an object that one identifies as the cause of one's frustration, that is, an assignment of blame for one's frustration.[1] The sense of weakness or inferiority complex and perhaps even jealousy in the face of the "cause" generates a rejecting/justifying value system, or morality, which attacks or denies the perceived source of one's frustration. This value system is then used as a means of justifying one's own weaknesses by identifying the source of envy as objectively inferior, serving as a defense mechanism that prevents the resentful individual from addressing and overcoming their insecurities and flaws.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Odds and Ends, 11/23/20

In der news. 

This is an excellent analysis of the pathetic fraud Trump and his homoerotic obsessed fanboys.

More China worship by the HBDers. Remember, to the HBDers, every Asiatrix is telling them that her name is “Ben Dover.”

More retarded stupidity from the pro-multiculturalist blog Counter-Currents. The whole anti-Boomer meme is divisive and imbecilic; therefore, it is not surprising that Jeelvy, one of the worst writers in the history of the Far Right, defends it.  I listened to about five minutes of this debate. Jeelvy sounded like a whining jackass, complaining about Boomer Privilege in the same vein as Blacks complaining about White Privilege, while Goad, to my surprise, made good sense. The physical contrast between the two is also telling. The Boomer Goad looks lean and fit; the Millenial Jeelvy looks like an amorphous blob of uncooked dough.  Indeed, if the outer is reflective of the inner, Jeelvy's acne is a reminder that his tiresome bleating is that of an angst-ridden teenager.  He also has the self-awareness of roadkill; decrying the alleged assets and influence of Boomers, while proudly stating how much he dislikes the "work thing."

Never forget - the Millennial stupidity of the Alt Right (with late Generation X "leadership" coupled with some asinine Boomer stepandfetchits) helped wreck racial activism in America; WN 2.0 being a decidedly inferior article compared to WN 1.0.

How to treat milady.

Let’s consider this.

THERE IS NO WAY out through the ballot box. 

But the outcome of “the ballot box” can determine the amount of free expression allowed in society and can therefore directly affect your ability to pursue the strategies outlined by Pierce.

The powers that control both political parties are not going to peacefully allow their removal from power. But removed they must be if we and our children and our children’s children are to have any future at all. 

And how to do this?

We need to organize. 

And so after ~50 years, why hasn’t The National Alliance been able to do this?  Why is the organization objectively less organized today than it was 25 years ago?  Or 20 years ago?

…And so I give you the words of Dr. William Pierce in his never-before heard on radio, “The Task of the National Alliance, part 2.”

Thus, the short- and intermediate-term strategy of the Alliance is based on participation by an elite minority carefully sifted out of the overall White population rather than on direct participation by the White masses or by the bulk of the conservative elements among the professional/intellectual class.

For the foreseeable future our program is to appeal to, reach, move, and recruit the members of this radicalizable elite, wherever they may be, and to build with them a function-oriented organizational structure: a structure made up of cadres, each of whom has specific functional responsibilities.

Yeah, that’s great.  And how has this been going so far?  Think of the major figures, the major thought leaders, the elite, of pro-White activism today. How many are these are members of the Alliance (insofar as anyone can tell)?  Only one - Strom.

The intrinsic tasks and functions of the Alliance, those necessary for their own sake, are several. One is to provide a fixed pole of the spirit in the swirling chaos of falsehood and illusion surrounding our people in this era, an outcropping of bedrock of immutable principle amid the drifting sands of change and decay, a citadel of the ageless values of our race.

In other words, easily disproven fossilized dogmas on race.

…it is essential that there be one institution which knows and speaks the truth.

Yes – it’s called The Sallis Groupuscule.

One institution must be incorruptible and uncompromising, speaking the truth not just on the “safe” issues, but on all issues; not just the fashionable and convenient aspects of the truth, but the whole truth.

The whole truth – like the truth that archaeogenetics is refuting the entire Kempian-Nordicist false history of race.

