Saturday, July 31, 2021



I am as critical of the Jews as anyone, but things need to be kept in the proper perspective. There are some activists who are so obsessed about the Jews that it clouds their judgment.

I recall having a conversation in the 1990s with a very prominent pro-White activist – who shall remain nameless here – about the situation in Eastern Europe.  I stated my opinion that the fall of communism there was a great opportunity and a good thing for all of us, particularly for our Eastern European brothers and sisters.  Yes, there may be short-term political chaos and economic instability, some social suffering, and, yes, American degeneracy could creep in there, but in the long run, the eastern half of Europe was freed from this murderous, incompetent ideology, this anti-nationalist ideology, and it opened the field for the emergence of racialist and nationalist activity. In the long-term it was a net benefit. This was a world historical opportunity to introduce a new mindset, a fresh beginning, for Eastern Europe.

Well, this prominent activist was having none of it. He in fact wanted the Communist Party of Russia to come back to power. Why?  Because the leader of the Russian Communist Party at that time had made some critical comments about the Jews, and also because the anti-communist Yeltsin was a “stooge of the Jews.” I remember thinking “what a monomaniacal idiot this guy is.”

Consider. Louis Farrakhan has made critical comments about the Jews.  Do we want the USA to be run by the Nation of Islam? Virtually every American President in the past century has been a stooge of the Jews. Does that mean we should instead be led by, say, Black radicals or Muslim jihadists?  They’re anti-Jewish after all!  

Not everything is about the Jews. One cannot support a leader or a movement simply because they criticize Jews.  The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend.

What made that activist’s comments hypocritical is that the same person always criticized Christianity (justifiably in my opinion) as an alien Jewish invention foisted on Europeans, and even if Christianity was sometimes anti-Jewish, it didn’t change the fact that, ultimately, it was Jewish-invented memetic poison, a destructive influence on the European soul. Well, isn’t the same true of communism?  And, by the way, I never agreed with Yockey’s pro-Soviet line either; he was also monomaniacal about the Jews in that regard.

The problem is that some activists hate the Jews more than they love their own people.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Reverse Snobbery Redux

Discussing this topic again.

I have previously discussed the issue of reverse snobbery on the Right, particularly the Far Right, which I define as attacks on so-called “experts,” praise for the accomplishments of non-experts, and populist disdain for academics and others with official degrees (“credentials”). Leading the attack against “credentialism” – against the emphasis on “credentialed” experts and academic expertise – are the HBDers, who always engage in ad hominem to respond to “experts” who call out HBD's pseudoscience, errors, and ludicrous assertions.

The more that the Right attacks experts and academics, the more they alienate such people, and the more we see that academia is dominated by the Left. And the more academia becomes increasingly leftist, the more it is attacked by the Right, and a negative feedback loop therefore emerges, driving more and more educated people, STEM people, academics, and other experts out of rightist politics. This is obviously a destructive, self-defeating process.

People with a "credentialed" background in the scientific “big three” – biology, chemistry, physics – are rare on the Right, particularly the Far Right. Examples to the contrary (like Pierce) stand out so much precisely because they are so rare – the exceptions that prove the rule.  Mathematicians, astronomers, and other STEM-related backgrounds are also rare on the Right (and academics in general are underrepresented on the Right).

There are reasons for this, and I have discussed this issue here previously. The emphasis on religion and traditionalism on the Right leads to hostility to science and materialist empiricism. The populist strain on the Right, even by snobbish elitists like William Buckley, also feeds into this. Buckley famously stated that:

I would rather be governed by the first 2,000 people in the Boston telephone directory than by the 2,000 people on the faculty of Harvard University.

I leave it up to the reader to decide whether William Buckley actually believed that, and whether he spent more time hobnobbing with Ivy League academics or with the first 2,000 people from a big city telephone directory. Indeed, this populism can go too far, and its hypocrisy is revealed when someone's own personal interests are at stake.  If such a populist needed open heart surgery, I’m sure they would prefer it performed by a leading cardiovascular surgeon at a major hospital, rather than by their local butcher who claims to have learned much by dissecting cow hearts.

Do experts make errors? Of course they do. Sometimes these are technical errors, more often they are due to ideology (“there is no such thing as race”) or self-interest (“that is not gain of function”). The problem is that non-experts not only make the same ideological and self-interest errors, but also often make errors because they simply don’t know what they are talking about.  Gross ignorance, misinterpretation, cherry picking, etc. lead to real “whoppers” and if so-called experts point that out, then we observe ad hominem claims of “credentialism.” Thus, non-experts are even more likely to make errors than are experts, and then they respond to critics with personal attacks. 

Even Johnson had the sense to state that science (unlike cranks) is self-correcting (although ideology and self-interest can delay this for a time); however, HBD pseudoscience and other cranks do not self-correct because they reverse the normal scientific method - they attempt to prove, rather than disprove, their hypotheses, and they start out with the chosen conclusion of a "confirmed" hypothesis and then cherry pick data and invent explanations to justify that, rather than subjecting their ideas to a rigorous proofing process and discarding their ideas if they are falsified. Thus, errors by (scientific) experts are typically discovered and reversed (eventually), usually by other experts, while many non-experts will continue to spew falsehoods and respond to corrections by experts with populist cries of "credentialism."

What of the reverse, what of the likelihood of positive accomplishment?

It is sometimes claimed that non-experts, who are allegedly more open-minded and less beholden to rigid dogma, are more likely than are experts to make great discoveries or produce world-changing inventions. It is true that some great discoveries and inventions have been made by non-experts. But there are caveats to this observation. First, there is confirmation bias; people tend to remember famous cases of non-expert discoveries and inventions, but ignore the myriad non-expert failures, while also ignoring discoveries and inventions made by experts.  Second, some non-expert discoverers and inventors were highly educated people expert in some (sometimes, related) field, but simply not in the specific narrow field of their famous accomplishment. Third, many cases of famous non-expert accomplishments occurred in the past, when there was much more “low hanging fruit” of basic things ripe for discovery and invention, and when the barrier to accomplishment was lower than in today’s more specialized, technologically advanced age. Fourth, even when genuine novel discoveries and inventions of great importance have been accomplished by non-experts (of whatever type), experts were and still are necessary to confirm, defend, apply, and extend these non-expert accomplishments.

Both experts and non-experts are important in discovery and invention, and in the role of explanation and application. Experts should not engage in snobbish rejection of non-expert contributions; while non-experts should eschew the reverse snobbery of populist cries of “credentialism” and consider that expert input and criticism may sometimes be both well-intentioned and correct.  As non-expert reverse snobbery is more prevalent on the Right, where I am situated politically – and in which I am often made to feel like an alien due to an “expert” STEM background – that is the major focus of my critique here.

You, dear reader, should not be fooled by HBDers, anti-vaxxers, and others who try populist appeals to your vanity with talk of how “we” non-experts are morally superior and more open-minded than “they” experts. Cries of “credentialism” are often nothing more or less than self-interested ad hominem attacks against legitimate critics. Don’t fall for that con job. All ideas, arguments, products, etc. need to be evaluated on their own merits.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Testing: Caveat Emptor

Admixture caveat.

The ancestry testing companies essentially are doing supervised admixture analysis, comparing customers to reference samples. If a reference population is admixed, then customers from the same, or similar, populations will match the reference, and will not necessarily exhibit admixture in the test, even if they are in fact actually admixed. Thus, if admixed population “X” is a reference, representing “100% X” and if a customer of the same (or similar) ethnic background is tested against that reference, then the customer will get a result of approximately 100% X. The customer can in fact be admixed, but if the type and levels of admixture is similar to that of the reference population that they are being compared to, then the admixture (subsumed within the definition of “X”) will obviously not be represented in the results. If the admixture in the reference population is relatively old, and is today considered part of the genome of that population, then it is not going to be recognized as admixture; even if the company has “quality control” algorithms to attempt to “weed out” admixed individuals from the reference populations, that is going to really work only for relatively recent admixture. So, it is entirely possible for individuals with actual admixture to test as “100% pure” if the yardstick against which they are measured is also similarly admixed. On the other hand, customers with little to no actual admixture can be represented as “admixed” if they are not compared against good reference population matches, and, hence, are having their ancestries approximated as mixtures of whatever reference samples exist in the database. 

