Monday, May 31, 2021

Happy Memorial Day, 2021

In der news.

Happy Memorial Day!  Thanks for nothing, ethnonationalist filth.

Silver reveals himself once again:


May 28, 2021 at 2:53 pm

thanks to modern internet technology, the study of Fascism is increasingly becoming the subject of less condescending, hostile analyses.

It’ll never be completely free of either condescension or hostility, however, because at bottom it’s a bunch of ultranationalist hogwash.

What political system is better? Marxism was a world historical disaster, and collapsed in Europe on its own accord, and its offspring of Cultural Marxism is killing the West. Representative democracy is a fraud that has degenerated into a plutocratic-managerial oligarchy that serves elite interests at the expense of the majority population. Back in 2016, Silver's comments on blog threads were accompanied by the description of "Trump supporter." Very well. Trump won. Hail democracy!  And what was the outcome of that? What was accomplished? Nothing. None of the Trump fanboys can admit that they were wrong, and "rightist" cheerleaders for "democracy" have nothing to say when the election of someone who ran for President as a right-wing populist leaves the nation in a position even worse than it was before his election.

What else? Hereditary monarchy leads to a parasitic dynasty, and of course can result in inept retards as heads of state, and feudal systems lead to an equally parasitic aristocracy running the state for their own selfish ends. Libertarianism is an absurd pipedream, is totally unrealistic, and is unilateral disarmament in light of cohesive mega-state competitors such as China.

Fascism, like all political systems, has its flaws, but if a population has to be led top down, a sane form of fascism seems to be as good, or better, than any other political system. Fascism is a protean ideology, with a core of palingenetic ultra-nationalism coupled with considerable variability in its actualization. One doesn’t need to mirror the ethnonationalist lunacies of the past, particularly Nazi aggression. There are other alternatives than rabid Nutzis invading other people's countries.

It's very easy to make snarky, superficial criticism - "at bottom it’s a bunch of ultranationalist hogwash."  It is more difficult to offer useful analysis as well as effective solutions. 

Europe and the USA today are sharply polarized along racial and gender lines, both waiting to implode with deadly consequences not yet seen in the history of the West. Dolbeau’s book will help us better understand the root causes of the coming catastrophes.

Understanding neither its causes nor its remedies relies on anything that fascists thought.

Causes - agreed. The remedy part is wrong. What other effective "remedy" is there?  A bunch of fetishists sitting in their hobbit holes measuring their "Nordish" metrics with calipers? What else?  Being "Trump supporters?"

One could very easily understand what is happening and one could very easily formulate remedies for it without ever consulting a single fascist tract.

That’s true. One could understand and one could formulate inept "remedies" doomed to fail. That doesn’t mean that a form of fascism wouldn’t be the best option as a form of government, and the best remedy.

Far and away the main reason for trying to rehabilitate fascist thinkers is being a fascist oneself.

Guilty as charged.

Silver's comments by no means invalidate any of the points in the original book review. It's just so much empty noise - the memetic equivalent of passing gas.

A question, re: Negro HBDer Lipton Matthews. If Matthews was really sincere in his concerns about Black pathology and Black dysgenics, shouldn’t the prime target audience for his work be his fellow Negroes, with an important secondary audience being White leftists, both of whom would likely be more receptive getting these hard truths from a Negro?  It doesn’t pass the “smell test” when he’s focusing on the White Far Right, who already know these things, particularly when he’s using such common knowledge to sugarcoat memetic poison such as aracial citizenism, HBD cognitive elitism, and high IQ miscegenation.

Can the Quota Queens articulate some good reasons - or even one single good reason - for collaborating with Matthews and giving him a forum on the Far Right?  Please explain. 

The Sullen Jew.

Answering Hood (emphasis added):


MAY 30, 2021 AT 7:36 PM

“Yet the decisive blow came when Western European crusaders sacked Constantinople in 1204.”

“You could say the doge served Venice by destroying Constantinople, but by destroying the empire, he ruined Venice because under Turkish rule it was no longer a gateway to the east.”

blah blah blah blah

You don’t have a clue about the Mediterranean basin.

For hundreds of years, the Republic of Venice was the shield that held back the Turks.

The Ottoman Empire’s expansion on the Mediterranean was disputed for three and half centuries by Venice with ridiculous gains for the Ottomans, even when they won, at very high cost.

Talk about the crucial battle of Lepanto that effectively stopped the Ottoman expansion in the Mediterranean in the moment their naval strenght [sic] was at its peak.

The Ottomans were not able to wage war on Venice for 70 years and, when they did the balance of power on the sea had completely tipped.

Little Venice won almost all the naval engagements, and was able to several times block the Dardanelles for months, forcing the Ottomans to sail only in winter, when the Venetian fleet had to retire.

With the machinations of the Popes, it was a miracle that Venice survived at all – a state that was never conquered for 1100 years

years – like in the formation of the League of Cambrai, an anti-Venetian alliance put together by the Pope Julius II, consisting of himself, Louis XII of France, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Maximilian I, the Holy Roman Emperor.

Constantinople was a walking corpse back in the times of the 4th Crusade, also the Turks could of blocked all sea access and starved them out no matter how strong they were. Look at the maps the Turks had grabbed all the lands around Constantinople. What were they going to eat?

They beat the Turks to Constantinople and all that fine art and sculpture was safe in another part of the old Roman Empire rather than in the hands of the Turks.

Europe was a miserable shihole after the fall of Rome that they were totally unable to pay Venice the 95.000 marks from a contract to build ships to transport and maintain an army of 33,500 illiterate European men 1,400 miles across the eastern Mediterranean to fight for some Bible nonsense. To ancient Rome to transport 30k- 40k men across the Mediterranean would have been

Not a clue about history of Rome, Greece, Venice, the Mediterranean basin

Write an article about the grotesque submission of the so called Anglos to the Jews for over 3 centuries which is dragging and pushing all the “West” to the abyss

Please see this.

Let us consider together.

What if the following two points are true:

1. Covid-19 came from a Chinese lab, AND

2. At least some HBDers have been knowingly spreading Chinese lies about the virus’ origin

Question – if both are true, would it be unreasonable to call for a federal death penalty conviction for those HBDers?

Another question – should the promotion of the HBD cult be considered a form of anti-White terrorism?

A final question – is HBD an act of war against Whites and the West?

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Repaying the Debts of the Past

Food for thought.

The following is one of many interesting quotes from Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun, this one by the main character Severian:

we strive to repay the debts of the past with the debased currency of the present

The meaning of that should be clear. When we try to redeem our past sins with present actions, we often fall short. When we try to compensate for the wrongs we did to someone in the past by helping someone else (or even the same person) in the present, we also typically fall short. And if we try to “pay it forward” by performing a good deed today to repay one we ourselves have received, this too all too often falls short.

