Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Once and Future Year: 2020-2021

A look back and ahead.

First: Happy New Year

See here.

Predictions from last year and comments:

I am not going to make predictions about the 2020 Presidential election after the error I made back in 2016.

Well, I ended up making a prediction and being essentially wrong again, since I predicted a relatively easy Biden victory, not a narrow real Trump victory followed by a stolen election in favor of His Fraudulency Biden. Lesson: Don’t trust polls about Trump.

I will say that I expect Trump will continue to be a fraud and he may shift right in his campaign rhetoric in order to fire up his dispirited base.

Yes and no. On the one hand, Trump campaigned to the left, with his pandering to Blacks and Hispanics. On the other hand, in the last weeks of his campaign, he attacked Critical Race Theory and did other dog whistling to his base.

I expect that Counter-Currents will continue its sad decline with respect to content – we’ll be seeing more of the likes of Jeelvy in the year to come. Johnson will continue to be Gaslighting Greg.  Johnson will – especially if Trump wins - pretend he never wrote that “Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what.”

Well, Johnson has continued to make believe that he never wrote that.  We have had more of Jeelvy and now Johnson has added Jim Goad to the mix – so this was accurate.  See this. And then, when you thought things couldn't get any worse with Counter-Currents (I suppose that is naive), "Andrew Hamilton" returns. Predicting a continued decline of Counter-Currents must be one of the easiest and least informative predictions possible.

The HBDers – both the Jeurasian and Nordicist factions – will continue to lie about race and racial science.

Yes, and lying by omission as well as commission – the genetic study on Ancient Rome being a prime example.

Spencer disavowing the Far Right in 2020 – 50:50 chance.  

Didn’t happen yet, but I’ll put the same odds for 2021.

I predict that one of the following – Johnson, Spencer, AIM - will suffer some sort of major defeat or embarrassment or failure in 2020.

Spencer’s legal troubles and his cringeworthy endorsement of His Fraudulency Biden fits the bill here.

I predict that attempts will be made to revive the Alt Right – in spirit if not in name - due to the Trump campaign, but that it’ll be a farce.

Well, that happened with respect to Groyperism.

I predict that there is some sort of ongoing, significant infiltration of the Far Right going on right now, but whether it’ll be overtly discovered in 2020 is unknown.  A (unlikely, in my opinion) possibility is that the infiltration will be announced at such a time and in such a manner to attempt to harm Trump’s re-election chances, although this is just pure speculation (I’m not confident about the timing. I am confident that something is going on, but when the other shoe will drop, it is hard to say).  

Who knows?  It may be happening, but we do not know anything yet. There was no infiltration announced around the time of the election – I was wrong there. When  I'm wrong, I'm wrong; I admit it.

Given the upcoming election, we can expect more embarrassing endorsements, obsessions, and disavowals from the candidates concerning people such as Princess Tulsi Coconut and Andy Eggroll.  At the same time, the Quota Queens, moving forward past the election, will pretend that they never endorsed a non-White woman who supports reparations for Negroes (Duke with Coconut) and promoted both Coconut as well as a White-hating Chinaman who wants to buy off White acceptance of their racial dispossession with $100 per month (Spencer and Johnson with Eggroll).

Spencer endorsed and voted for Biden – so this was right on target.

After the Greta Thunberg and Hubert Humphrey comedies, who will be the next “Nordish” leftist to be praised by the likes of Counter-Currents (‘we need more people like them”) or Durocher (“a great benefit to all humanity”)?  John Lindsay?  George McGovern?  Bill Clinton?  

It was Bill Clinton – Sallis right again, on target.

We will likely see more evidence, more surface manifestations, of the “movement” version of “the deep state” – the intersection between the homosexual cabal, the HBDers, the Nordicists, etc. Every once in a while some sign emerges of this, like a flash of lightning in a dark stormy sky, illuminating the hidden realities.

This certainly came true, with Counter-Currents revealing itself as a HBD multiculturalist supporter of 10% alien elements in the population of a “White ethnostate” – making America comfortable for “Rosie and the kids.” The anti-Italianism of Goad; the re-emergence of "Andrew Hamilton" - 100% on target, a solid check mark for Sallisian prescience. Johnson made a small critique of Nordicism on a livestream, but that is essentially meaningless, as his blog itself continues to promote that ideology.

Predictions and possibilities for 2021 (and beyond):

Will Nick Fuentes begin to replace Richard Spencer as the bogeyman for Greg Johnson?

Spencer leaving Der Movement, again 50:50 for 2021; I would say 80:20 for the next five years.

If and when crackdowns on the Right commences, will important moles and infiltrators be revealed?

Likely another archaeogenetics disaster for Der Movement will occur – Ancient Egypt?

The decline of Groyperism?

Chances of a Trump indictment in 2021, state and/or federal: 60:40; over the next four years, 80:20

It is likely that some unpleasant “dirt” on the Trump Presidency will come out that will be disturbing to Der Movement – evidence of Trump’s insincerity, or perhaps an illumination as to the degree of power Kushner has had over the Trump Presidency.

We will continue to see more evidence of the HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance, including, but not limited to, the declining Counter Currents exhibiting a “woke” “White nationalism" comfortable for “Rosie and the kids.” And more dogmatic Nordicism, no doubt, regardless of Johnson's claims to the contrary in a livestream. The Johnsonian ethnostate: Nordics, East Asians, Jews, and homosexuals of all types.

But, on the other hand, what to make of the brief burst of fervid anti-MacDonaldism that erupted at Counter-Currents in December?  Was it a brief passing storm signifying nothing or the portent of more to come?  It could be simply tit-for-tat: MacDonald allows Joyce to do his thing and in response Johnson lets "Hamilton" (and fellow-traveler commentators) do his thing. It is something to keep on eye on, but one cannot read too much into it; after all, the Quota Queens tend to remember that they need to "circle the wagons" to protect their mutual affirmative action advantages (although Johnson's hatred of Spencer is too much to overcome, even to protect their shared quota benefits).

The “movement” grifters will keep on grifting.

Will Jim Goad finish out 2021 still affiliated with Counter-Currents? I’d say a better than even chance, but no way is it 100%.  Assuming Counter-Currents is still around by the time of the next Presidential election – chances that Goad is still affiliated - no more than 40%.

I would like to point out that my general prediction of the past few years that the HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance will be more and more obvious, with Counter-Currents playing an ever-more-important role, has been, of course, shown to be accurate.  With Goad’s anti-Italianism, the emergence of anti-Italian commentators, and the return of the hyper-Nordicist plagiarist "Andrew Hamilton," Counter-Currents is (with respect to on the ground reality, as opposed to brief livestream comments) increasingly throwing its lot in with Nordicism, and abandoning any pretense of being for all Whites.

It is very likely that if the System/Left starts cracking down on Der Movement, the Quota Queens with their “more of the same” will be woefully unprepared and we’ll all hear and read the equivalent of “wha’ happen?”