When customers have their "results" changing +/- 15-30% (or whatever other outrageously high level) every time companies update their databases, it is clear that these tests are completely and laughably inaccurate and imprecise.  Wild fluctuations in results suggest  that the databases lack the proper reference samples and customers are having ancestries assigned to whatever samples are being added to those databases. Combined with high levels of "unassigned ancestry" at high confidence levels, identical wins getting different results, people getting radically different results with different companies (as well as radically different results with the same company after updates, as discussed above) these facts demonstrate that every single of the extant ancestry tests are virtually useless with respect to accurate and reproducible results (at least for individuals deriving from ethnies not well represented in databases).

Thus: Caveat Emptor.

I cannot recommend any of the extant ancestry tests; indeed, I, at the current time, heartily discourage their use - they may work reasonably well for those of British Isles descent (sometimes) and Ashkenazi Jews, and possibly some other ethnies both well represented in their databases and relatively genetically homogeneous, but fail miserably for others. Fetishist retards who breathlessly discuss results (a behavior I recently mocked) demonstrate their own ignorance and/or mendacity.

If this situation is remedied, then my recommendation may change, but it is important to note that improvements must be stable over time. Results that drastically change with each update are unstable and, hence, imprecise and likely inaccurate (after all, if there are drastic changes, it cannot be true that both the original or the update are correct - and in this case, there's no guarantee that future changes will not occur, putting into question additional data sets).

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Risk Averse Irony

Irony and hypocrisy.

The flubros perceive a societal over-reaction to covid-19, and they typically ascribe that over-reaction to a dastardly globalist conspiracy to take away their "freedoms." However, to the extent that there has been any over-reaction, that is for the most part due to the fact that we live in a feminized, risk averse society. Essentially, society demands a 100% guarantee of absolute safety and absence of risk in everything, which is neither feasible nor desirable, and, hence, the treatment of covid-19 as if it is Captain Trips from The Stand (but, of course, the opposite view - that the disease is just "the flu" or "a cold" - is just as absurd).

The irony is that the flubros behave in exactly the same effete risk averse manner when it comes to the covid vaccinations (and for the more extreme anti-vaxxers, all vaccinations) - they demand an unrealistic 100% guarantee of absolute safety and absolute zero risk and absolute zero probability of side effects. That fear is no less hysterical than some blue-haired fatty demanding masking for two year old children in daycare. If the flubros, whining like scared women about "experimental vaccines" and "toxic jabs," are too cowardly and risk averse to get vaccinated like the rest of us, then they have no right to ridicule the risk aversion of others (e.g., lockdowns and masks). Perhaps hypocrisy is a better word for flubro behavior than is irony.

And the screeching about "freedom" is just a cover for rank cowardice. When the government forcibly integrates their neighborhoods and neighborhood schools, floods their areas with refugees and illegals, discriminates against them with "affirmative action," and engages in race replacement immigration, they don't say or do a damn thing about that, so now they should just shut up, roll up their sleeves, take the "jabs," and stop crying like menstruating co-eds.

Odds and Ends, 7/25/21

In der news.

Look at this stupidity. That is no doubt a White man. How can a race defend itself if its male members are agonizing over humane ways of killing insects? How can we depend on White men to kill enemies of our race in a war if they agonize over killing bugs?  Can you believe it?

Tucker Carlson was right. Where are the snarky leftist comments now?

Can you believe it? Finally, a rational comment left at Counter-Currents:

Anti-vaxxism is probably the single dumbest stance the Dissident Right could take, the one most guaranteed to alienate from us the kinds of thoughtful and sober minds we must convert if we are to achieve political victory – and thus have a chance at preventing white extinction.

That is exactly what I've been writing at my blog for - what? - years now. The covid situation is just the latest iteration of anti-vaxxism. Earlier, it was that "Jew doctors" were sodomizing "our babies" with MMR shots and "giving them autism."

Now, let's quote some flubro retardation (also from Counter-Currents) and then I'll answer it. Retard:

...these particular vaccines are not properly tested. Furthermore there are serious questions as to the need to vaccinate so aggressively against the relatively harmless Covid-19, not to mention the incredible harms done by vaccine reactions, lockdowns and mask wearing. Furthermore why is the effectiveness of natural antibody immunity being ignored in favor of these vaccines?


1. In the midst of a pandemic, there is obviously no time to go through the full and lengthy process of optimized vaccine testing, which can take years. The vaccines were tested, but not to the same extent as vaccines for long-established diseases. The vaccines in America were "fast-tracked" in "Operation Warp Speed" by Der Movement's demigod Trump, who wants it called a "Trumpcine," not by "Jew doctors" or "globalists." Even Trump recognized the need to do so.

2. Covid-19 is not "relatively harmless" unless you are comparing it to smallpox or to "Captain Trips" from The Stand. It has killed hundreds of thousands in America alone, hospitalized large numbers, and even "mild" cases can result in "long covid" disorders. The unvaccinated, in which viral loads can build to high levels, constitute a reservoir in which the virus can further mutate.

3. There have not been "incredible harms" by either vaccines or masks. Lockdowns have caused harm, but if you are angry about that, blame China. Remove the Chinatrix strap-on from your ass, and blame those responsible.

4. get "natural immunity" you have to be infected, which runs the risk of morbidity and mortality, as well as generating the high viral loads that make infecting others more efficient. "Natural immunity" arguments can be used against all vaccines - is that the message? And "natural immunity" against original covid may be less effective against some of the newer strains than the vaccine, although the "vaccine hesitant" may be brewing new strains to evade the vaccines completely as well. Thanks a lot, retards.

5. A scenario - imagine The Holy Orientals from The Land of the Gods cause a lab leak of a "Captain Trips"-like highly deadly viral stain, with the potential to wipe out most of humanity. Let us further assume that somehow an experimental but highly effective vaccine is developed in time to stave off this disaster, but we would need to have everyone vaccinated ASAP before further mutation. Would we allow anti-vaxx flubro retards to do their same antics then? No doubt they would try and do so - evade the "toxic jab."

6. Just like in an emergency in war, you get drafted. I'll enrage the Right now and say that the covid vaccine should be mandatory for everyone except those with a legitimate medical reason that requires avoiding it. Otherwise, shut up and get "jabbed." Instead of dropping your pants for Ms. Wei Fuk Yu, roll up your sleeve and just get the shots.

One could make a legitimate argument that there has been some degree of societal over-reaction to covid, particularly with lockdowns. The problem is that the flubros oppose any and all reactions - they oppose lockdowns, masks, and vaccination. They seem to have no answer other than to make believe the disease is "only the flu" or "only a cold" and should be completely ignored. Do we wonder why Der Movement has no appeal to the White masses as well as no appeal to educated, STEM people?

This here is how European rightists see 2021 America.  The reality of 2021 America is shown here.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Axis of Queervil


Is this true?


Looks like William Regnery II didn't have any kids. Hmmm...

Radical Runner topimpanation

He was gay.

topimpanation Radical Runner

I figured.

I do not know if that accusation is true, or merely another example of misguided, wrong, “movement” gossip, this time from Amren commenters (although the picture here makes one wonder).  But the status of Regnery’s private preferences is not the real issue here. The issue is not with one person, but has to be looked at from a broader perspective. Considering the Beltway/Virginia-Georgia-Florida “movement” axis, the Florida and Georgia components have been enriched (past and present) with individuals either rumored to be gay, or definitively known to be gay.  

I have previous discussed how I was warned in the early 2000s (by an individual who shall go nameless here, but who was positioned to know) about a gay cabal in the “movement,” and that was directed toward the aforementioned “movement” axis. Various incidents and revelations and speculations since then have conformed the validity of that warning.

One can wonder further. Was the rapid rise of Richard Spencer in the “movement” influenced by the private preferences of leading “movement” figures?  I need to be very clear here, to prevent misinterpretation and misquoting of what I am saying here by the Nutzi peanut gallery. I am not – repeat NOT – saying that Spencer himself (a man with a history of heterosexual relationships, including marriage and children) is homosexual (or bisexual).  Repeat – I am not saying that.  But it is certainly plausible that “movement” gays – including prominent “closeted” aging homosexuals – gave a boost to Spencer because they liked the “cut of his jib,” so to speak. That would be in addition to Spencer’s inherent advantages due to Der Movement’s ethnic affirmative action program. Liddell’s jibe that a certain Alt Righter hates Spencer because of a “bitter gay crush” takes on new meaning here as well.

That’s all mere speculation. It may have no basis in fact (although Spencer’s elevation, particularly at NPI, without any real credentials, is a matter of record, regardless of the reasons).  However, “where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.” There have been so many repeated comments, speculations, warnings, revelations, etc. about the cabal within the axis – an Axis of Queervil – that it is highly unlikely that such does not exist. After all, the Pilleater Chronicles tape mentioned a Facebook group, suggesting that at least some fire does accompany the smoke.

