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Statement of Principles Once Again

Once again.

Every once in a while, mostly for the benefit of new readers, I give an overarching summary of the objectives of this blog; in particular, I stress the reasons for the hyperbolic rhetoric and mocking ridicule presented here. This is also important to refute the defamatory attacks of people like Johnson who label me as “insane,” and, overall, people who take comments here out of context to justify their anti-Sallis defamation.

The Sallis Groupuscule has both positive and negative objectives. The positive aspects, at both EGI Notes and Western Destiny, revolve around building a New Movement, articulating strategies for activism, and various other areas of serious analysis. The negative aspects – the ones I discuss and defend here in this post, which are often the targets of my critics, are mostly focused on deconstructing and delegitimizing the “movement” – the "movement" being a fraud that I see as a major impediment to pro-White activism. There is a niche space for pro-White activism, and if this space is filled by the failed “movement,” then it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to get a New Movement established and growing. Therefore, attacking the “movement” is essential.

Some of these criticisms involve issues that should not be relevant to pro-White activism, but must be discussed at this blog because the idiots of the “movement” bring these issues into pro-White activism, where they clearly do not belong. Consider the vaccination issue, for example. In theory, I would see no reason to bring this up in the context of pro-White activism.  But I am not the one who has brought the issue into WN; it is the anti-vaxx crowd who have done so. At one time, anti-vaxx stupidity was mostly confined to White suburban soccer moms with too much time on their hands and various blue-haired SJWs and others addicted to “alternative medicine.” But, Der Right, being influenced by irrational anti-intellectualism and paranoid ideation, has proven fertile ground for all sorts of anti-scientific lunatics, liars, and frauds, thereby associating Far Right pro-White politics  with the anti-vaxx agenda.  This being so, I have an obligation to speak out against that agenda, and to establish the Sallis Groupuscule as an outpost of sound, scientifically informed, rational discourse. Someone needs to confirm that not everyone on the Far Right is a tinfoil hat moron. The same applies to moon landing hoax stupidities and other laughable conspiracy theories.

I often criticize HBD, which I term a political movement aimed at privileging Jewish and Asian interests over that of Whites. I have always stated that this does not imply that all or most HBDers consciously pursue that agenda – although some undoubtedly do – but that the real world net effect of HBD race realism is indeed “privileging Jewish and Asian interests over that of Whites.” Engelman of Amren is often quoted here since he is a caricature of HBD; I couldn’t devise a better parody of HBD if I tried. Apparently though, Engelman is serious and not a secret anti-HBD troll (but if he is, I congratulate him on his success in this regard).  HBD race realism is opposed to the kinship-based racialism that I espouse; kinship-based racialism being the only objective (from a biologically-relevant adaptive fitness perspective) form of identity politics.

What about the somewhat vulgar sexual innuendo about “Ben Dover” with respect to HBD, the Alt Right, and Silk Road White nationalism?  Well, let us consider. I’m not the one who wrote that Derbyshire engaged in “measured groveling” to his Chinese wife – Derbyshire himself wrote that. I’m not the one who posted pictures of Chris Brand and his Chinese wife – Brand and Ray did that. I’m not the one who wrote that “dating Asian women is a rite of passage for the Alt Right” – an Alt Righter wrote that. I’m not the one who posted a picture of black booted Chinese women soldiers with guns as representative of Silk Road White nationalism – the folks at Majority Rights did that. So, perhaps Der Right should worry more about its disturbing fixation on Asian women rather than worrying about people like me who point out, and mock, that fixation.

What about homosexuality? While I don’t go as far Andrew Joyce in my opposition to homosexuality, there are reasons for concern. I was warned as far back as the early 2000s about a homosexual cabal in the “movement” and everything that has happened since then has done nothing but confirm that warning. Around the same time, I was warned by another individual that a prominent racialist is a closeted homosexual; there has never been any open evidence for this in the meantime, but, also, circumstantial evidence since then is suggestive of supporting that accusation. The Pilleater tape was also highly disturbing (and not only about homosexuality and homosexual sexual harassment but also about drug use), and what can one say about The Homo and The Negro and My Nationalist Pony?

What about my comments about Quota Queens and affirmative action? Let us consider together. Does anyone truly believe that, say, someone of Italian, Greek, or Slavic descent would have the same potentialities in the “movement” as someone, say, of Anglo-Germanic ancestry, such as a founding stock WASP?  Can anyone be so delusional?  Look at Spencer and his rapid rise, and being made President of NPI, apparently with limited to no real qualifications. Then we have Johnson careening from one disaster to another, yet still at the top of “movement” "leadership."  How is any of that different from an incompetent Negro being elevated in the corporate world due to affirmative action?

My criticisms of Nordicism are well known and need not gone into here in detail, but as we see, McCulloch continues with his bizarre alphabetical phenotypic charts, and we now see the new permutation of HBD Nordicism, which “jumped the shark” by “explaining” to us how Swedes are very collectivist because they are very individualistic. All laughable and worth being ridiculed.

My overall criticisms of Der Movement – so named to mock its Germanocentric Nordicism – are similarly justified. The same goes for criticisms of Trump.  With respect to individuals in the “movement” such as Johnson, I believe that everything I have written justifies that criticism. Note that Johnson “banned” me from Counter-Currents for discussing the Nordicist origins of the Herrmansson disaster (I didn’t even bother to mention the homosexual connection, which I suppose would have provoked him even more); further, he has refused to debate me or engage with my criticisms – even though anti-Sallis critics like Silver told him he should do so. Instead, he defames me as “insane” and labels me a “paranoid piece of crap.” In toto, I believe that my criticisms of Johnson are legitimate. I can go on, and note my contempt for the hypocrisy of the ethnonationalists who invade other people’s nations, and why that is justified. The semi-autistic over-earnestness of certain Counter-Currents writers is also, I believe, fair game for criticism.

I also make an issue of the tin cup panhandling of the “movement.” “Leaders” and other “activists” like to complain that they “have no money” despite the large sums of money that have been poured into the “movement” over the decades. Now, in a relative sense, there is some truth there; compared to the Left, the “movement” is deficit with respect to financial (and other) resources. However, in an absolute sense, it is a lie and what makes it worse is that the bulk of the money seems to go to the worst and most useless directions. There is one entity that shall go nameless here that has garnered millions of dollars, with its “leader” getting several hundred thousand dollars in compensation.  In their filings, this entity claims its objective is running an online publication. If you believe that this objective justifies that enormous intake of relatively scarce funds, then I must say that it seems that you have low expectations indeed.  I personally think this is a disgrace and a complete waste. What has the “movement” accomplished with the money it has already received? Maybe they should show some actual accomplishment before rattling the tin cup yet again?

In any case, this is a summary explaining some of the memes posted at this blog. Remember this post the next time one my critics labels me as "insane" and  "paranoid."

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Odds and Ends, 2/27/21

In der news.

Laugh at this. Once again, a question for Greg Johnson – what were Richard Spencer’s qualifications for being made President of the NPI?

What a silly juvenile idiot this guy is.