Even though this institution may not be able to compete with the controlled media for the minds of the masses — even though it may not even try to compete — it nevertheless needs to be more than a static oracle. It needs to elaborate and elucidate the truth, to simplify and explain it as well as proclaim it. It must speak to more than scholars, and it must be dynamic, exploring new ramifications, developing new vehicles: fiction, poetry, film, drama. 

And after 50 years…what has been developed? The Turner Diaries?

In addition to the propagation of truth, a vital task of the Alliance is keeping hope alive. 

That would be more easily achieved I think with the occasional victory as opposed to endless decades of utter failure.

Even if our only function were to be the publication of a newspaper, requiring a full-time writing, editorial, and business staff of only a dozen or so cadres, we would still be obliged to concern ourselves with organization, because of the necessity of carrying out our own distribution. The elite minority capable of responding to our message now consists of several hundred thousand persons — perhaps as many as one percent of the adult White population of the United States — and reaching them effectively requires an active membership of several thousand persons willing to participate in a vigorous distribution program.

And how’s that going in 2020?

Today — and next year — we concern ourselves almost solely with our intrinsic task. But at a later time, no matter when, we shall find that all our intrinsic labors, if we perform them well, will have laid the necessary and sufficient foundation for accomplishing our extrinsic task.

Blah, blah, blah. Hiding on the mountaintop, accomplishing nothing, and then leaving the legacy of Pierce to Gliebe to wreck.  Lots of hope being given out there no doubt.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Same Old Story

The herrenvolk!

I have previously mentioned several times the habit of people like Duke and Spencer of continuously jumping from one failed project to another. But this post is about a more general problem than just those two individuals, and it is about a specific subset of the overall issue of constant, endless "movement" failure under affirmative action herrenvolk "leadership."

The specific subset of problems I refer to is the ongoing scenario in which various prominent "movement" figures are unable to successfully complete any particular project as (more or less) originally planned. All configurations of ineptness are observed. Projects may be pushed through but fail miserably - these are the failures that are most conspicuous to the general rank-and-file. But what the rank-and-file may not be aware of are the endless series of aborted projects. Ideas are conceived - some of them promising - and then are abandoned before beginning or, worse, abandoned after people (like me) have already invested time and energy in working on the project, producing initially promising results. Sometimes the projects are completely abandoned, sometimes the story is that the project is switched from one idea to another, with the new idea usually being less promising, less ambitious, less useful, and/or less feasible than the original. This secondary project typically fails and/or is abandoned as well.

Now, sometimes this is necessary and justified. After all, you do not want to reinforce error, throw bad money after good, and sometimes, yes, you have to accept a sunk cost and move on. But I am not talking about isolated cases of failure or isolated cases of abandoning certain projects or switching from one project to another. I instead am talking about an endlessly repeating series of the same sorts of errors and abandoned, failed projects. I am talking about having people like me wasting time again and again, sincerely working hard, with enthusiasm, on varied projects, only to have Quota Queens "pulling the plug" on the project, typically because they are not suitable for carrying it through, they are inept, they are unimaginative dullards who can't follow through on ideas thought up by others, they are impatient fools with apparent attention deficit defects, and they are the ones with faulty ideas and faulty "leadership." This wasting of time and energy because of the failed "leadership" of others has happened to me, and others, so many times that it is a constant disappointment, and, as alluded to above, the rank-and file only see the tip of the iceberg of failure; they typically do not know of all of these other failures and abandoned projects. 

And all of these people, the failed "leaders," cannot take any criticism, they become hysterical about any justified criticism of their ongoing ineptitude, and they are of course protected by Der Movement's ethnic affirmative action program.

Related to this, a Counter-Currents comment:

Francis XB

Posted November 11, 2020 at 3:11 pm | Permalink

Regardless of what happens between now and 20 January 2021, the Dissident Right needs an organized movement, an apparatus.

The dilemma for too many people on the Right during 2016-20 was an over-reliance on Donald Trump. But there was a lack of an effective organization which could mobilize:

* Legal defense

* Fund raising

* Pro-White info ops

* Counters against de-platforming

* Fronts for students, workers, etcetera

* Getting people out into the streets and into the boardrooms

Of course, all this means money, lawyers, specialists, media, alt-tech and (most importantly) a well known personality who could provide access to all of these things.

