Friday, April 9, 2021

Odds and Ends, 4/9/21

In der news.

See this.

Once again, I need to stress the horrific strategic error that Der Movement made by not taking proper advantage of the Trump interregnum by quietly building a real infrastructure behind the scenes, including a permanent legal defense/lawfare unit, as well as self-sustaining economic activity, and organized metapolitical action with professional “political soldiers.” Instead, the Nitwit Right “acted out” with their rallies and Unite the Right and everything else, doing exactly the opposite of what they should have done. This is not “20-20 hindsight,” since I have been talking about these things for years, I have always preached my approach, even before Trump became President.

It is still not too late to do the right thing, although an enormous amount of damage has already been done, and the probability of success at this point has been greatly diminished, to the point of being highly unlikely. The Far Right needs to retrench. See this.

We need legal, economic, and community infrastructures, everything that I have written about over the years. These things would cost money; however, if instead of large amounts of money being flushed down the toilet with VDARE and Counter-Currents, the resources were placed into these infrastructure projects, that could be a “game changer.” I doubt that will happen. The rank-and-file seem to too dumb to realize that this needs to be done.

Interestingly, but not unsurprisingly, democratic multiculturalism has been, based on my observations, best pursued by mainstream (paleoconservative) rightists or by traditional liberals. The Far Right has been useless, but what else can you expect from Type I, hobbit hole, woman-in-a-wheat-field nationalists?

I am of a mixed mind about this post. On the one hand, for the most part, with some possible exceptions, each individual piece of advice, taken in isolation, is sound. What I do not like is the overall tone (complete with the typical anti-vaxx stupidity – run to the woods, that jabbing Jew doctor is going to sodomize you with a covid vaccination needle!).  The piece, in its entirety, unpleasantly reminds me of the typical “twigs and branches” Type I nonsense, to which my riposte is this Stonetoss cartoon.

If the System wants you, as an individual, they’ll get you (almost always), whether you are out in the woods, on your boat, island-hopping, or whatever. Ultimately, the best security comes from being part of a dependable, integrated community of competent and like-minded people who can impose a cost on the System for their persecution of you.  Note “best” is a relative term – nothing guarantees anything. But,"best" is better than "worst."

True enough, being an effete metrosexual urbanite completely plugged into the System is not optimal.  But being Grizzly Adams or Yukon Cornelius won’t save you either. It does not serve us as a people to have all of us abandoning concentrations of power and of infrastructure.

A vaccine caused the cancer!  Now, Der Movement can quote that as more evidence. Dat Right!

Remember that I expressed serious reservations about the DNA-based viral vector vaccines even before the roll-out. Once again, Sallis is correct. What you get here on this blog is scientifically informed analysis, underpinned by good judgment. But, hey, keep on supporting the Quota Queens, who are always, always wrong, because, well…you know.  But the flubros will, in any case, just conflate all of the vaccines together as nasty “jabs” that will alienate Jaysus on judgment day.

I appreciate Joyce’s thoughtful review of this book, even though he is less enthusiastic about technology than I or the authors of the book under review (which I should probably read at some point) are.  We need to reject hobbit hole woman-in-the-wheat-field nationalism.



April 8, 2021 at 11:24 am

The only flaw in this book is the continuous anti-Russian hostility throughout every chapter.

Well...ethnonationalism. Let's be divisive among Europeans, the battle-cry of the petty nationalists.

Laugh at this.  Goad posts genetic data for himself that appears from 23andMe, and writes:

Genetically speaking, I am almost 100% a child of the British Isles, with my strongest links to recent ancestry being London, Dublin, and County Cork. Even that stubborn and pesky 4.3% “Spanish and Portuguese” quotient of my genetic makeup may simply be “Black Irish” DNA resulting from when the Spanish Armada dropped a few loads in the Emerald Isle half a millennium ago.

I have written about “testing” before, but let me summarize here:

1. All of the “testing” companies are lousy, but 23andMe is, currently, the worst, with, generally, poor parental population coverage, misleading presentation of data and stupid labelling of groups, statistical comedy (reporting 50% confidence levels), etc.