Derbyshire’s Arctic Alliance in action again.  And again and again.  Never forget – while Sallis has the cordon sanitaire, Derbyshire is praised, promoted, and paid by Der Movement. Tell me again how the affirmative action program is merely “paranoid ideation.”

A comment based on that China story:

Asmodeous Rex 

Translation of this story: China is an enemy of the West. All those that keep praising the Chinese as high IQ gentle people are hypocrites and liars promoting a false narrative for reasons only known to themselves.

If this person would read this blog, the reason the liars have for “promoting the false narrative” would be known to him and not only “to themselves.” Those liars are HBDers, in many cases motivated by a masochistic sexual fetish for Asian females (“measured groveling,” in their own words). Mr. Rex should read the comments of his fellow Amren commentator, the “race realist” Engelman, who, in virtually every comment post, talks about his literal love for Asian “women.” They openly admit it themselves. So, why do you need to wonder?  The essence of HBD can be summed up by: “Ben Dover.”

Laugh at this. Well Jared, if you have been reading EGI Notes, you could have learned a long time ago that Asians absolutely HATE Whites and are part of the rising tide of color against White interests and White survival. But, hey, keep on inviting Derbyshire to speak (to the “latrine flies”) at Amren conferences about how well the Arctic Alliance is going.

Does anyone wonder why I really can’t take any of these guys seriously? I mean, it’s an amazing and shocking discovery for them that Asians are exactly the same as other coloreds (if not worse) with respect to anti-White hatred, when some of us have known it, and have been preaching it all along, for many years.  Remember what I always say about judgment?

Complete “movement” insanity.  Yes, sir, feudalism in our hobbit hole!  That’ll keep dem dere Chinese at bay!  Decentralization!  Break out your muskets and shoot down dem dere Chinese ICBMs!  To the forest!

I give credit to Griffin for covering this story, which I have been following very closely. I haven’t commented much about it, since I don’t think it is a good idea for Nutzis to muddy the waters here at this point (*) – it is best to let the “normies” get “redpilled” first (sorry about using Pepe-Kek language, but I want to get my point across to all the Type Is out there).  But, to be brief, this – particularly Shaw’s battle – is exactly what I’m talking about with respect to democratic multiculturalism, although it is only an initial step. This initial step is battling against the excesses of Colored multiculturalism; the next step is demanding White rights as part of the multiculturalist agenda (I’ve outlined all of this before and I’m not going to repeat myself here). Note that this can lead to coalition building across various non-“woke” parts of the political spectrum.  Shaw, for example, is a liberal who used to be a “democratic socialist” – a person of the Left.  

*So, it is good for Griffin to call attention to it, but I counsel letting things play out among the “normies” for a while, for now, the Far Right should stand by and watch, and let the civic nationalist types like Carlson beat the drum about it. Sooner or later, all these people will learn that it is ALL about race, and that democratic multiculturalism is only a means and not an end. Ultimately, the choice will be Nutzis vs. Woke, and there is no place for any normal White people among the Woke. Now, Nutzis aren’t too normal either, but my hope is that a New Movement can make Nutzism more palatable.

I note that my take on Johnson's political acumen in Der Movement finds support in some of Liddell's comments on the same subject matter.

Thus, Sallis:

Johnson, for all his manifest faults, is very, very good at playing the political game – or at least as good as someone who has horrifically bad judgment and who likes feuding can be...Alliances are formed and broken, one feud is engaged in and won, former allies then become foes, new allies are recruited, etc...Johnson is also good at “glad-handling” and having friendships with “movement” bigwigs that – for as long as they last before falling apart – provide a cushion of support and prevent those bigwigs from calling out Johnson’s faults. 

Now, Liddell:

...despite his many character flaws, Johnson is one of the most intelligent and disciplined people in the Alt-Right. He is good at networking...

When two people who differ as much in their views as Sallis and Liddell come to the same conclusions on a subject, that's a hint that you should look more closely at the subject matter and carefully consider the validity of the opinions offered on that subject.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Kaufmann: Promoting Genocide

In my personal opinion, Kaufmann, who I view as a monster, should be put on trial for the promotion of genocide. The rationale is described below. Excerpts from Kaufmann’s despicable screed below, emphasis added, with my replies.

See this.

In this piece, I argue for a new way of conceiving national identity and ethnic relations. This entails a porous ‘melting-pot’ ethnic majority, which is informal and social, within a personalized national identity that includes virtually everyone.

As we’ll see, the “virtually" means that folks like me who disagree are to be excluded, but any other featherless biped, with any “personalized national identity," no matter how petty and absurd, would be included. How convenient for a person of mixed-race like Kaufmann. And how inconvenient for people who want to preserve their people and civilization and who want the freedom to live amongst their own kind.

My view is that nations with ethnic majorities are more stable than polycentric multi-ethnic nations like Trinidad, Kenya, Belgium, or Guyana. 

And my view is that nations that are racially homogeneous are more stable that multiracial ones, even those with “ethnic majorities.”

In polycentric nations, ethnicity is the basis for political parties and the ‘normal politics’ of left and right is submerged. Federations which have ethnic majorities tend to endure much longer than those where there is no majority. Higher ethnic diversity correlates with lower economic development, which is a major reason why many sub-Saharan African countries — which are generally the most ethnically diverse in the world — have struggled compared to East Asia.

And how is that criticism of ethnic diversity compatible with “a personalized national identity that includes virtually everyone?”

American Ethnicity

Ethnicity is not the same as race, even if race is sometimes used to tightly demarcate one ethnic group from another, as with the ‘one drop’ rule in the pre-Civil Rights American South, which stipulated that even those with a fraction of African ancestry could not be considered white. 

Can you stop talking about the unscientific and absurd “one drop rule” that was specifically formulated to prevent people with fractional Black slave ancestry from being assimilated into free White American society? It is completely irrelevant to any informed and rational discussion of race and ethnicity. By the "one drop" standard, Europeans and Asians are Neanderthals because of the relatively small number of Neanderthal genes those groups have assimilated; they are Neanderthals and not modern humans and are a different hominid species as are those without that low level Neanderthal admixture. What idiocy.

However, in parts of Latin America, the color line was not drawn so tightly. 

And how are those nations doing compared to the USA?

Meanwhile, a number of ethnic groups cross conventionally defined racial boundaries. 

No, they do not. Kaufmann ironically mirrors the solipsism of the Far Right here; to their “minds,” reality is whatever they say it is, the “Lathe of Heaven syndrome.”  “Conventionally defined racial boundaries” – defined by who, Kaufmann?

Some central Asian Turkmen look ‘white,’ others East Asian.

It doesn’t matter what they look like, it matters what they actually are. Want a “conventionally defined racial boundary?”  Then White = European, which very conveniently represents a combination of genetic, phenotypic, and cultural-historical metrics all taken together. Thus, “central Asian Turkmen” are not “White,” regardless of what Kaufmann thinks “they look like.”

Some Pashtuns look South Asian and others ‘white.’ 

Same as above. A South Asian, regardless of what Kaufmann thinks they look like, is not European, as any genetic assay, or genealogical investigation, can definitively ascertain.

Some African Americans pass for white and are only recognized as black when they are known to have African ancestry.