Is there a personality who fits this bill? Say, a billionaire who is fired up by being deprived of a public office to which he was rightfully elected? Who might be willing to provide a startup grant of several million dollars and perhaps some office space?

Even if the election is tossed to Team Deep State, the long game must be played here. It behooves the Dissident Right to maintain the impetus for Trump.

Apparatus 2021!

So, why wasn't the "Apparatus" built up during the Trump interregnum of 2017-2021?  Do we just blithely accept the incredible abrogation of duty, the complete lack of responsibility, the zero accountability, and the pitiful shocking ineptitude of the affirmative action Quota Queens?

Why don't the rank-and-file demand answers?

But, no.  Send in more "D'Nations."  After all, why not enjoy such wonderful victories such as that pictured here?

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Odds and Ends, 11/19/20

In der news.

To White liberals, the real attitude toward celebrating things such as Black History Month is akin to a normal person celebrating a spastic retard finishing an event in the Special Olympics.

I suspect non-Whites detect this condescending attitude, which is why they are constantly seething with rage even against their “White allies.”  Racial resentment, racial envy, is likely at the root of most anti-White hostility. This is why Black females have the justifiable stereotype of always being angry – physical appearance is the most important thing for hominid females (and they know this, even if SJW “feminists” angrily deny it), and Black females must know that they are considered the most unattractive and undesirable among all of the major racial groups’ females. They see their co-racial males greatly preferring White women, and so they seethe with rage. When White liberals smile at Black invention myths or at some pitifully minor real Negro accomplishment, Blacks must really be boiling inside. To openly admit what is bothering them would be an overt admission of their self-realization of their perceived racial inferiority, so instead it comes out as an incoherent attack on “Whiteness” as a general principle – even “White allies” are tainted by “implicit bias” and the original sin of “White racism,” enriched as they are in their “White Privilege,” and so these Whites must be endlessly subjected to ritualistic humiliation. That gives the non-Whites a feeling of revenge and alleviates the guilt felt by White liberals for their covert self-realization of their own perceived racial superiority.

I suspect the same elements of resentment, revenge, and guilt inform radical feminism and sexualized “female domination” and “male submission” – both parties implicitly understand the reality of male superiority, and so it is manifested in various bizarre ideas and rituals. Then we get into Nietzsche’s ideas about ressentiment and slave morality that are related to the genesis of Christianity. There is a common underlying thread in these phenomena - resentment about a (perceived) realization of inferiority of one party, and feelings of guilt about a (perceived) realization of superiority of the other party.

And if this post is used as “evidence” that I am a “White supremacist” please note that I am specifically discussing the attitudes of White liberals and of non-Whites, both of whom behave in a manner indicating deep-seated attitudes of superiority and inferiority, respectively.

From my perspective, Whites are superior in some aspects, particularly cultural, scientific, and technical creativity, but are grossly inferior in others, such as adaptive fitness. Likewise, women are superior in being mothers and mothering, with men superior in just about everything else. Christian ressentiment is superior in propagating a slave morality, while more noble values are superior in every other way.

How other people perceive and act upon racial and sexual differences is for them to answer for, not me.  Christian ressentiment is for the Christians to answer for, not me.

What dope hired Bolton?

OK, I agree, but that doesn't mean we can't harshly critique Trump.

Someone who understands the disgusting pathetic turd that is Trump:

But we have to be realistic; the historically significant highpoint of the day was the President’s failure to join his vast army of loving, angry and motivated supporters. This was a terrible and tragic error which will cost Donald Trump and America dear.

What should have happened? At the very least, the President should gave given up an afternoon’s golf and spent a couple of hours with his crowd, chatting and giving the lucky few the selfies of their lives. A couple of hours returning the love and telling the faithful to be on standby and to get organised. This isn’t exactly political rocket science, it’s just common sense and decency.

You can measure the missed opportunity and the mentality of the man by asking: what would George Washington have done? Or Teddy Roosevelt, or JFK, or even Reagan or Obama? Anyone of them would have stood on the back of a pick-up, taken a bullhorn and given the speech of his life, the speech that made all the difference. Donald Trump gave a few waves and went off in his armoured limo to play golf.

