Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Rockwell Redux

Ideological incoherence led to tragedy.

I’ve written about the Rockwell-Patler scenario before, but let us consider it again.

In one of his books, Rockwell wrote, on the one hand, that his “movement” was pan-European/pan-Aryan/pan-White, but, on the other hand, that the Nordic is the racial ideal we should all strive for.  Hopefully, the inconsistency there is plain for all to see.  While the Nordic may be the appropriate ideal, the appropriate archetype, for Northern Europeans, at least for Northwest Europeans, it is not so for any other European types. Rockwell’s incoherence here essentially created a two-tier (at least) caste system in his “movement,” with Nordics as the superstars, and other Whites as the scrubs, the second-stringers, and the bench warmers.  

Rockwell’s attempt to merge pan-Europeanism with Nordicism, trying to push a square peg into a round hole (or a round peg into a square hole, whichever image you refer), was a failure, and he paid the price with that with the Greek Patler, who assassinated Rockwell.  For years, Patler (an unstable individual who should never have been accepted for that reason – but Rockwell seemed to prefer such types) served Rockwell (albeit with an interregnum when he tried to form another group). But then Pierce joined Rockwell's group, leveraging Rockwell’s incoherence on this matter to promote an exclusive pan-Germanic Nordicism, squeezing out Patler, and trying to take over roles in the group that had been Patler’s. Rockwell dealt with that as incompetently as he did his group’s ideology, with the tragic outcome that we know.

Ironically enough, Pierce used the same strategy, but in his case it was more cynical. While Rockwell I think genuinely believed that he could square the circle and be a pan-European Nordicist, Pierce in my opinion was always primarily a Nordicist who merely transparently pretended to be pan-European. That’s one reason I believe that Pierce never had his own Patler; I think that deep down even swarthoid NA members knew from the beginning that they were second (or third) class. They never become so disillusioned that they felt betrayed. Pierce also had higher standards than Rockwell as per membership (that is not saying much) and I suppose that hiding out on the WV mountaintop helped to safeguard Pierce from the more extreme nutcases  One wonders if fear of Rockwell’s fate was one motivation for Pierce to move to the mountain woods of WV.

Now, when I met Pierce I was not searched for weapons or anything like that – although I would not have minded if I was and in fact would have taken the whole operation more seriously if they had more security and had treated Pierce as someone so important and “dangerous” to the System that he required such protection. Of course, any guest that harmed The Great Man would likely never have left the compound alive. On the other hand, from my judgment, a professional assassin or soldier, or group of such professionals, could have easily killed Pierce and gotten away with it; it is obvious that no one considered him a sufficient threat to actualize such a plot.

But I digress. The main point is this: Any leader who tells you that you need to be a second-class (or worse) low caste member is not anyone worth following, they are not anyone worth being your leader. Conversely, anyone willing to be such a low caste member is not worth having in your group to begin with; they are not worth being your follower.  

It is true that the Right is inherently hierarchical and non-egalitarian. But with respect to inherent racial characteristics, that non-egalitarian nature should be between groups, not within your own group. The only hierarchy within a group should be based on individual merit and ability.  If you believe someone is “racially inferior” based on their inherent ancestry, then they should not be in your group to begin with. Once they are in your group, you should accept them as a racial equal, but hierarchy exists based on the characteristics, abilities, and actions of the individual. Group-level hierarchy needs to be between, not within, groups; within groups, individual-level hierarchies are those that can and should naturally exist.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Factual Truth vs. Practical Truth

Live not by lies – Aleksander Solzhenitsyn.

In the last section (“ethics”) of On Genetic Interests, Salter discusses the distinction made by David Sloan Wilson (in reference to religion, but the concept is generally applicable to varied memes, paradigms, and beliefs) of factual truth vs. practical truth. Factual truth is what is in accordance (to the best of our ability to determine) with objective reality, it represents the results of empirical materialist inquiry. Practical truth is what people may believe, often regardless of facts and of objective reality, which may be adaptive to believe even if false. Thus, the relevant quotes from Wilson, in more detail than what was quoted by Salter, can be found reproduced here:

Rational thought is treated as the gold standard against which religious belief is found so wanting that it becomes well-nigh inexplicable. Evolution causes us to think about the subject in a completely different way. Adaptation becomes the gold standard against which rational thought must be measured alongside other modes of thought. In a single stroke, rational thought becomes necessary but not sufficient to explain the length and breadth of human mentality, and the so-called irrational features of religion can be studied respectfully as potential adaptations in their own right rather than as idiot relatives of rational thought…If there is a trade-off between the two forms of realism, such that our beliefs can become more adaptive only by becoming factually less true, then factual realism will be the loser every time...Factual realists detached from practical reality were not among our ancestors. It is the person who elevates factual truth above practical truth who must be accused of mental weakness from an evolutionary perspective.

At first glance, Wilson seems correct. This, of course, as stated above, doesn’t only apply to religion. Yockey’s Imperium is inspiring to many, including myself, and promotes some Whites to act in an adaptive fashion in defense of their Race-Culture, despite the reality that much of the book can be considered “”irrational” practical truth rather than empirical factual truth.  See more here.

Myths about the history of a people, nation, race, etc. may fall into this category, beliefs in the goodness and superiority of your people, even if not based on reality, may fall into this category – indeed, many memes, paradigms, and beliefs could in theory be adaptive even if false and nonsensical.

But if you look at this issue more closely, if you consider net effects, costs vs. benefits, the situation in modern society, and the pitfalls of basing adaptive fitness on irrational beliefs and falsehoods, one begins to see flaws in Wilson’s argument. The initial superficial acceptance of Wilson’s assertion falls into question once one more fully considers its implications.

Consider the following:

  • Assume that the adaptive fitness of your people is dependent on practical truth X.
  • Practical truth X is false; it is contrary to factual truth.
  • Enemies of your people’s adaptive fitness expose this falseness to your people, destroying their faith in X.
  • Therefore, with X delegitimized, adaptive fitness suffers and your people are endangered.

Nietzsche’s “God is dead” essentially dealt with the collapse of hardcore Christian religious faith in the West under the concentrating light of science and free intellectual inquiry. The resulting nihilism has in part led to a crisis of confidence in the West, depressed birthrates, and promoting surrender in the face of militant Islam. Some say we need a revival of the Christian faith to battle this, but that is like trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube.  And there are other problems with Wilson's approach, particularly with respect to religion, as the next section of my essay will illustrate.

Alternatively, an enemy of your adaptive fitness and that of your people may twist practical truth X into a meme that is now openly destructive of that adaptive fitness, a distortion of X made easier by the reality that X is false and has no objective grounding in factual truth. Another possibility is that X was originally based on something truly maladaptive, but was modified by your people to become adaptive, but now is leveraged by enemies of your people's adaptive fitness to be maladaptive once again. Think of how (Christian) religion can be used to promote mass immigration and other maladaptive choices to White populations, even if religion has been in the past adaptive at a national level, and may still influence fitness on the individual and familial levels.

Yet another scenario could be as follows. Imagine that rejection of science leads to short term enhanced fitness; a people that rejects science, and embraces the most irrational religious beliefs, reproduces better than others (there are data supporting higher fecundity for the religious and/or for those less educated and/or for those with lower IQs). Very well. That may work in the short term. But what if the population is faced with some sort of existential catastrophe that could have been prevented, or could be effectively dealt with, by science, and the rejection of science results in the population’s diminishment or possibly even their extinction? What if they are conquered and enslaved, possibly exterminated, by a competing people who accept science and are skilled at technics? 

It would seem therefore best to have practical truth that significantly overlaps with factual truth; it is best for your practical truth to have a firm grounding in objective reality, or at least to be at least minimally defensible based on some degree of concordance with facts. 

