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In Der News, 4/12/21

In all cases, emphasis added.

People recognize the crypsis:

Michael Lunburg

Lillo keeps saying he is Sicilian, but he is in fact Colombian and was adopted by an Italian family.


EXACTLY!  That's what I thought, his bio says that!  SO, what's the deal, another ' fabrication'???   I'm half gr.mother is from Rome.

'We' don't appreciate impersonates.  So, what's his game?   Being adopted is not what his real biological background is.

Freddy Calipari

True I thought the same thing.


Like Snooki lol She’s Chilean but adopted by an Italian family. She considers herself Italian.

These South Americans should stop stealing other people’s ethnic identities. I can understand where racially mixed Hispanics want to pretend that they are European, but it is unacceptable. 

See this.

Snooki was born in Santiago, Chile. She was adopted when she was six months old and was raised by Italian-American parents Andy and Helen Polizzi. Snooki has taken two DNA tests to determine her genetic background. In 2014, the first DNA test stated her genetic background is: Romani, Iberian, South Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern, and Jewish…she took another DNA test, this time with 23andMe which stated that she was 59.5% Native Chilean and 31.2% European

Although I have my reservations about these tests, still, they have some utility when used in a relative, comparative fashion. So, it’s not so much that you should take the findings at exact face value to the percentage point (obviously, you should not), but you can compare the profiles between groups, or between individuals and groups, and ascertain if the profiles (such as they are) are relatively similar. The genetic profile of Snooki is not in any way similar to that of Italians. We can assume that Lillo would also be genetically non-Italian, and instead fall within the range consistent with what is found with Columbians. For such people to try to pass themselves off as Italian is a form of ethnic defamation.

Another view of Manchin.

See this. VDARE’s performance is made even worse, in a relative fashion, by considering how much money they take in.

See this, Ted Sallis again mentioned positively in that post (contrast that to Johnson’s defamatory negativism).  An interesting excerpt about Der Movement:

There needs to be more of a balance between the seriousness and earnestness of the 1.0 movement and the flippancy and transgressive humor of the 2.0 movement. The former was overly serious while the latter was overly ironic and immature. The populist style of being plain spoken and getting straight to the point is something that we should keep. We should also be engaged with the national political conversation. We should also continue with the networking and community building. Finally, the focus on health and fitness in the 2.0 movement was worthwhile for its own sake and something we should continue doing.

The 2.0 movement got carried away with vulgarity, irony, conspiracy theories, misogyny, anti-intellectualism and triggering and owning the libs. It got even worse with the Zoomers where the boundary between the real world and the internet kind of disappeared. For whatever reason, the 1.0 and 2.0 movements were also fond of framing and presenting their views in terms of Neo-Nazism whether in an earnest or ironic form. The 2.0 movement was also plagued by violent accelerationism and cults of personality. It was essentially presenting the same ideas and material in a more humorous and transgressive way and using social media and riding Donald Trump’s coattails to attract a larger audience.

I essentially agree with most points.

One minor issue – while I agree that health and fitness are important, we need to be careful with some of the specifics of the WN 2.0 viewpoint. I remember Costello’s “carnivore diet” post at Counter-Currents, as well as all of the flubro-ism of WN 2.0, and thus caution the reader that while health and fitness are important, places and individuals like Counter-Currents, Zman, Ramsey, Mangan, etc. are not what I would consider sound sources of information in that regard. EGI Notes, in contrast, does not tell people what to do, but does state, first, what I do and why (such as get vaccinated), and also describes heath consequence of various choices (e.g., red and processed meat being associated with an increased cancer risk). I have also challenged some of the fitness advice coming from the likes of Mangan and Roissy.  Once you know the facts, you can make your own decision about what what you want to do. It's your choice, I recommend nothing; I just present both facts as well as my own choices, You decide for yourself.

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Odds and Ends, 4/11/21

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.

See this.

Carlson should strike back, but, of course, if he wants to maintain his mainstream viability, he has to pull his punches, and not engage in a full-throated Sallisian attack.

Perhaps something to the effect of: “What I said was the absolute truth and, if anything, an understatement of fact. The ADL doesn’t want you, my audience, to know these truths, and so they are, in totalitarian fashion, trying to silence me and all those whose views they disapprove of. This is America, and as Americans we have the right to express our ideas and discuss important and controversial issues, and we do not want or need the ADL telling us what we can and cannot say." He could then repeat and double down on his original comments, and perhaps demonstrate the hypocrisy of the Left by showing articles, tweets, statements, and speeches, in which the Left crows over demographic change and its impact on elections, etc.

That would cause more outrage, no doubt, but that’s the discreet, held-back, pulled punches version. If I wanted, I could put together a much nastier version, which readers of this blog know I am very well capable of. But the above statement is meant for mainstream consumption, hence, its milksop characteristics.

Derbyshire’s “Arctic Alliance” in action again, I suppose.

Of course Derbyshire – not Sallis – is the one who should be shunned (and ridiculed) by pro-White activists. But that’s not enough. EVERYONE who gives that piece of filth a forum should be treated similarly. EVERYONE.

In a very real sense, Derbyshire's supporters and enablers are worse than Derbyshire himself. One can understand why "the Derb" does the things he does. After all, when you're given lemons (which are yellow, by the way), you make lemonade. A White male (not "man") who is on the Right, but who has out-married, with mixed-race children, may well decide that the only way to salvage their situation is by promoting memes that would include their family as part of the "ingroup."  But the rest of us are not obligated to go along with that gaslighting mendacity, and those who enable that mendacity, without having the same background motivation (e.g.,inter-marriage), are, in my opinion, either pitifully naive, stupidly obtuse, or are race traitors.

An analysis of Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun.

An equivalent analysis for Tolkien: An orc, an orc, my kingdom for an orc!  Snug in my hobbit hole!  The battle for Middle Earth begins (the Philadelphia area Alt Right version – hobbits and orcs smacking each other with pink purses and handbags).

More evidence supporting my view of the High Trusters:

My story begins in a doctrinaire “anti-racist” household. My well-educated and professional parents raised me to believe that my past and my inheritance was one of sin and violence. All the positive aspects of my European heritage were universalized — Bach and the scientific method were “human” achievements — while the negative aspects of European dominance were not only regretted, but incessantly invoked…to speak frankly about the facts of interracial violence, not to mention the fact that half of the city had been rendered uninhabitable by the violence and dysfunction of its non-white residents, would have been seen as an unspeakable affront to decency. In sharp contrast, there was a sort of social cachet to disparaging anything whitea snide remark about the dumb, flag-waving hicks “out there” was a cheap way of demonstrating one’s cultural belonging.