If this cabal exists and is influencing the direction of pro-White activism, at least in America, then this is an issue that needs to be considered and addressed.

Friday, July 23, 2021

I Got the Counter-Currents Blues

Johnson must be held accountable.

Look at this ignorant drivel from the grifter site Counter-Currents.

Let's count the misrepresentations. First, not all vaccines provide sterilizing immunity, so the covid-19 vaccines (no scare quotes) are not unusual in this regard.

Second, no one denies that the covid vaccines did not go through the full, long process of certification, but they have been tested, and were fast tracked (in America by Der Movement's beloved God Emperor) for emergency use. Funny how the conspiritards never demand the same level of testing and evidence for the stupidities that they promote.

Third, anyone who talks of "microchipping" should be considered to be the paranoid retards that they sound like.

Fourth - don't like the current situation? Blame China. But, alas, with a Chinatrix strap-on shoved so far up your rear that it's tickling your cecum, such blaming is a bit difficult for you, no?

It is because of these anti-vaxx scum that this pandemic will go on and on, as the unvaccinated serve as a reservoir for efficient transmission, high viral loads, and further mutation into variants that can eventually completely evade the protection of the current vaccines.

These people are not just merely misguided. They are evil. Johnson is evil for hosting this crap on his site, but we already know that about Gaslighting Greg, chief panhandler, don't we?

Johnson needs to be held accountable for this.

Odds and Ends, 7/23/21

In der news.

The System may try to lessen White American demographic anxieties about reduction to minority by redefining "White" to include HAPAs, mulattoes, mestizos, NECs, etc. That's another reason to be more precise in group identity as "European-Americans" and/or to specifically define "White" in the European sense, and to reject a "one drop" definition of European. European-Americans are people derived from Old World European immigrants, and that's it.

A typical Gab retardate:

The government of France has just informed its people that they may no longer buy food if they refuse to take the vaccine.

The only thing that’s prevented Biden from pulling that here in the US thus far is the fact that we’re locked, loaded and would not comply with such tyranny.

Still think this was about a virus?

Wake the fuck up.

Wake the fuck up! Those Jew doctors want to sodomize you with a covid vaccine needle, and taint your precious bodily fluids! Locked and loaded! Freedom! Of course, the fact that you can't sell or rent your property to who you want, you can't control who lives in your neighborhood or attends your child's school, your country can't defend its borders, you are subjected to genocidal mass immigration, you have no freedom of association and your free speech rights are being eroded - who cares about that? Gotta be locked and loaded to prevent that "toxic jab!" Praise Jaysus!

What kind of drooling retardate would not only reject a free vaccine during a pandemic but then think that their ability to refuse such is indicative of "freedom" in a country in which White people lack the most fundamental human rights and are discriminated against by both law and custom?

Yes, indeed, wake the fuck up, you stupid bastards.

While I have not seen details of the specific research in question, speaking generally, as a STEM person who knows of what I speak, Paul is correct and Fauci is wrong. In general, gain of function in biomedicine is the addition of a property ("function") that did not previously exist as such; for example, by adding expression of a gene that was previously not expressed, by increasing expression of an endogenously expressed gene, by expressing an altered version of the gene, or in some cases by doing the opposite (you could in theory make a virus more virulent by inhibiting the expression of some gene), etc. If research is being done to increase the infective range of a virus, make it more pathogenic, or whatever to add new or increased properties - that is gain of function research. Of course, officially, in a purely semantic sense, NIH can define "gain of function" in any way they want, so technically speaking, actual gain of function research is not covered by their narrow, mendacious redefinition, but that doesn't alter the facts.

Someone can decide to redefine "White" to mean any person who is not a sub-Saharan African and - presto! – there is no racial crisis and the world is overflowing with 'Whites," but that does not alter the actual on-the-ground reality. Administrative redefinitions of terms by NIH or whomever else does not alter the actual technical details of the research that is being done, only how it is labelled. Realistically speaking, any alteration of a virus to make it more infective, pathogenic, virulent, increase host range, etc. is gain of function. Is anyone so naive not to think that The Holy Orientals weren't doing that (likely for military purposes)? And your tax money was funding it. 

I no doubt will be accused of cherry picking pro-Asian comments from Amren, while ignoring anti-Asian comments. My response is this: One can find anti-Asian comments at many "movement" sites - such comments are common and therefore do not distinguish one site from another; however, slavishly pro-Asian comments are typically only found at sites like Amren, sites associated with the HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance. It is therefore legitimate to highlight those particular comments, since they represent something distinctive about Amren (and similar sites).

This applies to the “movement” as well; activists stick to a failed “movement” because they’ve invested so much of their time and effort (and money, eh?) on the grifters and Quota Queens.  I pulled the plug; you should do so at all.

Another “benefit” from immigration?

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Odds and Ends, 7/21/21

In der news.

Of interest.

Further, the high morale and solidarity that citizens exhibit during a disaster dissolve the individualist outlook that elites have long learned to control and maintain. The seemingly positive and prosocial solidarity response of the population is itself a threat to the mechanisms of elite power in our society. Just as disasters empower normal citizens on the ground, who have no choice but to take fate into their own hands, they leave elites feeling distant and helpless. Chess and Clarke call this state of affairs “elite panic:” a fearful distrust of the populace that prompts leaders to restrict information, over-concentrate resources, and use coercive methods to reassert authority in the face of temporary breakdowns in public order. This style of response poses an active danger to disaster survivors and, ironically, creates the very resistance to authority that leaders fear most. Nowhere is this clearer than in the history of epidemic response.

The people must be trusted with fear, and the governing class must be comfortable with leadership during times of crisis. Fear is an unpleasant emotion— but at times, a useful one. Fear lends urgency to action. Fear forces the afraid to focus on that which matters. This is the great lesson of the 2020 coronavirus: We should have been allowed to fear. Alas, our leaders feared our fear more than they feared our deaths. The world bears the consequences of this stark faith in the myth of panic.

One wonders if “elite panic” describes the reaction of “movement” leadership to activists realizing that Der Movement is a pathetic failure and feeling fear at the imminent collapse of any credible White racialist resistance?

According to the MacDonaldite hypothesis, Northwest Europeans are particularly susceptible to Jewish/Globalist manipulation because the Inner Hajnal Nords are highly individualistic, altruistic, egalitarian, etc.

But wouldn't that also make them very susceptible to manipulation by HBDers? Wouldn't that make them more gullible to various HBD-style memes (ironically enough, including the MacDonaldite hypothesis itself)?

Finally, and as stated before here, why should such easily manipulated and gullible types be allowed to monopolize leadership positions in the pro-White dissident movement?

Wouldn't you want more ethnocentric and less easily manipulated people in such positions - that is, if you REALLY believed in the reality of such stark intra-European differences in behavior?

Regnery has died. Regnery represents the tragedy of lost opportunities. A person with his money, willing to donate to the Far Right, could have been a game-changer, instead of flushing the money down the Der Movement toilet.

Not surprising he was in Florida. Anyone who has followed Der Movement with any interest has noticed the Beltway/Virginia-Georgia-Florida axis, what the Majority Rights crowd perceptively termed "The Regnery Circus" - a gaggle of fetishists, Anglocentrics, Nordicists, ethnonationalists, HBDers, grifters, traditionalists, and/or homosexuals.

Imagine if that money had gone into building a real legal defense (and offense) infrastructure, lobbying, meeting places, funding people like Salter, etc.

Der Movement has objected to the movie Caddyshack because they claim it is anti-WASP (it is) and reflects Jewish anxieties and anger over being excluded from "WASP country clubs" (it does). What Der Movement fails to mention (of course) is that the movie is also anti-Italian, perhaps because Der Movement shares the Jewish Hollywood perception of "the wops" as greasy, stupid, violent, hyper-sexed, thuggish punks.

The "good guys" of the film (apart from "spaced out" deracialized WASP "Ty" - a model for the type of Old Stock degeneracy that Jews have always promoted) are crypto-Jewish "Eastern Europeans" as well as Irish Catholics. Both Jews and the Irish gave us the 1965 Immigration Act ("good guys"), while Italian-Americans have moved to the right politically ("bad guys").

Amusingly, Humphrey Ireland was distraught about right-wing wops (the dreaded John Marchi!) - how dare "they" invade "our" conservatism!

See this.

To give his views a more public face, in 2005 he spent $380,000 to create the National Policy Institute, a think tank designed to inject white-supremacist ideas into mainstream political conversations.

