Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Mormon Autism Alert

And other news. In all cases, emphasis added.

Laugh at this.

…when I was a teenager, heavy metal was my life and my religion. 

That gives you a good feel for his character, judgment, and intelligence. In contrast, as a teenager, I was already interested in national socialism and fascism. I did go through a period in my early-to-mid-20s where I went in the more "pragmatic" (sic) direction of anti-communist paleoconservatism, but even then, the Far Right was always “my religion.”

Unfortunately, this led to conflicts with my father as he returned to the Mormon Church. 

Those Danes were Mormons?  That explains much, no?

…I gained some important insights on human nature, self-reliance, and perseverance. 

Thus, when someone doesn’t invite you to a party, write a long, self-pitying, and delusional Counter-Currents post about it.

My father came from a broken home in Idaho. 

I thought that these were k-selected high trust Nordics?

As I was practicing my guitar one day…

One can almost hear the “fingernails on the chalkboard” noise.

… my father came into my room and told me that he wanted to take me to the church he grew up in. He then told me about the history of the Mormon Church and how they kept an important “secret.” Long ago, there was a war in heaven between angels and demons. 

Nordics vs. Mediterraneans. Destiny of angels!

The angels had white skin and the demons had dark skin. 

Eyetalian demons!

After the angels won, the demons were cast down into a barren wasteland. 

In other words, into Sicily.

The Mormon Church believed that Africans were the descendants of the demons and that is why they committed so much crime. 

Africa starts at Rome! Or the Alps! Or is it Calais?

This story caught my interest, as I wanted to meet other people that knew about this secret. However, my father explained that due to political reasons, the church had to hide this secret and let Africans into the priesthood in 1978. 

Demon priests?

Some of the boys knew me from school as the heavy metal kid that didn’t have any friends. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh?

After the initial introductions, they started talking about abortion. 

I can imagine that they wanted to ask him - "why the hell didn’t your parents abort YOU?”

This was when I became a rebellious teenager.

Err... wasn’t he already “the heavy metal kid that didn’t have any friends?”

I hated going to church. I didn’t get along with any of the people there. 


Why respect a community that doesn’t respect you?

White ethnics in Der Movement, take note.

When you think of Mormons, you often think of polite, happy, and successful white people. 

Well, now we know why Mr. Ancestry didn’t fit in.

If I wasn’t opening my door to white missionaries, you better believe I’m not opening my door to demons and monsters.

Tell those wops to stay away!  Five foot tall superstitious monsters!  Get Humphrey to stomp ‘em all out!

After my father passed away, I never returned to the Mormon Church. If man is a computer and religion is an operating system, then the Mormon Church was never meant to run on my hardware. Heavy metal was my religion as a teen

Freakshow alert!

Other news:

I was listening to Trump’s CPAC speech, and when he got to the point in which he started talking about every group except for  Whites, I turned it off. Boy, he really learned his lesson from the last election, huh?  What a turd.

See here - supportive evidence that the ultimate purpose of Goad at Counter-Currents is to bump up page views. Well, having Howard Stern write for you would accomplish the same thing, so why not recruit Howie?

The wages of HBD.

It's impossible to know how the patient acquired the parasitic hitchhiker, although since he made frequent trips back to China, his doctors say it could have been from eating undercooked infected reptile, amphibian or crustacean meat, or from rubbing raw frog flesh on his eyes—a remedy, in traditional Chinese medicine, for sore eyes, the Independent reports.

Very cognitive, very elite.

Get this:

Richard McCullochsays:

March 1, 2021 at 12:19 pm

Your points. like those of Mr. Andrews, are based on the assumption that the White ethnostate will by a rump secessionist state containing a small fraction of the country’s territory and White population, which would then confront a much larger and more powerful multiracial state that would still contain the great majority of the White population and nearly all of its economic and military strength, including the nuclear arsenal, and, by the way, would be the continuation of the United States. This is all very similar to Michael Hart’s proposal, and based on this assumption your points are well taken. But they are not valid for a “National Premise” (as Wilmot Robertson called it) White ethnostate realized by partition, in which the conditions of relationship between the White and multiracial states noted above would be reversed.

See https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2019/05/25/161830/ and https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2021/01/27/saving-the-white-race-the-problem-and-solutions-part-3-of-3/

It is interesting that so many pro-Whites, in which I presumptively include both you and Mr. Andrews, seem to exclusively conceive of the White ethnostate in the rump secessionist form, and do not consider, or ignore, or are unaware of, other alternatives such as the “National Premise” concept that would be far more advantageous to Whites and their interests and not place them in such desperate circumstances when much better options are still possible. Certainly we should all want the best for our race, which the rump ethnostate concept decidedly is not, as your own points make very clear.

Let’s consider certain excerpts here:

…a rump secessionist state containing a small fraction of the country’s territory and White population, which would then confront a much larger and more powerful…state that would still contain the great majority of the White population and nearly all of its economic and military strength, including the nuclear arsenal, and, by the way, would be the continuation of the United States… place them in such desperate circumstances…

I agree that such “a rump secessionist state” would cause its inhabitants to be placed in “desperate circumstances.” So, what comes to mind are previous iterations of racial separatist plans, from two different individuals who shall go nameless, each of who placed “Mediterranean” (sic) Whites in precisely such "rump state" “desperate circumstances,” in combination with various non-Whites thrown in for good measure (e.g., Puerto Ricans or NECs). So, yes, “desperate circumstances,” indeed. But, hey, the American southwest (a desert that is unlivable except as part of a larger USA that provides to that desert the necessities of life) is “the sun belt” and a New York “Minoria” is, hey, New York, so what are all you two inch tall dago cockroaches complaining about, eh?

In any case, good to see the tacit admission that those previous separatist plans did, as I often stated at that time, place the swarthoids in “desperate circumstances.”  

Here is an interesting and useful analysis, which has political relevance (as commentators note). It would also explain, in general, why movies are typically worse, more childish, and dumbed down, compared to the books (including comic books) on which they are sometimes based, why storylines are changed to appeal to the retarded masses and, possibly, why sequels are typically worse than the originals (an original movie's excellence may be in many cases an unintentional oversatisfying of a [previously unknown?] fan base, while the insipid sequels are intentional attempts to broaden that base through dilution, while trying to hold on to the core fan base).

Compare that interesting Affirmative Right analysis with pathetic Counter-Currents articles by self-indulgent autistics and their navel-gazing laments about why they are not invited to parties. I’m no fan of Liddell, and most of the content of Affirmative Right is, well, rather dull, but to compete with Counter-Currents, it doesn’t have to – dare I say it? – oversatisfy the "movement" fan base, now does it?

Why don’t they sue?