In the book, Severian spared the life of a woman after having failed, in the past, to save the life of a woman he loved; it was poor compensation and an insufficient payment, with a “debased currency” – hence the quote.

An example of this, relevant to activism, was my past error in spending so many years as a loyal acolyte of Der Movement, for the most part drinking the “movement” “Kool-Aid,” with only the occasional act of rebellion. By supporting Der Movement and its “leaders,” and by, at least indirectly, enabling Nordicism by supporting Der Movement and its “leaders,” even when I was openly opposing Nordicism, I incurred a debt, a debt against what is right, and I strive to repay that debt by speaking the truth about Der Movement today. However, the “currency” I use to repay that debt, opposing a “movement” that I supported when I was younger and more energetic, is, in a sense, “debased.” I do the best I can, but it is not truly possible to undo the sins of our past.  All we can do is peddle our "debased currency" and attempt to redeem ourselves and move forward. 

Of course, it is possible to spend so much of this "debased currency" as to make a real difference. It is also possible that the actual quality of the work you do today (I won’t specifically comment on my own work here, as I am not an objective judge of that) is superior, at least in some ways, to what you did in the past. Even so, even if the work of today is, objectively speaking, actually superior, it is still a “debased currency” because the proper time to have done this work was back when you were instead sinning. The passage of time, the damage that has been wrought, the paths taken and not taken, have all resulted in a form of “inflation,” so that a given amount of work, and a given quality of work, is worth less today than it would have been in the past, when, properly leveraged at the appropriate time, it could have set everything on a different and better path than what actually occurred. In this manner, the actions of today are "debased" in comparison to those of the past, even if the former are objectively, and in isolation, in some way superior to the latter.

Getting back to my own example, if I had opposed Der Movement as strongly and consistently 20 or 25 years ago as I do today, that would have been, on a “dollar to dollar currency basis” more valuable than what I can do today among the wreckage of the current “movement” (a wreckage I must assume some, albeit small, degree of responsibility for). But we cannot change the past, only work today to change the future.

There’s a flip side to my own responsibility - there are the debts incurred by others due to their actions toward me. My loyalty to Der Movement was repaid by overt “slap-in-the-face” disloyalty toward me in return. That was sometimes direct and personal, but more often indirect, e.g., by Der Movement’s promotion of an exclusionary Nordicism. Unfortunately, ultimately, it took such repeated “slaps” to wake me up; before, I still had delusions that Der Movement could be reformed. Der Movement’s “leaders” should remember the W.H. Auden quote in The Honourable Schoolboy:

I and the public know

What all schoolchildren learn,

Those to whom evil is done

Do evil in return.

Or, more crudely: “What does around, comes around.”  True enough, I can only repay their disloyalty and contempt with today’s “debased currency,” but, still, that was a self-inflicted wound on their part. Alienating your own supporters and writers doesn't seem to be a winning strategy. We can also consider this Shakespeare quote in Salter’s On Genetic Interests:


Therefore take heed how you impawn our person,

How you awake our sleeping sword of war.

We charge you in the name of God, take heed,

For never two such kingdoms did contend

Without much fall of blood, whose guiltless drops

Are every one a woe, a sore complaint

'Gainst him whose wrong gives edge unto the swords

That make such waste in brief mortality.

May I with right and conscience make this claim? 

Shakespeare, Henry V, 1500, Act I, Scene I

The Quota Queens have always been unable to "take heed."

In the same Wolfe book series mentioned above, Severian also stated:

our greatest flaw is that we can only be what we are

I at least have the self-awareness to realize this about myself. If you continue to believe that your “movement” “leaders” have the same level of self-awareness, I can tell you that you will be bitterly disappointed.

And if someone asserts that this post is an example of the self-indulgent navel-gazing I criticize in others, I respond that the post is aimed at warning others, particularly younger activists. I would suggest that those activists not waste time and energy as I did, enabling everything that is wrong about White racial activism.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

HBD Filth, 5/29/21

In der news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Note that the connection China and India had before their falling out was hostility against Whites and the West, a Colored Alliance against the White World.

Tibet was an excuse – just like that petty assassination in Central Europe was an excuse for WWI – the real reason for the Sino-India conflict was competition for leadership of The Tropical Alliance.

Derbyshire weeps.

This is the reality of American Renaissance:


American Renaissance performs essential work in drawing attention to intrinsic black social pathology. American Renaissance posters who slander Jews and Orientals by attributing their success to anything but intelligence, hard work, and sound morals jeopardize what Jared Taylor does and endanger the future of American Renaissance.

Engelman is the gift that keeps on giving. I can't think of anyone else who "endangers" Amren as much as him, no one else who so very clearly proves my point about how Amren's pro-Jewish and pro-Asian "yellow supremacist" HBD "race realism" is actually being interpreted by folks like Engelman.

See this.  Investigate the HBDers. Hold them accountable for spreading Chinese lies. Having a Chinatrix strap-on stuck in your rectum is no excuse.

The HBDers would no doubt oppose this. We all need to oppose HBD.

Hey!  This sounds just like HBD talking points.

It is high time to investigate the HBDers. They should be probed as deeply by this investigation as they are deeply probed (literally) by their Chinatrix “girlfriends.”  Another “rite of passage” (rear entry passage) for the Alt Right, no doubt.

Colored is a colored doesTROPICAL Asians attack White America while whining about “racism.”  Yes, some folks have a lot to “unpack” – the HBDers can begin by “unpacking” that yellow-colored strap-on from the endpoint of their gastrointestinal tract.

Laugh at this.

there were white traitors, who put greed ahead of loyalty. Chief among them in 1543 was a Hungarian named Urban, a gunnery expert who served the Byzantines. However, when the nearly exhausted empire couldn’t pay him enough, he went to work for the attacking enemy, Sultan Mehmed II. It was thanks to Urban and his artillery that the Turks breached the walls. White people really are our own worst enemies…

Oh, I agree. Does Hood include himself in that category?  How about his buddies, the HBD “race realists?”  How about the fetishists?  How about the greedy grifters, who soak up money that could be better used for…I don’t know, just about anything else?

Another general of the time, Narses, was unnecessarily insulted, and then invited the Lombards to invade Italy.

Lombards! Hey!  That’s why the Northern Italians of today are Celto-Germanic Nordics, just like this guy.

The West is one. This won’t always mean political or religious unity. But it does mean that we see each other as comrades and family. It means that we can’t allow rulers who claim to speak in our name to set us at each other’s throats. We can’t afford another Fourth Crusade.