But the institute languished for its first decade, even after Mr. Regnery hired the alt-right figure Richard Spencer, a charismatic former Ph.D. student, in 2011.

Rewritten for more accuracy:

But the institute languished for its first decade, especially after Mr. Regnery hired the failed alt-right figure Richard Spencer, a charismatic former Ph.D. student, in 2011.

Imagine if that $380,000 had been used to create a legal defense infrastructure.  

Once again I ask Johnson – what were Spencer’s qualifications being made the head of NPI?

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Sallis’ Law and Sallis’ Razor


Sallis’ Law can broadly be described thus:

If any “movement” conversation goes on long enough, someone will mention “racial admixture” in Southern and/or Eastern Europe.

It can be more narrowly described:

Any “movement” discussion about Southern and/or Eastern European countries or peoples will eventually mention “racial admixture” in those counties and peoples.

Or, even more narrowly:

Any “movement” discussion about Italy will mention “racial admixture” among Italians, Southern Italians, Sicilians, etc.

Sallis’ Razor:

Do not multiply dissident politics freakishness beyond necessity.

Applied to the “movement,” consider that to “normies” White nationalism itself is considered “weird” and “freakish.” There is a large barrier to get “normies” to accept even the most basic fundamentals of White racialism. For that reason, there is no reason to increase that barrier by unnecessarily adding more controversial topics to the mix. Thus, one should not add such things as moon landing hoax, anti-vaxx, atom bomb hoax (a new one for me), the moon itself is not real (ditto), smoking does not cause cancer, flat Earth, or any other conspiracy theory or bizarre ideation.

One can very effectively promote White racialism without adding superfluous controversial material, such material is not necessary; even worse, such discussion will alienate many people, and delegitimize the main focus of White racialism by needlessly associating it with these other issues. Do we really need to have pro-White activism associated with, for example, flat Earth ideas?  Isn’t it obvious that the cost/benefit ratio does not favor such as association?  Why must defective individuals always indulge their peripheral crank ideas and insert them into racial activism? Why must rational people waste time trying to keep these ideas out of authentic dissident discourse? For example, I wouldn’t have to constantly beat the drum in favor of vaccination if the anti-vaxxers hadn’t unnecessarily inserted themselves into White racialist discussions.

I have often criticized conspiracy theorizing in this regard; for example, see this book review.  Conspiracy theorizing has many problems, including but not limited to:

1. These theories do harm by delegitimizing important discussions and alienating rational people, particularly STEM people and other academic types, and doing so in a completely superfluous fashion.

2. Objectively, such theories are often completely absurd. Is it really necessary to point out why "the moon is a hologram" or "the Earth is flat" or "the atom bombing of Japan was really napalm and mustard gas" and similar crank ideas are ridiculous, against facts and common sense, and in constant violation of Occam's Razor?

3. Arguing against such stupidity is a colossal waste of time and effort that could be used for more productive endeavors.

4. People who believe in these bizarre and stupid ideas get derailed into a cul-de-sac; although one can argue that anyone who would believe in such ideas are so defective that it is better that they are so derailed and get out of the way of the rest of us.

5. The propensity of right-wing dissident politics to engage with such conspiracy ideas is a highly negative characteristic, and can be leveraged by enemies of right-wing dissident politics to delegitimize dissidents (see point 1).

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Book Review: How Europe Became American

Book review.

I will review this book, which I wasted precious hours of my life reading. The author is this imbecile.

Readers know I am very critical about how rightist Europeans see America and Americans; thus, this book was in theory of considerable interest. Little did I know it was a conspiracy-minded text.  This has to rank high on the list of the worst books I have ever read.

Let’s consider excerpts, make analyses of those excerpts, while also commenting on the work as a whole (particularly at the end).

Europe and the World until the Great War

Therefore, Germany was the major threat to international peace, and short of a major war, there was nothing to stop it from trying to realize its outrageous ambitions.

Later, he writes:

Strange though it may sound to modern ears accustomed to the old story of German militarism and aggressiveness, of all six European Great Powers, Germany (together with the Austrian-Hungarian Empire) was actually the most eager to preserve peace.

The first statement thus is, I assume, meant to be a summary of popular opinion; the second, the author’s own views. Otherwise, they are of course completely contradictory.

Upon closer examination, it was Europe’s scientists, engineers and inventors that largely laid the foundations of modern life. This rapid technological progress was itself based on European science, such as it had developed since the early 16th century.

Sometimes, shrewd US businessmen applied for patents on items that had actually been invented somewhere else. This happened to Antonio Meucci, the Italian inventor of the telephone, who saw Alexander Graham Bell run away with his idea, take the credit for it and get rich with it.

Nordicist fetishists weep when confronted with facts like this.

…regarding its cultural achievements, Europe might perhaps be compared with classical Greece before it was conquered, squeezed dry and annihilated by the envious Romans.

Err…”classical Greece” had long been in decline before that, and the “envious Romans” helped preserve the Greek culture that they adopted. Is Vogel still fuming over Gaius Marius and Germanicus?

A little over one century ago, Europe was still largely uniform, because a number of fundamental ideas, most derived from Christianity and from ancient Rome, were universally shared. Allowing for national and regional differences, the lives of most Europeans were astonishingly similar. Peasant life was still largely dictated (much more so than today) by the seasons, while living conditions for industrial workers were overall very much the same everywhere, and so were relations between the social classes.

Ethnonationalists and Nordicists would not be happy about that. Uniform Europe?  Yegads!

Under the influence of romantic notions about national origins and ethnically determined characteristics, reinforced by racially-slanted social sciences, many believed that Europe was divided into three major ethniclinguistic tribes. Germanics in the northwest, Latins in the south, and Slavs in the east. In-between were scattered smaller concentrations of “FinnoUgrians” (Finns, Estonians, Hungarians), Jews and Gypsies, with the Hellenes (Greeks) occupying the tail end of the Balkans. The Germanics (Germans, Dutch, Scandinavians and English) were largely protestant Christians and regarded themselves as superior to all the others. It was no surprise, so they argued, that they were superior in industrial and technological development, and collectively had the most powerful fleet and the most powerful army.

Well, things are no different today in the “movement;” that sounds like standard “movement” fare.

As for cancer, it was especially frequent among the better off, which constituted a mystery to the physicians of the period.

Why would that be?

Drinking and to a lesser extent smoking were linked to leisure hours.

Bingo! Today, of course, drinking and smoking are more often observed in the "lower classes." And, also, the "better off" live longer, back then as well as today, not dying as frequently at younger ages from accidents, murders, infections, etc. Back then (today is different), the "better off" also tended to be fatter, and, as well, not doing the manual labor of the "lower classes," were less active. All of these factors can, and do, increase cancer risk.

One answer to the advance of modernity was a return to the roots and to nature. Another answer was to embrace fully whatever change would lie beyond the horizon. This was the answer formulated in 1909 by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in the “Futurist Manifesto.” This contained an enthusiastic welcome to technological advances in the belief that mankind would be all the better for it. If there would be victims or if old things disappeared or were destroyed, this was just the price to pay for progress.

I in general support Futurism over a degenerate "Traditionalism" that venerates everything that has inevitably led us to the current disaster.

…Schallmayer argued that deviant and socially undesirable behavior, such as alcoholism and delinquency but also character traits such as stupidity and laziness, were inherited. If allowed to fester unmolested, before long most of the population would be affected by these ills. And since it was estimated that already one third of the German population was affected…

Der Master Race?

While Jews, like any minority everywhere and throughout history, were exposed to occasional discrimination, xenophobic excesses and prejudice, and were made the butt of jokes, in most of Europe they were generally not unhappy with their lot. At least, they were not dissatisfied enough to consider leaving the country. The so-called Dreyfus Affair in France (1894– 1906), however, prompted many to reconsider their stance. 

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Since the late-17th century, English foreign policy was therefore based on two pillars. One was the “freedom of the seas,” which was just a neutral way of saying that those seas were in fact controlled by the Royal Navy, the most powerful in the world. The other was always to support the second most powerful state on the continent, to make sure that the most powerful one would not establish dominance over the entire continent.

War after war was started in Europe because of these petty nationalist considerations, including and especially British interests opposing the birth of any dominant continental power. In reality, the wars had little to nothing to do with "empires," contra Johnson's gaslighting lies.