Relating that to the Counter-Currents comments above, one prediction that can be made is that as Der Movement comes under increasing pressure from the Left, it will “contract” and become narrower in scope, both ideologically and as far as its outreach efforts.  One can say it will become more “groupuscular” and “rhizome”-like.  Thus, various “movement” factions will contract to what they consider their real core constituency, which should be very revealing. This would have the effect of accelerating Counter-Currents’ focus on HBD-Nordicism and petty nationalist ethnonationalism, and its abandonment of a “big tent” approach to all Whites. The homosexualism of Counter-Currents would be expected to increase as well, that being a core component of the blog’s identity.  When under stress, the inner self is unmasked.  We need to consider the types of people still attracted to Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents, even after all of the feuding, the gaslighting, the Pilleater Chronicles, the infiltrations, the promotion of O’Meara and Buttercup Dew. Here, I’m talking primarily of the higher-level supporters and associates, including the writers:

  • People who either are part of the affirmative action “one of the boys” club and/or want to maintain their political viability in their “movement” by remaining on good terms with Johnson and avoiding being the target of his feuding. After all, one could imagine that certain genteel “movement” “leaders” would abhor being called a “piece of shit” by Johnson on a livestream/podcast and certainly wouldn’t want Johnson to start his song-and-dance of advising people not to attend their conferences.
  • Given the perception that Johnson and Counter-Currents, after all of their problems and scandals, cannot afford to be choosy with whom they associate, and given the directions Counter-Currents is now going, there are some who will “hold their nose” and use Counter-Currents in an instrumental fashion to promote certain agendas. Homosexualism definitely, but also Nordicists may well be willing to support Counter-Currents in exchange for being given a forum on that blog. Certainly, Nordicism and homosexualism are wholly compatible, not only from certain rumors that have been floating around the “movement” for decades about certain individuals, but also for racial-aesthetic reasons – recall Friberg claiming that Johnson’s major comment about Sweden was about all of the "beautiful males” among the population.

If the Republicans try to cut an immigration deal with Biden then it may well be time to implement The Sallis Strategy – withholding enough White votes from the GOP to make them unelectable at the state and federal level, thus either forcing them to take White interests seriously (leading to Suvorov’s Law – revolutions typically take place when repression is relaxed not when the repression is greatest) or leading to third party possibilities – anything to break the political status quo.  Now, some would say that’s what the 5% crowd was all about – but the point is to implement the strategy at the right time. The 2020 election – and the Jan Georgia Senatorial runoff – was/is not the right time. One must judge the costs and benefits for every scenario – the inept “movement” with its failure affirmative action leadership is not prepared for leftist oppression and pathetic White cucks in general really need more time.  However, we are fast approaching the situation that if right-wing populism is no longer going to find fertile ground in the GOP, it’s time to implement The Sallis Strategy. We’ll see.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Odds and Ends, 12/30/20

In der news.

And here we see part of the problem.

I was once a libertarian. Libertarianism can lead to race realism because the reality is that some races end up subsidizing others.

The pitifully failed “Alt-Right” is full of former libertarians obsessed with “race realism” and with “PISA scores” and “IQ.”  In other words, libertarian HBDers.  And the essence of HBD can be boiled down to four words: “Rosie and the kids.”

But, you see, I am concerned with White interests, not the interests of the Derbyshire family. HBD is the enemy, the traitor within the gates.

More whining from Asians.  Colored is a Colored does.

Question: Are Asians the most anti-White Colored group there is?  Think about it.  Consider how successful Asians are in America, how Whites worship them, and yet Asians still promote vicious anti-White hatred.

One can make the argument that Asians are, in the net sense, more anti-White than are Negroes.  Asian = Enemy, and don't you forget it.

Johnson’s criticism of Nordicism in his “ask me anything” livestream would be a bit more meaningful if he didn’t give forums to Nordicist writers and commentators at his website. Although, I completely agree with Johnson’s criticisms of the ludicrous “work” of the tragicomic Arthur “The Ancient Egyptians Were Nordic” Kemp. Of course, critiquing Kemp is like shooting fish in a barrel. 

Hey!  I agree with Johnson something.  After all, having those guys wasting the four years of the Trump Interregnum, leaving pro-White activism worse than before, one can say that they deserve even harsher criticism. And, well, if I'm going to be called a "piece of shit" on a livestream, why not make an appropriate stink?

Coming soon: An upcoming post will analyze my predictions from last year and make new ones for next year.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Odds and Ends, 12/29/20

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.

Vaccination free-riding.

Individual decision-making regarding vaccination may be affected by the vaccination choices of others. As vaccination produces externalities reducing transmission of a disease, it can provide an incentive for individuals to be free-riders who benefit from the vaccination of others while avoiding the cost of vaccination. This study examined an individual's decision about vaccination in a group setting for a hypothetical disease that is called “influenza” using a computerized experimental game. In the game, interactions with others are allowed. We found that higher observed vaccination rate within the group during the previous round of the game decreased the likelihood of an individual's vaccination acceptance, indicating the existence of free-riding behavior. The free-riding behavior was observed regardless of parameter conditions on the characteristics of the influenza and vaccine. We also found that other predictors of vaccination uptake included an individual's own influenza exposure in previous rounds increasing the likelihood of vaccination acceptance, consistent with existing empirical studies. Influenza prevalence among other group members during the previous round did not have a statistically significant effect on vaccination acceptance in the current round once vaccination rate in the previous round was controlled for.

The ultimate free-riding in this regard are the anti-vaxxers who benefit from the herd immunity generated by the mass of the population that is vaccinated. 

A liar.

You will still have to wear a mask forever and live in isolation, but you will be happy.

Rewritten for more accuracy:

You will still have to be among Negroes forever and live with Section Eight housing but you will be happy.

Fighting for “freedom” over vaccinations and masks – check

Smiling benignly over stolen elections and forced integration – checkmate

Der Movement – gotta love it! 

See this.  Excerpt below; how many times I have noted the same thing here?

Many black people, especially black women, are enormously fat. Some are so fat I had to arrange special seating to accommodate their bulk. I am not saying there are no fat white students — there are — but it is a matter of numbers and attitudes. Many black girls simply do not care that they are fat. There are plenty of white anorexics, but I have never met or heard of a black anorexic.

Black women be big Mr. Jackson,” my students would explain.

“Is it okay in the black community to be a little overweight?” I ask.

Two obese black girls in front of my desk begin to dance, “You know dem boys lak juicy fruit, Mr. Jackson.” “Juicy” is a colorful black expression for the buttocks.

Type I driving?

Another blow to the “Arctic Alliance” – more Asian whining about race, more attacking Whites, more behaving EXACTLY like Negroes. Colored is as Colored does. 

Always remember – the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

The great Derbyshirian lie is that the dividing line is “Black vs. non-Black” while it is instead, quite clearly, “White vs. non-White.”  

Here is more.

Kwan said it is important for Asian Americans to protest the way they are being treated; to push back against the latest onslaught of bias and racism by continuing to unabashedly celebrate their food and culture.

