Saturday, February 27, 2021

Odds and Ends, 2/27/21

In der news.

Laugh at this. Once again, a question for Greg Johnson – what were Richard Spencer’s qualifications for being made President of the NPI?

What a silly juvenile idiot this guy is.

Derbyshire’s Arctic Alliance in action again.  And again and again.  Never forget – while Sallis has the cordon sanitaire, Derbyshire is praised, promoted, and paid by Der Movement. Tell me again how the affirmative action program is merely “paranoid ideation.”

A comment based on that China story:

Asmodeous Rex 

Translation of this story: China is an enemy of the West. All those that keep praising the Chinese as high IQ gentle people are hypocrites and liars promoting a false narrative for reasons only known to themselves.

If this person would read this blog, the reason the liars have for “promoting the false narrative” would be known to him and not only “to themselves.” Those liars are HBDers, in many cases motivated by a masochistic sexual fetish for Asian females (“measured groveling,” in their own words). Mr. Rex should read the comments of his fellow Amren commentator, the “race realist” Engelman, who, in virtually every comment post, talks about his literal love for Asian “women.” They openly admit it themselves. So, why do you need to wonder?  The essence of HBD can be summed up by: “Ben Dover.”

Laugh at this. Well Jared, if you have been reading EGI Notes, you could have learned a long time ago that Asians absolutely HATE Whites and are part of the rising tide of color against White interests and White survival. But, hey, keep on inviting Derbyshire to speak (to the “latrine flies”) at Amren conferences about how well the Arctic Alliance is going.

Does anyone wonder why I really can’t take any of these guys seriously? I mean, it’s an amazing and shocking discovery for them that Asians are exactly the same as other coloreds (if not worse) with respect to anti-White hatred, when some of us have known it, and have been preaching it all along, for many years.  Remember what I always say about judgment?

Complete “movement” insanity.  Yes, sir, feudalism in our hobbit hole!  That’ll keep dem dere Chinese at bay!  Decentralization!  Break out your muskets and shoot down dem dere Chinese ICBMs!  To the forest!

I give credit to Griffin for covering this story, which I have been following very closely. I haven’t commented much about it, since I don’t think it is a good idea for Nutzis to muddy the waters here at this point (*) – it is best to let the “normies” get “redpilled” first (sorry about using Pepe-Kek language, but I want to get my point across to all the Type Is out there).  But, to be brief, this – particularly Shaw’s battle – is exactly what I’m talking about with respect to democratic multiculturalism, although it is only an initial step. This initial step is battling against the excesses of Colored multiculturalism; the next step is demanding White rights as part of the multiculturalist agenda (I’ve outlined all of this before and I’m not going to repeat myself here). Note that this can lead to coalition building across various non-“woke” parts of the political spectrum.  Shaw, for example, is a liberal who used to be a “democratic socialist” – a person of the Left.  

*So, it is good for Griffin to call attention to it, but I counsel letting things play out among the “normies” for a while, for now, the Far Right should stand by and watch, and let the civic nationalist types like Carlson beat the drum about it. Sooner or later, all these people will learn that it is ALL about race, and that democratic multiculturalism is only a means and not an end. Ultimately, the choice will be Nutzis vs. Woke, and there is no place for any normal White people among the Woke. Now, Nutzis aren’t too normal either, but my hope is that a New Movement can make Nutzism more palatable.

I note that my take on Johnson's political acumen in Der Movement finds support in some of Liddell's comments on the same subject matter.

Thus, Sallis:

Johnson, for all his manifest faults, is very, very good at playing the political game – or at least as good as someone who has horrifically bad judgment and who likes feuding can be...Alliances are formed and broken, one feud is engaged in and won, former allies then become foes, new allies are recruited, etc...Johnson is also good at “glad-handling” and having friendships with “movement” bigwigs that – for as long as they last before falling apart – provide a cushion of support and prevent those bigwigs from calling out Johnson’s faults. 

Now, Liddell:

...despite his many character flaws, Johnson is one of the most intelligent and disciplined people in the Alt-Right. He is good at networking...

When two people who differ as much in their views as Sallis and Liddell come to the same conclusions on a subject, that's a hint that you should look more closely at the subject matter and carefully consider the validity of the opinions offered on that subject.