Germany had become Europe’s third biggest state and, after Russia, the second biggest in terms of population. Now that it had become a single market, its economy, especially its industry, really began to grow. Within twenty years, Germany became the continent’s number one economy, set to overtake England. At that point the English elite was beginning to worry about how to maintain their stature and position in the world. In other words, before the end of the century, Germany was no longer seen as an ally, but as a rival, a danger that would have to be eliminated. Whereas Germany was becoming England’s continental European rival, worries about Russia were also mounting…Whatever the English quarrels with other European powers, particularly with France and Austria-Hungary, these paled in comparison with the conflict of interest with Germany and Russia. France was only a rival outside Europe, chiefly in Africa, where French colonial expansion interfered with English ambitions. After France’s defeat by Germany in 1870, however, it shared the English wish to keep Germany in check.

That is a perfect refutation of Greg Johnson’s ethnonationalist lies blaming “empires” rather than petty nationalism for the outbreak of WWI, and the downfall of the White World that followed in its wake.  Quite clearly, the issue was with the national concerns of England with Germany (and to some extent, Russia) in the context of Europe and intra-European competition; France had similar issues with Germany. Whatever conflicts that may have existed because of empires were secondary and essentially irrelevant compared to the national rivalries between these states. Empire-related conflicts were simply an epiphenomena of these petty nationalist rivalries.

…Milner and other influential Englishmen had come to the conclusion that in order for England to retain its preeminence, Germany must be destroyed.

Pure petty nationalism.  It ending up being the entire West destroyed, not just Germany.

Rhodes himself being a closet homosexual, he tended to seek the company of likeminded individuals. Hence, a number of Rhodes’ secret society members were also closet homosexuals, which made them all the more devoted to each other and automatically committed to secrecy…

Sounds like certain factions of the Alt Right.

War and Revolution

Whereas the main Italian offensive was directed east and northeast, they also carried out attacks on the Austro-Hungarian Army among the high peaks (up to over three thousand meters) of the Dolomite Mountains. Called guerra bianca (“white war”), the fighting in this theater involved incredible feats of courage, alpinism and acrobatics.

Alpinism?  Acrobatics?  Huh? What is this author talking about?  Does even he know?

Apparently, the Entente Powers, or rather the English elite, had decided the eventual defeat and demise of Germany and Austria-Hungary needed to be postponed. A short war was not on the agenda of the small clique that had engineered the war. Only a protracted war would help them achieve their goal by bringing more suffering upon the German people than a short one, and all along the objective had been to destroy Germany. The English government wanted war with Germany and it wanted a long war.


English Nobel Prize Laureate Rudyard Kipling, standing at the pinnacle of his literary career, and friends with the high and mighty, including Lord Milner, declared in a speech in 1915: “There is no crime, no cruelty, no abomination that the mind of man can conceive of which the German has not perpetrated, is not perpetrating and will not perpetrate if he is allowed to go on... Today, there are only two divisions in the world... human beings and Germans.” If the literary star of the Anglosphere publicly stated that Germans were not human beings, what could be expected from others? A 1917 recruiting poster for the US Army seemed to depict precisely what Kipling had said. A giant ape, bulging eyes, handlebar mustache like Kaiser Wilhelm, mouth wide open and saliva dripping from it, wearing a German peaked helmet reading “Militarism,” carrying a blood-stained club in its right paw, with the word “Kultur” on it, had just stepped ashore in America. In its left arm the creature held a halfnaked blond girl, her head limp in resignation. The yellow letters on top of the poster read “DESTROY THIS MAD BRUTE!” and underneath “ENLIST.”

Sounds to me that war propaganda revolved around petty nationalist hatreds, not anything about “empires,” consistent with the real cause of the war - the battle for primacy in Europe.

In December 1916, Leon Trotsky, who had taken an active and prominent part in the 1905 Revolution as president of the Saint Petersburg Soviet and had since been living in exile, traveled to New York, where he was greeted by Schiff’s associate, Paul Warburg, governor of the Federal Reserve Bank. Traveling with his entire family, Trotsky took up residence in a good section of Brooklyn, had talks with Jacob Schiff and others, and was driven around town by Schiff’s personal driver. When Trotsky returned to Europe in March 1917, he was carrying ten thousand dollars in cash, equivalent to more than 200,000 dollars today, handed to him by Schiff.

The Jews are responsible for the tragedy of communism, at least in Europe.  Indeed, every Russian and Ukrainian heart – every Eastern European heart – should burn with an unquenchable hatred of everything Jewish.

Peace in Our Time

The Versailles Treaty also proposed to eliminate Germany as an economic competitor, by appropriating all of its industrial patents and copyrights, by taking away all its overseas business contacts and banking offices. That way, Germany was cut off from the overseas markets where it had been successfully exporting its manufactures until 1914. These economic terms particularly satisfied England, which had long been complaining about German competition.

Quite obviously, the war was about national competition, not “empires,” per seCounter-Currents lies about the war are thus continuously refuted by historical reality.

The French realized that their very survival as a nation depended on the subjugation of Germany. Therefore, French supreme commander Marshal Foch urged for permanent (French) occupation of the Rhineland.

Thus, national interests and conflicts, not “empires.”  How many times do ethnonationalist lies need to be refuted?  The fact is that the world wars were ethnonationalist wars and no degree of “spin” can change that. Johnson thus refuted.

The Great War might have ended in a stalemate and a more stable and just peace agreement if the US had not joined the war in 1917. However, those who had brought about the war did not want a stalemate and an evenhanded peace agreement this would have entailed. Their goal had been to bring Germany to its knees, to destroy it and to eliminate it as a political and economic factor. Despite all effort put into achieving this goal, it proved elusive.

US involvement = due to Jews, bankers, and Anglophiles.

The following though seems to me a bit of 20-20 hindsight paranoid ideation:

Actually, it seemed there was a deliberate plan to bring Germany to the point where it would be compelled to get itself into another war. In this respect, the Versailles Treaty truly was the continuation of the war with other means, its very purpose being the utter destruction of Germany, not only its state, but its economy, society and culture. In modern political parlance, the Versailles Treaty destabilized Germany, with the purpose of bringing about the creation of a reactionary state that would then attack the Soviet Union. The ensuing big war would cause destruction and death on a scale never witnessed before, but Europe and the “Heartland” so precious to Mackinder would not be closed off for England and America.

And how did those planners know in advance that the German “reactionary state” would not be a threat to them and that the whole thing would not horribly backfire?  This all seems to far-fetched.  Doesn’t it seem more likely – Occam’s razor – that the Versailles Treaty was just the result of ethnonationalist fervor and animus, petty nationalist short-sightedness and stupidity, greed, and diplomatic ineptness?  Not everything is a perfectly hatched decades-long grand conspiracy. More of this:

It has been suggested that Hitler was actually a British agent, after having received his training in London at the Tavistock Institute in 1912 and 1913. So far, it has not been possible to substantiate these assertions through archival research. The Americans also supported Hitler from the earliest days and, through one of their agents, were influential in shaping the Nazi movement. In 1922, Truman Smith, US military attaché in Berlin, introduced Hitler to Ernst “Putzi” Hanfstaengl, rich Munich-born socialite, Harvard graduate and an old friend of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I don’t want to be close-minded, and anything is theoretically possible, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Again, not everything is a vast conspiracy. If Hitler was a “British agent,” then it failed spectacularly. Do I believe any of this?  No. 

US sociologist Thorstein Veblen, in his review of John Maynard Keynes’ seminal analysis of the economic implications of Versailles, detected the true scope and intent of Versailles: namely to convert Germany into a reactionary state with which to fight Communist Russia.

Is that why the Allies opposed, and protested, ultranationalist right-wing groups in Weimar Germany, and why they later allied with “Communist Russia” against Germany?

After all, the middle classes can only thrive in an environment that is more or less stable, and where clear, basic values remain unchallenged. Hard work, education, knowledge, persistence, deference to authority, restraint and “decency” are thus typically middle class virtues. After the war, however, the world did not “return to normalcy” as so many had expected. Worse, it actually looked as if the whole world was turning upside down.

That – particularly the first sentence – is an insightful comment.  If you really want to see a real “conspiracy” in action, consider how all of the social upheaval in, say, America over the last 60 years, was seemingly designed to attack the foundations of middle class existence. And indeed, the decline of the middle class, particularly in an America of increasing income disparities, is striking, and tracks with the social and cultural changes in large part promoted by Jewish-globalist elites, and backed by big business.

Americanization through Movies and Music

The movies promoted a lifestyle with independent women often as protagonists and therefore a new, looser kind of relationship between men and women. Manners and modes of behavior such as these were common in the US and set the tone in the industry, eagerly adopted by German movie makers. As a result, social changes set in motion by the Great War were accelerated and deepened by movies. In other words, Europe was becoming “Americanized.”