Let us again consider Imperium and other work from Yockey. Actually, much of the most “irrational” and nonsensical aspects of that work have minimal effect on the work’s main message; further, the most key aspects of the work could be viewed as defensible in light of objective reality and/or are issues that are independent of truth vs. falsehood and are a matter of choice and will. Thus, I do not believe that support for Yockey’s work necessarily invalidates the points made in this essay. The importance of factual truth remains even with Yockey's work.

Attempting to build an infrastructure of adaptive practical truth on the weak foundation of irrational, objectively untrue, and/or unproven memes leads to an instability that puts adaptive fitness in potential future peril. The danger that discovery of the falsehood of the practical truth can be used to delegitimize the adaptive fitness, the genetic (and other) interests, based on that practical truth, will always exist. That does not seem to be an evolutionarily stable situation.

But what about arguments that a reliance on practical truth has indeed evolved, proving its evolutionary stability and effectiveness? 

We no longer live in the same environment that our ancestors evolved in. Practical truth independent of factual truth becomes more and more unstable in a world full of flexible strategizers, hostile to you adaptive fitness, who have access to the Internet, with facts available instantly and instant global communication to spread those facts and to invalidate your practical truth. Even before the Internet, there were other forms of mass communication and even before that, books, schools, and intellectuals, all of which were targeting the falsehoods possibly inherent in practical truth. 

A major objective of the Sallis Groupuscule is a the formation of a Far Right with a firm basis in objective reality, embracing science and technics, compatible with intellectual inquiry, and striving to get practical truth to converge on factual truth to the extent possible.  I object to rigid dogmas of the Far Right and, in general, the equally rigid identities we have of Right vs. Left (e.g., if you are of the Right, you have to be a “Flubro” hostile to public health measures against covid-19) and of the fixed identity of the "movement" (you have to believe in HBD “race realism” or Nordicism or whatever). I want to promote flexible thinking, evaluating ideas on their own merits, while at the same time still being adaptive.

Thus, the issue of factual truth vs. practical truth is of great importance to my political work in all of these endeavors.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Odds and Ends, 8/28/21

In der news.

High Trusters on the march. Hey, I've long predicted that a "movement" "leader" would be outed as an infiltrator; I thought it would be someone more prominent, but there's still time for that. Note that I am not committing the error I condemn in others of accusing specific people of being "Feds" - merely saying that there is a high probability that some people are - confirmed in this case.

See this.  Der Movement marches on.

The (mostly White) public obsession with zombies in popular culture really took off after the 1965 Immigration Act and has only accelerated with increasing diversity. All the anxiety about invasion and contamination, the shuffling mindless hordes disturbing a once quiet life, it's all there - the rising tide of color as the zombie plague. The White "Man's" response to demographic displacement - instead of opposing the invasion, just watch a horror movie as an analog of your impending doom.

van de Camp's (and other people's) nonsense about "White" Afghans likely has as its genesis an Anglo attitude of "all wogs seem the same to me." After all, if they have to consider "dusky" Italians and Greeks as White, why not Afghans and Hindu Brahmins?

Can you believe this?  This guy regularly makes superfluous, childish insults toward Italian-Americans (and many others), and then pretends not to know what “trolling” is or why people get annoyed by his writing. Either he is lying or is pathologically self-unaware.

And as regards his arguments against “anonymity” and his claims of having answered all defenses of anonymity, see this.  And if he is so offended by “anonymity” he shouldn’t do livestreams with Johnson until Greggy shows his face on camera. Further, is “Nicholas Jeelvy” and “Full Moon Ancestry” the real names of his fellow previous co-livestreamers? He doesn’t like people not being able to face their accuser? Talk to Greggy about banning people from his blog and refusing to debate them. Who is “Trevor Lynch” by the way? Any complaints about “Hood” and “Kirkpatrick?” What a hypocrite.

Actually, I am in the wrong here. I am wrong for wasting my time reading Counter-Currents. I shouldn't even comment on what that guy says, just let him alienate the bulk of Counter-Currents supporters and commentators, who are anonymous. Indeed, Goad's payments from Counter-Currents are being funded by the "D'Nations" from supporters who are mostly anonymous. So, it's all good!

Middle Class TwitAugust 26, 2021 at 4:45 am

Does the editor have anything to say on this subject?

I ask since one of the instructions to people wanting to sign up for the paywall is to give their “Desired username (this should not be your real name)”.


Nick JeelvyAugust 26, 2021 at 5:14 am

Presumably, you’re not using your counter-currents paywall privileges for trolling.

Sorry, Nick (your real name, no doubt), Goad's criticisms of anonymity, which have occurred before, are more broad-based, and not only about trolling. He previously attacked Jef Costello for using a pseudonym - not for trolling but merely for criticizing Goad's writing.

Thus, "Middle Class Twit" asks a legitimate question and Jeelvy is being dishonest.

I'll say one more thing on this subject for now. Some people who engage in online anonymity today actually DID engage in real-world, real name, face-to-face, open activism back in the day. Some people had skin in the game, literally. But then they grew up, matured, and realized that the "movement" is (and always has been) a pathetic joke, populated to a large extent by freaks, infiltrators, and grifters, with "leaders" who are absolutely useless for anything other than taking money from gullible people. Given that reality, taking a step back made good sense.

I'll say this - let all the Grand Poobahs of the "movement" - you know all the folks who get the big "executive compensation" money - build a real genuine movement, something worth sacrificing for, something with a real chance for victory, and some of those old analog activists will come out of "semi-retirement" and get openly involved again. Good luck with that.

It’s interesting that most of the people attacking anonymity are full-time activists/writers whose livelihoods depend on the generosity of anonymous supporters. Although their inane drivel is offensive in its hypocrisy, it is a good thing that people like Goad and Morgan alienate the same people whose donations pay their salaries. It would be fitting if all those supporters vote with their wallets and stop donating to Counter-Currents.  I doubt they have the self-respect to do so, but we can always hope. Then the critics can go out in the real world and actual do real work for a living.

Laugh at this.  But, hey, deciding who you want to sell or rent your home to is not your "personal choice" and not your "freedom" and if you violate Federal Civil Rights laws by exercising your freedom of association, don't be surprised if a good old boy wearing a cowboy hat comes to arrest you.

Some of us remember when Gaslighting Greg was taking a more responsible and fact-based anti-flubro position on Twitter and was debating the likes of Gariepy and Anglin on the issue. These days, Counter-Currents has become a haven for the most absurd conspiritard flubro nonsense.

Is it because Johnson has changed his mind? If so, he's an idiot, since there's no rational reason for some of the absolute nonsense that passes for content on this issue at his blog. I've never said he was stupid, and I find it hard to believe he actually really believes any of the utter irrational garbage there.

Is it because he just wants to have free speech at his blog, even when people disagree with his positions? That's laughable, given his propensity to censor people he disagrees with, to ban critics, and avoid debate with people more capable than Gariepy/Anglin by labeling those potential opponents as insane.

Or is it simply that a sane and empiricist position on covid and the vaccine was a "losing" position for him in Der Movement, and it is more lucrative to just cynically cater to the stupidity of Der Retards and reap the "D'Nations" benefits?

Laugh at this. “Medically raped.” That 100% confirms my previous comments that opposition to vaccination has a psychosexual component centered on the fact that a (phallic) needle is “penetrating” the patient. “The Jew doctor is trying to sodomize me with a covid jab!” Statin pills are, of course, OK. Given that the typical Retard of Der Right looks like John Candy, I suppose that is understandable. After all, you are not getting "medically raped" by a pill.

Friday, August 27, 2021

An Example of the Problem

One reason why no progress is made.

See this. Condescending crypto-Nordicist "Hood" spouts the usual “movement” nonsense. That is yet another example of why no progress is ever made - the same old story of empty bombastic statements and calls to “reach out to Whites” that we’ve been hearing for endless decades.

We have a twofold struggle. First, we must respectably, respectfully, and rationally win over those whites who don’t think demographic change matters. 

