Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Yellow Math

Anti-HBD facts. And other news. In all cases, emphasis added.

See here.

Tenured academics have job security unparalleled anywhere but in government jobs, and spend most of their time either indoctrinating students with “woke” ideology or lapping up taxpayer money on vanity projects posing as “research.” 

More “movement” lies. Or, at least, partial lies. First, tenure is increasingly rare in academia; here I mean real tenure – much of what passes for “tenure” today is simply a title that has zero effect on job security.  Even with real tenure, rightist professors have been “cancelled” for saying and writing the wrong thing. And the description of academic "activity” does not accurately describe much of STEM. Maybe "philosophy PhDs" spend most of their time like that, I don't know.

I was one of perhaps five white students in the entire program; almost all were Chinese. I felt foreign in an American classroom in my home state, surrounded by students who looked nothing like me speaking a language I couldn’t understand.

That is 100% correct.  Alas, the typical “HBD race realist” – perhaps a bit uncomfortable with a Chinatrix strap-on shoved up his ass – believes that situation is 100% right and proper.

It was during this time that I began to realize that Asians are not, in fact, smarter than or similar to white students. The rampant cheating cannot be understated. It was incredibly obvious what was going on, but the professors looked the other way. This is because international students are a cash cow for universities. 

All true. But the economics of it is not the only reason. Most White academics worship Orientals as do most other Whites. 

Asian students study only to pass the test in the easiest, fastest way possible, not to learn any material. 

Also 100% correct.

This was most apparent when we were sent to find real datasets and work through statistical analyses. Real data is messy — Google cannot help you. It requires an actual understanding of statistics, common sense, and creativity in order to understand what data might be telling you. The Asian students tried to parrot examples from our textbooks which were developed with simple, contrived data, and their results were a laughable mess. They were unable to answer hard questions about their work on the theoretical basis, they were unable, and they didn’t grasp any of the assumptions or limitations of their models. But they always aced the tests.

The same tests that filthy scum like Lynn use to “estimate” the high, high IQ of the Chinese and other Asians.

A simple online search yields hundreds of results of Chinese cheating rings for various college entrance exams, including the one for mathematics. This pervasive cheating cost me admission into several universities, since they only accepted the top decile of scorers on this exam. When Chinese and Indian students cheat their way to a perfect score on this exam, this places those of us who took the exam honestly out of the running. 

Asians cheat. Then the HBDers use the “high test scores” to foam at the mouth about Asian “cognitive elitism.”

As for the Asian students and professors, let me dispel the myth that they’re smarter than white students. Asians almost always head straight for the algorithmic disciplines in mathematics such as numerical analysis or theoretical computer science. This is because they can rack up publication counts by marginally tweaking someone else’s work. There is no creativity or originality of thought, and I saw firsthand their abysmal performance in topics like functional analysis, probability, and modern algebra. If they haven’t seen it first done by someone else, they are stuck. They can recite proofs of theorems professors like to use on exams, but they’re completely lost when confronted with something they’ve never seen.

100% correct. Note that Ted Sallis is proven absolutely correct yet again.

Much is said about the extensive intellectual property (IP) theft from Chinese employees. I can corroborate this. One coworker would disappear for weeks on end, ignoring pleas and calls to see his code so I could verify his published results. Most of his publications acknowledged “help” from people in China. We always suspected that he farmed the work out to people in Asia. We pushed hard enough that he quickly left for Uber. He was probably “double-dipping” and collecting a salary from both companies. This is more common than non-tech workers might think, particularly by Chinese and Indians. Some get caught, but most don’t. I always had to watch for coworkers trying to steal my code.

Copy, copy, copy, steal, steal, steal. But, hey, let’s be “yellow supremacist” “HBD race realists,” right?

The office was almost all Indian and Chinese. I was a stranger in my own workplace, in my own country. Asian managers openly discriminate when hiring, preferring their racial kinsmen over everyone else. This helps them all get away with fake credentials, even though their later job performance gives that away. 

Then the alien Asiatic GNXP filth tell Whites that “ethnic nepotism is not adaptive” and mutter something about “the green beard effect.” Lots of “green beards” among Asians, no doubt.

Math departments are stuffed with two different classes of professors: The woke and the Asian. Anyone else is left to languish in the ghetto of adjunct professorship or squeezed out completely. This has absolutely gutted research in mathematics. Nothing useful or creative comes from the Chinese, who are all in a network trying to steal from each other and everyone else…with the installation of Chinese and Indians at the highest levels of corporate leadership, progress stagnates…

That is completely correct.  HBD IS AN UTTER FRAUD.  HBD is nothing more or less than a political movement to privilege Jewish and Asian interests over that of Whites; in many cases, White “HBD race realists” are motivated by an extreme masochistic psychosexual fetish for East Asian “women.”

Other news:

If you want to see an exemplar of concentrated Type I drivel, then laugh at this.

…get you to pump an untested and potentially lethal mRNA 'operating system' into your body.
Hey, it’s been tested in Sallis. Satisfied?  Do any of these morons realize that we need to get most folks vaccinated for this nightmare to end – but then, by the time these anti-vaxx scum reconsider their “position,” we’ll have mutated vaccination-resistant strains (well, we seem to have that already; thanks, China), and the rest of us will have to go through the “jabbing” again and again.

Listen, you ignorant, willfully moronic, retard. “Potentially lethal” – so is driving your car or breathing next to a diseased, filthy, flat-chested, mosquito-bite-size-breasted, foul-breathed, greasy-haired, flat-faced, broad-nosed, prognathous, yellow-skinned, scabrous Asiatrix (you know, the creatures sleeping with is “a rite of passage” in your “Alt-Right”), so is walking outside, and even more so is contracting the covid-19 plague unleashed upon us by all those high-high-IQ Chinese, each of whom could pass for the alien in the movie “ET.” “mRNA operating system” – hysterical, scientifically illiterate moron – they inject the mRNA, it gets translated into the relevant protein in the cytoplasm, your body has an immune reaction to the protein, the mRNA is degraded, case closed. The adenovirus-DNA vaccine is a different story, I would be hesitant there, but you, you scum, mentioned the “mRNA operating system.”  Moron. Idiot. Fool. How about the “potentially lethal Chinese creating one disease plague after another operating system?” Can’t point the finger at The Holy Orientals, huh?

Hey, scum, if you don’t like it all, BLAME THE CHINESE.  I suppose though that you are all hesitant to do that with Ms. Ben Dover Chinatrix approaching you in a threatening manner. Gotta do some of dat dere “measured groveling,” eh?