Given the realities over who controls the American motion picture industry, then and now, perhaps “Judaized” would be more appropriate than “Americanized.”

More conspiracy theorizing:

Since the fall of 1917, Mussolini was on the payroll of the English spy agency MI5, pocketing a hundred-pound weekly salary. The equivalent in today’s money would be about 35,000 euros. In return for the money, his handler Samuel Hoare wanted him to keep Italy in the war…

Was anyone in history not a British agent? Napoleon?  Julius Caesar?  Alexander the Great? Otzi the Iceman? True enough, there is some evidence that during WWI there was an association between British Intelligence and Mussolini’s pro-war propaganda. The problem with the book as a whole is that the author’s penchant for ascribing everything from bad weather to the price of milk to a grand conspiracy tends to undermine those cases where facts may actually support his narrative – the “boy who cried wolf” syndrome.

Under Mussolini’s leadership the Italian state, its armed forces, administration, domestic politics, but in a wider sense its social and cultural life were drastically reformed and reorganized.

Actually, they weren’t and that was the problem.

Fascist policies did produce results, and Italy recovered from war and crisis, earning praise from the Anglo-Saxon world.

That’s the most important thing, no doubt.

Still, in those countries that had already been states before the French Revolution in the late 18th century and where there were both a well entrenched elite and a rather solid middle class, Fascism in whatever variety encountered too many obstacles…Hence the very legitimacy of the state stood in the way of political extremism. Thus, in Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden, local Fascist movements failed to gain momentum. Although ranked as Western democracies, and boasting well-functioning and relatively strong state institutions, France and Belgium constitute something of a special case because Fascism did gain quite a few adherents: in Belgium because Fascism appealed to many conservative Roman Catholics who were afraid of socialism; in France because Fascism tapped into a traditionally strong and deeply-rooted conservative nationalism.

OK, I'm not going to argue anything there.

1923, Hitler and the Nazis had attempted to establish an independent power base in Bavaria, by carrying out a coup d’état in Munich, the so called Beer Hall Putsch. Since this was clearly a premature and, above all, an ill-advised move, one should wonder about its true purpose. 

A conspiracy!  British agents!  Freemasons!

Curiously enough, there always have been persistent rumors about Hitler himself being of Jewish descent. Some even maintain that he was the grandson of a rich Jewish banker, allegedly a Rothschild. Moreover, some key figures in his entourage also seem to have had a Jewish connection. Robert Ley, the later Labor Minister, was said to have changed his name from Levy. Alfred Rosenberg, the party ideologist and Hans Frank might pass for Jewish. Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s trusted companion and Propaganda Minister, was also rumored to have Jewish roots.

This book mirrors the modern “movement” where everyone calls everyone else either a “Fed” (or “British agent,” I suppose) or a “Jew.”  Oy vey!

Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s trusted companion and Propaganda Minister, was also rumored to have Jewish roots. Indeed, there was no denying that Goebbels looked rather more like the typical Jew as depicted in racist cartoons than the tall, blond, athletic Aryan so dear to Nazi propaganda.

Joey was insufficiently “Nordish,” hence a Jew. QED.

As for their plans to institutionalize racist and discriminatory policies, these were already being fully practiced in most European colonies in Africa and Asia, as well as in the US, though generally not against Jews. Only in the US were there separate beaches for Jews — and, of course, for blacks.

Segregated beaches = Auschwitz, after all.

There are also indications that the Soviet Union, through the Communist International, gave important financial support to Hitler.

If true, that all worked out well, eh?

…apart from all the pomp and pageantry, Fascism is essentially a government so subservient to big business as to be virtually its passive tool.

What utter crap.  Neo-Marxist drivel.  Fascism = Big Business!  The Fortune 500 companies are funding Amren and Counter-Currents, for sure!

Once in power, Hitler wasted no time in consolidating it. On 27 February, the Reichstag building was destroyed by a fire and the following day, a state of emergency was declared. The exact circumstances of the fire remain obscure to this day, but it certainly was not the work of Communist agitators, as the Nazis would have it. There are strong indications and a considerable body of circumstantial evidence that the fire was started by the Nazis themselves.

More conspiracy theorizing. At best (for this author) the evidence is uncertain; at worst, evidence exists that the Nazis did NOT start it.

Understandably, the Nuremberg Laws found a mixed reception among the Jews: the more integrated and enlightened ones had only contempt, but not surprisingly, a good many conservative rabbis were rather pleased.

Oy vey!

…it was England that had invited a German delegation to London for negotiating the naval agreement. Britain being the world’s foremost naval power, and given that according to naval experts, the Kriegsmarine would only be able to achieve its allowed strength by 1942, why should it give Germany the green light for naval expansion? The only plausible answer would be that the rulers of England had decided to bring about a new war with the ultimate purpose of utterly destroying Germany.

More paranoid ideation from this author.  I don’t know - if true, Britain came close to destroying themselves, so maybe they’d rethink such strategies in the future, eh?

In fact, in terms of actual government, there were apparently no real differences between the US, England, Western European authoritarian, regimes and Russia. Everywhere, real decisions were made by a restricted, group of individuals with little or no formal authority. The only difference was that in some countries these decisions were skillfully hidden behind a democratic facade.

There's some truth to that.

Even more disturbing is that FDR seemed to derive a childish and almost sadistic joy from secretly scheming to destroy Germany.

Along with implications by the author that FDR was secretly murdering critics and rivals.

…no sooner had he become Chancellor, than Hitler began preparing for an all-out war against France, England and the Soviet Union.

The same Hitler who was a “British agent?”

A New War in the Making

…be tempted to suspect the British actually wanted Hitler to shake up European politics and start a war.

That’s one way of looking at appeasement, I suppose.

Oddly enough, as if they actually wanted to get a war started, the British and French governments, on March 31, announced they would guarantee Polish independence.

Thus, when the British appeased Hitler, it is because they wanted war, and when they opposed Hitler, that was also because they wanted war.  Not a very falsifiable hypothesis, it is?

How extraordinary indeed for responsible politicians to issue guarantees they cannot possibly keep!

Similar to American promises to safeguard Ukrainian sovereignty in exchange for that nation giving up nuclear weapons. [Note: Later we'll see that according to this author "nuclear weapons" - complete with scare quotes - don't really exist and the atom bombings of Japan were "napalm and mustard gas."  I kid you not.]

A New War

Moreover, by moving the main Pacific naval base from San Diego in Southern California to Pearl Harbor thousands of miles to the West and nearer to Japan, Roosevelt had, so to speak, created an attractive target for the Japanese. If this was not a set-up, one might ask, then what was? In other words, the Japanese were expected to attack Pearl Harbor.

I don't know - maybe having a naval base closer to the expected area of war makes, I don't know, strategic sense?

Under Nazism, Jews were officially regarded as enemies, while Bolshevism had a disproportionate number of Jewish leaders and bureaucrats at the middle and higher levels. Other than that, there were no real, fundamental differences between the two versions of socialism.

Sure!  Apart from completely different views on race, nature vs. nurture, relationship to Western High Culture, and myriad other aspects – no difference at all!

…the Moroccan units of the French Army behaved in the most barbaric manner, terrorizing the Italian country folk, killing them at random and raping every woman they encountered. The memories of these crimes live on under the name of marrocchinate (“Moroccan outrages”).

Colored is as colored does.

…the Italian Socialist Republic (RSI), founded in September 1943, was the Fascist successor state to the Kingdom of Italy. Mussolini became the head of this state after his liberation from the mountaintop confinement by German special forces. The RSI attracted the cream of the Italian armed forces (500,000 men) and proved to be as tenacious an opponent as the Wehrmacht, both on the ground and in the air.

Hey!  I thought that the Italian military was inept in every circumstance? Have the Anglo-Fetishists been lying to us?

If only on the basis of the numerous German peace proposals, it can be safely stated that Germany did not really want war…

It would have been helpful then if they didn’t invade Poland.

The conclusion can only be that the millions of people killed on the battlefield, on the high seas, in air raids and in concentration camps, could have been prevented, had the Anglo- Americans wished so.

The Holy Huns being, of course, blameless in all respects.

Stalin himself, as well as top generals in the Red Army, could never believe Hitler had killed himself. Indeed, why would a man commit suicide who was absolutely neurotic and punctilious about his personal health and safety?

I suppose Hitler’s “personal health and safety” would have been maximized in Soviet captivity?  Or in hiding for the rest of his life, running from relentless pursuers? 

At any rate, in May 1945 Hitler exited from history and whether he died or continued to live in exile does not really matter that much. The important thing is that he left the stage and disappeared somewhere behind the curtains.