How exactly? By gibbering about Kali Yuga, moots, hobbit holes, and how we need more men like Bill Clinton? How? How can you “rationally win over” anyone when your “movement” spreads lies and irrational memes and when your “leaders” are freaks and grifters?

The racial revolution of 2020 continues; most whites are sick of hearing about race, but progressives won’t let up. All whites will be forced to take sides, whether they want to or not. When forced, most will take their own side.

Yeah, we’ve been hearing this same “worse is better” type nonsense for the past 50 years or more. How much more “forcing” do Whites require?  And how will they take “their own side” when taking that side means associating with the likes of "Hood" and Greg Johnson?

Second, we need to organize the base that already agrees with us. Millions of white Americans are already on our side. They lack practical goals, political representation, and ways to fight back. However, we can see the nucleus of what could be a successful resistance movement in the parents who are fighting Critical Race Theory, young activists confronting political correctness on campus, and most importantly, the white advocates who continue to enter this movement knowing full well the magnitude of the opposition. This gives me faith in final victory.

Sure, always the “faith in final victory.” I’ve been heating that overly optimistic victory mania since day one of my time as a racial activist – for more than a generation.

But, "Hood's" words condemn him and his fellow Quota Queens. If such a nucleus exists, why is Der Movement in such a bad place today?  Why does it go from failure to failure? Why can’t it recruit all of these people? If “millions of white Americans” are already on your side, and if the wonderful “truth” of American Renaissance and Counter-Currents is only one mouse click away, where are all these people? All they need to do is perform about 30 seconds of “googling” and they’ll find all of you heroes. 

Don’t let the census discourage you. 

You could have read that 50 years ago and you’ll be reading the same 50 years from now (assuming no censorship).

We have the people we need…

Again, you condemn yourself and your fellows, if only you had the self-awareness to realize it.

…but we must act in the most effective ways we can.

Decade after decade of comically inept failure and they haven’t figured out what is effective yet.

Support our activists…

Money, money, money…

…never apologize, speak the truth boldly. 

Speak the truth.  But if you write for Amren, don’t say anything truthful about Jews or Asians, or about how “HBD race realism” is utterly discredited pseudoscience.

Build community. 

Go out in the woods, eat twigs and branches, and do your “moot.”

Do what is necessary to be with likeminded people. 

See above.

The Great Replacement is real, but we are going to stop it, reverse it, and raise our country and civilization to its greatest heights.

Oh, shut up.  You guys can’t even hold a proper public rally but you are going to “raise our country and civilization to its greatest heights.” Let me guess – you just need more money, right?

Mr. Moot McHugh doesn’t tell us how he and his fellow Quota Queens are going to "raise our country and civilization to its greatest heights.” The problem is that the Quota Queens not only fail to provide the correct answers, they don’t even ask the right questions. Worse, they seem not to realize that they need to ask the appropriate questions to begin with. They lack the self-awareness to realize that they have failed for decades and have no plan to reverse that failure. Or maybe they do know but simply don’t care – it’s all about the “D’Nations” instead.

Well, well, well... Seems like Kevin is a bit pessimistic these days and is not buying into the Greg Johnson/"Hood" "we will win just send us more money" mantra. If MacDonald really believes his HBD-Nordicism, then all he writes about in that post is predominantly derived from all of his high trust individualist altruistic northern hunter gatherers. It would seem therefore that salvation may come from all those selfish, dastardly, low-trust, ethnocentric, collectivist wops and hunkies. But, alas, breaking up the Quota Queen affirmative action monopoly is a bridge too far for some folks.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Mortal Republic

Lessons to be learned?

See this.

Of course, there are those on the Left who want to make analogies between the collapse of the Roman Republic and the rise of Trump’s right-wing populism and the “irrationality” and “violence” of Trump’s supporters “undermining the American Republic.” 

This seems to be a perfect case of "blaming the victim" (a favorite leftist phrase). Instead of focusing on how, for example, Tiberius Gracchus undermined the Republic through radical populism and the threats of violence to achieve his goals, which led to his own death (a pattern mimicked by his brother Gaius), how about focusing on the conditions, such as extreme income equality and other flaws in the Republic, that led to the populism of the Gracchi to begin with? Likewise, those who whine about Trumpian populism and “the Jan. 6 insurrection” (sic) should focus on the reasons for these phenomena – the dispossession of White Americans, a System hostile to its majority population, income inequality and corruption (just like Rime), etc. When a population comes to feel, with justification, that corrupt, self-serving elites have become inimical to the interests of the majority, then reaction by that majority population becomes inevitable.

Thus, the real analogy is how a corrupt and out-of-touch elite itself undermines the Republic; that should be the focus, instead of blaming those who react trying to save themselves from the destructive society they find themselves in.

Then there are those on the Far Right and their mendacious comparisons between Rome and America (and the West in general). This book puts to the lie “movement”/Nordicist claims about how the Republic was virtuous in comparison to the corrupt Empire (with of course undertones that the virtuous Republic was Nordic and the later corrupt Empire was in fact corrupted by the foul swarthoid blood of slaves and migrants).  Putting aside “movement” lies about the racial makeup of Rome, corruption and scandal were common in the Republic, originated in the indigenous Roman stock (including the allegedly “Nordic” patricians), and was in fact responsible for the decline and fall of the Republic and the consequent formation of the Empire.  But, then again, Der Movement is always wrong, about just about everything, so why would we be surprised about this?

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Odds and Ends, 8/24/21

In der news.

"Woke" corporations have made the calculation - the large numbers of Whites who oppose "wokeness" won't actually DO anything about it - other than private grumbling and watching FOX News. Such Whites will not protest, divest, boycott - they will never inflict financial and public relations pain on the corporations. On the other hand, Coloreds and their SJW "White allies" will always make noise - they WILL protest, divest, boycott. Combined with that hard-nosed - and realistic - calculation the fact that the corporations hire radicals on staff means that what you can expect is more of the same. Until Whites on the Right make as much noise as everyone else, they will be completely ignored. And don't think that a "Republican victory" in 2022 and/or 2024 will change anything - it won't. Don't depend on others to do what you are unwilling to do yourself.

I stopped watching the 1966 film Beau Geste  after it showed the cowardly and dishonest Italian Legionaire almost literally licking the boots - actually spit polishing in a servile fashion while ratting out the movie's hero - of the villainous French officer (played by Greek Teddy Savalas). The hero of the movie was an Anglo-American character played by Guy Stockwell. The movie was produced by Jew Walter Seltzer.

Meanwhile, the usual suspects will continue to spread nonsense about Jewish and Italian Hollywood partners making WASPs/Nordics look bad. 

See this. Both Oberst and Shaw seem to be very sincere, down-to-earth, good guys, and based on their comments, likely right-of-center politically. I have a better opinion of both of them than cuckervative Arnold and I don't want to say anything bad about either man.

That said, if they believe they have "freedom" in America, let them try and sell their homes with the stipulation "For Whites only" and get back to all of us how that goes. Or try and sell their products "for Whites only." Or come out publicly against BLM. Or any other opinion that supports absolute freedom of association, independent of "civil rights laws." Or they can refuse jury duty - after all, muh freedom!

In a relative sense, America might be slightly freer de jure than other nations, but in an absolute sense, and compared to the America of the past, we are not "free" at all. And with social pricing, de facto America may actually be less free than other nations. "Cancel culture" is a real thing (ironically enough in this case, with people "canceling" Arnold).

The last livestream confirms everything I've been saying about Counter-Currents. Consider the guests:

1. Taylor - the dean of "HBD race realism" whose site praises Jews and Asians while attacking Italians, Hungarians, and Romanians.

2. - Sam Dickson - friend and promoter of the Italian-hating Humphrey Ireland.