It doesn't matter what Kaufmann thinks they "pass" as, it matters what they actually are.

What is Ethnicity?

Ethnicity is based on a subjective belief in common ancestry, as well as a shared collective memory… In defining ethnicity, ‘objective’ cultural markers such as race, religion, and even language are secondary to the subjective myth of ancestry. 

Ancestry is not a “subjective myth.” Ancestry can be traced genealogically and leaves its trace in our genes, which today can be assayed for anyone who wishes it (although one must be careful how to interpret the data). Kaufmann is, in my opinion, being maliciously dishonest. Ethnic groups can be distinguished genetically, at least to some extent, racial groups definitely so.

These markers often blur at the boundaries between groups. Think of the line between light-skinned blacks and dark-skinned whites

As if skin color is the only marker of race. Do African albinos look White? I realize that Kaufmann has some Jewish ancestry, and thus mendacity comes as naturally to him as breathing comes to all of us, but this is just too much.

part-Anglo Hispanics with Anglo first names (Ted Cruz, George Zimmerman), and English-speaking Hispanics like former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson…

What do their first names or language have to do with anything?  What is this utter nonsense?

…between assimilated Kurds in Turkey and ethnic Turks…

Two different ethnic groups.

…between Italians with German surnames and ethnic Germans with Italian surnames in Italy’s South Tyrol region.

The same.

It’s clear that some critical mass of markers is needed to tell one’s group apart from others. You may not look white, but you act, speak, or dress ‘white.’ Or you may look white, but you dress in a turban and have a foreign accent and surname. Each combination may put you on one side or another of a line. That line may vary depending on the observer. It may change when people talk to you and find out about your ancestry, as with a white-looking person who relates that their father is African American and is thereby accepted as such.

Identity is an overall combination of biological (genetic) ancestry, phenotype, culture, etc.  All are important.  A “white looking person” with an “African-American father” is not White in the European sense. What is Kaufmann babbling about?

America’s ethnic majority is white American, which is a category that expanded its membership criteria in the 1960s from being white, Protestant and ‘colonial stock’ (British, Dutch, or French Huguenot) to include German and Scandinavian Protestants, as well as white Catholics and Jews. This happened mainly due to intermarriage and a decline in sectarianism, but also because of the growing power of a pan-ethnic white American mass culture.

Does this absolute idiot think that occured in the 1960s?  The 1960s?  Before 1960, German-Americans were not considered "white American" (ignoring Ben Franklin here)? Is he insane? Dwight Eisenhower was of part German stock - a foreigner! Before 1960, Charles Lindbergh was not considered a "white American?" Really?  Was Joe DiMaggio considered not a "white American" before 1960?  To the Negro Leagues, Joltin' Joe!  I suppose JFK was lucky he ran for President in 1960; in 1956, he would have been not a "white American!" Kaufmann is a ludicrous joke.

And, legally speaking, all of those groups (unfortunately including Jews) were always considered "White" with respect to immigration, citizenship, and intermarriage. As regards popular culture, there was of course disagreement, but I note that baseball's "color line" - dating back to the 19th century - never excluded "White ethnics" and indeed allowed "White-looking" Hispanics (and, strangely enough, pure and mixed Native Americans). Since Kaufmann apparently believes that sports can be an important part of national identity (see below), it would seem that is as valid a marker of popular belief as any other. That is just one example of the fact that most people did not consider any Europeans to be "non-White."

The Civil Rights revolution may have elevated race as a more politically salient marker for northern whites than religion. I think the jury is still out on this, as it is difficult to argue that race didn’t matter prior to the 1960s. I reject the notion, from Critical Race Theory, that Catholics and Jews ‘became white’ because a WASP power elite decided they were useful for shoring up a white power structure. They were already legally and socially white in a way blacks, American Indians, and Asians were not. What changed was that they became part of a newly defined ‘white American’ ethnic majority as well as being racially white. That is, the ethnic majority expanded from being narrower than all racial whites to being coterminous with all racial whites.

It they "were already legally and socially white" - as I argued above - then what is the point of Kaufmann's assertions here and above? A distinction between being "White" and being a member of a "White American ethnic majority?"  Does anyone else get the feeling Kaufmann is just trying to confuse and obfuscate White American identity so he can maliciously deconstruct it?

Putting aside the Jewish question, he is making a logical mistake in thinking that it is possible to continuously expand the concept of "ethnic majority" beyond the boundary of race, just because previously it was possible to expand up to that boundary.

Looking ahead to the next century, when a majority of Americans will be mixed-race, I would expect ancestry (having some European background) and culture to eclipse race as the key criterion of membership. This would of course mean that many African Americans (80 percent of whom have European origins) could become ‘white’ if they adopted ‘white’ cultural codes.

This is an excellent example of Kaufmann’s promotion of White genocide.  First, he takes it for granted that “a majority of Americans will be mixed-race,” thus likely hoping to convince Whites that this mongrelization is inevitable and attempts at racial preservation are doomed to fail.  Worse, he redefines the White American people out of existence. White Americans no longer are a distinct racial group - specifically, European Americans. Instead, we have a reverse “one drop rule” of fractional European ancestry, coupled to some vague expectations of “acting White” (“white cultural codes,” whatever that means). Kaufmann invokes African Americans. Since a majority of these are fractionally European, then they all can be “White” if they “act White” in some mysterious way that meets with Kaufmann’s approval (perhaps if they show up to work on time and if they refrain from having fifty children each before they reach the age of ten). 

So, in theory, the entire population of America can be composed of African Americans, with all European Americans eliminated, and as long as some of those African Americans have “drops” of European ancestry, and as long as they “act White,” then America is an all-White nation! Presto!  Who needs actual Whites, living, breathing, European Americans, when we can redefine that group to exclude the actual original group and instead include their replacements? By this standard, Neanderthals are not extinct, since Europeans and Asians have small fractional Neanderthal ancestry, and I can say that some of them “act Neanderthal.” QED.

How about trying this with other racial groups?  Let’s convince the Chinese that replacing Han Chinese with Blacks that have fractional Chinese ancestry is perfectly fine, as long as those Black Chinese eat with chopsticks and create plagues to bedevil mankind. Or perhaps we could be so crude as to propose an Israel full of Arabs and Blacks that have small amounts of Jewish blood from the overwhelmed and assimilated original Israeli Jewish population, with that race replacement being acceptable as long as the new occupiers of the territory are dishonest neurotics who wear little hats on their heads.

The new ethnic majority group might even evolve into a twin-stranded ‘American’ ethnic group based on a fusion of Anglo-European and African descent, much like Mexico’s 90 percent Mestizo majority. Most other lineages would be airbrushed out of the collective memory


Just as the ethnic majority expanded from being narrower than all whites in 1920 to coterminous with all whites in 1970, it will likely expand to being wider than all whites in 2050 or 2100.

Not if we have anything to say about it.

Thus far I have largely discussed American ethnicity. But not everyone must join the ethnic majority: assimilation should be voluntary, and there are other long-established groups, notably African Americans and American (Native) Indians, which are also poles of attraction, with their own melting pots. Some might move between categories or combine them. We need a superordinate category that encompasses virtually all citizens: the nation.