Hitler’s confidant Martin Bormann, manager of the Nazi party finances, is also said to have escaped to Argentina, where until the 1980s he would have been living on an estancia (ranch) near Buenos Aires.

A complete fabrication.

In April 1945, Mussolini was caught trying to escape to neutral Switzerland and summarily shot by his captors, Communist guerrillas. His death was quite welcome, especially to the English. After all, he had once been an English intelligence asset and until 1939 a rather good friend of the London government.

Yes, Il Duce and the British were such good friends that he was driven into the arms of Hitler, against all of Mussolini’s inclinations.  Yes, indeed, Benito and Anthony Eden were the best of friends I hear.

On special order by Allied Supreme Commander, US General David “Ike” Eisenhower, German soldiers were treated in the most barbaric fashion.

Essentially refuted by the work of Mark Felton, and others.

In the meantime, since 1942 the US government had been allocating lavish funding for the “Manhattan Project,” a top secret program employing European refugee scientists to develop a “nuclear bomb.”

Any reason for the scare quotes around “nuclear bomb?” And many of these “European refugee scientists” were hardly racially European.  Oy vey!

Some have suggested that German scientists had in fact already managed to prepare at least one nuclear device, but that there was no use for it with defeat imminent.

Not true.  Amusingly, he then claims that the US didn't have any such weapons.

At any rate, suddenly, as if by miracle, there seemed to be enough weapons-grade nuclear material for three bombs. The first was a trial device, and was detonated on July 16, in the desert of New Mexico. However, judging by, the physical evidence, this could not have been a “nuclear bomb.”

Excuse me, you ignorant lunatic, the Trinity test and the Fat Man bomb were plutonium implosion devices and the Little Boy bomb was a uranium gun device, thus using different “weapons-grade nuclear material.” There was no "sudden miracle" as the US was spending years purifying U-235 and producing plutonium (most of the effort in the so-called Manhattan Project was focused on producing enough fissionable material for several bombs).

What “physical evidence” tells your deluded “mind” that the Trinity test was not a “nuclear bomb?” What? Did the US explode 20,000 tons of TNT in the desert, and then seeded radioactive fused sand there?  

Maybe this author should stop reading The Jesus Factor.

Upon closer examination of the facts and circumstances, and the technical and medical reports, it is impossible to sustain that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hit by nuclear devices. They were practically annihilated by a combination of napalm and mustard gas. Others have suggested these cities were destroyed by thermobaric bombs.

Err…The Jesus Factor was fiction, you unmitigated paranoid retard. There is ZERO credible evidence, absolute ZERO, that the atom bomb attacks against Japan were anything other than what they are said to be. What a loon. The “reference” used for that paranoid ideation is this nonsense here.  Did that idiot read The Jesus Factor too?

Please see this for a breath of sanity.

You see, on the one hand, the Germans had an atom bomb but did not use it (even for a last ditch defense in front of Berlin), but the US atom bombs were a hoax – with two Japanese cities being flattened by “napalm” (really?) or “thermobaric bombs” (that at that time only existed as small scale, crude German weapons totally incapable of mass destruction), with radiation burns (and subsequent cancer) mimicked by “mustard gas” (blanketing two entire cities?). The mushroom clouds were, I suppose, filmed in motion picture studies, just like the moon landing. QED.

Lunatic alert!

The author's "evidence" here, compared to all of that to the contrary, is ludicrous. You know, you can find just about anything online. Vaccinations don’t’ work and are “toxic jabs.” The Earth is flat. The moon landing was a hoax. Oh, and the moon itself really doesn’t exist.

Do we really need to waste time with such nonsense?  

The point is that just because someone wrote something, even if it is superficially plausible, that does not mean it is true; it needs to be proofed by analysis and debate by experts, with credible evidence.

Besides, the IMT trials were a travesty of justice, because it is unlawful under any system to prosecute individuals for acts committed under a certain law before it has been introduced.

OK. Agreed.

Part of a New Empire

During the last stages of the war, the US government laid the groundwork for a new world order, one in which US preeminence in all fields of endeavor was firmly, unquestionably and universally recognized. The US had now truly become an empire and, as empires do, it began to maintain its power by using a combination of tactics and methods. Structurally, the most important was financial domination through the control of credit and the issuing of currency.

The Federal Reserve!  Fractional Banking!  The moon is a hologram!

…the role of the US military was that of an enforcer and a threat. Since 1945, the US has intervened militarily in dozens of countries, mostly on a rather limited scale, but sometimes with full force. As one US policy adviser once put it: “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.” In this new imperial framework, US occupied Europe had become the key. Having subjugated and occupied much of continental Europe, the US was now on top of the world.

And infested with Jews, it had nowhere to go but down.

When Egyptian President Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal in the summer of 1956, the English government refused to sit idly by. Although India was no longer its colony, the loss of control of the canal prompted the government, headed by Anthony Eden, to retake it by force, in cooperation with the French.

Does Vogel know that Egypt and India are different countries? Or is it that Vogel believes that control of India (if that was the case at that time) required control of the canal?  If so - and that is questionable - that should have been stated as such.

The fact that like Hitler, Soviet leader Stalin was also wearing a mustache and therefore, in the eyes of a gullible US public, capable of starting a war, may have played a role in attributing expansionist designs to the Soviet leadership.

It was the moustache!  If you wear a moustache, therefore the American public believes you are a bloodthirsty dictator, unlike the reality of Stalin, who was one of the most peaceful, humanitarian, and thoroughly liberal leaders in human history! If only he didn’t wear a moustache!  That was Saddam Hussein's error as well! The moustache! The dastardly facial hair conspiracy! Is this book supposed to be a parody?  At this point, I'm really not sure.

Even more so, the Marshall Plan was a vital element in tying European economies to the US and thus more firmly establish US influence. Meanwhile, US spy agencies were keeping potential troublemakers and enemies (including dissidents) under close scrutiny. The CIA, created in 1947 as a successor to the wartime OSS, understood that mere control would not be sufficient. It was even more necessary to direct public opinion…With the covert US support for European Social Democratic parties (Labour in England, SPD in Germany, PvdA in the Netherlands, BSP/PSB in Belgium, PSI in Italy, PSF in France), these virtually became the “American” parties, representing US interests.

This is more or less general knowledge and not in any way remarkable.  Regrettable, yes, but it was the inevitable outcome of yet another fratricidal European war brought to us by ethnonationalist filth.

…the literary magazine Encounter, founded in 1953 by English poet Stephen Spender and US journalist Irving Kristol. Until its termination in 1991, when Communism was collapsing, Encounter was very influential as a vehicle for US European intellectual interchange and crucial as an instrument for aligning European intellectuals behind US policies.

Behind Jewish policies may be more accurate.

However, the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear plant in 1986 proved the undoing of the Soviet Union. It is still unclear whether the accident was the handiwork of a Western spy agency, but the possibility cannot be discarded.

Dear God, can you believe this asinine stupidity? Reality: The Soviet Union would have collapsed, and equally fast, with or without Chernobyl. The system was collapsing under its own weight, they couldn’t keep up with Reagan’s military build-up, glasnost triggered "Suvorov’s law" of revolutions, and it was the Afghan war, more than anything else, that was the final nail in the Soviet coffin. And the idea that a “Western spy agency” cause the accident is insane.  

Note how mendaciously the author puts it – the possibly is “unclear” but “cannot be discarded.”  Two can play that game. It is “unclear” whether Vogel is actually an alien lizard mole sent to undermine human society, but the idea “cannot be discarded.”  It is up to you to disprove it, not up to me to prove the assertion!  

What a pathetic buffoon this author is.

With European armed forces becoming more and more Americanized, English became the lingua franca of most European armies. Under US pressure, the tale of the hungry and dangerous Russian bear was told over and over again, faithfully repeated by their local helpers, such as the Social Democrats, US-trained Air Force personnel and academics who had spent some time at a US university. Eventually it became an axiom that the Soviet Union was always preparing for the invasion and occupation of Western Europe, and permanently ready to carry out this project. The Soviet threat provided an inexhaustible topic for Western media. The danger of a Soviet attack on the West was raised to ridiculous levels.

So, in the absence of the American/NATO counter-balance, the Soviets would not have moved west?  Is that credible?  

Only recently has it finally come to light that during all those Cold War years, the Soviets never planned or even considered such an attack.

If so, that’s because of the American presence and the threat of nuclear war – you know, all of those napalm and mustard gas bombs.

One purpose of this all was to discredit Communism and the far Left in the eyes of a gullible public.