3. Jim Goad - lowbrow writer who frequently makes anti-Italian comments.

Counter-Currents continues to "out" itself (pun intended) as hostile to Italians and other so-called "White ethnics" and as a focal point of the HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance.

But, hey, ignore the facts - otherwise you'll be labeled an insane paranoid piece of crap.

I doubt that the anti-racist watchdog groups really fear any of the Quota Queens; they just use them to scare Jews and White SJWs in order to get more fundraising donations. The watchdogs likely fear Trump and Carlson more than any "movement" "leader." They would fear most of all sane and rational White racial activists.

More right-wing Gab retardation is a Tik-Tok of a paranoid high truster "connecting the dots" that Glaxo-Pfizer "own the Wuhan lab." See this.

But, does anyone with half a brain even need that refutation? Let's see. What's the chance that a biological warfare lab in Communist China is going to be "owned" by "Western" globalist Big Pharma? Now, of course, the opposite is very possible - the USA would likely outsource is military production to China, but does any sane person believe that the Chinese are going to allow any "Westerners" within 1000 miles of their biowarfare? No, they'll just let stupid morons like wop dwarf Fauci fund them, but they are not "owned" by anyone. China owns us, not the other way around.

Also note how no one ever "connects the dots" about leading anti-vaxxers either being people with a financial interest in selling "natural remedies" or "herbal supplements" or owning websites about "hidden health information" or people having an emotional interest in blaming someone or something else for their children's autism.

Also note how statins and Adderall are somehow exempt from accusations of Big Pharma money-making. After all, fat and stupid landwhales need maintenance medication to support and prolong their useless fat-addled lives, and we all certainly can't interfere with that.  And, as well, those drugs are nice pills and not scary needles, so all the hard men of Der Right don't have to wet their pants over getting stuck in the shoulder with a "jab" for about two or three seconds.  Pathetic.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Nordniks in Der News

Identifying the enemy.

Refuting more Nordicist nonsense.  I’ve previously written that Nordicism (that of course has always been present and very dominant in Der Movement) has been recently expanding its influence in Der Movement even further, particularly with the onset of the Alt Right. This is just more evidence of that.

But there is a deeper issue here than merely “more of the same” regarding Der Movement’s Nordicist obsessions.

There is an understandable tendency for Meds who are constantly attacked to lash out and respond with anti-Nord memes.  However, that is playing in the hands of the Nordicists, who I have long believed have as an objective using “over-the-top” anti-Med memes to provoke Meds to engage in an anti-Nord backlash, so as to sabotage genuine pan-European cooperation. After all, pan-Europeanism is the enemy of Nordicism (and vice versa).

Remember: Nordicists are your enemies, not Nordics; Nordics are your fellow Europeans.

Now, am not saying that you should not criticize Nords when that criticism is justified; the same applies to Meds, Slavs, whomever.  For example, I criticize everyone and anyone when it is justified.  The point is to not attack groups in an irrational, emotional manner as some sort of “revenge" counter-attack against Nordicist (or other) attacks. That lashing out is stupidly self-destructive.

There are NW Europeans who are pan-European, and such people should not be alienated in the same manner that Der Movement alienates Southern and Eastern Europeans. As one example, my chief collaborator for the defunct Legion Europa project was an Old Stock American of Scots-Irish ancestry. What about Yockey as well? There are opportunities for genuine cooperation  along ethnic and sub-racial lines within the European family; don’t let Nordicists provoke you into ruining such opportunities.

I’ve often said that so-called “White ethnics” should stop supporting Der Movement; cut the Quota Queens loose, don’t enable people who hate you. On the other hand, dropping out is not enough, that just cedes the niche space to your enemies. It is time to build a New Movement, an authentic pan-European movement that includes ALL people of European descent as full and equal partners in the endeavor. Northern, Southern, Eastern Europeans – all of them need to come together.  There needs to be both deconstruction and construction – the Old Movement needs to be deconstructed and a New Movement constructed.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Odds and Ends, 8/21/21

In der news.

This has to be the ultimate Amren comment:

I’m a little confused by a couple things in this article. First of all if I was on a white dating site, the last thing I’d be looking for is some kind of mystery meat. If I want mystery meat the world is full of it, but I don’t. I’m mostly Nordic genes with some welsh. I wouldn’t let the Hispanic guy join unless he was 100% white and could prove it. I’m of course married to an Asian...

I mean, do I need to add anything to that?

See this. That said, Carlson has been acting like a jackass about Afghani race, with comments such as "they look Whiter than me" and "green-eyed Pashtuns" and his general cuckservative whining that opposition to Afghan refugees is not "racism" because Afghans are just White folks with beards (the men too!).

I don't give a damn what Carlson thinks Afghans "look like." I care what they actually are. They are Asian NECs, ancestrally distinct from Europeans. They are genetically distinct from all Europeans, even those dastardly swarthoids. Considering "Race-Culture" - they are from the Magian High Culture, they are not Westerners.

Respect to that, back when I wrote for TOO, I wrote this. Also see this.

As far as my advocating testing there, I'm first talking about accurate and precise testing, and I'm talking about genetic kinship evaluation to determine EGI, not commercialized "admixture analysis" in which some folks are essentially compared to themselves while others are left to match whatever odd bits are present in the databases.

This Counter-Currents comment: 

The author has the sensitivity of a toilet seat.

The Demented fool Biden left this country in the worse way possible. A way that will lead to the death and suffering of thousands upon thousands including countless Americans. Terrorism in America will most likely get a renewed push, plus an influx of Afghans will be brought to our shores, most who have zero to offer accept maybe to walk into a crowded area with a bomb strapped to themselves."

Yet, this author thinks the U.S. leaving Afghanistan was a good thing, What a retard.

...is basically sound. Of course, all of the Alt Right big boys attacked that commentator, calling him a "retard" and a Neocon shill, and that we could both leave Afghanistan and not take any refugees."

Well, look, I agree - we should have never have been there. We should have left long ago. Of course we should not take any refugees. The point is that we live in the real world, and in the real world, the refugees are coming. In the real world, "normies" will see all the Alt Right jackasses crowing about the Taliban takeover, they'll then find Millennial gibbering about "White Sharia" - put that together and believe that the "White ethnostate" won't be much different from a Taliban state (are they wrong about that?) - and then what about your vaunted "big tent" "optics" then?

The proper Far Right response should be that we should never have been there to begin with, we should have left long ago, we should not take any refugees, AND that the Taliban are racially and culturally alien enemies whose very existence is yet another good reason not to take in any Afghans (besides all of the other racial/cultural reasons). Do we want a people that can produce a Taliban? You do not start cheering the Taliban takeover. In theory, we should be completely indifferent to what other people do, as long as it doesn't affect us. In this case, it does.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Tucker’s Utility

Suvorov’s Law.

See this.

I realize that many people reading this site view Carlson as controlled opposition, but he is clearly the only mainstream media figure who is framing immigration and the demographic transformation of America as fundamentally anti-White, although he often sometimes says that it’s against the interests of all current citizens because it dilutes their voting power.

I have many problems with Carlson. At best, he is a civic nationalist Trumpian right-wing populist who wants to paper over the racial crisis with superficial constitutional patriotism. He peddles anti-covid vaxx nonsense, pandering to the droolcup segment of Trump’s base (I find it hard to believe that the preppy Spencer-like Carlson actually believes any of that nonsense), and his cuckservative whining about “freedom” concerning vaccines, masks, and lockdowns is ludicrous given that White Americans have had no freedom of association at least since the mid-1960s. However, with all of that, Carlson has utility, because his delicate “toe-in-the water” forays into White identity politics does much to legitimize those politics, leading to further radicalization, and, like Trump, his speaking on these matters, however implicit and “cucked” it is, breeds chaos and balkanization, also leading to further radicalization. So, even if he is “controlled opposition,” the net result is positive. How would things be better if Carlson was not on the air?  What would White people do instead? Read MacDonald’s HBD-Nordicism about “high trust hunter gatherers?” Read Amren constantly shilling for Asian/Jewish IQ supremacism? Read Johnson gibber about Savitri Devi or hear him chuckling about homosexuals harassing Pilleater at Alt Right meetings? It's pathetic that controlled opposition is more useful than uncontrolled opposition.