Thus, Blacks and other non-Whites are treasured and loved, while fellow Whites are scorned and despised.  Exactly compatible with my theory.

An interesting comment from Occidental Dissent about Der Movement:


APRIL 9, 2021 AT 6:22 PM

We need to enter a phase where we study organization the way we studied media in the past. We learned to do good culture jamming style propaganda and better media skills is what made the alt-right a plater vs. the 1.0 movement. Everything that made the alt-right effective was copied from the left. We need to keep learning. We got through about one chapter of the leftwing playbook, got overconfident, slammed the book shut and thought we had won.

Here’s the impasse we are at now — we are the worst organized movement in the world. The focus now needs to be on learning all kinds of organization and on getting our people networked. We need to study low tech, local, and guerrilla forms of organizing our people. Just like with propaganda, the left has already done the theoretical and practical work for us, we just have to be open minded enough to learn.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is moral and the related issue of leadership, or lack there of. We have low morale compared to other movements. I have never seen any other political space where so many people are always wallowing in despair and no one seems concerned with morale at all. Our morale is in the toilet and we have no leaders who ever try to raise morale. Our de facto leaders are not inspirational, they are all hyper-analytical nerds who never think about how their follows must be feeling. We need leaders who are higher on empathy and more charismatic.

I agree with this comment. We need to understand that Der Movement is a complete disaster, the "leadership" of that "movement" are in large part responsible for that failure, and we need intelligent, competent, dedicated, rational, and disinterested people studying the proper way of building and maintaining an organization, and getting that organization to actualize its specific goals. Note the word "disinterested." We don't need grifters whose major concern is "D'Nations."  When folks run their little corner of the failed "movement" focused on maximizing their donation income, what's their real agenda?

I don't begrudge genuine activists, full time activists, being support by donations from those who wish to promote that activism. But they need to earn that support, they need to actually accomplish something positive.  The "D'Nations" need to be a means to an end, not an end to itself. The activist should get donations as a means to support themselves so they can effectively work as full time activists, they should not engage in half-assed "activism" as a means to achieve the end of convincing others to give money so that the "activist" can live well without actually working.

I leave it as an exercise to the reader to decide which of those two alternative possibilities describes your fearless leaders.

Sallis' Law in action:

Krafty Wurker

APRIL 8, 2021 AT 7:53 PM

I first encountered Joe Manchin back in the early 70’s.

Brad I seriously doubt, that Manchin is thinking as deeply as you are about political outcomes. LOL.

Being Italian Joe is very mercurial, and he’s liable to do a 180 at any moment.


Manchin is not Italian. An Italian is someone with four Italian grandparents, not two. Manchin is an Italo-Slav hybrid.

If Manchin was a woke progressive Democrat, then the fetishists would label him as an "two foot tall unassimilable minority wop needle worker politically hostile to founding stock interests."  But, as a conservative Democrat, that won't fly, so instead we get him labelled thus: "Being Italian Joe is very mercurial."  Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is praised by Der Movement (e.g., at Counter-Currents), because know.  And if anyone says that the "movement" has an ethnic affirmative action program (which it obviously does), then they are "insane" and "a paranoid piece of crap."

The main point is that, once again, we observe that Der Movement has absolutely nothing to offer to White ethnics.

TOO comment:

Leon Hallersays:

April 10, 2021 at 4:27 pm

I hate bringing up this kind of thing, but are you aware that TOO has been plagued of late with what seems to me to be an ever increasing number of typos and minor errors? In every recent article, including this one, I have caught multiple small errors. How hard is it to have someone other than each post’s author simply read over posts prior to posting, and fix overlooked problems?

My concern is not any lack of understanding resulting from typos, but rather, that leaving small errors cheapens the value of the very real insights offered, especially in the eyes of educated but unawake whites with curious and open minds – precisely the type I would imagine TOO would like to reach and challenge. On a number of occasions recently that I have copied/emailed posts, I have had to go through them myself first, fixing the small problems. Unfixed, at least with my educated [conservative but not fully based] friends and acquaintances, they won’t have their maximum impact.

That is consistent with my criticism of other "movement" "leaders" and their constant spelling errors and other typos. Someone will no doubt point out the occasional typo at my blogs (errors I typically catch and correct within a day or so). The difference, of course, is that I'm running my blogs alone, one person doing both EGI Notes and Western Destiny, with very limited time. Unlike the Quota Queens, I'm not a full time activist living off of "D'Nations" (and, as stated, I don't have a stable of writers making contributions).  In my context, the rare typo is more excusable than the more frequent typos found among those who have no real excuse.

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In Der News, 4/10/21

“Movement” and other news.

Der Movement onanism.  Hubba! Hubba!

It’s all about the “D’Nations,” guys, if you haven’t figured that out already.

Ted Sallis mentioned here.  Contrast Griffin’s willingness to give the ideas here a fair hearing to Johnson’s hysterical attacks directed toward me – “insane” and “paranoid piece of crap.” But, hey, Counter-Currents needs to deflect folks away from Johnson’s chronic bad judgment and instead make them view his critics as “insane” to preserve Johnson’s viability as a “leader” worthy of “D’Nations.” Follow the money, folks. Note that Johnson has been attacking Griffin as well over the years. After all, we can’t have anyone criticizing the dogma now, can we?

I wonder…perhaps the real dividing line in pro-White activism is not that between “WN 1.0” and “WN 2.0” or anything else like that, but that between people like Griffin and myself who recognize that Der Movement is a complete failure and requires a complete deconstruction and reconstruction and the likes of Johnson who represent Der Movement, Inc., and who defend the “movement” status quo, and make money doing so.

In any case, even if I may disagree with Griffin on various things, at least we can agree on the fundamental, core idea that continuing along the current path of Der Movement is an absolute dead end, and we need new directions and new leadership. I would say that we need a completely New Movement.

One more point. There are thoughtful individuals who agree with me about what I wrote about a legal infrastructure, economic activity, and all of my other proposed approaches to a revitalized and reconstructed real movement, but express skepticism about any of it being achieved, and believe that it is wishful thinking. I completely agree with the skepticism and often express that here - I believe that with all of the self-centered Quota Queen grifters as "movement" "leaders," combined with a generally inept and naive (never mind freakish) rank-and-file, I do not hold out my hope for real progress.  However, I still believe that I have an obligation to point out what should be done. 