Kaufmann confuses “nation” with “state.”  A “nation” presupposes a distinct people, at least on a broad racial basis, not an amorphous mash of every type of hominid currently extant on the face of the Earth.

The American nation must include everyone from the most recent immigrant from Somalia to an Amish farmer from Ohio, an African American in the Mississippi Delta to a Navajo from Arizona or a Mayflower descendant from Oregon. It must bridge an ideological divide between socialists and libertarians, nationalists and cosmopolitans. 

It “must?” Why? Simply because Kaufmann says so, because that is what he wants? But there is no objective reason why this dark and twisted – dare I say truly evil – vision of America “must” be actualized. I can say instead that the American nation must include people of European ancestry only and to hell with the rest. Why is that vision objectively less valid than Kaufmann’s?  From the standpoint of European American ethnic genetic interests, we can argue that my vision is objectively more valid from the standpoint of biological fitness.

‘Freedom’ and the American Creed are important touchstones, but so are the ‘everyday’ symbols of American nationhood from landscape and history to sports, cars, and place names; regional cuisines and architecture to popular culture. Having people construct their own ‘personal nationhood,’ with no version viewed as the ‘correct’ way of identifying with the nation, will help make nationhood more meaningful, more tolerant, and more cohesive — all at once. Of course, this doesn’t mean that symbolic competition over the meaning of nationhood will cease: each side will push its cherished constellation of symbols, myths, and memories. The conversation over which version of nationhood is a truer reflection of its essence can be cordial; this struggle, as John Hutchinson notes, almost always reinforces the idea of nationhood.

"...sports, cars, and place names; regional cuisines and architecture..." - is this meant to be serious?  A retarded middle school student could, I think, make a better argument than this drivel.

By contrast, a compulsory ‘hymn sheet’ civic nationalism flattens the differences in how people meaningfully attach. Many Americans with deep ancestral and cultural ties to the land will not appreciate their identity being defined abstractly in terms of a universalist idea which rejects the importance of the ethnocultural aspects of their Americanism. Other Americans — immigrants or liberals — may view urban cultural diversity as an important aspect of their American nationhood that is flattened by the notion of nation-as-idea. Alienating people through forcing all into a truncated Americanism tends to reduce both freedom and unity.

So, to Kaufmann, even an aracial civic nationalism is too restrictive! Everyone will simply have their own version of what is means to be an American, and all of these racially alien, and mostly mongrelized, “Americans” will “cordially” disagree with each other, and that will form the basis of an inclusive national identity. That is not only profoundly subversive and destructive from a prescriptive standpoint, but is absurd from a descriptive standpoint. What in American history, particularly today’s extreme division, makes anyone believe that an inclusive and stable sense of national identity can be forged from racially disparate peoples with competing personal (and often petty and superficial) versions of “nationhood?” This idea is really particularly stupid. Once there would be no binding ties of race and ethnicity, no ties of blood and of a shared historical civilizational history, then the ONLY thing left is the idea of nationhood, and even this Kaufmann rejects. Can he really be so stupid as to not realize when those ideas are the only means of identity self-expression then the differences between them will become existential, and the focus of enmity and hatred? There will be nothing tying the nation together other than a paper citizenship and the fact of sharing the same territory. That is a recipe for unending bloodshed. Kaufmann's intellectual mediocrity, and/or mendacity, is on full display here. It should be transparently obvious that such a "nation" is doomed to fail.  And note his lack of self-awareness:

Many Americans with deep ancestral and cultural ties to the land will not appreciate their identity being defined abstractly in terms of a universalist idea which rejects the importance of the ethnocultural aspects of their Americanism. 

Yes, and "Americans with deep ancestral and cultural ties to the land" will also "not appreciate" rootless mongrels like Kaufmann redefining White American racial identity to include any person who claims to have a "drop" of European blood and who "acts White" according to Kaufmann's mysterious standards. Kaufmann's whole agenda rejects the "ethnocultural aspects" of White "Americanism," so he can criticize himself. His essay is so breathtakingly sloppy and inconsistent that he does nothing but reinforce racialist stereotypes about the racially admixed.

Minorities’ identification to the nation differs symbolically from the way majorities identify to the nation. That’s fine. There should be no one way to be American.

So, not only will “Americans” have no binding ties of blood and race, they won’t even have any common symbols or beliefs. It’ll just be a territory full of disparate peoples and mongrels of every hue and race and face, each with their own distinct and equally valid definitions of nationhood. That’s a nation? That’s stable?

There are limits to the national menu. Those who reject equal treatment under the law and individual rights should be seen as violating a condition of national membership. 

Because Kaufmann says so. Policy as personal fiat. There is no actual argument to support that position.

But this stipulation should be drawn loosely, allowing room for ideological differences to be accommodated. All but the most extreme antisocial dissenters and anti-liberals should have a way of being American.

In other words, White nationalists and others who reject Kaufmann and his genocidal vision should not be accommodated and should not “have a way of being American,” but some afro-mongrel who defines Americanism as rap music and Afrocentrism should be so accommodated.

Immigration is also pertinent here. Immigration tends to increase diversity while ethnic assimilation reduces it. As diversity increases, the anxiety of members of the ethnic majority who care about unity and continuity with the past grows. In survey experiments, telling conservative American or British voters that immigrants will melt into the ethnic majority, leaving the country little-changed, tends to reduce opposition to immigration. Telling them that the majority is shrinking and that the country is becoming ever more diverse, and that these are great things, tends to heighten anxiety and sow divisions.

You see, the entire agenda is how to trick the White majority to accept their racial dispossession and destruction.  What matters to Kaufmann is not that the ethnic majority is actually preserved, but only that they wrongfully believe that they will be preserved as they are actually being replaced.  Thus:

Calibrating the immigration rate to the assimilation rate is important for national unity. Doing so permits voluntary assimilation through intermarriage and acculturation to take place, which tends to increase the size of the ethnic majority. By contrast, rapid immigration tends to reduce the share of the population comprised of the ethnic majority. The problem is that it typically takes several generations for deep assimilation to take place. When it happens, as in America in the 1960s when ethnic neighborhoods began to dissipate and intermarriage took off, it happens very quickly. This is mathematical: the children of mixed offspring are automatically mixed, and so the curve of mixed-race population is exponential. The share of mixed-race Americans will still be a minority in 2100 but will be a clear majority of at least 75 percent by 2150.

This is genocide, the replacement of the unmixed population with racially alien mongrels. Kaufmann is a proponent of genocide.

State integration policies can do little to accelerate the process, and there are few if any examples of state policies that do more good than harm. This means that periods of rapid increase in the foreign-born share, as today or a century ago, should be followed by periods of immigration reduction — such as that of 1924-65 — which slow down the rate of change. When assimilation takes off, the immigration taps can be loosened once again.

Note that last sentence. First, lull Whites to sleep, then open the floodgates to genocidal race replacement immigration.