Ho ho!  Will Hood denounce his own Nordicism and ethnic fetishism?

We’re the heirs of Greece and Rome. 

Certainly!  After all, the Ancient Greeks and Romans were Nordics who looked exactly like Dolph Lundgren; set aside all of those lies coming from Medicist population geneticists!

Another example of Johnson’s great optics.

Here’s a litmus test – anyone who takes the delusional freak “Savitri Devi” seriously should just be laughed at until they are buried under a metaphorical pile of well-deserved ridicule.

Here’s some ignorant drivel from “Fowler” –

Second, Savitri Devi's husband was not of a different race. He really was a Brahmin from Bengal, and there is no reason to think that he was not of entirely Caucasian descent. I have met members of his family, and although they have dark hair and complexions, their features are Caucasian, although few if any of them could be taken for Europeans. If the Aryans who settled India originally resembled Europeans (which is probable, but not certain), they have become mixed to varying degrees with the dark Caucasoid Dravidian sub-race that established the first Indian civilization, the so-called "Indus Valley" civilization (which probably embraced the whole sub-continent).

Of course this might not be "good enough" for some, who do not consider Indians to be "White enough" even though many are perfectly Caucasian. But then their objection should be not to "race-mixing" but to "sub-racial mixing," and no matter how much one might deplore sub-racial mixing, it is clearly not as bad as race-mixing.

What an unmitigated idiot. Regardless of what Greggy might think of a given South Asian’s physical appearance, they are not European, are genetically distinct from, and distant from, Europeans, and derive from a completely different continental population group (i.e., race), as well as a completely different civilization/High Culture. The High Retard of Traditionalism seems to think that “Caucasian” is a race by the modern standards of population genetics (never mind that of White nationalism) and that distinctions between “Caucasians” are simply “sub-racial.” Whew! What a relief! What with all those South Asians, Arabs, and Iranians around, the Caucasian race is well stocked and safe!  No racial crisis!  Only a "sub-racial" one! If there’s no objection to Devi marrying a South Asian, then what objection should here be for countless millions of them immigrating to, say, Europe?  Camp of the Saints, here we come!

Note, see this:

Before there was Counter-Currents, there was the Savitri Devi Archive (, which I set up in 2006 under the pen name of R. G. Fowler in collaboration Gabriella Anelauskaite, the Webmistress.

Counter-Currents commentator:

3g4meMay 27, 2021 at 1:08 pm

Sigh.  More of Lipton Matthews’ writing on the nature and future of the black race.  With, of course, recommendations for black women to marry White men.

Matthews has an anti-White agenda, and is yet another non-White who uses the HBD obsession of Der Right to spread memetic poison. Let’s see how the meritless Quota Queens react.

First, an intelligent comment:

MemebroMay 28, 2021 at 8:39 am

I have no desire whatsoever to see higher rates of intermarriage between whites and blacks of either gender.

This article reads more like a “how to” guide on creating a “master mixed race” rather than a ethnonationalist essay.

It has some value in analyzing the cause for dysgenic breeding among blacks, but that’s as far as its usefulness goes.

Now, the hysterical Quota Queen reaction:

Greg JohnsonMay 28, 2021 at 9:30 am

This article absolutely does not read like a how-to guide for creating a mixed master race. You are either being dishonest or are incapable of reading. Either way, we would not miss you as a commenter.

No doubt Johnson may have reasons to support Matthews:

Some studies declare that homosexual men compared to heterosexual men are more intelligent. Gay men are even reported to deliver better grades in college relative to their peers.

Lipton does know how to appeal to his target audience, eh?

Is Memebro’s characterization really unfair?  Matthews wrote:

Due to the reluctance of educated black women to reproduce and marry intelligent men of different races, the black population cannot elude the striking reality of dysgenics.

Matthews poses as an IQ fetishist HBDer. He has declared - just like King HBDer Sailer - that White nationalism is “unrealistic” because “Whites are not ethnocentric enough” and has endorsed aracial “rightist” HBD “citiizenism” instead. So, given that, isn’t miscegenation the obvious implied solution to the Negro dysgenics problem?

If Memebro is “incapable of reading” then Johnson is incapable of thinking and using sound judgment – but we already knew that. As regards “being dishonest” – pot calls kettle black (no pun intended), no? If Johnson objects so much to Memebro, then why not to the comment by 3g4me quoted above? What is it? It wouldn't look good to pick fights with multiple commentators at the same time?  

When are the rank-and-file going to recognize the ongoing train wreck that is Counter-Currents, with Greg Johnson as the engineer in the locomotive?

Getting back to the Matthews-Quota Queen alliance, I suppose that each side thinks it is using the other.  Thus, according to this hypothesis, Matthews gets to promote cognitive elitist aracial citizenism and the Quota Queens get...what?  Are the unimaginative dullards of Der Movement really reduced to mimicking the mainstream conservative tactic of utilizing token Negroes to appeal to normie sensibilities?  I would think that the White people open to the racialist message are tired of having Negroes, and other Coloreds, shoved in their faces 24/7, and would not be particularly appreciative of seeing essays by Negroes on "White advocate" websites. Or are the Quota Queens so invested in the HBD cult that it doesn't matter to them who spreads the lies?

Friday, May 28, 2021

Odds and Ends, 5/28/21

In der news.

Anyone notice how all sorts of Quota Queens have been promoting the work of Negro HBDer Lipton Matthews?  Willing to be interviewed by him?  Being led by the nose by him?  Are these the poor judgment and low character individuals you want as your “leaders?”

More self-indulgent nonsense from the wrecked site Counter-Currents.

Counter-Currents must be OK then.

Reaching out to the normies.  Whew!  All those disgruntled White farmers will no doubt be particularly interested in a lesbian “traditionalist” esoteric Hitlerist and all-around freak! Optics, my friends, optics!

Der Movement ejaculates.

See this.  Now, it is not only the media who are lying, who are frantic in their gaslighting mendacity. Consider the HBDers, who some might say have been "carrying water" for the Chinese government throughout this pandemic crisis. Are at least some HBDers unregistered agents of the Chinese government? If a lab release was "levying war" against the United States, then is the HBD cover-up, witnessed by many online, an act of treason? Is this a death penalty offense? Note that I make no accusations against anyone - I merely ask questions. I merely ask for answers. I merely ask for an investigation. If the HBDers have nothing to hide then they should welcome a full, extensive, thorough, and intensely intrusive investigation into their activities. Maybe all they have done is perfectly innocent, perfectly legal. Very well. Let's find out. Let's shine a disinfecting light on pro-Chinese HBD race realism.

More on that.