“We don’t have to change,” he said. “We can live, breathe and eat exactly the way we do without having to adapt to white supremacy, to the white gaze, to whiteness. We can be proud of our culinary heritage.

Here’s an idea – go back to Asia, where you belong, and then you don’t have to deal with “white supremacy, to the white gaze, to whiteness.”  

An absolutely beautiful comment:

Frank Jones 

Asians are not preferrable people to live with. Cheap Chinese/Asian labor, in history and in the present day, is used to undermine White people and White communities. We used to order Chinese food on the holidays, but I have ended that habit. They are enemy combatants regardless of where they live.

And they are also “enemy combatants” regardless of who they are married to.  Or, regardless of what fake, phony, westernized first name (cultural appropriation!) they call themselves by.

More truth:

Fed Up 

"We can live, breathe and eat exactly the way we do without having to adapt to white supremacy."

You can rephrase that to: "We can live, breathe and eat exactly how we wish -- without having to kowtow to Chinese restaurants." A little bit something we call FREEDOM OF CHOICE!

That old rhetoric about eating dogs -- is it unfair to point out that dogs are still a delicacy in the Chinese cuisine. That on the Weekly Rat and Roach Report, a famous Houston news commentator almost weekly found filthy sanitary practices in the Chinese restaurants.

I would no more eat Chinese food at a Chinese restaurant than I would eat out of a dumpster. For basically the same reasons.


They do eat dog and skin the poor creatures alive because their suffering makes the meat more tender. They are a filthy people and that is why viruses arise in China over and over again. How many new viruses arise in the US, Europe, Japan or Australia?

Man or woman?  Who can tell?

Danish-American ethnoimperialist:

Within the last few years, I have spent New Year’s Eve in Ukraine, Latvia, and Hungary. Although I was fortunate enough to spend some of these moments with girlfriends

The Herrenvolk do whatever they damn please, and don’t you forget it!

Another victory!  Part of the plan!  MAGA! Pepe!  Kek!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Odds and Ends, 12/27/20

In der news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Note the reference to Mike Rienzi.  Ted Sallis interview of Mike Rienzi here.  That's mocking of Der Movement, for the Type I retardates who can't figure that out for themselves.

Interesting comment:

attilathehen says:

December 2, 2017 


Thank you!!! This proves everything that I’ve been saying. This also reveals what VDare is really about. Derbyshire has been writing with a forked pen for years and very few people call him out on this. This is because Jews have high intermarriage rates with blacks/Asians. And VDare has a lot of semitophiles in its organization. The idea that a white man can write about saving the West when his Chinese wife and daughter voted for Obama reveals the degeneracy of this man

I agree wholeheartedly.

An example of the affirmative action Johnson denies exists. I understand the animus against the GOP, and I have expressed the same, as part of the Sallis Strategy, among other things, but every situation needs to be judged on its own merits.  After four years of “all bark and no bite” Trump and the Alt Right, the Left is out for blood, and it is height of foolishness to empower the Left at this time, particularly since Der Movement is so inept and helpless that it is in no position to resist further persecution. True enough, Republican senators will support similar persecution (to some extent), and yes, the GOP needs to be punished for its habit of taking White voters for granted. But how is the GOP going to get that message by Whites voting for the Far Left?  Wouldn’t the message in that case be that the GOP failed for being insufficiently anti-White? If Whites didn’t vote, and it was made clear that the reason was the GOP’s betrayal of White interests, then that would be one thing. If, in a general election (not a run-off), a pro-White third party siphoned off White votes from the GOP, that would be even better. But, in this situation, in the current circumstances, what kind of idiot would endorse the Far Left?

Move affirmative action here.  One of the major themes of the discussion is Taylor’s naiveté, which he himself admits and his friend Dickson repeatedly points out, and that is on full display in that podcast. Compare Dickson’s and Taylor’s views in this discussion. Taylor's naiveté is an issue that has been brought up in many forums, it is something that has been going on for years. The same problem, the same issue, occurs again and again, with no change. Well, why change?  If there are no consequences for error in Der Movement, then there is no incentive to change; there is no selective pressure for adaption. That’s a perfect example of affirmative action and nothing Johnson says, none of his childish insults, can change the facts.

But, hey, keep on supporting these folks, all you rank-and-file out there, and when you keep on losing, time and again, you’ll scratch your heads and wonder why.  You are just as naïve as Taylor is, in your own way.

According to Dickson, only “insiders” can criticize an entity – only Southerners can criticize Southerners, and others cannot do so.  Interesting.  Does that apply to other groups as well?

I agree with Dickson with respect to his cynicism, skepticism, and hostility to the System. However, does Dickson ever wonder how the Left has taken over the entire System, despite the decades-long activism of people such as himself? Does Dickson ever wonder if his “movement” is a complete and utter failure?  

Jim Goad’s favorite movie scene is undoubtedly from 9:40-11:00 here.


We also left behind the fat black lady from across the street…

Rewritten to be more succinct:

We also left behind the black lady from across the street…

The adjective “fat” is an unnecessary and superfluous descriptor for “black lady” – the term “black lady” in and of itself already includes the assumption of “fat.”

Strom and the National Alliance are disgracefully promoting Luddite anti-vaxx pseudoscientific nonsense.  In other words, because some folks are embittered that their children have autism and because they need to blame "someone else," that means that Whites need to be afflicted with, and suffer morbidity and mortality from, easily preventable diseases.  While I don't like to be the one to introduce personal matters into these debates, Strom did it himself by mentioning his son. Therefore, I would suggest he watch that "Revilo Oliver memorial tape" produced by the National Alliance in the mid-90s for a possible clue other than "toxic vaccines pushed by Jews and Big Pharma" for the problem in question. Every single person who I know who watched that tape noticed the same thing I did.

Der Right is an intellectual, moral, and spiritual embarrassment. Der Right is never going to attract the sort of intelligent STEM people it needs since it is rife with crackpot nuttiness. 

Der Movement and Der Right must be unalterably opposed by all thoughtful racialists – their vision of a “White ethnostate” would be of a “bring out your dead" 14th century Black Death-ridden pestilential hellhole. Meanwhile, as the Chinese reach for the stars, Whites will be firing up rusty old iron lungs for the newest generation of polio victims.

Question: When Pasteur inoculated  Meister - was that a conspiracy of "Jew doctors?"  

Between the Sallis Groupuscule and Der Movement is a gulf almost as wide as that between each of those entities and the System/Left.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Thoughts on Bronson

A touch of chaos.

The movie.  Based on a true story. See this. Modern society fails to provide to chaotic individuals such as “Bronson” a more socially acceptable outlet for their aggression so as to allow them to use their talents (such as they are) for the benefit of their people, instead of merely being a purely nihilistic force of destruction. “Bronson” embodies the pure opposite of genetic pacification – he represents the sort of violent warrior that has been purged out of White ethnies through selective pressure for “civilization” over “barbarism.” This pacification has gone too far, and in our feminized, risk-averse society that gives men no ability to physically express their mastery over others, such individuals appear as brutal atavisms. “Bronson” is a flawed individual no doubt and he is too Dionysian and not at all Apollonian, where a balance is required. But society itself has gone too far as well, too far in the other direction, too far in the Apollonian direction. Nietzsche said you need to have some chaos to give birth to a dancing star. The antithesis to “Bronson” is the Last Man. A balance is required.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Is The Grinch Jewish?