In his 1916 essay, ‘Trans-National America,’ Bourne urges his fellow WASP Americans to shed their ethnic identity and find the ‘cosmopolitan note.’ On the other hand, he warns Jews and other immigrant groups not to become assimilated ‘cultural half-breeds’ but to ‘stick to their faith.’ The conceit that ethnicity is wonderful for minorities but toxic for majorities spread widely with the 1960s countercultural explosion as universities and television expanded. Meanwhile the anti-WASP animus of left-modernist intellectuals has morphed into anti-white sentiment. It has since become de rigeurfor elite whites to repudiate their own group and encourage minorities to assert an oppositional form of identity. What Matthew Yglesias terms the ‘Great Awokening’ involves a surge, since 2014, in the share of white liberals who believe racism and white supremacy are major problems in American society.

I’m not sure why Kaufmann is painting all of that in negative terms since what he promotes is a natural extension of those ideas.  

Going forward, slower immigration and continued assimilation through intermarriage can make the vision of an inclusive-majority-within-an-inclusive-nation a reality. 

In other words, boil the White frog slowly so it doesn’t realize it is being killed.  What a despicably evil creature this Kaufmann is. 

Moving from the state-led assimilation drives of the past to voluntaristic multivocalism is the best way to make this model work in the twenty-first century. This can help erode the historically high diversity which has both increased conservative anxiety and emboldened left-modernism.

Erode diversity by making everyone into coffee-colored “White-acting” mongrels?  Or will the "nation" tear itself apart before it reaches that point?

A prerequisite for change, however, is to shrink the outsized influence of left-modernism in the meaning-making center of U.S. society. This ideology, which has reached a peak of influence since its inception more than a century ago, encourages minorities to adopt a hostile posture toward the ethnic majority and national traditions while simultaneously teaching whites to repudiate their heritage and wallow in guilt. The net result is to stoke cultural division and populist backlash, all of which underpins today’s increasingly toxic level of affective polarization.

Kaufmann must really be stupid if he thinks that stopping “teaching whites to repudiate their heritage and wallow in guilt” is going to lead to the aracial future he wishes. Suvorov’s Law says otherwise. So, while Kaufmann is, in my opinion, an unspeakably evil monster, he can also be a useful idiot as long as Whites don’t drink the Kool-Aid and instead just concentrate on the legitimacy of majority group expression. Then we’ll see where that leads.

Let us now consider Kaufmann’s criminal responsibly vis-à-vis genocide.

See this.  

UN Genocide Convention [Note: Parts particularly relevant to Kaufmann's culpability emphasized]:

Article I  The Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish.

Article II  In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:(a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Article III  The following acts shall be punishable:(a) Genocide; (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide; (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide; (d) Attempt to commit genocide; (e) Complicity in genocide.

Article IV  Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in article III shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.

Let’s consider Julius Streicher. Streicher was put on trial, convicted, and executed at Nuremberg for “incitement to genocide”; in other words, his crime was his ideas, writings, and speeches that promoted Jewish genocide, rather than any direct, physical actions promoting that goal.

Let us consider together. Let us perform a thought experiment. Imagine a Nazi German propagandist named Kek Pepeler. Herr Pepeler was making the following arguments to the German people: “Don’t worry about all of those full-blooded Jews disappearing from the national community. Remember, according to the Nuremberg Laws,1/4 (or less) Jewish ancestry is considered to be German, so we still have in our community people with fractional Jewish ancestry, some of whom may be acting Jewish!  So, nothing has changed! Full Jews, quarter Jews, what’s the difference? Let’s keep on with the process of changing our national demographics with the gradual elimination of the full Jews.”

Now, what do you think the Allies would have done with Herr Pepeler after the war?  The answer is obvious.  Pepeler would have been considered akin to Streicher and would have been put on trial, convicted, and executed in like manner.

Now, carefully consider Kaufmann’s work and its implications and carefully consider Kaufmann’s potential criminal responsibility with respect to the UN Genocide Convention.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Reverse Strike

An approach.  And other news.

Following upon this.

Read this.

Reverse strike is an action that is both constructive and resistant at the same time.  Danilo Dolci, sometimes called the Sicilian Gandhi, used the term “strike in reverse” to describe an action undertaken by the citizens of Partinico Sicily.

The citizens of the town needed a road as an exit from their poverty. The local government, controlled by the mafia refused help.  So the people seized the land needed and built their own road.  When finished they shared use of the road with everyone in the community including the mafia.  This is a true model of nonviolent direct action of the highest order.

Hopefully, “movement” “activists” can get over their trauma over this being about Sicily and consider the actual incident. “Constructive and resistant” is a good combination. The mafia-government combination is in our case equivalent to the Antifa/BLM/Left-government combination. The key in both cases is the requirement for community mobilization. If the activity would be performed by a few individuals or even a small group, it would not work out – that small group can be targeted by the government’s extra-legal partners (mafia = Antifa, in more ways than one). However, if the bulk of the local community is involved, it can be a different story.

Of course, I am not endorsing anything as drastic as “seizing land” – but there are a myriad of possibilities here; as the System neglects Whites and White interests, this opens up possibilities for private actors to fill the gap; again, this must be with the support of the community.  This absolutely must be a community activity, not just something done by a small group for an otherwise passive community.  Everyone needs to be involved.

Other news:

Considering the number of people coming from the Left – old school liberals, even some folks who used to be “Democratic Socialists” – publicly pushing back against aspects of the “woke” agenda, I wonder if what we are seeing is a compression of the political spectrum. In other words, the spectrum is being so “red-shifted” (“red” here representing Far Left politics, not GOP voting), that everything else is being “squished together,” politically speaking.  Perhaps the Far Right is too “far” to be included, but the Alt Right civic nationalists do seem to be – at least with respect to the lunacy of the Woke Left, there seems to be less distance between, say, a Michael Tracey and a Tucker Carlson than there is between Tracey and some lunatic SJW. Unfortunately, this isn’t (yet) being manifested in voting. If we consider only White voters, maybe it soon will be, but with The Tropical Alliance (including Asians) voting as a Far Left bloc (outlier Hispanics who supported Trump notwithstanding), Whites are going to have to come together to a much greater extent for this trend to be actualized in electoral outcomes (putting aside the issue of electoral fraud).

I’m genetically prone to obesity…
Yes, we can tell from your livestreams.
… it was me who willingly purchased the hamburgers, potato chips, and genuinely frightening quantities of cheesecake.

As regards my comments yesterday about Liddell’s “Dikipedia” entry on Ted Sallis, see this link here for evidence that the “break” with Counter-Currents dates back to at least January 2014, and centers on the Andrew Hamilton problem.  Although, I do agree that if this did not happen, a “break” would have been inevitable given the “too straight for Counter-Currents” issue that Liddell alludes to.  

Speaking of Liddell, what is a White Scottish guy doing living in Japan? If we want racially homogeneous homelands, and call for East Asians to live in East Asian lands, it strikes me as odd that someone in the “Dissident Right” would be occupying territory that is the rightful home of the Japanese people. I suppose though that the Herrenvolk do what they damn please and everyone else just has to accept it – ethnonationalism in action!