See this.

Today’s modern world of computers, air and space travel, refrigeration, food canning, communications, automobiles, medicine, and industrial development was overwhelmingly the result of Euro-Caucasian innovation over centuries.  Scientific inquiry and the application of that science through engineering was a hallmark of European civilization. The capitalist system that bankrolled innovations, and the stable societies necessary to bring all the pieces together into a finished product, were all Euro-Caucasian. Is it surprising, then, that White privilege came along with these innovations?

But, hey, let’s ignore guys like the person who wrote that and instead write articles praising Bill Clinton and Hubert Humphrey because, well, you know…

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Brief News, 5/26/21

In der news.

More Amren comments before the censorship:

Xanthippe2  Sam Oranger 

I would agree with you if he (or any other homosexual) was a leader and not a writer. As a writer, I just want him to refrain from promoting gayness in his writings. Also no setting up of a bath-house brigade at the AmRen conference! I am joking here, but this is indeed a problem when a significant percentage of an organization becomes homosexual. (They casually "hook up" far more than males and females in an org do.)

the Mongols were White

No, they weren’t.

PIlleater shows up on that thread as well.

Please note – the comments critical of Johnson and of homosexuality have been censored from the Amren thread and comments have been closed.  Gee. What happened to Thomas Jefferson quotes about speaking the truth? Note how comments attacking White ethnics are welcomed at Amren, but god forbid anyone questions the Grand Poobah Johnson. What hypocrites.

Good news for Der Movement. Cue the HBD Nordicists talking about how "Outer Hajnal collectivists" have "high birthrates" and then trying to explain away the Italian data - "they are so r-selected that they have bad pre-natal care and so few births."  QED.

Consistent with my thesis that White ethnics are lower on the racial hierarchy than are Negroes to the “race realists” (we already know this for the Nordicists), we see Jamaican Negro Matthews (he of race realist Amren fame) now emerging at the HBD-Nordicist site The Occidental Observer.

The subject of the article is also consistent with my hypothesis that (some) HBDers, race realists, Nordicists, Silkers (and combinations of these) use “anti-Semitism” as a “hook” to attract Nutzis (although of course the folks at Amren are famously pro-Jewish, but others elsewhere are not hesitant to engage in “Jew baiting” to win people over).

Another navel-gazing, silly article from the pathetic wasteland that is now Counter-Currents, complete with a thoughtful, intellectual title.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Odds and Ends, 5/25/21

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.

Very cognitive, very elite.

It’s “only a cold,” right?

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 might also help the body clear the virus, if it hasn't already, Lledo said. And the shots should also protect people from losing their sense of smell even if they get infected, Bourhy said.

But, hey, Jaysus may not recognize you on Judgment Day if you get vaccinated, so there’s that.

Behold the female. Yes, it’s…"sexism. " White women whine and complain just like Coloreds…there’s a reason why “women and minorities” are a modern catchphrase.

Newly discovered!  See here – yes, that is a film clip of John Morgan walking home (and singing “Charleston”) from school, during high school, and encountering two afrowop bullies - starting at about 0:32.

Think Blue, Count Two, by Cordwainer Smith:

…The men laughed--both of them.  First, Talatashar laughed with all the evil in the world in his voice.  Then Trece laughed, and he was too young to laugh his own way.  His laughter, too, was cruel.  There was something masculine, mysterious, threatening and secret in it, as though he knew all about things which girls could find out only at the cost of pain and humiliation.  He was as alien, for the moment, as man have always been from women: filled with secret motives and concealed desires, driven by bright sharp thoughts which women neither had nor wished to have.  Perhaps more than his body had spoiled.

There was nothing in Veesey's own life to make her fear that laugh, but the instinctive reaction of a million years of womanhood behind her was to disregard the evil, go on the alert for more trouble and hope for the best at the moment.  She knew, from books and tapes, all about sex. This laugh had nothing to do with babies or with love.  There was contempt and power and cruelty in it--the cruelty of men who are cruel merely because they are men.  For an instant she hated both of them

… You're not a person.  Girls aren't people.  They are soft and pretty and cute and cuddly and warm, but they have no feelings.  I was handsome before my face spoiled, but that didn't matter.  I always knew that girls weren't people.  They're something like robots.  They have all the power in the world and none of the worry.  Men have to obey, men have to beg, men have to suffer, because they are built to suffer and to be sorry and to obey.  All a girl has to do is to smile her pretty smile or to cross her pretty legs, and the man gives up everything he has ever wanted and fought for, just to be her slave. And then the girl--" and at this point he got to screaming again, in a high shrill shout--"and then the girl gets to be a woman and she has children, more girls to pester men, more men to be the victims of girls, more cruelty and more slaves.  You're so cruel to me, Veesey! You're so cruel that you don't even know you're cruel.  If you'd known how I wanted you, you'd have suffered like a person.  But you didn't suffer.  You're a girl.  Well, you're going to find out now.  You will suffer and then you will die.  But you won't die until you know how men feel about women."

Well, then. Smith/Lineberger knew a thing or two about real sexual relations. He knew about the Chinese character as well (given his family connections and history, not surprising):

The setting is the type of benign Venus imagined before the first space probes penetrated the clouds of that planet. Colonization has become stymied by the native inhabitants (loudies), who are apparently sentient bubbles that float around the landscape, getting in the way of human progress. Attempts to communicate with them produce no response. Confining them is useless (they drift back) and killing them produces a deadly explosion that contaminates a thousand acres (4 km²). The non-Chinese authorities of the early Instrumentality government have no answer.

The ruler of Goonhogo (the entity that replaced China under the early Instrumentality) decrees that 82 million Chinesians (men, women, and children) be dropped from space, parachuting down to the surface. Each one has a simple mission — herd the bubbles together. Many die in the process, both in landing and from the bubbles exploding. The rest corralled the loudies together into herds, where they eventually starve, wiping out the species. Meanwhile, more Chinese parachute down with rice seeds and begin planting. Eventually, by sheer weight of numbers, the Chinese conquer Venus.

Smith's point in the story is evidently to demonstrate how Chinese attitudes such as fatalism and obedience to authority, coupled with their large numbers, could outperform the "Yankee ingenuity" and "self-reliant individual" attitudes predominant in mainstream 1950s American science fiction of the time.

The displeasure of White farmers about government farming aid targeted to Blacks is yet another golden opportunity being squandered by Der Movement. But I suppose that White farming men wouldn't be too impressed by talk of Savitri Devi, Guenon, hobbit holes, The Homo and the Negro, as well as My Nationalist Pony.