Trump supporters assert that it would have been an unnecessary “security risk” for Trump to have physically addressed the crowd. Two responses to this are as follows.

First, if Trump had planned in advance to address the crowd, proper security measures could have been put in place. Second, at least he could have stayed in the White House and perhaps addressed the crowd via video. He didn’t have to go and play golf, for godssakes. Get a grip, Trump worshippers.

Why is Trump declaring himself a candidate for 2024?  Likely because he and his advisors believe that is a way to try to preclude federal prosecution – since it may “look bad” for Biden to be politically persecuting a future electoral rival (state prosecution would still be in play).  Of course, that depends upon the Left actually caring what they “look” like. Also, being in the electoral mix would not doubt be good for fund-raising and whatever other grifts Trump has in mind for the next four years.

“The reason I’m very happy that [President] Trump lost – and lost narrowly – is that a second term of Trump would have killed us,” Coulter said…“[W]ith Trump … He’d say these wild things that we’d get blamed for, he’d get attacked on, and then actually did nothing,” she explained…“Trump thinks, ‘I tweeted it. Therefore, it’s done’,” Coulter said…“It’s ironic … that he lost this election, very possibly because of cheating. Democrats cheat all the time. … Trump has been talking about ‘mail-in ballots are dangerous, they’re gonna steal this election.’ He’s been talking about it … probably all year,” she said….“Talking about it isn’t the same as doing it,” Coulter pointed out. “Much like as he tweeted out, ‘Law and Order,’ and yet cities are still burning across the nation. [He] didn’t do anything about it. It’s like he didn’t know he was president.”
More Boomer-bashing from Millennial/Zoomer retards.
…most are out-of-shape Boomers. This reveals a severe inferiority complex. Most of these people know consciously and/or subconsciously that they could never have the pride of wearing a uniform, be it military or law enforcement. They are weak, fat, and uninured to hardship.
Unlike youngsters today, who are more overweight/obese than any similar age cohort in history, who spend most of their free time with their faces stuck into a smart phone, with their lipid-enhanced jowls sagging down onto the screen. Various forms of cancer, heretofore typically observed only in the middle-aged and old, are now occurring in the young, and these are cancers known to be associated with being physically inactive lumps of lard.

So, the question for a typical youth of today is – which is bigger: their pot belly or the colon tumor festering in their large intestine alongside the remains of poorly digested Big Macs?

See this nonsense.  Essentially, Sallis is correct once again. You see, with Counter-Currents as part of the HBD alliance, we must leave room in America for "Rosie and the kids." Also note how this "10% alien is OK" "90% White nationalism" allows the Herrenvolk to colonize other people's nations. Morgan occupying Hungary? He's a ten percenter! Munro in Romania?  Farrell in Italy?  Full Moon Ancestry and "Bang East Europe?" The urinals of Europe's men's rooms haunted by shifty-eyed and hot-handed Quota Queens?  High-IQ Jews and Asians running America?  it's all A-OK!  Hart's vision or a multiracial "White separatist state" including "Asians and others" and his newer vision of a "conservative state" including "conservative Blacks" comes to pass under "ethnonationalist" "leadership." The ethnonationalist filth lie to you about how pan-Europeanism will "violate national sovereignty" while in reality it are the pan-Europeanists who support homogeneous nation states, while the ethnonationalists want to ensure the survival of multiculturalism so as to empower their favorite minorities and/or to justify the hypocrisy of having "ethnonationalist" ethnoimperialists living in other people's nations.

Remember - there is no way out but through Johnson.  White nationalism can flourish only if Johnson and Counter-Currents are unalterably opposed.

Counter-Currents supports de facto multiculturalism.  EGI Notes opposes multiculturalism.  The distinction is clear, no?

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Send Out the Rhizomes

Groupuscules again.

I will be discussing this essay again in this post. I have discussed it before and I will no doubt do so again. It is of fundamental importance, particularly given the situation unfolding in America today and how this will likely affect the Far Right. Any retarded unimaginative dullards who tell you we just need “more of the same” need to be ignored.  