The Tropical Alliance marches on. Never forget - the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

This here could be onanism material for the heterosexual contingent of Der Movement, but I suppose that the HBDers would prefer a video about the “women” of the Japanese wartime leadership.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Full Moon Autism, Liddell on Sallis

And other news. In all cases, emphasis added.

Laugh at this.

Whether attending a birthday party or a social event, people have sometimes referred to me as being “the life of the party.” There have also been times where I found myself excluded from my social circle and community. 

The lack of self-awareness is simply astonishing.

Recently, I found myself not being invited to a birthday party that some of my other friends were invited to.

I suppose they figured that freakish autistes would ruin the mood.

Although I always try to stay positive and optimistic, I couldn’t help but feel ignored and forgotten. 

How about wondering why no one wants to be around you?

Unfortunately, social circles are often filled with drama. Two guys become rivals, so going to a friend’s party means that I become the enemy of the rival and his friends. This may seem immature and childish, but this also happens in the Dissident Right. 

Hey!  Don’t be “crazy and bitter” now!  

Supporting certain content creators means that you sometimes become the enemy of another content creator and their supporters. Even if you try to stay neutral, sometimes you end up being ignored and abandoned by your community. Such is the nature of life and social circles.

Especially when you associate with a Drama Queen who ends up feuding with everyone in the “Dissident Right.”

As much as we try not to care or worry about these things, there may be some evolutionary reasons why we get bitter and resentful when our social circles abandon us. 

“Bitter and resentful?” What a “paranoid piece of crap!”

Whenever I find myself not invited to a social event or party…

A regular occurrence?

…I try to put my feelings aside for a moment and analyze the situation. Could it be that it was simply a misunderstanding? 

No, they simply don’t want to be around you, and for good reason.

There have been a few times when a mutual friend confirmed that the person holding the event did not have my current contact information. Or they mistakenly thought that I did not want to come to their event. 

Sure, sure.

After clearing things up, I ended up going to these events and having a great time. There have also been times where I found out that I wasn’t invited to an event because someone at the event didn’t want me to be there. In a situation like this, I think it is important to find out whether it is one person or numerous people who do not like you.

Believe me…it’s “numerous.”

I learned early in life that despite your best efforts, not everyone is going to like you or be your friend. If there is one person in your social circle that doesn’t like you, my best advice is to continue going to social events and ignore them. This can cause a different set of issues, but you should never let one person force you to miss out on life and social events. The real dilemma comes when two or more people in your social circle convince the others not to invite you to parties or events. 

Friberg pay attention.

This situation has happened to me a few times in my life, and both times caused me to reflect on myself and ask some tough questions. Have my actions and behaviors caused people in my community to not want to associate or spend time with me? 


After analyzing the situation, I concluded that it was better to spend the evening alone. 

Evening after evening after evening. “Mom’s basement” is looking better and better, huh?

This metaphor perfectly summarizes the balance between being a bold individual and calming your ego to get along with a group.

He’s a “bold individual”…yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket.

When reading these essays, I eventually realized that I wasted a lot of time and energy over not being invited to a party. Nevertheless, I ended up having a great evening and was happy that I discovered Schopenhauer’s writings.

This navel-gazing childish drivel is reflective of the extent to which Counter-Currents content has collapsed.

Being invited to a party or an event feels great, but it is not the end of the world if I am not invited to some events or disliked by certain people. Some things are just not meant to be. 

A world historical problem solved.

Despite all the fun I had partying with metal bands in my 20s, the last few years in the Dissident Right have been some of the best times of my life. I have made a lot of great friends who have started to form their own networks and communities. 

From which you will not be invited.

Maybe I will see you there. 

I pray not.

Whether I am drinking at a bar with friends or streaming from my mom’s basement, I always enjoy being the life of the party.

“Mom’s basement”…says it all.  This guy’s a walking parody.

Invitation or not.

Usually not.

Laugh at this.


A former Counter-Currents writer of apparent Italian ancestry and probably a late Boomer of [sic] early Ge-Xer. His name is believed to be a pen name derived from a Marvel comics character. Unluckily for him, he was too straight for Greg Johnson's online journal, and fell out with Johnson on the gay question sometime in 2016. His writing can now be found at his rather dull blog EGI Notes.
Unlike certain other folks, I’m not going to screech that this is “scurrilous” (it is rather tame), but I instead will correct one error (not the spelling/grammar error of “of/or”). Thus, while I’m not going to comment about the “apparent” swarthoid ancestry, or “pen name,” or the opinion of this blog being “rather dull,” I’d like to correct something about “fell out with Johnson.” True, I’m heterosexual and I would have left writing for Counter-Currents by 2016 or so due to the increasingly pro-homosexual propaganda there (*). But I had stopped directly writing for Counter-Currents before then, and the real falling out, which occurred much earlier, was mainly due to Johnson’s tolerance of, and promotion of, the scum Andrew Hamilton. I wrote a lot about Hamilton’s Counter-Currents writings at my “rather dull blog” at that time, and those are in the archives here. 

Johnson continued to reproduce my “rather dull” blog posts at Counter-Currents for several years (without asking me, by the way), and I continued to sometimes comment there, but that ended several years ago when Johnson “banned” me due to my criticism of the Hermansson infiltration and my overall critiques of the “movement.” Later Twitter comments by Johnson suggested that others had been urging him to have nothing to do with me, and I can imagine who those individuals were – the usual array of “movement” grifters and incompetents.

Some of the information about other people on that Affirmative Right post is useful, or at least amusing, but I note that Liddell likes to critique the physical appearance of people on the so-called “Dissident Right,” and shares the bizarre obsession over height that many in Der Movement apparently have. Hypocritically, Liddell writes about Duke:
Some of the money may also have been used on the large amount of plastic surgery that he seems to have subjected himself to. This focus on personal "optics" gives off a weirdly sub-masculine vibe, reminiscent of Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson. This is significant as it suggests that people like this are recurring type in racial politics.
Indeed they are. Let’s not focus on "personal optics" or anything like that, right?  Yes, focusing on the physical appearance of other men "gives off a weirdly sub-masculine vibe,” I agree. The lack of self-awareness there is astonishing. 

I do praise Liddell for this description of Durocher though:
In physical terms he is, not surprisingly, a most un-Aryan-looking specimen. Those with an interest in the Aryan archetype often fit into this unprepossessing category (see Weev, Andrew Anglin, Mike Enoch, and Striker for further reference).
Not very Nordic! But Liddell leaves out what is, I believe, the most important point about Durocher. Being a superior Scotsman, I trust that Liddell will eventually figure it all out for himself.

Seriously though, I really don’t get it. Yes, I understand that, in a race-based “movement,” phenotype is of relevance. But there’s a difference between something being relevant in a general sense, and an obsessive fixation on the physical appearance of other men. I honestly could care less what any of these people look like and to what measurement the top of their head would reach in a mug shot. If being tall was relevant for leadership, then Johnson and Spencer would be leading us to victory. Both of them have “Nordic” or at least “Nordish” facial features, yet they are completely inept. So, what’s the point? Are either of them any better than Anglin or Collett?