Merry Christmas! Oy vey!

Laugh at this.

What is the Grinch? He lives outside of town. He is unnaturally out of sync with others, for “every Who down in Who-ville liked Christmas a lot, but the Grinch, who lived just north of Who-ville, did not.” He hates their singing; he hates their food; he hates their do-gooding fellowship. The Grinch is a misanthrope who revels in his meanness (“Pooh-Pooh to the Whos!”). His inhumanity reaches a climax when he relishes the notion that the Whos will all cry in sadness when they realize the destruction he has wrought (“‘That’s a noise,’ grinned the Grinch, ‘that I simply MUST hear!’”). Such depravity seems to have its roots in the meagerness of his own heart (“two sizes too small”). Grinch’s righteous jeremiad against consumerism amounts to a cold-hearted crusade against happiness.

The depiction of the Grinch is in keeping with the medieval tradition of viewing the Jew as both an outcast and a baleful force in society…

Sounds like a guilty conscience to me...oh wait, they don't have a conscience.

Here's another way of looking at it - people dislike Jews because of essays like this. Everything - even a mildly amusing and well-made Christmas cartoon based on a "Dr. Seuss" tale - has to be made into a morality play where whining Jews attack Whites, White history, and White culture, while, at the same time, moaning about "persecution." There is a reason for that Polish proverb.

Blacks are the same way.  Perhaps that is one reason for the deep-seated affinity between Blacks and Jews - they both have the chutzpah to cry persecution as they persecute others.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Covid PCR and Other Odds and Ends

In der news.

It is amusing to read nitwits who know nothing about PCR and RT-PCR, much less ever having done those procedures (which I have, many times), screeching about “false positives” with respect to covid-19 testing.

True enough, with America sliding into Third World status, and with Asians infesting American STEM and biomedicine, who knows how incompetently the assays are being done, but, in theory, they can be, and should be, specific.

If you want to catch infected people early, who may have a very low viral load, you will need to use a high CT threshold.

We should ask certain questions. Are negative controls included in the assays? Are the primers specific?  Are the reaction conditions, combined with the primers used, sufficient to result in a specific amplification?  Are steps taken to avoid contamination?  How is it known that “false positives” exist and to what are these alleged “false positives” attributed to?

See this.

A “no template” (negative) control (NTC) is used for every run and is needed to confirm that there is no contamination for the assay.

A positive template control (COVID-19_N_Postive, IDT, #10006625) targeting the SARSCoV-2 N-gene (N1 and N2) is used for every run and is needed to confirm that the assay is completed by the intended design.

An internal control primer/probe set, targeting the human RNase P gene, is used for every patient sample to confirm appropriate specimen collection and to monitor the integrity of nucleic acid extraction and RT-PCR reactions.

A human specimen (HSC) extraction control is included in each run to test for failure in lysis and extraction and potential contamination during extraction

So, it does seem that proper controls are being utilized. Now, it is possible that at high CT, traces of virus are being detected in someone who is not (at that time) infectious and who may not get symptoms, but that can be established only after the fact.  Again: If you want to catch infected people early, who may have a very low viral load, you will need to use a high CT threshold.

Maybe the flubro anti-vaxx crowd can stop talking about things that they know little about. But, but, but..."Kary Mullis said X,Y, Z about PCR false positives and he invented the technique." Yes, and you can read more about him and some of his other antics here.  True, that's ad hominem, but "appeal to authority" ("Mullis invented PCR so everything he says is right") is just as bad. It may sound counter-intuitive to people with no scientific background, but just because someone invents the principle of a technique, that doesn't mean they know as much, much less more, about that technique than the large numbers of people who routinely use the technique, refine it, have to interpret the results in the real world, and who basically "live" with it on a regular basis. Who do you think would know more about using telescopes - Lippershey in 1608 or an astronomer of today?  And is that an appeal to authority as well?  Expertise derived from a clear understanding principles involved and real-world experience has to count for something, particularly when it is coupled to real data derived from the use of the proper controls. One has to distinguish accepting something just because an "expert" says so, and accepting something because an "expert" presents a logical explanation coupled to verifiable and reproducible data.

It's a miracle!  What a moron this Ramzpaul is. Let's see. People are staying home.  People are wearing masks. People are keeping away from each other. Thus, there is less influenza. What's so difficult to figure out?  And if covid-19 is more infectious than is influenza, which may be the case, then it is not surprising that under current conditions, flu is not very high while covid continues to spike.  How I despise the Retard Right.

I agree Laura, Britain is the homeland of the British people. Very well. Others can say the same for their own nations. So, when is your organization going to denounce British expats invading Spain, France, Italy, and Bulgaria?  When will you denounce John Morgan living in Hungary, or Munro in Romania, or Farrell in Italy, or Full Moon Ancestry's "Bang East Europe?"

I agree that Poles and other non-British Europeans should not be living in the UK (and of course, non-Europeans are even worse). But I have never - not once - heard or read a "British nationalist" or an "English nationalist" call on their co-ethnic expats to leave the colonies they've established in EU nations and return home. Not one single time has, to my knowledge, anything of the sort been said or written, even after Brexit.  Ethnonationalism for me but not for thee is the cry of the Herrenvolk

Johnson's fulminations on past European immigration to America are interesting considering he has promoted the idea of a 10% racially alien population in a "White American ethnostate." Well, hey, those Irish Catholics fleeing the potato famine were a problem; on the other hand, "Rosie and the kids" are A-OK!

And what a hypocrite Johnson is.  He "wishes he had critics of his work, but there really aren't anyone" - he's "unassailably right."  Excuse me, liar, even Silver of all people - someone who's been a harsh and vulgar critic of my work for more than a dozen years - told you should debate me and your excuse for refusing was that I am "insane."  Then you turn around with your soprano-pitched sighing about how there are no counter-arguments against your positions - while such are a regular feature of this blog.

So, I can turn Johnson's refusal to debate around. He won't debate the "insane" Sallis because of my "insanity," then I refuse to debate him because of his unending mendacity. He should just be unalterably opposed, sort of like a disease - why debate a disease?  Just inoculate the target population against the Johnsonian disease.

Cervantes on women:

That is the natural disposition of the sex, said Don Quixote, to disdain those who adore them, and love those by whom they are abhorred....

The good Don was a gamester!  And, of course, accurate.

Shilling for small, weak nations. Boy, that’ll really be able to compete with China, eh?  What an idiot.  Or is it intentional?  I’m sure “Ben Dover” would like to encourage White males (not men) to support policies that would benefit China.

Sallis, always, always right. Pimp, pimp, pimp away!  Do incidents like that explain HBD? Explain "pro-White activists" shilling for small and weak White nations?