Is it all just wishful thinking?  In the sense that achieving it is unlikely, then yes, but in the sense of whether it could theoretically be achieved with different leadership, then no. Consider the "Free Expression Foundation" in my blog links. That is a grossly underfunded and understaffed endeavor that could be the nucleus of a legal infrastructure. If the money currently being funneled to VDARE and Counter-Currents instead went to the Free Expression Foundation, then they would likely be able to hire full time legal staff, and that could be the start of something along the lines of what I have in mind. If Regnery (and others on our side with money) would have invested more in things like that, then that would have been another boost to these objectives. Then we have things like the NPI, which could in theory have been the nucleus of a real Far Right think tank. No one forced those guys to make Spencer, with virtually no qualifications other than being a tall preppy WASP, as the head of the NPI. No one forced the Alt Right to do Unite the Right instead of quietly organizing behind the scenes. My point is that money exists and has existed in the "movement," and the nuclei of certain aspects of infrastructure exist and have existed, and all of it has, and continues to be, wasted. It is more of a failure of will, vision, competence, and leadership than any innate impossibility of achievement. In that sense, it is not merely wishful thinking.

Read this. I am a strong proponent of nuclear weapons, including the ICBM leg of the nuclear triad. While Russia and China upgrade their nuclear forces, modernizing them to meet the challenges of this new century, the USA continues to use weapon systems from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s (and let’s not even talk about the B-52, developed in the 1950s).  On a side note, and something I’ve mentioned before – are they really going to continue to use “Ground Based Strategic Deterrent” (GBSD) for the name of this new ICBM? I suppose in Woke America we can’t name missiles after Greco-Roman or Norse gods or their instruments (“Trident”) any more, or name them after conceptual figures from American military history (“Minuteman”), and, on the other hand, the BIPOCs and women would get offended if WMD are named after them. And of course, who on our side would want an ICBM named "Tubman?" So, we’re stuck with GBSD, I suppose.  A small but telling sign of the new bleak America.

I would like to briefly address the concerns of people like Andrew Joyce, re: technology-oriented “ethnofuturism.” I see two major (potentially sane and reasonable) problems with technology – the physical and the spiritual/moral. The physical would include things like practicality, depletion of natural resources, pollution and other forms of environmental degradation, etc. I am optimistic that if Whites can save themselves, can have their own societies, and can focus the fruits of their genius for their own interests, instead of wasting themselves on the “woke” agenda, then I believe that these physical problems can be solved. The spiritual/moral problems involve the sorts of issues brought up by Gene Wolfe in his “tale of the machines” story in The Book of the New Sun, of which I have written about before – humanity giving up its soul, giving up the “irrational” and “human” part of itself, in the quest to master and advance science and technology. These problems revolve around issues of “modernism,” issues of dependence on technology, issues of “transhumanism” and the transformation of our people into something we would not wish. These are important concerns and important issues, but we need to understand that we can have control over this; we need to take responsibility for our interaction with science and technology. We need to understand that science and technics are merely tools, they are means and not ends, they are what we use to achieve our objectives, but they are not the objectives themselves, and they cannot directly determine what those objectives are.  We do not have to sacrifice our souls on the altar of technological progress. We can control our destiny. We are in charge, not the machines.

A comment from a reader of Joyce's post left a comment that included:
A) The authors’ very important and healthy rejection of Dugin and his nefarious “Fourth Political Theory” that promotes a multicultural/multiracial world of mongrels whose only point in common is hatred for what he calls “Americanism” or “the decadent West”. Dugin explicitly denies the existence of a Jewish question (or, even better, a Jewish problem) and, of course, heaps scorn and mud over Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. Deep down Dugin is just a national bolshevik, which means a dangerous, nasty creature who is full of hot air, promoting a ridiculous idea that leads to nowhere. Unfortunately, this cunning bastard has managed to get a considerable number of supporters among what I would describe loosely as “nationalists”. These uneducated fools think that Dugin (like his idol Putin) is “one of us”.
My take is this - I have not yet read the book, so I do not want to be a "low information moralizer" (one of Johnson's attacks against me) concerning what the authors wrote about Russia.  Instead, I'll say that I reject and oppose anti-Russianism and other forms of divisive petty nationalist intra-White infighting. However, I have never (unlike many of the Quota Queens) been a fan of Dugin and his ideas, and have in fact been critical of Duginism.  So, I am, in general, pro-Russia and pro-Russians, but oppose the Duginist agenda.  

Friday, April 9, 2021

Odds and Ends, 4/9/21

In der news.

See this.

Once again, I need to stress the horrific strategic error that Der Movement made by not taking proper advantage of the Trump interregnum by quietly building a real infrastructure behind the scenes, including a permanent legal defense/lawfare unit, as well as self-sustaining economic activity, and organized metapolitical action with professional “political soldiers.” Instead, the Nitwit Right “acted out” with their rallies and Unite the Right and everything else, doing exactly the opposite of what they should have done. This is not “20-20 hindsight,” since I have been talking about these things for years, I have always preached my approach, even before Trump became President.

It is still not too late to do the right thing, although an enormous amount of damage has already been done, and the probability of success at this point has been greatly diminished, to the point of being highly unlikely. The Far Right needs to retrench. See this.

We need legal, economic, and community infrastructures, everything that I have written about over the years. These things would cost money; however, if instead of large amounts of money being flushed down the toilet with VDARE and Counter-Currents, the resources were placed into these infrastructure projects, that could be a “game changer.” I doubt that will happen. The rank-and-file seem to too dumb to realize that this needs to be done.

Interestingly, but not unsurprisingly, democratic multiculturalism has been, based on my observations, best pursued by mainstream (paleoconservative) rightists or by traditional liberals. The Far Right has been useless, but what else can you expect from Type I, hobbit hole, woman-in-a-wheat-field nationalists?

I am of a mixed mind about this post. On the one hand, for the most part, with some possible exceptions, each individual piece of advice, taken in isolation, is sound. What I do not like is the overall tone (complete with the typical anti-vaxx stupidity – run to the woods, that jabbing Jew doctor is going to sodomize you with a covid vaccination needle!).  The piece, in its entirety, unpleasantly reminds me of the typical “twigs and branches” Type I nonsense, to which my riposte is this Stonetoss cartoon.