Suvorov’s Law tells us that revolutions typically do not occur during the time of greatest repression, but instead typically occur when that repression is suddenly relaxed.

If Carlson is “controlled opposition,” then that is a concession by the System to try and relieve “White rage” through having a spokesman for that rage, albeit one who is a civic nationalist cul-de-sac.  That is a relaxation of repression, allowing a tiny degree of White identity politics to leak into the mainstream, and, thus, according to Suvorov’s Law, this concession, this tacit legitimization of White Identity, this sign of compromise and of weakness, can eventually lead to further concessions and the crumbling of the System.

On the other hand, if Carlson is an authentic civic nationalist voice, then he contributes to the chaos and balkanization of America (even if unwittingly), and so creates the pressure eventually leading to System concessions. If Carlson is genuine and if his popularity stimulates more System repression, rather than concessions – perhaps even including taking him off the air – that would create even more anger and chaotic balkanization, resulting in even more pressure. In that case, the System may try to hold off trouble by tightening the screws more and more, with more repression, but if Whites keep up the pressure, something has to give. In the end, the System needs Whites, at least for the foreseeable future. If Whites maintain dissatisfaction with the System and the System’s repression of Whites, eventually concessions need to be made, and the Suvorov process will commence.

So, either way – Carlson as controlled opposition or Carlson as authentic civic nationalist – his presence on air is a net positive, particularly from the Suvorovian standpoint.

The key point is for White dissatisfaction to continue and not let up on the pressure. If concessions are granted, continue to be dissatisfied – become even more dissatisfied in fact – and demand more concessions. If repression occurs, keep up the pressure, even if in a passive aggressive manner, until such time that the situation becomes untenable and concessions must be made.

Either way, Tucker has utility. At this point, the utility is sort of irreversible; even if he is taken off the air tomorrow, he has a large cohort of followers who can constitute a nucleus of growing dissatisfaction, if properly led.

More Tucker.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Odds and Ends, 8/18/21

In der news.

This is the PCA map that Jared Taylor breathlessly tells us that the numbnuts at 23andMe use for "analyses." They distinguish French from French Basque, separate Irish from UK, Spain from Portugal, Russia from Ukraine, but for Italy, they have generalized Italian, North Italian, Sardinian (outliers), and Tuscan. Anything missing? No Southern Italian/Sicilian. And then you wonder why those folks get inaccurate and/or imprecise measurements, with absurd levels of "unassigned" at high confidence intervals?

Parental privilege in an image. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Fetishists can't have it both ways. They can't beat the drum about how radically different Northern Italian "Nordics" are from Southern Italian "Swarthoids" and then at the same time claim that Southern Italians get accurate ancestry results from testing that defines "Italian" in terms of Bergamo and Tuscany.

More nonsense.  Even by their own standards, Italian results not good – compare to Ashkenazi for example.

Counter-Currents continues to spread lies:

Beau AlbrechtAugust 14, 2021 at 4:04 am

There’s a mistaken belief that those vaccines prevent catching and spreading the disease. Most vaccines do that, but these don’t, and they’re not even advertised to do that. If they think it will protect them, then they can go get it themselves, and then shut up about what other people do.

That's another Der Right Lie. See this.

Even with the Delta variant, vaccinated people are less likely to get infected than the unvaccinated. It is prudent for vaccinated individuals – who can still get infected and sick (albeit to a lesser extent) - to avoid high risk unvaccinated droolcups.

Laugh at this:

WeaveAugust 13, 2021 at 4:23 pm

I spent an hour with my 81 year old in-laws today and they informed me that if their son and I and our two teenage children did not get the vax they no longer feel comfortable being around us. Mind you, they have spent every single month visiting in person with us since this shit began in winter of 2020, and let me add that never seeing them again would be no skin off my nose. But honestly, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??? They are more worried about prolonging their lives than the ability of my children to possibly have their own families someday. This “science” is far from settled and even farther away from truth. So my choice is to lie, buckle, or walk away. Unfuckingreal.

The vaccine does not cause infertility, dumbfuck.

Die, all you old fogeys! Thus:

Texas Chainsaw MakeoverAugust 13, 2021 at 11:58 pm

I think (and hope) most old folks are not like your in laws. They’d rather be with their loved ones, grandkids and all, at whatever risk, rather than desperately grasp at whatever life remains for them.

Because retards are afraid of getting their delicate shoulders jabbed, old White folks have to die. Lots of love and caring there.

Der Movement is demented. The “right wing” is a pitiful embarrassment.

Let's assume you are a paranoid Nutzi retard who believes that the health authorities want to poison and sterilize White Americans with a toxic jab. Why is Israel so aggressive in vaccinating their Jewish population? Why are those same American health authorities so eager to vaccinate their beloved Blacks and Hispanics? Remember - you believe that the System wants to demographically replace Whites (that is of course true). So why would they poison and sterilize their colored pets?

Are all those Israeli and Black-Brown jabs "placebos?"

Is it possible - who knows? - that the health authorities simply want to reduce morbidity and mortality from covid, and that the vaccinations are the best tool available now (true, we need better, but we currently don't have a sterilizing immunity vaccine).

See this.  I'm obviously not paying for access, but given the commentator, who wrote:

This is one of the best pieces of satire I’ve read on CC in a while.  Yes, poor, poor, victimized LBJ, the man who brought us The Great Society, two “civil rights” acts which have done nothing but brought chaos and damage to the country, and unleashed mindless black rage on multiple generations of undeserving whites, all in the name of making sure black stayed loyal to the Dems (a strategy that has definitely worked, by the way).  A talented legislator, indeed.  The man’s grave should be a national urinal.

I'm assuming that Anglomanic van de Camp, who has previously praised Bill Clinton, is now praising LBJ. Counter-Currents has degenerated so badly, the site now is like a bad comedy.

So, basically Counter-Currents has given us articles praising LBJ (probably), Bill Clinton, and Hubert Humphrey, three leftist Democrats, all anti-White, who empowered Color against White Americans, and the only reason I can discern for those articles is that Clinton and LBJ were WASPs and Humphrey WASP-Scandinavian.  Who's next? John Lindsay? Earl Warren?

Then Johnson will deny that Der Movement has any sort of ethnic affirmative action program, and you're an insane paranoid piece of crap to think differently!

One comment that sums up Amren and HBD race realism better than any other is this:


Ganesha, you better choose to have a lot of children. I do not want your high IQ genes to go to waste.

"Ganesha" is a non-White woman. Thus, Engelman, who has written for Amren, and is a long time commentator, and who supports Amren's HBD-IQ mission, wants more non-White children, as long as they allegedly have "high IQ genes."

Amren is NOT a pro-White site. Amren peddles "IQ nationalism" and Gaslighting Greg lies to you when he tells you that THIRTY YEARS of Amren shilling for Jewish/Asian "cognitive elitism" is simply to "prove America is not a White supremacist nation."

HBDer Greg Cochran:

Anyhow, if Italy really is the Ashkenazi urheimat, that’s not so bad. I’d trade the Judean Hills for Tuscany in a New York minute. And even if trading homelands would require some toe-to-toe combat with the Italians – how hard would that be, really?

But, hey, if you claim that HBD is anti-White, anti-Italian, and slavishly pro-Jewish, well, you're an insane paranoid piece of crap, and don't you forget it!

See this; comment:

at what point would you assign that 'impurity' of the White race begins, or exists?

Italian---Greek----Turkish-----Persian-----saudi -----egyptian-----Libyian_--?