What do we need?

Given the potential of increased scrutiny of, and persecution of, the Far Right, the Groupuscule “rhizome” format looks increasingly attractive as the main strategic approach for the foreseeable future – that is, for the fundamental Far Right itself (indirect surface manifestations among “normies” and various “fellow travelers” is another matter entirely).

Griffin’s essay focuses on the “groupuscular right”—groups, called groupuscules, specifically defined as fully-formed, small, and completely autonomous, with a worldview articulated more for “elite” rather than “mass” consumption. These groupuscules have negligible membership and “minimal if any public support or visibility;” rather than involvement in “politics” (i.e., electoral politics), groupuscular entities instead focus more on metapolitics.

Please note that this does not mean we should not be involved in electoral politics.  As I have been arguing here for years, that is will be crucially important for us going forward; for a rationale see here.

However, the main vanguardist intellectual ferment, the inner core (of which electoral politics is  surface manifestation), the foundation (upon which electoral politics can be built) is the metapolitical work, and under current circumstances, and in the predicted direction of increased scrutiny and persecution, the optimal vehicle for achieving this in in the groupuscular Right, focused more on elite cadres, and with an emphasis on the generation of ideas – particularly the new ideas required to smash “movement” idols and break through the morass of fossilized dogma.

The groupuscule thus renounces a mass public following, and concerns itself with political (actually, metapolitical) education. Groupuscules are revolutionary, promoting for the most part “palingenetic” objectives, with the “ultimate goal of overcoming the decadence of the existing liberal democratic system.”

Putting aside Griffin’s scare quotes, which are reproduced in my essay, that is a fair assessment. This certainly is not the time for a “mass public following.”  As the fiasco of Unite the Right proved, and as the last four wasted years also proved, premature “mass public activities” generated directly from the Far Right will end in failure. The time is not yet ripe. Indirectly, yes, the Far Right can influence “mass events,” including electoral politics, from behind the scenes, and through the generation of the metapolitical ideas that direct surface politics.  But as far as direct activity, it is time to take a step back so as to be able to take two steps forward later on.

Further, to be deemed worthy of analysis by students of “fascism,” such groups must be creating important, possibly novel, ideas, and exerting influence at least among fellow groupuscules. In summary, the groupuscular right is, to quote Griffin, “a constantly growing, mutating, protean counter-culture,” composed of “highly specialized and individualized grouplets.”

It is of crucial importance to stress “must be creating important, possibly novel, ideas…”

Related to the groupuscular definition is Griffin’s distinction between the “slime mold” and “rhizome” models of “movement” structure. While traditional far-right groups have operated more like a “slime mold”—a group of cells that can come together and function as a single, unitary organism (e.g., Nazis, Italian Fascists), Griffin likens modern groupuscular rightists groups as analogous to a “rhizome”—a “tangled root system” with no defined beginning or end, “constantly producing new shoots as others die off in an unpredictable, asymmetrical pattern of growth and decay.” Thus, the rhizome structure is diffuse and leaderless, with no center, no definitive boundaries or “formal hierarchy.”

In the context of increased scrutiny and persecution of the Far Right, the rhizome structure is obviously optimal.  We should be hard to pin down, diffuse, anti-fragile, more robust, with the ability to grow back if some branches get “trimmed.” The tendency of the grifting Quota Queens to want to monopolize and centralize for their personal benefit must be opposed.  In times of increased pressure and persecution, the adaptive response should be for the slime mold to break up and decentralize; instead, we should establish a decentralized rhizome root system that is difficult to be eradicated.

Griffin bemoans the relative invulnerability of the rhizome structure, since “the revolutionary right no longer plays into the hands of security and intelligence organizations” and can survive the suppression of particular “nodal points” of activity. The rhizome can continue to exist even with banned groups and shut down websites, and the constant variable expression of multiple points of activity “fuels the vitality and viability of the organism as a whole.”

Again, the rhizome structure is more robust.