If the System wants you, as an individual, they’ll get you (almost always), whether you are out in the woods, on your boat, island-hopping, or whatever. Ultimately, the best security comes from being part of a dependable, integrated community of competent and like-minded people who can impose a cost on the System for their persecution of you.  Note “best” is a relative term – nothing guarantees anything. But,"best" is better than "worst."

True enough, being an effete metrosexual urbanite completely plugged into the System is not optimal.  But being Grizzly Adams or Yukon Cornelius won’t save you either. It does not serve us as a people to have all of us abandoning concentrations of power and of infrastructure.

A vaccine caused the cancer!  Now, Der Movement can quote that as more evidence. Dat Right!

Remember that I expressed serious reservations about the DNA-based viral vector vaccines even before the roll-out. Once again, Sallis is correct. What you get here on this blog is scientifically informed analysis, underpinned by good judgment. But, hey, keep on supporting the Quota Queens, who are always, always wrong, because, well…you know.  But the flubros will, in any case, just conflate all of the vaccines together as nasty “jabs” that will alienate Jaysus on judgment day.

I appreciate Joyce’s thoughtful review of this book, even though he is less enthusiastic about technology than I or the authors of the book under review (which I should probably read at some point) are.  We need to reject hobbit hole woman-in-the-wheat-field nationalism.



April 8, 2021 at 11:24 am

The only flaw in this book is the continuous anti-Russian hostility throughout every chapter.

Well...ethnonationalism. Let's be divisive among Europeans, the battle-cry of the petty nationalists.

Laugh at this.  Goad posts genetic data for himself that appears from 23andMe, and writes:

Genetically speaking, I am almost 100% a child of the British Isles, with my strongest links to recent ancestry being London, Dublin, and County Cork. Even that stubborn and pesky 4.3% “Spanish and Portuguese” quotient of my genetic makeup may simply be “Black Irish” DNA resulting from when the Spanish Armada dropped a few loads in the Emerald Isle half a millennium ago.

I have written about “testing” before, but let me summarize here:

1. All of the “testing” companies are lousy, but 23andMe is, currently, the worst, with, generally, poor parental population coverage, misleading presentation of data and stupid labelling of groups, statistical comedy (reporting 50% confidence levels), etc.

2. However, Northwest Europeans and Ashkenazi Jews love 23andMe, since their groups have excellent parental population coverage and are sufficiently genetically homogeneous so that, with that coverage, they are essentially being compared to themselves, and therefore get reasonably accurate ancestry estimates, with percentages typically close to 100%, with low unassigned levels (even at higher levels of confidence). Jews also love the test because 23andMe stupidly labels Ashkenazim as “European” (while, e.g.., Greek Cypriots are not so labelled).

3. So, essentially, Goad is being compared to himself, hence the close match to “British and Irish.”

4. “…stubborn and pesky…”  Counter-Currents’ attitude toward Iberians in three words.

5. 4.3% of anything in that test (or even more than 4.3% in many cases), particularly at the 50% confidence level, is essentially meaningless. Goad’s “explanation” is retarded, and demonstrates that his understanding of commercial ancestry testing is close to nil. Taking that 4.3% seriously, and trying to find an “explanation” for it regarding some mysterious “Spanish Armada” admixture event, is moronic. 

A more reasonable approach is to say that Goad is essentially being compared to himself, for the reasons briefly explained above and explained in more detail in previous EGI Notes posts on this subject, but there are small differences between Goad and the British/Irish parental samples 23andMe has, those differences in Goad’s genome are slightly more “Iberian-like” than the corresponding chromosome fragments in the parental samples, so at the ludicrous 50% confidence level, they are assigned as “Spanish and Portuguese.”  If 23andMe were to add more micks to their database, and if those micks were genetically similar to Goad, then that 4.3% would decrease, or be eliminated completely, in any “update.” Goodbye to the “Spanish Armada.”

More raving madness from Der Movement:

Captain John Charity Spring MAApril 8, 2021 at 2:46 pm

No. The Atlantic coast was and English colony off and on again for centuries with the Plantegenets. Basque land was an English colony and Portugal was founded with several thousand English longbow men backing a local Duke. The mercenary populations shifted back n forth.

Captain John Charity Spring MAApril 8, 2021 at 2:42 pm

Gascony and Basque area used to be an English colony. There is no mystery here at all. Portugal was founded by a couple of thousand English archers who stopped in Lisbon to back up a Duke who went on to be King of Portugal. The Atlantic coast was a military singularity.

The nation of Portugal was founded by “a couple of thousand English archers who stopped in Lisbon.” So, hey, why do the Nordicists have a problem with the Portuguese? They simply are Englishmen who speak a different language. Madness.

That is what I call the solipsism of the “movement.” “Movement” retards invent whatever fantasies they wish and then insist that their fever dreams constitute reality.

Laugh at this:

Fionn McCoolApril 9, 2021 at 12:13 am

As I said in another comment above, I am half “black Irish” by birth. One of my parents comes from a family with really curly, thick black hair.

According to 23andme my genome is “99.2 British and Irish” with the two remaining .4% segments identified as Sardinian and Anatolian. Take from that what you will.

Yes, those two 0.4% segments cause the “really curly, thick black hair.”

Madness. Madness.

The despicable Johnson is promoting Amren Jamaican Lipton Matthews.

Choosing a political party on the basis of identity is quite childish. At some point, one must become an adult and transcend the tribalism of the group.

Tribalism bad!  Identity politics bad!  Being an adult means accepting "the other!"

When all is said and done, it all boils down to four words: “Rosie and the kids.”

Crypsis alert: Ethnic Columbian masquerades as Italian-American, repeatedly claims to be of “Sicilian” ancestry. The reality:

Brancato was born in Bogotá, Colombia. Adopted when he was four months old, he was raised by Italian-American parents, Lillo Sr. (a construction worker), and Domenica (an electrolysist), in Yonkers, New York. Brancato studied at Mount Saint Michael Academy. His adoptive brother, Vinny, briefly worked as a fashion model and now works as a Yonkers civil servant.

Although he was born in Colombia, Brancato has said, "I consider myself Italian. I was raised to eat pasta".