This is American Renaissance:

Whitey McWhiteguy  

The Greeks you're referring to and modern day Greeks aren't really the same thing. Ancient Greeks would look more like someone from Sweden.

Of course, the actual genetic data are discussed here.

See this.  But...Desmond Jones says that Italy is 100% homogeneous and will remain so to the end of time, forever and ever, amen. Only Nords are threatened, and don't you forget it!

Meanwhile, Alt Right retards celebrate the Taliban takeover.  Welcome to the Afghans soon to move next door.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Delenda Est Amren

HBD is the enemy.

Look at this absolutely disgusting Amren article. Bow down to your Jewish and Asian masters, you dumb White goyim!

And the the congenitally dishonest Johnson will get together with self-declared Yellow Supremacist Taylor and lie that Amren's obsession with Asian (and Jewish) IQ is "just to show that America is not a White supremacist country."

Sure...that's why Amren has been obsessing over their claims of Jewish and Asian cognitive superiority NON-STOP for more than a generation - for longer than many Alt Right retards have been alive.

Amren = HBD = subservience of Whites to Jewish/Asian interests.

This is American Renaissance:

And now we have East Asians who at IQ 107, or half a standard deviation above whites, dominate American schools in math and engineering and, back home, are rapidly advancing in the sciences. But, see, it’s because they cheat, copy, and steal But not, of course, because they are smarter. Perish forfend.

Yes, perish forfend that we actually consider the overwhelming evidence that Asians do indeed cheat, copy, and steal. But, alas, with a Asiatrix strap-on shoved so far up your ass that the tip is protruding from your mouth, recognizing facts is I suppose very difficult.

Retard Reed makes the Cofnas argument. He fails to explain why if Jews are over-represented in X,Y,Z because they are so smart, then why don't they dominate the Right and do so in an explicitly pro-White manner? Why is the tropism of Jewish intelligence toward destruction? Why? Why have complaints about the Jews over time concentrated on ethnocentrism, dual morality hypocrisy, misanthropy, and nation-wrecking? Why are the few Jews involved in the Far Right, directly or indirectly, almost always destructive? Remember Hart's multiracial "White separatist state" (sic)? I for one will never forget it.

A question answered:

European Immigrant

Why the Asians are being systematically raised to the level of God creators is beyond me. They are highly skilled copycats. The Chinese pioneered in the invention of gunpowder and even that may be a stretch to their credit.

Why? HBD is promoted by:

  • 1. Jews and Asians
  • 2. White "men" married to the above and/or White "men" with masochistic sexual fantasies about dominant Asian females ("measured groveling").
  • 3. Nordicists who promote HBD because the HBDers exploit Nord vanity and anti-Med animus by talking about how dumb Meds are and the superiority of Nords over Meds - the price for that is accepting Jewish and Asian supremacy and masterhood
  • 4. Academics pushing theories about IQ-GDP

See this.

HBDers were at the forefront in denying China's culpability, also spreading Chinese propaganda about an "American bioweapon."

The only question now is whether HBD has been acting as unregistered agents of the Chinese government - if so, perp walks and Supermax time is appropriate - or whether this was a self-motivated groveling to China, perhaps generated by sweaty masochistic fantasies about Chinatrics - if so, HBD should be met with mocking ridicule.

Either way, HBD is, once again, completely discredited.

Delenda est HBD.  Delenda est Amren.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Ultimate Salter to Proximate Yockey

Up close and proximate, redux.

I have long been interested in melding the work of Salter on ethnic genetic interests – genetic interests being ultimate interests – with the ideas of Yockey, which, with its focus on High Culture, can be viewed as more proximate (issues other than [purely] genetic interests).  For example, see this.

The relationship between ultimate and proximate interests can therefore inform approaches concerning the merger of the Salterian and Yockeyian paradigms. In my analysis of Salterian ethics, I endorsed Salter's mixed adaptive utilitarianism (MAU):

Finally, while the MAU puts limits on the degree to which genetic interests can be pursued, people and ethnies must still have the freedom to advance (not merely defend) their interests within reasonable bounds…That this can be done via the MAU has been argued in Salter’s book and also in my comments above; I would promote a rather aggressive version of the MAU, but one that still incorporates limits and which respects certain proximate interests…in my case, I would value society-wide proximate interests, such as Yockey’s call to actualize a High Culture, over mere individual rights…

Note the mention of Yockeyism there. Thus, a prudent MUA, even one that is aggressive, is compatible with broad proximate interests, such as Yockey’s Imperium idea that is based on High Culture. Of course, there is a strong association between ultimate and proximate interests in this case. After all, a Yockeyian Imperium could safeguard the interests, including the ethnic genetic interests, of the constituent European ethnies constituting that Imperium. On the other hand, a focus on ultimate interests can lead to Yockey’s (proximate) Imperium, with the explanation for that stated above. In the last analysis, the reason that the various European ethnies belong to the same High Culture is their membership in the same continental race, hence the fact that those ethnies have related racial ancestries (genetic kinship leading to overlapping ultimate interests). It is therefore difficult to untangle ultimate from proximate interests in this case.  And that entanglement is important for what follows in my analysis.

The last parts of the last section of Salter’s book, the section on ethics, are crucially important in this regard. Salter considers whether it is ethical for the pursuit of ultimate interests to frustrate the proximate interests of others. In those cases where the distinction between ultimate and proximate interests is very clear cut, Salter concludes that it is ethical to prioritize the ultimate over the proximate, it is appropriate to frustrate some proximate interests in favor of ultimate interests, although he also stresses that genetic competition, and the freedom to conduct that competition, should be allowed.

However, as Salter notes, it is often difficult to clearly distinguish what are ultimate interests from proximate interests, and this is particularly true in those cases where the pursuit of ultimate interests is conducted through the pursuit of proximate interests - i.e., proximate interests advance ultimate interests.  Indeed, this is more often the case than not. Thinking about approaches to enhance ultimate interests, we can consider that those approaches typically involve promoting proximate concerns about things such as wealth, status, various other resources, etc. Thus, given all of these considerations, Salter concludes that in such cases, it may be fair to prioritize proximate interests over ultimate interests (after all, again, the line between the two is often blurry). Salter states that this would conflate with a support for individual rights. Now, I wouldn’t go as far as Salter here, but would modify the statement to conclude:

In those cases where proximate interests can be reasonably seen as supporting ultimate interests, it can be appropriate and ethical to privilege those proximate interests over a set of lesser, non-existential ultimate interests.

Putting it another way, proximate interests that support and advance higher-level ultimate interests should be prioritized over lower-level ultimate interests that may conflict with those proximate interests.

This applies to the Salter-Yockey axis thus:

  • The Yockeyian High Culture Imperium is a proximate interest that may (from the ethnonationalist perspective) conflict with claims of ultimate interests from “petty nationalist” ethnonationalists who insist on maintaining exclusive smaller state entities of more concentrated genetic interests.
  • However, proximate Yockeyian interests are not clearly distinguished from ultimate interests, since the pursuit of Yockeyian ideals can advance a broader, higher-level, set of ultimate interests – the ethnic genetic interests of Europeans as a whole.
  • Pursuing European-wide genetic interests against those of competing racial-civilizational blocs also protects the genetic interests of the narrower national ethnies that constitute the broad European peoples – narrower ethnies that by themselves would be unable to effectively compete with those other racial-civilizational blocs.
  • Thus, the proximate interests of Yockeyism could, and in my opinion, should be privileged over the alleged ultimate interests of petty nationalists who favor smaller and more exclusive concentrations of genetic interests, and thus it is appropriate and ethical for Yockeyian proximate interests to frustrate ethnonationalist ultimate interests.