Celebrating Anglo-Nordicism.  Again, Sallis – always right.

Self-awareness is good.

Personally, I have something of a reputation in meatspace of being very difficult to get along with. This reputation is not unearned.

Dago, greaseball, meatball.

HBDers celebrate.

Another Counter-Currents attack against MacDonald.  My, my…they are certainly “punching right” these days, eh?  And here is another one. One must really wonder what is going on behind the scenes at The Grand Alliance. The cracks in the facade are getting a bit deeper.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Odds and Ends, 12/22/20

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.

For all of Johnson’s obsessive attacks against Spencer, you’ll notice that Johnson never addresses the question I continuously ask – what qualifications did Spencer have to be elevated to be President of the NPI?  You see, that hits a bit too close to home. Can’t let the rubes understand that the “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action policy is only too real.

See this.

This leads to the third major problem with Critical Social Justice ideas, which is a social one. The increase of CSJ’s racial identity politics can only serve to justify an increased white identity politics, which has a far longer and more harmful history, particularly in the United States, and has only recently become broadly socially unacceptable. This is unlikely to work out well for racial minorities.

So, anti-White Critical Social Justice is only bad because it might backfire against “racial minorities.” Incredible. Further, “white identity politics” is “harmful” – in other words, even a critique of Critical Theory has to be promoted through the prism of attacking White interests and White identity. In other words, Critical Theory has won, if even its opponents accept its White-hating ideals.

This is reasonable.

Who’s to blame for the migrant invasion?

As a resentful, anti-WASP minority, Irish Catholics have been useful allies to the hostile Jewish elite in both America and Britain, paralleling the role of resentful, anti-Russian minorities like Georgians and Latvians in the Jew-controlled Soviet Union…Profiting from hate: The smug, self-righteous Irish authors and Italian illustrator of Illegal want to assure you that they are more moral than you.

It’s the ethnics!  Now, you may have fantasies that someone named Merkel had something to do with it, but she’s…German, so, quite obviously, you’re mistaken!

And any ideas you have about Norwegian and German ships scouring the Mediterranean for refugees, crashing into Italian harbors to download the invaders there…that’s only your imagination!  Only smug and self-righteous micks and wops are responsible, and don’t you forget it!

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement always lies.

More news:

Egyptian beats Negroes. While a NW Euro White did win the “Classic Physique” division, in general, non-Whites dominate "showy” bodybuilding, while Whites tend to dominate functional contests. For example, NW Euros dominate strongman, while Whites of all types dominate powerlifting (Italians historically tend to do best here, particularly in bench pressing, possibly because of relatively short limbs), and Olympic weightlifting tends to be dominated by Eastern Europeans, including Balkanoids, although Turks and Central Asians are dominant here as well.

From Counter-Currents:
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Petty nationalism for me but not for thee!

How tiresome.
Indeed.  Ethnoimperialism!

“Woke” Mark Felton.  See this as well.  High Truster!  Mr. Felton, we are waiting for a video about Jews torturing and killing Whites in Eastern Europe.

Die Whitey!  Here's a point to consider. The best evidence that the System/Left considers The China Plague to be serious and that they consider the vaccine to be a legitimate preventive measure is that they want to prioritize Coloreds over Whites.  If the vaccine was really a "toxic jab" and "microchips from Bill Gates" being given for "it's only the common cold" then why would the System prioritize their Colored pets over the Whites who are so hated?  Can Der Movement get its anti-System theories to be at least minimally consistent?  White Genocide would seem to lead to getting as many Whites :"poisoned" with the "toxic jabs" as quickly as possible, no?

Further, of course, the "movement" peanut gallery, in all of its glorious paranoid ideation, is claiming that the "jabs" being given to leading American political figures are "saline injections." We can always depend on Der Right to be tragically stupid.

It seems like the Grand Alliance has some cracks in the facade; more criticism of MacDonald at Counter-Currents:
Bill R
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Thank you, Mr. Hamilton, for an excellent piece from a perspective far too rarely seen on the Dissident Right...
After all, we never see any pro-Anglo perspectives in Der Movement.  Think about how Anglos like Johnson, Spencer, Brimelow, and Derbyshire - with all of their vaunted accomplishments! - are so discriminated against.  For shame!
...I also appreciated your comment on Kevin MacDonald. I initially had much admiration for him, but it cooled considerably when his anti-Anglo-Protestant views became clear and obvious. 
All of the HBD-Nordicism is A-OK, absurd comments about Jeff Bezos becoming a Hero of the Right because he has "Nordic ancestry," all of the falsehoods and omissions about population genetics and relative ethnic collectivism - that's all good!  But make a comment critical of Puritans and all bets are off. That's another example of Der Movement's anti-Angloism, I suppose.
And I certainly agree that he has not successfully made his anti-Yankee case.
Guess what - he hasn't made the HBD-Nordicist case either, but none of you guys will criticize him on that.
I recall an occasion in one of his articles, for example, where he wrote that, “In the UK, where the Puritans originated, people are being arrested for Facebook and Twitter posts critical of migration and multiculturalism” (Part 3 of his “The Puritan Intellectual Tradition in America,” Occidental Observer, June 30, 2018). I thought it amusing, to say the least, that he would try to make a connection between a Puritanism that vanished centuries ago and present-day arrests in Britain for Facebook and Twitter posts, as if the same thing wasn’t happening in the rest of Western Europe where Catholicism originated, remained dominate for centuries, and still exists. (I’m not trying to be anti-Catholic, but if someone else starts this game, then what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.)...
That's the least of some of the silly things MacDonald has been saying the last few years. But this catches my eye: " if the same thing wasn’t happening in the rest of Western Europe where Catholicism originated, remained dominate for centuries, and still exists." That implies the commentator really believes that HBD-Nordicism is nonsense, but I note that he won't criticize that.

Dago, greaseball, meatball.  I use slurs myself here (preferentially, "wop" or "afrowop"), but I do so specifically to mock the "movement" and people like Goad, who is very selective indeed about who he insults.  What about "mick" and "squarehead?"  "Kraut" is always good as well. And since as we know that Der Movement is ever so Anti-Anglo, why not call Brimelow and Derbyshire "limeys?"  After all, that's the kind of maturity we should expect from the high-IQ highbrow Counter-Currents, right?

Goad’s contributions to the “movement” are akin to that of Howard Stern to High Culture. Some men make their mark like a comet streaking across the heavens; in contrast, Goad makes his mark like a brown fecal skid mark streaked across a pair of soiled underwear.

But this is all for the good. The combination of Jim Goad and "Andrew Hamilton" will, eventually, do more damage to Counter-Currents and (what's left of) its reputation more effectively than anything I could ever do. More, please.

It's interesting that a cordon sanitaire has been erected around the Sallis Groupuscule for me writing things that Counter-Currents gets away with, with impunity. I am castigated for criticizing the "movement" and its leaders, while Johnson and his endless feuding does the same (given the euphemism "punching right"); for critiquing the work of "rock stars" like MacDonald, which Counter-Currents has been doing; and for, purely in jest, using the sort of bombastic language and slurs that Goad uses completely seriously.  But, hey, if you wonder if Johnson is protected by an affirmative action policy, then you're "insane" and it is all a figment of your imagination. Dat right!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

A Riposte to the Overt

A response.