2. However, Northwest Europeans and Ashkenazi Jews love 23andMe, since their groups have excellent parental population coverage and are sufficiently genetically homogeneous so that, with that coverage, they are essentially being compared to themselves, and therefore get reasonably accurate ancestry estimates, with percentages typically close to 100%, with low unassigned levels (even at higher levels of confidence). Jews also love the test because 23andMe stupidly labels Ashkenazim as “European” (while, e.g.., Greek Cypriots are not so labelled).

3. So, essentially, Goad is being compared to himself, hence the close match to “British and Irish.”

4. “…stubborn and pesky…”  Counter-Currents’ attitude toward Iberians in three words.

5. 4.3% of anything in that test (or even more than 4.3% in many cases), particularly at the 50% confidence level, is essentially meaningless. Goad’s “explanation” is retarded, and demonstrates that his understanding of commercial ancestry testing is close to nil. Taking that 4.3% seriously, and trying to find an “explanation” for it regarding some mysterious “Spanish Armada” admixture event, is moronic. 

A more reasonable approach is to say that Goad is essentially being compared to himself, for the reasons briefly explained above and explained in more detail in previous EGI Notes posts on this subject, but there are small differences between Goad and the British/Irish parental samples 23andMe has, those differences in Goad’s genome are slightly more “Iberian-like” than the corresponding chromosome fragments in the parental samples, so at the ludicrous 50% confidence level, they are assigned as “Spanish and Portuguese.”  If 23andMe were to add more micks to their database, and if those micks were genetically similar to Goad, then that 4.3% would decrease, or be eliminated completely, in any “update.” Goodbye to the “Spanish Armada.”

More raving madness from Der Movement:

Captain John Charity Spring MAApril 8, 2021 at 2:46 pm

No. The Atlantic coast was and English colony off and on again for centuries with the Plantegenets. Basque land was an English colony and Portugal was founded with several thousand English longbow men backing a local Duke. The mercenary populations shifted back n forth.

Captain John Charity Spring MAApril 8, 2021 at 2:42 pm

Gascony and Basque area used to be an English colony. There is no mystery here at all. Portugal was founded by a couple of thousand English archers who stopped in Lisbon to back up a Duke who went on to be King of Portugal. The Atlantic coast was a military singularity.

The nation of Portugal was founded by “a couple of thousand English archers who stopped in Lisbon.” So, hey, why do the Nordicists have a problem with the Portuguese? They simply are Englishmen who speak a different language. Madness.

That is what I call the solipsism of the “movement.” “Movement” retards invent whatever fantasies they wish and then insist that their fever dreams constitute reality.

Laugh at this:

Fionn McCoolApril 9, 2021 at 12:13 am

As I said in another comment above, I am half “black Irish” by birth. One of my parents comes from a family with really curly, thick black hair.

According to 23andme my genome is “99.2 British and Irish” with the two remaining .4% segments identified as Sardinian and Anatolian. Take from that what you will.

Yes, those two 0.4% segments cause the “really curly, thick black hair.”

Madness. Madness.

The despicable Johnson is promoting Amren Jamaican Lipton Matthews.

Choosing a political party on the basis of identity is quite childish. At some point, one must become an adult and transcend the tribalism of the group.

Tribalism bad!  Identity politics bad!  Being an adult means accepting "the other!"

When all is said and done, it all boils down to four words: “Rosie and the kids.”

Crypsis alert: Ethnic Columbian masquerades as Italian-American, repeatedly claims to be of “Sicilian” ancestry. The reality:

Brancato was born in Bogotá, Colombia. Adopted when he was four months old, he was raised by Italian-American parents, Lillo Sr. (a construction worker), and Domenica (an electrolysist), in Yonkers, New York. Brancato studied at Mount Saint Michael Academy. His adoptive brother, Vinny, briefly worked as a fashion model and now works as a Yonkers civil servant.

Although he was born in Colombia, Brancato has said, "I consider myself Italian. I was raised to eat pasta".

Sorry, “eating pasta” does not change your hybrid, Hispanic, Columbian DNA. Stop lying about your ancestry, please.  It is bad enough when Hollywood constantly uses Hispanics, Jews, and the likes of Vin Diesel to play Italian characters in movies and on television.  But now we have non-White actors falsely claiming to be Italian, equating in the public mind their non-White phenotypes with those of actual Italians.