Sunday, February 28, 2021

Statement of Principles Once Again

Once again.

Every once in a while, mostly for the benefit of new readers, I give an overarching summary of the objectives of this blog; in particular, I stress the reasons for the hyperbolic rhetoric and mocking ridicule presented here. This is also important to refute the defamatory attacks of people like Johnson who label me as “insane,” and, overall, people who take comments here out of context to justify their anti-Sallis defamation.

The Sallis Groupuscule has both positive and negative objectives. The positive aspects, at both EGI Notes and Western Destiny, revolve around building a New Movement, articulating strategies for activism, and various other areas of serious analysis. The negative aspects – the ones I discuss and defend here in this post, which are often the targets of my critics, are mostly focused on deconstructing and delegitimizing the “movement” – the "movement" being a fraud that I see as a major impediment to pro-White activism. There is a niche space for pro-White activism, and if this space is filled by the failed “movement,” then it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to get a New Movement established and growing. Therefore, attacking the “movement” is essential.

Some of these criticisms involve issues that should not be relevant to pro-White activism, but must be discussed at this blog because the idiots of the “movement” bring these issues into pro-White activism, where they clearly do not belong. Consider the vaccination issue, for example. In theory, I would see no reason to bring this up in the context of pro-White activism.  But I am not the one who has brought the issue into WN; it is the anti-vaxx crowd who have done so. At one time, anti-vaxx stupidity was mostly confined to White suburban soccer moms with too much time on their hands and various blue-haired SJWs and others addicted to “alternative medicine.” But, Der Right, being influenced by irrational anti-intellectualism and paranoid ideation, has proven fertile ground for all sorts of anti-scientific lunatics, liars, and frauds, thereby associating Far Right pro-White politics  with the anti-vaxx agenda.  This being so, I have an obligation to speak out against that agenda, and to establish the Sallis Groupuscule as an outpost of sound, scientifically informed, rational discourse. Someone needs to confirm that not everyone on the Far Right is a tinfoil hat moron. The same applies to moon landing hoax stupidities and other laughable conspiracy theories.

I often criticize HBD, which I term a political movement aimed at privileging Jewish and Asian interests over that of Whites. I have always stated that this does not imply that all or most HBDers consciously pursue that agenda – although some undoubtedly do – but that the real world net effect of HBD race realism is indeed “privileging Jewish and Asian interests over that of Whites.” Engelman of Amren is often quoted here since he is a caricature of HBD; I couldn’t devise a better parody of HBD if I tried. Apparently though, Engelman is serious and not a secret anti-HBD troll (but if he is, I congratulate him on his success in this regard).  HBD race realism is opposed to the kinship-based racialism that I espouse; kinship-based racialism being the only objective (from a biologically-relevant adaptive fitness perspective) form of identity politics.

What about the somewhat vulgar sexual innuendo about “Ben Dover” with respect to HBD, the Alt Right, and Silk Road White nationalism?  Well, let us consider. I’m not the one who wrote that Derbyshire engaged in “measured groveling” to his Chinese wife – Derbyshire himself wrote that. I’m not the one who posted pictures of Chris Brand and his Chinese wife – Brand and Ray did that. I’m not the one who wrote that “dating Asian women is a rite of passage for the Alt Right” – an Alt Righter wrote that. I’m not the one who posted a picture of black booted Chinese women soldiers with guns as representative of Silk Road White nationalism – the folks at Majority Rights did that. So, perhaps Der Right should worry more about its disturbing fixation on Asian women rather than worrying about people like me who point out, and mock, that fixation.

What about homosexuality? While I don’t go as far Andrew Joyce in my opposition to homosexuality, there are reasons for concern. I was warned as far back as the early 2000s about a homosexual cabal in the “movement” and everything that has happened since then has done nothing but confirm that warning. Around the same time, I was warned by another individual that a prominent racialist is a closeted homosexual; there has never been any open evidence for this in the meantime, but, also, circumstantial evidence since then is suggestive of supporting that accusation. The Pilleater tape was also highly disturbing (and not only about homosexuality and homosexual sexual harassment but also about drug use), and what can one say about The Homo and The Negro and My Nationalist Pony?

What about my comments about Quota Queens and affirmative action? Let us consider together. Does anyone truly believe that, say, someone of Italian, Greek, or Slavic descent would have the same potentialities in the “movement” as someone, say, of Anglo-Germanic ancestry, such as a founding stock WASP?  Can anyone be so delusional?  Look at Spencer and his rapid rise, and being made President of NPI, apparently with limited to no real qualifications. Then we have Johnson careening from one disaster to another, yet still at the top of “movement” "leadership."  How is any of that different from an incompetent Negro being elevated in the corporate world due to affirmative action?

My criticisms of Nordicism are well known and need not gone into here in detail, but as we see, McCulloch continues with his bizarre alphabetical phenotypic charts, and we now see the new permutation of HBD Nordicism, which “jumped the shark” by “explaining” to us how Swedes are very collectivist because they are very individualistic. All laughable and worth being ridiculed.

My overall criticisms of Der Movement – so named to mock its Germanocentric Nordicism – are similarly justified. The same goes for criticisms of Trump.  With respect to individuals in the “movement” such as Johnson, I believe that everything I have written justifies that criticism. Note that Johnson “banned” me from Counter-Currents for discussing the Nordicist origins of the Herrmansson disaster (I didn’t even bother to mention the homosexual connection, which I suppose would have provoked him even more); further, he has refused to debate me or engage with my criticisms – even though anti-Sallis critics like Silver told him he should do so. Instead, he defames me as “insane” and labels me a “paranoid piece of crap.” In toto, I believe that my criticisms of Johnson are legitimate. I can go on, and note my contempt for the hypocrisy of the ethnonationalists who invade other people’s nations, and why that is justified. The semi-autistic over-earnestness of certain Counter-Currents writers is also, I believe, fair game for criticism.

I also make an issue of the tin cup panhandling of the “movement.” “Leaders” and other “activists” like to complain that they “have no money” despite the large sums of money that have been poured into the “movement” over the decades. Now, in a relative sense, there is some truth there; compared to the Left, the “movement” is deficit with respect to financial (and other) resources. However, in an absolute sense, it is a lie and what makes it worse is that the bulk of the money seems to go to the worst and most useless directions. There is one entity that shall go nameless here that has garnered millions of dollars, with its “leader” getting several hundred thousand dollars in compensation.  In their filings, this entity claims its objective is running an online publication. If you believe that this objective justifies that enormous intake of relatively scarce funds, then I must say that it seems that you have low expectations indeed.  I personally think this is a disgrace and a complete waste. What has the “movement” accomplished with the money it has already received? Maybe they should show some actual accomplishment before rattling the tin cup yet again?

In any case, this is a summary explaining some of the memes posted at this blog. Remember this post the next time one my critics labels me as "insane" and  "paranoid."