A common recent trope in the “movement” coming from those who write (and do other things) under their own names – those who are open and overt activists – is that they are morally superior to those anonymous and pseudonymous activists who are not open and overt. Indeed, these attitudes, being increasingly common at Counter-Currents, particularly among some of its newer writers, are typically expressed in sanctimonious terms.

I would like to make a counter-argument, one that I believe has not been made before (or at least, I have not seen it presented).

Overt writers and activists are most typically directly or indirectly dependent on “D’Nations” of some sort to support themselves. Further, many of them are employed by others, at (often online) journals, blogs, etc. for which they write (and these journals and blogs are themselves supported and maintained by supporter donations and/or subscriptions). Therefore, these open and overt writers need to be careful so as to not to offend and alienate the donors, subscribers, and employers on whom they depend. This will, naturally, result in self-censorship and the inability to freely speak their mind on various topics. Even if they choose to associate with journals and blogs for which they already have an underlying ideological affinity, it is unlikely that they are going to agree with their donors, subscribers, and employers on all important topics, and therefore the possibility of self-censorship to preserve their income exists, and is indeed likely. Overt writers are therefore more likely to be more constrained, and less free, to express controversial views within their particular domain (e.g., controversial views about the "movement" itself) than those who are anonymous/pseudonymous.

I can imagine that some of the Counter-Currents writers will claim that they now have complete freedom to speak their mind, unlike their previous situation at other online journals/blogs.  Perhaps.  However, would they still be viable at their new home if they, for example, started criticizing homosexuality with the vehemence of, say, Andrew Joyce?  If they critiqued Greg Johnson as has Joyce, Forney, and Friberg?  I think not.  And the same applies elsewhere. How long would a VDARE writer be welcome if they started attacking the monetary compensation practices of the happy penguins? What about an American Renaissance writer who delves into anti-Semitism or who criticizes HBD “race realism?” Then there is the possibility of self-censorship of the overt writer because of concerns about the reaction from the Left.

In contrast, one can reasonably argue that anonymous/pseudonymous writers, particularly those not affiliated with anyone else and even more particularly those who do not shill for “D’Nations,” are more free to speak their minds about controversial subjects, including subjects controversial within the “movement,” without needing to consider whether angry donors would withhold handouts or whether outraged subscribers would decide to cancel - or whether a blog editor would be offended and cut ties with them.

I’m not arguing that the anonymous/pseudonymous are superior to the overt; indeed, all else being equal (which it so rarely is, truth be told), the latter can reasonably be seen as more valuable than the former. But each has its place, and we must “balance the books” and look at the costs of benefits of each option. The overt activists present the view that their choice to be open in their activism may be harmful only to themselves but always is a benefit to the “movement.” That is not invariably true. An alternative scenario is that of someone who makes a living off of their activism (and in some cases, a six-figure living), while spouting dogma to please donors and subscribers – cui bono?  Does activism as a whole benefit when people modulate their opinions to maintain their viability within a “movement” on which they depend?  In which group are “movement” grifters most often found – the overt or the anonymous and pseudonymous?  The answer is obvious.

The attacks have heretofore always one-sided, always the overt critiquing the anonymous/pseudonymous. There are two sides to every issue.  Instead of ad hominem attacks based on overt vs. anonymous/pseudonymous status, how about an honest evaluation of ideas instead? 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Plymouth Rocked

Counter-Currents again.

Laugh at this.

“Conservative” part-Jew and 100% philo-Semite Michael Lind is a Yankee-hater of the first water. He’s made a lucrative living peddling crack-brained narratives designed to destroy white America and advance Jewish and other non-white racial interests.

In other words, Lind speaks the truth against “movement” lies and thus must be defamed. Of course, no actual evidence is presented that Lind’s America’s Tribes hypothesis is wrong. Just label it a “crack-brained narrative” coupled to ethnic ad hominem (“part-Jew”), right?

How about this recent quote from a Counter-Currents writer:

The WASPs who did engage in politics after World War II were some of the greatest traitors to this nation. Nelson Rockefeller, John Lindsay, and George Romney were all fierce advocates of the Civil Rights revolution and promoted white dispossession. There was no blue-blood reactionary in the political arena at this time. Rockefeller, Lindsay, and Romney were accurate representatives of their class.

I suppose that is another example of “peddling crack-brained narratives designed to destroy white America and advance Jewish and other non-white racial interests.”

Back to "Hamilton" - 

I think it’s fair to say that Andrew Fraser (Anglo-Saxon), quoted at the outset of this article, and Kevin MacDonald (three-quarters German, one-quarter Scottish), fundamentally agree that “the devilish nature of that New Englander, Anglo-Saxon type known as the Yankee” has “plagued America (and the world) ever since the Pilgrims landed.”

When even a rabid Anglo-Saxonist like Fraser, and a HBD-Nordicist like MacDonald, are castigated for being “anti-Yankee,” you know you’re dealing with a rare bird with this “Andrew Hamilton”- and I don’t mean that in a good way.

This really isn’t a topic that interests me that much. I never saw the value of Puritan-bashing, something that I never saw from the Right until the 2000s; I believe the first time I saw anything like that it was Gottfried and MacDonald. The former may want to shift blame from the Jews; MacDonald’s arguments, like with all he does (and with HBD in general), has some truth to it, but he goes too far in the analysis.

Then others went too far with the narrative as well. The New England founding stock – the “Yankee” – was a fundamental pillar of America. Neither bashing nor hagiography (what Counter-Currents is doing now) is the approach to take; instead, just speak the truth. Lind’s analysis – which may go too far at times as well perhaps - has much truth to it. To dismiss it with childish insults is not analysis. Evil men like John Lindsay (himself of Anglo-Dutch founding stock) were real, not a figment of anyone’s imagination. They sided with Blacks (and Jews) against Whites. That was a fact and he was not an isolated phenomenon.

Can you believe this hypocrisy?  If you want to see someone who trots out refuted arguments time and again, it’s Johnson. The only difference is that Johnson is inconsistent with his refuted arguments, sometimes saying one wrong thing on a subject, and then, later, something different, but still wrong or mendacious. 

And the question should not be who Johnson hates, but who he doesn’t hate (a much smaller list).  And vice versa.

I agree more with Wallace than Johnson here, although both are off target. Trump’s Presidency – for all of his flaws – did create chaos and balkanization – because of the Left’s perception of him rather than from anything he actually did, but the Far Right failed to take advantage of it.  So, while I agree with Wallace that the past four years have been an utter disaster for the “movement” – and we are worse off now than before – it is more the fault of the likes of Johnson, Spencer, Wallace, et al. than it is the fault of Trump.  The Quota Queens were handed a golden opportunity, and, as usual, they muffed it.

He’s a Jew, isn’t he?  Then not all Jews are hostile to their host people?