An interesting comment from American Renaissance:
Sam Oranger 
Ok. Let’s be honest. Greg Johnson is gay and everyone knows it. The last thing this movement needs is someone who is gay. Our opponents will make it an issue and make us look weak. We have a very serious issue in this country with the LGBTQ garbage being imposed everywhere and anywhere. Nip it in the bud.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Odds and Ends, 5/23/21

In der news.

Another inter-racial relationship fail. “Weaponizing sex”- how is that any different from normal female behavior?

See this. As TOO said: Cue the Vikings.

High Trusters.

Wopish antics.

Colored is a colored does – more Asian race whining.

The EXTREME TROPICAL East Asians behave exactly like Negroes.  Derbyshire weeps.

…we will continue to see people who don't have any connections with Asian Americans looking at us as the enemy…

That is because you ARE the enemy.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Brief Note, 5/22/21


I want to inform readers that the frequency of posts here will be less than that of the past, at least for the time being, since (without getting into any details, of course) my IRL work obligations have recently significantly increased.  As I am not a tin cupper, and do not panhandle for "D'Nations," I need to prioritize my time toward IRL activity. This is unfortunate, but hopefully it will be temporary.  

There will be posts (and Gab comments), but do not expect such on a daily basis, which was the case, for the most part, until the past few days.

Of course, the tin cuppers do not have these problems. See this.

Counter-Currents is trying to raise $200,000 this year to sustain and improve our work. Since last week’s update, we have received 24 donations totaling $9,223.58 for a total of 374 donations and a grand total of $53,333.90 since we started our fundraiser on March 10th. That means we are more than one quarter of the way to our goal. We are deeply grateful to everyone who has helped out. Full information on how to donate appears below.

I'm not getting money in this fashion. Maybe I should. Points to ponder.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Toward a New Movement, Part VIII

The Moral State.

Western Destiny essay.

Of direct relevance to building a New Movement:

The type of “leaders” found in today’s (American) “movement” – meritless affirmative action hacks, money-hungry grifters, gaslighting liars, inept incompetents with no sense of personal responsibility or accountability, shameless hustlers and mountebanks, sweaty obsessive fetishists, conspiracy theorists, drug addicts, sexual perverts, the chronically impaired with piss-poor judgment – these need to be eschewed. There is no place in The Moral State for failed “leaders” such as that. We deserve better. Our people, our race, and our civilization deserve better. We can and must do better.

And, in general, the entire focus on morality and an ethical code, which was such an important part of Codreanu's Legionary Movement and the concept of the "New Man," is essential to any New Movement, and is opposed to the disgusting present morass of Der Movement, Inc.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Pure Swarthoid

Pure greasiness. And other news.

What with Goad and others breathlessly posting DNA ancestry results (which I have already criticized multiple times here), for the sake of amusement, I'll post the following Sallis results from a company that shall go nameless (not the same one Goad used), only giving continental and sub-continental level generalized results, not the more detailed national percentage data that can be more personally identifying:



Europe (South)


Pure swarthoid - I'm slithering around on my skin grease and hair oils here. Two feet tall and full of superstitions!

Read this, and then remember that Der Right focuses on the dastardly vaccination "jabs."

Speaking of which - it seems like actual infection by covid-19 is what is going to be changing your genome, not vaccination.  Shhh...don't tell the Gabsters.

Yet another reason that I despise Der Right - Tucker Carlson discusses the important issue of UFOs, and Der Retards of Der Right respond with their typical combination of paranoid ideation, ridicule, and religious nuttiness. What else is new?  Der gummint is hiding the fact that Jaysus is coming to tell you not to take the covid-19 vaccination!

This is clearly a diversion to something a lot more sinister. We are awake, pat [sic] attention patriots.. [sic]

maybe you need to research your bible and realize what those crafts are in the Bible it says fallen angels can’t fly they use wheels of light also they are matter and can turn into a light ball a ufo and morphing object as seen in videos they defy science and reality there not from out of this world there from the ocean I’m not crazy just read the Bible I saw three tainted spirts that looked like frogs or alister Crowley the man obsessed with finding out what a demon looked like and who appeared to the satan worshiper what u would call an alien and I have more evidence for u thry use telepathy jsit how the Bible describes them to posses u they can’t even speak and if u wanna go all the way back when abductions were a thing or more common the accounts said thry would talk through the person and say 4 lines bible is junk and then usually the person would spit out or think Jesus and the abduction would stop immediately [sic for the entire gibbering ranting]

I love the high tech potato camera the military is using with those trillion dollar budgets. Real classy there boys. Totally legit. Definitely aliens

How to spot an agenda: When it is nowhere, And now it's everywhere

How to spot a retard - they identify with Der Right, particularly Der Movement. Speaking of which: More HBD Nordicism from TOO.

The extreme collectivism in Scandinavia is of course ignored. Mass immigration to Southern Europe is also ignored.

But again, I ask: if the HBD Nordicists really believe all of this, then why do they restrict "leadership" of their failed "movement" to the same group - NW Europeans - they tell us are so hyper-individualistic and pathologically altruistic, and why do they focus all recruitment on that group, while alienating the more ethnocentric Whites who would be more amenable to their message?


Sunday, May 16, 2021

Which Way Movement Man?

Dionysian vs. Apollonian.

I am sure that readers notice that I spend much time attacking the stupidities of Der Movement, and of Der Right in general, including mainstream topics such as vaccination, etc.  Some reasons for this is to express my own opinions, to refute lies and to champion truth and scientific realities, and to expose childish conspiracy theorizing.

But there is a deeper issue here as well. There is a battle here for the heart and soul – never mind the brain – of pro-White activism, and I intend to defend my side of the battle line, while attacking the other side. Do we want White nationalism to be defined by bizarre theories, fetishism, pseudoscience, a childish lack of critical thinking, the paranoid ideation of conspiracy theorizing, freakish ideas and weird paradigms, and all the rest?  Do we want to build a movement on a foundation of easily disproven lies, a complete lack of logic, and fever dream fantasies? I think not.

At some point, the sane among us, the rational, the adults in the room, need to take a stand, regardless if it goes against dogma and/or makes up unpopular.

One can argue that Der Movement, and Der Right as a whole, is too Dionysian and insufficiently Apollonian.

The terms Dionysian and Apollonian need to be defined with respect to how I am using them in this essay. By Dionysian I mean irrational, emotional, primal, directed more by feeling than by thought, the physical over the abstract, subjectivity over objectivity, exuberance over discipline, intoxication with one's warped ideology, and so forth. Apollonian in contrast is rational, thoughtful, disciplined and prudent, more theoretical and abstract, objective, empirical, scientific, characterized by ice-cold analysis, and so forth.