Marxist terrorists in Europe were all part of an American plot to discredit peace-loving communists!

…it is clear that the European Union is a political and economic structure within the wider framework of NATO. In this way, even a non-NATO member state with EU membership, such as Austria, for all practical purposes joined NATO. Thus, by the end of the 20th century, all of Western Europe had been brought under US military, political and economic control, which was applied ever more brazenly and ever more tightly. By the beginning of the 20th century, the EU had become a veritable bureaucratic monster...

The Europeans did it to themselves.  Stop blaming others for your own failures.

During the 1960s, only one European political leader tried to resist growing American influence. Charles de Gaulle, who from 1959 to 1969 was president of France, clearly saw what lay ahead for his country and the rest of Europe if the US was allowed to go about its business unopposed. Under de Gaulle’s leadership, France developed an independent nuclear deterrence, left NATO’s integrated command structure (1966) and had an independent foreign policy.

And he began the process of letting non-Whites into France, effectively destroying that nation and its people – but, hey, he sure put it to those cowboy redneck Americans, huh?

There is no denying that a significant and massive cultural exchange between the US and Europe has been underway since 1945. US food, fashions, movies, music, educational methods, as well as practices in law, medicine, agriculture, business and accounting have been introduced in Europe, transforming European ways of eating, drinking, thinking and doing things.

The cowboy rednecks are tainting Europe with their hamburgers!

All that the US exported to Europe, essentially items and practices of low or indifferent quality, only served to bring back to the US whatever Europe had that was superior and high quality.

OK, stop using everything invented in America.  Good luck with that.

Europeans often found American manners charming at first, but also offensive and definitively alien. 

White Americans are offensive and alien, while Afro-Asiatic migrants are always welcome!

On the whole, Americans tended to be more overtly materialist, with scarce respect for local traditions and sensibilities. At the same time, Americans often seemed more congenial, jovial and openminded.

Cowboy rednecks!

Under US influence, Europeans have taken to drinking carbonated, sweetened soft drinks, ice cold instead of cool beer, and for breakfast, orange juice and diluted coffee (the “americano”).

The horror!

In every gas station along Europe’s highways, customers are encouraged to buy US-style candy bars. McDonald’s hamburger joints are now ubiquitous in Europe: there are at least six thousand of them. The results are visible everywhere. Due to having adopted American eating habits, many Europeans have now also become too fat, like one third of the American population. While watching movies in a theater, they have adopted the habit of nibbling on popcorn.

Hamburgers and popcorn!  Meanwhile, this ignorant moron is decades behind the time, as at least 70% of Americans are overweight or obese.

US dominance of the entertainment industry is nowhere more evident than in pop music. All over Europe, the US-made and inspired music that is played all day long in shopping malls, cafés and bars, has been replacing vernacular forms and styles since the day the Second World War ended. Music, TV and movies are the principal channels for the advance of US English over native European languages. With such a pervasive, omnipresent support, US influence has also attained the professional realm. European business has become Americanized, for instance by the introduction of US accounting methods.

First, worry about the Islamization of Europe, then after, worry about hamburgers, popcorn, soda, and pop music.

The adoption of US accounting and management styles has made for business practices chiefly taking into consideration short-term interests and the maximization of profits over social and environmental concerns. The results are evident in the effects on society and the environment of big pharmaceutical corporations and the giants that produce agrochemical agents.

Getting your drugs from China and India is OK though.

Like European business, European educational systems have succumbed to US influence.

Good thing that the US hasn’t been influenced from Europe – the Frankfurt School was merely a hologram!  Critical theory is really napalm and mustard gas!

Among the young, those that most strongly opposed Europe’s military occupation by the US were likely to be found among members of the Communist parties, notably in the two strongest of these, in France and Italy. Militant opposition to the US presence in Europe may partly explain the rise of urban guerrilla groups. Why these would only appear in Germany and Italy, where US military presence was strongest and most visible, seems obvious.

Hey!  I thought that those “urban guerilla groups” were merely an American false flag to discredit nice communists?

By putting up a poster of Che Guevara in their bedrooms, thousands of young Europeans showed that deep down, they would welcome the liberation of their own country and continent from US occupation.

Islamic occupation is OK though.

Among the first signs that something had gone wrong was the discovery of mad cow disease in 1986, caused by feeding cows “meat and bone meal” made out of other cows. Apparently the European agricultural authorities had allowed farmers to give their cattle a cannibal diet. This was only one of many perverse practices in industry, agriculture and the service industries that made human health and safety subordinate to economic considerations. This ruthless utilitarianism is the result of the importation of American values and practices.

Blame America for Europe’s errors.

It has made Americans gullible to an incredible degree. The permanence of US power and influence in Europe has helped spread American conformity and gullibility among Europeans.

After all, we admire the free-thinking open-mindedness of the Inquisition, the French Revolution, Nazi Germany, and Soviet Russia.

Americans are the only people in the world that deliberately deny the past, for whom the past does not exist. History is irrelevant to them because they are convinced that the world began anew with the discovery and settlement of the New World.

An ignorant and cartoonish view of Americans.

Americans are therefore also ignorant of the world outside the US, and are afraid of it. It leads them to make detailed sets of regulations for each and every situation. The US is a rule-based society, which is quintessentially different from European “trustbased” societies…

High Trusters!  But I thought it was the EU that had too many rules?

After Vladimir Putin became president, the old bogeyman of the Cold War days, the USSR, was dusted off and repackaged as the new enemy, now just called Russia.

Predominantly by Jewish neoconservatives, but the Jewish angle can’t be mentioned by this heroic truth teller, eh?

That is why so much money and effort is being invested in conveying the idea that, somehow, Russia is not a part of Europe.

No Europeans or Russians have ever believed that before being brainwashed by Americans, right?

By creating chaos all over the world, bombing nations back into the stone age or blackmailing and sanctioning them into submission, the US forces local citizens to send their money to banks in the US. Europe is also a victim of this American strategy.

No, ultimately Europe is the victim of its own stupidity, fecklessness, and fratricidal wars.

…the dubious Corona “pandemic”…

We knew that was coming, right?  America’s fault!  The Holy Orientals of China of course have nothing to do with that whatsoever.

Thus, there is much in the book about how the USA “Americanized” Europe, particularly after WWII, to pernicious effect.  The problem is that if Europe is so “Americanized,” then why do so many Europeans seem to know, or understand, so little about contemporary America? Europeans – at least rightists - tend to think of 2021 America as a “mash-up” of Gangs of New York and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

This book may be useful for the entertainment value, for some cheap laughs, but I’m not sure what else it is good for.  A paperweight, perhaps? This has to rank among the dumbest, worst, and most moronic books I’ve ever read. The author makes all sorts of outrageously wrong, disproven, and laughable assertions, sometimes confidently asserting “physical evidence” for which of course no credible references are given – he just cherry picks from the flotsam and jetsam of cranks and crackpots. This is just imbecilic paranoid ideation and fantasy conspiracy theorizing masquerading as historical analysis.

What’s with it with conspiracy theorists, most of whom are White?  Is it because Whites are not allowed to have a positive racial identity, and Western Europeans are also not allowed to have positive national identities, and religion has fallen, so they need to search out novel ingroups to belong to, focused around “secret esoteric knowledge?”  Do weak-minded people need to substitute real problems – that they are unable or unwilling to confront – with made-up fantasies? Pathetic.

Deutsch once wrote about Dawkins (the ethnicity and/or politics of these individuals are not relevant to my point here) that Dawkins has had to waste so much of his time debating creationists about the reality of evolution that he hasn’t’ had the time to develop novel ideas on other subjects.

The same principle holds here. The more time we waste debating that Hitler was not a British agent mole trained to destroy Germany, that atom bombs were really dropped on Japan, that three atom bombs were available because two of them were plutonium bombs not because of German U-boat U-235 shipments, that vaccines work, that the Earth is not flat, that the moon exists and is not a hologram, that men landed on the moon, that smoking increases the risk of cancer, that EGI is real and important, that people had the right to distrust Stalin independent of his moustache – the more time we waste with that, the less time we will have to get real activist work done.

This is not being “closeminded” – it is making efficient use of limited time and resources by ignoring ludicrous crackpots who cherry pick every anomalous event or data point to construct bizarre conspiracy theories. If we don’t draw the line somewhere, then all the System/Left has to do is distract us with endless crackpottery and let the clock run out. Perhaps this is what all of the nonsense is actually about?

This book is definitely in the running as among the worst I have ever read.  It’s a pathetic joke.