Friday, December 18, 2020

The Pettiness of the Right

More odds and ends.

The thing that irritates me most of all about the whole Jill Biden “controversy” is the pettiness and childishness of the Right.  Yes, the woman is a complete mediocrity.  Yes, her doctorate should be a joke – although I note that, unfortunately, those with “doctorates in education” often end up being administrators who earn much more money than do PhDs (who do have the title of “Dr.” whether the Right agrees or not) and even many MDs as well. But who cares? Doesn’t the Right have more important things to worry about? The Left has just successfully stolen the Presidency, the Senate may be next, they have been running wild with impunity in America, and they have been transforming America into a mockery of itself.  And yet the Right wastes time and energy attacking Jill Biden’s narcissistic use of a title. Really? That’s important?  Can we wonder why the Right always loses and the Left always wins?  Further, would any of these heroes mocking Jill Biden’s "Dr." title dare criticize the fraudulent PhD of the plagiarist Doctor Marin Luther King? The silence of the Tuckers - the silence is deafening.

Let us consider together. The problem here is not only one of pettiness and childishness, or even that of misplaced priorities. When the Right says things like "this person insists on being called doctor yet they can't write you a prescription" (and how many prescriptions did Saint Martin of King write, Tucker?), they reinforce the stereotype of the Right as being a bastion of anti-intellectualism. The Mainstream Right in particular has long practiced the fake-populist "reverse snobbery" game - e.g., "my plumber and auto mechanic have more sense than a bunch of Ivy League professors" - so that all of the plumbers and auto mechanics go out and vote for neoconservative Republican plutocrats who front for open-borders BIg Business and for Israel. 

Do we really want to play the anti-intellectualism game?  Do we want to parrot idiots who write that "only someone who has delivered a baby can be called doctor" (which would eliminate the bulk of actual MDs and privilege midwives instead)?  Do we want to strip people like MacDonald and Salter (or even Johnson for that matter) of their title of "doctor?"  Should we alienate academics and surrender scholarship to the Left?

Now, it is true that when people insist on being addressed with a title that reflects a lack of character. Instead, we should consider this Twin Peaks quote. I remember wincing when I overheard a PhD tell someone over the phone that "I should be called doctor not mister." But just because some people are jackasses doesn't mean we should disrespect genuine academic achievement (that admittedly Jill Biden does not have - I do not consider her degree or thesis to be a genuine academic achievement, unlike that of MacDonald, Salter, or, yes, even Johnson). 

The Retard Right marches on.

And as a side note, there is a misconception that MDs are more intelligent that PhDs. This is not, in my experience, true, at least not for STEM PhDs.  Some people are more interested in ideas than in people, some people are not interested in dealing with patients (imagine having to treat some 450 pound sheboon).  Yes, you could do research as a MD or a MD-PhD, but what is the point of going to medical school, and becoming a MD, if you are not going to treat patients?

And then we have the question of societal contribution. What's a greater contribution - Salter's On Genetic Interests or your neighborhood MD prescribing opioids and Adderall?  And if the Right is so skeptical about covid, why are they now fetishizing the status of MDs?

Yet another intellectual cartoon from the train wreck that is Counter-Currents.

Hail HBD!  Hail Sallis for always being right!

The HBD “race realist” ideal family.  Johnson’s “ten percenters” right there.  After all, we all need to alter our conception of an “ethnostate” in order to accommodate “Rosie and the kids,” right?

It looks like Hapas are unhappy with Derb (*), although they get his racial views wrong about who is “superior.”  After all, the “measured groveling” seemingly goes in only one direction, eh?

*So much for the “benefits” of mixing, eh?

More retarded stupidity from Drew Fraser:

Drew Frasersays:

December 15, 2020 at 10:21 pm

Kevin MacDonald suggests that “We have to unify behind powerful, empirically based critique of Jewish [power? enmity?] or it will never go anywhere.” Yes, but first “we” need to know who “we” are and how”we” should or could combat the malign influence of Jewish hostility towards “us”. Some would say “we” are members of the White race; others, such as E. Michael Jones, emphasize “our” Christian spiritual identity.

I feel that I belong to an Anglo-Saxon diaspora people that both “at home” and abroad appears, “empirically” speaking, to be in a rapid state of decline (spiritual, moral, political, and demographic). To reverse that decline, I reckon, British-descended WASPs must recover their ancestral ethno-religious cohesion and spiritual confidence.

A critique of Jews must rise above the secular realm of “empirical reality”. To combat hostile Jewish elites effectively, we must recognize that Jews are formidable ethno-political rivals, not just because they are rich and well-connected. Hard-wired in their ancestral bioculture is a venerable ethno-theology. Jews have become their own Messiah.

WASPs need an ethno-theology of “our” own before “we” can hope to displace Jews from their well-entrenched place of honour and respect among TPTB. As an empirical, genetic category “White” identity is unlikely to generate an ethno-theology capable of matching Jewish ethno-religious solidarity. Anglo-Saxons can at least imagine a sacred history of their own with Alfred the Great becoming our very own David.

A glimpse into those mythic possibilities can be seen in the recent TV series The Last Kingdom, itself based in the novels of Bernard Cornwell.

So, Anglo-Saxons should cut themselves off from the White Race and from Europe and the West and go it alone. I suppose in the USA, they should do the same, and, if, say, someone is of mixed Anglo/non-Anglo ethnic descent they strategize in favor of their Anglo parts - "I support the rights and interests of my right arm but not of my left leg."

And, hey, MacDonald is of predominantly German Catholic descent, so what is Fraser doing on MacDonald's blog?  Can’t the Anglos make it on their own?

As an empirical, genetic category “White” identity is unlikely to generate an ethno-theology capable of matching Jewish ethno-religious solidarity…

Because he says so.  And, of course, let's base a political philosophy on a TV series.  

The Retard Right marches on, again.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Odds and Ends, 12/17/20

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.

Finally, some good sense from Breezy Steve.  But, hey, it's a "jab" from a scary needle, so how are you going to convince the likes of Lana Giggles or Estrogenic Zgirl?  If only the vaccine was in pill form and marketed as a weight loss agent, we'd be all set!  The average American, with the BMI of an elephant, would be lining up!  What about the average Black female, with the BMI of a neutron star? They prefer to be "thick" so it may be a harder sell.

See this. A small step on the road to POPA? Or to be reversed by His Fraudulency?

Der Movement weeps.

This is an excellent analysis of the Jewish Question.  But, but, but…they’re HuWhite.

See this. Well, why name sports teams founded by Whites after non-Whites?  Just because a drunken Injun, who couldn’t handle his firewater, played for Cleveland long ago – that’s why the team needs to be called the Indians?  