Comparing the two poles of Yockeyism vs. Salterism, the former would be more Dionysian and the latter more Apollonian. Der Movement is extremely Dionysian, and, within activism, Type I activists are more Dionysian and Type II activists are more Apollonian (although the Type IIs are Yockeyian; there is no absolutism here). Interestingly, much of what Der Movement considers to be Apollonian is actually Dionysian; here I refer to things such as HBD, HBD race realism, HBD Nordicism, “movement” racial science, etc., which are for the most part tragicomic pseudoscience, rigid dogma, and fetishism, all promoted with the subjectivity of religious faith.  Of course, the Left is also thoroughly Dionysian; there isn’t the slightest empirical credibility about any leftist ranting, with respect to race or anything else.

Most established movements fail because they are too Dionysian; they get carried away, intoxicated, by their own rhetoric and belief systems, and lack the objective, ice-cold analysis to avoid problems, to solve problems, and to be adaptable in challenging environments. This includes, for example, on the Right, National Socialism, Fascism as a whole, right-wing populism (including and especially Trumpism), and Der Movement; and, on the Left, the French Revolution, Marxism in all of its incarnations, Social Democracy, and, today, Wokeism is completely Dionysian in the worst ways possible, and hopefully headed to inevitable failure. 

On the other hand, some incipient movements fail to “get off the ground” in the first place because they are too Apollonian and fail to inspire people, they fail to ignite the irrational spark of faith and passion that leads to dedication and heroic self-sacrifice. Note there have been many martyrs for religion (religion being very Dionysian indeed) and for the secular religions of Dionysian radical politics. In contrast, apart from Giordano Bruno (himself a man of religion, by the way), who has martyred themselves for science?  Note that Galileo recanted under threat. Science is too coldly Apollonian to inspire self-sacrifice and martyrdom.

There needs to be a balance between the Dionysian and the Apollonian. We need both irrational inspiration as well as objective, empirical analysis.

Having said all of that, Der Movement is in a bad place. On the one hand, being extremely and radically Dionysian, excessively Dionysian, it engages in the most cringeworthy nonsense and lacks the intelligent and sober objectivity to recognize, avoid, and solve problems, and hence goes from one failure to another. On the other hand, due to a defective ideology, horrible “leadership,” low quality hobbyist membership, and various other factors, it for the most part fails to excite the sort of dedicated self-sacrificial heroism of the Dionysian movements of today’s Left, or of religion. Der Movement’s radically Dionysian aspect is not only stupid and false, but it fails in its elementary role of inspiring faith and self-sacrificial heroism. It is merely an embarrassment and an impediment.

So, the worst excesses of Der Movement’s defective Dionysian attitudes need to be opposed by rational Apollonian truth and objectivity. At the same time, the unhealthy and defective Dionysian dogma of Der Movement needs to be replaced by fresh Dionysian ideals that can inspire activists to greatness while still being consistent with Apollonian standards of objective truth and rational logic.

So, my critiques, whatever else their motivation, has this as an underlying objective.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Brief News, 5/15/21


I am aware that Google Chrome was blocking the blogspot version of this site for “phishing” for a period yesterday. Hopefully, that LIE has been refuted, as it is now back as before, but you should expect more such attacks, and/or the blog being pulled, for political reasons, as it offends people on both the Left and Right, who have to resort to lies and censorship to silence the message brought to you by the Sallis Groupuscule.

Keep in mind the wordpress mirror site.  Also, there is Ted Sallis News, as well as my Gab account, for more information about what may occur with this blog.

Laugh at this.

Of course, Amren supports HBD lies – we have to cater to Jews and Asians, right?

Dutton’s shilling for religion has to be taken into context with respect to this:

Dutton has a degree in Theology from Durham University and a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Aberdeen…

More on Dutton:

…Oulu University started an investigation on Dutton's and Lynn's article A negative Flynn effect in Finland, 1997-2009 published in Intelligence in 2013.In an announcement made by the university in June 2017, Dutton was found to have conducted scientific misconduct due to plagiarism. The article discussed IQ tests done on Finnish conscripts, and a table of the IQ test results had been compiled by a student for a master's thesis which was not attributed. Dutton stated in his response that the master's thesis was attributed in his original version but Lynn had removed it. Lynn took responsibility for the incident, however, the university did not investigate Lynn's part because he has never been associated with the institution. Dutton was not employed by the university at the time of the incident either, but the university investigated it due to its name being used in the study. The university informed Lynn's affiliates about the conclusion and asked Intelligence to issue a correction.

The HBD-Nordicism connection made clear:

Dutton holds controversial ideas about race and intelligence such as his belief that people with "blonde hair and blues eyes" have a higher intelligence.

All of this HBD stupidity also ignores the newer data that Asians evolved to a large extent in a TROPICAL climate, see this.

Taylor’s comments about Dutton and Rushton of course ignore Dutton’s harsh criticism of Rushton, see here – and I also remember a Dutton video in which he called Rushton a “thug” and essentially accused him of scientific fraud.  A bit of an omission from the Amren “race realists,” eh?

Laugh at this.

All the Jaysus-praising religious Luddites at Gab are ignorant scum. This "CyberShell" who posted this as “rewriting the genetic code” with respect to the vaccines – is subhuman, ignorant, lying scum. But regardless, Torba is ultimately responsible for spreading these lies – I’m calling you out Torba as well  This ended up being sent to Gab users as part of Gab news, and who is responsible for that? Further, Torba has already sent out anti-vaxx misinformation about the covid vaccines, so he is definitely ultimately responsible for this video and for promoting it to Gab users.

Idiots. Where in this video does this person say that the mRNA is “rewriting the genetic code?” For posting this, the people responsible expose themselves as either completely ignorant, deficient in listening comprehension, and/or mendacious liars. If you had the slightest idea about what this person is talking about, you would know that he is NOT talking about rewriting the genetic code of the person, just adding mRNA to temporarily express a particular protein. 'CyberShell" the "Christian college student." I suppose he/she/it hasn't taken any bio courses in college, eh?  The "Christian" part comes as no surprise. Jaysus hates science, apparently.

You ignorant, absolute, retarded morons. How many times do I have to explain how mRNA and mRNA vaccines work, you religious retarded turds? Gab is to a large extent a herd of retarded trash, and I use it only because of its free speech features.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Der Movement Marches On, 5/14/21

In all cases, emphasis added.

Behold the Amren commentariat:


This is why I've been saying blacks aren't dumb. They're smart to reject the white's dangerous vaccines. Whites are responsible for infecting Africa with HIV via vaccines decades ago

That is an absurd lie.

…The vaccine is a ruse.

You’re an idiot.