As an addendum to that argument, I state that it is possible to pursue a Yockeyian solution without necessarily damaging the narrower interests of individual European ethnies; the Yockeyian solution does not need to entail panmixia or any other real damage to smaller concentrations of genetic interests.  Indeed, those small concentrations may end up being better preserved, in the long run, by the Yockeyian solution.  On the other hand, a relentless pursuit of petty nationalism would make the Yockeyian solution of Imperium untenable, endangering all Europeans. Thus, not only is the ethnonationalist claim to their narrow genetic interests not existential – their ultimate interests can still exist within the Yockeyian framework – but one can argue that long-term genetic continuity is best assured by being part of a larger power bloc.

Thus, it is ethical to frustrate non-existential petty nationalist ultimate interests in favor of Yockeyian proximate interests that have as their net result advancing both the broader and the narrower sets of genetic interests.

The Salter-Yockey tension of ultimate vs. proximate interests is therefore dissipated and a more coherent whole emerges.  Critics may claim that this coherence is contingent on certain caveats (such as a commitment to preserve smaller-scale ethnic particularisms), but this is the case for every biopolitical scenario, including those promoted by those same critics.

Salter follows the ultimate vs. proximate question with the issue of competing ultimate interests.  Of note is the section on how competing ultimate interests relate to kinship overlap. When the competing ethnies are closely related, then the competition should conflate to cooperation. In those cases where ethnies are closely related, with significant kinship overlap, such as members of the same continental race, then “mutually beneficial strategies” are optimal. I agree, and I suggest that the Yockeyian solution – a Western Imperium based on High Culture – is one such strategy, a strategy that I advocate.

Note that Salter’s concern with “bounded rationality” is related to this; thus, I summarized:

Salter notes that “bounded rationality” – our inability to ever know everything necessary about a problem or issue – is a good reason not to advocate for the pure ethic of unbridled pursuit of genetic interests…dividing a larger nation into smaller micro-states of more concentrated kinship may be seen as maximizing EGI, but if this division weakens the ability of the populations involved to defend their interests against aggressors (or achieve some other beneficial goal that requires a certain size threshold), then net adaptive interests would suffer. Maximizing EGI, trying to squeeze every last drop of genetic interest from a situation, may backfire. In addition, the possibility of kinship overlap between populations is another reason not to be too radical in the pursuit of EGI, particularly within continents, since some people on “their side” may be more genetically similar to you than those on “your side”…The bounded rationality problem, coupled to the possibility of kinship overlap, therefore suggests that a degree of flexibility in the pursuit of EGI is optimal, since errors in interpreting kinship and the best methods for pursuing adaptiveness may result in serious, perhaps irreversible, damage to adaptive interests…

Given kinship overlap between Europeans, the extreme ethnonationalism championed by the petty nationalists "may result in serious, perhaps irreversible, damage to adaptive interests." Of course, one can question whether these petty nationalists have any rationality at all, forget about "bounded rationality." This also relates to my distinction between a pursuit of “gross genetic interests” – attempting to maximize genetic interests without consideration of costs and benefits and what the ultimate outcomes are – and “net genetic interests” – pursuit of optimizing benefits vs. costs with respect to genetic interests so as to provide the best final outcome when all factors are properly considered.

Note that in On Genetic Interests, at different parts of the book, Salter advocates for smaller states and also for larger civilizational blocs, so advocates of each approach can find quotes supporting each of those alternatives. My analysis is of course my own; Salter himself may agree or disagree with my views on this issue, I do not know.

There are some other quotes in On Genetic Interests of relevance here. Thus:

But in the modern context individuals are defenceless unless they participate in powerful group strategies, foremost being the state.

That could be re-written (also with American spelling) as:

But in the globalist context individual ethnies are defenseless unless they participate in powerful group strategies, foremost being the Imperium.

Also, see this: 

There are profound ethical implications in making the state simultaneously the champion of a nation's interests in the international scene and a disinterested arbitrator of family interests within the nation.


There are profound ethical implications in making the Imperium simultaneously the champion of a civilizational bloc's interests in the international scene and a disinterested arbitrator of national interests within the Imperium.

So, on a larger scale, what applies to an individual nation protecting genetic interests can also apply to the Imperium.  This included being an arbiter of competing national interests within the Imperium, although, remember, given kinship overlap, that internal competition should be muted, particularly compared to competition between more genetically divergent civilizational blocs. That is, again, my view; I do not speak for Salter.

In summary, I believe that the Salterian and Yockeyian perspectives are compatible, particularly when one considers the ethics of balancing ultimate and proximate interests. Hence, Imperium can support the ultimate interests of all persons of European descent worldwide.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Odds and Ends, 8/14/21

In der news.

Was the subtext of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow WASP-Dutch ethnic conflict? Crane vs. Van Brunt?

And to which side does Der Movement adhere?  Crane is the Anglo but Van Brunt is more North Germanic in character?

Oh the agony!

More racial reality.

No mercury in the shots, liar.  Anti-vaxxers always lie.  The truth.

More evidence that HBD-Nordicism supports pseudoscience and conspiracy theorizing, and that MacDonald is trashing his own legacy, see this.  Der Right is a tragicomic constant source of humiliation for sane rightist empiricists. I for one am never going to live down writing for TOO, Amren, or Counter-Currents. We all have a cross to bear, and that is mine.

The Jack the Ripper identity issue is clouded by bias. Anti-Semites want it to be a Jew. Idiots who believe in the "royal conspiracy" theory push their own agenda. Those who have a "romantic" vision of the Ripper as a dapper English gentleman prefer suspects like Druitt. Bias also clouded the Zodiac case. Some investigators insisted that Zodiac was so "crazy" that he couldn't hold down a regular job, or obsessed over Allen as the prime suspect. Alternate theories and suspects were therefore missed.

Interestingly, the second most popular Zodiac suspect after Allen was a Jew (Kane). We know that Son of Sam was a Jew and there is the Jacob the Ripper theory. Is it possible that three of the most famous serial killers in history were Jews? Der Movement ejaculates. Oy vey!

Well, well, well.... I disagree with Carlson on many things, but as long as he does this, he's good. He’s against racial division, but we should be for it – and regardless of what he says, pieces like this advance that division. Chaos and balkanization!  Release the kraken!

"The evil that men do" - what about Richard Lynn? Also note Taylor pushing 23andme (and similar) tests, which I have completely deconstructed at my blog. But the Herrenvolk have parental privilege in these tests, so they don't care. And if these heroes were serious about debunking Lewontin, they'd use thisBut, alas, Sallis is blacklisted from Der Movement, so they'll just stick to "race realist" talking points. Those are your "leaders."  Enjoy.

This should be good.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

NA: What Went Wrong

The NA question again.

I have previously written about the National Alliance (NA) and its long-time leader, the late Dr. William Pierce, and why that organization, widely recognized as the most successful (in relative terms) White racialist organization in post-WWII America, failed to achieve its major objectives and eventually collapsed (it today exists as a shadow of its former self, with Will Williams as its leader and Kevin Strom as its major ideologue). In addition to the post about the Headquarters question (below), some of my previous comments on this subject are here, also see here, also see this, and see this as well.

Given the importance of the NA in the history of the "movement," understanding its failures – that are essentially the failures of Pierce – can assist in developing more successful approaches that avoid the same pitfalls. Thus, this post can be viewed as a summary of my thoughts on this matter as of the present time (more may come in the future). 

I divide the analysis into four components: Ideology, Strategy, Tactics, and Personality. I then end with Lessons.

Note that this analysis focuses on predominantly endogenous factors, not purely exogenous factors. Thus, I concentrate on characteristics and actions of Pierce and the NA, rather than external factors such as "the sociopolitical climate of America was such that there was no way for the NA to be successful." Of course, there is overlap between endogenous and exogenous factors; for example my assertion that the NA's ideology was unsuitable for America can be considered as much about America as the NA. However, in theory, the NA could have (should have is another question) adjusted components of its ideology; everything I criticize are things that are strongly associated with internal characteristics of Pierce and the NA, and could have been adjusted. My critiques are, therefore, in my opinion, fair since they involve issues that were within the power of Pierce and the NA to, at least to some extent, change. Even issues of personality fall into this category; for example, Pierce could have modified his leadership style to match his personality, even if he likely could not have significantly altered his basic personality type.

