Saturday, March 13, 2021

Our Groupuscular Rampart

What to do next?

Now that we have His Fraudulency in power, backed up by a dominant and resurgent Left, with the Right (including the Far Right) in complete disarray, it is time to “dust off” and examine previous work by the Sallis Groupuscule on what to do in these unfortunate circumstances.

First, the relevant portion here.

Trump Defeat.

1. While the greatest portion of interest and investment would still be in the American scene, a relatively greater portion of interest and investment should be focused internationally, given the more limited scope of action in America in this scenario, and the need to keep a low profile and fly under the radar as much as possible…

Of course, one would want to avoid the inevitable, absurdly gaslighting, claims of “an international White supremacist conspiracy.”  That would defeat the purpose of a “low profile.” Nevertheless, in a relative sense, to “strike where the iron is hot,” one may at times need to look outside America for signs of progress (if any exist) and invest energies there. And we in America will certainly need help and support in return from our comrades overseas.

2. Rhizome. The mantra: To the groupuscules!  The bottom line is that given persecution and negative attention, and the chaos and disarray likely to follow in their wake, a “to the catacombs” attitude of retrenchment and introspection will be required…

This is absolutely the most important single thing that needs to done right now. Actually, there should have been more “retrenchment and introspection” for the past four years, building up a real infrastructure behind the protective screen of Trump’s retarded bluster. With the System/Left distracted by Trumpism, Amnats, and civic nationalism, real progress could have been made behind the scenes.  But what’s done is done. Moving forward – but with, hopefully, learning from the mistakes of the past (well, we can learn, but not the Quota Queens, who lack that capacity) – pro-White activists must step back, rebuild, go “underground” so to speak. To do otherwise would be foolish in the extreme (foolishness being business as usual in a “movement” whose current “leaders” have stated that “more of the same” is the approach they will take under current circumstances).

I was watching a video about the American Mafia. The government was cracking down badly on them in the 80s and 90s. Then came 9/11/01 and the shift of law enforcement was to terrorism; the emphasis on organized crime was lessened, and organized crime, while by no means in any way the equal it was in the past, is making some sort of recovery. This recovery has been aided, to a very great extent, by keeping a low profile - no John Gottis, no “Teflon Dons,” no flashy “hits” like Galante or Castellano. Likewise, Der Movement needs to keep a low profile (although that goes against the character of the Quota Queens and their egos and their need for publicity to help raise "D’Nations"), and hope that the march of events will provide new problems and new distractions for the System, and that the current laser-like focus on “White supremacy” will be attenuated. But, again, that outcome requires that activists have the iron discipline to follow the path of retrenchment for the vanguard – the public face should be mostly electoral politics (assisted by the quiet infiltration of mainstream institutions).

In a word – rhizome.

3. In this case, electoral politics should have relatively greater emphasis.  There will be greater opportunities for action here compared to a Trump victory….A practical concern is that while electoral politics is certainly not immune to persecution, it is a lot more robust, a lot more anti-fragile, compared to the other two legs of the activist tripod. The System needs to at least put up the appearance of being a democracy and not a banana republic; there are limits beyond which problems of public perception will ensue if those limits are pushed…

Electoral politics is consistent with retrenchment, since retrenchment is meant for the vanguard, while electoral politics is the public face of more moderate right-wing populism. While I still stand by what I wrote previously, I do note that System hysteria has progressed so much, with even sitting Senators targeted by “cancel culture” (as was Trump himself, who was President), that electoral politics isn’t quite the same robust activist approach it was even, say, only a year or two ago. But, in a relative sense, it is the most robust of the three legs of activism, more robust than metapolitics or organizing. As part of this, and as noted above, quiet infiltration of mainstream institutions of the Right will be helpful, indeed essential.

Metapolitical activity should be…focused on small scale groupuscules, designed to survive persecution, adopting the rhizome framework, and generating new ideas, new paradigms, and fresh perspectives. We will need an underground ideological flowering, to help sow the ground for fruitful perspectives that can be reaped in more propitious times.  

Again, I would say that this is the most important thing right now.  As I wrote above, it is time for a strategic retreat with respect to “vanguardism," and time to make use of the enforced rhizome-ization to analyze what went wrong and what needs to be done next, including a complete overhaul (when and where necessary) of ideology and approaches.

Organization; infrastructure, and community should be de-emphasized – it must still occur of course, but small scale, underground, garnering little-to-no attention…

That’s the key – “small scale, underground, garnering little-to-no attention” – with proper operational security.