E. Essington  Missy 

My teenage nephew was hospitalized for 5 days after his first shot. No joke. Something is seriously wrong here.

Missy  E. Essington 

My mom was very sick for 3 days after the 2nd shot…

We make fun of “stupid Blacks” yet innumerate Flubro retards use isolated anecdotal cases, out of tens of millions of people being vaccinated, to create fear-mongering about the dastardly “jab.”

RockaBoatus  Missy 

In my view, smart people (however conceived) or anyone who is suspicious of our lying government, are wise and discerning to NOT take the so-called 'vaccine.'

So, anything the “lying government” tells you – do the opposite. So, if they tell you, for example, that murder is wrong, then become a serial killer. QED.

It's amazing how so many people are willing to allow themselves to be injected with a substance they know nothing about, and by medical entities and organizations that stand to profit from it.

Well, it's clear that you know nothing about it. No one is “profiting” from the vaccine in any sense where they couldn’t make more money doing something else, like selling maintenance medications to overweight and retarded (White) Americans.

Besides, why would any informed person trust the federal government in the first place when it has a long history of brazenly lying to us about everything? Are these the caliber of people you are willing to trust with your life?

You mean like your God Emperor Trump, who was vaccinated, and wants it called a “Trumpcine?”

Missy  RockaBoatus 

And it's not even a vaccine, it's gene therapy! 

Another outrageous lie. 

It also turns out Fauci knew the Wuhan lab was paid by the US government to create a gain of function corona virus!

That is completely irrelevant with respect to the efficacy and safety of the vaccines. 

If Whites are really more intelligent than Blacks, you’d never know it from Amren commentators.

OM: You also have Germanic dreams, e.g., dreams of gods, runes, ancient songs?

RMV: I do have dreams of the Asgardian gods, absolutely! Our ethnic gods are planted deep within our psyche. I would even take that further and say that they are within our very DNA. “The gods are man writ large,” as they say!

OM: How was your contact with Miguel Serrano? I know he wrote you a preface to the Temple of Wotan.

RMV: Miguel Serrano was a fascinating and mystical man. I will always regret that I missed my chance to visit him in Chile back in the day. He wanted me to visit him so that he could initiate me into his Hermetic Circle, which included such luminaries as Carl Jung, Herman Hesse, and the poet W. B. Yeats. He and I had an ongoing correspondence over the years.

Gotta love dem dere "normie-friendly" optics! 

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Odds and Ends, 5/13/21

In der news.

HBDers weep; see this.

It’s documented that researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were doing gain-of-function experiments designed to make coronaviruses infect human cells and humanized mice. This is exactly the kind of experiment from which a SARS2-like virus could have emerged. The researchers were not vaccinated against the viruses under study, and they were working in the minimal safety conditions of a BSL2 laboratory. So escape of a virus would not be at all surprising. In all of China, the pandemic broke out on the doorstep of the Wuhan institute. The virus was already well adapted to humans, as expected for a virus grown in humanized mice. It possessed an unusual enhancement, a furin cleavage site, which is not possessed by any other known SARS-related beta-coronavirus, and this site included a double arginine codon also unknown among beta-coronaviruses. What more evidence could you want, aside from the presently unobtainable lab records documenting SARS2’s creation?

Proponents of natural emergence have a rather harder story to tell…

…Here are the players who seem most likely to deserve blame.

Chinese virologists. First and foremost, Chinese virologists are to blame for performing gain-of-function experiments in mostly BSL2-level safety conditions which were far too lax to contain a virus of unexpected infectiousness like SARS2. If the virus did indeed escape from their lab, they deserve the world’s censure for a foreseeable accident that has already caused the deaths of three million people..

…China’s central authorities…sure did their utmost to conceal the nature of the tragedy and China’s responsibility for it.”

The HBD/Der Movement scum who continue to promote Chinese government lies about an “American bioweapon” are race traitors and should be treated as such.

Watch this.

HBDers should be investigated for the possibility of being unregistered agents of the Chinese government. If the HBDers have nothing to hide, then they should have nothing to worry about. I make no accusation – I merely ask for a thorough investigation.

See this.

Students from cultures outside the West may need coaching on the Western sense of authorship and attribution, since non-Western sensibilities may be more communal. The idea of “doing one’s own work” may be clear to an American student attending a college in Denver, Colorado but not so clear to a Chinese student who is attending the same school. What might be considered respecting the professor through mimicry in China could be marked as plagiarism or as a lack of original thinking in Denver. Many years ago, I was reading an Asian student’s paper and thought it was interesting and well-written. Then I realized I was reading one of my own books! Perhaps the student thought he was honoring me, but I required a rewrite. Suffice it to say, for academic integrity to be taught and followed, we need a lucid account of it, and what it means, in our academically normative setting.

Another view – maybe the Chinese student was just cheating.

They’re laughing at us.

HBD priapism.

The following is representative of The Occidental Observer:

Jonathan Cartersays:

May 11, 2021 at 4:04 pm

All WHITES are mixed with asians from northern Russia, there are 700 of them left and the Japanes are also related to them.

But yes Nordic people are a bit more mixed with them than say the French or Brittish people and also Scotts are a bit more so than the averege Britt but less so than the averege Norwegian.

Norwegians are the mots Yamanya people also they came from the north there, more yamanya than Russians.

But there are Italians that are WHITE and not mixed with arabs or subsaharian African.

There are Spaniards that are WHITE and not mixed with arabs or subsaharian African. But the averege Spaniard is a bit mixed with these groups, but I think only 30 % of the actually are or was it 70 % can’t remember.

There are jews that are WHITE and not mixed with subsaharian africans or middle easterners. Hence WHITE. But most of them are mixed indeed around 75 % of them have middle easter background and even mor have subsaharian african background. So yes, the averege jew is mixed. So is the average italian from Sicily. This does not mean all of them are mixed, just like not all Italians or Spaniards are mixed. How many jews are not mixed hence white what do I know maybe 20 % maybe 10 maybe 5 % I couldn’t care less.

Gee...wish I could meet one of those 700 ancient North Eurasians still alive. That'll have to wait after I meet some Neanderthals for a lunch meeting and then, afterwards, I'm going to host a Homo erectus or two for dinner.

I'm also curious how ethnic populations, such as Italians or Spaniards or whatever, can be split between "pure Whites" and "admixed" when they are single breeding populations. Maybe the answer is somewhere within March of the Titans, I don't know. Also interesting how admixture found in Northern Europe is ascribed to "all Whites" (not admixed), yet Southern European "admixture" is highly specific to them, making them non-White.