Ideology. While the NA was ostensibly a pro-White activist organization and, also, ostensibly, pan-European/pan-Aryan, in reality it was an overtly neo-Nazi, Hitler-worshipping, narrowly racial-biological (essentially ignoring culture), and solidly Nordicist. The NA was firmly in the camp of what Yockey termed “vertical racism” and was very radical in this sense and, again, as must be stressed, unapologetically “Nazi” (indeed, Pierce got his start in the "movement" as part of Rockwell’s American Nazi Party). This hardcore, radical neo-Nazism was, and is, not well suited for America, not only for the White masses (that Pierce was not really interested in appealing to), but also to most of the “elite” Whites that the NA wished to recruit. That Pierce and the NA were, at their heart, extremely Nordicist while pretending to be pan-European/pan-Aryan was a major weak point, another focus of tension leading to potential problems. When combined with Pierce’s strategic and tactical errors (and personality issues), the NA's flawed ideology doomed the group to inevitable failure, and in part explains why the organization degenerated into a Pierce personality cult.

Please note that I am not saying that the NA had to alter their underlying worldview to adjust to the surrounding society; after all, I am an opponent of mainstreaming (in the sense of changing core beliefs). But there is a difference between being national socialist (small "n" and small "s") and being overtly neo-Nazi with openly Nazi aesthetics and Hitler worship. There's a difference between stressing biological race and focusing exclusively on that. If Pierce wanted the NA to follow a Nordicist philosophy, then he should have restricted NA membership to "Germanic" NW Europeans ("Nordics") and not pretended to be pan-European/pan-Aryan. Of course, it is possible that even with those adjustments, the organization's ideology would still have been ill-suited for America. However, at least it would have eliminated superfluous harmful characteristics (e.g., cartoonish Nazi memes) as well as hypocrisy (the cryptic Nordicism). And, in any case, at this point in my analysis I am being more descriptive than prescriptive; my belief is that the NA's progress was inhibited by its ideology and how that ideology was manifested. If that was so, whether or not the organization should have changed its ideology (or at least the surface manifestations of that ideology), or just plowed ahead "as is," is another question.

Strategy. Although I am no fan of Greg Johnson, I will admit that Johnson’s characterization of Pierce as a “Leninist” has validity.  Pierce’s strategy, such as it was, seemed to be to create a revolutionary cadre, and the paradigms of his novels The Turner Diaries and Hunter seem to underline what his mindset was concerning his preferred mechanism of social change. Thus, Pierce was interested in revolutionary, rather than evolutionary, change. The NA did not engage in electoral politics, was uninterested in real community building or in broad metapolitical education (other than their insipid propaganda and the books they sold), knew nothing about democratic multiculturalism, was not interested in the slow infiltration of institutions, and always seem to have the attitude of “the system is about to collapse, so…no need to do X,Y,Z.” There really didn’t seem to be any grand strategy at all apart from wishful thinking that somehow a revolutionary cadre will be built and somehow that will lead to the overthrow of the System. Year after year, decade after decade…and no progress to anything meaningful occurred, which is not really surprising since there was no realistic strategy directing the organization to achieving any fixed objectives. The combination of a flawed ideology and a missing or ineffective strategy doomed the group from accomplishing anything meaningful, even without the tactical and personality problems discussed below.

Tactics. I have previously discussed Pierce's error in moving the NA’s “National Office” to the mountain woods of West Virginia, see here. The costs and benefits of the move are considered in that essay and the conclusion is that the costs significantly outweighed the benefits.  Thus, the decision to move to the mountains of West Virginia was a very serious tactical error. 

Another serious error was the over-centralization of decision-making in the NA. True enough, keeping a tight control of NA local unit activity made some sense since the government, as well as litigious “watchdog” groups such as the SPLC, would have attempted to hold Pierce responsible for any illegal activities of his followers. But he went too far in smothering any and all local initiative (with a few possible exceptions – Gliebe in Ohio  may have had a bit more of a free hand, I don’t know), and, in the end, many local units were allowed to do nothing except distribute the sterile and unappealing propaganda of the National Office. A combination of high quality, prudent and disciplined local unit coordinators, and a more “rapid response” and flexible national leadership, could have allowed local units to engage in a wider scope of (perfectly legal) activity, including producing and distributing locally-relevant propaganda. Not allowing greater local autonomy squandered many opportunities, depressed local unit morale, and basically transformed the National Alliance from a potentially useful activist organization into a money-making enterprise for Pierce. In the end, while one could understand why a degree of centralized control was necessary, Pierce went way overboard with this. Pierce could have tested local units by first allowing a small degree of local initiative to them and then observing the results; those units that proved capable of effective and responsible self-directed activity could have been kept on a longer leash, while others who proved not capable kept on a much shorter leash. 

Thus, the combination of over-centralization and a non-dynamic, slow, and inflexible national leadership impeded progress to a significant degree.  Associated with all of that is that the NA, particularly at the local unit level, had poor security, and was too easily compromised by infiltrators and spying. The habit of giving responsibility for local security to folks whose qualifications were, e.g., “an interest in Viking battle axes,” yielded the expected tragicomic results. Greater local unit autonomy would have been possible only with greater security and proper vetting of members, who all needed to be of high quality. Further related to this was Pierce's poor judgment in choosing (at least some) local unit coordinators, with a combination of typical "movement" ethnic affirmative action, combined with Tom Sawyer-like techniques – e.g., paint a fence at the national headquarters, and so prove you are uncomplaining enough to follow orders. That’s a bit limited for vetting I think. Obviously, greater local unit autonomy, and, overall, more productive local units, absolutely required local unit leadership of very high quality, and that did not seem to exist in some cases. And whomever was responsible for selecting Gliebe as Pierce’s successor made a terrible mistake. Gliebe may have been an effective local unit coordinator (I don’t know for sure, but he had that reputation), but he was not suited to lead the NA after Pierce's death.

Personality. A group like the NA, with a highly centralized command structure, and with an eventual personality cult, required a dynamic and charismatic leader. Pierce, whatever his positive attributes – after all he led the most successful (again, note “most” – relative terms) White racialist group for about three decades – lacked dynamism and charisma and was more of an intellectual introvert (albeit a highly radicalized one, with a “Leninist” temperament). By itself, this may not have been fatal, but when combined with the other problems, it was disastrous. Indeed, moving to the “mountaintop” in the West Virginia woods had more to do with Pierce’s personal preferences and temperament than to any deep strategic or tactical planning (and in Griffin’s biography of Pierce, there was talk of some personal reasons why Pierce left the DC area for West Virginia). Pierce’s lack of dynamism, flexible thinking, and timely decision-making was also a big problem for an organization that was so highly centralized and depended on his approval for getting things done, particularly at the local level. Months and years went by with nothing seemingly getting done other than distribution of mediocre propaganda, payment of “membership dues,” and book sales. For a “Leninist,” that’s no way to make a “revolution.”

Lessons. Looking at this from a positive, constructive sense, what is required is an ideology that is consistent for its members (if you have pan-European membership then be pan-European; if you are Nordicist, then restrict membership to Nordics), sane, appropriate for its society, not obsessed with Hitler and Nazism, and something that can be broadly applied to different strategies and tactics. It can indeed be very radical, but in a sense other than “Sieg Heil, praise Saint Adolf.” There needs to be an effective grand strategy that encompasses different synergistic approaches and not just a “Der Tag” revolutionary mindset, there needs to be appropriate tactics and a learning curve that avoids repeating error, there needs to be a balance between centralization and decentralization (while keeping legal liability in mind, maintaining discipline, and having effective operational security), and leaders need to have leadership personalities.