Monday, March 1, 2021

Odds and Ends, 3/1/21

In der news.

Laugh at this.

My family was Protestant Christian, of the gentle Northern European variety…

And now, we’ll see several shoes dropping about that individual and his beliefs and experiences:

…I was fed a steady diet of anti-racism and anti-discrimination indoctrination from a very young age…

…Caribbean blacks…had more in common with white Americans…

…I dated a young black woman from the Caribbean…

But, remember, “movement” “leadership” must – must I say! – come only from “Protestant Christian, of the gentle Northern European variety” stocks, and don’t you forget it!

By the way, any honest White person who has a lot of experience with Blacks will recognize that “Caribbean blacks” are more alien to Whites than are homegrown  “African-Americans.” 

From Liddell’s site:

Early last year [Note: Greg Johnson is mentioned here - I am censoring out the juvenile ad hominem] was even telling everyone that Taylor had put him in charge of vetting Amren. At the time there were denials, and because Taylor's cred is generally good, most of us believed him. But now I'm not so sure.

Good point. We’ve heard about alleged private apologies and private assurances and denials, but if anyone published or openly stated a clear public apology or denial I must have missed it.

Recently, I commented about Griffin covering the Smith College fiasco, and counseled that Nutzis (publicly) steer clear of that – don’t muddy the waters. Almost on cue, we see this.  Let the “life long liberals” figure these things out for themselves.

Now, Nutzis can get involved in democratic multiculturalism now, but it must be via “normie” real life personas. Pseudonymous/anonymous Nutzis can engage in these activities IRL, as long as they keep it completely separate from any and all “movement” connections. However, they really need to avoid the Type I behavior of discussing the details of their IRL life on “movement” forums. 

Very cognitive, very elite.

Of course Trump promises not to start a new party.  That would take too much effort, wouldn't it?

Biden Presidency is "anti-women"  How about anti-White and anti-men?  Can't say that, eh, Antifa Don Trump?  The "wall" "has been amazing."  What wall?