Further, the poor writing of this moron makes clear that it is some sort of foreign troll - I wouldn't be surprised if it is some greasy Chinaman engaging in some "cognitive infiltration."

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Toward a New Movement, Part VII

A strategic approach.

A dual approach, what to do if the White Man loses, and also an approach to use to try to win. 

See this.

Facts are facts: majority-White nation states are doomed if the present trends continue. What could come next?  What should come next?  What is the post-national future for a stateless White race that will not have any majority-White nations to call their own?  What to do?  How to survive?  Is there a contingency plan?

Someone has to ask these questions. Things today are even worse than what they were when that piece was written. In contrast to the meritless affirmative action hacks who tell us “more of the same” is all we need to do, we really need to plan various contingencies.

There are those who will not be happy with a discussion of such a scenario. The “hard-core” “SuperHitler1488” types, sitting in front of their computers, with a toothbrush moustache crudely hand drawn in their upper lips with black marker, will rail against this “defeatism” and will proudly proclaim their “willingness to fight” (after they watch the latest movie or football game); the concern trolls will tell us all we need to do is follow Amren-style mainstreaming for another quarter-century and all will be well; the “hate the messenger” sweaty obsessives will object to the message primarily because I am the one delivering it.

In addition, we have the fools who object to democratic multiculturalism because following that approach would “dishonor our ancestors.” I don’t know, losing and letting race and civilization collapse and disappear would seem to be to dishonor our ancestors even more.

Nevertheless, this must be discussed. Contingency plans need to exist.  A race considered “superior” by some, with much commentary about “future time orientation” and “planning and discipline” – you would expect the nationalist leadership of such a race to be very seriously considering alternative future scenarios and how to strategically prepare for, and deal with, each. Perhaps such planning is occurring, somewhere hidden from the view of “small-fry” such as myself, who dares not intrude upon the majestic thoughts of the mighty titans striding across the racial nationalist landscape of today. If such planning is indeed taking place, I applaud the initiative and wish it all the best. The problem is that I really do not believe anything of the sort is taking place. 

Today, years after this was written, we see that indeed nothing of the sort was taking place. Instead we got Unite the Right, Pepe and Kek, drunken podcasts, humiliating infiltrations,and homosexual groping at Alt Right meetings.

The inept “quota queens” of the “movement” are, I’m sure, mired in their foolishness and fantasies, which is why, in fact, we are in the trouble that we face today.  Decades of complete uselessness does indeed incur a price on the inability of Whites to deal with the racial crisis.

Truer words never written, if I may say so myself.

Discussion: Therefore, imagine a scenario in which the USA is majority non-White, many of the major nations of Western Europe are majority non-White, other European nations are rapidly headed for similar status, Whites are a subaltern minority in what used to be their nations and homelands, a minority ruled by sneering aliens and step-and-fetchit White traitors. The grand dream of a White resistance to “turn the tide before it is too late” has failed to come to pass. The mainstreaming nationalists have failed to cash in on their groveling slithering toward the political center. The game is up and the White Man has lost. What then?

This is hard to answer without knowing the details of the situation. 

And details are given in the original piece, please read.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will suggest an approach based at least in part on Codreanu’s Legionary movement. One could envision a pan-European, trans-national movement, highly elite, comradely and collectivist in orientation, with an emphasis on productive action, creating a higher form of man, with a defined style of living.  In a sense, this legion would be analogous to some of the trans-national and pan-European crusading orders of the past as well as recreating the best aspects of Codreanu’s movement, adjusted for modern times (e.g., pan-European, rejecting universalist ethos, etc.). 

More details are given in the original piece, which you should read.

Now, of course, I believe we should be doing off of this this now, to prevent the fate of dispossession from occurring in the first place. Indeed, I believe we should do this even in the event of a total White racial victory, not only to prevent the racial crisis from ever happening again, but also simply because it is the right thing to do, especially after World Wars I and II.  In the end, this was the over-riding objective of the currently defunct Legion Europa project – a project which, in the last analysis, ran afoul of the “movement’s” affirmative action program. Thanks, “movement.”

So, this approach is not only in the event of White dispossession, but as a winning approach to pursue to prevent that dispossession.

Summary: If and when Europeans become effectively stateless, when they loss control of all the institutions they have built, then the only thing they will be able to depend upon will be each other. The only thing that will ensure survival is each other. The only thing that can hold out the promise of taking back, or creating, nation states for themselves, is each other. It would be optimal to learn that lesson now, before the final Fall of the West, but if the only way to learn is through the bitter experience of total dispossession, so be it. If World Wars I and II were not sufficient lessons, and apparently they were not, more painful and humiliating lessons are just around the corner.

So, that summarizes why it is necessary.

Conclusion: This essay is in no way meant as any sort of comprehensive analysis of this question; it is instead merely meant to “wake up” relevant individuals and groups to the necessity to ask the question and come up with some answers.  However, in the process of doing so, I outline, in very broad terms, one possible approach – the Legionary elite leadership approach - to consider as a possibility in dealing with a post-national White future.

I have written about this in the past and will do so in the future.


The importance of the groupuscules.

Avant-garde activism.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

In Der News, 5/11/21


Please watch this.  That’s the REALITY of the covid-19 scenario.  Meanwhile, pegged HBDers will continue to spread lies protecting their Chinese masters.

A comment to that YouTube video:

The fact China blocked domestic traffic from Wuhan when the outbreak started there, but let international flights continue, makes this even more suspicious...

Indeed. That alone should be considered a biological warfare attack from Chinese against humans.

1492 – a blessing for humanity.

Who rules America?  They’re…HuWhite!

More promotion of Nordicism and Humphrey Hagiography from the Gay Grifter site Counter-Currents. Someone should tell this idiot that most American “socially conservative Roman Catholics” are Italians, not “racial Nordics,” and that the groups he likely feverishly assumes are the “racial Nordic socially conservative Roman Catholics” – Irish and German Catholics - are typically not as conservative as the Italians and are typically not “Nordic,” the Irish being more typically “Nordish” Brunn types and other non-Nordic NW European phenotypes, while most Catholic Germans are Southern German Alpinids (although of course there are some Nordics in both groups).

More intellectualism from Counter-Currents:

“Well, whose fucking fault is that?”

Pay up for the paywall!

Someone strikes back - a commentator at The Occidental Observer writes:


May 10, 2021 at 5:01 am

YOU’RE mixed:

“The most striking finding is a clear signal of admixture into northern Europe . . . related to present-day populations of northeast Asia and the Americas.”

Ancient Admixture in Human History

GENETICS November 1, 2012 vol. 192 no. 3 1065-1093

Anyone see a pattern in these sorts of crimes?  Milady and her Negroes…can't keep them apart.