Zman a wop? I don’t see it. I thought he was most likely of East European ancestry, if not, then maybe Northwest European. But what do I know? In any case, one does not have to be a dago to oppose Liddell’s extreme ethnic fetishism.

By the way, hint to Liddell – your analysis of Brimelow would be effectively augmented by the financial information about VDARE freely online here.

In summary, despite my critiques of Liddell, I note that he does not follow the cordon sanitaire. He may believe this blog is “rather dull” but at least he acknowledges that it exists, which is more than I can say about others in Der Movement. Those others behave as if Sallis was some sort of bogeyman, the mere mention of whom (other than “paranoid piece of crap”) will magically make all of their D’Nations disappear.

*There is no way I would want to be associated with The Homo and the Negro or with My Nationalist Pony. Furthermore, the Pilleater recording was atrocious, the “last straw” for any sort of decency. When a young man complains about homosexual harassment and groping at a meeting associated with your group, the proper response should be outrage and a determination to find out the facts and, if true, BAN the offenders from any association from your group, not to chuckle indulgently about men “flirting” with other men.

Other news:

I laugh at all the nitwits still insisting that cold, winter, and snow are "White"; that winter weather dissuades non-Whites. Sure it does.  After all, good thing there's no Somalis in Maine or Minnesota, right? Wow, Negroes of every type are being kept out by that cold weather, none of them in Boston, New York, Detroit, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc. No Hispanics there either!  No Hindus or tropical Orientals!  White, White, White!

A comment from Stormfront that may be of interest to the GNXP cogelites:
I can't say I had rally bad experience with blacks since I lived in mostly Mestizo, Hindu and oriental neighborhoods. So it's Mestizos and Hindus for me.
Now I live in a predominantly white neighborhood and there are a few blacks around, but these are white collar people and way more civilized than your average ghetto negroids. I'm just glad I never had to face the crack selling, trouble making, scum of earth ghetto blacks.
When my income was half of what it was today, I had to live in a Mestizo neighborhood and it was total hell. I can't believe I came out of there as one piece. They always fired guns in the middle of the city to celebrate cinque de mayo or weddings, they bred swarms of cockroaches and rats, they got drunk and started fights at 3 am, married couples were throwing pots and pans at the walls whenever they fought (after midnight). There were cops at the door almost every week. Oh, I forgot the loud ass ghetto cacophony with the window shattering bass. I have spent half of my free time calling the cops on these scumbags.
Then I lived in a predominantly Hindu town. That was no walk in the park, either. You'd have a hard time believing that was California: It looked more like freakin' Delhi or Bombay, minus the open sewage and the beggars with leprosy. Even though the Hindus were white collar IT workers and didn't fire guns, smoke crack or start fights in the middle of the night, they were still quite rude and uncivilized. Extremely high pitch screeching banshees (Indian music) has replaced the window shattering bass. They were arrogant, rude, always frowning and irritating. Their brainless wives and kids ran in the parking lot all the time, I was surprised a bunch of them didn't get killed.
Once I had to knock the door of the morons upstairs cause they woke me up with vacuum noise well after midnight. I was so pissed I went out of bed straight to their door in my pj's, looking like a zombie. When I asked what the heck they were doing, they said their kid spilled something on the carpet and they were cleaning it up with the carpet washer! 3rd world idiots probably got too excited and bought every appliance they could lay their hands on. Wiping the carpet with a wet towel is apparently too much of a hassle after they crawl out of their dunghole country!
The other Hindus didn't make much noise but their uncivilized little brown chimp kids did. They gave everyone a headache at the pool by constantly screaming and splashing water on people, and the management did nothing despite all the complaints filed by the handful of white residents. Even though the adult Hindus didn't make much noise except for the idiots with the carpet washer, they made the entire apartment complex reek of greasy food. It reeked so bad you could not breathe in the corridors. They also reeked real bad when you passed near them, they were apparently too broke to buy personal hygiene products after spending all of their money on electronics and gadgets. On top of that, they were breeding a swarms of cockroaches and some of them didn't want to let the pest control treat their apartment cause of their ridiculous beliefs. They believe in reincarnation nonsense, so according to their primitive religion, the cockroaches could be their dead freinds/relatives/whoever and shouldn't be touched!
Another ridiculous 3rd world behavior of theirs was to swim in the swimming pool with long dresses and turbans. Can you believe that? Hindu women swam with long, bulky dresses and the Sikh guys were swimming with their turbans! This is disgusting and a threat to the hygiene.
That was a once decent high income California neighborhood that has descended into 3rd world levels -not pricewise of course, but qualitywise. Nowadays you pay 1300-2000 a month or more to live with that scum, in apartment complexes that cater to the Hindus, displaying Hindu movies in their club rooms and harboring 3rd world savages acting like they are in the Ganges when they use the swimming/spa facilities, stinking up the whole place, breeding roaches and giving any American dirty looks that read 'no more American way of life, you bow to the Indian way of life!' Whites get the most arrogant stares of course.
Then there were the slant eyes. They also had cockroach problems (I have seen GIANT Asian cockroaches come out of the backdoors of Vietnamese restaurants, even $$$ ones), habit of yelling with their irritating language and wife beating. I really got sick of calling the cops on the orientals beating up their wives.
After all these years of suffering and humiliation -I can't think of any other word to describe a situation where you pay $$$ to live in 'upper class' apartments dominated by 'educated' savages with 3rd world habits- I'm really glad to live in a predominantly whie [sic] city and a predominantly white neighborood. I don't mind upper middle class/white collar blacks, at least they are raised with American values and have some first world manners. I'd take a white collar negro over a Hindu or oriental with phd any day!

Monday, February 22, 2021

Sallis Contra Johnson Redux

Opposing lies and hypocrisy.  And other news. In all cases, emphasis added.

First, see this.

1. What is Ethnonationalism?

Ethnonationalism is the idea that every distinct ethnic group should enjoy political sovereignty and an ethnically homogeneous homeland or homelands. The opposing view is multiculturalism, which holds that multiple ethnic groups should share the same homelands and governments.

Unfortunately, ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity inevitably lead to friction, which can either wear away distinct identities or spark hatred, conflict, and violence. Therefore, the best way to ensure peace and good will among peoples and preserve human racial, cultural, and religious diversity is to give each distinct group a homeland where it can live and develop according to its own distinct nature and destiny.

Very good. So when is Johnson going to denounce John Morgan for violating the ethnic homogeneity of Hungary? When will Johnson oppose Full Moon Ancestry’s Bang East Europe?

2. What is White Nationalism?

White Nationalism is the advocacy of national self-determination for all white peoples. White Nationalism is often misrepresented as nationalism for generic white people, as opposed to national self-determination for all white ethnic groups.

What a gaslightling lie. If White nationalism is the same as ethnonationalism then why is it necessary to have a separate term for it? Just call it ethnonationalism. The whole point of White nationalism is, as the name suggests, the idea of making race as nation: Our Race Is Our Nation (ORION). You see, White nationalism is - surprise! - nationalism for White people (as a group, as a race). German nationalism is…you guessed it, nationalism for Germans. Ethnic group X nationalism is…nationalism for group X. Why give another name to a grouping of separate ethnic nationalisms?  Is it because race is an overarching identity?  If so, then we are talking about racial nationalism.