Sorry, “eating pasta” does not change your hybrid, Hispanic, Columbian DNA. Stop lying about your ancestry, please.  It is bad enough when Hollywood constantly uses Hispanics, Jews, and the likes of Vin Diesel to play Italian characters in movies and on television.  But now we have non-White actors falsely claiming to be Italian, equating in the public mind their non-White phenotypes with those of actual Italians.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

What Do the Flubros Want?

And other news.

Following up on this.

When you criticize something, you should always offer an alternative.  I criticize the System, and offer White nationalism (more generally: universal nationalism) as the alternative. I criticize Der Movement, and offer alternative approaches both at this blog and also at Western Destiny. So, with the criticism of the flubros to the mainstream response to covid-19, what is their alternative?

They oppose the vaccines. They oppose lockdowns. They oppose masking. In the absence of any alternative plan of action, it seems that they simply want us to ignore the virus and just go on as if it does not exist.  If people get sick, they get sick. If they get hospitalized, sometimes on respirators, then so be it. If they die, they die. If they get long-term physiological damage, well, so what?  And, worst of all, if the virus continues to spread, and continues to mutate, eventually becoming an extremely dangerous (to everyone), very contagious, and very deadly form, even by flubro standards, well, that’s a small price to pay so that the flubros can have the “freedom” to pack their churches without masks and praise Jaysus.

In contrast, I say that we should get as many people vaccinated – with the mRNA vaccines – as quickly as possible. Even if the vaccines do not directly suppress actual infection (this really needs to be determined), if viral loads in vaccinated infected persons are greatly reduced, and if this can reduce the transmission rate to under 1.0, then we have a chance of ending this pandemic. At the same time, we need more data on the overall efficacy (and side effects) of the vaccines, particularly with respect to actual infection and transmission, how long immunity lasts, and whether there is immunity to new viral strains. It may be necessary to have boosters or even a new, superior vaccine. But we need to get folks vaccinated now, with what we have now. Will there be some negative consequences of vaccination for some? Certainly, but there will be more negative consequences for letting the disease spread and doing nothing about it. If you are upset about this choice: BLAME CHINA.

Laugh at this.

When Johnson brags about the pro-HBD speakers all having PhDs, I note that his PhD is in philosophy, and Dutton’s is in religious studies. But they'll speak about biological and genetic science with "expertise." Oh, that criticism is…credentialism. Then why did Johnson engage in the credentialism of mentioning the PhDs to begin with?

LL: Did they handcuff you?

GJ: No, nothing like that. It was super casual and polite. It was what you’d expect in a Nordic social democracy — kind of laid back.

Hail Nordics!  But, then…

They seemed to have an unwritten rule, that no matter how simple your request is, they would count to one million — very slowly — before they would grant the request. It just took forever for the simplest things to happen.

What you’d expect in a Nordic social democracy?

Either they were in on it — they were part of the communist, Antifa, ultra-Left network in that country and doing a good deed for their comrades — or they were totally incompetent. Neither option is really a good look for the Norwegian Security Services. You want the intelligence apparatus in your country to be intelligent. You want the security service to actually make you more secure. You’re not secure if you have people who are dishonest, or just incompetent, making decisions like this.

What you’d expect in a Nordic social democracy?

LL: Why you? Why are you such a threat? 

GJ: That’s a good question. Why didn’t they target Kevin MacDonald? He was there too, and he’s a far more important person than I am. I don’t know why they targeted me, not him. They even found Kevin making comments about Breivik. They said, “Oh! He’s another Breivik supporter.” But they didn’t try to arrest and expel him. Maybe they think I’m going good work. 

“…Going good work.”  Going. Remember, proper spelling and word usage are for the Untermenschen; the Herrenvolk do as they please!  I suppose that the good and great LL and GJ meant “doing.” The implication is then that MacDonald is not doing (or “going”) good work?

Brad Griffin (emphasis added):

It is at the level of politics where Der Movement has miserably failed. The movement has failed to translate the “four truths” into a winning political message. The movement has failed for a variety reasons. Some of these reasons are internal. Some of these reasons are external. Internally, the biggest problem is the lack of an overarching strategy to advance our mutual goals and common interest, which has led to paralysis and frustrated people turning to the worst people who have the worst ideas and lashing out in pointless acts of violence. Externally, the cause of this is state repression and marginalization by the stigma on the Right that is attached to Whites who try to organize to advance their common interests. Were it not for the external repression and stigma, there would be significantly less of these violent fanatics.
Can we fix this problem?
I’ve already written about the violent fanatics. There is nothing we can do about state repression and disruption which isn’t in our power to control. We don’t know these people in real life and can’t predict their highly personal meltdowns. We can brainstorm new political strategies though. We can think outside the old box of mainstreaming vs. vanguardism neither of which has never worked.
I think this is the area where our intellectuals have failed us the most. It is fine that we have people who are hammering away at the core themes or truths. They are doing important work. We have all kinds of people though who are wandering around in highly esoteric subjects, distant centuries and foreign regimes and countries which have no relevance to the real world which is the United States in 2021 in the Joe Biden presidency. They’re not focused on the work which really needs to be done.

I essentially agree. But watch out, Brad.  Johnson may label you as "insane" and a "paranoid of crap" as he did with me. You see, you can't criticize the vaunted "leaders" of Der Movement.  After all, it may result in them getting less "D'Nations" and we can't have that!

See this. Of course that is true. In contrast to Johnson's gaslighting stupidity, I have always maintained that Trump won in 2016 in spite of, not because of, his obnoxious and vulgar personality - he won because of his policy positions. Johnsons moronic position - that apparently only he holds - that Trump could have won in 2016 with a Jeb Bush platform, and that people, including women and including evangelicals of both sexes, voted for Trump's pleasant, sparkling, "grab them by the pussy" personality is ludicrous. You see, Johnson cannot admit he was wrong about Trump, wrong about Trump as a "sincere man of genuine greatness," he cannot admit that Sallis was right when he labelled Trump a vulgar ignorant buffoon, a Negrophillic race cuck, and a fraud, before the election, so Johnson spews the most ridiculous nonsense to try and cover his abysmal lack of judgment. Leadership!  Enjoy! Send in the "D'Nations!"  Money, money, money!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Against HBD Apologia and Against Torba

In der news.