Second, let’s take a look here with respect to one specific aspect of “organization; infrastructure, and community” – even if relatively de-emphasized, it must occur, so how should we best invest the (for now) limited resources set aside for this approach?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will suggest an approach based at least in part on Codreanu’s Legionary movement. One could envision a pan-European, trans-national movement, highly elite, comradely and collectivist in orientation, with an emphasis on productive action, creating a higher form of man, with a defined style of living.  In a sense, this legion would be analogous to some of the trans-national and pan-European crusading orders of the past as well as recreating the best aspects of Codreanu’s movement, adjusted for modern times (e.g., pan-European, rejecting universalist ethos, etc.). All of the differences between Codreanu’s movement and the failed racial nationalist “movement” of today (particularly the American variant) that I discussed in my book review (linked to above) would be relevant here: all the best of Codreanu’s movement would be embraced and all the flotsam and jetsam of contemporary racial and ethnic nationalism would be absolutely eschewed. Such a movement would provide the elite leadership to the stateless masses of the world-wide White minority, guiding Whites through the dangers inherent in their status as a people without any nation states of their own. Such a movement would help to bind Whites worldwide in a brotherhood of solidarity – while of course absolutely rejecting White traitors – and will draw a hard line against any miscegenation between ethnic Europeans and those newcomers who have invaded White lands. With this Legion at the head, Whites – or at least racially conscious Whites – would be bound to each other through ties of race and culture and of a shared history, as well as of shared problems and the shared sacrifices necessary for survival. 

That is self-explanatory. Obviously, there are many caveats and details here, particularly revolving around infiltrators, agent provocateurs, and sincere fools who “act out” and so cause trouble for the rest of the group. Laws typically targeting organized crime could be used by the System against pro-White groups if such groups are not exquisitely sensitive about those possibilities.

A naive argument would be that such an organization would go against the low-key, rhizome, dispersed, monastery-like approach I discuss above.  But this is why the “movement” always fails – it doesn’t understand that projects like this cannot be rushed, this is something that will take years of preparation, years of slow and careful growth, and years of secretive, behind-the-scenes organizing. So, there is no inconsistency; the “early days” of such a project would fit in perfectly with a period of retrenchment.

Summary: If and when Europeans become effectively stateless, when they loss control of all the institutions they have built, then the only thing they will be able to depend upon will be each other. The only thing that will ensure survival is each other. The only thing that can hold out the promise of taking back, or creating, nation states for themselves, is each other. It would be optimal to learn that lesson now, before the final Fall of the West, but if the only way to learn is through the bitter experience of total dispossession, so be it. If World Wars I and II were not sufficient lessons, and apparently they were not, more painful and humiliating lessons are just around the corner.

The situation is becoming so bad that Whites around the world, particularly now in America, that it is rapidly akin to people of European descent being effectively stateless. Do White Americans have a state?

Pro-White activism needs to make better use of the human material it has, or potentially can have. There are too many incompetents put into positions they cannot handle (the Peter Principle run amok), too many competent people not used at all or, at best, under-used, and too many people who, if they are used, are engaging in activity for which they are ill-suited. Some of these problems are due to the “movement’s” rigid and all-encompassing ethnic affirmative action program, and some of it is due to the vicissitudes of human nature, bad judgment, a lack of insight and self-awareness, overweening ambition, and/or the lack of sufficient human capital to fill positions with the proper people. 

That last point is particularly relevant – the failures of the “movement” are in large part due to the poor use of the people it already has, or could have, which in turn is one reason why it is difficult to recruit the quality people it needs. This is a vicious cycle of failure. So, misuse of human material, and a lack of human material, leads to failure, which in turn makes it more difficult to remedy the situation by recruiting, and using, sound human material that has the sense and the ability to sort out these problems and turn things around.

Step one in breaking this logjam is making better use of the people available (including ending the affirmative action program), insisting on competence, and stringing together some positive outcomes as an advertisement of success, instead of the usual litany of endless failure.

In the absence of the affirmative action program, one possible outcome of the present difficult period would be natural selection to weed out unfit leaders and select against failed approaches and faulty ideologies, while selecting for more fit individuals, approaches, and ideologies. Unfortunately, unless the quota system changes, and unless the fossilized dogma is questioned, we will just “at best” replace one group of failures with another, all peddling the same stupid ideas and useless approaches.

There will likely be more of these types of posts ahead at this blog; there is nothing more important right now than do analyze potential approaches on what to do next.