The whole “generic” label is stupid and irrelevant.  No one says that all Whites are “generic” or “fungible” or whatever other labels that fundamentally dishonest ethnonationalists use. The vaunted ethnic nations that Johnson prioritizes also can have narrower identities. Will a Bavarian decry the idea of a “generic German” and instead focus on Bavarian nationalism? Where to draw the line? How about drawing the line at the level of race and civilization (High Culture), while also acknowledging that lower levels also exist?  Pan-Europeanism and racial nationalism do not eliminate national or regional identities – Yockey acknowledged this decades ago.  

Johnson’s objective of redefining White nationalism is both a gaslighting misrepresentation and completely unnecessary from a logical standpoint.

But there is no such thing as a generic white person. 

There is no generic Swede or German or any other ethnic person either. What’s your point?

All white people also have specific ethnic identities. 

So what?  All ethnic Whites also have specific individual identities.

Not all white people are Swedish, but all Swedes are white people. 

And they have “beautiful males” as well!

In Europe, where old national and regional identities remain robust, generic whiteness, if adopted as one’s primary identity and political philosophy, would actually promote the breakdown of distinct identities and the homogenization of Europe. 

There is no evidence this will happen other than Johnson’s assertion that it will. Again, if Johnson is so worried about the “homogenization of Europe” then he’d deal with the ethnoimperialism of his sycophantic followers.  When will the long suffering people of Hungary be free of the Morganian invader?

However, a sense of European identity can still supervene upon more compact national and regional identities.

And so what’s the problem?

I have previously speculated that Johnson’s sudden shift from pan-Europeanism to hardcore ethnonationalism was at least in part a response against Spencer’s “Empire” ideas; apparently others also believe that Johnson is formulating policy based on his animus toward Spencer:

Johnson comes across as an impressive intellectual and communicator, but most of his positions ultimately boil down to the peculiar nature of his homosexuality, as well as his deep antipathy towards Richard Spencer, which has sometimes been compared to a bitter gay crush/feud.

This is not mere “talking about people instead of ideas,” not ad hominem; if particular important ideas are being promoted, or opposed, due to petty personal reasons, then it is important to evaluate if the “if” is true or not.  Now, it is certainly correct to state that ideas need to be judged on their own merits and not based on the motivations of those who promote or oppose them. But, nevertheless, if we are going to judge the effectiveness and character of “leadership” and understand why such “leadership” invests so much effort in promoting destructive memes, we need to evaluate all of the possibilities.

Second, see this.

13. What is the NANR position on Traditionalism?

This is a particularly important question given that the very name Counter-Currents is drawn from René Guénon by way of Savitri Devi. 

Yogi Bear and the Men Who Can’t Tell Time in the Age of Aluminum!

Many participants in our intellectual project are Traditionalists, or take inspiration from Traditionalism, myself among them…

I for one am unalterably opposed to “Traditionalism” while essentially supporting Futurism. With respect to the anti-science and anti-technics attitudes of the hobbit hole crowd, see this critique of Heidegger.

That critique includes this:

The debate about the costs of technology and the technological mindset to the human soul reminds me of the tale of the machines in Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun. To paraphrase and summarize – humanity reached the stars by giving away the wild part of themselves – essentially becoming emotionless technocrats – and then the thinking machines (AI), who hated their human creators, decided to ruin those human creators by re-introducing to humanity paradigms that would rekindle humanity’s interest in those “wild things.” Thus, humanity became distracted away from pure science and technics and the galactic empire collapsed.  The lesson here is that – besides not trusting AI – humanity should not give up its “wild” side, its human soul, for the sake of technology; instead, humans need to achieve their objectives – “reach the stars” – while remaining fundamentally human. Thus, in relation of Heidegger’s whining, we need not become entrapped into a technological spiritual mindset – pure instrumentality – in order to “be scientific.”  On the other hand, we cannot evade the price that must be paid for science and technology – while science is a tool, it is an expensive tool, and what has to invest in a degree of rationality and empiricism to achieve science and technics. One must strike a balance – the mind must be scientific while the soul remains human.  But we cannot hide in the hobbit hole, while others reach the stars. The White Man cannot give up his Faustian birthright because of fearful, backwards-looking traditionalists.

Relevant to this, a careful reading of Wolfe suggests that this “galactic empire” was initially established by Asians (although others apparently subsequently followed). What happened then in the Wolfeian universe? Did Whites collapse because of multiculturalism, leaving Asians as the ones to first reach the stars?  Or, perhaps, did Der Movement succeed in setting up their Tolkien Hobbit Hole ethnostate, so Whites were busy “bringing out their dead” (while measuring the skulls of the cadavers with calipers), while Orientals were rocketing off into outer space? The mind boggles!

15. What is “West-Coast White Nationalism”?

West-Coast White Nationalism is my term for the blending of white racial consciousness with liberal or Left-wing positions on such issues as capitalism, environmentalism, zoning, abortion, drug legalization, homosexuality, and religious pluralism. 

Yes, particularly homosexuality.

West-Coast White Nationalism is not, of course, confined to the West Coast…

There’s always the Florida-Georgia Instaurationist axis.

…The North American New Right is not identical with West-Coast White Nationalism, although there are overlaps. (For instance, I consider myself to be more or less part of the Racially-Conscious Left.)…

Of course he is. Traditionalism!

There is no way out but through Johnson.

Other news:

Laugh at this.

Greenwood said that when her family moved to Centreville in the 1960s, things were different. “If all of those white people were still here, this wouldn’t happen,” she said.

Excuse me, Greenwood, “all of those white people” moved out precisely because the likes of you moved in. And, no, you cannot say that their moving was due to “blind racism” – no, it was due to Negro behavior. Experto Crede.

Whites just can’t win. If Whites move away, then that’s White Flight and bad. If Whites move back, then that’s gentrification and bad. If Whites stay in their original neighborhoods, then that’s segregation (backed up by “redlining”) and bad. No matter what Whites do, it is bad. I suppose that Whites just shouldn’t exist. But, hey, if Whites die, then they’ll be accused of “hoarding cemetery space.” If Whites are cremated, that’ll cause global warming. Can they just vanish?

This is from the Jew Unz site that scum like Johnson and Durocher write for:
That Jews built the America in which the Greens of the world are born, the nation which is an Empire and runs the world from which every single American benefits by the favorable terms of credit the Empire offers, and that this credit indebts the Greens to those they most despise is a truth no bitter peasant can entertain.

Green needs the cash to spread his seed and reap, but he spits in the face of those who give it to him. He’d still be living on a crag in Scandinavia, or in a Seminole hut in the Everglades if it wasn’t for the intelligence and honesty of the Jews who raised his nation to its heights

Intelligence and honesty of Jews. HBD!  Hey, all you goyim out there, all you "bitter peasants," wake up and worship high, high-IQ Jews like Unz!  They built America, not you. 

See this.  OK. Maybe we need someone to follow around the failed Quota Queen "movement" "leadership" making this sound.