“Keeping the dream alive” in the face of…repression…small and decentralized nature of the groupuscular right allows these ideas to survive; indeed, Griffin suggests that it would be very difficult, perhaps impossible, to completely eliminate memes and memetic development that utilizes the groupuscular rhizome format…a diffuse “organization” with many independent nodes is a much hardier organism in the face of repression than would be a highly centralized group…

Survival is paramount.  Survival ensures the possibility of future success.  A surviving rhizome can sprout up more centralized nodes later on if the times become more propitious.  However, if you force centralization at a time of repression and if those centralized nodes are all eliminated, then you are back to square one, left with nothing, needing to start at point zero.

The decentralized aspect of the current far right allows for the development of diverse, interesting, and extremely varied permutations of memes and ideology—manifestations that would not be possible in the context of a highly organized, top-down hierarchical structure imposing a common worldview…This is analogous to the biological process of mutation—most mutations are harmful or neutral, but, in the midst of the plethora of genetic variation is the occasional beneficial mutation, which confers adaptive value in specific challenging environments.

This is important.  New ideas and new approaches are always important and always welcome, but especially in “specific challenging environments” we need to generate more “mutations” hoping that some of these “mutations” – novel ideas and novel approaches – will be beneficial and aid in the survival and success in difficult times. To create the opportunity for the creation of such “mutations” you will need a lot of diversity of “life”- a diverse group of decentralized groupuscules.

…the groupuscular right may act as a form of metapolitical “dark matter” pulling (Western) societies in the direction of the right and away from the “equality” liberalism he so loves.

To do this, you need to survive and exist.

…one of the cardinal rules of revolutionary, insurgent warfare: as long as the insurgent army exists, and is in the field, that counts as a victory of sorts, and continued existence can, over time, wear down the will and resistance of the enemy. Thus did George Washington help forge a British strategic defeat in the American Revolutionary War, despite many tactical setbacks for the Colonial Army. Stressing survival, and keeping his army intact and in the field, engaging the enemy as often as possible on his own terms, Washington kept the dream alive until circumstances (e.g., French assistance) helped turn the tide. The same logic applies to the role of rhizomitic groupuscules in keeping our dream alive. Therefore, the minimal objective is to maintain some sort of viable ideological memetic, metapolitical presence in the world. 

We need to survive. Better to survive as decentralized rhizome groupuscules than be destroyed as a centralized slime mold.

…any possibility of influencing society outside of the groupuscular right must be taken advantage of…

...Griffin’s concern that “the membrane between the groupuscular right’s uncivil society and orthodox party-politics can at times by highly permeable” can give us hope. 

This is an important consideration. Now more than ever, we need to be on the lookout for the thinnest and most permeable areas of the membrane separating us from the more mainstream Right and focus our attention on those areas to infiltrate memes, paradigms, ideas and ideals, and, actual people – operatives – into the more mainstream Right. And to limit this membrane permeability only to political activity would be a mistake; it serves just as well, if not better, for a wide variety of mainstream rightist metapolitical activities and organizations. Indeed, I have some ideas on what would be sound targets for seeping through the membrane and diffusing Far Right ideas into the more mainstream Right.  I am obviously not going to discuss any of this on a public online forum. I am more than happy to privately share these ideas with the broader “movement” but because of the cordon sanitaire that they have put around the Sallis Groupuscule they are of course not interested (*). But these are things I can do myself and/or with any people willing to participate.

This latest analysis should be considered part of an ongoing conversation, a work in progress, not as a stand-alone, comprehensive, finished piece. As current events unfold, and ae observe and determine what works and what does not, we must continuously evaluate and re-evaluate the role of the groupuscular rhizome structure in pro-White activism.

*Please note: As I have been telling you all along, the self-serving, rent-seeking, grifting “movement leaders” put their personal perks and privileges and their egos ahead of the well-being of their people.  For if they cared about White interests, if they prioritized that, they would be willing to work with other people, including critics that they do not like, instead of protecting the affirmative action program and circling the wagons around the “good old boys” network.  But no. Instead of putting the race ahead of self, they do the opposite. Always remember that.