Saturday, February 6, 2021

Sallis Jabbed!

A public service announcement.

The title of this post, and the use of versions of the word “jab” therein, is satirical mockery of the anti-covid-vaxx hysterics like Lektoff, Zman, and this moron who reveal themselves by the use of the words “jab” and “jabbed.” Got to watch out for those “Jew doctors” trying to “jab” them with the sodomy-needles!

Since he is a high-priority individual who walks the corridors of power at the highest levels (Senator? Congressman? General? Racehorse stable boy? Southern Florida interior decorator? Diplomatic attaché?), the “insane,” “crazy and bitter,” and “paranoid piece of crap” Ted Sallis had already gone through the two rounds of the covid-19 vaccination (mRNA vaccine) some time ago. After all, I typically support things that I am willing to do myself – I may be an insane and paranoid piece of crap, but I’m not a hypocrite (I leave that to my critics). 

As a public service announcement, I will describe my experiences, which may be informative for others interested in the vaccination situation. Given the continued ranting of Der Retards on Der Right on this subject (as in the Counter-Currents post linked to above), and in the interests of fairness to discuss the bad of vaccination as well as the good, I've decided this is the time to risk empowering Der Retards and discuss my experiences.

The first vaccination caused considerable arm pain, redness, and inflammation that lasted several days, and overall ill-feeling and malaise (not severe) for about 24 hours, including a rough night (the night after the vaccination). Overall, the first “jab” was not too bad.

The second one – the booster “jab”- was a different story.  While the arm pain, while present, was not as bad as the first time, everything else was significantly worse. I haven’t felt so sick for many years. The night after the vaccination was spent fighting off increasing fever, headache, and nausea, with intermittent congestion. The fever and nausea continued, and actually increased, throughout the morning and early afternoon of the following day, with continuing headache, some congestion, and severe weakness and malaise. Overall, it was equivalent to being hit with a bad flu. By late afternoon of the day after the vaccination there was some improvement, and that night, I “sweated” out the remaining fever. The next day, I was still weak and a bit dizzy, but rapidly improved thereafter. However, some intermittent nausea persisted, as well as some itchiness and rashes, included at other than the injection site.

Others of the same age group as I also had some severe reactions to the second “jab.” A woman had similar symptoms, minus the nausea, but with severe joint pain. This person described spending the night after the vaccination “whimpering in pain.”

At the height of my own reaction to the vaccination, I was indeed very ill. I am not enthusiastic about the possibility of requiring additional vaccinations against new strains of this virus, and having to go through this experience again. There also has been talk that there may be a need for annual covid-19 vaccinations. Thanks, China (see below for more on that)!  Remember – the lowest African is a trillion orders of magnitude superior to the best Chinaman. And Nixon should be forever reviled for the world historical crime of vetoing the Soviets nuking China.

Ironically, it seems that people who are younger and/or in general good health may have more severe side effects compared to others, particularly senior citizens, since these latter individuals may have lessened immune responses. It is still better than getting covid-19 itself. However, with the new strains emerging, one wonders if the anti-"jab" crowd have a point, although, because they are moronic, not for the reasons they "think."

With respect to the current vaccination (and whatever good it will do, if any, going forward with new strains emerging), it would have been good if the medical system would be more forthcoming to people about the possible severity of the side effects, particularly to the second “jab.” If I would have known, I would have changed my obligations for the subsequent day, if possible. I suppose that they are not being forthcoming so as not to give "ammunition” to the “fear the jab” crowd, but that will eventually be self-defeating. When sufficient people are “jabbed,” their sharing of experiences of bad reactions will alert the population, and when people compare that to official statements that do not always reveal the full extent of the possible side effects, that will give “ammunition” to idiots talking about “conspiracies” about “toxic jabs."  If the current vaccinations are not very effective against new strains, then this will also be another disaster.

However, a major point is that I do not blame all of this on “Big Pharma” or “face diapers” or any other conspiracies about “toxic jabs.” I blame the TROPICAL COLORED Chinese who brewed this plague, who generated this nightmare either from eating bats (or some other filthy habit) or a laboratory accident, who then let it spread internally by covering it up initially, and then callously letting it spread externally by allowing international travel from their diseased cesspool of a disgusting nation. Now, Der Movement, with its influence from HBDers, a species of filthy trash whose response to seeing a buck-toothed, flat-chested, greasy-haired, sexually monomorphic Chinatrix is to drop their pants and bend over, will never say this, but the Sallis Groupuscule is not hesitant to blame the yellow devils of Asia for this unmitigated disaster. Who cares about the alleged high, high-IQ and the magnificent PISA scores of the Chinese?  If those scores do not reflect functional consequences that benefit humanity, why should those monsters be worshiped ("measured groveling") by the HBD scum or by anyone else?