I want to refute the moronic support for Taylor’s (self-described) yellow supremacism by Johnson and his two sycophants. The shallow idea is that Taylor’s HBD race realism, which consists of lickspittle pro-Asianism, is a “brilliant” ploy to refute the idea that America is a “White supremacist” society. Thus: "If a colored people like Asians can be so successful, then why not Blacks…blah, blah, blah."  This apologia for Taylor fails since:

1. One could talk about Asian success in America without constantly banging the drum about Asian IQ, and the idea that Asians are inherently superior to Whites, in a genetically heritable manner, with respect to intelligence, behavior, etc.

2. If the idea is simply to talk about Asian success in America then why make blanket statements about Asian superiority, which apply to Asian superiority everywhere (including their societies in Asia)?

I think Asians are objectively superior to whites by just about any measure that you can come up with in terms of what are the ingredients for a successful society.

3. Even if Taylor had some sort of good reason for his pro-Asian attitudes, he has had many years to observe people like John Engelman (or Derbyshire) use race realism in destructive, anti-White ways. Taylor keeps on banging the drum in favor of Asian (and Jewish) IQ even after it has been shown to be something that can be interpreted against White interests.

4. Amren is real selective about what “true things” they like to talk about. IQ scores yes, but the lack of Asian creativity, or the alien nature of Jewish genetics, are definite nos.

So, Johnson’s apologia fails. It would be very easy to simply making relevant and reasonable observations such as: “How is America a “White supremacist” country if Asian-Americans have higher average incomes and greater educational attainment than do European-Americans” or “How are IQ tests ‘Eurocentric’ if Asians do so well in them?” – one does not need to (constantly) make blanket statements of Asian superiority such as “I think Asians are objectively superior to whites by just about any measure that you can come up with in terms of what are the ingredients for a successful society.”

If Johnson can’t see the difference then he is stupid, and if he does see it but does not admit it then he is dishonest.

By the way, one wonders if “Lovecraft’s Cat” is a Johnsonian sock puppet. If not, then he may as well be, very conveniently asking questions that allow Johnson to engage in indirect one-sided “debates” against EGI Notes talking points.

Now to Torba:

In February I explained the many reasons that the Oligarchs fear Christianity. 

No, they fear White people. I don't quite see "the Oligarchs" as being hostile to Black folks in their "churches."  On the other hand, White Asatru are castigated as "racists." So, where is the "fear" targeted?

Their attacks on Christians started shortly after the mostly peaceful protest at the Capitol on January 6th. Suddenly Christian Nationalism was a “threat to our democracy.” “Radicalized Christian nationalism is one of the biggest threats facing the US” wrote Business Insider.

And other headlines talk about "White Supremacism." At no point does "Christian nationalism" include non-Whites with respect to "attacks on Christians," and you know it.

Give me a break.


Their latest attack against Christians is the fact that many of us refuse to get jabbed with an experimental vaccine for a virus with a 99% survival rate among the vast majority of the population.

"Jabbed." You can always tell when someone is an anti-vaxx ignorant fool - "jabbed."  They are real afraid of getting a needle stick, eh?  Taking maintenance medication is OK, though. The "experimental vaccine" is actually several different vaccines, some of which have been given to many millions of people already.

“White Evangelical Resistance Is Obstacle in Vaccination Effort” according to the New York Times. “Christian nationalism is a barrier to mass vaccination against COVID-19” wrote the dimwits at The Conversation. These people love any excuse to demonize white people and Christianity. he admits that it is WHITE people being demonized.  How about starting his diatribe with that obvious fact?

Meanwhile the Big Tech overlords at Facebook are “fact-checking” posts from people who are dying from the vaccine. Mark Zuckerberg is also partnering with the government to socially shame those who decide to not get the experimental vaccine with “Vaccine Verified” profiles. Since when is our medical history Facebook’s business?

A few people "died from the vaccine?"  Blame China.

The great irony here is that Zuckerberg himself isn’t vaccinated, “yet.” 

Who cares what that reptilian-faced Jew does?  I myself have been vaccinated. Satisfied?  Note how Torba leaves out that his beloved hero Trump got vaccinated. Putin did as well.

Maybe he just doesn’t want to risk his skin peeling off in reaction to the Covid shot. I don’t blame him!

That isolated reaction was to the Johnson and Johnson DNA viral vector vaccineInstead of talking generally about “covid vaccines” we need to distinguish between them. I have previously written about my reservations about the DNA-based vaccines, which are precisely the type of vaccine causing the most problems. 

Also, what about the side effects of covid-19 itself?  Even some who are in the "99% survival rate" category suffer long-term negative effects. And what is the "survival rate" for the vaccines?

Risks aside, Christians also face a moral dilemma with regard to the fact that “fetal-cell lines played a vital role in the development of all three vaccines.” Perhaps this is why the vaccine, like abortion, has become a de facto religious ceremony for the followers of the demonic critical theory religion that is sweeping Western society.

You really are an irrational fool.  Rational people, please read this.

Do you remember anyone ever virtue signaling online about getting a flu shot in the past? I sure don’t. Suddenly it’s “cool” and “hip” to let the entire world know about your medical history as a sign of your commitment to the “cause” of oligarchic tyranny.

I'll start doing that now. Get your flu shot. By the way, covid-19 is more dangerous and contagious than the flu.

How utterly stupid and foolish.

Are you talking about what you have written?

In other news: half of Americans support a “vaccine passport,” which means our society is rapidly fragmenting into two distinct economies: the economy of sane and rational people who do not want an experimental vaccine injected into their body and those who handed over their bodily autonomy as a science experiment so things could “go back to normal.” Newsflash: things are never going back to normal, just like they didn’t after 9/11.

He's got that 100% reversed. The sane and rational people are those who (a) understand what mRNA vaccines are, (b) understand the value of vaccination, (c) understand that severe side effects from mRNA vaccines are rare and less common than severe side effects from covid-19 itself, (d) understand that we need to get vaccination done if we are ever to end this nightmare, and (e)  understand that if you are upset about all of this, THEN BLAME THE CHINESE, NOT THE VACCINE AND NOT PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF VACCINATION.

This is one of the many reasons I have been pushing Christians to start building our own economy separate from all of this madness. Soon enough, we won’t have any other choice.

"Christians."  Not "White people," but "Christians."  Jeremiah Wright yes, Stephen McNallen, no.

Ultimately the Oligarchs in power want us all worshipping the State, “stuff,” and “science” as god. 

Here we start getting to the core of it all - the hatred, fear, and disgust the religious have toward science and empiricism.