Manager Patsy Tebeau was impressed with the Native American ballplayer, and the local sportswriters were so enamored of the exotic newcomer that a headline in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on March 20 referred to the team as “Tebeau’s Indians.” By the end of the month, the Spiders’ moniker was virtually forgotten, and the Cleveland club became the IndiansSockalexis was losing his battle with alcoholism, and on July 29, when the Indians departed on a western trip, he did not accompany them. He had been suspended without pay by team owner Frank Robison. “I think I can truthfully say,” said the owner in the August 7 issue of The Sporting News, “that I have done everything I could for Sockalexis, and he has repaid me, and the Cleveland club, by the basest ingratitude…Ed McKean, the longtime Cleveland shortstop, paid tribute to his former teammate in an interview with the Cleveland Leader, published on January 4, 1914. “He was a wild bird,” said McKean. “He couldn’t lose his taste for firewater…Cleveland’s American League team (which began play in 1900) had been called the Naps in honor of playing manager Napoleon Lajoie, but when Lajoie left the team after the 1914 season, a new nickname was in order. In January 1915, team owner Charles Somers, after consulting with several local sportswriters, decided to revive the name that had defined the city’s National League club 18 years before. Somers, perhaps recalling the all-too-brief period of excitement that Louis Sockalexis had brought to Cleveland in 1897, dubbed his team the Indians, a name that remains to this day.

So, what we observe in this case is a colored athlete who had significant physical talent, but accompanied with a deficit of character. Is anyone surprised?

More sports:

See this, another High Truster. He doesn't care what you think.  Of course, if White males (not men) stopped following football - a sport mostly consisting of Negro behemoths colliding with each other on a grass or artificial turf field - then this retard would indeed start caring what Whitey thinks and he would need to get a real job.  But no, football is America's state religion, neatly overlapping as it does with America's other state religion - Negro worship.  

Speaking of which:

More groveling. Hey!  I want my wiffleball statistics considered to be "major league" as well. Why not? Move over Cobb!  I now hold the record for highest lifetime batting average!  Dat Right!

Stop following baseball. Is it right that hominids - many of them non-White - earn tens of millions of dollars per year hitting a little white ball with a wooden stick?

Other news:

I have previously called for The Black Man to stand up and take what his rightfully his against the yellow interlopers who have stolen the land of China from The Original Asiatic Black man.

I continue that call today.  The living space for Black Africa is in China, currently occupied by a bizarre insect-like hominid species that contributes nothing to humanity but disease and destruction.

Black Man, immigrate to China in your countless millions!  Take back what is rightfully yours!  Hail Black China!

Not masculine enough?  Not a “beautiful male?”

Triangulating under criticism?

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Odds and Ends, 12/15/20

Various issues.

Covid conundrum: It is difficult to get a good handle on the covid crisis, even after all of this time.  In the USA, the situation is completely politicized. The Left is selectively alarmist (White Thanksgiving dinners bad, BLM riots good) on covid; while the Right is dismissively flubro. We get conflicting messages on the utility of masks and lockdowns, even the seriousness of the disease itself is in question. One can consider sober analysts from outside the USA, like John Campbell, who take the covid crisis very seriously; generally, people from outside of the USA tend to take the disease seriously, for what that is worth. The idea that the whole thing is an anti-Trump leftist conspiracy is absurd; however, what the final outcome will be is open to question.

What's interesting is that neither the Left nor Right addresses the 800 pound bat (or pangolin) in the room - the role of China.  China - a disgusting festering petri dish of disease infecting the world. China - which breeds diseases that become capable of making the cross-species jump from Chinese to humans.

Look, I'm not happy with Fauci either, but it is quite telling that the Right focuses several orders of magnitude more anger toward Fauci than they do to the real villains, China and the Chinese. But, hey, with that greasy-haired, buck-toothed, flat-chested Chinatrix named "Ben Dover" approaching them with a strap-on, the Right knows when to keep silent.

Further, even if you think the covid situation is all overblown, there are explanations other than a conspiracy. We live in a feminized, risk-averse society, where absolute safety is the pipe-dream paradigm, with politicians who want to look like they are doing something, and a society where everyone in authority wants to protect themselves from potential legal, political, and media fallout. So, by default, they'll always go for the most intrusive and "safe" alternative when dealing with any problem.

Sure – because, after all, as we know, teenagers and other children live isolated in their own youth-ethnostate, and never come in contact with anyone else, including parents or grandparents...or teachers. The Right is becoming so retarded, it is embarrassing.  Note that this is not meant as a defense of the current lockdown situation, simply a criticism of the Right’s unmitigated stupidity.

Greg Johnson, flubro. The transition from covid alarmist to flubro is basically complete, with, of course, not the slightest acknowledgment of his previous positions on the matter.

There is no way out but through Johnson.

See this.  First, Cornell is violating federal civil rights laws and violating the US Constitution by giving race-based exemptions to mandatory vaccination. White students should sue.  Second, there may be legitimate questions about vaccines (I see the DNA-based ones as particularly problematical) but that the vaccination is a “jab” is not one of them. Let’s develop a covid vaccine in pill form so Lana won’t quiver in fear of being “jabbed” by those scary needles. 

There are legitimate criticisms to make about lockdowns and mandatory masking, and, as I said, some questions can be asked about some of the vaccines.  But the Right is not making any such legitimate criticisms, they are just acting like jackasses, as usual, as is the Left (in the opposite direction).

It is certainly interesting that the same types of folks who are against masks and lockdowns are also against vaccination. Are they still going to promote the idea that it is "only the common cold?"  Is everyone else on board with the dastardly conspiracy?

Thanks China.  But, hey, let’s talk about “jabs” instead.  Indeed, look at the similar terminology here.  Do these types compare notes, or is The Estrogenic Right (of both the XX and XY varieties) united in their fear of scary needles?  Note also the "Big Pharma is going to make money" ploy.  As I've said many times, "Big Pharma" makes most of their money selling nice non-scary, non-jabbing, pills to the public, to take care of the diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure resulting from all of you being fat bastards, or selling Adderall to all of the folks who can't admit that they and/or their children are just plain stupid and lazy. "Big Pharma" also made lots of money from the opioid crisis, but let's not critique any high-IQ Jews like the Sacklers now, shall we? Jews, like Chinese, are immune to criticism. After all, the Jew is not "jabbing" you with his beak-like levantine semitic nose (a naked Jew with an erection walks into a wall; he'll bang his nose first), it's those scary needles instead!  Hey!  Since Zman encourages White boycotts (a good idea, no doubt), can we start by boycotting Der Movement?  Leave the tin cup empty.

Interesting essay on academic follies.

Ramzpaul’s speech about wearing masks.

Laugh at this.

My fascination with Irish folklore started when I was a kid. My favorite cereal was Lucky Charms, which featured a leprechaun with a pot of gold on the cereal box.

Counter-Currents is reaching new heights of intellectualism, no doubt.

Sallis right once again – consistent with the direction of Counter-Currents of being a White ethnic-hating HBD-Nordicist blog, the execrable hyper-Nordicist Andrew Hamilton makes a return appearance.  The Quota Queens are so predictable, it is ludicrously comical. Well, that was fast - my Call to the Ethnics post is becoming quickly confirmed to the shabbos sud and shabbos ost untermenschen.

There is no way out but through Johnson.