God Almighty gets in the way of that. 

It's difficult for an imaginary sky spirit to get in the way of anything.

They want us enslaved to sin to become even more spineless, docile, complacent, and obedient pigs. 

I suppose Nietzsche would have described Christians as "spineless, docile, complacent, and obedient pigs."

Christians and God stand in their way of total and complete control. The experimental vaccine isn’t about health and it isn’t about politics.

It is about health.

It’s about power.

You're delusional.

Power over your body. Power over your mind. Power over your soul. Resist. Keep the faith. We are children of God.

We are the children of Europe.

After all: “my body, my choice,” right?

Say that when you are resisting forced racial integration. I look forward to reading about that.

Andrew Torba



Jesus is King

Jesus was a dead Jew on a stick.

I suppose we'll see Gab's commitment to free speech once I post this there.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Odds and Ends, 4/6/21

In der news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

This may well be the stupidest movie review I ever had the misfortune to read. It all boils down to that the movie offends Johnson’s effete tastes, so it is no good. This is the same highbrow aesthete who gives us Jim “Howard Stern” Goad's "work" as intellectual reading material.

Some commentators rightfully object to Johnson's insipid review. Johnson whines:

Greg JohnsonApril 6, 2021 at 1:09 am

Interesting that you don’t differentiate standards of taste and morality from totalitarianism.

My reply:

Interesting that you don't differentiate pearl-clutching effete squeamishness from standards of taste and morality.

What is Goad going to do about Gordon Liddy with that “Abbaticchio” in Liddy’s family tree? Note also the standard Alt Right obsession with (male) height. In the context of all of the bizarre stupidity that comes from that sector of Der Movement, that’s relatively minor, but, still, it adds “flavor” to rightist childishness.

Liddy movie.

Interesting that Griffin is using the term “Der Movement.” Where did he get that from, I wonder?  In any case, it is an excellent way of ridiculing the “movement,” so the more people use the term, the better.  Go to it, Brad!

Also from Occidental Dissent:

Patrick of Greenport

APRIL 4, 2021 AT 12:12 PM

For the record…I have always hated Jared Taylor…intensely.

At the very time that White Tech workers were being racially replaced by Chinese and Hindus…Taylor felt very good about boasting in public about Asian intellectual superiority. An opportunity was blown. Taylor did this on the Phil Donahue special on immigration. On a show where a 40 year White Guy Tech Audience Member described in great detail how he was displaced by Hindus at an Engineering Company…and immediately Jared Taylor starts blathering about IQ test score psychometric….this was the show which Dave Chappell was on…

There is something serious wrong with freaks such as Jared Taylor who are obsessed with IQ test score psychometric jibber-jabber.


APRIL 4, 2021 AT 3:33 PM

This was also the reason Jared was thrown out from Eastern Europe. All those intellectuals derailing every effective movement and turn it to boring abstract discussion without relevance to real world whatsoever.

In my opinion, those wise great thinkers are the main culprits for Western Civilization demise. They thought most simplest things to absurd until word constructs replaced reality.

My personal favorite is Pat Buchanan. Every time when I read him I think, on what planet this gentleman lives.

Robert Browning

APRIL 4, 2021 AT 3:51 PM

The racial realist are controlled opposition. Their purpose is to frame the argument and mislead you into thinking the hatred directed at white Christians is racial instead of religious. The goal of the Jews is the destruction of Christ and Christianity. Then only then will the world be prepared for the Jew messiah, the Moshiach the anti-Christ.

Read this. Well then. Who has been telling you for years that Der Movement is a complete failure, and that its leaders are affirmative action incompetents?

Meanwhile, Johnson and McCulloch agonize whether we are “definitely going to win” in 50 years, or whether it can be sooner.

A sincere man of genuine greatness.

I smelled a rat even before he was sworn in as president when he started making big moves like appointing Gary Cohn as his chief economic adviser.

That’s great, Brad. Meanwhile, I was calling Trump a vulgar ignorant buffoon, a Negrophillic race cuck, and a fraud, before the 2016 election.

Well, well, well…how did this little expose of Anglo-Saxon ethnoimperalism make it into Counter-Currents?
Her non-malicious satires poked fun at English hobbit-like provincialism and aversion to “foreigners,” even as their country was engaged in an imperialist project that meant to turn the world into an extension of the domesticated English garden (and when one stops to think for a moment, one realizes that these attitudes were but two manifestations of the same impulse). 
“…hobbit-like provincialism…” Snug in your hobbit hole!
Britons were not as worried about colored Third Worlders invading their country as they were about their own racial kinsmen — the white colonials whose loose manners threatened their British insularity.
And today, Polish plumbers are bad, bad, bad, while nice little Desis and West Indians are good, good, good.
Though Europeans imagined that they kept the “barbarians” at bay, that their intra-racial troubles were theirs alone, the twentieth century would dash those fantasies into the dust.
Mr. Shaitana was both victim and perpetrator in Cards on the Table, but whether he “was an Argentine, or a Portuguese, or a Greek, or some other nationality rightly despised by the insular Briton, nobody knew…
Rightly despised…they’ll live in their countries though, while at the same time despising them. Ethnonationalism!
Following the World Wars, those murderous intra-racial feuds fought for all the nonwhite world to watch and wonder at their European masters’ foolishness.
As a foreigner from the Continent, Poirot himself was often the object of British side-eyed suspicion. Flippant slurs (“dago,” most commonly) disparaging other white Europeans abounded in Christie’s work.

And from a comment:
The upshot of my current thought process leads me to believe that “woman-in-a-wheat- field” nationalism is a dead-end and that some room needs to be made in this movement for the Faustian to assert itself again.
Heh…“woman-in-a-wheat- field” nationalism. That’s good. I wish I had thought it up myself.  I suppose that the men will all be snug in their hobbit holes while milady Aryan princess swings her golden locks in a wheat field (while dreaming of a Negro lover). Meanwhile, Chinamen are rocketing off to the stars.
Carolyn Yeagersays:
…Alternatively, we could have Josef Stalin presented by an actor as comical. How about it?
My riposte.  You see?  Already done. How about it? Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement is always wrong.

No, the following "movement" blog comment is not, repeat, not, affiliated with Counter-Currents, insofar as I know:

“I’m offering a queer-friendly couch to crash on in Seattle.”

Fall asleep on that couch and wake up with a Space Needle in your sphincter

Monday, April 5, 2021


In all cases, emphasis added.

Behold the female.

In the early stages of dating, it is the woman who defines the pace and direction of a relationship, and it is she who can bewitch a man

Note the word “bewitch.” See this definition. Note the word “injuriously” in the definition. Indeed.

…so that he does not even know why he feels so attracted…

The irrational man is more easily manipulated, eh?

Long, hair, modest but chic clothing, and a lovely smile are always assets. 

Is there a reason for a comma between the words “Long” and “hair?” Ah, well, the rules of language have to adjust for the Herrenvolk, not the other way around. But, perhaps, the comma is there for a purpose. The woman must be “long” (assumed to be height and not girth) and must have hair (as opposed to being bald) – but we’ll assume that the “hair” is limited to the scalp and pubic region and not, for example, face, armpits, or legs...or anywhere else.

She encourages a man to make further moves without overloading him with information

Information like that she is a bitch.

she would rather let him find out step by step. 

Oh, he’ll find out alright.

A wise woman does not pressure a man.

That comes after marriage.

She would not take the initiative to suggest a date, ask for his number, call, or offer her precious body. 

Women’s bodies are “precious.” Men are, of course, expendable. Roissy’s “fundamental premise” in action, I suppose. Expensive eggs, cheap sperm. Although rational men may view things differently. That’s why they need to be “bewitched.”

She makes herself elusive but is sweet and smiling. If he disappears

Run, man, run!

…she can make a move after a few weeks — a nice text message, or an email. She lets him retake the initiative if he wishes.

“Just be yourself, throw yourself over him, and it will magically work out”. It won’t. 

Hey! Only give yourselves away cheaply to Negroes; after that, when you’re aging and decrepit, make that White man work for your precious body!

Men appreciate women with standards and values they want transmitted to their children even if they themselves are not 100 percent up to these standards. Women set the bar.

Jump, men, jump!

Many Western men are horrified when they look at what has become of our women

Ms. Wei Fuk Yu is always waiting. Measured groveling!

A correct comment:

Philosopher of Freedom  mr peanut 

If you had seen the way so many white girls went after the few black boys at my NoCal high school in the late 1960s, you would not be mouthing that feminist trope! And if you were me in the 1980s and 90s in private practice and seen how many married, Christian women hit on me in the office, you would also be less outright with that comment.

This here is the key to the whole Ken Burns situation:
For years, he has lived and worked in the small town of Walpole, New Hampshire.
The racial makeup of the town was 97.3% white, 0.3% African American, 0.2% Native American, 0.5% Asian, 0.0% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 0.2% some other race, and 1.5% from two or more races. 1.3% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.
I don’t know, Kenny, you may have a better “reckoning with race” living in, say, Detroit, LA, Chicago, the Bronx or Brooklyn or Harlem, Camden, Philadelphia, etc. 

Burns was born in Brooklyn at a time when it was mostly White and Jewish. Why doesn’t he move back now – not in any gentrified SJW area but in the heart of darkest Africa?

Investigators believe that he paid for sex with a number of women he met through Joel Greenberg — a former Florida tax collector who was indicted last year on a federal sex trafficking charge, among other offenses…
Joel Greenberg...sounds real high-IQ!
…it’s being reported that he’s long had a reputation among colleagues for aberrant behavior, including a fondness for illicit drugs and younger women — and members of his own party had learned to keep their distance.
If you just changed the word "women" to "men" then he'd be prime Alt Right material!  Although, I suppose if the "women" were strap-on-wielding Asiatrices, he'd still be Alt Right material, particularly in its HBD race realist branch.
Multiple people told CNN that Gaetz had a history of showing off nude photos and videos of women that he said he’d slept with to colleagues on the House floor.
Again, he could be in the gay cabal Alt Right faction if those were photos and videos of men, and in the HBD race realist Alt Right faction if the "women" were East Asian. More details, please!

See this.  Always it's the chosen ones involved somehow, eh? Cofnas will tell us it's just because of their high IQ - they're found everywhere intelligence is needed!

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter, 2021

In all cases, emphasis added.

Happy Easter!

This is HBD; this is race realism – 


Wherever you look, Asians outperform whites academically and financially...

we have a considerably less than one standard deviation difference between Asian IQ — North Asian IQ — and white IQ. I think that, too, is a result of genetics, and I think that that is what explains the dominance of Asians in certain fields, and their lower rates of illegitimacy compared to whites, their lower crime rates, their better achievement in school, their higher average incomes...

I think Asians are objectively superior to whites by just about any measure that you can come up with in terms of what are the ingredients for a successful society.

- Jared Taylor, Interview

One HBD yellow supremacist quotes another HBD (self-declared) yellow supremacist. Race realism in action!  Haven’t all you rank-and-file activists out there yet realized that everything that I write about the HBDers is absolutely true?

Is this – “I think Asians are objectively superior to whites by just about any measure that you can come up with in terms of what are the ingredients for a successful society” – what you want in your “leadership?” Consider Murray's book of human accomplishment and the vast over-representation of Europeans and the vast under-representation of Asians, and consider the absurd quote "Asians are objectively superior to whites."  Question - if Asians are ever-so-superior, why do they immigrate to White nations, rather then reverse?

HBD is nothing more or less than a political movement to privilege the interests of Jews and Asians over those of Whites.

HBD race realism among Whites is nothing more or less than race treason.

Considering the moronic "agrarian populism" essay by Jeelvy, I am reminded of my observation concerning the lack of mutual understanding between White Americans and White Europeans. Europeans like to state that (White) Americans do not understand Europe and Europeans, but I have observed that it is even more true that Europeans do not understand America and (White) Americans. To Europeans, America is always perpetually in the year 1920 or 1910. To them, White America is composed of completely disjunctive, unmixed ethnic groups that are at odds with each other or, at best, completely indifferent to each other. They believe that all White ethnics live in urban enclaves, separate from other Whites, and behave exactly as did their ancestors right "off the boat." They believe that founding stock White American men are all akin to the characters played by Gary Cooper or JImmy Stewart in their movies. They believe that the American heartland is full of White farmers on their little family homestead farms and they believe that the American military is primarily composed of rural Scots-Irish Andrew Jackson types. To them, it's "Gangs of New York" on a regular basis in the cities and "the Rifleman" on a regular basis in rural America. And hanging out online with American Nutzis does nothing to dispel these fantasies.